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^ Server response time
221842 [jakattack2 g] I just started using SugarCRM an online CRM tool. I noticed that at
221905 [tim.pease gm] That is a fantastic question. I'm sure the general answer is "yes",

^ Newbi - form_remote_tag doesn't produce any HTML
221853 [amir.helzer ] I'm completely new to Ruby/Rails, so sorry for asking newbi questions.
221856 [ruby philip.] You might get better luck asking the Rails list...

^ Re: [Even More OT] Re: How do I tell when I'm on Cygwin?
221861 [david vallne] To cheer you up: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2003/05/28

^ simple math question
221866 [rtilley vt.e] What's the quickest way to determine if an int is an even number
+ 221867 [billk cts.co] class Integer
+ 221868 [mvette13 gma] number % 2 == 0 #even
+ 221869 [rob ocstech.] class Fixnum
| 222162 [pete.yandell] Argh! Ok, I keep coming across code like this, and it's driving me
| 222168 [wilsonb gmai] class Fixnum
| 222174 [rob ocstech.] I normally do that, but I remember somewhere reading that it was bad form to
| + 222178 [znmeb cesmai] I tend to use un-necessary "return" statements in most of my code,
| | 222215 [xennocide ya] Not including a "return" statement makes it all a bit more "functional"
| | 222221 [rob ocstech.] I thought about leaving the return off, as self % 2 would return a 0 or 1,
| | 222293 [ara.t.howard] i always consider that i'm doing programmers who don't know ruby a favour by
| + 222421 [ jupp gmx.de] It is a programming-paradigm-dependent semantics rule. If one follows
+ 221871 [rick.denatal] Integer#[n] returns a 1 or 0 corresponding to bit n, with n=0 being
  221874 [rtilley vt.e] Thanks for all the examples guys! Being Ruby, I thought there might be
  221889 [nospam nosit] If speed matters, the modulo test is way slower than testing the LSB.
  221891 [jeff schwabc] Do you mean on a specific architecture, or is there a Ruby-specific
  + 221894 [rick.denatal] Not really ruby-specific, and for the most part architecture independent.
  | + 221897 [tanner.burso] An extremely quick "benchmark"
  | + 221913 [gavin refine] require 'benchmark'
  |   + 221928 [nospam nosit] I feel like Alice falling into the rabbit hole. I never thought I would see
  |   + 222035 [rick.denatal] Which is why I suggested actually doing the benchmarks after
  |     222044 [nospam nosit] / ...
  |     222055 [znmeb cesmai] I actually dug into this a few weeks ago for the RHEL 3 version of the
  |     222152 [rick.denatal] Thanks guys, I figured that it was something like that. I looked at
  |     222171 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... maybe. What OS are you running? If it's any flavor of Linux, I
  + 221911 [kbloom gmail] Modulo uses division hardware, which is slower than the hardware for
    221974 [jeff schwabc] On what modern architecture?  (I write x86 firmware.)

^ Ruby SOAP docs?
221870 [ajtongen war] I'm trying to get started with SOAP programming in ruby.  I've been able
222590 [nakahiro sar] There's a good tutorial such as [1] but there's no deeper documentation

^ auto_increment model method wont increment but no error ?
221872 [wozniak.dan ] "eat" in the chriss_monster table and increment the value by 1.
+ 221909 [tim.pease gm] The problem is in your model. My assumption is that your database
| 221972 [aminox gmail] Dan,
| + 222003 [tim.pease gm] Dan, take a look at the documentaiton on the ActiveRecord "increment!"
| + 222087 [rick.denatal] I thought something along these lines also, but looking at the
|   222088 [rick.denatal] OOPS, that should have been
+ 222013 [doug dseifer] Wouldn't you need a @chriss_monster.save in there somewhere?

^ Calling functions in a child class
221884 [brian ccbene] class alpha
+ 221887 [transfire gm] ObjectSpace.each(alpha) { |k|
+ 221895 [dblack wobbl] It's a little unclear what you're doing here.  "class alpha" won't
+ 221908 [gavin refine] I'm confused. Do you want Alpha.get_methods to return Alpha's and
| 221910 [gavin refine] Here's an example showing this end result. (Look ma! A real use for
+ 221920 [vjoel path.b] Did you mean this?
  221927 [brian ccbene] That is what I was trying to do. Thanks alot. I mistyped my code

^ finding digest/md5.so and compiling ruby cleanly
221890 [botp delmont] I need tips on how to compile ruby cleanly (Linux ubuntu dapper 6.06 and ruby's stable-snapshot). I screwed up my compilation and now ruby cannot_ load digest/md5.so. (i recompiled again, still cannot load). This happened after i removed /usr/local/lib/ruby directory; thinking of course that it's better to recompile from a clean scratch.
222189 [botp delmont] # I need tips on how to compile ruby cleanly (Linux ubuntu

^ jruby <=> prime time?
221898 [gilesb gmail] I've got a project for which I might need to write a fast and very small server.
+ 221915 [foamdino gma] JRuby can be almost as fast as Java.  So basically if you think Java
+ 221917 [charles.nutt] JRuby executing straight-up Ruby code is still a few times slower than

^ Net::Telnet Question
221899 [mercan01 gma] So I've spent the last couple or so writing a rather trivial little ruby
221987 [bg-rubytalk ] I haven't used Net::Telnet but my guess would be that it's a timing /
221989 [mercan01 gma] Actually, I had not. But I just tried and that seemed to have done the

^ Popularity Contest: Initializing Class-Level Instance Variables
221918 [gavin refine] Subclassing a class that uses class-level instance variables requires
+ 221923 [ara.t.howard] require 'rubygems'
+ 221924 [vjoel path.b] class Alpha
| 221925 [vjoel path.b] Oops, midway through that exercise I forgot we were talking about class
+ 221958 [transfire gm] class Alpha

^ bug with sdbm?
221936 [snacktime gm] I found that when trying to store marshalled data in sdbm, it croaks
221955 [vincent.four] Public domain implementation of DMB. HAs the same interface as DBM. Runs

^ Beginner would like help with oo-modelling
221938 [     xxx xxx] I'm new to ruby and basically oop as well, but based on what I've seen
221939 [benjohn fysh] It's usually a good idea to separate out how something presents itself
+ 221945 [     xxx xxx] Benj,
| + 221950 [benjohn fysh] Why do you need to store the lines and ticks and bits of ruler at all? I
| + 221966 [sam powersou] I like to stick with the metaphor as much as possible, as it makes it
|   221977 [     xxx xxx] Ben,
|   221981 [sam powersou] Well, when you are building a system, essentially you are modeling some
|   222067 [     xxx xxx] Ok, now I understand what you mean. And you are right, for some reason I
|   222077 [ara.t.howard] class TickGen
|   + 222089 [louis.j.scor] Aye, that would be the way to go.  I can't think of any reason why
|   + 222422 [     xxx xxx] I have to nag yet another time, but I don't understand your code.. that
+ 221964 [sam powersou] Well, if there are no right ways, there certainly are wrong ways.  I
+ 222216 [josselin wan] You can read this book , it's very helpful.....
  222234 [spoooq gmail] I would like to just add this comment... when first hitting OOP, some
  222236 [spoooq gmail] heh, surprised I didnt just type

^ (none)
221940 [yacaowang gm] unsubscribe

^ Re: How do I tell when I'm on Cygwin?
221941 [chris.lowis ] Slightly off-topic, but I'd be really interested to hear of your
+ 222049 [znmeb cesmai] Well, you don't "have to install the whole cygwin framework" to get
| 222109 [rob ocstech.] I agree.  I don't see what the big thing is against Cygwin.  I did try out
| 222117 [halostatue g] As long as you don't insist on bash or something that tries to map a
+ 222115 [halostatue g] The bash shell isn't necessary on Windows (not if you know how to use
  + 222120 [rob ocstech.] I know how to use the Windows shell very well, but it kinda sucks :)  Bash
  | 222130 [halostatue g] I don't agree. When I have to *remember* how to get to a different
  | 222137 [rob ocstech.] Bash is probably slower, but I like it better.
  | 222147 [halostatue g] Then why do you use Windows at all? Obviously, it's a machine that
  | 222149 [rob ocstech.] We still live in a Windows world.  I use Linux heavily as well, but I have
  | 222181 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... since I'm the one who started this ...
  | 222183 [jameshcunnin] David, David, David ...
  | + 222184 [rob ocstech.] LOL
  | | 222192 [wilsonb gmai] Unless it's on Windows, where it is ultra, ultra slow.
  | + 222402 [david vallne] Always having random camp Mac geeks hit on me?
  + 222122 [robert.dober] These are all very nice and honerable tools but I go with the folks who,
    222146 [halostatue g] I simply do not understand that. I *cannot* understand that. It
    + 222148 [rob ocstech.] A lot of times installing coLinux or Linux, freeBSD, etc., aren't options.
    + 222240 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I believe you are mistaken in this assertion: I think you can
    | 222247 [rob ocstech.] At the risk of jumping in here again, I will :)
    + 222258 [jameshcunnin] Would you like a candy? A pat on the back? A "who cares - just because
    | 222326 [halostatue g] I'm just baffled that people are so opposed to Windows conventions that
    | + 222392 [halostatue g] Bully for you. <grin>
    | | 222399 [vjoel path.b] <grin>
    | | 222401 [halostatue g] By environment, I do *not* mean operating system. I mean the complex
    | + 222454 [s0nspark gee] Well, if you consider scripting for administration purposes development
    + 222427 [robert.dober] But it is simple, I use Windows because I do not have any choice, I use it
      222439 [rob ocstech.] Really, I'm surprised this discussion has gone on as long as it has.  But,

^ Simple method overhead
221942 [vshepelev im] class MyCoolClass
221949 [m.fellinger ] methods have quite some overhead, so to say :)

^ ruby soap implementation
221943 [ritter unixo] we have compared php and ruby Web Service clients.
221970 [pritchie vid] I use activesalesforce which interacts with salesforce via SOAP and it

^ Re:
221946 [ovidiugabrie] Hmmm... should I receive this message?

^ ruby-prof vs. Object#clone
221948 [vshepelev im] obj = MyClass.new(...)
221952 [jan.svitok g] My_cool_method is a singleton instance method (not an ordinary
221954 [vshepelev im] Jan Svitok (jan.svitok@gmail.com)
+ 221956 [jan.svitok g] my_new_class = Class.new(MyClass)
| 221957 [vshepelev im] Jan Svitok (jan.svitok@gmail.com)
+ 222016 [rick.denatal] Will something like this meet your needs?

^ whole CVS tree
221951 [k.shutemov g] Where can I get whole ruby CVS tree(tree of *,v files)?

^ [ANN] RubyOSA 0.1.0
221953 [lrz chopine.] I'm pleased to announce the first public release of RubyOSA.
221997 [mtrier gmail] Awesome.  RubyOSA rocks.  Thanks for providing it.  It was certainly

^ Do something until keypress
221959 [peter rubyra] I would like to emulate the good old Pascal 'loop until keypressed' code
221961 [jan.svitok g] See previous thread: "Trouble using puts and getc in different threads"

^ 1.9 Backport?
221960 [transfire gm] If Ruby 1.9+ won't be released for over a year, can we backport a few
221967 [halostatue g] Probably not. Ruby 1.8 is supposed to be *stable*, and I doubt that
221979 [transfire gm] Right. I realize. I was just hoping that a few significant features
221980 [halostatue g] I sympathize, but I read something about the Denver Summit (posted on
221982 [mtrier gmail] In the roundtable there was a specific question about backporting some

^ Win32OLE. Opening an existing file.
221962 [pbailey bna.] Can someone tell me how I can use Win32OLE to open an existing file? All
221963 [vshepelev im] Peter Bailey (pbailey@bna.com)
221969 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, Victor. I tried it with an existing file, and, it worked! It's
221976 [kbloom gmail] Precisely. VBA is just another language for controllng OLE objects, so the
222252 [pbailey bna.] Interesting. I noticed that, in the Win part of these instructions, the

^ The Future of RCRrchive (was Re: 1.9 Backport?)
221968 [Bil.Kleb NAS] No.
+ 221971 [james graypr] Sorry, that was sloppy explaining on my part.  I've tried to clean it
+ 221975 [dblack wobbl] In fact, I'm hard at work on the new RCRchive.  Stay tuned.  It's
  222311 [keith audiob] Cool. Let's just make sure that the old ones don't get "tossed', as

^ ubuntu tcltklib absolute beginner question
221978 [gigaday goog] I'm trying to start from absolute basics.  I have ruby 1.8 installed
222040 [nospam nosit] Your system doesn't have the Ruby Tk library installed. Have you considered
222224 [gigaday goog] I think that I do have all the required libraries installed.  Someone

^ Ruby and Continuous Integration
221983 [Gemma.Camero] Now I've read a couple of old posts about this and the usual response is
+ 221986 [lukfugl gmai] It appears the project is defunct or at least in hibernation. I can't
+ 221990 [jro codegrin] If you're already using Trac to manage bugs and whatnot.. bitten is
| 221993 [Gemma.Camero] Cerberus looks good but I don't think it can give me what I need. I've
| 221996 [Gemma.Camero] Rational ClearQuest for bugs!
+ 222004 [hgs dmu.ac.u] There seems to be Cerberus as well...
+ 222032 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I bit off topic, but didn't DHH write a small CI
  + 222066 [imeshev yaho] Gemma,
  + 222074 [lukfugl gmai] So who's going to write the "Find Bugs Instantly" CI tool?

^ Re: How can my boss take rails seriously with bugs like this?
221984 [Gemma.Camero] No I don't feel like I was bashed then.

^ Re: [ANN] Potential Brit ruby meeting formally Chunky Bacon
221985 [Gemma.Camero] Getting a good group now!
+ 222006 [tom.armitage] Britain tends to end up as part of the European Ruby scene right now
| + 222029 [paul plsys.c] There's no real reason that the UK should be tacked on to Europe,
| | 222030 [tom.armitage] No, I know there's no "real" reason, apart from _numbers_, which is
| | + 222135 [paul plsys.c] Let's just say that LRUG doesn't advertise its existence on this
| | | 222256 [dblack wobbl] I don't think most local/regional RUGs do.  There's a wiki page for
| | | + 222261 [dblack wobbl] Definitely.  Of course if you start calling your group LRUG, you
| | | + 222262 [thomas.adam2] The one I maintain there is.  The problem with any regional group
| | | | 222264 [dblack wobbl] I live between New York and Philadelphia, both of which have very
| | | | 222265 [thomas.adam2] Given the geography of America I can imagine how the distance might be
| | | | 222266 [dblack wobbl] James Adam, a member and organizer of LRUG.
| | | | 222267 [thomas.adam2] Nope, no relation.  :)  I do get called 'Adam Thomas' a lot, and I am
| | | | 222285 [james.adam g] Ditto. It's a pain.
| | | | + 222300 [Gemma.Camero] Thanks Paul but for now it might be best if I did just sit quietly in
| | | | | + 222339 [rob.02004 gm] Gemma, thanks for instigating a discussion on a grassroots Ruby
| | | | | + 222379 [tom.armitage] was being rude, which made him angry. Well, I can kind of see why; my
| | | | + 222578 [alec arlross] <9ec5d0aa0610270702u5905f7aasc2aab5488996ad62@mail.gmail.com>, James
| | | + 222276 [rob.02004 gm] Paul, thanks for the feedback. As the main convenor of the London Ruby
| | + 222250 [paul iconopl] Tom, you completely miss the point. What's more, you're kind of being
| + 222037 [rossrt rosco] It's no bad thing, but it's no great thing either - I can't do
+ 222009 [paul iconopl] Well, half a dozen or so, at least.
| 222011 [Gemma.Camero] Apologies, I'm a n00b.
| + 222031 [xennocide ya] I've been going to the Scotland ruby group, which has been running for a
| + 222241 [paul iconopl] That's GeekUp which is a mixture of geeks, PHP, and Ruby guys. Quite
|   222242 [Gemma.Camero] Be good to see you!
+ 222170 [hal9000 hype] I suggest you all join me in Munich for Euruko 2006
  222237 [Gemma.Camero] My knuckles have been severely rapped.

^ UTF-8 problems
221988 [cameron soyc] I (perhaps stupidly) decided to compile and install 1.8.5 on my Mac,
+ 222001 [ara.t.howard] what does this do
+ 222007 [behmannlist ] I to am having trouble with ruby on my mac after a build and install
+ 222018 [pere.noel la] me too, BUT i was even more prudent than you, i've used MacPort in irder

^ online quiz website using Ruby/Rails
221991 [user-x nospa] <<I am newbie>>

^ Re: Potential Brit ruby meeting formally Chunky Bacon
221995 [rikrose gmai] rik - London or Manchester - I can be at either, but I'd prefer late
222021 [chris.lowis ] Chris - Southampton .
222026 [james2mccart] Brighton based, and have been trying to flush out a few others for a

^ Question about strings
222024 [wcarpin auto] what I'm trying to do is replace the single-tick "'" character with a
+ 222033 [grant antifl] Your replacement string ends up as \', which is the equivalent of Perl's $' (the substring from the match to the end).
| 222036 [kabigon gmai] => "This is Will\\'s string!"
+ 222039 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 222042 [ara.t.howard] irb(main):001:0> "This is Will's string!".gsub(/'/){ %q(\') }
+ 222046 [stefan mahli] Can't you use the SQL-engine escape-method, if it exists?
+ 222071 [shortcutter ] This comes up from time to time.  The crucial bit is to understand the

^ Creating a  Schedule-like array
222038 [anthony.gree] Maybe this ? so you represent day segments
222041 [ara.t.howard] -a
222119 [robert.dober] I remember very well when someone bashed me because I reported a broken

^ Unit testing questions
222043 [phurley gmai] I have been working on a msg4r wrapper that provides a number of
222056 [tim.pease gm] If you have tests that work, why change them?

^ WMI and WIN32OLE issues
222050 [obc.spike gm] Having difficulty pulling information from a remote system with Ruby

^ Ruby fs watcher?
222051 [etienne.dura] is a new file in a given directory, I do something. So, my problem here
+ 222052 [wilsonb gmai] This is fairly operating-system specific. Which one are you using?
+ 222057 [tim.pease gm] Take a look at Ara's dirwatch solution. Does exactly what you want.
+ 222058 [thomas.adam2] If you're using Linux, you can use dnotify (and the newer 'anotify'
| 222060 [ssmoot gmail] You'd used WMI in Windows, potentially through the WIN32OLE library, to
+ 222062 [ara.t.howard] -a
+ 222065 [nospam nosit] This problem is easily solved, and in a portable way. You create a list of
  + 222070 [ara.t.howard] you'd think - until your script stops, restarts, and you re-fire actions for
  | + 222073 [gavin.kistne] I bet others have better systems (I see many replies to your message
  | | 222079 [ara.t.howard] i've used this in the past too (thanks gavin!) - it's good if you don't need
  | + 222078 [nospam nosit] / ...
  |   222081 [ara.t.howard] i guess you're right.  i get defensive at the mere suggestion of simply event
  + 222076 [shortcutter ] You rather need the mtime of the directory and only that - at least if