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^ Help: [BUG] Bus Error when 'splitting' a String
220421 [Diego.Viraso] I'm currently trying to run a little script but I am stuck with this
220431 [nobu ruby-la] What's the version and the platform?  And debugger available?
+ 220438 [Diego.Viraso] I think (I don't have access now) it is ruby 1.6.2 on Solaris 9.
+ 220608 [Diego.Viraso] ruby -v give this: ruby 1.6.4 (2001-06-04) [sparc-solaris2.9]
  221393 [nobu ruby-la] Upgrade to 1.8.5, or 1.6.8 at least.

^ Another topic for RubyConf
220424 [znmeb cesmai] As if the folks at RubyConf don't have enough to talk about already,
+ 220432 [ara.t.howard] -a
+ 220437 [curtis.schof] Buddha is nil.to_a
| 220441 [ara.t.howard] nice.  that inspired
| + 220461 [ezmobius gma] Buddha is 1.0/0
| + 220484 [curtis.schof] self
+ 220439 [keith audiob] Shouldn't this be (is Budda (small clean serious)) ?
| 220511 [david vallne] Shh. A makeBuddha() method really shouldn't be void ;;P
+ 220459 [xennocide ya] class Buddha
| 220460 [xennocide ya] class Buddha
+ 220466 [djberg96 gma] 3.times{ Buddha.is_having?("stroke") }
| 220523 [hal9000 hype] Buddha.turn_over?(:in_grave)    # true
| 220578 [zedshaw zeds] A project was failing miserably and the CEO went to the Project Manager to ask her what happened.
+ 220712 [fabioaquotte] a Buddha."
+ 220736 [rtilley vt.e] Buddha is an idiot."
  + 220758 [pseudo.meta ] Perhaps. Or is it scalar? Bless.
  + 220775 [david vallne] Umm, WTF? Please, people, can ONE thread involve a language that isn't
  | 220778 [pseudo.meta ] Personally, I always imagined that Rubyists would have a sense of humour.
  | 220781 [david vallne] r.
  | + 220782 [pseudo.meta ] I think that kind of makes my point. As you were.
  | + 220783 [michael.ulm ] The offending post was not random abuse. It was a fine spin on the
  + 221026 [paddy3118 ne] Hmm, I don't know what you mean?

^ RubyConf Ticket For Sale
220429 [aurequi gmai] Hey all,
220430 [wgrosso wgro] And remember, mine is still available (it's the $125 version).

^ My first feeling of Ruby
220435 [fguiliani pe] Today I'm learning Ruby. Globally It's a great programming langage but
+ 220440 [jameskilton ] Frankly I never knew you could do "test #@@varname". I've always used the
| 220442 [gavin.kistne] Welcome to Ruby! :)
+ 220446 [transfire gm] I don't most of us use those shorcuts, prefering to alwasy use #{...}
| 220447 [transfire gm] Also, I might suggest that matz/ruby do away with those shortcuts.
| 220522 [hal9000 hype] Absolutely not.
| 220562 [transfire gm] Becaue you like extraneous notations that are rarely used and
| 220564 [gavin refine] What evidence do you have to support the claim that they are rarely
| + 220573 [caldridge gm] I've never used it or new it existed and have now taken a note to
| + 220586 [billk cts.co] Me too.  Indeed, I find it more readable, personally.
+ 220450 [james graypr] And many other objects, like String and Proc.  This makes for great
+ 220456 [sastph sas.c] Welcome to Ruby!
+ 220521 [hal9000 hype] For one thing, test could just as easily be a method name. This
| 220561 [transfire gm] irb(main):001:0> o = Object.new
| 220678 [rick.denatal] irb(main):001:0> hash
+ 220569 [mattengi gma] Yes, you can omit {} for method argument in some condition.

^ [ANN] test/spec 0.2, a BDD interface for Test::Unit
220451 [chneukirchen] today I'm releasing test/spec 0.2, a library to do BDD with Test::Unit.
220581 [rsanheim gma] * have you heard any feedback on how well it works w/i rails,
220662 [chneukirchen] I didn't try it with rails yet, but it uses the same mechanisms as the

^ newbie ftp problem
220453 [lsumnler gma] I was going to try and use ruby to transfer files to an FTP site so I
220470 [gavin.kistne] You changed directories into 'data', and are then trying to list a
+ 220473 [ara.t.howard] try
| 220481 [lsumnler gma] Tried the passive - still get the same error
+ 220475 [lsumnler gma] I see what your saying about the 'data' directory and I re-did it
  220479 [jpywtora cal] Looks like a passive ftp mode problem versus standard ftp using port 20,
  220483 [lsumnler gma] I'm sorry I retried the setting of passive and that DID fix the

^ Changing uid
220454 [alex blackke] I really should know this, but I can't for the life of me remember how
+ 220455 [rimantas gma] require 'etc'
+ 220457 [djberg96 gma] require 'etc'
  220458 [alex blackke] *That*'s the one!  Thanks :-)

^ [SUMMARY] A* (#98)
220462 [james graypr] As was brought up in the discussion, the effectiveness of the A* algorithm is

^ Fwd: A*
220478 [james graypr] charset=WINDOWS-1252;

^ too complex for me...
220495 [josselin wan] I need help from a ruby master... it's too hard with my present
+ 220497 [wilsonb gmai] The first step, I would say, should be to convert your values from
+ 220502 [ruby muerman] I had to make a change to the return values. They are now an array (to
| 220580 [josselin wan] Thanks a lot I'll work on it today...
+ 220689 [erikveen gma] A possible solution...

^ Why Class decls and API docs don't Match
220499 [gsm.beamon g] Anybody who's done any Ruby on Rails will have seen, edited, or
+ 220503 [gavin.kistne] a) You might want to post this rant/question to the rails mailing list
| + 220517 [gsm.beamon g] class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
| | 220631 [jan.svitok g] I can see your point.
| + 220624 [gsm.beamon g] This issue pertains to Ruby not Rails. And, in my opinion, it's a
|   220632 [gavin refine] Agreed.
|   220674 [gsm.beamon g] Having a conversation about whether the issue lies with RDOC or RUBY is
|   220679 [dave pragpro] If RDoc ran the code it parsed, then it would open a security hole a
|   + 220685 [gavin.kistne] I 100% agree, and I think it applies more generally than just Rails. To
|   + 220711 [gsm.beamon g] Perhaps.
|     + 220715 [gavin.kistne] class Foo
|     + 220716 [jan.svitok g] As I think of it, one solution could be that doc writers would hint
+ 220507 [kbloom gmail] That's taken care of in the hook ApplicationController::Layout.included.
  220509 [gavin.kistne] Not being matz (or nobu or such), I can only guess myself. However, I

^ Partial Resolution?
220506 [gsm.beamon g] It's still true: Look at http://api.rubyonrails.com/ and click on the
+ 220508 [gavin.kistne] def self.included(base)
+ 220514 [david vallne] Crystal balls help. I feel the pain. Sadly enough, irb, listing methods
  220519 [gsm.beamon g] Thank you.
  220566 [gavin refine] It does, most of the time.

^ Bitwise operations
220515 [robl monkeyh] I have a binary packet stored in a string.  I also have a packet
+ 220516 [gavin.kistne] any
| 220518 [david vallne] Reputedly about to change in Ruby 2, indexing a String will return a
| 220535 [halostatue g] Fortunately, it will be controlled where the encoding of the binary
+ 220560 [vjoel path.b] It would be overkill for just getting the first byte, but you may find

^ Uri to absolute/relative path
220520 [rapparna hot] great. I'm unable to open an uri based on the file path.
220591 [nospam nosit] Make a test without a drive letter. IOW try a simpler case first. Then, if

^ Install GSL\Ruby 1.8.3 with Mingw/MSYS at Windows failed?
220527 [Jianhong.Wan] I tried installing GSL\Ruby 1.8.3 with Mingw/MSYS at Windows XP. But it
220570 [ara.t.howard] a pre-compiled version is here - it may help

^ whats this lambda code doing?
220531 [gethemant gm] I came across following code in typo's application.rb and I can't
+ 220533 [ezmobius gma] klasses.inject(block) do |blk, klass|
| 220538 [david vallne] Hmm. Unless I'm very mistaken, it would also only call the lambda for
| + 220541 [ezmobius gma] It looks like it would only call the last lambda but it does call
| | 220547 [m_goldberg a] I think I'm still confused by this. I infer from your post that the
| | + 220555 [ezmobius gma] Yes thats essentially it. Maybe this helps clear it up a bit. Lets
| | | 220559 [ezmobius gma] What it is doing with the inject is essentially building up a block
| | | 220567 [m_goldberg a] Maybe I'm being even more dense than usual, but I can't accept that.
| | | 220568 [ezmobius gma] Ahh yes you are totally correct. See? It is tricky code ;)
| | | 220615 [louis.j.scor] It's really not that bad.  Learn to love the lambda, I say =)
| | + 220557 [gethemant gm] Hmm...i think i get the idea, but i do not understand how its .call is
| |   220558 [gethemant gm] Ok..i get it now..Thanks for the nice explanation Ezra.
| + 220542 [kbloom gmail] This some wierd kind of lambda chaining. You're confusing "block" with
|   220546 [ezmobius gma] with_scope is an ActiveRecord thing for scoping your where clauses.
|   220556 [rick.denatal] You know,  I can understand, or maybe sympathize, with the appeal of
+ 220534 [david vallne] t_id}"},
+ 220537 [kbloom gmail] The whole do...end thing (and its binding to the inject call) has higher

^ Is anyone using Ruby for 24/7 financial applications?
220536 [john.baylor ] I know a lot of people are using ruby on rails for web apps, usually with
+ 220544 [jcribbs netp] What part of Ruby needs to be up 24/7?  Webrick?  Or is it just a ruby
| + 220553 [jcribbs netp] Oops, meant to say it uses Drb for it's client-server communications.
| + 220903 [greg.kujawa ] Where I work I have about a dozen Ruby scripts running as scheduled
+ 220551 [gregory.t.br] We run a number of scheduled scripts and usually only fail due to
+ 220585 [dido.sevilla] Well, we *are* using Ruby itself at the core of several
+ 220627 [khaines enig] I am.
| 220628 [znmeb cesmai] I can't remember the last time *I* went 270 days without doing something
| 220640 [khaines enig] Fortunately, most of the time I can completely ignore the app server
| + 220692 [    s xss.de] ... and Kirk does an awesome job of improving IOWA ever since.
| + 220949 [klausm0762 y] very interesting post, and thanks for the endorsement. ;-)
|   220967 [atbusbook ao] RapidReporting.com is a servise used by 80% of the top 1000 morgage
+ 220635 [garbagecat10] ago. It's still in production now, on multiple sites. It's been rock-solid
| 220637 [ara.t.howard] 'old' peices of code still sitting at version 0.0.0 are likely to be quite
| + 220642 [garbagecat10] The stream runs clearest near the source (if you'll pardon the pun). I
| + 220859 [chneukirchen] And the old code looks so dangerous you don't dare to touch it,
+ 220641 [ksruby gmail] The Ruby itself is very stable. I have several web applications that
+ 220690 [jes luretank] Greetings.
+ 221321 [guido sohne.] Rails is mostly used as a back end permitting rapid prototyping /
  221860 [john.baylor ] Many thanks for all the responses - good to know for the next time it comes

^ [Net::LDAP] START_TLS support
220539 [kou cozmixng] I'm not good in LDAP and START_TLS but I could write START_TLS support

^ RoR Apache2 threading
220540 [scottyaung g] When I try to run a thread in ruby on rails I can get it works fine,

^ Sprites... I suck at them....(rubygame)
220552 [name.goes.he] okay here is my little sprite file with rubygame

^ RubyConf Dinner by ThoughtWorks
220554 [ruby bencurt] Is the Saturday evening dinner for everyone, including those without
220583 [chadfowler g] The Saturday dinner is just for people who are on the meal plan.

^ modify instance variable in a method mixed in from external module
220565 [gethemant gm] def parse_data data
220633 [rick.denatal] Well, if the receiver of parse_data doesn't have the instance
220789 [gethemant gm] Thanks Rick...

^ downloading web page as HTML accessed through WATIR
220572 [csamigroup g] is there anyway to download the page accessed through WATIR as html
+ 220996 [lrlebron gma] ie.html is what you are looking for
| 221254 [christopher.] Be very very careful here, make sure you understand what you are doing.
+ 221035 [david vallne] If this is all you need, you might as well use Net:HTTP, or open-uri -

^ RejectConf
220574 [ryand-ruby z] Jacob Harris and I came up with the idea of doing RejectConf. If you
+ 220584 [tbray textua] The high-falutin' term is <i>salon des refus˝ď</i> - a few of these
| 220811 [ryand-ruby z] We aren't aiming that high. :)
| + 220816 [drnicwilliam] I expect audio records + synchronised slides on the web by Monday for
| | 221261 [hal9000 hype] It was pretty cool actually.
| | + 221309 [ryand-ruby z] Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
| | + 221374 [drbrain segm] I forgot my camera did video, I forgot my camera didn't rotate video,
| + 220824 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
|   221262 [hal9000 hype] Haha, that's what you'd say if you WERE part of a conspiracy to
|   + 221268 [dblack wobbl] Yeah, we lost two this year (me and Jim W.).  The every-year club is
|   | 221561 [rick.denatal] Back when I was a regular OOPSLA attendee, and probably still, there
|   + 221269 [djberg96 gma] Me!
|     221278 [dblack wobbl] Sorry Dan -- I left you out of my list (see previous email).  I could
|     221288 [hal9000 hype] Actually, I think Rivh did miss one.
|     + 221289 [hal9000 hype] Er, Rich.
|     + 221800 [chadfowler g] Rich has actually been every year.
|       221805 [dblack wobbl] I think I just got it into my head that there were seven left, before
|       221813 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, I must start working on my scheme to be the sole survivor.
+ 220630 [ben bleythin] Woot, this idea floated around pdx.rb as well, but apparently none of us
+ 220720 [Charles.O.Nu] I'm in, though I won't be assembling a formal confederation of JRuby
+ 220737 [gregory.t.br] This sounds awesome.  Assuming they don't cancel my flight *again*
+ 220827 [ryand-ruby z] Saturday night is when we are going to meet. Where is still TBA.
  220884 [jason.p.morr] Is this the definitive place to watch for more info?  (I came late to
  220892 [stmpjmpr gma] +1

^ ActionWebService deprecated?
220575 [cbrown atbas] Hey all,
+ 220582 [ksruby gmail] Have a look at the wss4r project at rubyforge.org.
+ 220593 [Roland.Schmi] look at www.rubyforge.org/projects/wss4r for a pure-ruby WS-Security
  220597 [cbrown atbas] Thanks and I completely agree.
  220600 [Roland.Schmi] i think the shortest road to XML/WS-security in ruby would be a binding

^ Why does the eql? method exist?
220579 [ihatespam ro] Not too long ago, there was a thread about a bug in Ruby where vectors
220599 [esad.nospam ] ri Object#eql?

^ [ANN] rs 0.1.2
220589 [ruby-ml kitt] =3D rs

^ difficulty with Ajax
220595 [darren.evans] I have a difficult using Ajax and wondered whether anyone has the

^ instance variable not initialized warning
220598 [esad.nospam ] class Foo
220604 [john-rubytal] The interpreter does not flag methods as 'safe' or 'unsafe'.

^ My second day of learning Ruby (and my seconds feels)
220601 [fguiliani pe] Thanks for your anwers yesterday. Are you ready for my next day of
+ 220610 [fguiliani pe] Variable Scope, Loops, and Blocks
+ 220613 [fguiliani pe] Ranges
+ 220658 [banjo users.] The difference between .. and ... in a conditional is a little different
+ 220691 [doodpants ma] IIRC, it's being dropped in Ruby 2.0 anyway.

^ debugging using tk.rb
220602 [wybo servaly] Is it possible to use the debug library while using tk.rb?
220735 [nagai ai.kyu] # Maybe, the following cannot help you ...
220923 [wybo servaly] when I do that literally, the script exits immediately, without any
+ 220935 [david vallne] op.
| 220936 [dblack wobbl] The discourse on this list seems to have drifted toward the impatient,
| 220953 [wybo servaly] thanks, David Black, for your support.
+ 220959 [nagai ai.kyu] I see. But unfortunately, there is no solution.

^ Ruby Memory Leak Detector
220603 [snail objmed] Announcing Software Tools for Ruby

^ Help:dynamic inherit from a class
220605 [liuhang1113 ] Now I have problem about dynamiclly inheriting form a class.
+ 220606 [chrisjroos g] class MySuperClass; end
+ 220607 [vincent.four] Class.new(super_class=Object)   =>    a_class

^ detecting data type
220616 [ghotrapa yah] i'm new to ruby and need some help on what seems like a simple issue.
+ 220617 [thomas.adam2] irb(main):002:0> 'a'.is_a?(String)
| 220619 [ghotrapa yah] Thanks for the quick response.
+ 220664 [hgs dmu.ac.u] x.class
+ 220687 [david vallne] Not repeating the obvious

^ iterator inside string
220620 [akbarhome gm] a = [ 'a', 'b' ]
+ 220621 [shortcutter ] use #map instead of #each
+ 220622 [farrel.lifso] stringbla = "home #{ a.map {|i| i * b } } work"
+ 220623 [louis.j.scor] The to_s method is going to be called on whatever value the #{ ... }