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^ another bug in rdoc?
220208 [wybo servaly] now if one runs rdoc on a file containing only the range of lines
220224 [gavin refine] Do you consider this a bug? I consider it a feature. I like being able
220268 [wybo servaly] Sure, but the text between

^ Ruby Quiz - Degree of Difficulty
220210 [markonlinux ] Whilst on a Uni break I thought I'd try and attack some of the Ruby
+ 220212 [tom.armitage] is a nice easy one that lets you have some fun with web APIs. Well;
+ 220213 [tom.armitage] That's not always true, but it's a good rule of thumb.
| 220226 [james graypr] Exactly.
| + 220232 [markonlinux ] I'm watching it as we speak ;-)(just paused it to write this).
| | 220237 [james graypr] I didn't understand that last sentence 100%, but just to be clear pp
| | 220247 [markonlinux ] No it's not ;-) Sorry for the confusion.
| | + 220252 [alex blackke] From my perspective, there are very few better habits to get into *at
| | + 220253 [james graypr] It sure helps me think my way through a problem.  It's always easier
| | + 220266 [rossrt rosco] I was a bit of a late convert to the full test-driven development thing,
| + 220246 [matt tidbits] You do not look "real dumb" in it and it's a wonderful movie - three
|   220255 [james graypr] Thanks so much.  This single post has almost given me the courage to
|   220257 [pseudo.meta ] Not as smart as doing it in Befunge.
+ 220219 [pseudo.meta ] It is, of course, vitally important to achieve enlightenment, for only
+ 220223 [jes luretank] A good indication is the number of quiz-solutions. The 'easier' ones are
| 220229 [louis.j.scor] I agree. This is probably a pretty good starting metric.
| 220282 [martin snowp] Just don't expect that all of the *solutions* to a solution-heavy quiz
| 220286 [louis.j.scor] Very true.  There is no guarantee of quality for any of the solutions,
+ 220393 [markonlinux ] thanks all, lots of good stuff here.

^ Rails q:   Two-Phase Commit/Updatable View/Roles
220214 [fake fake.ne] I'm exploring learning RoR, then using it for a new start project.  Been
+ 220227 [kbloom gmail] Two phase commit is a protocol for commiting a single transaction that
| 220263 [znmeb cesmai] Two-phase commit is what makes transactions have the ACID properties!
| + 220341 [no.spam plea] No, you're thinking of two-phase locking, which is necessary for ACI (not D)
| + 220353 [kbloom gmail] You're thinking of two phase locking. Two phase locking ensures ACI in a
+ 220231 [logancapaldo] First you probably want to ask these questions on the ruby on rails list
+ 222596 [fake fake.ne] Bump.

^ Code behind HTML
220222 [totalharmoni] After having some issues with eRuby and embedded ruby in HTML, Im trying
+ 220272 [gareth.adams] How does ASP.NET give users feedback (i.e. generate error messages and other
+ 220288 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Later,
+ 220290 [wilsonb gmai] What you've described isn't actually how ASP.NET works, but I can
| 220469 [verno mailin] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 220487 [khaines enig] Probably, but it is a little hard to figure out just what direction is
  220489 [jeff.barczew] Similarly, MasterView another template library which keeps the code
  220490 [jeff.barczew] oops. Forgot the namespace for the attributes should be prefixed with

^ Re: attributes-3.2.0
220225 [gavin refine] I'm also on Mac OS X 10.4.8, and it works for me, but with an older
220242 [pere.noel la] i can'y downgrade )))

^ Microformat DSL... would like some feedback.
220228 [james2mccart] I have been working on a DSL to make it easy to define Microformats and
220260 [jgbailey gma] I checked out the article and I have a couple of suggestions  to make the
220262 [james2mccart] Justin, Thank you, excellent suggestions all. Really helpful.

^ Microformat DSL... would like some feedback.
220233 [james2mccart] I have been working on a DSL to make it easy to define Microformats and

^ Database schema....
220248 [Prasanna.Nag] charset="us-ascii"
220269 [halostatue g] On 10/17/06, Nagasamudram, Prasanna Kumar

^ RubyConf Ticket
220261 [wgrosso wgro] Due to unanticipated family issues, I've got a ticket but am not going.

^ [ANN] open4-0.9.0
220264 [ara.t.howard] URIS

^ ruby conf ticket scavanger
220270 [bitdoger2 ya] ...anybody with last legitmate minute cancells to the ruby-conf email me

^ Trouble with gem update on Mac OS X
220275 [gavin.kistne] This morning I found that my laptop had an older version of gems on it

^ wiki.rubyonrails.org spam
220276 [andrewroth g] Who's in charge of wiki.rubyonrails.org?  The spam is ridiculous.  The
+ 220279 [gdonald gmai] With a wiki, a reader is a maintainer.  The rollback links are at the
+ 220280 [james.britt ] This question is probably better asked on the Rails mailing list.
+ 220284 [rsanheim gma] soon on the Rails wiki.  I've been working with one of the maintainers
| + 220287 [gavin.kistne] I get 404 for that URL.
| + 220289 [rsanheim gma] - rob
+ 220305 [ezmobius gma] Yeah the rails wiki is totally spammed hard. But there is a small

^ rubyzip problem / question
220277 [dan.gottlieb] I'm fairly new to ruby and am trying to use the rubyzip library (I
229581 [jerome.loyet] I've got exactly the same problem. I sent the information to the

^ RubyConf ticket for sale
220293 [james.britt ] I have a RubyConf ticket, food included, for sale.
+ 220296 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I am sadden to read this, unless you have two tickets! :)
| + 220300 [halostatue g] As am I. Too bad we won't be seeing you this year, James.
| + 220301 [james.britt ] No, just the one.  Tough decision; money, time, all the usual culprits
|   220303 [gregory.t.br] I too was looking forward to actually meeting up with you, since
|   220306 [james.britt ] See, now I'm going be all torn about this.  :(
|   220316 [matt technor] If it's any consolation, I plan to be there with an ever stylish umlaut
|   220325 [james.britt ] Thank you.  You will be the ambassador of impeccable taste.
+ 220344 [james.britt ] Ticket, and healthy veggie meal, are now gone.
  220529 [steven lumos] How do you know the vegitarian meals aren't just doritos and a coke? :-)
  + 220532 [halostatue g] Because the RubyConf organisers are still around to talk ;)
  + 220718 [matt technor] I'm here and have a spare bed in my room plus a couch in the other room,

^ ruby way to say this?
220304 [matt tidbits] In Ruby, zero isn't false and there is no equivalent of the ?: operator
+ 220307 [max maxidoor] oneThing || otherThing
| + 220309 [james graypr] You didn't read that question all the way through.  ;)
| + 220313 [matt tidbits] Please pretend I'm just staring at you waiting for you to see why that
|   220317 [banjo users.] zero is not false, so you would need
+ 220310 [louis.j.scor] Are you okay with adding an extra function call?
| + 220311 [gavin.kistne] class Numeric
| + 220312 [james graypr] If you change that to support a block, you can avoid evaluating
|   220314 [louis.j.scor] Ahh, yes.  That is a nice improvement. +1
+ 220315 [SimonKroeger] oneThing.nonzero? || otherThing
| + 220318 [gavin refine] Bah! You have to come up with the easy answer and spoil all of our fun,
| + 220320 [matt tidbits] Thx, I feel better now! m.
+ 220319 [heimdall uni] What about this?
+ 220324 [ara.t.howard] why not write in ruby what you are saying in english?

^ Splitting a sentence with delimiter preserved
220321 [a.varier gma] I am a newbie and the answer to this might be too simple.
220323 [gavin.kistne] p string.scan( /\w[^.!?]+\S+/ )
+ 220327 [a.varier gma] That was very quick.
+ 220349 [dblack wobbl] string.split(/(?<=\.)\s+/)
| + 220372 [matt tidbits] Is the current (1.8.5) regex engine some (other) well-known engine? For
| | 220404 [james graypr] Ruby's current regex engine is pretty limited compared to PCRE or
| + 220373 [gavin refine] Er, positive lookbehind, I believe you mean.
+ 220386 [shortcutter ] delimiter during split. Does this work.  Great!!!."
  220411 [gavin refine] Down this path leads the madness that is trying to use simple regexp to

^ Job Senior PHP 5 Web Developer - NYC
220334 [jpd distribu] Senior PHP 5 Web Developer

^ AJAX jobs at a Top NY newspaper
220335 [jpd distribu] AJAX Consultant

^ Getting away from the old php code
220336 [shevegen lin] How can i embed ruby code into a html page,
+ 220337 [collinsj sea] Why not use erb (or eruby)? The syntax is pretty much the same as PHP,
+ 220338 [ruby-ml kitt] You can use any other template library, too,=20
+ 220357 [gavin refine] What about ERB do you find offensive?
| 220376 [gavin refine] ...except that 2 of the 3 URLs used in that response are already dead.
+ 220398 [jeff.barczew] If you are familiar with PHPTAL which makes a standard static html
  221227 [shevegen lin] sorry for the delayed reply.
  + 221236 [jameskilton ] Again, what is so bad about <% that makes PHP's <? so nice? You've never
  + 221283 [ruby-ml kitt] Is there any particular reason you do not want to use the
    221486 [ezmobius gma] If you really can't stand the <% syntax then download and install
    223516 [shevegen lin] reply. Reason I check not often is that I have

^ RubyGame on windows
220340 [name.goes.he] I just installed rubygame for windows but when I require it, the
220346 [collinsj sea] Did you read and follow the installation instructions at
220525 [name.goes.he] # This is the file that should be imported, it in turn imports
+ 220526 [name.goes.he] pic. at geocities.com/name_here44/error.jpg
| 220530 [wikipedianki] It might be better to quote what the error actually say.
| 220543 [foamdino gma] I looked at rubygame a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't difficult to set
| 220549 [wikipedianki] As far as I know, Rubygame doesn't support sound in the first place.
| 220550 [name.goes.he] Thanks everyone that posted, I had a freind install it, I just didn't
+ 220545 [nobu ruby-la] You don't need to do it, require "rubygame.so" actually does look for

^ gem "before" and "after" filters?
220342 [pgquiles elp] charset="iso-8859-15"
220345 [halostatue g] Currently, RubyGems does not allow pre/post processing in the

^ [ANN] Merb, Mongrel+Erb
220347 [ezmobius gma] Hey there folks-

^ [ANN] memcache-client 1.2.0 Released
220352 [drbrain segm] memcache-client version 1.2.0 has been released!

^ Seems so simple, but is this really the only way, or most direct way?
220354 [jpywtora cal] 9 digits in a string "123456789", convert to individual Fixnums
+ 220356 [gavin refine] irb(main):001:0> s = "123456789"
+ 220361 [mike rubywiz] id.unpack('c' * id.size).map { |x| x-48 } # without regex and to_i
| 220396 [robert.dober] which is great, but if we are golfing let us improve our handicap ;)
+ 220362 [hhausman gma] hth,
| 220397 [tom.armitage] But that only gives you nine strings. The question demanded nine
+ 220402 [benjohn fysh] (1..9).to_a

^ Newbie: Ruby and Writing Variables In Strings
220355 [lovell.mcilw] As I am going through my ruby book (Trying to learn Ruby of course) on
+ 220358 [james graypr] You are missing a plus in the above line.  You need one right before
| 220368 [ruby-ml kitt] Or
| 220370 [lovell.mcilw] Converting my variables to string got my program to the point where its
| 220374 [ruby-ml kitt] =20
+ 220360 [ivor rails.c] /on the wall, ' number + ' bottles
+ 220363 [georgeoliver] For your example,
  220364 [lovell.mcilw] Thanks guys,
  + 220365 [lovell.mcilw] Well looks like I didn't indent properly and I missed an end.  Im going
  + 220366 [james graypr] You have to while statements there, but only "end" one of them.
    220367 [lovell.mcilw] Yep I corrected my indenting and noticed it.  I did add another end to

^ [ANN] XSPF for Ruby
220359 [pgquiles elp] charset="iso-8859-15"

^ [ANN] stompserver 0.9.4 released
220369 [phurley gmai] stompserver version 0.9.4 has been released!

^ Displaying Hash Problems
220375 [coolboarderg] just getting back into learning Ruby and thought I'd play with classes and
+ 220377 [coolboarderg] I now get this,
+ 220378 [m_goldberg a] puts does funny things to arrays. try p instead.
| 220380 [m_goldberg a] Oops, that should be: puts does funny things to arrays and hashes.
+ 220379 [m_goldberg a] #create new song array
  220498 [coolboarderg] Thanx for that. I've corrected that, but the below code still won't work
  220524 [drosihn gmai] There is no reason to have single-quotes around the right-hand side.

^ [ANN] ap4r-0.2.0 Released
220383 [kato.kiwamu ] AP4R version 0.2.0 has been released!

^ Cross Compiling Ruby Extension
220384 [brian.takita] I'm attempting to cross compile a ruby extension for Windows from a Linux
+ 220414 [halostatue g] I don't recommend doing this if you want your extension to be
| + 220464 [brian.takita] Thanks for your reply. I'm at my wit's end in compiling ruby extensions on
| | 220474 [halostatue g] You can try -- I'm going to be interested in picking a lot of peoples'
| | 220577 [brian.takita] Yes. It would be good to look for a resolution to this issue at the
| + 220477 [ mfp acm.org] Isn't mingw supposed to be compatible with the MSVC (which the
+ 220476 [ mfp acm.org] You are using mkrf instead of mkmf, so things work a bit differently.
  220548 [brian.takita] Thanks for demoing this. I'll give it a shot.
  220576 [brian.takita] It looks like the compile worked. I did not run make install on mingw.

^ RSS/Atom feed consuming lib?
220385 [marcus.brist] I have a customer (we build their intranet with Rails) that subscribes
+ 220415 [tanner.burso] I was unable to find anything that really fit my needs either.  I'm in the
+ 220425 [jochen schal] Yes, syndication[1] and FeedTools[2] should be two of the better libraries.
| + 220463 [marcus.brist] Thanks for the tips! I've tried feedtools and it seems to work nicely :)
| | 220480 [tanner.burso] I'm going to be parsing a LOT of feeds, but only for a few specific
| + 220472 [gustav rails] If you're planning to go through FeedBurner, you can checkout the plugin at
+ 220494 [andy tinnedf] You may be interested in feed-normalizer; something I pieced together to
  220596 [ray.c.chen g] I am also working on a performance app that requires feed parsing.  The
  220722 [andy tinnedf] As previously mentioned, feed-normalizer aims to produce a 'Feed' object

^ merging files with CR as EOL ?
220389 [pere.noel la] i have to rewrite a script in order to be compatible with file lines
+ 220390 [shortcutter ] You could do something like
| 220410 [pere.noel la] yes right because within ruby the chomp is aware of the kind of line
+ 220391 [fxn hashref.] If you need to work line-by-line instad of slurping them (which would

^ Memcache...HELP..!!
220392 [unni.tallman] require 'memcache'
220422 [ben bleythin] Can you telnet to localhost on port 12345?  It sounds like your

^ Struct (not) accepting attributes
220399 [kero chello.] => #<struct Sum bla=2, :"sum(value)"=5>
220400 [shortcutter ] There is another option: a misunderstanding on your side which attribute
+ 220406 [jan.svitok g] sum(value) is not a valid method name. method names must match (I
+ 220614 [kero chello.] class X throws an Exception, Struct.new does not.

^ Memcache performance
220401 [unni.tallman] Could any one give me some suggestions to enhance memcached
+ 220486 [gethemant gm] Try memcache mailing list..people on ruby-talk are mostly concerned
+ 225191 [drbrain segm] Which library are you using?

^ Performance of ruby hashes
220403 [unni.tallman] Anyway to enhance the performance of ruby hashes? My program uses
+ 220413 [shortcutter ] Hashes *are* pretty fast.  Please state what actual performance problem
+ 220433 [ara.t.howard] bad idea for big hashes - symbols are never gc'd and swapping is never fast!
| + 220444 [james2mccart] gc'd ?
| | 220445 [gavin.kistne] ...
| + 220492 [james graypr] You're behind on the news.  ;)
| | 220505 [jeremy chaos] That doesn't preclude them being immediate values; an object's class
| + 220496 [ara.t.howard] more like hundreds of thousands on a 4gb box: i've notice a few times with big
+ 220592 [nospam nosit] Many comments have been offered, but since no one knows what your code looks
| 220594 [shortcutter ] What is the basis for this statement?  The pure lookup speed certainly
+ 220645 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Try freezing the keys.

^ Mixin a module method as a class method
220405 [farrel.lifso] Is it possible to mix in a module method to become a class method? I'd
+ 220407 [jan.svitok g] See previous thread: 'Ruby for Rails p.462-464 - why include vs.
| 220416 [gavin refine] The extra ClassMethods module is needed because self methods of a
+ 220412 [gavin refine] [...snip...]
+ 220428 [transfire gm] Search ruby-talk for #class_extension.
+ 220434 [ara.t.howard] module Foo
  220528 [rick.denatal] No need for the separate module for instance methods;
  220571 [ara.t.howard] no.  you are correct, it's just a convention which signifies to the

^ Building Ruby 1.8.5 interpreter for Windows
220409 [yasemine bil] I am a new commer to this site and I am learning Ruby for my Ph.D.
+ 220419 [smartgpx gma] Please see my reply to your identical query under the 1.8.4 heading.
+ 220420 [alex blackke] If you've run the installer, you should now be able to double-click .rb
  220468 [yasemine bil] Thanks a lot for your kind helps