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^ Rails with FireBird
219969 [9issara gmai] I must to use Rails with Firebird, I try to search it but didn't have

^ [ANN] xmpfilter 0.3.0: automagic Test::Unit assertions and RSpec expectations
219970 [ mfp acm.org] xmpfilter can be obtained from http://eigenclass.org/hiki.rb?xmpfilter
219972 [botp delmont] [mailto:ferferse@telefonica.net] On Behalf Of Mauricio Fernandez

^ Edit Distance at Wikipedia
219971 [minkoo.seo g] I read an article posted at Wikipedia about Levenshtein distance (aka edit
+ 219973 [ mfp acm.org] It's simply the string you're comparing against; unpack('U*') just turns the
| 219992 [minkoo.seo g] I'm afraid that I'm not used to character encodings. Does Ruby use UTF-8 by
| + 220095 [ mfp acm.org] Ruby's Strings as of 1.8 are just a sequence of bytes. If a String happens to
| + 220176 [dido.sevilla] As of Ruby 1.8, it doesn't, but see the other responses.
|   220187 [pbattley gma] <blatant plug>
+ 219975 [angus quovad] I didn't examine the code, but I'd guess... you want the L. distance
  220005 [kbloom gmail] I have now renamed the variable to "other" for clarity.

^ Test if Directory is Empty
219976 [lroland gmai] I browsed through the FileUtils and Dir documentation and found no
+ 219977 [djberg96 gma] if Dir["/foo/bar/*"].empty?
| 220018 [ara.t.howard] that'll crawl if a directory is huge though... i've used this
| + 220042 [nobu ruby-la] !Dir.foreach(dirname) {|n| break true unless /\A\.\.?\z/ =~ n}
| | + 220047 [ara.t.howard] nice.  double negation is always good!
| | + 220049 [eban os.rim.] Dir.entries(dirname).join == "..."
| |   220057 [vjoel path.b] Dir.entries(dirname).size == 2
| + 220078 [xennocide ya] Not sure about using throw to return values there...  Also, won't the
| | 220163 [ara.t.howard] not sure what you mean there - that's the correct usage... read the ri for
| + 220107 [djberg96 gma] True.  Oh, look - Windows has a PathIsDirectoryEmpty() function. :)
+ 220052 [chris.hulan ] class Dir

^ how to replace file's content directly?
219978 [vipeak gmail] I have a sql file exported from mysql,and want to chang the charecter
219980 [shortcutter ] ruby -i -p -e 'gsub! /TYPE=MyISAM/, "DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8"' your_file
220028 [vipeak gmail] perlish script.Ugly,but worked.
220064 [matt tidbits] Would this be less "ugly"?
220155 [vipeak gmail] I appreciate your help.

^ bug in rdoc?
219981 [wybo servaly] For the long options, it converts -- into  &#8212; (a long hyphen)
220007 [m_goldberg a] No, it's a feature.
220014 [jan.svitok g] Because it's not clearly visible that one must type two dashes there.
220024 [wybo servaly] I agree!

^ Non-declared variables
219984 [acampbellb h] I would like to hear people's opinions on the ability to use variables
+ 219996 [kbloom gmail] I was programming in Java last week, and writing typed code. I found that
| 220003 [pseudo.meta ] Because then you're a different language with different use cases with
+ 220009 [gavin refine] Could you clarify what you mean by that? Are you concerned about
+ 220013 [pseudo.meta ] You mean without declaring their *type*, right?
  220027 [gavin.kistne] Every language feature that reduces how much typing I have to do is a
  + 220031 [ara.t.howard] for those of you using vim, the completion feature virtually eliminates this
  | + 220033 [gavin.kistne] Similarly with TextMate and its autocomplete (accessible through the Esc
  | + 220036 [james graypr] In TextMate this is done with the escape key and I couldn't agree
  |   220038 [gavin.kistne] You're right, it's too much of a blanket statement. I would not want to
  |   220135 [martin snowp] I think what the OP was getting at is that assignment syntax is
  |   220294 [darkintent g] Its probably best to have a strict option like in perl and VB.net.  If
  |   + 220297 [nwiger scea.] I very much agree, being a longtime Perl programmer (10+ years). When
  |   | 220299 [ara.t.howard] it's a nice idea, but not as a default, consider Object#method_missing,
  |   | 220322 [louis.j.scor] Not only that.  Consider that the 'my' operator in perl is more than
  |   | 220381 [darkintent g] I don't think it needs to be a default but it could be advisable to
  |   + 220298 [ara.t.howard] -e:1: warning: instance variable @typo not initialized
  + 220034 [pseudo.meta ] That seems a ridiculous thing to say to me. Time taken to type out
  | 220046 [ara.t.howard] 67 commandline.h
  | 220048 [pseudo.meta ] Yes, which is really my point. It's not about reducing keystrokes.
  | 220051 [gavin.kistne] ...and yet (for me) the actual typing of the lines *is* a significant
  + 220041 [gavin refine] Here's a simple example I just came up with. (If this were to be taken

^ How do I install Ruby 1.8.4 on my server from source, with all patches applied.
219988 [chrispearl g] Hya folks

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
219993 [james graypr] ...
220017 [martin snowp] When I try this solution on the map I've been trying all the solutions

^ What to do when # Unsubscribe does not work?
219994 [davidp9242a ] Can anyone offer any suggestions on what to do when # Unsubscribe does not =
+ 220000 [davidp9242a ] =0ATo: ruby-talk ML <ruby-talk@ruby-lang.org>=0ASent: Monday, October 16, 2=
+ 220008 [matz ruby-la] * no base64

^ no freeride
219997 [rxv hotmail.] I know this is a newbie question, but I've just installed InstantRails and
220066 [ml.chibbs gm] You need to put the ..\ruby\bin directory that's in your Instant Rails
220073 [rxv hotmail.] Yes, I've done that Curt (other .rb files invoke fine)-- but the stack trace
220075 [rxv hotmail.] When I went and killed everythging for freeride under "Documents and

^ Shell commands in irb
220011 [andre digira] I was quite bored this morning and the coffee machine went into its 30
+ 220026 [ara.t.howard] module Kernel
| 220055 [andre digira] Heh, sweet. If only we didn't need the commas and the quotes around
| 220058 [vjoel path.b] Yes, but it's better than having to use $var to evaluate a variable ;)
| 220061 [andre digira] Ew, no kidding! :)
+ 220152 [ruby-ml kitt] You might find rs (the Ruby shell project) of interest! One of the
  220178 [nightphotos ] Your project looks very interesting, but the above URL gave me a "Page

^ using classes problem
220044 [s.pullen05 g] seem to want to work. At the beginning of the file that I do [require
220045 [gavin.kistne] a) What is the name of the file that you put your class in?
220146 [s.pullen05 g] Ok so here is some code that is having the problem with the require. I
+ 220148 [satish.talim] Ok so here is some code that is having the problem with the require. I
| 220158 [s.pullen05 g] Nope it still gives me the same error. IDK what to do, cause I tried it
| 220161 [satish.talim] One more thing - under what name have you stored your require TestClass
| 220166 [s.pullen05 g] I have it named as TestClass.rb if that is what you are asking
| 220240 [james2mccart] Scott,
| 220348 [s.pullen05 g] No I used require 'testclass', and I tried running it in freeIDE, and
| 220590 [james2mccart] so you are doing that from rails console rather than irb?
+ 220160 [gavin refine] You didn't answer either of my questions.

^ Pattern based substitution
220054 [visez.trance] How does pattern based substitution works ?
220059 [gavin.kistne] See

^ Rails Mailing List Errors (during subscription)
220063 [mazurr gmail] Does anyone here have info about the Rails Mailing List, why it errors
220071 [halostatue g] This list is no longer active. There is a Rails google group that is
220079 [chrisjroos g] ...

^ rakelibdir (was: Global rake tasks)
220069 [esad.nospam ] I've tried posting on rake-devel, but my message didn't get through, so

^ Yet another RubyConf ticket for sale (w/food)
220074 [nseckar gmai] As stated above...

^ Newbie Help request on Freeride Debugger
220077 [snoopy.pa30 ] Looking for help/guidance on how to use the Freeride debugger.
220350 [snoopy.pa30 ] What??? No one can help me???

^ rake broken on windows?
220081 [msoulier gma] I installed ruby for windows with rubygems support. Rake comes
220082 [jan.svitok g] Spaces in pathnames. #1 reason to not install ruby into Program Files.
+ 220104 [djberg96 gma] Maybe I should talk to Jim about this.  One solution might be to use
| 220111 [nobu ruby-la] Oops, how ugly.
+ 220112 [msoulier gma] Ah. It's not installed there, but my working directory is "My

^ upgrading ruby version - is there a command line/gems upgrade method to do this?
220089 [greg.hauptma] *Hi,
220105 [jan.svitok g] I don't think anything like that exists. There was a thread sometimes
220110 [greg.hauptma] ok - so just run the install executable over my existing installation then I
220351 [collinsj sea] Just be aware that it will probably wipe out anything in your ruby

^ I don't even know what to ask for
220090 [dkmd_nielsen] I have a command line shell that I plan to run over and over again.
220097 [s.druzkin gm] Try this
220099 [s.druzkin gm] logicFileName='updatevalue.rb'
220426 [dkmd_nielsen] Thank you, cryptic name I cannot repeat.  "eval" works like a champ.

^ Re: [OT] What is the reason for this syntax?
220091 [david vallne] <defensive-nerve-twitch>
220132 [louis.j.scor] Isn't this sort of torture governed by international law? *smirks*

^ web programming trick
220096 [jamesvtoomey] A bit off-topic, but my fellow Rubyists are pretty web-savvy, so I

^ [ANN] stompserver 0.9.0 Released
220101 [phurley gmai] stompserver version 0.9.0 has been released!
+ 220114 [lukfugl gmai] Gives me a bunch of 403 Forbidden errors...
+ 220115 [jeremymcanal] Sounds great, but I get a "Forbidden" error on the web page.
+ 220129 [snacktime gm] Lol I was just writing a simple stomp server using eventmachine today.
  220143 [phurley gmai] Sorry for the release screw up. I was trying out hoe and I must have
  + 220145 [garbagecat10] This looks awesome Patrick- I look forward to checking it out.
  + 220171 [snacktime gm] I'm curious about something.  I noticed you added a newline after the
    220175 [phurley gmai] I added that to deal with an existing bug in the Ruby Stomp client.

^ [PATCH] RDoc: preserve special chars in <tt> Was: Re: bug in rdoc?
220102 [jan.svitok g] Attached is a patch that implements this (special chars are preserve
+ 220204 [wybo servaly] That worked fine, thank you very much!
+ 225190 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://blog.segment7.net

^ A basic chat program
220106 [logarkh gmai] Okay I'm looking to make a basic chat program that I can connect to via
+ 220109 [jan.svitok g] Have a look at Socket::TCPServer in stdlib. That would be the base for
| 220133 [collinsj sea] You may also want to look at GServer[1] in the standard library, which
| 220137 [gethemant gm] You may also want to look into eventmachine, a really nice event
+ 220131 [georgeoliver] Michael,
+ 224268 [james graypr] Page 533 of the Ruby Cookbook has a slim but functional chat server

^ Fix for next word/previous word Eclipse bug?
220116 [kenneth.m.mc] As far as I know, this isn't a ruby/eclipse bug, but I certainly haven't

^ Leaving to RubyConf
220118 [matz ruby-la] I am going to leave home to the RubyConf (how far it is from my home).
+ 220119 [dblack wobbl] I wish! :-)  Have a good trip, and enjoy the conference.
| 220649 [ml.chibbs gm] That makes two of us... I really regret that I can't make it this year.
+ 220123 [james graypr] Have a good trip Matz!
+ 220140 [its_conebred] UTAH! what could have possibly been there? (just kidding) I used to live
  220245 [ara.t.howard] any place with that much snow can't be bad at all!  and then there's the mtn

^ Creating enums from ActiveRecord/DB table
220120 [justin avvo.] Why doesn't the following code work?
+ 220332 [zdennis mkte] When you create a new Stuff record you aren't guaranteed it has an id, ie, has it been saved to the database or not? Also,
+ 220333 [trevor proto] does this plugin do what you want?

^ RubyConf 2006 Facebook
220130 [james graypr] I enjoyed watching the facebook fun last year and I didn't even make

^ ActiveRecord & Legacy DBs
220134 [rxv hotmail.] I have a legacy MySQL DB which is ALMOST Rails-ready, i.e. the table names
220180 [drnicwilliam] First, test that the models work in the console or unit tests.

^ Re: [OT] web programming trick
220138 [nospam nosit] This is a very well-known trick, and hundreds of thousands of words have
220165 [twifkak comc] No. I always get just the porn I am looking for. It's sad that Firefox's

^ RubyConf Ticket $200 (includes food package)
220139 [joshknowles ] Unfortunately I've had something come up and will be unable to make the
220164 [twifkak comc] Err... is there some way I can buy just the food package? DAB? :P

^ dynamically assigning instance variables (redux)
220147 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I need a modern answer to Daniel Berger's 2002 post,
+ 220150 [wilsonb gmai] def initialize(has)
+ 220151 [jtregunna bl] @#{key} = val
+ 220159 [gavin refine] [...snip...]
  + 220168 [gavin refine] f1 = Foo.new :name=>'whee', :age=>12
  + 220170 [matt tidbits] Wow, that was way cool. I think we can make it shorter (esp since he
  | 220221 [gavin refine] /slaps forehead
  | 220258 [ara.t.howard] require 'rubygems'
  + 220173 [ryand-ruby z] I find this much too complex with no real need for using
    220220 [gavin refine] This is distinctly different, however, in that it adds the accessor
    220285 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I don't know about Mr. Kleb and Bill, but as far as Bil's

^ Hoe and rubyforge and all that
220154 [tom infoethe] We've started using HTTPS to make RubyForge logins more secure.
+ 220156 [jtregunna bl] Offer both for a period of time until any reasonable project has had
| 220157 [tom infoethe] Ah, right you are, and it only required some minor code changes.  OK,
+ 220179 [drnicwilliam] Is this why my SVN updates/commits to RubyForge have failed the last few
  220215 [tom infoethe] Hm, no, we just added mod_ssl today, and that shouldn't affect svn

^ [ANN] attributes-3.2.0
220167 [ara.t.howard] NAME
220207 [pere.noel la] ~/Desktop%> sudo gem install attributes
+ 220244 [ara.t.howard] []
| 220265 [pere.noel la] i'd like (i'm also a gem modest designer) to help the gem community but
| 220274 [ara.t.howard] try
+ 220250 [hutch recurs] No problem here and I have almost the same configuration (I have i686-

^ RMagick 1.14.0 compile error (Linux)
220169 [nateclark1 g] I'm trying to compile RMagick 1.14.0 on Dreamhost with Ruby 1.8.5 and
220343 [TimHunter nc] Nate,
220500 [nateclark1 g] Tim,

^ Gtk: Writing a CellRenderer in Ruby
220172 [no.spam plea] (Repost from the ruby-gnome2 developers list, where there seems
220724 [no.spam plea] Can it really be true that no-one else has written a CellRenderer for Ruby/GTK?

^ ruby-lang.org suggestion.
220181 [minkoo.seo g] In the download section of ruby-lang.org, there's a how-to about
220238 [james graypr] I'm happy to make this change if it is needed, but I know nothing
220241 [snowblink gm] I can confirm on Ubuntu.
220243 [james graypr] Good enough for me, I made the change.

^ Where to find a good std lib index ?
220182 [user domain.] presented of all the classes of the std library ?
+ 220183 [rossrt rosco] Try http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib/
+ 220186 [hhausman gma] ?,

^ Array.new question
220188 [peter rubyra] 1)
+ 220189 [alex blackke] a = (0..3).collect{[]} # => [[], [], [], []]
| + 220190 [peter rubyra] Thx!
| | + 220194 [alex blackke] input.each{|i| i.each_with_index{|x,j| (result[j] ||= []) << x}}
| | | 220198 [peter rubyra] Alex,
| | | 220200 [robert.dober] You are simply brilliant ;)
| | | 220203 [peter rubyra] I am certainly very far from that... I was just happy that (still being
| | | + 220205 [SimonKroeger] Certainly nothing,
| | | + 220216 [robert.dober] Did you see the smiley Peter?  I meant that somebody coming up with the same
| | + 220197 [eden.li gmai] def do_something_with_result(a, i)
| + 220195 [rossrt rosco] a = Array.new(4) { [] }
+ 220191 [robert.dober] Nicely answered

^ Table linking question
220193 [     a.b c.d] I have two tables in the database: registrations and vehicles. Vehicles

^ ubuntu fxruby problem
220196 [jes luretank] Greetings
+ 220236 [vjoel path.b] Maybe that was a typo, but it should be
| 220278 [jes luretank] Thanks for your reply, but alas, it's my silly typo in the email.
+ 220251 [lyle.johnson] As Joel noted in his reply, this should be 'fox16' and not 'fox1.6'.

^ metaprogramming surprise?
220199 [am artbot.de] Here comes some simple meta code
+ 220201 [am artbot.de] sorry for the typo, I'would naturally expect
+ 220202 [jan.svitok g] There's a difference between class variables (@@x) and singleton class
| + 220217 [am artbot.de] OK, but why are they not the same???
| | + 220239 [vjoel path.b] A class variable is not an instance variable of any instance, not even a
| | | 220259 [am artbot.de] thanx, now I understand.
| | | 220271 [vjoel path.b] That seems correct.
| | | 220273 [gavin.kistne] That's the way I think of them, too. It might help you to remember that
| | | 220281 [james2mccart] To achieve what you were trying you may want to look at the class
| | | 220283 [ara.t.howard] attributes.rb is 42 lines of code and does all of that too, plus up front or
| | + 220249 [ara.t.howard] class A
| + 220291 [ng johnwlong] John Long
|   220563 [gwtmp01 mac.] Class variables seem to trip up everyone learning Ruby, yet
|   + 220587 [gregory.t.br] Yeah, I use class instance variables all the time but it's rare for me
|   + 220860 [drosihn gmai] I use them fairly frequently, and have never been tripped up by them.
|     220863 [gwtmp01 mac.] Is there a particular reason you chose class variables versus regular
|     220864 [gavin.kistne] them
+ 220206 [dblack wobbl] def e