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Initialize a subclass inside a different namespace
219756 [james2mccart] have a namespace Foo and a class Bas and a class Bar. I am adding
219803 [transfire@gm] You might try #inherited.

Getting PHP/Smarty template functionality from Ruby or Ruby on Rails
219767 [two_version@] I've read about Canny, but it doesn't seem to enjoy a lot of versions or
219775 [jeremy@ra nc] It's fairly simple to get the same functionality as Smarty.
219801 [two_version@] Brilliant.  Thank you.  So it sounds like Canny is unnecessary.   I

RDoc vs metaprogramming
219768 [pgquiles@el ] charset="iso-8859-15"
+ 219772 [ara.t.howard] this is one reason using module_eval(string) is better than using
| 219999 [kbloom@gm il] Thanks for the tip. I certainly wanted to know, and last time I asked here,
+ 219778 [drbrain@se m] Have .rb files support document-class and document-method directives
+ 219800 [ryand-ruby@z] I don't know what XSPF is so this might be a terribly ignorant
  + 219815 [ara.t.howard] class XSPFBlah
  + 219840 [pgquiles@el ] charset="iso-8859-1"

"Cannot export Init_ext: symbol not defined" error when compiling Ruby with Mingw32 on Linux
219783 [brian.takita] ...
+ 219784 [nobu@ru y- a] Init_ext() is defined in dmyext.c.  Isn't dmyext.o corrupt?
+ 219802 [max@ma id or] Brian, better use MSVS 2005 for it. Ruby 1.8.5 is compiled in Studio.

copying the file in local hard drive to the text field in the web using WATIR
219785 [csamigroup@g] In my previous inquiry, I have received the below suggestion; I was
219792 [bpettichord@] ie.text_field(:name, "html_text").value = File.new($Path).read

Running Ruby on Windows
219793 [totalharmoni] If mod_ruby is only available for *nix systems, how can I code ruby
+ 219822 [firmanw@gm i] Regards,
+ 219829 [david@va ln ] Webrick works happily, I thought.
| 219839 [jan.svitok@g] Right. Either use Webrick's cgi handler - there was a thread on this a
| 219847 [futago@gm il] You may want to check out Ezra's latest project [1], it looks quite
| 219864 [ezmobius@gm ] uploads   ;)
+ 219856 [znmeb@ce ma ] I'm not sure what you're trying to do with Ruby, but what you describe

Interfaceing with the Internet (TCP/IP + UDP) via ruby
219799 [Meino.Cramer] I am looking for a good introduction how to interface with the
219859 [vjoel@pa h. ] The 1st ed. of Programming Ruby has some material on this, and the PDF

OT: Ruby / Glade on Windows.
219804 [sambient@gm ] ...

comp.lang.ruby.rails ?
219805 [naPOLeon.Pol] I'm a ruby-only developer (so no Rails) and I wondered why there is no
+ 219814 [esad.nospam@] Great idea. I guess rails' mailing list could then be linked to that new
+ 219824 [ben@bl yt in] Oh but there is!  comp.lang.ruby is actually a gateway to the ruby-talk
+ 219830 [daniele.ferr] +1, from Italy
+ 219832 [halostatue@g] There's not that many rails-specific questions, and almost all of them
+ 226496 [gavin@re in ] ...

[RFD] Re: comp.lang.ruby.rails ?
219806 [s.druzkin@gm] +1

Re: A* (#98)
219807 [roland.swing] Here is my solution - I haven't done much more than implement what was
220004 [martin@sn wp] @.*..

Encrypt large files with ruby openssl or ????
219810 [d_rems@ya oo] It looks like ruby openssl is not intended to encrypt large amount of
+ 219841 [cbrown@at as] You can certainly do something like the following for any size
+ 219842 [jan.svitok@g] Well, large data is encrypted another way. Usual keysizes are
  219852 [d_rems@ya oo] I am sorry. It looks I have been asking wrong questions, because I
  219954 [Roland.Schmi] you can do all the basic cryptographic operations (sign, encrypt, hash)

File is a special class?
219811 [nicholas.gra] content in memory.
+ 219812 [sander.land@] On 10/15/06, Nicholas Frechette
+ 219819 [ara.t.howard] the way to accomplish this is to use mmap.  that's what the call basically

3d-model import
219818 [javra89@go g] Does anyone know how far OpenGL for Ruby is developed and if it's
+ 219831 [jmg3000@gm i] There's a Ruby OpenGL binding that works, but it's a little behind
+ 219957 [alex@bl ck e] I've got a project for reading LightWave object files on Rubyforge, so

Re: QtRuby 1.4.6
219820 [mb.spam@gm .] Dear QtRuby developers!
+ 219849 [richard.j.da] You could try setting your $QTDIR environment variable to
+ 219850 [richard.j.da] You could try setting your $QTDIR environment variable to
| 219869 [mb.spam@gm .] Thanks Richard for your suggestions;
| 219870 [mb.spam@gm .] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 219964 [mb.spam@gm .] Wohoooo ... following Richards suggestion from #qtruby on freenode I
  219974 [richard.j.da] That's all ok, and normal
  220072 [mb.spam@gm .] Thanks for all your help Richard!

Connecting to excel via Rubi DBI
219821 [yoramva@gm i] ...
220295 [patrick@pk p] Why not use the OLE automation capabilities of Excel? Unless, of course,
+ 220302 [amerine@gm i] ...
+ 220328 [yoramva@gm i] I need to copy an infrastructure that is used in vbscript which gets

Re: [OT] [RFD] Re: comp.lang.ruby.rails ?
219825 [david@va ln ] -1 for Slashdot imitation. (Eww, /.)

Re: [OT] File is a special class?
219835 [david@va ln ] Please don't hijack threads, it makes a mess of things. Thanks.

another basic question about sorting w/o the sort method
219845 [georgeoliver] I worked through the exercise in Chris Pine's tutorial where you sort
219853 [shortcutter@] Because the process is repeated n-1 times.  For better explanation I
+ 219876 [georgeoliver] Thanks Robert, that's a good explanation. In fact I didn't realize
| 219986 [shortcutter@] Kind regards
+ 219881 [matt@ti bi s] I do. :) m.
+ 220015 [gavin@re in ] Lua 5.1  Copyright (C) 1994-2006 Lua.org, PUC-Rio
  220019 [rimantas@gm ] So does Python...

[QUIZ-TEST] A* (#98)
219851 [martin@sn wp] Here's some test code against which you can test your solutions.

tables/field names in rails
219857 [rxv@ho ma l.] Is anyone aware of something which would MAP the table & field names that
+ 219882 [drbrain@se m] I think this is a question for the Rails mailing list.
+ 219887 [david@va ln ] at=20
+ 219889 [ben@bl yt in] ActiveRecord is very flexible, it just supposes "sensible" defaults.

Ruby Open GL on OS X?
219858 [talhasy@ho m] I'm trying to use Ruby to write OpenGL programs for an assignment in a
+ 219866 [vjoel@pa h. ] Did you try this?
+ 219899 [jmg3000@gm i] Well, we haven't made a release yet, but you might grab (via svn) and
  220448 [talhasy@ho m] Thanks for all the replies.
  + 220449 [ara.t.howard] this looks like your disk is full and/or you have a permissions error.  try
  | 220452 [talhasy@ho m] My bad, I posted the wrong log file in the post. I actually ran rake as
  | + 220465 [ryan.raaum@g] You're going to (at the least) add
  | | 220467 [talhasy@ho m] For now, I've gotten OpenGL working with DarwinPorts (woohoo!). But
  | | 220471 [verno@ma li ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  | + 220485 [jmg3000@gm i] On GNU/Linux systems, -lGL is a linker option which means to link in
  + 220482 [jmg3000@gm i] I think the extconf.rb would require some tweaking to work on OS X.

219860 [sabtikw@gm i] ...

ParseTree and OS X/other newbie OS X questions
219861 [kenneth.m.mc] Couple of questions from a newbie on OS X (intel PB Pro)...
219885 [drbrain@se m] You don't want to run this from the gem.  You'll end up installing a
219929 [kenneth.m.mc] Install from source worked. Thanks! Wish Apple would get their act

revert after dropping a draggable, only if out of bounds
219862 [jcsarda@gm i] goal is to be able to decide whether to revert these objects based on
+ 219865 [rubytalk@ea ] ...
+ 219867 [james.britt@] You would do better asking this on a JavaScript or DHTML mailing list.

219868 [martin@sn wp] And here's my solution - nothing particularl unusua;, beyond the

C Extension Cleanup
219871 [jbonnar@be k] I'm writting a wrapper for a C library[1] and need to perform some
+ 219874 [max@ma id or] As far as I understand, there is not such handler. However, You may
| 219884 [jbonnar@be k] The problem is, it's not a Ruby object and I need to run some an outside
+ 219890 [ryand-ruby@z] Chapter 21 of the Pickaxe (2nd ed) is what you want. It covers this
  219893 [jbonnar@be k] I'm not exposing a Ruby object though.  Also, the order in which the
  + 219895 [vjoel@pa h. ] Your free_my_global_object() function should be called at exit. Is it?
  | 219898 [jbonnar@be k] It is.  The problem is, it's called before freeing other wrapped
  | 219905 [ara.t.howard] then those objects  should have a reference to it - to prevent it from being
  + 219920 [nobu@ru y- a] rb_global_variable(&world_holder);
    219922 [jbonnar@be k] It still faults with a Bus Error, except this time it'll wait until

Problem with set up after Windows' build
219872 [cafealpha2@g] I would like to start doing some lower level development with Ruby, so
219883 [halostatue@g] Don't try.
219891 [cafealpha2@g] I just tried a few more things that weren't sufficient to get this
220032 [halostatue@g] You can't. They're built with different compilers.
220087 [cafealpha2@g] I just tried rebuilding with MSYS/MingW.
+ 220088 [cafealpha2@g] Oops ignore that last sentence. It had scrolled off the bottom of the
| 220121 [cafealpha2@g] Also, trying to follow an MSYS build with a Microsoft install doesn't
+ 220127 [cafealpha2@g] A search shows that I'm not the first one to have this problem, though

[QUIZ][Solution] A* (#98)
219877 [boris.prinz@] Best regards,

Ruby DateTime and MySQL datetime
219888 [josselin@wa ] I am lost....
+ 219892 [s.druzkin@gm] Use MySQL date functions DATE_FORMAT or FROM_UNIXTIME
+ 219921 [david@va ln ] Personally, I'd use timestamps to store the information unless it's
  219925 [roseanne@ja ] Yes, I used MySQL timestamp, which is better since it initialize itself

Time bug?
219894 [has.temp3@vi] I'm trying to figure out how Ruby's Time class deals with timezones and
219900 [matz@ru y- a] shifting.
220065 [has.temp3@vi] [slaps self] Ah, of course. So obvious. This is what happens when one
220371 [matz@ru y- a] NUM2LL() and LL2NUM() respectively.

[QUIZ] Re: A* (#98)
219896 [tristramg@gm] Here is my first submission to a ruby quiz :)
220006 [martin@sn wp] Welcome to the game!

ruby friendly MOM's
219901 [snacktime@gm] I've spent a good deal of time looking for a ruby/python/perl friendly
+ 219902 [znmeb@ce ma ] Could this be hacked around the Erlang run-time, which is written in C
+ 219904 [ara.t.howard] google 'spread'
| 219909 [snacktime@gm] I like spread, but it doesn't have durable messages and has limits on
+ 219910 [garbagecat10] ...
  219913 [snacktime@gm] Just perl and ruby.   What I'd really like is any kind of messaging
  219914 [garbagecat10] ...
  219917 [snacktime@gm] As long as the perl/ruby http libraries can handle pipelining I don't

The Ruby Edge - Digg for Ruby and Ruby On Rails
219903 [robert.oschl] The Ruby Edge is a new community driven web site for Ruby and Ruby On

219906 [vjoel@pa h. ] It's good to know someone's maintaining this very useful library.
219923 [jmg3000@gm i] * Use mkrf instead of our own hand-written top-level Rakefile to build

[RubyConf] Ticket (w/o meals) 4-Sale
219908 [jimfreeze@gm] ...

Emacs equivalent of ri browser vim plugin?
219911 [darkintent@g] Is there a port of the ri plugin that is available for Vim for Emacs?
+ 219960 [ryand-ruby@z] Generally I always have 1-4 shells (M-x shell RET)open IN emacs and
+ 220267 [snowbender@g] Not a port, but an independent project if I'm not mistaken.

Re: [RubyConf] Ticket (w/o meals) 4-Sale [SOLD]
219912 [jimfreeze@gm] ...

"Good Ideas, Through the Looking Glass"
219915 [rdm@cf l. om] Abstract
219948 [rdm@cf l. om] Although the possibility of program modification at
+ 219958 [robert.dober] ...
+ 219989 [jeff@sc wa c] That's a gross misinterpretation of the facts.  Not on your part --
  220016 [m_goldberg@a] Yes, indeed.
  220029 [jmg3000@gm i] Not that it's what you're thinking of, but I read "The Story of Mel" a
  220030 [pseudo.meta@] Metaprogramming is the new COME FROM statement.
  220076 [rick.denatal] "Although the possibility of travelling longer distances at greater speed
  + 220084 [gavin@re in ] The most authoritative-looking account[1] I could find say that it was
  | 220292 [igouy@ya oo ] * "So, this product doesn't support inheritance, right?"
  | 220488 [rick.denatal] First, I don't know how accurately the description on Ward's Wiki
  | 220510 [igouy@ya oo ] That's timely - I was just about to make the same correction ;-)
  | + 220512 [igouy@ya oo ] No, Programming in Oberon (2004) - A derivative of Programming in
  | + 220513 [igouy@ya oo ] No, Programming in Oberon (2004) - A derivative of Programming in
  + 220100 [wilsonb@gm i] Thank you for linking to this. It's fascinating.
  + 220113 [m_goldberg@a] IMO, Bertand Meyer and his colleagues are ones who have taken the
  | 220185 [pseudo.meta@] Maybe I'm mis-parsing that. Are you saying that Eiffel is the
  | 220326 [m_goldberg@a] Absolutely not. The antithetic elements are strong variable typing,
  + 220184 [pseudo.meta@] I'm not sure he has a moral claim to how the term is used now just
  + 220192 [robert.dober] ...

Unbalanced code snippet include
219924 [argnosis@ya ] Is there a way to insert code which is unbalanced into Ruby source.
219926 [rick.denatal] Include doesn't include a file, but a module.
219927 [rick.denatal] As an afterthought, having answered your question without analysis of
219952 [ruby-ml@ki t] Definitely. The best thing to do would be to define a top-level

UDP Server
219928 [name.goes.he] Alright I've been trying to set up a UDP server for my "Game", the
+ 219990 [garbagecat10] ...
| 219991 [paul.barry@i] Not sure what platform you are using, but ... if Linux, some of the
+ 219995 [xennocide@ya] Code for just about the simplest of servers is below, should just print
  220142 [name.goes.he] Thanks alot now I can get started on a server. :D also how would I get
  220235 [jameskilton@] ...

Re: [OT] Ruby DateTime and MySQL datetime
219930 [david@va ln ] =20
219945 [josselin@wa ] Thanks to all of you...  Using Rails, in the meantime I found a way to

[ANN] Rubychess now available on Rubyforge
219931 [noSpam@no pa] Enjoy, and thanks in advance if you choose to help on this project.

Re: Lisp dinamism vs ML safety
219933 [atbusbook@ao] I am More of a Ruby guy but i programed in CL and Scheme and SML.
+ 219935 [jtregunna@bl] A line of code not needed is a bug; it complicates maintenance and
| 219936 [atbusbook@ao] what i ment was a line of code not nesasary to write and not writen is
| 219937 [znmeb@ce ma ] Interesting conversation -- but where might I find the beginning of it?
| 219938 [atbusbook@ao] comp.lang.lisp
+ 220493 [david@va ln ] Oh for the love of god.
+ 220501 [david@va ln ] a) why you crossposted the whole shenanigans that came before when it

[ANN] RSRuby 0.4
219940 [alexg@ku cr ] RSRuby allows the user to embed a full R interpreter into a Ruby
+ 219941 [ara.t.howard] insanely cool stuff alex!
| 219944 [znmeb@ce ma ] Yeah ... maybe this will save me the trouble of getting the SWIG stuff
+ 219979 [ jupp@gm .d ] Please add an entry for RSRuby to RAA so that it can be found easily.
+ 220001 [h.wickham@gm] That looks really great.
| 220141 [alexg@ku cr ] Yes you are quite correct. In the basic (default) conversion mode
| 220153 [h.wickham@gm] That seems a fair comprise to me, especially given that the precise R
+ 220002 [h.wickham@gm] Also, calling t_test instead of t.test is a bit worrying, suggesting
  220144 [alexg@ku cr ] Hmmm. Yes 't_test' is automatically converted to 't.test'. Again,
  + 220149 [h.wickham@gm] Well, generally, the correct use of the . is for S3 methods, to
  + 220162 [twifkak@co c] r.t.test([1,2,3])
    220254 [h.wickham@gm] Unfortunately, in this case, t is a R function (but not in general).

Ruby for Rails p.462-464 - why include vs. extend?
219942 [cohen.jeff@g] Making my way through Ruby for Rails (excellent book, David), but am
+ 219959 [jan.svitok@g] 1. The reason in unification - you don't need to remember where to use
+ 219985 [dblack@wo bl] The goal is to be able to do one "include" and have both instance
  220020 [cohen.jeff@g] Got it!  Sorry for my oversight.

Decimal separator
219949 [dsavickas@gm] How can I get system decimal separator?

Strange read behaviour on windows
219951 [aquasync@gm ] This is my first post to the ruby mailing lists, so let me first thank
219953 [ruby-ml@ki t] =20
219963 [aquasync@gm ] Oops. Now I feel like an idiot; 'rb' should be the default! :) stupid

Re: How do I round off a float to x decimal places
219955 [Gemma.Camero] Might be a little late but here's my method

Re: Source files for "YART - Yet Another Ruby Tutorial" now-fixed
219956 [paul.barry@i] Oh dear.  Groan.  :-(

eRuby, lack of information
219962 [totalharmoni] I've seen many web articles on how to use eRuby but i can't seem to find
219982 [jan.svitok@g] ERB is a pure-ruby replacement of eRuby, with a bit differrent usage.
219987 [totalharmoni] I have searched the forums for eruby but I havent had much luck. It
220108 [jan.svitok@g] Ok then.