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^ HTML -> DOM with Gdome/Ruby?
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^ Re: Message-Id: <000001c14a9e$965beea0$6500a8c0@lunix>
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^ Re: Ruby-win syntax coloring... and some Q's
21997 [henning ikso] THANKS!!
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^ Class const in a super class
21999 [jim freeze.o] I am trying to define a constant in a superclass,
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^ Backtrace with eval
22002 [pbrannan atd] I've noticed that when I use eval, I get a backtrace that is very
22006 [decoux moulo] ...
22007 [pbrannan atd] Hmm, how does that work?  What does it mean to pass a nil binding to eval?
22009 [decoux moulo] ...
22010 [pbrannan atd] Interesting, this is also the same (since "(eval)" is the default value
22012 [decoux moulo] ...
22016 [pbrannan atd] Right, but what does it mean for this number to be 0 or less?  (it is an
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^ Marshal won't dump a Proc
22003 [harryo zipwo] I would really like to be able to dump a block of code via Marshal#dump,
22011 [neumann s-di] You cannot dump
+ 22013 [WillC webmil] For the sake of clarity, I thought I'd give an explanation.
+ 22015 [harryo zipwo] I can understand why Thread and the IOs can't be dumped (because there
  22019 [matz ruby-la] Procs, Bindings and Continuations contain references to C stack
  22030 [harryo zipwo] Thanks to matz and Will for those explanations.  The Proc I wanted to
  + 22031 [pbrannan atd] How about the following?  The only major disadvantage is that it will be a
  | + 22035 [matju sympat] should keep its source by prepending a % sign just before the
  | | 22079 [harryo zipwo] If I understand what you're getting at, the extension you've made to the
  | | + 22081 [harryo zipwo] Sorry, I made a typo there.  What I meant to say was that, if I
  | | + 22150 [matju sympat] yes.
  | + 22082 [harryo zipwo] As I've already said to Paul in a separate reply, I like this approach,
  |   22086 [pbrannan atd] The reason I went with the DelegateClass was that it is safer; if a new
  + 22034 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  | + 22073 [neumann s-di] It is possible to use Proc's and Code-Blocks onto remote objects using dRuby.
  | + 22076 [harryo zipwo] Yes. That's basically right.  The concept came from some perl code that
  + 22041 [fgp phlo.org] Did you know that " %{ .... }" is a string literal in ruby?
    22078 [harryo zipwo] Yes, I did know that, but I'm fairly sure that when I tried it, I got

^ Windows installer 1.6.5 beta testers needed
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22014 [gilc shoploo] Sure.

^ Presentation Facilities at RubyConf?
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22021 [chadfowler y] Sorry for the late reply.

^ Building Ruby on Windows, Using MinGW
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22083 [masaki.suket] Try
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^ Ruby to Javascript?
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^ Perl Apocalypse 3.
22049 [john.carter ] I see the Perl 6 Apocalypse 3 is up.
22050 [green FreeBS] NO!!!!!  Absolutely not!  Ruby does _not_ have a confusing mass of hundreds
+ 22053 [matz ruby-la] There might be, for example, heredoc contents (RFC162) in apocalypse
+ 22054 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 22084 [dtillman oza] ...
  22089 [pbrannan atd] a=b=c=1;d=10**100;loop{a+=(0==(b=b*9%d)%3)?42:(1==b%3)?23/c+=23:1;puts"\033[#{c/=2};#{a/=2}H*"}

^ spanish or french docu????
22062 [mjais web.de] does anybody know if there are some spanish or
22064 [Pierre-Charl] Guide, but it seems to be down right now.

^ writing UTF-8  strings
22065 [tobiasreif p] I'm starting to figure out how to serve SVG with Ruby.
22066 [matz ruby-la] Just print.  UTF-8 is ASCII compatible, so when you use only ascii
22067 [tobiasreif p] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
+ 22068 [matz ruby-la] I'm not good at XML, but I know you can call your ASCII file as UTF-8.
| 22069 [xm bolotov-t] Tobias, I recommend you to visist http://www.czyborra.com/utf/#UTF-8
| 22071 [henning ikso] In the unicode book ch 5.1 they recommend 'multistage tables' for reducing
| 22099 [tobiasreif p] That's still true, though it is quickly changing. In Perl for instance
+ 22070 [henning ikso] No. But remember that ASCII is only the  first 128 signs represented by the

^ problem with docs on mod_ruby
22090 [anany ece.vi] System
22094 [sean-ruby-ta] Howdy.

^ Help with Array#pack
22091 [jason jvoege] I'm working with a network protocol that uses messages in the
22092 [pbrannan atd] def pack(arr)
22129 [jason jvoege] Thanks for the information, Paul, and thanks for pointing out that

^ RUBY_PLATFORM problems/questions
22093 [Craig_Files ] We are doing some work with cross-compiling on different OSes and
+ 22114 [matz ruby-la] Well, RUBY_PLATFORM means a target platform.
| 22241 [brett_willia] uname -p does not work for our purposes.  It is an invalid option in HP-UX,
| 22244 [matz ruby-la] config.guess script bundled with the distribution uses trick to get
+ 22115 [Dave Pragmat] No - that's sloppy wording on our part. I'll add it to the errata. It
  22127 [kjana dm4lab] ...

^ parse error in version 1.7
22095 [matju sympat] [:blah, foo bar, baz],
+ 22096 [cbroult sapi] ...
+ 22113 [matz ruby-la] It was not intended; it's a side effect of syntax tweaking.  But I

^ Python yield's
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^ gzip a string
22100 [tobiasreif p] how to gzip a string?
+ 22102 [ned bike-nom] Just to compress it, or to make a gzip file (which has a header, of course,
| 22226 [tobiasreif p] course,
| 22233 [unnie blue.s] You must finish the deflate stream if you want the whole of
+ 22103 [mike lepton.] require 'zlib'
  22227 [tobiasreif p] require 'zlib'
  22232 [decoux moulo] ...
  22234 [tobiasreif p] works, thanks.
  22235 [xm bolotov-t] Errm ... you'll need a 'Content-Encoding: gzip' (or 'deflate') header I
  22236 [tobiasreif p] how exactly would I add
  22237 [xm bolotov-t] Okay ... if you're referring to RFC2616 (I use

^ Ruby pipe problem?
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^ The Windows question still remains...
22107 [bobhicks nos] VC++
+ 22108 [nat.pryce b1] Isn't MingGW both binary and source compatible with VC++?  If that is the
| 22122 [benoit.cerri] ...
+ 22110 [maverick cs.] This cost argument is not very convincing.
  22111 [bobhicks nos] I am not here to convince. However, if I was to decided to write an
  22112 [aleksei.guze] Intel's C++ compiler "understands" almost everything that VC++ can
  22121 [martin.kahle] noreturn is no cygwin extension. Every gcc knows of it, thus it is in
  + 22123 [aleksei.guze] # -----Original Message-----
  | 22126 [martin.kahle] So crossplatfomness is not an issue here. (Or is Windows crossplatform?)
  | + 22128 [aleksei.guze] # -----Original Message-----
  | | 22222 [martin.kahle] You are perfectly right. When you develop for Windows only (e.g. because your
  | | 22277 [aleksei.guze] #
  | + 22130 [ned bike-nom] NT supported MIPS and Alpha processors at one time. They stopped supporting
  + 22124 [nhodgson big] ...
  + 22125 [larsch cs.au] OpenWatcom C++ is free, but you have to make a donation ($9.95 suggested).

^ Object construction with block and private methods
22116 [msassak spea] I was reading the "Object Construction and Blocks" article on
22117 [matz ruby-la] It is indded.  But instance_eval() is a back door, so it's OK to break

^ Ruby namespace jmplementation
22118 [henning ikso] in Python, namespaces are currently implemented using a dictionary (a Hash)
22119 [decoux moulo] ...

^ FXRuby does not compile -- problem with ruby source
22131 [niklas kagi.] FXRuby 1.74 does not compile for me, under the latest ruby CVS using gcc
22155 [niklas kagi.] Well, I have fixed the immediate problem by tweaking the header files

^ Possible to iterate on two enumerables together?
22132 [DEL_THIS pob] ...
22133 [pbrannan atd] 1) Convert the two enumerables to arrays using to_a, each, or collect,
+ 22134 [pbrannan atd] Oops, that should be http://www.rubygarden.org/article.php?sid=107
| 22196 [DEL_THIS pob] ...
+ 22137 [vjoel PATH.B] Or threads, which probably has the same tradeoffs as continuations. This
  22156 [DEL_THIS pob] ...

^ Why does Class undefine module_function?
22135 [jeremy chaos] ...
22147 [matz ruby-la] Remove that line, recompile, then try the following.
22211 [jeremy chaos] ...
22215 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  Instance methods of modules agnostic about the TYPE of the
22266 [jeremy chaos] ...

^ parse all code befoe executing
22136 [joe vpop.net] The following will not work in ruby because the method is defined
22141 [niklas kagi.] [Joseph McDonald]
22142 [joe vpop.net] Thanks, I like that explanation.

^ Ruby grammar ambiguities
22138 [stern rowlan] One of the least pleasing features of Ruby is the ambiguities of its
22144 [matju sympat] a & b   # a.&(b)

^ Ruby and multiple inheritance
22139 [stern rowlan] Ruby is widely known to support only single inheritance.  But I'm
+ 22143 [pbrannan atd] This isn't quite the same as multiple inheritance.  For starters, every
| 22146 [matju sympat] An implementation detail irrelevant to the understanding of Ruby's
| 22182 [pbranna nosp] Here's an example that illustrates our discussion on #ruby-lang.
| + 22189 [decoux moulo] ...
| | 22209 [vjoel PATH.B] Base#foo called in this way cannot affect the instance vars of Derived.
| | 22224 [decoux moulo] ...
| | 22280 [vjoel PATH.B] Ok, maybe that's a bad example. But it applies to instance methods as
| + 22322 [matju sympat] [omitted example makes Base,Left,Right,Derived equivalent to A,B,C,D in my
+ 22148 [aleksei.guze] Declaring a parent class, module, or cluster, and including a class, a

^ Variables, constants, and scopes in Ruby
22140 [stern rowlan] I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how scopes and variable
22159 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Match expressions
22145 [alan_moore g] I'm writing the Regexp class for JRuby, and I found some-
+ 22158 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 22160 [matz ruby-la] I often confuse left and right even after I've grown up.
  22163 [alan_moore g] That _was_ one of my theories... ;-)
  + 22188 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 22194 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  And it's just an ugly hack.  I don't think you have to follow.
    22198 [alan_moore g] Okay, thanks for clearing that up.

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-09-01)
22149 [schneiker ju] ...

^ 3rd party library documentation
22157 [larsch cs.au] Is there some standard way of providing and installing documentation for

^ Troubles installing mysql module
22161 [fokke_wulf h] I am trying to install the mysql module on my computer. It is a WinME
22443 [acagle subim] I have also been trying to get this to work under Windows, without success.

^ Exception Handling - DDJ article
22162 [bobgus mcs.c] There is an interesting article in the latest (Nov 01) issue of Dr Dobbs

^ Creating external accessors for class constants
22164 [rich infoeth] attr, attr_accessor, attr_reader, attr_writer
22165 [rich infoeth] Yes...I am replying to myself...

^ dRuby, Linux and ports
22166 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 22168 [armin approx] it works on my machine(s).
| 22170 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| + 22171 [rich infoeth] try replacing druby://localhost:9000 with druby://<ipaddress>:<port>
| + 22172 [armin approx] No idea.
|   22174 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|   + 22175 [mike lepton.] and will reject any connection coming from another network.
|   + 22177 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|     22178 [rich infoeth] DRb.start_service('druby://:9000',  aServerObject)
+ 22169 [chadfowler y] yes.
  22173 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  22176 [chadfowler y] You have told your server to listen on the loopback
  22179 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ Redefining class that does not inherit with class that does
22180 [marick testi] class Sub
+ 22184 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 22185 [kero d4050.u] Ruby 1.7.1
+ 22190 [decoux moulo] ...

^ OO system interfaces was Re: The Windows question still remains...
22181 [mikkelj-anti] ...
22199 [aleksei.guze] #

^ XSLT, Saxon, Ruby, JRuby
22191 [tobiasreif p] Ruby is fun; XSLT is fun; Saxon is very good XSLT processor.
22249 [neumann s-di] XSLT4R is fun, too ;-)
22250 [tobiasreif p] Is it a full featured and fully compliant implementation?
22297 [neumann s-di] No it is not. Some features are still missing.
22311 [tobiasreif p] I'm looking forward to working with XSLT4R as soon as it is full

^ 高速超值主机托管!
22192 [idc now.net.] ...

^ Re: 高速超值主机托管?iso-8859-1?Q?=A1?=
22197 [alan_moore g] dave...?  dave's not here!

^ newbie question about strings
22200 [rsilvergun h] ...
22201 [kero d4050.u] e.to_s
22203 [rsilvergun h] Thanks :). The to_s method didn't seem to be working in that case

^ Re: Ruby/objects book in style of The Little Lisper
22202 [marick visib] I have continued with the _Little Ruby_ book. I've updated the first

^ segfault on RedHat 6.2
22204 [brian_zhou N] ...
22216 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, I couldn't reproduce it here.
+ 22253 [brian_zhouNO] ...
+ 22269 [brian_zhou N] ...

^ cookie values
22212 [ms iastate.e] Hate to intrude on this nice political forum, but...

^ -       BRITNEY SPEARS NAKED----WOW!!!!!!
22219 [-.597i1468vn] ...

^ Re: This is not wanted. BRITNEY SPEARS NAKED----WOW!!!!!!
22220 [csawtell par] Please could the list manager tighten up the security on this list.
22228 [Dave Pragmat] This probably snuck in through the newsgroup -> mail gateway. There is
+ 22229 [tobiasreif p] [...] I _could_ arrange that the gateway only
| + 22231 [dblack candl] I disagree.  That would be much more disruptive than the occasional
| | 22258 [matju sympat] As a rule of thumb: don't even think of putting filtering measures until
| + 22239 [nat.pryce b1] I disagree.  If that was implemented, what would be the point of the using
|   22246 [hal9000 hype] NAKED----WOW!!!!!!
|   22248 [dblack candl] (Horribly slow echo -- if I try to edit quoted text I'll crash before done.)
|   22274 [matz ruby-la] I disagree.  Many posts including mine do not include the word "Ruby"
|   + 22275 [rich infoeth] I agree, if people are bothered with the spam, set up client-side filtering rules.
|   + 22276 [dblack candl] Yes, that's what I meant: there are only 15292 (or whatever it was)
|     22279 [hal9000 hype] SPEARSNAKED----WOW!!!!!!
|     22282 [nfrykholm rs] [Hal E. Fulton]
+ 22230 [xm bolotov-t] Simple content-filtering for keyword combinations maybe?
+ 22238 [Erwan.David ] Tht's related, even if the subject is not the same : configure the
| 22240 [Dave Pragmat] I believe it does everything it can, but I'm no expert on news and
+ 22267 [csawtell par] Filter the feed from the newsgroup on the presence of the usual vulgar
  22272 [Dave Pragmat] Excellent. If you'd like to send me a method that takes a header and a
  22273 [csawtell par] Thats a good compromise, but you might have to wait a little while and