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^ Ruby FAQ
219077 [james graypr] We link to this from the new Ruby site and are getting complaints.
+ 219084 [dblack wobbl] Part of the aftermath of an OS reinstall....  I'll check into it.
+ 219108 [dblack wobbl] Fixed.
  219113 [james graypr] Thank you very much.

^ Silent install of a gem and its dependencies
219096 [jan.svitok g] I'm wondering whether there is a way to install a gem and its
219151 [vasudevram g] [What do you mean by "gem event"?]
219170 [interfecus g] yes 1 | gem gem_options your_gem_name
219197 [alex blackke] The problem is that different gems have different platforms appearing as
219200 [jan.svitok g] Thanks all for your responses. I was hoping that there is some switch

^ My First Almost Serious Ruby Program - Critique it
219101 [voipfc googl] This is a follow up on what I this posting

^ rubyforge.org still down ?
219103 [gaspard teti] Is it just me or is rubyforge.org dead from yesterday evening (europe
+ 219105 [drnicwilliam] It just died again. It has been up for at least 12 hours. That's a
| 219107 [drnicwilliam] Ooh, its back up.
| 219112 [gaspard teti] I think it has been bad luck for me. I finally took the bike to ride to
| 219115 [tom infoethe] Thanks!  And apologies to all for this instability; we'll all be happy
+ 219111 [tom infoethe] Yup, it went offline again this morning at 1035 and came back up at
  219125 [ara.t.howard] it ain't that important.
  + 219128 [tom infoethe] Ah, well said, true enough.  Man, I sure hate getting those Nagios "host
  | 219132 [drnicwilliam] Bring back boring forge. "What's RubyForge?" is what "gem install" users
  | 219152 [tom infoethe] Second NIC disabled in BIOS; that's one less hardware component.
  | 219153 [tjackiw gmai] Tom, just a suggestion, what do you think if the community came
  | + 219160 [halostatue g] I think people aren't quite reading what Tom is saying. The hardware
  | | 219167 [tom infoethe] Yup, right on.  I've hesitated to split things out on different machines
  | + 219164 [tom infoethe] Thanks!  But RubyCentral has been great about providing financial
  |   219169 [dblack wobbl] And I'm not averse to using any old excuse to mention that we accept
  |   219184 [ara.t.howard] i answer quite a few questions on comp.lang.ruby/ruby-talk for free.  lately
  |   + 219195 [max maxidoor] charset=US-ASCII;
  |   + 219198 [alex blackke] I'd like to be considered for this, too, but I'm sure my expertise isn't
  |   | 219317 [aledonne.lis] I saw something like this in the MythTV wiki, so I started a stub page
  |   | 219328 [aledonne.lis] In the credit where due category, allow me to correct myself. I
  |   + 219594 [gregory.t.br] Wow ara, I really like this idea!  Perhaps a forum could be made in
  |     219595 [twifkak comc] Or a digest gets posted to ruby-talk daily. (Considering ruby-talk gets
  |     219610 [gregory.t.br] A digest would probably be a great idea to prevent the 'by donation'
  + 219497 [dblack wobbl] Have you checked with Bil Kleb? :-)
    219532 [ara.t.howard] funny!  i'm actually tracking spacecraft with some of my code, which is on

^ Re: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
219114 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Performance: Ruby/LDAP vs. ActiveLDAP vs. Net::LDAP
219116 [augustf gmai] Currently, in an application I'm working on I'm using Ruby/LDAP and
+ 219118 [halostatue g] ActiveLDAP is a wrapper on top of Ruby/LDAP. There is supposed to be
+ 219140 [garbagecat10] Do you have test-cases and benchmarks?

^ Compact if statement for Codegolf
219119 [olsonas gmai] I'm working on my codegolfing skills and was wondering, what is the
+ 219120 [khaines enig] a==0?1:2
| 219123 [olsonas gmai] Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
+ 219121 [james graypr] a==0?1:2
+ 219122 [dblack wobbl] a==0?1:2
  219127 [ara.t.howard] if a will only have values 0 or 1 you could use
  + 219133 [dblack wobbl] Sorry, couldn't resist :-)
  + 219150 [vjoel path.b] a+1
  | 219159 [ara.t.howard] touche techer, touche.
  + 219263 [relm 3tlk.ne] or for positive integers

^ Question about callcc
219129 [sam.s.kong g] I'm trying to understand continuation.
219135 [angus quovad] callcc returns the return value of its block, the first time. Later, it
219171 [kbloom gmail] This example (run in straight ruby, not irb) should clarify what's going
219208 [sam.s.kong g] Although I still don't understand what's going on in the back,

^ xml/libxml thread safety
219134 [mage mage.hu] my simple question is that is libxml thread-safe? I would like to use it
219265 [rossrt rosco] (I assume you mean libxml-ruby, rather than libxml itself?)
219291 [mage mage.hu] True.
219355 [rossrt rosco] To be completely honest, I really don't know - I've still to reproduce

^ match with string instead of regexp fails
219136 [matt tidbits] str =~ obj => fixnum or nil
219163 [jan.svitok g] In the CVS [1] there's a new documentation omitting the 'string'
219187 [matt tidbits] Excellent, thanks. m.
219277 [Gemma.Camero] I thought the syntax was incorrect....
219407 [jan.svitok g] Indeed, the example *is* wrong (judged by current ruby). However the

^ Yet another Hpricot question
219138 [rick.denatal] I'm trying to scan an html file using Hpricot to produce a table of
219141 [aaron_patter] I had to do something similar in Mechanize, and this is what I came up
219147 [ruby anthrop] } > I'm trying to scan an html file using Hpricot to produce a table of
219295 [rick.denatal] Thanks Aaron and Greg, works a treat!
219366 [ruby-talk wh] If three of you have independantly used this, let's check it in.  Elements#text
219419 [ruby anthrop] } > >

^ New german-language Ruby newsgroup: de.comp.lang.ruby
219142 [usenet-okt-2] There now is a brand new german-language Ruby newsgroup

^ Higher-order messaging in Ruby
219144 [vshepelev im] One more trick allowing goodies like
219175 [robert.dober] Sorry for deluding you, but we just had this, it just got into a fierce -but

^ How to report a problem with third-party software [WAS: Re: ZenTest/autotest - Problem with controller modules?]
219154 [ryand-ruby z] FILE A BUG.

^ Singleton Class Constants
219155 [jdance gmail] The subject of singleton methods and constants has recently gotten me
+ 219161 [ara.t.howard] fyi.  i prefer
| 219166 [dblack wobbl] I prefer it without that, since that makes it deviate from the #class
| + 219172 [gwtmp01 mac.] I agree with David's point about the discrepancy but couldn't that
| | 219181 [dblack wobbl] Yes, but that seems awfully magic and hidden.  I don't see what there
| | 219189 [ara.t.howard] the same thing that implies one for class creation
| | 219209 [dblack wobbl] I've actually always thought that new-with-block was a bit of a
| | 219232 [ara.t.howard] we'll miss you at rubyconf david - only beer would solve this!
| + 219182 [ara.t.howard] hmm.  i don't disagree completely - i would just say that those other methods,
|   219188 [dblack wobbl] Well... it has to be self.class :-)  But in any case, though I'm a big
+ 219162 [dblack wobbl] see the recent thread on '"def self.method" vs "class << self; def
  219168 [sean.hermany] This problem originally arose from trying to extend/alter some

^ case ... when and arrays (or what was why_ showing us at railsconf europe)
219177 [james2mccart] I would like to test a string foo against an array bar in as case...
+ 219179 [robin nibor.] bar = %w(this that other)
| 219186 [james2mccart] %(....) was over eagre typing on my part.
| 219190 [james2mccart] I like that so much I want more...
| 219193 [kennethkunz ] collection.include? obj
| 219203 [james2mccart] Cool thanks Ken, I hadn't really played with grep at all, that and
+ 219180 [jan.svitok g] when *bar

^ Re: case ... when and arrays (or what was why_ showing us at
219183 [olsonas gmai] If you just want to check if the array contains that string somewhere,
219185 [lukfugl gmai] array = [ "foo", "bar", "baz" ]

^ [ann] Ruby appscript 0.1.1 released
219196 [has.temp3 vi] Announcing the first public release of Ruby appscript, a high-level,
219199 [ryand-ruby z] Could you explain what the differences are with ruby aeosa? Below is

^ RubyConf ticket for sale
219202 [paulcdix gma] I just found out that I will be unable to attend RubyConf.  I'm putting
219211 [paulcdix gma] I just wanted to let everyone know that someone has purchased it.

^ Re: Ruby appscript 0.1.1 released
219210 [has.temp3 vi] Appscript is a much, much higher-level bridge for creating and sending

^ need help on: Linux Gnome2 Glade Cairo callback problem
219214 [mdurham peop] I have a Glade project main app window with a toolbar and 4
219300 [kou cozmixng] In <452da287$1_2@news.peopletelecom.com.au>
219451 [mdurham peop] Thanks Kou, your patch fixed the problem perfectly. Just out of
219453 [kou cozmixng] It's a good news. :)
219478 [mdurham peop] Thank again Kou

^ Counting Frequency of Values in an Array (And Sorting by Frequency?)
219218 [caldridge gm] Is there no method for an array that will tell me the # of occurrences
+ 219223 [gavin refine] What could be more ruby-ish than monkeypatching a built-in class and
+ 219224 [logancapaldo] array.select { |i| i == 'a' }.length
+ 219226 [nobu ruby-la] FYI, Enumerable in 1.9 has that method.
| 219228 [caldridge gm] Wow Capaldo, that worked! I fear for the next java programmer who has
| 219231 [caldridge gm] items = {}
| 219235 [daniels pron] items = Hash.new(0)
| 219237 [caldridge gm] Ah ok.. I'm with ya.   Meet "sort_by", my new friend. Thanks again  :-D
+ 219236 [phasis68 hot] You can use  ["a", "a", "a", "b", "c", "c"].grep("a").size
+ 219342 [rick.denatal] Smalltalk has a collection class called Bag, which is an unordered

^ [ANN] rs 0.1
219229 [ruby-ml kitt] rs is a project to implement a non-traditional object-oriented shell in Rub=
+ 219247 [collinsj sea] Different from ruSH? [1]
| 219348 [ruby-ml kitt] =20
+ 219326 [itsme213 hot] I love the doc/SPECS. Makes for very nice test/documentation!
+ 219461 [ruby-ml kitt] uby.

^ how would *YOU* write this??
219233 [phil.swenson] small_image_url = XPath.first(item, "SmallImage/URL").text
+ 219239 [mguterl gmai] class Image
+ 219246 [ara.t.howard] key4 = lambda{|key| key.downcase.gsub(%r/[^a-zA-Z0-9]+/,'_')}
+ 219250 [matt tidbits] def image_attributes(item, image_name)

^ FXRuby problems
219238 [dbstraight g] It seems Fox produces all sorts of problems, but the last post on this
219241 [vjoel path.b] It's rumored to be a bug in ruby-1.8.5. If you go back to the 1.8.4
219278 [jes luretank] I can confirm this will fix your problem . I run ruby-apps on multiple

^ [ANN] hoe 1.1.1 Released
219240 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 1.1.1 has been released!
219243 [znmeb cesmai] I *just* went to your blog, saw your whine about releases, and typed

^ [ANN] RubyInline 3.6.1 Released
219244 [ryand-ruby z] RubyInline version 3.6.1 has been released!

^ Re: hoe 1.1.1 Released
219251 [drnicwilliam] Anything released to RubyForge can take an hour before mirrored.

^ [ANN] ParseTree 1.6.0 Released
219253 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 1.6.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.1.0 Released
219255 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.1.0 has been released!

^ Re: ruby2ruby 1.1.0 Released
219256 [drnicwilliam] I'd be great if you could do one page articles/demos of little bits of
219268 [ryand-ruby z] I try to document these things in my blog, as I have time... I really
+ 219270 [drnicwilliam] Time allocation: Less code, more hype and explanations :)
| 219271 [ryand-ruby z] I'm simply not that good at the hype side of things...
| 219272 [drnicwilliam] I know!! You're a Ruby warrior. Its incredible the code you pump out. (I
+ 219306 [ara.t.howard] what do you mean ryan?  now that you have cvs i expect you'll clean up the
  219378 [ryand-ruby z] So you've (FINALLY) gone and put all the rest of the packages in
  219381 [ara.t.howard] na.  i'm waiting for an army of help to descend from the sky ;-)
  219428 [steven lumos] What, just import a package into CVS? Why doesn't hoe do that?
  219450 [ryand-ruby z] Why should it?

^ sets in SQL/Ruby
219266 [surfunbear y] I have been working on building a common library that represents
219269 [sven.axelsso] I guess the main point here is the database representation. The

^ Request for newer Ruby version - better error message
219267 [leslieviljoe] @sigList << {:imei => imei, :misdn => sim, :date => time[0..9], :batch

^ Debugging in the large, modern practice?
219276 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I think the following may be a badly formed question, but if you'd
+ 219284 [boss airblad] Debugging large systems is indeed hard -- lots to remember at once
| 219290 [james graypr] Plus, when you find the one that fails you will no every subsystem
+ 219286 [grzm seespot] Though I can't speak to your larger question as to history of
+ 219288 [eeklund gmai] Invariant checks ("Design by Contract"), mostly.  Adding invariant
| + 219323 [itsme213 hot] +1
| + 219333 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes, this is something I need to know more about.  In Programming Pearls
|   219672 [shortcutter ] I found Bertrand Meyer's "OO Software Construction" provided a lot
|   219966 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you.  I have a copy of that but have only dipped into it so far.
+ 219297 [richard.conr] I am not being pedantic here, but have you not tried a debugger?
| 219332 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I've delayed replying for a bit because lots of good stuff is
| 219673 [shortcutter ] Maybe set_trace_func with a complete application trace (of the part that
| 219968 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That's a good idea, thank you.
+ 219307 [znmeb cesmai] 1. How large is "large"? Is there some kind of "code size metric" that
| + 219345 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Well, I'm trying to find out about techniques for use where
| | 219457 [znmeb cesmai] available. I don't know if FreeRide will run under CygWin, but the
| + 219674 [shortcutter ] Coffee!
+ 219309 [ksruby gmail] My first bet would be on improving the test case suite. But in the
  219349 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you for this.  That will help considerably

^ Instiki + RadRails
219281 [roman.heinri] i've tried to import Instiki (latest Version 0.11) into RadRails and there

^ My .irbrc for console/irb
219285 [drnicwilliam] I recently discovered that I can create a .irbrc file to run setup for
+ 219289 [farrel.lifso] I haven't used it but Wirble(http://pablotron.org/software/wirble/)
| 219292 [drnicwilliam] Very nifty indeed.
| 219320 [itsme213 hot] Nice, thanks!
+ 219308 [nicksieger g] Sure, see
+ 219329 [binary42 gma] Mine is rather large and in flux right now but I will post a few
| 219331 [binary42 gma] Funny reading through the code. I spotted a few screw-ups. Probably a
+ 219358 [rossrt rosco] class Array
| 219465 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):014:0> IO.ri "close"
+ 219466 [vjoel path.b] def dump_history(file=nil)
| 220387 [drnicwilliam] @everyone - that is a great dump ideas. Very cool. (sorry for not
| 220394 [binary42 gma] It's sad you mention that. Ironic too [1]. I had to cancel my trip
| 220395 [drnicwilliam] I misconstrude my attendence - I'm not able to go. Went to Railsconf,
| 220423 [louis.j.scor] I've been using this guy for code that prints copious output to the
+ 219602 [rick.denatal] # show_regexp - stolen from the pickaxe

^ [SUMMARY] Posix Pangrams (#97)
219293 [james graypr] This problem turns out to be pretty tough.  Finding the best pangram for a given
219675 [chneukirchen] 1) Look at the words.  Recognize "zcat" needs to be in there, and

^ getting Object#inspect back
219298 [oliver.march] Not that I despreately need it, but I was wondering how to e.g. get the
219302 [dblack wobbl] def inspect
219310 [ mfp acm.org] It's not enough in this case because there's an explicit check in

^ Introducing SpecUnit
219314 [trotter east] Two weeks ago at BarCamp NYC, I put together a little addition to
219360 [Bil.Kleb NAS] While you were camping, Christian announced test/spec,
219395 [trotter east] Bil,

^ communicating with ruby debugger
219316 [shea null.ne] For kicks I would like to write a minimalistic GUI interface to the
219519 [shea null.ne] Does anyone know of an open source ruby ide w/ debugger which is not
219527 [jeff dark-li] Arachno IDE is not written in Ruby ... I believe it's written in Eiffel.
219563 [huw DELTHISB] Arachno isn't open source.
+ 219566 [pseudo.meta ] The eclipse-based Ruby Development Tools are pretty good, if you can
| 219576 [shea null.ne] Maybe I will look at the source for that.
+ 219575 [shea null.ne] Did you write your own debugger(s) for the editor or do you know of a
  219587 [huw DELTHISB] In the free edition we have a debugger comprising some Ruby and some C#.
  219619 [shea null.ne] Thanks for the info.  When we upgrade to VS2005 I'll look into RIS.

^ Isolating non-unique items in an array
219325 [jasbur gmail] ["a", "a", "a", "b", "c", "d", "d"]
+ 219334 [tim.pease gm] class Array
| 219339 [alex blackke] class Array
+ 219336 [jeff schwabc] # ["a", "a", "a", "d", "d"]
| 219340 [jeff schwabc] def non_uniq(elements)
+ 219341 [olsonas gmai] a = ["a", "a", "a", "b", "c", "d", "d"]
| + 219344 [olsonas gmai] a = ["a", "a", "a", "b", "c", "d", "d"]
| + 219352 [olsonas gmai] Tested, and it doesn't work, so scratch that...
|   219379 [roseanne jav] a = ["a", "a", "a", "b", "c", "d", "d"]
+ 219343 [rossrt rosco] a = ["a", "a", "a", "b", "c", "d", "d"]
+ 219350 [jcribbs netp] letters = ['a','a','a','b','c','d','d']
+ 219351 [eban os.rim.] % irb
| 219380 [gavin refine] class Array
| + 219387 [gavin.kistne] Don't listen to that Phrogz character, he's insane!
| | 219391 [gavin.kistne] How much faster? Much.
| + 219397 [ara.t.howard] that's O(n^2) though... the others are O(n)
+ 219374 [rforum gmail] a = %w( a a a b c d d )
+ 219515 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> a = ["a", "a", "a", "b", "c", "d", "d"]