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^ need help with $end vs kEND error
218930 [kushelduv ma] I have been trying to write a program for my class assignment but
+ 218931 [olsonas gmai] Often times this error is a result of missing an end statement somewhere
+ 218932 [alibby tange] I'm just learning ruby myself, but typically when this
+ 218933 [carl.lerche ] You have mismatched block openings / endings. Check your def / end
  218951 [kushelduv ma] as far as i can tell nothing is missing
  + 218952 [rforum gmail] This should be
  | 218953 [kushelduv ma] huh that was the problem but my text book had everything as
  | 219005 [nospam nosit] Umm, just curious, who is the author, what is the book or article?
  + 218956 [ruby-ml kitt] Right here. You want elsif, otherwise you are missing

^ [ANN] Ron 0.1.0 Released
218935 [vikkous gmai] Ron version 0.1.0 has been released!
+ 218938 [zimba.tm gma] This looks really interesting. So you overloaded the - operator on
+ 218939 [vjoel path.b] How does it compare with amarshal?
| 218969 [vikkous gmai] Both are ruby-based serialization packages/languages. Amarshal
+ 219082 [chneukirchen] Do you plan to write a facility for "safe" loading?  (Think of Lisp's READ.)

^ Re: Ron 0.1.0 Released
218942 [drnicwilliam] RF is down @ moment it seems

^ rubyforge.org down
218944 [tom infoethe] RubyForge is down... investigating now.
+ 218958 [gaspard teti] Damned !! I just needed to do
| 219017 [skurapat ucs] Perhaps this is a good opportunity to learn about decentralized
| 219036 [gaspard teti] This seems great ! I will have a closer look into SVK.
+ 218961 [olsonas gmai] Darn! I just got the hankering to mess around with Instant Rails!
| 218972 [tom infoethe] It's back up now.  We may be having hardware issues - the machine seems
| + 218974 [james graypr] My high school programming teacher had a saying for this...  "Man I
| | 218975 [tom infoethe] Yup, it's getting to the point where suggestions like "let's replace all
| | + 218978 [tbray textua] What kind of a server do you have in mind?  I may be able to help.  -Tim
| | | 219008 [tom infoethe] Oh, the current machine can handle the load just fine; I'm just
| | | 219019 [Charles.O.Nu] So now let me get this straight...you're not interested in potential new
| | | 219031 [tom infoethe] Ah, this machine's a good 'un... just needs an oil change.  Or maybe the
| | | 219305 [rsanheim gma] Why not setup a clustered setup for some redundancy?  I mean, if a
| | | + 219312 [ara.t.howard] my experience is that each percentage point of uptime increase adds
| | | | 219322 [tom infoethe] Yup, and since there's a DB involved, cutting over to a backup system
| | | + 219321 [tom infoethe] Yeah, we may have to do something like this.  The added admin load makes
| | |   219494 [paul iconopl] You need to offload the admin load then. Think about something more
| | |   + 219496 [transfire gm] Or maybe a RailsForge to offload the Rails-oriented projects.
| | |   | 219498 [halostatue g] Please drop this nonsense. We don't need a RailsForge.
| | |   | + 219504 [james graypr] I agree.
| | |   | + 220035 [transfire gm] Can't you even try to be tactful?
| | |   |   + 220043 [james graypr] That would make me sad.  I just know I would have a lot more trouble
| | |   |   + 220053 [halostatue g] Not when you keep raising an idea that isn't necessary at all.
| | |   + 219499 [halostatue g] This isn't realistic. It would be good if RubyGems had the ability to
| | + 219013 [billk cts.co] I had RAM go bad on one of our home PC's last year.  It does
| | | + 219015 [znmeb cesmai] memtest86 is your friend ... although you need another server to run
| | | + 219029 [tom infoethe] Thanks!  Maybe I should try some of those extended memory checks - as Ed
| | + 219260 [pseudo.meta ] Is the filesystem ReiserFS?
| |   219296 [tom infoethe] Nope, ext3.
| |   219303 [james graypr] ;)
| |   219319 [tom infoethe] Yikes!!  Yeah, I think we'll stick with ext3... egads.
| + 218982 [ara.t.howard] full parition?
| | 219009 [tom infoethe] Nah, it's just got two partitions - /boot and /.  / has about 600 GB
| + 219012 [twifkak comc] Check into OS-hardware incompatibilities. My motherboard causes the same
+ 218986 [djberg96 gma] pad my gem download stats got a little crazy and, uh, wait....should I
  + 218988 [gavin.kistne] As it's nearing Halloween here in the US, perhaps a full apparition is
  | 218998 [jmg3000 gmai] Well, Friday will be a Friday the 13th. Perhaps a daemon haunts the
  | 219011 [tom infoethe] $ ls /dev/il
  + 219010 [tom infoethe] Tom

^ Ruby and XML Security
218948 [d_rems yahoo] Is it possible with Ruby to go through XML security process.
+ 218981 [snacktime gm] You might want to repost this with an appropriate subject, it has
+ 218985 [interfecus g] The Ruby/OpenSSL library is pretty poorly documented but you can pretty
| 219071 [d_rems yahoo] Thank you very VERY much. I will be back when I'll get my first test
+ 219258 [Roland.Schmi] this sounds like web service security, right?

^ equivalent of unix "file <filename>" in ruby?
218950 [rajshrimilin] I'm trying to find out what is the equivalent of file <filename> from
+ 218954 [khaines enig] There is currently nothing written in ruby that uses a library of
| 218957 [halostatue g] That's not *quite* true. I think it's safer to say that there's
| 218967 [ara.t.howard] there is
| 218996 [halostatue g] Yes. Filemagic only binds to the existing libmagic, which still
+ 218955 [gavin refine] If your program will always run on a system where that command is

^ Ruby web ap FUD
218959 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I got the following internal email this morning; and
+ 218960 [tim.pease gm] Completely off topic, but I just checked out your fun3d webpage and
+ 218962 [ruby-ml kitt] The only problem you are likely to encounter is fitting your
  218970 [khaines enig] IOWA is completely ORM agnostic.  I use Kansas because I like the query

^ tar.gz and ruby?
218963 [jim_carry05 ] I've started using ruby.How can I read "tar.gz" file without extracting?
+ 218968 [robert.dober] I think this is what the doctor ordered, I did  not test it, but if you look
+ 218979 [msoulier dig] tar -ztf <filename>

^ [ann] Text
218973 [twoggle gmai] Actually released a while ago, but hey.
+ 218992 [john.carter ] Wow! With a list like that, the only thing left is FWIMNWIS. (Find What
+ 219093 [skurapat ucs] Awesome! Thanks for making this much needed library. This gives
+ 219126 [alex blackke] Porter stemming is the only standout that I can think of which might be
  219225 [znmeb cesmai] There is also a Ruby interface to WordNet, although I'm not sure how

^ Newbie problem of Class attributes
218976 [dipesh_bathe] I am trying to create a class level attribute which can read and write.
+ 218980 [tim.pease gm] class A
| 219006 [dblack wobbl] I'd steer clear of class variables unless there's some very compelling
+ 218984 [m_goldberg a] <code>
  218987 [mattengi gma] What means 'class << self' ? I don't understand...
  218990 [tim.pease gm] The 'class << self' notation gives you access to the Singleton class
  218993 [mattengi gma] Thanks Tim,

^ Booksales @Rubyconf?
218977 [tbray textua] Will someone be setting up a bookstand at Rubyconf?  I see this at
+ 218989 [chadfowler g] up for RailsConf and it fell through.  RubyConf being smaller, we
+ 219016 [hal9000 hype] I had hoped/believed there would be sales there, but it appears
  219205 [hal9000 hype] I doubt it... Addison-Wesley wanted to sell, but they told me
  219221 [znmeb cesmai] It actually doesn't sound like a great sales opportunity. First of all,
  + 219222 [matt technor] No I don't!  Besides, a number of the other PragProg titles are also very
  | 219227 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah, and I've got most of *them* too :)
  + 219234 [hal9000 hype] It ended up being closer to 340, I think. And none of those
    219242 [znmeb cesmai] I was just gonna ask you about that -- when will it be available, and is
    219245 [hal9000 hype] Should be available within two weeks.
    + 219249 [rsanheim gma] How do we go about purchasing a copy at rubyconf?  Will you be setting
    | + 219257 [hal9000 hype] I think they'll have a few to give away maybe. Beyond that,
    | + 219294 [james graypr] Think sounds so cool...
    + 219315 [matt technor] Blame your cat.  He snuck in and changed things while you were asleep.
      219318 [wgrosso wgro] Far worse than the mistakes are the clumsy bits. Right now, the

^ Tk & TkTreeCtrl extension docs
218983 [nigel waspz.] can anyone point me at some documentation on how to use the TkTreeCtrl
219040 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm very sorry, but there is no document about TkTreeCtrl.

^ Great difficulty with Ruby and MSN Search
218995 [justin avvo.] I've been trying to programmatically issue MSN Searches and processing

^ rake - How to use separate source and build folders
219000 [titanandrews] I am new to rake and attempting to use it to build a small C++ project.
219146 [tim.pease gm] Well, I stole this from Jim Weirich's blog so if it does not work, blame him ;)

^ recovering from errors in net:smtp
219004 [r.fulton auc] I've got a script that sends reports by email using Net::SMTP.
219020 [drbrain segm] ##
219402 [r.fulton auc] Thanks very much Eric, I'm sure I could have figured this out for myself

^ [ANN] Milwaukee Ruby Meeting tonight starting between 5:30 and 6:00
219023 [tdjordan gma] We are going to have a presentation about RailsConf Europe from Dale Busse.

^ Rubychess
219024 [noSpam noSpa] I have now been working on the port of pythonchess-0.6 to Ruby
+ 219027 [hal9000 hype] No apology necessary... how many projects out there have major
| + 219049 [drnicwilliam] I think I might start the versioning of all my projects with letters of
| + 219230 [noSpam noSpa] Thanks, Hal!  I appreciate it.
|   219503 [jes luretank] Glenn
+ 219079 [james graypr] I'm a chess nut, so at least interested in looking at the code.  Drop

^ Question: Ruby application packaging
219025 [tadatoshi.ma] I have a trivial question.
219038 [Gemma.Camero] Try rubysript2exe. It's extremely easy to use in my opinion. ( : Just

^ ERB as a macro pre-processor?
219026 [rdm cfcl.com] "The Ruby Way" (pp. 43-45) shows a couple of different ways
+ 219090 [logancapaldo] Bah I say! How does that saying go, "Replace conditionals with
+ 219097 [ara.t.howard] i did quite a bit more work on it but never released...
  219117 [rdm cfcl.com] interesting stuff; why not put out a WIP snapshot?
  219130 [gavin.kistne] Out of curiosity, would there be any benefit to writing the code to a
  219131 [rdm cfcl.com] I think that the basic concern with eval is that spurious

^ [ANN] Mechanize - 0.6.2 (Bridget)
219030 [aaron_patter] Mechanize version 0.6.2 (Bridget) is now available.

^ is Rinn (CORBA) working?
219032 [max maxidoor] Is the package Rinn still supported? I want to communicate with TAO

^ Execution of rubyfile in remote machines
219033 [tanushree.bh] I need to run ruby files in remote machine.
+ 219034 [drnicwilliam] Capistrano (http://manuals.rubyonrails.com/read/book/17) uses the
| 219273 [tanushree.bh] Thanks Dr Nic.
| 219274 [drnicwilliam] needle is another gem you need to install. Unfortunately the setup.rb
| 219280 [tanushree.bh] I installed ruby gem and again excuted the ruby file and got this
| 219460 [tanushree.bh] Can i please get a solution to my problem ?
| + 219469 [ara.t.howard] fortytwo :~ > ruby -r rubygems -e ' require "net/ssh"; p Net::SSH.start(ARGV.shift).host ' localhost
| + 219493 [drnicwilliam] Last night I was thinking about your problem: if I remember, you're
|   + 220177 [d_rems yahoo] Yep you are right.
|   + 220230 [guslist free] Cygwin provides openssh server.
|     220234 [drnicwilliam] Sampurna - were you using either of these options? Can you confirm that
|     220388 [tanushree.bh] Dr Nic,
+ 219098 [ara.t.howard] but not on windows....

^ FileUtils.touch not consistent with system('touch')
219037 [han.holl gma] -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Oct 11 10:29 /tmp/file
219042 [nobu ruby-la] What about this?
+ 219044 [nobu ruby-la] Sorry, should be `if' but not `unless'.
+ 219165 [aamine lover] This part seems nice, please commit it after File.utime
+ 219248 [nobu ruby-la] rb_w32_utime() didn't support it.

^ typo not going well with memcache
219039 [gethemant gm] I was trying to use memcache for session storage in Typo. And i got

^ Script to fetch Wikipedia text
219043 [kyrreny broa] Hey!
+ 219051 [user domain.] forget regexp and use a dedicated tool like
| 219060 [peter rubyra] Well, in my opinion it is still far easier to work on the exported
| 219063 [jan.svitok g] ...
+ 219173 [interfecus g] It sounds like the Wikipedia API would be best for this. Visit the

^ scanning strings, backward?
219045 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I would like to automate a code cleanup task which involves
+ 219048 [vidar edgeio] For 1) Assuming the lines aren't fixed length: Read in the entire file
| + 219056 [Gemma.Camero] Or use /$/ to look for what a line ends in?
| + 219065 [znmeb cesmai] For 2, can't you reverse the line and search forwards?
| | 219066 [Gemma.Camero] Just to clarify I mean using regular expressions i.e.
| + 219088 [Bil.Kleb NAS] The problem is I only want to replace only
| | 219099 [vidar edgeio] If you use IO#readlines you're working on an array of lines one by one.
| + 219091 [m_goldberg a] I like this idea, but I would suggest using a hash rather than an
|   219094 [vidar edgeio] I don't see what this would give you. An array of the lines in the
|   219176 [m_goldberg a] It's a worthless idea. Somedays my brain behaves like a fried egg
+ 219067 [znmeb cesmai] Wait a minute ... is the file you're editing always a Fortran source?
| 219083 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Yes.
+ 219069 [james graypr] Would my File::ReadBackwards port help here?
| + 219072 [Gemma.Camero] i.e.
| | 219087 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Yes
| + 219085 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Maybe, but I'll wait and see what else comes up first...
+ 219095 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I should have just posted a test?  Warning: untested test ;)
+ 219145 [ruby-ml kitt] File.readlines for reasonably sized files, f.each_with_index
  219304 [rick.denatal] I believe that the OP doesn't want to search line 1707 backwards for
  + 219347 [ruby-ml kitt] Ah! /m :D
  + 219359 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Correct.  Sorry for the confusion.

^ [ANN] TheRubyMine - Cultura Rubyista in Italian
219046 [kiaroskuro g] The Ruby Mine is online at http://therubymine.com

^ [ANN] newgem - Create gems for your libraries and apps
219047 [drnicwilliam] Now you can take any library or Rails plugin or command line
219054 [robmnl gmail] This is great. You're cooking up one sweet Ruby library after another.

^ PHP-like Array/Hash creation in Ruby
219050 [jan sordid.d] I used PHP for a long time, a little bit C# and recently started to
+ 219057 [julesjacobs ] Could you post some real php code that uses this feature? It isn't a
| 219081 [jan sordid.d] single dimension arrays are simple, because i just need that "a = []",
| 219104 [ara.t.howard] because it doesn't eliminate the problem - if you read in arbitrary dimensions
+ 219092 [logancapaldo] Yes, because since you can define [] for anything, ruby has no way of
  219110 [jan sordid.d] i know that not only an array can have [], strings can have them too in
  + 219124 [ara.t.howard] class MArray < Array
  | 219137 [jan sordid.d] thanks for your insights response ara.
  | 219158 [ara.t.howard] the name says it all ;-)
  + 219215 [logancapaldo] In PHP $ary[1] = 'hans' must be an array. I can't create something else
    219275 [jan sordid.d] i will take a look at this

^ Re: newgem - Create gems for your libraries and apps
219055 [drnicwilliam] Unfortunately all voting on project names happens before the project is
+ 219058 [Gemma.Camero] Again I love how this mailing list always sounds like it's talking about
| + 219074 [drnicwilliam] Forward the article onto your parents and see if they want to create
| + 219206 [hal9000 hype] Secretly, we are...
| + 219207 [cdcarter gma] I thought we were...
|   219252 [drnicwilliam] Shhhhh.
|   219282 [Gemma.Camero] At least I'm popular...
+ 219109 [drnicwilliam] A new version will come out soon that will include the setup.rb file in
  219283 [chneukirchen] Thank you.

^ help with regex
219073 [josselin wan] regex is not my cup of tea , i've been using them few times, only
+ 219080 [peter rubyra] def to_nice_number(n)
| 219089 [josselin wan] Thanks Peter... actually I don't have yet the 'ruby way'...  using scan
+ 219086 [a2800276 gma] "European" would be difficult without having context. How can you tell if
  219102 [josselin wan] thanks for raising these cases,
  219259 [shortcutter ] In that case it is even more important that you get it crystal clear (at

^ Singleton classes and Singleton pattern
219075 [iamwil gmail] 1) There's no difference between these two codes, right?  Is there an
219076 [dblack wobbl] See the thread from a couple of days ago called '"def self.method" vs