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^ New Haven Ruby Brigade Meeting:  October 11, 2006
218215 [novakps gmai] Anyone who can get to New Haven is welcome to attend the October New

^ Ruby Cookbook review
218222 [enogrob hotm] Because of the recent and sudden interest in Ruby on Rails, there is
+ 218226 [jgbailey gma] Does anyone else think these posts are coming from some sort of automated
| 218267 [bulliver bad] Yeah, I think the general consensus is that zoat is a bot. Whether or not Xah
| + 218274 [james graypr] I believe a bot posts the articles, but there has been at least one
| + 218366 [enogrob hotm] ...I think I can answer that myself. Why are you so concerned with
|   + 218369 [thomas.adam2] Whilst I generally find it useful at times, bear in mind that this is
|   | + 218380 [enogrob hotm] ......for me this is limitating, the abridge email is to handle a
|   | | + 218386 [james graypr] You're angry with us because we wanted to know if you were a live
|   | | | 218616 [robert.dober] James said,
|   | | | 218649 [shevegen lin] "I think I can answer that myself. Why are you so concerned with
|   | | + 218415 [peter semant] There once was a spambot that lurked on several newsgroups and mailing
|   | + 218382 [enogrob hotm] ......for me this is limitating, the abridge email is to handle a
|   |   218505 [hal9000 hype] Go or stay as you choose.
|   + 218374 [alex blackke] I think it's more a matter of appearance.  Since I missed your initial
|   + 218378 [pseudo.meta ] I'm certainly an arrogant person, but I'm lovely once you get to know me.
|   | 218504 [hal9000 hype] I don't usually discriminate based on arrogance. Some
|   + 218387 [znmeb cesmai] Ah ... were you by any chance at the Erlang workshop in Portland, Oregon
+ 218286 [david vallne] Umm. You know, there's fully functional adult people subscribed to this

^ The next generation of Web stacks: High productivity and a touch of controversy
218223 [enogrob hotm] ...

^ Linux Journal: Interview with Tim Bray
218224 [enogrob hotm] The loud Atom evangelist Tim Bray talks about everything from Ruby to

^ OptionParser questions
218225 [rdm cfcl.com] I'm a bit confused by the way that OptionParser works.  In
+ 218228 [gavin.kistne] It's a little goofy. What's happening here is that when the block is
+ 218243 [fred lacave.] Not really.  I'd say that example is badly written.  The

^ Parse and modify an XML file with REXML
218227 [jeffnyman gm] Greetings all.
+ 218234 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 218245 [peter rubyra] I don't know REXML that much (and using Hpricot anyway ;-) but standard
| 218367 [jeffnyman_no] Thanks for the suggestion. This sounds like it might work. I did not see
| 218446 [ken.j hotmai] Actually, none of this will work. You can't do what you're trying to do
| 218452 [jeffnyman_no] Hmmm. But, you know, you gave me an idea and it does appear to work, at
+ 218260 [neverland jw] I've just been playing with a project that looks like it might have

^ Parsing visual basic
218229 [fred lacave.] Where I work, we have to develop and maintain a quite huge application
+ 218271 [interfecus g] Beware, that way lie patents.
| 218300 [mdurham peop] Timothy Goddard, Can you explain what you mean by "Beware, that way lie
+ 218457 [jan.svitok g] - Joel Spolsky said they have a compiler from VB to PHP, although I'm
  218460 [wilsonb gmai] I don't think he'll be able to use Ragel to handle VB6. From some
  218492 [david vallne] Doesn't the upcoming ANTLR support emitting Ruby code? You could try
  + 218515 [darkintent g] Mike he was alluding to the closed source nature of Microsoft products
  + 218572 [fred lacave.] Yep.  Still in beta, though (both ANTLR 3 and the Ruby target part).

^ question mark at end of method name
218230 [codecraig gm] what does the question mark at the end of a method name represent?
+ 218231 [gavin.kistne] It is a convention that indicates that the method is likely to return a
+ 218235 [nospam nosit] .empty? means "is it empty?". It tries to suggest that a question is being
| + 218233 [codecraig gm] thanks....couldn't find that in the documentation I've read so far.
| | + 218238 [aredridel nb] Except when it doesn't -- like exit! -- that just means "pay attention,
| | + 218335 [pseudo.meta ] That's almost certainly because it's a convention rather than a
| + 218241 [dblack wobbl] Actually the ! at the end of a method name means, according to Matz,
+ 218236 [aredridel nb] It's just a name. What you do with it is up to you -- Booleanish methods
+ 218240 [fred lacave.] Those are conventions.  ? and ! have no real meaning in that context for
+ 218244 [richard.conr] Unlike other languages which generally only permit alphanumerics in
  218247 [fred lacave.] Well, in the "don't try this at home kids" area, I've always been
  + 218249 [robert.dober] Only true friends can appriciate our qualities.
  + 218269 [MonkeeSage g] Ps. Such methods (returning exclusively bool) are often called

^ [ANN] traits-0.10.0
218237 [ara.t.howard] URLS
218261 [marcel verni] sudo gem i traits -y ?
218265 [ara.t.howard] same same.  sure thing.

^ 1st program -- how would you improve this?
218246 [ebonakDUH ho] some feedback as to style and how to write things more in the
+ 218264 [sander.land ] Here's my shot at rewriting your program.
| 218294 [ebonak-a t-h] I do appreciate the feedback!
+ 218268 [david vallne] I'd probably have used OpenURI and then
| + 218277 [gwtmp01 mac.] Just because they start with a $ doesn't mean they are global.  I
| | + 218292 [MonkeeSage g] Ruby embraces the side-effect. This doesn't mean unpredictability as
| | + 218293 [david vallne] ve
| + 218289 [ebonak-a t-h] ah .. cool .. I got what I had before from some sample
+ 218272 [interfecus g] <<snip>>
  218297 [ebonak-a t-h] Agreed .. more error checking needs to be done .. as you mention

^ Setting up simple CGI on Ubuntu
218248 [transfire gm] I've done all this numerous times before but, sigh, apparently I'm
+ 218270 [transfire gm] Going on a few hours now. Executable bit's set. mod_cgid is enabled.
+ 218275 [transfire gm] AddHandler cgi-script .rbx
  218427 [rick.denatal] Well according to the apache documentation, AddHandler can be in the
  218448 [transfire gm] Hmm... yea, guess that looks odd. But it's just a symlink.
  218775 [rick.denatal] I suspected that, and I also suspect that Apache is completely aware
  218822 [transfire gm] Interesting. Perhaps I got a false positive on my solution? I'll try it

^ Compound Parallel Operators
218252 [gavin.kistne] charset="us-ascii"
+ 218253 [amos.l.king ] I think it looks like a good idea.  It doesn't seem to be a huge leap,
+ 218288 [hal9000 hype] I brought this up once... but there was some Good Reason it didn't
+ 218336 [pseudo.meta ] That's a scary bit of perlish implicitness. They call it "Do What I
  + 218360 [TimHunter nc] +1
  | 218388 [znmeb cesmai] It does if the program is *printing* all that whitespace to a 110-baud
  | + 218389 [ara.t.howard] or sending over the network to a browser ;-)
  | | 218617 [robert.dober] Nowadays there are even more appropriate protocols available
  | + 218390 [pseudo.meta ] I hate my job.
  | + 218391 [TimHunter nc] (Slaps forehead) Of course! And I bet it would save money on all those
  |   218499 [david vallne] Hey, you can write abusive notes on those and stick them to your
  + 218398 [gavin refine] Where do you draw the line? By that rationale, Isn't "a *= b" or "a,b =
    218406 [angus quovad] "The same as
    + 218409 [pseudo.meta ] Well quite, which is a syntax error, obviously, because there are
    | 218417 [angus quovad] It doesn't matter ( a,b = 1,2,3; p a,b #=> 1\n2 ). But unless
    + 218423 [binary42 gma] var = :red
      218465 [gavin refine] Ouch...my brain hurts. I really would have expected that to fail

^ Re: HOST - Assembla Inc. Breakout - Copyright Violation by Mr. Andy Singleton
218258 [ilias lazari] [For some reason, the newsgroup server seems to not have distributed
218266 [ptmcg austin] <snip - a bunch of back-and-forth correspondence of no interest to anyone
+ 218273 [david vallne] Seconded. Looks like viral marketing for either Lazaridis or Assembla to
| 218281 [aredridel nb] Indeed. We don't need private license disputes (I think that's what it
| 218282 [Gennady.Byst] Relax, guys. Ilias Lazaridis is a resident troll on many mailing lists,
+ 218278 [ilias lazari] please relax and do not speak for all current and future readers
  218279 [max alcyone.] He may not be speaking for all of them, but he's speaking for the vast

^ [ADV] B1.13 of AWDwR is now available
218262 [dave pragpro] I've uploaded the B1.13 version of AWDwR.

^ Some wierd Module#append_features behavior
218280 [binary42 gma] I couldn't quite figure this out... I am either missing something (I
+ 218283 [binary42 gma] To be more specific, the third "ok" is unexpected if the fourth is not
+ 218316 [matz ruby-la] append_feature tried to append features in Module to a module from
  218402 [binary42 gma] af.bind(Module).call(Module).
  218433 [matz ruby-la] It is a bug.  Thank you for finding it.

^ Installing Ruby from source on OSX
218287 [olsonas gmai] I've become a die-hard Ruby fan in the past few months. I'm currently
+ 218290 [gavin.kistne] I'm on a Windows box and writing from memory, so forgive me if the
+ 218291 [curtis.schof] ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ruby-1.85 && make && sudo make install
| 218313 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Is --enable-install-doc on by default now?
| 218455 [curtis.schof] I have no idea.
+ 218296 [Charles.O.Nu] I'm running off DarwinPorta (MacPorts) and it is already 1.8.5. Make
+ 218298 [christopher.] this should be able to get you up and running.
+ 218301 [erik barzesk] Drew,

^ append_features vs include
218303 [rsanheim gma] I've read somewhere that Module#append_features is the old name for
218305 [logancapaldo] It's not an alias at all. (Hence why using append_features is that much
218318 [rsanheim gma] Okay, where I said "included" in the above post I meant "include".
218319 [matz ruby-la] I wanted hooks in both ways, i.e. redefining "include" makes a hook

^ Parsing files
218304 [barjunk attg] I'm new to ruby and one of the first projects I am trying to tackle is
218307 [logancapaldo] I would write a grammar and a recursive descent parser for files like
218328 [shortcutter ] If there is indefinite nesting, then yes, a proper parser is the best

^ Stripping unwanted html
218310 [bigb123 bell] I'm trying to strip html with the exception of a few html tags.
+ 218314 [mi-rubyforum] Al- I recently needed a parser similar to Perl's HTML::Scrubber. <a
+ 218321 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 218340 [eden.li gmai] Hey, that's RoR's strip_tags method :)
  + 218341 [eden.li gmai] ...
  + 218654 [bigb123 bell] I found this method very useful; it is exactly what I needed.  Thanks.
    218694 [eden.li gmai] Glad I could help.  One security-related caveat.

^ RubySpec Wiki in full swing
218312 [Charles.O.Nu] To help us alternative Ruby implementers keep our sanity, I've had a
218347 [Bil.Kleb NAS] What happened to good ol' Rubicon,
218411 [binary42 gma] That has been forked off into oblivion it seems. Ryan Davis started

^ extract relative links from html page
218317 [cs5b yahoo.c] Does somebody have any suggestions on how to extract relative as well
218320 [nospam nosit] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w

^ Ruby,SDL,OpenGL
218322 [pinkmanonfir] This is in regards to my last topic, where I was having problems with
218547 [anne wjh.har] Maybe running your program in opengl would help, you would know if the
+ 218548 [support math] This is an automated response.
+ 218556 [pinkmanonfir] it isnt my opengl code its the sdl.. just need to know how to make the

^ Re: K&R for Ruby
218323 [a2800276 gma] You're reading the second edition. It turned out bloated, lost focus
+ 218333 [ruby-ml kitt] There is always "Ruby in a Nutshell" by matz himself. Very concise.
+ 218338 [pseudo.meta ] I think that's slightly unfair. The first half is concise and

^ Using configuration files (replacing shellscripts)
218330 [devnull Karl] I want to use configuration files in order to save values, directories,
218355 [jim crossley] If I understand what you're asking for, you may want to have a look at
+ 218363 [devnull Karl] Thanks for the hint.
| + 218375 [jim crossley] I'm not sure about that.  YAML has the concept of "aliases" and
| + 218393 [transfire gm] I've been asking for interpolation in YAML for a while now. Either the
|   218401 [ara.t.howard] # this would come from file
+ 218966 [poopdeville ] serializes a Ruby hash.  You'd probably want this to be a singleton

^ system() and changing (path-)environment
218332 [devnull Karl] I want to replace some shellscripts using ruby and therefore I need a
+ 218356 [jim crossley] Try Dir.chdir(path) prior to the system calls, maybe?
+ 218359 [TimHunter nc] Dir.chdir('path2') do
  218695 [devnull Karl] Thanks for the hint! I did not knew the class Dir before!

^ RoR : Shortening this code
218342 [user domain.] Under Ruby On Rails, I would like to replace
+ 218343 [a2800276 gma] ...
+ 218345 [eden.li gmai] This isn't valid, did you mean? (note, the ")
| 218348 [user domain.] You're right ! I read it the wrong way ;-)
| 218538 [eden.li gmai] I guess it's personal preference.  There's not really any huge
+ 218346 [collinsj sea] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 218553 [david vallne] I like this variant better. The whole point of ActiveRecord is that you
  218611 [eden.li gmai] ActiveRecord is an ORM that doesn't feel like an ORM.  The fact that

^ string size limit?
218350 [rand nada.kt] Does Ruby impose a limit on the size of a string?  What about the size
218352 [invalid gmx.] irb(main):009:0> 'a' * 1_000_000_000; nil

^ Experience Report: Running FIT and Fitnesse with Ruby
218364 [enogrob hotm] Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson are widely-recognized contributors to
218377 [james graypr] Hmm, that doesn't sound bot-like.  What's the scoop zoat?  Can you
218381 [james graypr] Ah, should have read on.  I see that you do indeed talk.

^ Should a Class return an exception or nil on failure to create?
218370 [kevin.olbric] Suppose I've written a class that does something useful.
218376 [TimHunter nc] Exception. It's not really a matter of preference. YourClass.new
218379 [shortcutter ] Fully agree.  More arguments in favour of exceptions: what do you do
218425 [kevin.olbric] Yeah,

^ Design Patterns in Ruby - WIKI
218372 [gethemant gm] The above URL used to have nice collection of design patterns and how
218545 [anne wjh.har] It is not the page, it is the whole site. So maybe someone will realise
218546 [support math] This is an automated response.
218550 [gethemant gm] WTF...who is doing this? Mathworks?

^ Hpricot and XPaths with indices
218373 [peter rubyra] I just started to use HPricot a few days ago (what a cool piece of
218516 [david vallne] Yay rftdocs. Hpricot's XPath syntax seems quite incomplete, either e.g.
218599 [ruby-talk wh] Unfortunately, I am six days late as of this day.  That is frownworthy, I know.

^ getstatusoutput
218383 [oliver.march] Dear Ruby fellows,
218392 [ara.t.howard] the program with 'getstatusoutput' either - at least i don't see the child pid
218443 [oliver.march] Thanks for your quick answer.
218447 [ara.t.howard] require 'open4'

^ getstatusoutput
218384 [oliver.march] Dear Ruby fellows,

^ [QUIZ] Posix Pangrams (#97)
218385 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 218396 [logancapaldo] Interesting. I had a high school chemistry teacher who had us play
| + 218399 [pseudo.meta ] It's really all about trying to make swearwords, isn't it? Copper is
| | + 218444 [gavin.kistne] Assuming it's not a spoiler, following is the contents of the first
| | | + 218449 [jamie.macey ] Sure there is.
| | | | 218450 [gavin.kistne] puts <<ENDS.scan( /<i>([^<]+)/ ).flatten.join( ' ' )
| | | | + 218461 [gavin.kistne] Oh, nevermind. I'm not familiar with Hpricot's syntax. I read that line
| | | | + 218463 [lukfugl gmai] I'm assuming the problems with the gem server are related to the
| | | | + 218464 [jamie.macey ] I am pulling the entire html file down, but by dividing the Hpricot
| | | + 218472 [robert.dober] Well Gavin, thanx a lot
| | + 218524 [david vallne] My innocent eyes!
| + 218557 [chneukirchen] We use to play that because the lessons are so boring.  :)
|   218578 [hal9000 hype] I love that kind of wordplay. I appreciate your
+ 218656 [chneukirchen] Who has a better solution than these?
+ 218683 [m_goldberg a] Here is my solution. It's not what I planned. I intended to submit an
+ 219003 [kbloom gmail] Finding the pangram with the minimum number of words is NP-Hard. The
  219261 [pseudo.meta ] True, but in this case the set to cover was small enough to make it
  219327 [kbloom gmail] There's also the matter of program structure. When dealing with an
  219338 [james graypr] We haven't talked a lot about this in the past, but I take a pretty
  + 219356 [chneukirchen] Guess how I found the shortest solution.
  + 219491 [pseudo.meta ] I think it's fine. Now if you'd said "find a solution and then prove

^ rubyforge.org
218394 [tom infoethe] rubyforge.org is offline; we're investigating and will post more
218608 [drnicwilliam] Any plans on the fix?
218639 [tom infoethe] Yup, it came back up Friday afternoon.  Strangely, Apache fell over
218640 [drnicwilliam] The Forge must have wanted the weekend off pretty badly.
218813 [tom infoethe] The forge must be relit!  Sounds like a WoW quest....
218940 [drnicwilliam] RubyForge is dead again