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^ ANN: HtmlDomGenerator 0.1
21821 [jjthrash pob] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
21822 [dblack candl] #    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
21827 [jjthrash pob] USA
21829 [dblack candl] You've got your work cut out for you :-)  (I'm perusing
+ 21830 [jweirich one] I have no problem with calling it DOM-like.  That conveys the idea
+ 21831 [james rubyxm] <snip />
  21833 [dblack satur] I'm not quite that doctrinaire :-)  but given the usage, I think it
  + 21834 [jjthrash pob] Clarity it is.  I thought of GenericMarkupLanguageDomLikeStructureGenerator,
  + 21836 [james rubyxm] Right! I forgot that one.  And it's as bad as companies

^ how to position cursor in gtk entry field?
21832 [ned bike-nom] Thanks to the suggestion earlier re: validation, I was able to get this working
21835 [nconway klam] I think using String#tr would be faster.

^ gethostbyname strangeness
21838 [rjp browser.] irb(main):001:0> require "socket"
21839 [decoux moulo] What is the content of the file /etc/nsswitch.conf ?

^ putting non-ascii into regexp'es
21840 [henning ikso] What is the syntax for putting unicode characters into regexp'es?
21855 [matz ruby-la] Put literal UTF-8 in the regexp, not escape sequence is available yet.
21870 [henning ikso] thanks
21909 [matz ruby-la] You can put -Ku for the interpreter, which specifies its handling

^ ruby regexp unicode schedule?
21841 [henning ikso] when is unicode conformance, level 1 or 2 sheduled for being incorporated
21856 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure.  Sorry.
21871 [henning ikso] Don't be sorry! Ruby is wonderful tool. that utf-8 is integrated in a
21910 [matz ruby-la] The URL you've mentioned was inspiring.  I started working on M17N

^ got boolean short circuiting?
21843 [phlip_cpp my] Ouch.

^ got boolean short circuiting?
21844 [phlip_cpp my] Ouch.
21848 [kentda stud.] What version are you using?
21845 [phlip_cpp my] ruby-

^ FAQ indexer offerred for ruby faq
21846 [DELETEmitche] an overview of all the faqs in the faq. Feed it your rubyfaqall.html file and it will add a links section to it.
21853 [Dave Pragmat] That's great. In fact, I currently generate the FAW from SGML (a
21859 [Pierre-Charl] I have been working on this. I have searched the web for XML DTDs or
+ 21861 [angus quovad] I can help you to make the xslt stylesheets, if you want. Just tell me.
+ 21934 [Pierre-Charl] I'm waiting for your comments.

^ thanks for ruby
21847 [DELETEmitche] I am a C and perl programmer who fell in love with OOP when I learned java last year. I've been hacking around with
21886 [web2ed yahoo] Ditto to everything that was said.

^ FAQ indexer -- user this version!
21849 [DELETEmitche] Whoops! A typo in the first post...

^ windows xp fxruby load error
21863 [ rc duria.de] once again one of the main features of Ruby :/
+ 21867 [ljohnson res] Yes, an error message that doesn't give us much to go on :(
+ 21868 [ljohnson res] Ralf,
+ 21935 [ rc duria.de] Quick update: output from dependency walker looks the same, only mentions
  21943 [ rc duria.de] "Clean" Windows XP installation, Ruby InstallShield 1.6.4-3 doesn't work.
  21944 [Dave Pragmat] Did you install XP on your home machine as an upgrade from NT or 2000?

^ Using SOCKSSocket
21864 [jjthrash pob] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ 1.6.5 Windows binary?
21865 [bobh hslda.o] Am I being greedy?
21890 [bobhicks nos] Scratch this...I see a later post that some issues on distribution need

^ Let's work on Windows support
21872 [Dave Pragmat] We currently have a problem with Ruby under Windows. The Cygwin
+ 21875 [sean-ruby-ta] Possibly apr from Apache?
| 21902 [eli.green co] Well, I think the merits of this idea aren't being properly investigated.
| + 21913 [ptkwt shell1] Would giving up cygwin for APR just be swapping for another set of
| | 21921 [eli.green co] Yes. However, we'd be swapping a band-aid solution (I've never spoken to
| | 21954 [ptkwt shell1] But isn't Apache run mainly on Linux (and other *nix) platforms?  Is there
| + 21920 [eli.green co] Exactement.
+ 21877 [rich infoeth] Excellent idea Dave...I switched to the MinGW installation located (http://www.ruby-lang.org/~eban/ruby/binaries/mingw/) about a month ago (from your distribution) because of random networking issues I was having with Cygwin.  I needed a Win32 build that had some of the RAA extensions built for it and was pleased to see that the same site had and ./ext folder with "common" native extensions pre-built.
| + 21899 [benoit.cerri] (http://www.ruby-lang.org/~eban/ruby/binaries/mingw/) about a month ago
| | 21901 [Dave Pragmat] So far some positive votes for MinGW. But what are the downsides. What
| + 21919 [eli.green co] I seem to remember that versions of Python compiled with MinGW can't have
|   21957 [benoit.cerri] This
|   21960 [furifilo901 ] I am just a developer, not a Guru, but it seems to me that the .NET way
|   + 21963 [alwagner tca] For who?
|   | 21965 [furifilo901 ] Come on, for Ruby developers in Windows environment. You may as well be
|   | + 21968 [alwagner tca] Yeah :-)
|   | + 21969 [dblack candl] I have briefly tried to understand .NET, and don't, so I may be wrong.
|   | | + 21971 [nat.pryce b1] The CLR component of .NET is no more than a common virtual machine for
|   | | | + 21972 [avi beta4.co] The question with such things is whether the CLR is flexible enough to
|   | | | + 21986 [benoit.cerri] Definitely since the CLR (.NET VM) is meant to support several distinct
|   | | |   21993 [alan_moore g] What about Parrot?  (http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2001/09/18/parrot.html)
|   | | |   22040 [benoit.cerri] incidentally,
|   | | |   22085 [alan_moore g] The equivalent of using the CLR would be to compile Ruby directly to
|   | | + 21989 [erik bagfors] Simply put, .Net is a virtual machine that can run a byte-code-file, in
|   | | | 21994 [maki inac.co] NETRuby (or NOTRuby, because it's not Ruby :-)) is maintenanced
|   | | | 22008 [Erik.Bagfors] Yes!! This is exactly what I wanted!!! Thank you.. This is too cool :)
|   | | + 22024 [mikkelj-anti] ..NET was developed primarily by a Dane named Anders Hejlsberg. He worked on
|   | | + 22153 [schneiker ju] Well, what if this time around they actually succeed in world domination? Do
|   | |   22154 [dblack candl] All those in favor say ay.  Ay.
|   | |   22167 [matju sympat] A scenario is that MS.NET version 2 will ditch the ECMA standard and add
|   | |   22183 [furifilo901 ] Who cares if they ditch the standard ? They will still have to be self
|   | |   + 22186 [matju sympat] There will be MS.NET version 2 and that one will rely on undocumented
|   | |   + 22187 [dblack candl] My concern is with the possibility of millions of machines on which
|   | |   | 22193 [furifilo901 ] For God's sakes ! I refuse to defend Microsoft !
|   | |   | 22207 [matju sympat] Dear Contextually-Disadvantaged Person,
|   | |   | 22208 [anany ece.vi] Or better yet, ask him for the funds to switch the country to Linux.
|   | |   | 22217 [furifilo901 ] Guys, I just wanted to let you know I not interested in answering
|   | |   | 22218 [furifilo901 ] for your sympathy. I was starting to think I was crazy, thinking about
|   | |   + 22195 [alwagner tca] Furio,  Ruby is licensed in a way that allows YOU to modify it anyway you see
|   | |   | 22205 [avdi avdi.or] If it will execute any program that will execute on Matz's interpreter,
|   | |   | 22210 [dblack candl] Porting the interpreter is different from writing new
|   | |   | + 22213 [nat.pryce b1] Microsoft is encouraging the port of many languages to .NET because it wants
|   | |   | + 22214 [petemcbreen ] And even if the language is a "drop in replacement" the real problem is
|   | |   + 22206 [petemcbreen ] The eiffel# paper differs slightly with this statement
|   | |     22223 [erik bagfors] In perl.net you can still run the C-modules.  You should be able to in
|   | + 22029 [mikkelj-anti] If Windows is not properly supported by Ruby, you might be forced to choose
|   |   22106 [bobhicks nos] That would be ok with me! I like the Fox toolkit and I am thinking of
|   + 21970 [alan_moore g] Will .NET be included in the home version of XP?
|   | + 21973 [rich infoeth] Yes...It will be part of a service pack
|   | | 21974 [bobhicks nos] From the looks of things though that will not be until early next year.
|   | | + 21976 [rich infoeth] I agree... .NET is not the way to go.
|   | | + 21987 [benoit.cerri] Good point what we want now is an official way to compile ruby for windows
|   | | | + 22004 [aleksei.guze] Why not use ANSI C and free Microsoft Platform SDK?
|   | | | | 22039 [benoit.cerri] Problem is not compilation but runtime compatibility, you need to be able to
|   | | | | + 22051 [aleksei.guze] Do open source compilers understand ANSI C?
|   | | | | + 22052 [aleksei.guze] # Problem is not compilation but runtime compatibility, you
|   | | | |   22061 [benoit.cerri] mingw is no library it is the compiler you speak of
|   | | | |   22109 [mlgaunnac ho] Borland allows free download of their command line compiler and
|   | | | + 22025 [bobhicks nos] I agree so that leaves: Cygwin or MinGW
|   | | + 22152 [schneiker ju] it
|   | + 21975 [bobhicks nos] No...XP is coming out this month and .NET is still in heavy beta (beta 2).
|   | | 21977 [rich infoeth] And will go to Beta 3 before release.  But it will be offered to XP clients as a service pack to XP (over the net) next year when it is ready.
|   | + 21981 [ptkwt shell1] What is the ".NET way" and how does it relate to, for example, getting
|   + 21985 [benoit.cerri] please take a look at
|   + 21998 [furifilo901 ] .NET Is in Beta right now, and will be for a little while. But this is
|     + 22001 [alwagner uar] Who do you propose to write the Linux version of .NET?
|     | 22018 [furifilo901 ] Linux version of .NET ? It is being done right now, check
|     | 22044 [alwagner tca] vaporware
|     | 22055 [erik bagfors] Since when?  Have you checked the progress?  I don't think so...
|     + 22027 [bobhicks nos] ActiveState has not done anything "bad" as far as I know. So if you
|       + 22033 [furifilo901 ] I     Have    READ    some     bad      stuff. I     did     not     say
|       + 22151 [schneiker ju] There's nothing wrong with raising a warning flag prior to being able
+ 21889 [bobhicks nos] Coming from Python I am curious why they do not have this issue? Did
| + 21891 [gnhurst hurs] Like matz said, he isn't a windows programmer...
| | 21892 [alwagner uar] You talk like a windows only user, more concerned with stability
| | + 21895 [gnhurst hurs] In fact, I only use Ruby on Linux. I consider it almost unusable on windows.
| | + 21914 [ptkwt shell1] Not really.  I don't think he's saying that we just dump Windows, but that
| |   + 21918 [ned bike-nom] Of course, there are few or no commands you could run portably with "system"
| |   + 21966 [alwagner tca] I think we each read something different into Robert's remark.  I am not
| |     21980 [ptkwt shell1] I don't see that happening and I suspect that a lot of us would be vocal
| |     22026 [bobhicks nos] Interesting...there must be another Robert posting. I didn't say some of
| |     22045 [alwagner tca] Sorry, Robert.  I must have gotten lost in the nesting.
| + 21893 [nat.pryce b1] My opinion: Ruby needs both cross platform abstractions and access to
| + 21894 [nhodgson big] Python on Windows concentrates on supporting the VC++ compiler. Other
+ 21896 [bdelmee adva] One thing that has surprised me is that in my (admittedly limited)
| + 21898 [benoit.cerri] This is very surprising, are you sure you used the best possible
| | 21955 [bdelmee adva] Alright, here are some facts and figures to backup these surprising
| + 21905 [ned bike-nom] Doesn't VC come with a profiler? Where's the time being spent?
+ 21908 [mikkelj-anti] First of all - I see the major problem of switching from Cygwin to MinGW or
| + 21912 [benoit.cerri] It certainly would since it is already working and has been for some times.
| + 21915 [aleksei.guze] Take a look at my W2K module, please.
|   21916 [rich infoeth] The RAA link to http://deda.dax.ru/w2k.html does not resolve...is that the right URL?
|   21945 [aleksei.guze] # -----Original Message-----
|   21947 [rich infoeth] OK...this makes the point.  I downloaded the W2K .dll and it does not work against the MinGW distribution (probably not the Cygwin version either).
|   21978 [aleksei.guze] Mswin. I think there is no need to build another Posix layer on Windows,
|   21982 [ned bike-nom] Windows (that is, 9x _and_ NT) doesn't have a POSIX layer. NT does (or did,
|   + 21984 [aleksei.guze] The module has been buit on VC++ and with Intel's compiler too. And it's
|   + 21988 [benoit.cerri] mingw comes with MS headers
+ 21931 [erik bagfors] What about support for other OS's than windows and unix/linux??  Right
  21932 [eli.green co] Get MacOS X. :)
  21933 [erik bagfors] The only problem is that I would like it but I'm not sure she would :)

^ Python generators
21873 [henning ikso] Can anyone say two sentences of how the Python generator/iterator concept
+ 21876 [ned bike-nom] I'm no Ruby expert, but it seems to me (please correct me if I'm wrong) (and
| 21900 [WillC webmil] Generators are a nifty feature for Python 2.2, but they are a solution to
+ 22097 [duchene main] Perhaps you should also have a look at the diskussion on external iterators

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21879 [gilc shoploo] Dear All,
21880 [elanthis awe] What?  You didn't write the script in Ruby, but in Perl?  ~,^

^ Re: Ruby2Exe
21881 [gilc shoploo] It does need the environment for the time being, tonight, I'll add in
+ 21882 [elanthis awe] That's cool.  I don't have time to look over things now (yet I have time
| 21883 [gilc shoploo] 1. It automagically compiles, it runs the gcc command for the C file
| 21884 [elanthis awe] Nifty.  ^,^
| + 21885 [joe vpop.net] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby
| + 21887 [benoit.cerri] It does but then you need it to compile it.
+ 21911 [mikkelj-anti] How does it compare to Rb2Exe?

^ ruby-config script
21897 [elanthis awe] OK, being completely sick of a lack of such a script (since it would be
21942 [pbrannan atd] I'm getting "connection refused" when I try this URL.

^ Ruby SVG
21903 [henning ikso] What is the best way to integrate Ruby with SVG?
+ 21906 [jgraham sign] i tried to get it working with Ming but had SWIG problems. :(
+ 21907 [bobgus mcs.c] I have used a ruby program to create SVG graphics, but not interactive

^ Re: MBR トラブル
88325 [takehiro kat] 教えて頂いた通りにlilo.confを設定しなおして、直りました。

^ Re: Windows2000へのLinuxの導入について
88326 [ebisawa obs.] Window上で走るソフト、"Partition Magic"というのをいつも使っていますが。

^ Re: Visual SlickEdit - Thank you!
22473 [av0gadr0 sha] Thank you for these color codes!  It definitely helps out a beginner
22473 [av0gadr0 sha] Thank you for these color codes!  It definitely helps out a beginner

^ Re: sendmail-8.11.6-2
88257 [kainuma toky] #直接のお答えにはならないのですが・・・

^ Patch for 1.6.5
21927 [martin.kahle] I do not know if it is intended to produce a 1.6.6 version, but in case
21936 [matz ruby-la] Thank you!

^ Ruby Xlib wrapper
21929 [derek hipgra] I just released the first working version of my SWIG based Xlib wrapper
21948 [kero d4050.u] That's the second, I believe :)
21983 [matju sympat] ruby-xlib by moriq

^ Question mark in instance variable
21930 [derek hipgra] I recently tried using a question mark as the suffix for an instance
21937 [matz ruby-la] Bangs and questions are for method names only.  It's intended.

21938 [sumanjsm hot] unsubscribe Jalal Syed

^ [1.7] Enumerable#sort_by
21939 [decoux moulo] I must say that I don't understand the line 238 of enum.c
21946 [matz ruby-la] You're right.  I will fix.  I expected too much for

^ Infinite lists
21940 [harryo zipwo] I found an interesting article abouta perl module that provides a
+ 21941 [heesobpark y] Refer to following lists
| 21949 [harryo zipwo] Thanks for those URLs.  In fact, now that I think about it, this is
+ 22028 [mikkelj-anti] I haven't looked at the Ruby / Perl way to address infinite lists.
  22104 [harryo zipwo] There's no built-in way of handling them in Ruby, which is why I thought

^ Change to Ruby in a Nutshell cover
21950 [harryo zipwo] Apologies if someone has already pointed this out, but ...
+ 21952 [dblack candl] 'Twas indeed a snail, then a kudu (type of antelope), now a goat.  I guess
+ 21962 [matz ruby-la] They heard our discussion here against snail.  They changed to kudu.

^ Whoops!
21951 [harryo zipwo] I did a quick search via google and discovered that it's in fact a kudu
21953 [ptkwt shell1] No, it is a goat.  It was a kudu for a few brief days after it was a snail

^ Great circle distance calculation?
21956 [daniel helen] Is there a ruby module I can use to calculate the great circle distance
21964 [bobgus mcs.c] If you have a Macintosh, you can use the Map control panel (has been there

^ Flogging a live Window
21959 [eli.green co] Ok, I wanted to get away from the theory and conjecture thread of the
+ 21961 [Dave Pragmat] There are some notes already on
| 21992 [benoit.cerri] As for problems with cygwin, I can't make the gtk stuff work with it (even
+ 21991 [bdelmee adva] My guess is that enough CFLAGS twiddling should bring the mingw version
  22023 [mikkelj-anti] That makes perfect sense, although I do not agree from a pragmatic point of
  + 22036 [ptkwt shell1] Not true.  I can give you a real-life example:  I was working in a QA
  | + 22038 [benoit.cerri] Well one problem is the different versions of the cygwin dll, as you may
  | | + 22043 [ptkwt shell1] That's not really a cygwin problem per se.  It's more of a problem with
  | | | 22056 [benoit.cerri] yes it is, the pb is that there is a cygwin dll
  | | + 22074 [jjthrash pob] I haven't read the details of all the messages, but it seems to me that
  | |   + 22075 [nfrykholm rs] Running cygwin GCC with -mno-cygwin is the same as running MinGW.
  | |   + 22087 [ljohnson res] the
  | |     22120 [martin.kahle] As far as i know, mingw and VC++ DLLs are compatible, i.e. the ones built by
  | + 22047 [mikkelj-anti] Well I believe "most developers" covers it. I'll grant you that you can find
  |   22057 [benoit.cerri] find
  + 22037 [benoit.cerri] of
    22042 [mikkelj-anti] But the difficulty of obtaining gcc on Windows makes it a lot easier to just
    + 22046 [ptkwt shell1] Actually, except for the bandwidth issues (like if you're using a 56K
    + 22058 [benoit.cerri] the
    | + 22059 [nfrykholm rs] just
    | | 22080 [mikkelj-anti] I just have bad experiences downloading cygwin thats.
    | + 22072 [mikkelj-anti] In my attempts to download cygwin my experience was quite different. I had
    + 22060 [benoit.cerri] developed
      22063 [eli.green co] I am entirely unconvinced of this perceived incompatibility. Yes, by default,
      + 22077 [mikkelj-anti] I agree with you comments at the Wiki.
      + 22105 [bdelmee adva] gotten