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^ Overriding WEBrick::HTTPServer's :Logger when calling XMLRPC::Server
217101 [jameswmills ] I have a program that has a thread serving up an XMLRPC API.  Up to

^ Looking for a paragon or two
217113 [Fdavis usban] I saw a posting here recently about "The well tempered Ruby application"

^ require 'rubygems' but return false
217117 [yuesefa gmai] i just installed the one click installer 1.8.5 on windows, but i can
217120 [joshknowles ] The false return value just means that the library has already been loaded.

^ vruby question
217118 [esad.nospam ] In the following code (http://pastie.caboo.se/15426), the Dialog returns
217226 [    s xss.de] I have used vruby and other GUI frameworks only sparingly and years ago,
217266 [esad.nospam ] The problem with the form is that after you show it, you should enter
217283 [devlists-rub] You might want to check out VRTools to see about the holes in VRuby that

^ [ANN] R-Pass 0.1 (Ruby Presentation Assistant)
217122 [zoso foton.e] R-Pass

^ Problem in search folder,
217123 [srinivasar c] I am software test engineer working Outlook based project,

^ [ANN] BetaBrite LED sign library - 0.0.2
217126 [aaron_patter] The BetaBrite LED sign library version 0.0.2 is now available

^ Ruby LED Sign Service
217127 [aaron_patter] I just released a new version of my BetaBrite sign library, and I
+ 217131 [makenai gmai] That is one of the niftiest things ever! I wonder if it will work from
+ 217132 [drnicwilliam] Damn my corporate firewall. I want my own "DR NIC" sign! I shall try
  217164 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Bil Kleb

^ How to get Response URL value  - help requested
217128 [bharadwaj.n ] I have a problem here.
+ 217284 [bharadwaj.n ] Any help appreciated... Please let know.
| 217292 [andrei andre] I have no experience with Watir whatsoever, but the docs show there's
| 217446 [bharadwaj.n ] Thanks Andrei,
+ 219002 [bpettichord ] This information is not available in Watir. You could use a http proxy

^ help: digest/sha2.so: no such file to load -- digest.so
217129 [tammy subver] Can someone please help me out with this install error?
217448 [arthaey gmai] I have the same problem with digest.so not existing, but with Ruby
217461 [tammy subver] /usr/local/src/ruby-1.8.5/.ext/powerpc-darwin8.7.0/digest.bundle
217471 [tammy subver] Well

^ A nicer-looking ri
217133 [vincent.four] I'm recently in a shell scripting mood, and I came up with some small
217141 [drbrain segm] Why not just set the RI and PAGER environment variables?
217143 [vincent.four] That's a good point, but you don't always want less to have the -r
+ 217303 [drbrain segm] To be honest, I never use the pager with ri.
+ 217500 [nobu ruby-la] Why doesn't ri have --pager option?
  217711 [drbrain segm] Thank you.

^ Re: BetaBrite LED sign library - 0.0.2
217134 [drnicwilliam] How much do the signs cost? Their website doesn't say much.
217219 [aaron_patter] I got it from Sam's club for $160.

^ Regexp help
217147 [marcus.brist] I have a string of the form
+ 217148 [vincent.four] If you want to get [2,3] in both cases, that will be really difficult.
| + 217149 [sjc2000_uk y] Not so difficult, but it's not, as far as I can see, a
| + 217158 [vincent.four] def scan(str)
| | 217160 [bruno exceli] $ irb
| | 217161 [vincent.four] That's a nice one !
| + 217333 [relm 3tlk.ne] => ["2h 3m", "3m 2h", "2h 3minutes", "2hour 3min", "2"]
|   217361 [tomp earthli] Python regexps have named capturing groups.  It's extremely helpful
+ 217150 [MonkeeSage g] r  = Regexp.new(/(\d+)h.*(\d+)m/)
| 217152 [sjc2000_uk y] ah neat, Jordan, and more elegant than parsing an
| 217154 [tom.armitage] But, of course, that *won't* capture "3m 2h", like you described...
| 217156 [MonkeeSage g] True...
+ 217155 [phasis68 hot] str = "2h 3m" # or somthing
| + 217157 [marcus.brist] Nice one, thanks a lot!
| + 217163 [pit capitain] str.scan(/(\d+)(\w)/).sort_by{|n,u|u}.map{|n,u|n.to_i}
+ 217169 [matthias-lue] times = %w{ 2hour3min 2h3minutes 3m2h 2h3m }

^ Use Perl modules from Ruby ?
217173 [mb.spam gmx.] I was looking for a way to talk to a Perl module from Ruby directly to
+ 217179 [drnicwilliam] +1 interested in the solution too
| 217185 [pseudo.meta ] Would something like this be possible with RubyInline?
| 217425 [drbrain segm] There is one.  I'll try to pry it out of Ryan Davis' fingers.
+ 217196 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmm ... is enough of Cardinal (Ruby interface to Parrot), Parrot and
+ 217200 [aledonne.lis] I have a hard time imagining a Perl module too big to convert
  + 217202 [leslieviljoe] Yes, what is it? Maybe someone would want to convert it.
  | 217218 [jmg3000 gmai] It might be useful to have some sort of Ruby "porting party" website.
  + 217204 [james graypr] If it's an OO Perl module, odds are good the Ruby will be smaller.
  | 217212 [drnicwilliam] In my situation, we have a generated perl library and a perl wrapper for
  | + 217399 [mb.spam gmx.] Thanks so far for all your answers.
  | + 219148 [comp.lang.ru] _ If you've done #2 for perl, doing it for ruby is about a
  |   219254 [drnicwilliam] I was lucky - someone else did it in Perl. But they won't do it for Ruby
  |   219313 [znmeb cesmai] As near as I can tell after a couple of weeks of experimentation,
  + 217249 [snacktime gm] ...
    217311 [znmeb cesmai] Is there something Date::Manip can do that the built-in date calculators

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML)         You are added automatically
217178 [dragan.cveti] help
217182 [pseudo.meta ] Try International Rescue.

^ [QUIZ] Story Generator (#96)
217183 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 217189 [robert.dober] The Quiz ittself might be too much work to do for me, but reading it was
| + 217193 [james graypr] I too was worried it was too much effort before I ran it, but Morton
| | 217505 [leslieviljoe] In a parallel universe in the land of Atlantis there was a tireless
| | 217525 [james graypr] Wow, I can't wait to see that generator!
| + 217323 [m_goldberg a] I glad you like the idea. Please give it a try. It doesn't require
|   + 217347 [robert.dober] ;)?
|   + 217370 [rick.denatal] Anyone else here old enough to remember MadLibs?
|   | + 217375 [znmeb cesmai] Roger Price ... of course. Do you remember Droodles?
|   | | 217413 [m_goldberg a] +-------------------+
|   | + 217377 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
|   + 217382 [james graypr] James kills Ruby.  Ruby falls in love with James.  James falls in
|     217398 [robert.dober] you are heading for the Nobel Prize(1), I hate you, even if you are the bos=
+ 217528 [jim.menard g] I decided to modify my solution to the Lisp Game quiz so it plays
  217530 [james graypr] Dang that's clever Jim!
  217542 [leslieviljoe] jim.rb:17: odd number list for Hash
  217568 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
  217668 [leslieviljoe] My submission might have been scrubbed because I included a ZIP file,

^ HTML tags in database
217192 [amos.l.king ] I put html tags in a longtext field in my database, but when I grab it
+ 217215 [gregory.t.br] Can you show some specifc code please?  There isn't enough context
| 217217 [amos.l.king ] sure
| 217270 [amos.l.king ] I put html tags in a longtext field in my database, but when I grab it
| 217273 [gregory.t.br] Look at the source code.
+ 217216 [angus quovad] You are probably escaping "<", ">" and "&". Just don't do that.

^ Forking job scheduler
217201 [dontfall gma] If anyone is willing, I'd be grateful for some advice on the forking
+ 217203 [garbagecat10] You say nothing about the coordination requirements of the external
| + 217206 [dontfall gma] I actually had considered the cron approach, but wasn't sure if it was
| + 217209 [ara.t.howard] this is exactly how rq works - except it does both:  the feeder process is a
|   217214 [garbagecat10] Sounds cool, Ara. How does it keep two copies of itself from running? Does
|   217225 [ara.t.howard] yeah - basically.  it's under the users home dir though, named after the
+ 217208 [ara.t.howard] no need to reinvent the wheel!  ;-)

^ wrong content-type when trying to parse emails with Net::IMAP
217213 [christopher.] i'm trying to parse an email that is supposed to be a multipart/mixed
217276 [nospam nosit] What did you expect?
217289 [mattrose fol] What paul means is that the Net::IMAP just returns the text, and
217372 [christopher.] ok, maybe i overexplained...

^ Hot new programming languages - according to the TIOBE index
217220 [vasudevram g] Interesting post by voidspace.
+ 217336 [MonkeeSage g] Doing well?? Ruby is up 14 points, relatively...ghea! ruby p0wns!11 ;)
| 217379 [znmeb cesmai] I must admit that page aroused my curiosity about D as well. I was
+ 217378 [david vallne] TIOBE == bull... The way the TPC index is calculated is good for about a
  217409 [vasudevram g] I think you're pretty laughable yourself.
  217415 [david vallne] Oh, I know and admit that. Doesn't make you less of a troll farming hits

^ $ anchor for string of a whole file
217230 [pbailey bna.] I can't seem to get the regex I want when I'm searching for something at
+ 217233 [gavin.kistne] See \z and \Z
| 217234 [gavin.kistne] No, the multiline option causes the regexp engine to include newlines in
| 217244 [ruby-ml kitt] That is correct--^matches right after a newline and $ right before
+ 217239 [pbailey bna.] I had to correct "Asura$" to "Asura.*$"

^ Range weirdness
217232 [alex blackke] Should it have done?  I find it somewhat odd that ranges can only be

^ XMLRPC::Server logging question
217236 [jameswmills ] I have a program that has a thread serving up an client API using
220985 [adam usa.net] Did you ever solve this problem? I'm just trying to figure out how to

^ [ANN] test/spec 0.1, a BDD interface for Test::Unit
217242 [chneukirchen] today I'm releasing test/spec, a library to do BDD with Test::Unit.
+ 217267 [robert.dober] What a nice coincidence ;=3D)
+ 217829 [Bil.Kleb NAS] This is most excellent news.
| + 217905 [chneukirchen] AFAICS, Rspec is still alive, but I don't know how many people use it.
| + 219191 [dchelimsky g] I'm curious as to why you say this exceed's rspec? I'm not looking for
|   219192 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I haven't looked a rspec in a while, but test/spec seemed
|   + 219194 [dchelimsky g] Got it. Thanks for replying.
|   + 219583 [chneukirchen] One part that test/spec doesn't implement intentionally is mocking,
+ 217833 [rsanheim gma] [/snip]
  + 217838 [jameskilton ] class Test::Unit::TestCase
  + 217906 [chneukirchen] This hack is done by the context/specify blocks, inside them, #shoulds

^ (none)
217243 [CMEAD ags.co] charset="US-ASCII"

^ VRuby tabstop question
217258 [domenic dpad] Does anyone know how to get tabstops to work while using VRuby? I'm new
217281 [devlists-rub] VRuby as it ships doesn't support tabbing in Forms. It is supported by
+ 217282 [domenic dpad] Thanks. I'll take a look. WS_TABSTOP is set but I just get a system beep
+ 219365 [domenic dpad] Steve,

^ Re: Code Golf Challenge : Oblongular Number Spirals
217260 [noah.easterl] non-recursive 170 bytes: (around and around and around we go)

^ Extremely simple printf question
217263 [weyus att.ne] How embarrassing - how long have I been away from C to have to ask this?
217264 [weyus att.ne] Got it - sorry.
217275 [nospam nosit] Actually, you didn't, quite.

^ string indexing/setting
217272 [steve encite] charset="us-ascii"
217277 [SimonKroeger] what is 's' here?
217278 [steve encite] Sorry! Wrong order in the copy-and-paste.

^ [ANN] Toronto RUG meeting Sun Oct 1
217274 [mike stok.ca] charset=US-ASCII;

^ rakefile help: rakefile calling a rakefile?
217279 [jmg3000 gmai] I've got a top-level Rakefile that builds some C files. So, I've got a
228251 [ snk gna.org] That's how I do it. May not be the best solution, but hey, it works.

^ Re: Ruby Rails - serving image files
217280 [edwin outrea] I am an experienced programmer but new to Ruby (and Rails), and I had a

^ newbie: how to find & extract a string from a file
217286 [ebonak-a t-h] Just starting out to explore Ruby (I like it) and I have
+ 217297 [caldridge gm] I'm sure someone will have a better way of doing this..  but..
| 217312 [ebonak-a t-h] thanks .. this will get me started. I feel like I could do this
+ 217304 [MonkeeSage g] You could use raw regexps and do it yourself, but you should probably
  217313 [ebonak-a t-h] Thank you so much for these pointers. Am I correct in assuming
  217329 [MonkeeSage g] Glad to help. And yes, REXML is a pure-ruby parser (uses regexp under

^ SQLite3 Help
217290 [gavin.kistne] charset="us-ascii"

^ "1".to_i *2 == 1 && "1".to_i*2 == 2 ?
217291 [intinig gmai] Can anyone explain to me why
+ 217293 [robert.dober] this is  ("1".to_i) *  ( 2 )
+ 217294 [collinsj sea] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 217396 [david vallne] n this case, though.
+ 217296 [hungrylist g] because the second version converts the given string in base 2.
+ 217310 [botp delmont] # "1".to_i*2 is equal to 2
+ 217424 [drbrain segm] $ ruby -w

^ net/ssh question
217298 [joevandyk gm] Can I use net/ssh to connect to a remote server, start a X
+ 217299 [msoulier dig] Can it use X portforwarding? If so, then yes, if you're running a local X
| 217302 [joevandyk gm] I don't know if it can or not.  :-)  Why I'm asking.
| 217307 [nospam nosit] The answer depends on whether the remote and local machines are properly
| 217590 [joevandyk gm] Yes
+ 217316 [ara.t.howard] -a

^ Getting command line
217301 [joevandyk gm] ruby something.rb lots of "stuff here" and I want all 'of it'
+ 217305 [TimHunter nc] ARGV is an array of the tokens on the command line that follow the name
| 217320 [hal9000 hype] Of course, if you (the OP) want the quotes, you'll have to escape
+ 217315 [ara.t.howard] you can't.  the " and ' are handled by the shell.
  217695 [joevandyk gm] Oh yeah, I forgot that the shell automatically escapes stuff.  Thanks.

^ expect examples
217309 [rblove airma] Where can I find examples of using expect.rb?  I find plenty of web
217317 [ara.t.howard] download the ruby source.  then it's in ext/pty/expect_sample.rb

^ quick question: continuing Ruby methods on different line
217314 [tennisbum200] some.long.method.call
217318 [ara.t.howard] p Time\
217340 [shortcutter ] some.long.
217348 [robert.dober] Ara's
217350 [robert.dober] As you said,  I somehow missed the *first*  part of your post:(

^ pipe binary data
217321 [cs5b yahoo.c] I have a little program that mines the web. It consists of two ruby
217335 [MonkeeSage g] I'm no expert by any means, but this sounds odd to me -- more like
217341 [cs5b yahoo.c] Jordan, some more digging revealed this was related to a parsing bug in

^ Calling an existing method with RubyInline - how?
217328 [djberg96 gma] RubyInline 3.6.0
217430 [drbrain segm] require 'inline'
+ 217455 [djberg96 gma] Thanks.  Is there any way to avoid having to write wrappers for existing
| 217712 [drbrain segm] Inline doesn't have anything to read the header files to figure out
+ 217520 [djberg96 gma] Hm, so I have to wrap each function with a custom generated function.

^ DRb with http_proxy
217330 [yuesefa gmai] i want to get a remote drb service .it can't be accessed directly so
217426 [drbrain segm] I don't know, DRb is a peer-to-peer protocol more than a client-
217452 [robert.dober] which you can use on port 80. I have heard from a student - but a bright on=

^ On #<, #> and -w (void context warnings)
217332 [ruby-ml kitt] Time for the weekly syntax analysis thingy. ruby -w causes
217342 [shortcutter ] This is a quite accurate summary.

^ Integer division with / - request explanation of behavior
217338 [weyus att.ne] Today I discovered the difference in the meaning of the / (arithmetic
+ 217344 [nospam nosit] Not exactly. The result is expressed in the type of the more precise of the
| + 217346 [robert.dober] I frankly think there are two reasons for it
| + 217364 [shortcutter ] And as far as I know it's even an IEEE standard.  Programming systems
| | 217384 [nospam nosit] / ...
| | + 217390 [znmeb cesmai] Long ago in a galaxy far away, there were many more choices for transfer
| | | 217397 [robert.dober] I kinna start to love that guy ;)
| | + 217393 [shortcutter ] In this case I lean on the standard's side: numerics are just too basic
| |   217403 [nospam nosit] / ...
| |   217404 [robert.dober] Would you mind  if I suggest this Ruby Quiz
| |   217408 [znmeb cesmai] Easy as pi ... just use the Ruby language "call with continued fraction"
| |   217444 [robert.dober] I fail to understand, why use fractions Pi is defined as 42 of course. 8-]
| + 217374 [ruby-ml kitt] he
|   + 217381 [nospam nosit] Yes, I used the wrong term. I should have said "longer" rather than more
|   + 217405 [jtregunna bl] # 2. -. 1. = 1.;;
|     + 217410 [david vallne] Your example works because integers are rational IEEE floating point
|     | 217416 [tomp earthli] I understand what you're trying to say, but 'rational' and
|     + 217418 [chneukirchen] No, it doesnt.
+ 217353 [vincent.four] * C is mapping this operation directly to assembly. Old x86 processors
+ 217385 [david vallne] t=20