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^ Timeout and Exponetial Regexes
216975 [eden.li gmai] Side-stepping the debate about running exponential regular expressions
217061 [MonkeeSage g] Hmm...is that a valid expression? Capture "a" zero or more times, and
+ 217063 [ara.t.howard] i've been running it for hours - still hasn't exited... but it does seem
+ 218104 [eden.li gmai] It's a perfectly valid regex that happens to run in exponential time if
  218188 [rick.denatal] I'm not entirely sure, but I suspect that it's because of the use of

^ Re: Feedback messages to user using Tk...
216978 [Gemma.Camero] Thanks again Morton!
217020 [m_goldberg a] TkTimer and TkAfter are one and the same. TkAfter is an alias of

^ [ANN] Beta (trial) version of Ruby/TkORCA
216981 [nagai ai.kyu] Beta (trial) version of Ruby/TkORCA is available.

^ New magical version of Symbol.to_proc
216993 [drnicwilliam] [Posted at
+ 216995 [drnicwilliam] (active_support gem) but will be added into Ruby 1.9 one day in the
+ 216997 [dblack wobbl] It's not my favorite construct; it's a bit ugly and terse in a bad
  + 216999 [drnicwilliam] Agreed - its very nice semantically too. It has much more meaning than
  | + 217011 [phelan tttec] Nice trick!
  | + 217018 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure that's working the way you think it is.  When you call
  |   217045 [drnicwilliam] I've got it all bundled in a module, so it could be applied to another
  + 217002 [robert.dober] I agree, *cool* and *somehow dangerous*, I would very conservatively propos=
    + 217003 [robert.dober] Arrrrghh
    + 217004 [dblack wobbl] I personally dislike "magic dot" stuff like that.  True, it's not
    | + 217015 [toalett gmai] I like the idea of being able to treat messages like some kind of
    | | 217021 [transfire gm] if $0 == __FILE__
    | | 217032 [robert.dober] I just could not resist, I am still amazed - after 20 years of Ruby
    | + 217104 [hal9000 hype] Agreed. That is similar to the reason I hate the flip-flop
    |   217125 [transfire gm] I understand the general feeling you express. But is the reason really
    |   217130 [drnicwilliam] I agree - it is very nice syntax.
    |   + 217135 [robert.dober] It is for the first time that I hear that very honorable members of the
    |   | + 217136 [drnicwilliam] You're quoting techniques need some practise! I don't think I said that
    |   | | + 217137 [drnicwilliam] My ability to spell needs some practise.
    |   | | + 217151 [robert.dober] for the confusion
    |   | + 217166 [dblack wobbl] I don't think anyone objects to method-chaining in every case.  My
    |   |   217188 [robert.dober] I.see.your.point.emphasis_start.now.emphasis_end
    |   |   217195 [dblack wobbl] No, I didn't get that impression in the slightest.  I'm just doing my
    |   |   217198 [drnicwilliam] Ruby is great for burrowing. Java is bad. I remember burrowing in Java
    |   + 217165 [dblack wobbl] The ship has clearly sailed on the magic dot, but for the record let
    |     + 217167 [drnicwilliam] This would be readable assuming that "should" on x meant something. If I
    |     | 217171 [dblack wobbl] The intent is very clear, I think.  I just don't like the construct
    |     + 217235 [transfire gm] I agree. Unless #should, #be and #equal are all creating some truly
    + 217007 [drnicwilliam] I like this idea too - something that allows you to pick which iterator
      + 217010 [drnicwilliam] re = /(map|collect|select|each|reject)_([\\w\\_]+\\??)/
      + 217205 [headius head] FWIW I really prefer the magic underscore over anything else.
        + 217210 [drnicwilliam] I like your summary.
        | 217221 [headius head] Threading, threading, threading...remember JRuby is native-threaded
        + 217211 [dblack wobbl] I do too, generally, though map_length sounds like "the length of the
        + 217229 [transfire gm] You are right there. Pluralization is really going overboard, besides
        | + 217241 [drnicwilliam] With everyone's well founded concerns about name collisions, we should
        | | 217253 [rsanheim gma] You misspelt "extensive test suite running continuously" =)
        | | + 217257 [drnicwilliam] No spellchecker on Ruby forums UI. Perhaps I can whip up a greasemonkey
        | | + 217265 [robert.dober] Miss Van  Pelt, reread your Peanuts,
        | + 217492 [drnicwilliam] The way I coded it, it singularizes the string and passes that as the
        |   217734 [headius head] The JRuby code started out as a port of the C Ruby code, and for us a
        + 217488 [sethrasmusse] And just about every programming language syntax isn't already? I like
          + 217490 [drnicwilliam] That'd be workable syntax.
          | 217811 [martindemell] I did this a while back by adding an f (for functional) to the method
          + 217494 [MonkeeSage g] It can...
          + 217512 [transfire gm] Rails :\

^ Interesting snippets on dynamic method definitions in Ruby
216994 [public misus] I'm new to the list - I hope this posting is welcome. I've been (like

^ Obfuscation (was Re: Ruby with Qt or GTK ?)
216996 [kbloom gmail] Ruby can't even be really effectively obfuscated (at least not as
+ 217074 [greg.kujawa ] Good points made. Here's a lighter side to this digressing thread
+ 217105 [headius head] Java includes all naming in the compiled bytecodes as well, because

^ Files?
217017 [jonsdenni gm] I'm getting quite lost and discouraged trying to learn Ruby. [I have no
+ 217027 [wilsonb gmai] names and paths.
| 217248 [jonsdenni gm] It worked! Thank you very much. is this one of the books you are talking
| 217259 [wilsonb gmai] That's the book, but it's the 1st edition, and doesn't cover Ruby 1.8.
+ 217029 [GENIE prodig] File.open("g:/Ruby/myFile.html",File::WRONLY|File::CREAT) do |f|
+ 217076 [obrien.andre] Well, there are a couple of ways to do that depending on what you're
+ 217077 [jbacigalupa ] #opening a file for writing

^ [SUMMARY] Code to S-Exp (#95)
217034 [james graypr] This quiz is a little more challenging than it looks.  The real trick is to

^ Regular expression reformating a value
217035 [steve encite] charset="us-ascii"
+ 217046 [robert.dober] How about
| 217050 [steve encite] What I am looking for is a single regex to accomplish this so I can avoid
+ 217090 [rossrt rosco] Only lightly tested, but does this do what you're after?
  217170 [steve encite] Perfect!

^ define_method confusery
217040 [pseudo.meta ] So I have some code which adds a method to a class based on user input like
217042 [abergeron gm] Try Klass.instance_methods.
217044 [pseudo.meta ] Aha! That would do it. Thanks.
217084 [rick.denatal] You need to send define_method to the classes singleton class, and
217094 [pseudo.meta ] Okay, I think I understand why that is, but I'd better re-read

^ [ANN] Duration 0.0.4
217047 [shugotenshi ] I'd like to happily introduce Duration, the package for managing
217080 [tanner.burso] You mention that it can convert number of days/weeks into months.  How do
217180 [shugotenshi ] Since durations are only based on timespans of fixed lengths, they do
217190 [jtregunna bl] Just to add a little bit here, in Io, our Duration module doesn't
217194 [shugotenshi ] Duration and BigDuration are separate because BigDuration

^ Using resolv to get the mailhost
217051 [djberg96 gma] I'm trying to figure out a way to get the mailhost using the 'resolv'
217110 [djberg96 gma] It seems that I needed to put an explicit domain entry for foo.com in my

^ Popular RubyForge themes
217052 [tom infoethe] I just posted some numbers on how many people are using the various
217184 [lyle.johnson] I suspect that I speak for a number of people when I say, "RubyForge
217187 [james graypr] Ditto both points.

^ continuations across fork?
217053 [ctm ardi.com] "continuation called across trap".  I can think of a few reasons why
+ 217079 [kmgaughan ei] Probably because you're attemptin to jumP to part of a completely different
| + 217082 [ctm ardi.com] Thanks for the reply.
| | 217114 [kmgaughan ei] Ok, after reading the rest of your reply, I think I may have misunderstood
| | 217124 [ctm ardi.com] K.> Ok, after reading the rest of your reply, I think I may have
| + 217100 [gwtmp01 mac.] I don't think he is trying to initiate a continuation in the child
|   217102 [ctm ardi.com] Right.
|   217107 [gwtmp01 mac.] I also am not familiar with Ruby internals but now that I think about it
+ 217138 [drnicwilliam] If you felt inclined enough to hack the ruby source to test your
+ 217632 [csaba.henk g] I've been playing with this (not recently though, one or two years
  217677 [ctm ardi.com] ruby 1.9.0 (2006-10-02) from CVS HEAD gives the same "continuation

^ "Succinctness is Power", by Paul Graham
217055 [rdm cfcl.com] This is probably old news to many here, but I found it
+ 217093 [rick.denatal] I'll see his succintness, and raise him,
| + 217097 [nepentherepr] charset=US-ASCII;
| | 217252 [rick.denatal] Well having now read the article completely, it looks like he never
| | 217255 [matt technor] Knowledge is Power
| | 217288 [hal9000 hype] Knowledge is power.
| | 217322 [greg.kujawa ] Isn't there a business rule that postulates that a person can be
| | + 217325 [nepentherepr] You might consider reading the article.
| | | 217327 [greg.kujawa ] I don't have time for that. It wasn't succinct enough :-/
| | + 217352 [chneukirchen] 01000100 01110101 01101110 01101110 01101111 00101100
| |   217354 [dblack wobbl] 01010111 01100101 01101100 01101100 00101100 00100000
| |   217356 [chneukirchen] 00100000 01110111 01100101 01101001 01110010 01100100
| |   217358 [dblack wobbl] Yes, just for the record, somehow I lost that last 'd' and also a
| |   217368 [twifkak comc] Uh.... http://twifkak.com/re-ruby-talk-217358.png
| |   217457 [zedshaw zeds] And I thought I didn't have a life.
| + 217115 [michael.mabi] Silver bullets don't kill vampires, they kill werewolves
|   217251 [rick.denatal] Thanks, I guess I need to bone up on my knowledge of the occult.
|   217287 [hal9000 hype] Lycanthropy certainly gives one paws.
|   + 217334 [gilesb gmail] These puns are real howlers, but topics like this are the reason I
|   | 217337 [MonkeeSage g] Polar bear walked into a bar and said, "give me a...glass of iced
|   | + 217351 [bulliver bad] Ouch!
|   | + 217380 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah, they've bruined me for any other mailing list.
|   |   217451 [robert.dober] My good old friend Websters (m-w.com a must for all non native speakers, an=
|   |   217454 [znmeb cesmai] A bruin is another name for bear. Surely you've had something ruin your
|   |   217499 [robert.dober] Ahhh that explains why my friend Webster was talking about a bear all the
|   |   217882 [jos catnook.] Also, "bruin" is Dutch for "brown".
|   + 217366 [rick.denatal] Groan!!!!
+ 217324 [znmeb cesmai] I'm totally underwhelmed by Paul Graham's writings. First of all,
  217326 [greg.kujawa ] Agreed. The only way that I consider Ruby as being more succinct
  + 217331 [headius head] No, you would say
  + 217369 [rick.denatal] In the old days we used to day "Strong typing breaks keyboards!"
  + 217383 [david vallne] Funnily enough, I find full autocomplete saves me more net keystrokes.
  + 217401 [pete notahat] While I don't think Paul Graham's idea of succinctness is the only
    217421 [gilesb gmail] I think he's onto something but that there's more to the picture.
    217493 [drnicwilliam] Perhaps he's inferring a non-equivalence relationship, but perhaps a "is
    217497 [znmeb cesmai] Well, considering that Paul Graham is a Lispnik, I think we can infer
    + 217507 [pseudo.meta ] He's definitely from the Schemer tradition; Favouring recursion over
    | 217511 [znmeb cesmai] The problem I have with the two best-known Ruby DSLs, Rails and Rake, is
    | + 217518 [pseudo.meta ] True, but at least it's recognizably, syntactically, Ruby.  I'm not
    | | + 217521 [verno mailin] A nice example of a pure succinct Ruby parser is Dennis Ranke's
    | | + 217545 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah ... as does the person who's trying to put a timestamp like '10:30'
    | |   217547 [pseudo.meta ] The K&R C specification is tiny. I wouldn't want to write a parser
    | |   + 217558 [znmeb cesmai] The people who designed C++ and Perl 6 are the ones who are bonkers, not
    | |   | 217561 [david vallne] Hey, but if you ever need a protected abstract virtual base pure virtual
    | |   | 217564 [znmeb cesmai] C++ *is* a destructor.
    | |   | + 217601 [MonkeeSage g] <joking>
    | |   | + 217741 [rick.denatal] Some years ago at OOPSLA, I was hanging out in the hotel lobby, when I
    | |   + 217633 [reply_in_gro] I've heard rumors of a Fortran compiler written in troff macros.  Now
    | |     + 217661 [znmeb cesmai] I hadn't heard that one. However, "f2c" and "p2c" (FORTRAN to C and
    | |     + 217671 [chneukirchen] Not worse than the other way round...
    | |     + 217687 [robert.dober] Webserver in sed, my evidence is as solid as yours BTW, *I have heard* ;)
    | |       + 217688 [wilsonb gmai] ...
    | |       | 217691 [robert.dober] Great, when I looked at it I almost thaught, well why the heck would someone
    | |       | + 217698 [chneukirchen] I prefer Postscript.
    | |       | | 217766 [znmeb cesmai] Ah, but isn't PostScript a dialect of Forth?
    | |       | | 217767 [kmgaughan ei] Nah, but like all concatenative languages--Joy, for instance--it derives
    | |       | + 217706 [tomp earthli] It's just a CGI, of course, rather than an actual httpd replacement,
    | |       + 217689 [pseudo.meta ] I once created an operating system entirely out of the moans of geese.
    | |         217708 [gilesb gmail] The observation that C++ is a destructor is inaccurate. C++ is THE
    | + 217562 [wilsonb gmai] DHH mentioned at Canada on Rails (if I recall) that having
    |   217598 [zedshaw zeds] Oh great, an ever modifiable ruby DSL that we'll never be able to write a nice configuration tool against.  What happened to embrace the constraint?
    |   + 217610 [twifkak comc] Man, fame has made you mean...
    |   | 217614 [zedshaw zeds] <grin>
    |   + 217821 [leslieviljoe] Perhaps you could get the best of both worlds by "constraining" the
    + 217724 [kero chello.] (Some fun w/ Lisp and Ruby: http://www.rubyquiz.com/quiz49.html)
      + 217726 [robert.dober] Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
      | 217737 [jtregunna bl] Beauty lies.
      + 217730 [zedshaw zeds] )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
      + 217765 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... Ruby has closures and continuations, but does it have the third
      | 217899 [chneukirchen] Implementation detail.  But I really wish it did...
      | + 217900 [pseudo.meta ] No, but then Ruby's not a functional language, so it doesn't really
      | + 217901 [mariano.kamp] charset=US-ASCII;
      |   217902 [pseudo.meta ] Yes. Scheme doesn't really have any looping constructs. Schemers do
      + 217800 [pseudo.meta ] Coming from a LISPer, that's pretty rich. Schemers have no sense of irony.
      + 218285 [gilesb gmail] You know, there's a great blog thingy somewhere, I forgot who but I

^ Rubygems front end?
217056 [ezmobius gma] Does one exist? I wanted to have a look at how one would go about
+ 217145 [smartgpx gma] There is the beginnings of a project at 'rubyslippers' on Rubyforge.
+ 217186 [shugotenshi ] The Gem.source_index contains a source index object that contains lots
  217222 [ezmobius gma] Thanks for the responses. I ended up just regexing the gem list --

^ rdoc -> pdf
217058 [mariano.kamp] I found the below quoted message when searching for a pdf output
217073 [gregory.t.br] I reformatted your post a tiny bit, to make it eaier to respond to...
217871 [mariano.kamp] Nope, not at all ;-)
217928 [gregory.t.br] I've copied this discussion to the Ruport mailing list, please

^ putting a variable into a KirbyBase database cell
217064 [pbailey bna.] With a lot of help from Jamey, the KirbyBase inventor, I've managed to
217065 [gwtmp01 mac.] You don't want #{$totalpages} but simply $totalpages.
217227 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, Gary. Yeh, I tried that too, without the braces. I didn't get

^ Re: Curses
217067 [sam.overdorf] So can we change the Ruby Library?
217078 [_mwryder wor] Looking at the source code it doesn't look like it would be too hard to
217111 [sam.overdorf] That is always the $64,000 question.

^ namelists -> web forms
217068 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Any thoughts/guidance on creating a modern incarnation

^ Segmentation fault with turing gem on 64bit gentoo
217071 [michael syko] I am running 64bit gentoo with the truetype use flag used to build gd,

^ Ruby apps useing multiple files
217083 [nigel waspz.] I'm writing an app in ruby and want to split it into more than one file
+ 217085 [jan.svitok g] require 'filename' is the proper one. you can use load 'filename' if
| 217088 [nigel waspz.] Thanks for that, however the "is load path" reference confuses me, I
| + 217091 [nepentherepr] is a synonym for $LOAD_PATH
| + 217153 [smartgpx gma] Ruby in a Nutshell: Section 3.1 Predefined Variables
+ 217086 [TimHunter nc] Use ri to read about "require" and "Kernel#load".

^ Question on exec subprocesses
217096 [phyprabab ya] Folks,
+ 217103 [wilsonb gmai] fork {exec "foo action"}
| 217250 [phyprabab ya] Thanks, this works like a charm!
+ 217106 [rick.denatal] First of all, exec replaces the current process with an external command.
  217109 [phyprabab ya] pida = fork { exec "command a;command b" }

^ [ANN] RMagick 1.14.0
217098 [TimHunter nc] I've just uploaded RMagick 1.14.0 to RubyForge. There have been many, many