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^ Re: forking processes and writing to log file [CORRECTION]
216576 [Gennady.Byst] Process.setsess should be Process.setsid. Sorry for confusion, clicked

^ Good ruby/watir image libary/package
216578 [spammer.sbt ] I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a good image capture
216755 [patrick pksp] We're using TechSmith's SnagIt to capture screenshots during the
216758 [richard.conr] I thought that WATIR already had some basic screencapture stuff built-in?
216766 [patrick pksp] We opted for SnagIt because of it's ability to capture a scrolling page,

^ Enumerable and WIN32OLE
216579 [bpettichord ] I make a lot of use of the WIN32OLE library, with many thanks to Nobu
216654 [dave burt.id] Yes, I've expected that on occasion, and I think it would be a nifty
217175 [masaki.suket] Enumerable#find method clashes the 'find' method of Excel Range object.
217191 [masaki.suket] Enumerable#select method clashes the 'select' method of Excel Range object.
217240 [dave burt.id] You're right, we don't want to break people's range.find or range.select
217308 [masaki.suket] Some Enumerable's methods does not need a block, for example, Enumerable#max.
217373 [dave burt.id] I had an earlier version of the code I posted that went through
217443 [masaki.suket] I think I understand your code skip the methods that don't need
217484 [dave burt.id] No, that's right, that is still an issue, only for (min, max, entries,

^ [ANN] New version of AWDwR available
216580 [dave pragpro] I've uploaded the B1.12 version of AWDwR.
216660 [markusjais g] thank you. the new edition is awesome. a great book got even better.

^ how to design a system to centralize data? -- using ruby
216582 [anne wjh.har] I work in a psychology lab which used to test subjects one on one. A
+ 216585 [ruby philip.] If you're lab is at harvard as your email suggests, I'd see if there
+ 216598 [jmg3000 gmai] Yup.
  + 216625 [devlists-rub] Students can be a fine solution to problems like this, but as with most
  + 216704 [anne wjh.har] Thank you for your post,

^ Modules, instance methods and class methods
216583 [vincent.four] I have a rather tortured architecture where several classes should
+ 216590 [dblack wobbl] Personally, I like your approach: you've grouped methods according to
+ 216609 [transfire gm] Not too long ago this was discussed with a length with Matz. The result
  216657 [vincent.four] Thanks !
  216666 [dblack wobbl] I agree; it seems odd to resort to a block when generally the
  216706 [transfire gm] Yea. I get the same vibe. There's no precedence for it so it doesn't

^ [ANN] PSD parser (incomplete)
216588 [ilmari.heikk] I've written an incomplete PSD parser in ruby, using the Photoshop 6.0

^ Trace Object Creation
216592 [steviedizzle] I have a project in which (somewhere) a Complex object is created which is not exactly performance-wise or desirable. Unfortunatly the project is fairly large and I have absolutely no idea where it is being created. Is there a way to trace the object creation to find where the Complex is object is created and initialized?
+ 216606 [transfire gm] See #set_trace_func. That may help.
+ 216607 [transfire gm] See #set_trace_func. That may help.
+ 216608 [transfire gm] See #set_trace_func. That may help.
  216616 [steviedizzle] Thank you, I figured it out. Math.cos calls the Complex class.

^ hi,I want to run ruby with apache web server 2.2.3,who can help me,thanks a lot
216595 [rainbow686 g] lot
216596 [wilsonb gmai] I'm taking the wild guess that you are using Rails, rather than 'bare'
216612 [leopold.lu g] ...

^ Curses
216597 [sam.overdorf] Is anyone using the Curses class?
+ 216600 [_mwryder wor] According to O'Reilly's Programming with Curses "move() is really a
| 216619 [ruby-ml kitt] =20
| 216648 [_mwryder wor] What flavor of Curses is this from?
| 216793 [ruby-ml kitt] ry
| 216796 [_mwryder wor] The source code shows that it uses Curses' move() function which is a
| 216834 [ruby-ml kitt] =20
| 216865 [_mwryder wor] ALL input/output in Curses is done with windows.  The only difference
| 216868 [ruby-ml kitt] =20
| 216870 [ruby-ml kitt] =20
| 216887 [_mwryder wor] Having programmed using Curses with C for many years I am familiar with
+ 216626 [m_goldberg a] You could look at

^ Re: Trace Object Creation [post x 3]
216611 [ryand-ruby z] WTF? Is this PEBCAK or server error?
216614 [transfire gm] Google Server Error. ruby-talk-google (the google group archive) is

^ Computer Language Popularity Trend
216617 [xah xahlee.o] This page gives a visual report of computer languages's popularity, as
+ 216618 [MonkeeSage g] What's the purpose for cross posting this to several newsgroups? It is
| 216638 [defaultuserb] He's a troll.
+ 216624 [ara.t.howard] i'm glad you're up to something constructive.  this is actually pretty
| 216629 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah ... except it makes no attempt to cover both (Common) Lisp and
+ 216633 [jcoffin taeu] xah@xahlee.org says...
+ 216634 [chernyshevsk] These charts are a rather misleading I think. The number of newsgroup
| + 216635 [znmeb cesmai] Yup ... it's unscientific but fun. On the other hand, a pretty good
| | 216651 [dave.m email] This would be true in a rational world.
| + 216644 [benhonghatgm] The numbers are also affected by accessibility to the newsgroups, you
|   216751 [jstucklex at] I'm not sure everyone takes the time to search the internet for an
+ 216637 [defaultuserb] Ah, it's been a while since I had a chance to plonk you.
+ 216770 [jmcgill emai] This would make a lot more sense if it included
| + 216789 [jjds101 yaho] Hasn't it annoyed enough groups already?
| | 216890 [jmcgill emai] It had not occurred to me that it was a nuisance.  I thought poor soul
| | + 216914 [rick.denatal] Well I did learn something new.  I never realized what PHP stood for.
| | + 216921 [ataru norge.] Only because (I presume) you haven't seen Xah Lee's drivel posted
| |   216928 [weconsul ptd] Boy, I never knew he posted his STUFF in the PHP newsgroups. He has a
| + 216897 [HikksNotAtHo] Yeah, everybody knows that Java is a programming language and Javascript
+ 216882 [andy servoco] What a pile of crud.
+ 217261 [grg2 comcast] Or one might deduce that the higher the curve, the more likely the
| + 217262 [gdonald gmai] Hard to say..  for example php-general is just as high traffic as ruby-talk.
| | 217349 [bulliver bad] Really?
| | 217357 [chneukirchen] I guess PHP people are more likely to use some icky forum than
| | + 217376 [znmeb cesmai] Like phpBB?
| | + 217386 [david vallne] And the rather special abomination, manuals with comments. There's
| |   217395 [chneukirchen] At least they have manuals. ;)
| + 217388 [david vallne] Or one might deduce that these ad-hoc stillborn carcasses of attempts at
+ 217268 [greg.kujawa ] The graphs remind me of the Staples TV commercial that shows in the
+ 217345 [alex.buell m] Folks, just kf him and have done with it.

^ cry for help - make this faster.
216630 [ara.t.howard] yes, it will require deep ruby and 'c' knowledge
+ 216714 [fugalh xmiss] That looks way cool. I heartily support it. I have some C IPC
| 216726 [ara.t.howard] have a whack at it!  ;-)  i played with threaded versions, non-threaded
+ 216719 [Mail Jonas-H] this is a great thing - could it make it into ruby 2 std lib ( or did
| 216727 [ara.t.howard] i suppose that's an idea - but at this point it's far from ready for prime
+ 216926 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmm ... by portability do you mean "runs on other than Linux?" :)
  216937 [ara.t.howard] i'm afraid so - sigh...
  216943 [znmeb cesmai] I was thinking Tux, actually. :)

^ Ahh, the hazards of an interpretive language...
216641 [neverland jw] This sort of thing has most probably been noted and reported by other
+ 216646 [malvim gmail] I've never fallen into that trap but, as a complete newbie to Ruby, I
+ 216656 [robin nibor.] Maybe an editor with syntax highlighting would help with this kind of
+ 216665 [m_goldberg a] If you run Ruby with the -w command line flag, you will get a warning
+ 216787 [shortcutter ] Btw, the typical solution in Ruby would be to use a Hash.  Then tt will
  216881 [neverland jw] Yes, of course, but the actual actions were rather more complex than
  216964 [shortcutter ] def tt(x) code[x][] end

^ an request...
216647 [pavsuri gmai] ways to learn it...
216652 [matz ruby-la] Try http://www.ruby-lang.org/ first.

^ AW: an request...
216653 [marinho.tobo] The main ruby site is a good start, i guess

^ Feedback messages to user using Tk...
216655 [Gemma.Camero] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 216661 [smartgpx gma] From someone definitely NOT "very familiar with Tk"...
| 216662 [Gemma.Camero] I'll have a look into this!
+ 216672 [merrua yahoo] I actually want to do this too.
| 216674 [Gemma.Camero] At the moment I'm leaving the puts in because the shell is also executed along with the gui app and runs behind it. THerefore the user can see the feedback... messy but it works...
| 216676 [merrua yahoo] Gemma
+ 216684 [m_goldberg a] Ruby/Tk makes it easy to do what you want. You don't need to bother
  216691 [Gemma.Camero] Thanks Morton, however I want the message to change when the program produces feedback for the user, i.e. the program is zipping up files, as these files are zipped I should like to display the incrementing percentage complete. A user will not be clicking a button each time a file is added, unfortunately; 2,500 files would probably cause serious RSI!
  216701 [m_goldberg a] The fact that I used a button to trigger the change doesn't mean that
  216710 [merrua yahoo] Thanks for both of the examples. It will take me a while to pick my way
  216711 [Gemma.Camero] I had tried something similar to what you suggested with a method, but there was no way of triggering it - i think i needed to perhaps run it as a seperate process...
  216724 [m_goldberg a] I hope not. That will complicate things quite a bit. Before you do
  216731 [Gemma.Camero] 6. Now call Tk.mainloop
  216768 [m_goldberg a] There are quite a few errors in that code. Even if you fixed its

^ Re: Problem with TkMenu::add_cascade - SOLVED
216663 [matthias kl-] That's it, thanks a lot!

^ ruby-doc.org
216667 [none none.co] Is anyone else having a problem with ruby-doc.org ? I haven't been able to connect to it for two days.
+ 216669 [josselin wan] yes , server seems out of order ..
+ 216695 [lyle.johnson] The server seems to respond to pinging, but I can't get to the web site either.
| 217006 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Same for http://wiki.rubygarden.org
| + 217012 [dblack wobbl] Ruby Garden, and also Ruby Central, are undergoing some pretty major
| + 217013 [shortcutter ] Works for me.
+ 217019 [james.britt ] I've been having some server issues, were the Web server dies in the wee

^ Module and Test::Unit
216668 [aidy.rutter ] Is there any way we can use test assertations in a module, or do we
+ 216686 [alex blackke] I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but I do this sort of thing
+ 216752 [bpettichord ] You can mix in the assertion module even if you are not using
  216980 [aidy.rutter ] Very useful blog. I'll link it from mine.

^ Re: Encrypt ruby source code
216670 [torben.wolm ] Hasn't this been discussed somewhere else?
216690 [sam powersou] Generally, you don't distribute a web application to a desktop.  So,

^ [newbie]  Hash to String ?
216671 [josselin wan] I need to produce this kind of result
+ 216677 [josselin wan] sorry for this silly question..
+ 216679 [jan.svitok g] What do you want to do exactly? Where the String from the title?
| 216694 [josselin wan] thanks.. (as mentionned in a second post I found a solution)
+ 216722 [jwells serva] months = Date::MONTHNAMES.compact.collect{|m| [m,
  216988 [josselin wan] thanks , that's what I was looking for...

^ Trying to understand menus in ruby/tk through examples
216673 [merrua yahoo] Can anyone explain why with the first two 'command' lines
216746 [nospam nosit] / ...
216754 [merrua yahoo] so the problem would be there?
216795 [nospam nosit] / ...

^ String starts? and ends? methods
216675 [none none.co] This comes up every now and again, and lots of frameworks implement their own versions. I'm thinking
216680 [decoux moulo] 1.9 has String#startwith?, String#endwith?
+ 216681 [dblack wobbl] No underscores between words?
| 216683 [decoux moulo] moulon% grep ith\? string.c
| 216685 [dblack wobbl] It's not that I didn't believe you :-)  It just seems a bit unusual,
| 216687 [matz ruby-la] Makes sense.  It was just honoring the origin (this case Python).
| + 216688 [rimantas gma] +1 for changing to start_with? end_with?
| | + 216697 [james graypr] I agree completely.
| | + 216700 [vincent.four] + 1 for me as well
| | | 216707 [hawkman.gelo] to be honest, i don't really think this is that useful.
| | | + 216713 [vincent.four] For the Regexp-friendly users... In my opinion, a part of Ruby's
| | | + 216716 [logancapaldo] That's almost right.
| | + 216900 [skurapat ucs] +1
| + 216689 [robin nibor.] My vote is also for naming them start_with? and end_with? because of
| + 216692 [dblack wobbl] David
| | + 216696 [matz ruby-la] OK, done.
| | + 216929 [botp delmont] # Yes: add the underscores.  Otherwise we'll have those exceptions "for
| |   216966 [MonkeeSage g] There seem to be two kinds of predicates -- those which ask about what
| |   217036 [MonkeeSage g] ^ Sorry to double-post, google mail was acting up.
| + 216712 [twifkak comc] My English-fu has me prefer starts_with? to start_with?, but general
|   216715 [dblack wobbl] obj.respond_to?   # second person
|   + 216718 [matz ruby-la] Right.  "is-a" is a too common phrase among object-oriented
|   | 216720 [Mail Jonas-H] (a newbie speaking)
|   | + 216721 [james graypr] What functionality are you envisioning these methods would have?
|   | | 216744 [Mail Jonas-H] maybe without parameters exchanging the first or last char with a
|   | + 216728 [matz ruby-la] As a convention, Ruby method names use plain verb with singular form,
|   |   + 216734 [pere.noel la] is it start_with? (underscore) or startwith? ?
|   |   | 216743 [Mail Jonas-H] that has just been changed (see discussion last hours on this topic)
|   |   + 216885 [hal9000 hype] I think this is reasonable (or maybe I am just used to it).
|   |   | 217139 [luc honk-hon] Or since the semantic of a method call actually corresponds to
|   |   + 216892 [pete notahat] "Starts" is not the plural form of "start", it's just a conjugation.
|   |     + 216893 [dblack wobbl] I believe the rationale is that it's in the second person: do you
|   |     | 216910 [pete notahat] For non-predicate methods, the second person makes sense. Take
|   |     | 216916 [malvim gmail] Sorry for entering this thread now to give my two cents. I'm sorry
|   |     | + 216919 [pete notahat] I think you're absolutely right Marcelo, and you've once again proved
|   |     | | + 216954 [MonkeeSage g] There seem to be two kinds of predicates -- those which ask about what
|   |     | | | 217031 [rick.denatal] Not that it's going to change, and it's all water long under the bridge, but....
|   |     | | | + 217072 [headius head] ...if it's true that my bag does have my nine-iron
|   |     | | | + 217224 [none none.co] This is probably a consequence of Matz being Japanese. We should be grateful that he used English at
|   |     | | |   217271 [robert.dober] In your current form I'd rather use a eight!
|   |     | | + 217089 [robert.dober] by force of nature, we have to study it to learn,
|   |     | |   217099 [rick.denatal] That was my first thought.
|   |     | |   217269 [robert.dober] And what a beautiful name "DeNatale" is, Napoletano?
|   |     | + 216938 [hal9000 hype] Interesting. Some methods are imperative in form. But the ones
|   |     |   217037 [rick.denatal] Well, according to
|   |     + 216904 [banshee bans] I could possibly see your point for something like start_with! (should it
|   + 216884 [hal9000 hype] As the other cases are using the infinitive form,
|     216886 [dblack wobbl] I think it's the second person -- at least, I seem to remember Matz
|     + 216888 [hal9000 hype] Forsooth!
|     + 216917 [grzm seespot] So it should be #are_a?, right?
|       216918 [rick.denatal] Nah, is_a? which derives from
+ 216682 [none none.co] Where is this documented? I can't find it anywhere.

^ FXRuby and win32 events
216678 [A.Reith gmai] I'm trying to build a small 'auto-copy' app with FXRuby (on windows). I

^ [ANN] Code Golf Challenge : Oblongular Number Spirals
216693 [carl carldr.] For those who found the 1,000 Digits of Pi problem too daunting, here's
+ 216844 [paul iconopl] I've just spent since 4pm (it's now 22:40 local time) working on
| + 216846 [amos.l.king ] What is the problem?
| + 216858 [james graypr] It is a hell of a problem.  I too lost a couple of hours to it this
+ 216963 [michael.ulm ] I finally found some time for golfing again. Here is my current solution.
  + 217030 [james graypr] Does that work?  I thought the script received the numbers on STDIN.
  + 217033 [james graypr] I haven't figured out completely how it works yet, but I did shave
    217041 [james graypr] f=proc{|n,m,k,o|n*m==0?[]:(k>0?f[n-1,m-1,m-k-1,n+m-1+o].reverse<<n+k
    217092 [sander.land ] f=proc{|n,m,k,o|n*m<1?[]:k>0?f[n-1,m-=1,m-k,n+m+o].reverse<<n+k+o-1:[*o...n+o]}
    217177 [paul iconopl] 2 tries to pass? It doesn't work for all cases then! Cheat! :-)
    217199 [sander.land ] Only for  x*y >= 100, which is true for the majority of the test cases
    + 217223 [paul iconopl] Hmmmm... letter of the rules, rather than the spirit. I can tell
    + 217228 [martin snowp] Part of the problem here is that there isn't a long tradition of ruby
      217246 [SimonKroeger] 10**1000 == ?d**500
      + 217247 [james graypr] I think this would be a great feature.
      + 217256 [paul iconopl] Yup, my solution has the recursion but is bulked by iterating and