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^ Rails for the Rubyist
216396 [gavin refine] It's very nice that DAB has written "Ruby for Rails", which (as I
+ 216397 [ruby philip.] I found the pragmatic books to be pretty good...
+ 216404 [paul plsys.c] I spent time banging my head on the desk when I was trying to pick up
| + 216415 [chiology gma] Here is a little diagram I created specifically for my MVC framework
| | 216417 [nepentherepr] Rails Recipe's was my thought too.  It's basically walks you through
| + 216562 [rick.denatal] I haven't seen Ruby for Rails, so I don't know the balance between
| | 216574 [paul plsys.c] I said that I think he would enjoy it - because it avoids the "gee
| + 216747 [gavin refine] I just bought the PDF, and I'm not very far into it, but I've already
|   + 216786 [rsanheim gma] Regarding this particular magic, I'm pretty sure all Rails does is
|   | 216813 [chneukirchen] What again was MVC for?
|   | 216815 [dblack wobbl] It's always been a bit like M(VC).  I think the instance variable
|   + 216986 [paul plsys.c] Just for clarity, that quote is from a "Joe Asks" pull out in AWDwR,
|   + 218176 [halostatue g] Yes, well. That's the way that *Rails* works, not just the book. I've
|     218184 [james graypr] Well then let me congratulation *you*.  ;)
+ 216909 [twifkak comc] 1. Watch the screencast.
  216941 [wilsonb gmai] I don't really agree about the last point there. I don't feel that
  216970 [nepentherepr] I was also under the impression that the quality of the Rails

^ [ANN] Melbourne Ruby meetup: Tuesday 26th September
216398 [matchbo gmai] The Melbourne, Australia Ruby/Rails meetup for

^ Web service plumbing for Ruby/ROR
216401 [vivek.vaid g] I'm trying to use an exisitng web serivce which has a *very* exhaustive
217605 [nakahiro sar] GPL at first (in 2000), but now it's covered with Ruby's license, that

^ erb question
216402 [yuesefa gmai] <%="ab\r\ncd\r\nef"%> #this is the code
216403 [nospam nosit] <%="ab<br>cd<br>ef"%>

^ Regexp Question / gsub Question
216406 [caldridge gm] Perhaps someone could help with this example? I need to iterate
216407 [mike stok.ca] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
216408 [caldridge gm] Hehe.. Awesome!!!!!!!
216410 [mike stok.ca] thing = 'key'
216412 [caldridge gm] Thanks so much Mike.

^ Quicktime com automation - how do I call it?
216411 [dgreig magia] I'm playing around with Windows Automation with the aim of processing
216555 [patrick pksp] #-- this will fire it up and display it
216631 [patrick pksp] Actually, I've able to cobble-up a bit more code, but it's at work. I'll
218853 [dgreig magia] My interest is piqued too! Although, so far I've only got as far as your
218878 [patrick pksp] Unfortunately, there's not much available concerning the Quicktime
219201 [dgreig magia] For anyone interested - the quicktime api is a mysterious and magical
219204 [patrick pksp] You got that right! I don't think I've seen such a poorly documented API

^ Encrypt ruby source code
216423 [allenbobo gm] any one know how to encrypt ruby source code.
+ 216426 [hhausman gma] How about this?
+ 216427 [nospam nosit] There are dozens of ways. But after it's encoded, it can't be executed my
| 216430 [allenbobo gm] I want supply a web app to third party,
| 216444 [nospam nosit] Don't use Ruby. Even if you provide the source encrypted, you have to
| + 216445 [hhausman gma] Paul,
| | 216498 [tomp earthli] It should be pointed out that this is NOT a compiler.  What I believe
| | 216505 [headius head] I disagree with the open-source assertion. JRuby will soon support
| + 216502 [billk cts.co] Ruby2CExtension: http://ruby2cext.rubyforge.org/
+ 216446 [smartgpx gma] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 216503 [stark.dreamd] encoding you code to protect your intellectual property seems to be a

^ AW: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML)         You are added automatically
216425 [Pascal.Nicke] # help

^ Problem with TkMenu::add_cascade
216428 [matthias kl-] i'm working on gui using ruby/tk.
+ 216443 [nospam nosit] Any reason you aren't using Qt? I don't want to sound like a broken record
+ 216455 [bengt.dahlqv] Tested your code (just added require 'tk' as first line) with
+ 216485 [m_goldberg a] No problem with your code on my box -- Mac OS X 10.4, ruby 1.8.2.
+ 216543 [nagai ai.kyu] That is NOT a bug of Ruby/Tk. Tcl/Tk will give you a same result.

^ Gems error
216429 [Andrej.Gaevs] Why error is happen?

^ GUI programming for WinXP/Linux/OSX?
216431 [roman.hausne] - it must run on WinXP and Linux, idally also on OSX
+ 216432 [thomas.adam2] Tk, then.
| 216433 [roman.hausne] Thank you for the quick response. I was aware of Tk, but - honestly - I
| + 216435 [mariano.kamp] Did you have a look at SWT? You would need JRuby to run it, but SWT
| + 216436 [thomas.adam2] It's all subjective, alas.  I can semi-understand your concern
| | + 216438 [vincent.four] What you really need is Qtruby - it matches exactly your requirements. Check
| | | + 216491 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmm ... maybe I should reconsider ... when I get some free cycles I'll
| | | + 228512 [vincent.four] Well, first, you really should consider posting to ruby-talk rather
| | + 216453 [riko despamm] QT is quite nice on the MacOS X (although far from looking native).
| |   216456 [pere.noel la] what about FOX on Mac OS X ???
| |   + 216458 [riko despamm] I never tried it. However, if you give me a short list of FOX
| |   | 216506 [pere.noel la] i never get more deeper than "hello workd" ;-)
| |   | 216532 [riko despamm] well, it doesn't need to be your stuff :)
| |   | 216537 [pere.noel la] right !
| |   + 216464 [logancapaldo] I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure FOX uses X11 under OS X. (But I
| |     216533 [riko despamm] Both Qt and wxWidgets have some support for programming natively on Mac
| |     216605 [znmeb cesmai] I don't think FLTK has a Ruby binding yet.
| |     + 216610 [MonkeeSage g] Just a note about Tk -- it has built-in *bindings* in ruby, not a
| |     + 216649 [riko despamm] <http://ruby-fltk.sourceforge.net/>
| |       216650 [pere.noel la] did u get some screenshots elsewhere ?
| |       216723 [riko despamm] No. :)
| + 216450 [alexandru gl] I have not used this, and have no ideea how well Tile plays with Ruby/Tk,
|   216457 [pere.noel la] not too bad ;-)
+ 216439 [none none.co] Perhaps wxRuby http://wxruby.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.pl will help.
+ 216442 [nospam nosit] / ...
| + 216454 [riko despamm] +1
| + 216488 [znmeb cesmai] IIRC QTDesigner runs on all platforms where QT itself runs, so you don't
+ 216448 [interfecus g] I love GTK's layout system. Try using Glade to design an interface and
+ 216452 [roman.hausne] mmmkay ... :)
| + 216487 [znmeb cesmai] I'm at a similar decision point. I don't have a Mac and don't plan to
| | + 216494 [dave.baldwin] Google sketchup is a free drawing app that uses Ruby for plugins and
| | + 216534 [vjoel path.b] Tk does have a rather nice 2D Canvas widget with various shapes, layers,
| + 216497 [headius head] For what it's worth, there are a few examples already out there of
| + 216527 [jmg3000 gmai] And probably wxRuby too.
+ 216461 [Reid.Thompso] see also http://wxwidgets.org/about/screensh.htm
| + 216507 [pere.noel la] is that working on Mac OS X, any experiment ???
| | + 216512 [Reid.Thompso] I've little to no experience with wxwidgets -- but I know that it is a
| | + 216531 [alex deletem] Yes. The old (0.6.0) series is based on WxWidgets 2.4.2 and doesn't look completely native. It's actively developed on OS X for ppc and intel.
| |   216536 [pere.noel la] The old (0.6.0) series of what, i didn't catch it ))
| |   216560 [alex deletem] wxRuby - http://wxruby.rubyforge.org/ - the ruby interface to WxWidgets.
| |   216603 [pere.noel la] fine thanks, everything is done by gem install in a few time ))
| + 216508 [sean cyberwa] My vote goes for wxWidgets. Which there are ruby bindings I believe.
+ 216529 [barberomarce] Try wxPython: www.wxpython.org
+ 216951 [reply_in_gro] The cross-platform GUI solutions tend to have little (or big!)
  216955 [znmeb cesmai] Or use Rails and make a browser-based GUI with Ajax.
  217005 [roman.hausne] That is certainly interesting for some applications but I think that

^ Re: ZenObfuscate - for when you really really have to ship a
216449 [allenbobo gm] where to get it?

^ rubymel 0.8.1: ruby for maya 3D for mac tiger?
216451 [anne wjh.har] rubymel 0.8.1 does not have mac as one of the platform icons. Is there

^ [ANN] New release of Cerberus CI tool
216460 [anatol.pomoz] I am glad to announce 0.2.4 release of Cerberus CI tool.

^ MarkaBoo
216462 [transfire gm] What's the Love Level over at MarkaBoo.com? (Ie. Level of active
216509 [transfire gm] Okay, I'll expend on this topic. Today I learned that Del.icio.us is
+ 216524 [nepentherepr] Certainly doesn't look very active, might want to get in touch with
| 216525 [xmlblog gmai] Don't let the Rubyforge statistics fool you, we've recently been using SVK
+ 216530 [binary42 gma] I've enjoyed using ma.gnolia.com. It is also a rails app (but closed source).

^ CfP: IEEE Software Special Issue on Rapid Application Development with Dynamically Typed Languages
216467 [laurie tratt] ============================================================================
216551 [malvim gmail] Well, pictures seem to be underrated theses days... I remember when

^ string#[]
216468 [none none.co] This must be a common newbie question, but I can't find the answer.
+ 216470 [shortcutter ] Because there is no character class in Ruby.  If you need a one
| 216515 [none none.co] Why not a 1-character string?
| + 216517 [Fdavis usban] I think Ruby treats Strings as an array of bytes. There are a lot of
| + 216520 [nospam nosit] A one-character string isn't a character, because a string has the
| + 216526 [james graypr] Ruby will work this way in the future.
| + 216546 [gwtmp01 mac.] Even if String#[index] returned a 1-character string, you would still
|   216601 [MonkeeSage g] 'a'[0] # => 97
+ 216474 [thomas.adam2] ``
  216514 [none none.co] That answers what?, which I already knew. I'm asking why?
  216587 [steven lumos] Probably because a one-character String is 22 bytes and a Fixnum is

^ constructor calls parent
216472 [dcorticc ins] I have a class witch inherit from another. I want that the child's
+ 216476 [rimantas gma] class MySuperClass
+ 216478 [james graypr] => nil
+ 216481 [MonkeeSage g] You use the #super method. If you don't need to do any setup in your
  + 216489 [dcorticc ins] thanks all !
  + 216620 [nobu ruby-la] `super' is a keyword in Ruby, not a method.  Of course, you can define
    216623 [MonkeeSage g] Ah, sorry! Thanks for making that clear.

^ "unknown type of string?"
216473 [pbailey bna.] RUBY's complaining about a string I want to write to a file.
216479 [ruby-talk ba] Are you missing a closing double quote on an earlier line?
216482 [pbailey bna.] Uh, yeh. Actually, an extra double quote, not a missing one. Thanks,

^ assert_false
216475 [aidy.rutter ] Does anyone know why assert_false is not inlcuded in Test:Unit, but for

^ assert_false
216477 [aidy.rutter ] Does anyone know why assert_false is not inlcuded in Test:Unit, but for
+ 216500 [jameskilton ] The same reason there's no assert_true? It's redundant, IMO.
| 216511 [ruby-talk ba] Yet Ruby has both 'if' and 'unless' keywords.
+ 216599 [MonkeeSage g] Have a look at the source of  <path to your ruby

^ Instant Rails - phpMyAdmin
216480 [rxv hotmail.] Can someone please tell me how I can access phpMyAdmin on a box where I have
+ 216486 [jan.svitok g] 1. I vaguely remember there was somekind of control panel in
| 216490 [jeroen.vando] try
+ 216493 [ml.chibbs gm] In the Instant Rails menus, select "Configure>Database". That will bring up

^ Ruby's equivalent of PHP explode
216483 [voipfc googl] What is ruby's equivalent of PHPs explode?
+ 216484 [farrel.lifso] irb(main):006:0> "this is a string".split
| 216496 [lukfugl gmai] => ["thi", " i", " a ", "tring"]
+ 216513 [nospam nosit] Actually, that is two questions. As to the first (explode a string on word
  + 216521 [james graypr] No need to slurp a file so we can process it line by line.  Also, the
  | 216539 [nospam nosit] Yes, true, this is an old habit of mine dating from the days of floppy
  + 216522 [ryan NOSPAMe] data = File.read("filename.ini")
  | 217501 [voipfc googl] I am trying to understand what {} means in ruby. I understand that it
  | 217523 [bulliver bad] my_hash = Hash.new
  | 217527 [shevegen lin] I think its better to call arrays arrays, and hashes hashes in Ruby.
  | 217582 [voipfc googl] Isn't a ruby hash the same what some other languages call an
  | + 217584 [MonkeeSage g] Yes. But each language has it's only idiom. For example, python calls
  | + 217585 [bulliver bad] Yeah, it's just semantics. I think Marc's point is that when using Ruby it is
  + 216566 [voipfc googl] Will this fix the multiple = sign problem
    216569 [mike rubywiz] Actually the split method has second parameter where you can specify
    219157 [voipfc googl] When I apply some text  to it I receive this error message

^ You can move a method from one instance to another within the same class hiarachy.
216495 [james2mccart] You can take a method from one instance and move it to another instance

^ Re: [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Code to S-Exp (#95)
216499 [rossrt rosco] I've been away for a while, and I like an interesting problem to get me

^ Kill process by his name
216501 [dcorticc ins] is it possible to kill a process by his name without using directly a
+ 216504 [shortcutter ] I doubt it.  For completeness reasons: That would be on what OS?
+ 216510 [eero.saynatk] No. That is not generally supported even on POSIX systems
| 216541 [skurapat ucs] Here is an example. Suppose you wanted to kill all existing
| 216542 [skurapat ucs] pidList = `ps -C #{File.basename $0} -o pid`.
| 216545 [ruby philip.] Couldn't you take it all the way to this?
| 216552 [skurapat ucs] Wonderful! Thank you :-)
| 216659 [shortcutter ] You sure about that?
+ 216664 [Mail Jonas-H] isnt this generally a bad idea?

^ Commit when error
216518 [jose_pablomo] Im loading around 900,000 records from a file to my database.
216538 [nospam nosit] Why not solve the problem instead of trying to work around it? Why not
216705 [jose_pablomo] Well the thing here is that if i commit each 5 records, and i get an
216750 [nospam nosit] / ...
216765 [jose_pablomo] Well yes, i have detected when an error comes up. Sometimes its cause
+ 216799 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 217081 [logancapaldo] If you every line but the line with the error to be commited, then well
+ 217285 [notpublic no] Just to add something perhaps irrelevant.

^ Accessing Nested Hashes Directly
216540 [atraver gmai] I've been having a problem for a while with Ruby where accessing a hash
+ 216544 [rossrt rosco] def get_value(hash, *path)
+ 216589 [gareth.adams] I use something like the following, although it would also look unweildy when
| 216658 [verno mailin] Yet another (though indirect) approach could be to first extract all
| 216763 [atraver gmai] Thanks for all the responses.
| 216855 [rossrt rosco] Hmm, out of interest, what didn't work out about it? Maybe I
+ 216771 [h.wickham gm] first_name = params["body"]["user"]["name"]["given"] rescue nil
+ 217174 [xennocide ya] I didn't really like the way that method is called, doesn't seem very

^ Whatever happened to the Calibre project?
216547 [ng johnwlong] Whatever happened to the Calibre project?
+ 216548 [pgquiles elp] I think they merged their project with Ruby Facets
| 216549 [rossrt rosco] Yeah, I think (?) Facets was originally a subproject of Calibre (with
+ 216613 [transfire gm] Pau Garcia and Ross are correct. Calibre became Facets/MORE. I.e. the
  216632 [ng johnwlong] Perhaps something could be setup so that when you search for Calibre on
  216645 [transfire gm] Done. Good idea!

^ Fixnum/String randomly changing type
216550 [swebster gma] I am seeing some odd behavior that look to me to like it could be a bug
+ 216553 [swebster gma] One small correction... to match the output I gave, the commented out
| 216561 [binary42 gma] This is a documented bug. The fix for those crashes made it into
| 217715 [swebster gma] Thanks Brian.  Upgrading to 1.8.5 appears to have fixed the problem.
+ 216557 [nospam nosit] And the below program is ...?
| 216558 [swebster gma] The program (or program fragment actually) at the bottom of my first
+ 216559 [halostatue g] My guess, based on what you're seeing, is that something special is

^ Job Posting for Ruby Backend Developer in Mountain View, CA
216565 [ray spokeo.c] === Position ===

^ Beginner needs help w/ tk in Mac OSX
216567 [damoncali gm] I'm just starting to learn Ruby and have run into a problem getting tk
216573 [damoncali gm] Nevermind. Figured it out.

^ forking processes and writing to log file
216570 [joevandyk gm] So, on linux, I'm forking a new Ruby process.  I redirect stdout and
216572 [joevandyk gm] I should probably mention that the other program that's being executed
216575 [Gennady.Byst] You either did not redirect stdout/stderr to a file properly, or
216581 [joevandyk gm] I assume you mean Process.setsid?
216584 [joevandyk gm] Ah, this appears to be an rsh issue, not a Ruby one.  (can't use ssh
216586 [joevandyk gm] Sorry for all the non-ruby related noise, but the problem is fixed.