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^ Patch & method proposal
21612 [   xm w3d.ru] After some digging around I discovered that using IO.sysread and
+ 21624 [decoux moulo] A P language call this "sysseek"
| 21625 [   xm w3d.ru] Hmm ... really better name ... will look good in a line with sysread and
+ 21662 [matz ruby-la] Use unified diff (diff -u) to atract me.

^ C++ / Ruby questions again
21613 [jglueck vol.] Slowly I am progressing to getting ruby to integrate perfectly into my
21626 [decoux moulo] #arity must give what you want with a Proc, or a Method object
21632 [jglueck vol.] Ruby ...
21633 [decoux moulo] Yes.
21641 [jglueck vol.] Hm that's a nice thing for ruby. but unfortunatly it does not help
+ 21648 [green FreeBS] Do you want something more than to call #arity on something from C?  Do you
+ 21658 [decoux moulo] rb_funcall(obj, rb_intern("tt"), 1, INT2FIX(12));

^ opening a named pipe?
21616 [avdi avdi.or] I'm having trouble reading from a named pipe in linux. basicly, I'm
+ 21623 [nat.pryce b1] opened.  So opening the FIFO to read before starting the writer process will
  21630 [avdi avdi.or] Nope, tried that.  Diald doesn't like it when there's no one reading on
  21642 [angus quovad] Maybe you can open the pipe non-blocking
  21653 [avdi avdi.or] well, that did the trick. thanks!
  21771 [mike lepton.] only saw
  + 21773 [matt lickey.] In Ruby, all threads are in the same unix process.  If one thread blocks
  | 21774 [mike lepton.] read
  | 21777 [nat.pryce b1] I'm making educated guesses here from my experience of using other user
  | 21778 [decoux moulo] You have in the ToDo
  + 21775 [angus quovad] I'm afraid you will have to open the pipe in non blocking mode and poll for

^ subclassing of 'Class'
21634 [henning ikso] Why can't the class "Class" be subclassed?
21635 [decoux moulo] See the thread "Deriving from Class" in ruby-talk, especially

^ Re: subclassing of 'Class'| numbers as classes
21636 [henning ikso] Oh, I see. Well, I'm just trying to trans-implement numbers to be classes,

^ Sequentializing input (and output/error) streams
21643 [kero d4050.u] In previous discussions, I got a feeling people like to take input

^ Troubles with mysql-ruby
21644 [fujita uni-m] I've just tried out the mysql-ruby-2.3.2a package for mysql access under
21667 [decoux moulo] Try to look at [ruby-talk:9275]
21706 [fujita uni-m] Thank you very much.

^ Ideal ruby browser?
21645 [johann physi] What would you consider to be the ideal Ruby class/module browser?
21647 [sean-ruby-ta] This isn't as complete as what you're suggesting, but it might be

^ understanding recursion vs iteration
21646 [raja cs.indi] In connection with the recent discussion of the ease of understanding

^ "Programming Ruby" for Palm
21649 [aaron munge.] I've converted the Pragmatic Programmers' "Programming Ruby" into
21691 [aaron munge.] Harry Ohlsen was kind enough to convert the Ruby Reference to plucker

^ Newbie: Help with Ruby web programming
21650 [vart mailand] I'm using eRuby, but am having a tough time trying to do the following: Suppose
21651 [aaron munge.] Have you looked into the Net::HTTP class?  Some simple code to see if
21676 [vart mailand] Thanks!  But is there something similar to a forward or redirect (a la JSP) that

^ IPSocket#addr
21654 [hal9000 hype] I'm seeing some behavior that is (to me)
21655 [Dave Pragmat] Is in your DNS? What does
21656 [hal9000 hype] ; <<>> DiG 8.2 <<>> -x
21657 [hal9000 hype] And in case it matters, this is SunOS 5.7 and Ruby 1.6.1 --
21661 [decoux moulo] Bad news, if I'm right ruby on Solaris use ext/socket/getnameinfo.c

^ ANNOUNCE: RIGS 0.2.0 - Ruby Interface to GNUstep
21660 [Laurent.Jull] Noteworthy changes in Version 0.2.0

^ Problems with the mysql-module
21663 [   jr eos.dk] I'm trying to use the mysql-module (made by TOMITA Masahiro), but it's
21664 [neumann s-di] ldd /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.6/i686-linux/mysql.so
+ 21665 [   jr eos.dk] You are my guru :) - thanks.
+ 21679 [   jr eos.dk] Well... got the module allright now, but now I'm facing a new problem.
  21680 [Dave Pragmat] is this right?
  21682 [   jr eos.dk] require 'dbi'
  + 21683 [Dave Pragmat] No - not at all. I was just suspicious of the 'do', particularly as
  | 21687 [   jr eos.dk] Hmm... you do have a point here :)
  + 21686 [neumann s-di] leave the "=" away and it works.

^ Threads and $SAFE
21666 [angus quovad] I'm trying to load some scripts that interact with my main script, but I
21671 [matz ruby-la] $SAFE is thread local value, and communication between thread using
21764 [angus quovad] Yes, thank you very much! I'm new to thread programming, so I don't know

^ Help understanding self ...
21668 [DELETEmitche] I'm defining a simple class that extends Hash. The code below works. What I don't understand is why I can't replace
21670 [decoux moulo] Well, because `[something]' is valid only as a rhs. If ruby always
21695 [DELETEmitche] Okay, but according to Ruby library reference, and pickaxe, [] is a method in class Hash. A method that is called with
+ 21697 [Dave Pragmat] It's a method, but it's name can only appear in certain contexts.
+ 21698 [dblack candl] Hash#[] is definitely a method.  That's not the issue; the issue is whether
  + 21702 [kevinbsmith ] I know nobody asked this, and it may be obvious to most
  + 21718 [DELETEmitche] That helps. It's a parser issue, and the syntax of the language is overloaded.

^ Ruby-win syntax coloring
21669 [henning ikso] Ruby win is very convinient in some matters, f ex providing a protected zone
21860 [masaki.suket] You can specify the color by [Tool] - [TextColor] menu.
21869 [henning ikso] compared to f eks Komodo, and it handles utf-8 fonts and keyboard input.
+ 21874 [bdelmee adva] As of v0.3.8 the "rubywin.ini" file that comes with the Rubywin
+ 21979 [nhodgson big] You may have the version of RubyWin that comes with the big Ruby 1.6.4
+ 21995 [masaki.suket] Yes, you are right. RubyWin based upon Scintilla.

^ Recursion and iteration (was:  Ruby/objects book in style of The Little Lisper)
21672 [kevinbsmith ] - Do you see this as less-simple than the recursive

^ Requesting help...  small net app w/ problems
21673 [hal9000 hype] I've been through numerous iterations with

^ Extension Question: Block Parameters
21674 [jason jvoege] When creating a Ruby extension in C, what is the C equivalent of the
+ 21684 [jjthrash pob] Specify the parameter in your C function, e.g.
+ 21709 [decoux moulo] VALUE block;

^ Net::HTTP socket performing end-of-line conversion?
21675 [hotfusionman] Has anyone out there encountered a problem with TCP sockets performing
22409 [hotfusionman] socket.c was not to blame for my problem -- rather, it was my writing my

^ manipulating "immutable" objects such as Fixnum from within callbacks & al...
21685 [gc mandrakes] Here's the problem: it happens often that you need to pass "references" to
+ 21689 [ljohnson res] You do understand that because Fixnums are immutable, that the instance that
| 21692 [gc mandrakes] Of course.
| 21694 [gc mandrakes] And I'd like to add that this issue is mostly an implementation trick to
| 21696 [vjoel PATH.B] instance that
| 21720 [pbrannan atd] What if we made x and y be references?
| 21722 [green FreeBS] class Ptr
| 21725 [decoux moulo] Can you try this patch
| + 21728 [green FreeBS] Yeah, that's enough to fix it.
| | + 21729 [green FreeBS] @@ -2723,7 +2726,7 @@
| | | 21732 [decoux moulo] You don't need this argc is always > 0
| | | 21733 [green FreeBS] Try the example code...
| | | 21734 [decoux moulo] pigeon% cat b.rb
| | | 21735 [green FreeBS] Fair enough, for some reason it didn't work for me.  The first thing I
| | | + 21736 [decoux moulo] What is the error ?
| | | + 21739 [matz ruby-la] I'm little bit confusing.  Guy, could you commit your final modification?
| | |   21741 [decoux moulo] Done on 1.7, I do the same on 1.6 ?
| | |   21763 [matz ruby-la] Yes, please.
| | + 21730 [decoux moulo] This patch is even better because it's just one line :-)
| + 21738 [matz ruby-la] Thank you for the patch.
+ 21690 [vjoel PATH.B] What about using a closure that references local vars in the caller's scope?
| 21693 [gc mandrakes] Well it's more generic than that. See my answer to Lyle. I want to use,
| 21699 [johann physi] Well, I'd recommend either just using arrays as object holders, i.e.
+ 21700 [nat.pryce b1] Ruby numbers are immutable.  Even if you could pass in a reference to a
+ 21705 [harryo zipwo] As a couple of people have mentioned, using blocks is a nice clean way to
+ 21716 [jweirich one] Not that I particularly recommend this approach, but the following

^ net/http problems on FreeBSD 4.4-RC
21688 [geniusj blue] I'm having the following problems with Net::HTTP on ruby 1.6.4 (and 1.6.5) =
21782 [aamine mx.ed] Hmm... I cannot reproduce this bug on my linux box.
+ 21787 [geniusj blue] Thanks! This works perfectly on the BSD box, the Solaris box, and the OS X =
| 21794 [aamine mx.ed] You are lucky  :-)
| 21857 [bobgus mcs.c] I shot myself in the foot on this one. As I said, I upgraded to 1.6.5 and
+ 21791 [bobgus mcs.c] I'm having the same problem. It seemed to start up today (I installed 1.6.5

^ strange behaviors
21701 [avdi avdi.or] In the process of a frighteningly productive spate of Ruby coding
+ 21703 [dblack candl] This is mentioned in the pickaxe (page 78).  (Albeit with a typo, in
+ 21704 [Dave Pragmat] You _could_ use
+ 21710 [decoux moulo] Constant are scope based, unlike class variable which are based on the

^ Ruby XML site
21707 [james rubyxm] I've just put up www.rubyxml.com.
21737 [info mjais.d] just looked on the site.

^ Repost. Final call for help on this piece of code...
21708 [hal9000 hype] *sigh*
21714 [hipster xs4a] in client, line ~64
21715 [Jan.Matejka ] Excerpt from setsockopt documentation (Platform SDK: Windows Sockets
21726 [hal9000 hype] code...

^ Embedding woes
21713 [m10434_at ab] I'm trying to embed ruby in a windows application. Ruby crashes when I
+ 21724 [ljohnson res] Your original code was correct (using rb_cObject as the second argument to
| 21768 [m10434_at ab] to
+ 21727 [eban os.rim.] -DNT -DIMPORT

^ Array and Hash mix-ins
21719 [avdi avdi.or] Many thanks for all the informative answers to my last batch of
21723 [mike lepton.] objects.

^ scope in {} and do-end
21740 [hal9000 hype] Question...
+ 21742 [decoux moulo] No, no
| 21743 [hal9000 hype] I have been searching for where I first read about this.
| 21759 [decoux moulo] the difference is only on precedence.
+ 21767 [DELETEmitche] a=[1]

^ Running ruby scripts suid-root
21744 [fgp phlo.org] How can I run a ruby script suid root?
21749 [kentda stud.] I haven't tried running a Ruby script suid root, but I had to run one
21750 [lit beerdrin] the reason you can't do this is that when you run the script, that
21754 [fgp phlo.org] I know about the security implications. Since the pickaxe book talks about

^ inheritance Surprise!
21745 [bobgus mcs.c] I had a problem with an object which, once it was created, would morph into
21755 [fgp phlo.org] Isn't "a += b" just short for "a = a + b"? If I recall correctly, the
21760 [decoux moulo] If you do this you enter a new rule. This new rule will conflict with an
+ 21762 [ned bike-nom] Not in this case; we are adding a Number to a Time (or a class derived from
| 21788 [matz ruby-la] OK.  It's under discussion as RCR now.  I think I will change them,
+ 21766 [bobgus mcs.c] I don't see where [ruby-talk:11575] (or references listed in the archive)
| 21776 [niklas kagi.] See also RCR #38 which also is about this topic. Although many people
+ 21783 [charlesh pop] Google doesn't seem to be able to find 11575 in comp.lang.ruby.
| + 21784 [pbrannan atd] See http://www.ruby-talk.org/11575
| + 21790 [rtarpine hot] Look in http://www.rubytalk.org.  The actual page for 11575 is
+ 21807 [charlesh pop] Interesting.  Taking that description of "max" and the earlier

^ Problems with Net stuff on Win2000/XP
21746 [carlyoungblo] Please!  I don't have the time or expertise to dig through the ruby

^ Allowing user code within a program
21748 [ptkwt shell1] I've got a testing application where I use dRuby to distribute testcases

^ Another Net::HTTP problem for me..
21751 [geniusj blue] This time I encountered the problem on a Solaris box.  Again, as my previous

^ Too much memory usage in mod_ruby
21752 [domingo dad-] Are someone else experiencing a huge memory usage of mod_ruby ?
21753 [sean-ruby-ta] I've noticed that large number of graceful restarts cause the average
21785 [domingo dad-] I'm using the standard CGI library with few modifications to the way

^ Re: Problems with Net stuff on Win2000/XP (cygwin?)
21756 [ptkwt shell1] Do you have any example code? (Caveat: I don't have either Win2k or XP
+ 21758 [rich infoeth] I was having problems with networking on W2K and found this alternative.  It runs great on W2K (and most of the needed native extensions are precompiled under the lib dir (above).
+ 21786 [cyoungbl leg] Sorry, I'm at my work computer right now and don't have the code, but I'll

^ Accessing Internet thru proxy using NET:HTTP routines
21757 [spanton7 hom] My computer is behind a firewall, which prompts for a username & password.
21761 [decoux moulo] In the documentation of http.rb you have

^ Distribute Ruby programs
21769 [david.muren ] I have just started programming in Ruby and now I got a question. If I
21770 [armin approx] Right now it only works on WINDOWS+CYGWIN-ENABLED COMPUTERS.

^ Transparent Proxies
21772 [jason jvoege] I'm trying to implement a persistent object store similar to an Object
+ 21779 [pbrannan atd] Sounds interesting.
| + 21781 [ned bike-nom] There is another way to handle the proxy problem: use method_missing to catch
| | 21813 [jason jvoege] Thanks for the pointer, Ned.  I've come up with a solution based on
| + 21811 [jason jvoege] Well, as Ned Konz pointed out, this isn't a portable solution.  The
+ 21780 [ned bike-nom] There is no portable way to do this in C++. The only legal data pointers in
+ 21819 [gotoken notw] It uses a tricky marshaling.

^ single line loop oddity
21789 [bobgus mcs.c] I am trying to debug a program with a loop which contains one executable
21792 [matz ruby-la] This must be a bug in debug.rb.  I will fix.

^ ANN: Fluid 1.2 (changing and restoring globals)
21793 [marick visib] Inspired by the recent discussion of some of the trickiness involved in

^ Help: how to (re)define the unary minus?
21795 [furufuru ccs] I'm wondering how one should (re)define the unary minus operator for a
+ 21796 [aamine mx.ed] This error message is a hint.
| 21852 [furufuru ccs] Thank you for the help!  That (i.e., "-@") works!
+ 21797 [gotoken notw] A way is to define -@.

^ Ruby internal (guide to the source)
21798 [benoit.cerri] is there some documentation about the way the ruby source is structures and
21799 [matz ruby-la] README.EXT explains about the internal and source structure.
+ 21815 [benoit.cerri] Thannks
+ 21851 [benoit.cerri] I read both and they were very interesting, however I'm not interested in
  + 21850 [decoux moulo] Well, you can take a look at the OO FAQ
  + 21854 [matz ruby-la] The source itself, especially object.c and class.c would help you.
  | 21858 [benoit.cerri] from Init_Object in object.c (best read under fixed width font)
  | 21862 [decoux moulo] Object is a class
  | 21904 [benoit.cerri] First thanks a lot for this answer
  | 21925 [decoux moulo] See my previous message about compatibility issue.
  | 21958 [benoit.cerri] Oh I didn't intend that as a new scheme, like I said its more what I
  | 21990 [decoux moulo] they have a parallel hierachy. They are trying to solve another problem.
  + 21866 [ljohnson res] In addition to the information already provided by Matz and Guy in their

^ Distribute a Ruby program
21800 [david.muren ] I have just started programming in Ruby and now I got a question. If I
21801 [neumann s-di] Just done the same yesterday :)

^ Tk scrollbar hangs (1.7.1)
21802 [ms iastate.e] The example below is lifted from the Ruby/Tk tutorial at
21816 [kero d4050.u] I threw your/my eample into irb, which works like it should.
21817 [ms iastate.e] Ah - you're right. It was hanging on a 1.7.1 build from a couple of

^ Branded/Private Label Realtime Internet Travel Booking Engine in Eleven Languages
21803 [john.hazlewo] My name is John Hazlewood and I came upon your site and think

^ convert utf-8 string to Unicod numner array
21804 [henning ikso] this do convert utf-8 string to Unicod number array
21805 [decoux moulo] Just write it

^ Segfault with callcc
21806 [pbrannan atd] PragDave suggested that I post this to the ML, since it's an interesting
+ 21812 [matz ruby-la] I don't think I'm clever person, but I happen to know it's a bug,
+ 21837 [decoux moulo] It's funny to use :-)

^ Re: tclc
21808 [pate mailbox] Okay, I'll step up now too.  I'm working on a ruby-like language that

^ Ruby/MySQL under Win2K
21809 [shuntera the] I have Ruby installed on Windows 2000 and am looking for a library that
23742 [neumann s-di] Maybe the HOWTO for compiling the Mysql driver (Ruby/Mysql) under Windows will

^ Pseudo-Become operator for Ruby (was: Transparent Proxies)
21814 [jason jvoege] With some help from this newsgroup, I've come up with a scheme for a

^ Embedding
21818 [drirr mail.i] I'm starting a project which will allow, ehem, -need- running Ruby scripts.
21820 [decoux moulo] Well, the only difference between rb_load_file() and rb_eval_string() is
+ 21823 [toddg foobox] Only moderately related, but how can I do something like Tcl's
| 21824 [decoux moulo] Well I don't know Tcl and what do Tcl_CreateInterp(), but with ruby
| 21825 [toddg foobox] Well, since my intention is to have a set of independent Ruby interpreters
| 21826 [decoux moulo] Well, you can create a function but what do you do with the global
+ 21926 [drirr mail.i] Thanks a lot. I didn't know about rb_eval_string_protect().
  21928 [decoux moulo] Well, apparently we don't have the same source :-)