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^ building readline on Tiger
215958 [jm-leonfounl] this is the first time I've posted to this group. And I am a ruby and
215959 [canyonrat ma] The false response for "require 'readline'" is simply Ruby's way  of
215964 [jm-leonfounl] Thanks a lot for your answer.

^ FileUtils.cp
215962 [msoulier dig] Hey,
+ 215963 [vincent.four] include FileUtils
| 216060 [msoulier dig] Ah, perfect. I didn't realize that it was a module.
| 216062 [vincent.four] Try
+ 216066 [eero.saynatk] FileUtils is a module so you can #include or #extend.

^ ruby and mysql
215971 [lister pikkl] can someone explain to me the basic usage for the native mysql
+ 215972 [shortcutter ] You can probably change security settings on the database as well.
+ 215974 [david vallne] DBI is just a database abstraction library, it still depends on the
  215977 [lister pikkl] OK got things to work. after lots of google hiccups, this article

^ Cookbook example - uninitialized constant
215975 [thedossone g] Cross posting this from Ubuntu forums
+ 215989 [nospam nosit] / ...
| 216215 [thedossone g] I've checked this out in the blinkenlights documentation.
| 216304 [nospam nosit] Possibly there are two or more different versions of Ruby on your machine,
| 216554 [thedossone g] Ruby 1.8.4
| 216564 [thedossone g] Aha! More interesting stuff-
| 216577 [dave burt.id] You'll need to require 'rubygems' first. (The Windows One-Click
| 216987 [thedossone g] Thanks- my home box is Ubuntu though and that is principally where I
+ 216192 [dave burt.id] I'm a bit mystified and don't have a Ubuntu box, but I'll ask some
+ 217069 [thopre gmail] Then you're are trying to 'require' your own  script.
  217142 [thedossone g] Tried renaming it also, with no success. It still compains that
  217146 [MonkeeSage g] RUBYOPT=-rauto_gem ruby yourfile.rb
  217168 [thedossone g] Thanks- is this a system wide environment variable or should I just add
  217300 [david vallne] Nope, that's a shell command - changes the environment for that one

^ Win XP &  One-Click installer .dump problems
215981 [ilya forteho] Hey,

^ catching process output (Kernel#system)
215987 [c.donhofer c] when executing a program via the system method, how do i catch the
215988 [nospam nosit] By not using "Kernel::system()".
215992 [c.donhofer c] thx!
216001 [vincent.four] In that case, the `command` syntax is perfectly adapted. (or system,
216006 [shortcutter ] Plus, an alternative syntax fpr `ls foo` is %x{ls foo}.
216013 [c.donhofer c] thx for the answers guys!
+ 216016 [c.donhofer c] IO.popen("ffmpeg -i my.mov -t flv fruhwirth150306.flv") do |l|
| 216040 [MonkeeSage g] Hmmm...you're telling ffmpeg to output a file. So...what output are you
| 216044 [c.donhofer c] thx, this works perfectly for 'ls', but unfortunately not for ffmpeg - i
| 216045 [MonkeeSage g] ffmpeg writes that on stderr rather than stdout, so a simple way to
| 216048 [c.donhofer c] thx jordan, works perfectly =)
| 216172 [c.donhofer c] i got my video converter script working and since im very new to ruby,
+ 216036 [vincent.four] This works, at least where popen is available

^ Objectives for Ruby Reports and other news.
216004 [gregory.t.br] Hey folks,

^ New Ruby Site Launches; Gives Ruby Inside Thumbs Up
216008 [vasudevram g] Via Peter Cooper on RubyInside.com.
216043 [toalett gmai] Why are you linking to (presumably) your own blog, when all you do is

^ Riddle me this (a question about expressions)
216011 [ptoomey3 mac] I am new to Ruby and am toying around with the language to get a
+ 216018 [lopx gazeta.] I think the return statement has void context itself
+ 216019 [twifkak comc] No. The 'return' keyword is one of the few things in Ruby that isn't an
+ 216052 [fred 82ask.c] The problem is that you are effectively trying to do this
+ 216092 [shortcutter ] Others have commented this already.  Just another bit: once you think about
  + 216129 [pit capitain] def raise *args
  | 216604 [twifkak comc] Funnily enough, despite having blogged it two weeks ago, I failed to
  | 216622 [ruby-ml kitt] You can get around it, yes, but should not. A return
  | 216640 [twifkak comc] Well, DUH. Thanks for ruining my party.
  | 216642 [MonkeeSage g] Heh! Spork! :)
  + 216140 [ptoomey3 mac] I guess that is what surprises me.  I would expect return to work
    + 216145 [MonkeeSage g] I've no idea what goes on under the hood, but I would think it is
    | 216146 [MonkeeSage g] Hmmm. But raise does actually break out of the current frame (and the
    + 216150 [shortcutter ] I on the other hand expect "raise" to work exactly like "return". :-)
      216157 [logancapaldo] Regardless of whether or not it makes logical sense to say a = return b,
      216160 [hal9000 hype] Nevertheless I think it's significant that raise is a method
      216162 [dblack wobbl] I think so too.  I would not want to see a method call of any kind be
      + 216202 [gwtmp01 mac.] Well, since it is a method...
      + 216206 [rick.denatal] x = raise rescue nil || 1
        + 216209 [logancapaldo] def x
        + 216212 [dblack wobbl] x = raise rescue 1
          + 216223 [kero chello.] Of course not :)  viz.
          + 216325 [rick.denatal] Well, from a syntax point of view, it sure LOOKs like the rvalue of
            + 216326 [rick.denatal] s/interested/interesting/
            | 216331 [MonkeeSage g] I'm still thinking a "stacked" exception might explain the behavior.
            + 216351 [dblack wobbl] It is; that expression evaluates to 1, and that's what x gets.  But I
              216371 [rick.denatal] Regardless of what happens under the covers with setjmp/longjmp, I
              + 216373 [dblack wobbl] I still agree with you :-)  I find it interesting to look at what
              | 216409 [logancapaldo] I think a more interesting question is, whether or not raise _should_ be
              + 216375 [binary42 gma] begin
                216386 [rick.denatal] No it's the same thing.  The value of the lvalue in this case is the
                216400 [binary42 gma] No it doesn't. I would say that is was rescued in my example as well.

^ Ruby upgrade - Newbie question
216014 [rthiel telko] I want to upgrade from 1.8.2 to 1.8.4 - Windows XP
+ 216602 [maikonaraujo] I am with the same doubt.  :(
+ 216615 [halostatue g] Reinstall them. If there are binary gems involved, you will not be

^ COmpile error with stable-snapshot of today
216017 [Meino.Cramer] While compiling/installing ruby from the stable-snapshot of today, it
216023 [MonkeeSage g] You posted this same problem on Monday but you never answered to the
216022 [MonkeeSage g] ...

^ Interacting with Mozilla DOM?
216020 [kenneth.m.mc] I'm trying to figure out a way of controlling/interacting with the
216038 [MonkeeSage g] Depending on your OS...on *nix there is gtkmozembed, which has ruby
217295 [david vallne] The Ruby binding to GtkMozEmbed doesn't seem to let you access the

^ Re: XP: "An existing connection was forcibly closed" ECONNRE
216024 [dokondr gmai] Mike,
216089 [dokondr gmai] Thanks, I am looking at it now. I need some good messaging framework for

^ Looking for Webric example code
216027 [dokondr gmai] I need examples of writing Webric code handling GET and POST requests.
216030 [james graypr] See the Hello Servlet example on the first link, or follow the links
216049 [dokondr gmai] Thanks a lot James! This is exactly what I was looking for! (or maybe I
+ 216166 [eleanor game] WEBrick is very good for writing quick and dirty HTTP servers -
| 216170 [dokondr gmai] Thanks for update! I am thinking about using Webric for lightweight
| 216181 [eleanor game] I spent several months earlier in the year working on something very
+ 216190 [james.britt ] You should also look at Nitro, IOWA and Cerise.  Each these has a

^ Ruby v 2?
216031 [kenneth.m.mc] Just curious is there is any firm news, guesstimates, etc. as to the
+ 216034 [MonkeeSage g] I don't know of anything official (but I'm not "in the know" about
| 216035 [MonkeeSage g] = http://news.gmane.org/group/gmane.comp.lang.ruby.grammar
+ 216102 [Diego.Viraso] I was wondering the same. From what I understand (and I don't that
| 216265 [richard.conr] Ruby 1.9 is due for release in 2007 (I think late in the year). The intention
+ 216421 [xennocide ya] There's a few people quietly using yarv(which will very likely form the

^ getting first value of a mysql return ...
216037 [lister pikkl] cant find any decent mysql/ruby usage examples, any suggestions? even
216091 [shortcutter ] That's the usual way DB interfaces handle this.  You always get a result -
217579 [andy.s.shen ] Yep, try #num_rows on the result (I had a look at mysql.rb in rails)

^ Slave class -- Was Re: Ruby, Analysis, and Tons of RAM
216042 [vjoel path.b] Ara, why does Slave.new keep a copy of the object (the one you want to
216051 [ara.t.howard] that's a great point joel.  i'll add that capability and release on monday or

216050 [hash_bang re] I've had to "upgrade" to 1.8.5, and suddenly PTY is doing weird stuff.
216056 [shevegen lin] Depends on what you need. I use Webrick a lot to (among

^ [BUG](s) Ruby 185 incompatibility/issues with openssl
216053 [openmacnews ] main trunk dev.

^ [ANN] slave-0.2.0
216054 [ara.t.howard] SYNOPSIS
216076 [ezmobius gma] This is a great library Ara, I am writing a library that wraps up
216113 [ara.t.howard] hmmm.  good question.  i could add a feature where at_exit handlers could be
216168 [ezmobius gma] Ara-

^ Array shift bug
216055 [hutch recurs] A short article describing a problem in the implementation of array
216068 [twifkak comc] That's half a fix. If you're using shift and push to manage a queue, you
216087 [nobu ruby-la] Does this patch fix it?
+ 216101 [nobu ruby-la] It was for 1.9.
+ 216115 [eric.mahurin] Nobu,
| + 216149 [zedshaw zeds] A *year* ago?  A whole year?  You mean, I've been having this problem, people have denied it was a problem, they've insulted me, they've told me I'm full of it for a full on month, called me a liar, large production operations have been crashing over it, countless hours were wasted trying to fix it...
| | + 216151 [robert.dober] to
| | + 216155 [hal9000 hype] I overlooked this whole thing. Do you mind summarizing what it's all
| | | 216169 [eric.mahurin] Take a look at the thread I mentioned on ruby-core from a year ago.  It
| | | 216175 [hal9000 hype] That sounds like a performance issue, but this thread title
| | | 216180 [jeremy bitsw] Eric demonstrated a memory leak in code that shouldn't. Terminology-wise, I
| | | + 216186 [hal9000 hype] I follow you now. I do agree a true memory leak is a bug.
| | | + 216189 [eric.mahurin] Yep.  I'd call something that takes O(n**2) memory to hold O(n) items a
| | + 216179 [djberg96 gma] I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the patch was against 1.9 only.
| + 216197 [matz ruby-la] I have somehow missed to check your patch.  Let me consider the pro
|   216207 [eric.mahurin] * used 2 unused flag bits for designating whether there is free space before
|   216591 [matz ruby-la] I just submitted a patch based on yours to the HEAD.  Thank you!
|   216636 [eric.mahurin] Thanks matz,
|   216733 [matz ruby-la] I will examine your patch again.  But I am afraid I was looking at the
|   216947 [eric.mahurin] Would you check your email at matz at ruby dash lang dot org?  I was not
|   216969 [matz ruby-la] I got it.  I will examine.  Thank you.
+ 216137 [twifkak comc] Nobu, your Ruby-fu surpasses mine muchly. It'll take me a little while

^ setup.rb copies .bat files to linux system
216058 [transfire gm] I created .bat files for windows, and I assume they should be in the
216061 [TimHunter nc] I don't think there's any O/S-dependent code in setup.rb, and even if

^ [ANN] hoe 1.0.4 released
216063 [ryand-ruby z] Hoe
+ 216069 [twifkak comc] Err... there's 'sources'... not sure if that helps... If you're talking
+ 216117 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Can someone please expand the "Hint"? -- I'm an
  + 216136 [twifkak comc] puts `gem -v`; ri doc generation is new to 0.9, IIRC.
  + 216141 [ryand-ruby z] It could be one of two things. Either you don't have the right
    216142 [vjoel path.b] $ gem install Hoe
    216158 [ryand-ruby z] As I said, you need ruby 1.8.5.
    216164 [vjoel path.b] Ok, `ri Hoe` succeeds with 1.8.5. I was holding off on 1.8.5 because it
    + 216336 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Get ZenTest's multiruby!
    | 216339 [vjoel path.b] Good advice, but actually, 1.8.5 didn't break my code but rather FXRuby.
    + 216419 [steven lumos] With 1.8.4, use gemri instead.
      216956 [vjoel path.b] Thanks! didn't know about that one.

^ fixrbconfig on Mac OS X Tiger
216064 [  bw his.com] I'm trying to get the Mac OS X Ruby fix to run -- from p.24 of "Agile
+ 216065 [openmacnews ] bill,
+ 216153 [ryan.raaum g] If you're willing to drop the ill-advised "fixing" of Apple's ruby
+ 216492 [fugalh xmiss] Did you install XCode? Maybe you have an intel mac, not a powerpc mac? I
  216519 [nepentherepr] Ruby is also available via DarwinPorts which is pretty nice.  I'd
  216717 [fugalh xmiss] I actually did use the ports version for awhile at the beginning and it
  216803 [gwtmp01 mac.] I just went the other way, moving from compiling on my own to using
  216805 [amos.l.king ] Why not just grab locomotive.  It is nice, easy, and seperates your

^ [ANN] WWW::Mechanize 0.6.1 (Chuck) released
216070 [aaron_patter] The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites.

^ receive timeout on socket
216071 [msoulier dig] How do I set a receive timeout on a UDPSocket? I'd like to timeout after 5

^ undefined method `recvfrom_nonblock'
216073 [msoulier dig] Hey,
216075 [garbagecat10] Sync to the latest Ruby. I'm not sure about that specific API but a bunch of
216094 [msoulier dig] of
+ 216096 [garbagecat10] Say ruby -v at a command shell and look at the build date.
+ 216107 [nospam nosit] Paul Lutus
  + 216112 [garbagecat10] The snapshots beginning around June 1 still carried a 1.8.4 release number,
  + 216198 [msoulier dig] Yes, but at http://www.ruby-doc.org/, the links say 1.8.4.
    + 216199 [nospam nosit] / ...
    | 216200 [msoulier dig] And yet 1.8.5 is the latest stable. Releasing a new version without up-revv=
    + 216208 [garbagecat10] That's what I expected. Update Ruby, get past the documentation issue, and
    | 216246 [msoulier dig] I find it odd that there are multiple released 1.8.4s. That's never happened
    | 216249 [halostatue g] There aren't. I think you're missing out on several factors and reacting badly.
    | 216267 [msoulier dig] =20
    | + 216280 [MonkeeSage g] I guess if those were supposed to be the 1.8.4 docs, then yeah. But
    | + 216350 [james.britt ] Sure.  Unless the guy running the site is busy and forgets to update the
    + 216347 [james.britt ] That link is wrong.  I forgot to update it.

^ [ANN] Ferret 0.10.7 released
216078 [dbalmain.ml ] Hey folks,

^ Help w/ Codegolf Total Triangles- reading input
216080 [olsonas gmai] I'm getting quite frustrated with a very "easy" part of this
+ 216081 [johnl johnla] a = readlines.map { |i| i.split(" ").map { |j| j.to_i } }
| 216083 [olsonas gmai] John -
| 216084 [johnl johnla] Ah, then the compression is forgiven. ;)
| 216093 [shortcutter ] Additional note: it's probably better to use #scan instead of split because
| 216098 [MonkeeSage g] Well firstly, because as others have mentioned, you were using #each,
+ 216108 [twifkak comc] Figure out your algorithm first.
  216110 [olsonas gmai] Devin -
  216114 [twifkak comc] Yeah, that does seem like it'll work. I never thought of it that way.
  216116 [dblack wobbl] That just assigns the lines you've read in, unchanged, to a.  In the
  216135 [twifkak comc] That was a paste-o on my part. My point was that the functional means of
  216156 [dblack wobbl] Doesn't it depend what you need, though?  Also, you can always do the

^ NoMethodError
216082 [gpasley gmai] class Department < ActiveRecord::Base
216130 [logancapaldo] [ snip ]

^ Ruby  IPC: messaging, blackboard, etc.?
216090 [dokondr gmai] I am looking for Ruby crossplatform local and network IPC: messaging,
+ 216128 [logancapaldo] I think your first step would be to look into drb (distributed ruby)
| 216133 [james graypr] #1 is a request for Rinda's Tuplespace built on DRb and also comes
+ 216134 [garbagecat10] I don't quite understand #2 but you can look at reliable-msg, which is a
  216165 [dokondr gmai] By 2) I mean a messaging framework where addressable unit is a thread.

^ unique data
216097 [PeterMeier a] I'd like to use the gem "rubytree" to store some data in a tree.
+ 216100 [MonkeeSage g] How about a type-4 UUID?
+ 216106 [shortcutter ] Why not use a counter?
  216143 [MonkeeSage g] Doh! Curse you rubyists for always thinking of easy ways to do things!

^ Use of array shift and blocks
216118 [ruby tobyrod] (Something a bit more basic than the other thread about the array shfit
+ 216119 [dblack wobbl] shift doesn't take a block.  You can write one but shift won't call
| 216124 [ruby tobyrod] Many thanks David.  I'm not sure I understand why shift doesn't take a
| 216125 [dblack wobbl] I expect it's because shifting is a (conceptually) atomic operation.
+ 216122 [depesz depes] myArray=["a", "b", "c", "d"]