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^ IO#dup
214708 [guslist free] its data from stdin (similar to what happen to less when run as 'cat
214750 [decoux moulo] moulon% ruby -e 'p $stdin,$stdin.dup'
214760 [guslist free] Duh!
214761 [decoux moulo] #dup use #initialize_copy : rb_io_init_copy()
214968 [guslist free] Got it. Thanks.

^ Garbage Collection: Marking RData ptr
214709 [jbonnar berk] I'm working on creating a binding for an object-based library[1] and am
214752 [decoux moulo] Well, what do you do is someone re-use a node after it was set in the
214777 [jbonnar berk] Redland nodes are immutable so it's not really a problem.  I just have

^ [ANN] RubyInline 3.6.0 Released (FINALLY)
214710 [ryand-ruby z] RubyInline version 3.6.0 has been released! Only 10 month late! (ugh
214715 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Most excellent news.  You're quite the fury lately.
214740 [ryand-ruby z] Feeling overwhelmed so I'm offloading as much in my queue as fast as
214826 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I know that feeling.  Jamis had a good blog entry about

^ Convert Binary to Float (and back)
214711 [Nebiru gmail] I've hacked together some rather ugly code to convert a Binary to a
214712 [transfire gm] Look at

^ [ANN] RubyPhone project updated
214713 [greg.kujawa ] Version 0.2.0 has been released for the RubyPhone CTI project. The

^ [ANN] Ruby Reports 0.5.3
214718 [gregory.t.br] = Ruport 0.5.3, the "Sleepy Turtle" edition =

^ Nested threading?  implications to timeout()
214719 [boing boing.] All,
+ 214728 [abergeron gm] [There are lines missing here...]
| + 214799 [boing boing.] sorry that was just me repeating the status method multiple times. :)
| + 215014 [drbrain segm] timeout-timeout
+ 214756 [garbagecat10] Threads don't have any kind of parent-child relationship, as processes do.
  214803 [boing boing.] What was I thinking was the following:  lets consider the case where you
  214805 [garbagecat10] I haven't read through the net/http code as it relates to this issue,
  + 214806 [boing boing.] I think if I timeout a timeout that my timeout is killing the "waiter"
  | 214828 [garbagecat10] require 'timeout'
  | + 214832 [jan.svitok g] ...
  | | 214857 [boing boing.] Wow!  Thanks very much.
  | + 214855 [boing boing.] Ur very right.  Thanks very much.  Sorry I had a bad case of HUA.  I
  + 214864 [abergeron gm] The timer thread won't even remain because of the ensure at the end of

^ text columns
214724 [madcowley gm] Ok, this is probably a stupid question: how to handle mysql text
214745 [chiology gma] I'll be honest: I don't completely understand the situation. Where is
214779 [madcowley gm] thanks, i've moved the question over to the rails group.

^ download files from web
214741 [PeterMeier a] I already knew that you can use the following code to download a file.
214743 [gethemant gm] you should consider using wget. Open a pipe and pass the location and

^ IRB and Filtering Input?
214751 [shevegen lin] Is there a way to filter what is typed/copy-pasted in/into IRB?
+ 214766 [nospam nosit] To solve this problem, write your own front end for "Kernel::eval" instead
+ 214783 [skurapat ucs] puts "yes"
  214791 [shevegen lin] Ok thanks for the helping seed points guys :)

^ how can i install ruby in ubuntu
214758 [richafu gmai] i use "sudo apt-get install ruby1.8 irb1.8 rdoc1.8" install ruby in
214759 [decoux moulo] Well do
214764 [richafu gmai] thanks ts

^ RMagick problem: Image::read works well but Image::from_blob fails
214762 [meng.yan gma] I want to determine the geometry of an image. The image file may be
214767 [TimHunter nc] Under the covers, #read and #from_blob share most of their code. If

^ Re: RMagick problem
214765 [nospam nosit] / ...
214812 [meng.yan gma] Thanks to Paul and Timothy.

^ What Version of rail/ruby?
214773 [victor.reyes] I would like to play and learn Rails with Ruby
+ 214774 [Mail Jonas-H] Get 1.8.4 as far as I know 1.8.5 has some minor changes that breaks
+ 214776 [collintmille] We recommend Ruby 1.8.4 for use with Rails. Ruby 1.8.2 is fine too, but
  + 214793 [victor.reyes] Thank you Jonas and "RubyonRails.org" for your help.
  | 244931 [tom.styles n] Victor,
  + 214796 [lists rawb.n] They probably just didn't update that page since 1.8.5 recently came
    214798 [victor.reyes] I will try 1.8.5. I wonder if I need to uninstall 1.8.4 first and start from
    215019 [gregory.t.br] I think the problem with 1.8.5 is with breakpoint, which can be
    + 215025 [victor.reyes] I got 1.8.5 and RubyGems installed.
    + 215109 [ mfp acm.org] breakpoint (actually, Binding.of_caller, which it depended on) relies on a bug

^ Ruby Tk on Tiger
214778 [canyonrat ma] I'm running ruby 1.8.5 (2006-09-10) [powerpc-darwin8.7.0] and when I
214838 [m_goldberg a] I suggest you check $: for where your Ruby is looking for libraries
214861 [canyonrat ma] Good catch, Morton. tk.rb is nowhere to be found in any of my
214867 [canyonrat ma] OK, I thought I might be able to fix the problem by modifying my test

^ cattr_accressor Error --Help
214780 [mutuelinvest] I get the following error when I try running my script. I thought it
216250 [halostatue g] This is a Rails-specific question. cattr_accessor is not a standard Rubyism.

^ the future of Ruby
214782 [joan.iglesia] I'm studing Ruby and in a short Ruby in Rails for the web development.
+ 214787 [nospam nosit] Language developers have every incentive to maintain backward compatibility.
+ 214789 [toalett gmai] "Ruby2 will be slightly incompatible, the changes will not only
+ 214792 [daniel.schie] Generally, only major version increments introduce backwards
  + 214816 [shevegen lin] In practise you will really quickly adapt to make modifications also
  | 214820 [joan.iglesia] In my case, it's not just a matter of adapt a script. Maybe it can be
  | + 214821 [rimantas gma] I am not sure why do you talk about "suffering" and that particular
  | | 214822 [joan.iglesia] if you have a look to the language modification between 1.6 and 1.8,
  | | + 214851 [mortonda dgr] Ahem, there's a lot of us that make money by our time...  as a self
  | | | 214875 [joan.iglesia] Yes I have.
  | | | + 214905 [mortonda dgr] Unfortunately I don't remember the exact program, I remember
  | | | + 215079 [snacktime gm] With any large application it's not even so much the language itself
  | | + 214858 [james graypr] I've tried several 1.6 scripts in 1.8 and never had to change a
  | |   214865 [khaines enig] Long ago, when 1.8.0 was released, I recall having to make a few changes
  | + 214837 [garbagecat10] Java has a long and annoying history of breaking older versions. That's one
  | | 214843 [the.mindstor] Can you please point me to real examples? Java is one of the few
  | | + 214848 [garbagecat10] You don't need examples from me. Just look to your own experience.
  | | | + 214863 [the.mindstor] Francis, unfortunately what you are mentioning as backward
  | | | + 214873 [twifkak comc] Also, once you find an incompatibility, you can write code that works in
  | | | | + 214962 [neleai sezna] There is problem with extensions.
  | | | | + 215032 [chneukirchen] Fernandez need almost a page of code to produce a good instance_exec?
  | | | |   + 215033 [flori nixe.p] I think the page of code is hidden somewhere in Proc#bind. ;)
  | | | |   + 215107 [ mfp acm.org] For the sake of future googlers...
  | | | + 214884 [headius head] 1.1 to 1.2 was a sea change in the Java world, so much so that 1.2 was
  | | | | 214935 [robert.dober] I just grepped for the word deprecated through my Java 1.5 doc, I got
  | | | + 214894 [joeat303 yah] Big -1 there. BC with bugs? Ixnay.
  | | |   + 214900 [jtregunna bl] That would seriously depend on the bug. Some bugs, you know EXACTLY
  | | |   | + 214915 [joeat303 yah] Seriously? Being paralyzed by the fear of introducing new bugs is
  | | |   | | 214920 [jtregunna bl] If you're trying to maintain compatibility with previous versions of
  | | |   | + 214977 [halostatue g] ...or that fixing all the bugs will actually cause more problems for
  | | |   |   214979 [garbagecat10] Quite right. Another thing that we haven't stressed enough is the role
  | | |   + 214925 [garbagecat10] We've been talking about Java which is of course offtopic in a Ruby forum
  | | |   + 214929 [rimantas gma] It's lenghty and some points have lost their validity, but it is an
  | | + 214940 [nospam nosit] / ...
  | + 214932 [wccrawford g] I have also had incompatibility problems with Java.  But unlike Ruby,
  | + 214975 [znmeb cesmai] I'm not at all sure about Perl 5 -> Perl 6, but I had a Perl language change
  + 214836 [halostatue g] This will be mostly true for Ruby. Matz has defined Ruby 2.0 as new
    214859 [james graypr] Interesting.  I didn't know that.
    214860 [halostatue g] I was wrong: http://redhanded.hobix.com/cult/rubyKaigi2006.html

^ ruby-1.8.5 and openssl and gcc 3.2
214786 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I'm trying to compile ruby-1.8.5 on a rather old Linux box,
214840 [nobu ruby-la] Can't you show the preprocessed result?
214845 [Bil.Kleb NAS] ossl_obj2bio(VALUE obj)
214850 [nobu ruby-la] rb_io_check_closed((fptr) = ((struct RFile*)(rb_io_taint_check(obj)))->fptr);
214856 [Bil.Kleb NAS] 20  /*
214902 [nobu ruby-la] `Somewhere' inside <openssl/*.h> below it.
214948 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Works.

^ C code works with rubyinline, doesn't with C extension
214788 [snacktime gm] So I've blatantly stolen some code from a perl module to do simple
214790 [snacktime gm] I forgot to mention.  The c extension only fails when I pass bad
214990 [squeamz hotm] Unfortunately, it is difficult to say without knowing mroe about krb5's
214994 [snacktime gm] That's actually what was happening.  The code should have done

^ handling errors via mail
214794 [radus smartp] I have a small script that runs daemonized and does some basic SQL
214797 [radus smartp] Never mind...

^ [ANN] Ruby-IXP 1.0.0
214795 [skurapat ucs] = Version 1.0.0 (2006-09-16)

^ a problem with mongrel install
214809 [richafu gmai] when i install mongrel
214811 [halostatue g] Are you on Debian or something equally hostile to Ruby?

^ escaping for regexp ???
214814 [pere.noel la] /.*#{name}$/ === path
214815 [nospam nosit] Regexp.escape(name)
214819 [pere.noel la] fine thanxs !!!

^ Ruby UI Debugger
214823 [jean.verger ] I'm checking the logs generated in ../log/production.log ... is there
214854 [nospam nosit] That depends. What format do the records have? Post a sample line from the
214909 [jean.verger ] here a few lines of the logs I'm getting in (log/production.log). I'm
214941 [punkracy gma] use 'less', or maybe http://freshmeat.net/projects/colorize.pl/ will

^ irb question
214825 [rand nada.kt] Greetings All
+ 214830 [invalid gmx.] Local variables are local to a file. Use a constant (Jello) or an instance
| 214831 [rand nada.kt] Kalman
+ 214846 [invalid gmx.] In Ruby, methods and local variables live in different parts of the world.
  + 214847 [rand nada.kt] Kalman
  + 214923 [pit capitain] Note also, that you can still call the method, if there are parentheses

^ Why don't these writable atributes work?
214833 [edward tangu] Both of these code examples for making class properties don't work
+ 214834 [lopx gazeta.] attr_accessor :firstName - creates both reader and writer
+ 214835 [farrel.lifso] 'attr_writer :firstName' only creates the 'firstName=' method just
+ 214844 [shortcutter ] Just an additional note: the usual conventions for method and variable

^ redefining/overriding methods in builtin classes AND their subclasses
214868 [eric.mahurin] I just found out that ruby seems to treat subclasses of builtin classes

^ Yet another [computer language shootout squabble]
214872 [igouy yahoo.] I've changed the subject line - my apologies for not having done so

^ timeout and ensure
214874 [vjoel path.b] The second part of the article points out a potential danger of the
+ 214877 [khaines enig] I don't have an answer, but what if you make your ensure section into a
| + 214882 [abergeron gm] There is still the race problem if the exception gets raised just
| | 214886 [vjoel path.b] $ cat ensure-timeout.rb
| + 214887 [vjoel path.b] Even if this worked reliably, using a critical section would be
| + 215017 [drbrain segm] ensure
|   215052 [abergeron gm] This still leaves the race problem.  If you can raise an exception
|   215087 [drbrain segm] Where did I say this fixed any race conditions?
+ 215086 [drbrain segm] From reading rb_eval, it might be possible to fix the race condition

^ what is the best ruby editor?
214878 [edward tangu] I downloaded both the EasyEclipse for Ruby and the EasyEclipse for
+ 214879 [khaines enig] It's not free, but I am trying out Arachno Ruby right now (it has a free
+ 214880 [james.britt ] Vim 7.
+ 214881 [huw DELTHISB] If you have Visual Studio 2005, the free edition of Ruby In Steel gives you
+ 214885 [heimdall uni] I use GNU Emacs with ruby-mode.el, ruby-electric.el and ri-emacs. The
+ 214966 [asbradbury t] I'm assuming you have discovered Robert Mckinnon's Ruby JEdit plugin?
| 214967 [alexandru gl] Well, since you mention that, indeed that was a sore spot for myself
+ 215967 [david vallne] So, after the regular text editor plugs from people that didn't quite
| + 215980 [huw DELTHISB] This is pretty close to the truth. We are developing IntelliSense currently
| | 216241 [rob.02004 gm] The jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin has had naive method completion
| + 215994 [znmeb cesmai] The converse is true -- if you're used to Vim, it's tough to break out
| | 216041 [vjoel path.b] vi as my editor. I guess I was corrupted by WordStar before that ;)
| + 216389 [huw DELTHISB] If you are interested in some of the issues involved in true (context and
|   216977 [rob.02004 gm] Just wasted several clicks trying to find out how much a Visual Studio
|   216979 [huw DELTHISB] I'm afraid we have nothing to do with how Microsoft sells Visual Studio ;-)
+ 215983 [gavin refine] No offense, but please search the mailing list/newsgroup archive for
  215990 [znmeb cesmai] Well, gawrsh all hemlock, that sounds like just the most wonderful
  + 215998 [nepentherepr] They don't come with ninjas, but turning your mac into a fully
  + 216021 [james graypr] Your computer didn't come with Ninjas???  How ever do you get
    216046 [ezmobius gma] Ruby ninjas flip out and write code all the time!
    216074 [znmeb cesmai] The old fashioned way ... ones and zeroes. Well ... actually ... since the

^ Splat, #to_ary and #to_a
214897 [eero.saynatk] I suppose this just qualifies as unexpected (by me) behaviour
+ 214898 [eero.saynatk] stream.puts ([] << obj).join("\n")
+ 214901 [matz ruby-la] It's fixed in 1.9.  1.8 will remain as it is now for the sake of
| + 214903 [eero.saynatk] Thank you for clarification!
| + 214906 [rick.denatal] Hmmmm,
|   + 214921 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  And if you are curious you can try it by yourself.
|   | + 214927 [robert.dober] Is 1.9.0 good enough?, because I get
|   | | 214988 [matz ruby-la] When we talk about 1.9, the date matters.  And we encourage to try the
|   | | + 214992 [james2mccart] So does this mean that Why's excellent talk at RailsConf Europe is
|   | | | 215064 [matz ruby-la] I don't know.  I haven't had a luck to hear his "excellent talk" yet.
|   | | + 215097 [robert.dober] Heading right for it :)
|   | + 214928 [dblack wobbl] I've always thought it was  convenient to have [*x] do the expanding
|   | | + 214939 [robert.dober] I have found, and it seems it was not a common concern, that Range and <=3D=
|   | | + 215075 [eero.saynatk] I dunno--you have to use Range#to_a explicitly elsewhere so I
|   | |   215078 [dblack wobbl] My point is that I don't want to have to use Range#to_a explicitly but
|   | + 215159 [rick.denatal] === A reply to my questions ===
|   |   215161 [MonkeeSage g] $ ruby19 -v && ruby19 -e "p (1..10).to_a.values_at(3..5)"
|   |   + 215164 [rick.denatal] Thanks, I guess I'm going to have to find the time to install 1.9.
|   |   | 215166 [MonkeeSage g] "Resistance is futile; we will take your knowledge and add it to the
|   |   + 215165 [MonkeeSage g] Just for posterity, it may be worth pointing what Eero hinted at. If
|   |     215397 [rick.denatal] Yes, I somehow missed the TITLE of this thread!
|   + 214942 [malvim gmail] Does the following happen only to me?
|     214949 [daniel.schie] No, it the way it's supposed to be.
|     214957 [MonkeeSage g] We could always have a "hyper-fatsplat" >>*<< [1]. Then it could do
|     214960 [robert.dober] Noo, noo, Matz please do not listen to him, I have two dogs.
+ 214918 [toalett gmai] Can't you just test whether the object is an Array (or if it supports

^ A idea about Ruby module, can we degrade a class to a module
214907 [uncutstone s] To naturally represent following kind of relationship in Ruby code, I
+ 214911 [chiology gma] class Person; end
+ 214913 [MonkeeSage g] Sounds kind of like you want a state pattern. Man is always a Person,

^ vim autocomplete
214908 [mark chandle] I recently installed vim 7. The only autocomplete I can find it the
214912 [jcrawford888] Try <ctrl-n> in insert mode.
214964 [asbradbury t] Check out supertab[1], it allows you to use tab for the completion type of
214965 [asbradbury t] Forgot the link

^ Re: A idea about Ruby module, can we degrade a class to a mo
214917 [uncutstone s] I know the example code is not very accurate. Acctually, the last
214937 [verno mailin] ... or you could (somewhat the other way round) have a module Teacher
214953 [uncutstone s] But if I want Teacher to be a class at some other occasions,and sometime
214976 [kbloom gmail] class Person; end
214996 [transfire gm] class Module
215110 [verno mailin] Cool, Trans. Reminds me a bit of a snippet that adds virtual methods to
216067 [uncutstone s] Thanks for all your replies. they really help.