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213432 [garbagecat10] All,

Unit test an output with puts
213443 [devlists-rub] I want to be able to unit/test an output with the method 'puts'. Here's
+ 213444 [kevin.clark@] myFoo.expects(:puts).with("bar")
+ 213466 [phlipcpp@ya ] puts is a convenience function. It's really $stdout.write() etc.
+ 213480 [drbrain@se m] Use util_capture from the ZenTest gem.  You get two StringIO objects
  + 213614 [johnwilger@g] Nice. Does this also prevent the output from being dumped to the
  | 213657 [drbrain@se m] Yes.
  + 213707 [devlists-rub] Thanks everybody and thanks to Eric, this is exactly what I needed.

Re : Re : Wirble 0.1.1: Irb Enhancements for the Masses
213450 [etorreborre@] ...
213452 [the.mindstor] I've installed the 0.1.2 gem on Win XP, but I don't get anything

Combine @item.foo.nil? || @item.foo.empty? ?
213451 [joeat303@ya ] tr do
+ 213454 [gavin.kistne] irb(main):001:0> a = nil
+ 213455 [matthew.moss] Define a method on the class of foo?
| 213462 [vjoel@pa h. ] Object
| 213656 [kbloom@gm il] class NilClass
+ 213469 [ara.t.howard] tr{ tr @item.foo } unless @item.foo.to_s.empty?
| 213555 [llasram@gm i] It makes sense to me that
| + 213559 [ara.t.howard] def deep_in_some_other_unrelated_code
| + 213622 [logancapaldo] Doesn't to me. nil is not a container, and it should not be treated
| + 213920 [halostatue@g] Because nil isn't empty.
+ 213668 [farrel.lifso] tr do
+ 213694 [linguist@gm ] ...

Re : Re : [ANN] Wirble 0.1.1: Irb Enhancements for the Masses
213458 [etorreborre@] ...

ruby and ksh
213470 [jctown@nb sy] with the hope that I can use ruby under the Interix 2.2 ksh shell
+ 213471 [gavin.kistne] implies that mswin32 is not the right build of Ruby you want for
| 213492 [printdude196] Ok, so I went here
+ 213487 [MonkeeSage@g] This may help?
+ 213537 [david@va ln ] The shell isn't too relevant.
  213550 [canyonrat@ma] What are the characteristics of 'fluffy' people?

Rush - Is it still active?
213476 [rgkaufman@gm] I was wondering if anyone out there was still working on RUSH (the
213485 [eero.saynatk] do an intermediary announcement--I have only recently

alias comma
213478 [transfire@gm] Too small I think to post an actual RCR.
213482 [logancapaldo] Use alias_method ?
213486 [transfire@gm] That's fine. I don't care if also works without the comma. But it's
213497 [nospam@no it] / ...
213507 [transfire@gm] Why would anyone expect that? It requires two arguments. I also point

Re: Rush -> Now 'rs'
213488 [chaotrope@jp] ...   :)
213489 [eero.saynatk] Yes, es is my current shell until 0.1 :)
213548 [chneukirchen] I'd love to use es if it wasnt that inconvenient for interactive use.

Parsing a tab delimited file with ruby csv?
213495 [jcapote@gm i] I've been scouring the internet for hours looking for a good tutorial on
+ 213496 [nospam@no it] For a case like this, there's really no point using the CSV library. If tabs
| 213498 [mvette13@gm ] ...
+ 213501 [cory.chambli] I have never used it prior to trying this for you (so YMMV), but
  213503 [jcapote@gm i] I was also wondering if I could throw CSV.open an object instead of a
  213508 [cory.chambli] puts thing
  213510 [jcapote@gm i] Wow, cool! I didnt know you could do that. This is by far the most
  213576 [vasudevram@g] If you can manage with reading one line of fields in at a time, do

Capturing stderr from Kernel.exec
213499 [carl.lerche@] I'm trying to run some simple commands using Kernel.exec but need to
+ 213504 [ara.t.howard] open4 adds quite a bit to open3, which is in the stdlib.  so depending on your
+ 213505 [MonkeeSage@g] Kernel#exec never returns control; it replaces the ruby process with

New Gimp-Ruby binding.
213506 [lemb0029@mo ] I recently finished my Google Summer of Code project, a new Gimp-Ruby
213540 [asbradbury@t] This looks very interesting, great work. I haven't tried it out yet, but just

Can't get irb to read its configuration file
213509 [pierre.barbi] I was trying to use Wirble, and following the mail, I edited my ~/.irbrc
213511 [shortcutter@] Did you just put something in there like "puts 'hello'"?  Did it print?
213512 [jseb.com@gm ] ...
213578 [pierre.barbi] Thanks, for some reason, installing the 0.1.2 corrected the problem. And

Gem instal error
213513 [benjohn@fy h] I'm trying to instal a couple of gems this morning. Here's a log...
213518 [prince.jah@g] I had the same error with ruby 1.8.5. ruby 1.8.4 works fine.
213521 [benjohn@fy h] Hmmm....

DRAW 1280, 1024
213514 [benjohn@fy h] 20 years ago, the subject line would have drawn me a line across one
+ 213516 [nospam@no it] Because there is no trivial way to make graphics facilities
| 213519 [benjohn@fy h] It may not be trivial, but it's hardly difficult. There must be
| + 213526 [martindemell] There's no getting around the "have to create contexts and windows"
| | 213678 [benjohn@fy h] Thanks very much for the examples and pointer to Rubygame - I'll give
| + 213569 [nospam@no it] Yes, but sockets don't compare well with a graphic interface. Sockets talk
|   213680 [benjohn@fy h] *snip*
+ 213524 [perrin@ap th] If you're willing to try a different language, there's always Logo.  In
| + 213527 [robert.dober] ...
| | 213530 [perrin@ap th] Computer Science Logo Style
| | + 213609 [logancapaldo] (Getting _really_ OT now...)
| | | 213619 [perrin@ap th] [ snip ]
| | | 213642 [emarkp@so a.] I'd say that's unlikely.  He's quite the idealist (he was my first
| | | 213644 [perrin@ap th] Idealism isn't an obstacle to me -- it's the wrong ideology.  The things
| | | 213649 [znmeb@ce ma ] I can't personally imagine why someone would want to be a "Linux
| | | 213651 [perrin@ap th] Nobody associated with BitTorrent distribution of GPL software binaries
| | + 213621 [robert.dober] ...
| + 213679 [benjohn@fy h] *snip*
+ 213525 [martindemell] You could build something atop Rubygame [  http://rubygame.seul.org/ ]
| 213633 [benjohn@fy h] Thanks very much for all of the posts - I'll read them all on the bus
+ 213533 [david@va ln ] The best I can think of in portability is using wxWidgets / FOX / Gtk to
| 213536 [martindemell] I think all the GUI toolkits insist on running their own mainloop,
| + 213539 [david@va ln ] Spawn off inna thread, then jump through event posting hoops?
| | 213571 [nospam@no it] Not in Ruby, unfortunately. Ruby's threads implementation doesn't work. I
| + 213570 [nospam@no it] But (IMHO) you shouldn't be using irb anyway. You should be using a user
| | + 213572 [martindemell] Because IRB has already solved the general problem of a good, robust
| | | + 213582 [perrin@ap th] The upshot, I think, is that you'd probably have better luck creating a
| | | + 213590 [nospam@no it] / ...
| | |   213601 [martindemell] That only applies to a full-fledged GUI, complete with listeners,
| | + 213681 [benjohn@fy h] That would make sense if I was building an application that did
| + 213674 [chneukirchen] rcairo works without a main loop if you only are interested in
+ 213603 [znmeb@ce ma ] Well ... the closest to "global" that you're likely to get is Ruby/Tk,
  213677 [benjohn@fy h] Thanks for this pointer - I'll have a look at tcl/tc too, although it

Overlapping circles - modelling living populations
213515 [phil@pr co .] People,
213522 [nospam@no it] This is, strictly speaking, a math question. It is rather far removed from
+ 213566 [gavin.kistne] ...
| 213568 [gavin.kistne] ...
| 213592 [phil@pr co .] Gavin,
+ 213591 [phil@pr co .] Paul,

How to test gems installation
213517 [hollandlucas] I've just installed Ruby Gems on my OS X machine. Now I'd like to test
213534 [yvonthoraval] ...

How to read and write 80 column punched cards with Ruby
213520 [janchrister.] I'm trying to communicate with a bank. Banks are still using the punched
+ 213535 [martindemell] Could you expand on that a bit further? What are you trying to
+ 213538 [alex@de et m] You're on the right lines, but in your example you're working with instance methods when you  want to work with class methods. Define a 'field' *class* method in the Record class, which defines reader and writer *instance* methods. Something like below.
  + 213627 [janchrister.] How to read and write 80 column punched cards with Ruby
  + 213673 [chneukirchen] It's true that method_missing often is a source of problems and should

Adobe releases the Ruby on Rails RIA SDK
213529 [enogrob@ho m] Adobe is releasing the "Ruby on Rails RIA SDK", and also establishing

Sun Brings JRuby In-House
213531 [enogrob@ho m] Sun hires the lead developers on the JRuby project to focus on

Re: [OT] what is the best non-rails web/ruby development environm
213542 [david@va ln ] *blink*

(SNMP Library) Get_Bulk timeout
213543 [trodwell@ie ] I appreciate this is a bit of a specialized request, but is anyone using

recurrent phantom mailings with net/smtp
213551 [dblack@wo bl] I've got a script that sends an email message to me, using the
213553 [wccrawford@g] It sounds like there's something wrong with the mail server, rather than

Re: [Hoff Topic] ruby and ksh
213552 [david@va ln ] *gibber*

Timer Task?
213554 [vinson.lists] ...
213573 [chiology@gm ] This doesn't answer your question, but, is your utility actually a
213575 [vinson.lists] Thanks for the reply.  I am trying to schedule a recurring task, so it would
213585 [nospam@no it] AFAIK "sleep" is a perfectly adequate way to idle a thread, and it has the
213611 [vinson.lists] AFAIK "sleep" is a perfectly adequate way to idle a thread, and it has the
+ 213615 [znmeb@ce ma ] Amen to that! Anything that is done once a minute or less frequently
+ 213620 [nospam@no it] First, there's something misconfigured about your newsreader. Look at my
  213635 [chiology@gm ] I think not using this fantastic resource available to us is a bit

warning: redefining Object#initialize may cause infinite loop
213579 [transfire@gm] irb(main):001:1class Object
+ 213586 [djberg96@gm ] No, and I'd like to reiterate my idea for structured warnings so that
+ 213698 [matz@ru y- a] Object#initialize is too broad.  If you allocate anything that calls
  213699 [dblack@wo bl] That doesn't matter: POLS only means Matz's surprise.  Oh, wait....
  213715 [robert.dober] ...

[OT] No quiz this week?
213584 [bulliver@ba ] Are you all out of quiz submissions James? The last line of last week's
213589 [james@gr yp ] Oops!  In my defense, I've been very busy this week.  Sorry about that.
213599 [bulliver@ba ] Hey it's all right. I was just having withdrawals is all...

213587 [wrightone@gm] ok this gets all records from the table where the id = tag how do i
213604 [nospam@no it] table.each { |record|

[QUIZ] Secret Agent 00111 (#94)
213588 [james@gr yp ] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 214278 [james@gr yp ] It's my fault this quiz was released late and I think it is a fun
+ 214892 [kero@ch ll .] Gave me the chance to actually read Golomb's paper, which I never had :)
  214904 [james@gr yp ] <laughs>  I will release the summary Thursday morning, which means
  215030 [kero@ch ll .] OK, here we go :)

Re: [Rails] SaltedHashLoginGenerator no such file to load -- iconv
213596 [dan.bikle@gm] ...
213712 [dan.bikle@gm] ...
213713 [david@va ln ] Hmm. FreeBSD suffering under the Debianism of "We wouldn't give you a

Generation of Random Numbers
213600 [hollandlucas] how can I generate random numbers (integers, no floating point numbers)
213602 [asbradbury@t] rand(max)

Re: Table.find(@params)
213605 [wrightone@gm] wel thanks ..i am very new to all this
213606 [wrightone@gm] ok forgott "tag" is being sent via the url and i want to use it to get
213607 [logancapaldo] You are on the wrong mailing list my friend. You want the the Ruby on
213608 [wrightone@gm] uups thanks ..as i saied i'm new

Re: Joel Spolsky on languages for web programmingr
213618 [perrin@ap th] If you're going to debate the scale of productivity increase for web
213637 [znmeb@ce ma ] I haven't seen any benchmarks one way or the other. So I can't comment
213641 [perrin@ap th] Joel indicated that you could get the same scalability/performance out
213714 [rick.denatal] s/indicated/claimed/
213741 [perrin@ap th] I was trying to be nice.
213761 [masukomi@gm ] I'm sorry, but i just need to step into this and point out what should
213763 [david@va ln ] .NET is the whole platform, the CLR is the VM.
213770 [perrin@ap th] You beat me to it -- just as Rails implies the Ruby interpreter, so .NET
214106 [masukomi@gm ] You guys are right but the point still stands. The entire .net
214167 [david@va ln ] Yes, you can. ASP.NET and the System.Web namespace are a web framework,
214173 [phlipcpp@ya ] You snipped the context. I suspect it said Ruby is a platform like .NET, so
214179 [david@va ln ] You can't compare .net and Rails. It's like comparing the JVM or
214182 [Fdavis@us an] Ah, yes, the increasingly blurry line between Languages and their
214183 [perrin@ap th] Of course, she was the first to say "in .NET", as I recall.  The rest of
214234 [richard.conr] Bringing the debate back on topic,
+ 214237 [u.alberton@g] I've read that - aren't his arguments a bit out-of-date, in the sense
| + 214239 [richard.conr] Haven't read those threads - I scanned them a few times like I did
| | 214241 [u.alberton@g] That's just the thread's title, and if I recall correctly you've just
| | 214247 [richard.conr] And if you take it back into the context of this thread, and some
| | + 214256 [james@gr yp ] $ ruby_yarv -ve 'puts "In the early discussion phase!"'ruby 2.0.0
| | | 214268 [richard.conr] What are their release dates? Have all of the library/ plugin and
| | | + 214274 [khaines@en g] You can't.  You won't be able to.  Fortunately, Ruby encompasses a much
| | | + 214276 [james@gr yp ] You are changing your story below.  I will try to address your
| | |   214334 [richard.conr] Well no I am not changing my story, but I do switch between personal
| | + 214284 [u.alberton@g] As I've said before "For Performance, write it in C" is merely the
| |   214345 [richard.conr] My bad, knee-jerk reaction. I hope you can understand - between
| + 214246 [peter@se an ] It is not just the choice of algorithm that can affect performance, even
+ 214242 [rasputnik@gm] Rasputin :: Jack of All Trades - Master of Nuns
+ 214369 [perrin@ap th] 1. He doesn't understand duck typing very damned well.

ruby-bdb transactions
213626 [snacktime@gm] I want to make sure I'm not missing something here.  The following
213682 [decoux@mo lo] Well in my language, which is not english nor french, this just mean that

DRb connect remotely? Bad File Descriptor
213631 [gustav@ra ls] Hey
213639 [vjoel@pa h. ] What about using an eternally visible network interface, in place of
213646 [garbagecat10] ...
213653 [vjoel@pa h. ] I am externally grateful to you for pointing that out ;)

[ANN] RingyDingy
213636 [drbrain@se m] = RingyDingy

Photoblog and Fund Raising
213640 [gabriel.fili] Check out my Photoblog
213645 [wccrawford@g] I know responding to spam is evil, but did you seriously just spam a

Watir 1.5?
213654 [phlipcpp@ya ] One Bret Pettichord gave me an extension to Watir 1.5, to fix bugs caused by
213655 [phlipcpp@ya ] duh!

Another reason Rails doesn't suck
213658 [phlipcpp@ya ] I got to the deceased equine flagellation party late, so I will find a
+ 213683 [stesch@no sp] For English speaking countries.
| 213702 [phlipcpp@ya ] Shouldn't a team already be practicing Ubiquitous Language? whatever its
| 213706 [david@va ln ] Tell that to existing in-house codebases. Also, you "are allowed" to
+ 213685 [david@va ln ] To be honest, Tomcat is even by some people who like said unnamed
  213705 [foamdino@gm ] Hey!  We try to get the docs at least 50% right :) - for bad docs I

Real World Scalability and Ruby - Top 20
213659 [jlhurtado@gm] Folks,
+ 213661 [headius@he d] It seems like you're just guessing at these. I don't know all of them,
| 213665 [jlhurtado@gm] Charles,
+ 213662 [perrin@ap th] Also Python and Common Lisp (though the Lisp codebase is not growing at
| + 213663 [perrin@ap th] Arrrgh, typo.  That should read "all of Microsoft".  Sorry.
| + 213676 [asbradbury@t] This is really getting off topic, but Wikimedia do use Lucene for at least the
|   213684 [perrin@ap th] Hmm.  I'd forgotten about that.
+ 213666 [eero.saynatk] Many people seem to forget that the word 'scalability'
| 213672 [sethrasmusse] Everybody talks about this "real" world as if it is different from the
+ 213687 [david@va ln ] You forget intranets. Internal company webapps have to serve humongous
| 213719 [jlhurtado@gm] Aha... I would argue this is not true.  Having worked for two large
+ 213722 [reply_in_gro] That's the top 20 web sites that users directly visit.  It doesn't
| + 213740 [robert.dober] ...
| | 213745 [logancapaldo] [snip the actual conversation]
| | 213750 [robert.dober] ...
| | + 213751 [perrin@ap th] GNUstep would be excellent if it wasn't buggy.  Darnit.
| | + 213752 [paul@pl ys c] iTMS/AppleStore/.Mac was written in WebObjects, right - and
| |   213896 [robert.dober] ...
| |   213916 [paul@pl ys c] The closest thing I am aware of is SOPE (http://
| + 213769 [jeff@da k- i] On what grounds do you state that Amazon "uses a lot of J2EE" ???
|   213776 [pbooth@ma ke] The story I heard second hand was "in-house developed C application server
|   213798 [perrin@ap th] . . . plus Perl/Mason.  Lots of it.
+ 213726 [tbray@te tu ] ASP.NET.  Jeepers. Drop the guesses.  -Tim
  213734 [jlhurtado@gm] Friends,
  + 213736 [jlhurtado@gm] I missed Amazon on the list I just sent, it should read J2EE there too
  | 213760 [reply_in_gro] I got that from one of Steve Yegge's old blogs, and also someone who
  + 213895 [efuzzyone@ne] yes, lots of Java, I can confirm.