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^ how to include files in ruby webs?
213256 [edward tangu] What is the equivalent of
+ 213258 [logancapaldo] Check out the docs for require and load.
+ 213262 [canyonrat ma] Well, I don't know php but 'require' is the equivalent of #include in
| 213269 [gavin.kistne] ...
+ 213279 [dapatil nerd] You can use require or load.

^ how to get ruby to report errors on website
213259 [edward tangu] Is it possible to set up ruby on the web somehow so that it reports
213260 [eero.saynatk] You may want to consider posting all your questions in one
213270 [gavin.kistne] Although I've only used it on one project, ruby-web is a nice little framework (er, foundation) for building web apps on top of. One of the nice things is that you get quite nice error messages when something goes wrong.

^ continuing the next iteration
213261 [goofball vap] What's the Ruby equivalent of "next" in Perl or "continue" in C?
+ 213264 [nospam nosit] You may or may not have heard this, but jumping to a label is frowned upon
| + 213267 [gavin.kistne] ...
| | 213273 [gavin.kistne] ...
| + 213286 [goofball vap] There's nothing wrong with a structured jump without a label.
|   + 213288 [goofball vap] I wonder how much overhead there is associated with this
|   | 213541 [david vallne] Amen. If you have extra data in the data set, I'd personally just first
|   + 213294 [w_a_x_man ya] def do_rows(grid, char)
|     213382 [goofball vap] Yes, that's the way to do it.  Columns are still an issue,
+ 213334 [phurley gmai] Try catch/throw, although if you can rework your code into smaller
  213335 [phurley gmai] Sorry I did not read as closely as I should -- my example was just of

^ `ps -ax` gets cut off when run from cron
213276 [carl.lerche ] I have a simple ruby script that writes the content of `ps -ax` to a
+ 213289 [nospam nosit] Code? Remember that cron jobs run in a different environment, often with
+ 213290 [pbattley gma] Try `ps -axwww` instead.
  213292 [carl.lerche ] Hey, that did it! Dumb of me not to check the man pages for ps...

^ Tibco Rendezvous binding help (esp. for Windows)
213277 [djberg96 gma] There's been some interest in finishing up the TibcoRV bindings for

^ [CHALLENGE] better alias_method
213278 [ara.t.howard] i've been wanting a better alias_method for quite some time.  essentially i'd
+ 213356 [logancapaldo] module Patchable
| + 213369 [ara.t.howard] heh.  i think you may be hitting the same thing i was.  here's some food for
| | 213376 [llasram gmai] class A
| | 213380 [ara.t.howard] indeed.  hadn't consider it that way.
| | 213384 [gavin.kistne] p RUBY_VERSION
| + 213386 [kbloom gmail] [Code snipped. You'll have to look above if you want to know how the
| + 213391 [kbloom gmail] caller knows a function only by the name you call it.
+ 213362 [kbloom gmail] It would be nice to have this built in to the language -- a way to blur
  + 213367 [kbloom gmail] One more unit test that this passes. (This one seems to go to the heart of
  + 213371 [ara.t.howard] the show stopper for me is the fact that define_method cannot define methods
    + 213416 [ mfp acm.org] It's been in 1.9 for quite a long time now.
    + 213660 [kbloom gmail] Having established that 1.9 has this feature, my #override method (and

^ Sun hires JRuby developers.
213282 [ola.bini ki.] Sun hires JRuby developers Charles O Nutter and Thomas Enebo with a
+ 213287 [farrel.lifso] I wonder if Sun plans to push Ruby on the JVM now that IronPython 1.0
| 213299 [headius head] For what it's worth, Sun's HR crew isn't any faster than any other HR
| 213331 [richard.conr] I think they are just hedging their bets. Sun have always been about keeping
+ 213341 [james graypr] Congratulations Charles and Thomas!
  + 213346 [logancapaldo] +1
  + 213365 [headius head] And it's worth saying that everyone I've spoken with about Ruby,
    + 213558 [rick.denatal] Well Charles, we're pulling for you.  It's not the first time that Sun
    | 213630 [headius head] I like to think that open source may be the missing part of the
    | 213632 [rdm cfcl.com] I've been following Sun's activities for years.  It's been
    | 213634 [gwtmp01 mac.] The whole javascript/Ajax movement causes me to have deja vu
    + 213792 [banshee bans] So I have to ask - is JRuby a good thing for the Ruby community, as opposed
      + 213795 [kbloom gmail] These are old issues about Java performance. The Java VM has driven a lot
      + 213796 [rdm cfcl.com] There are a large number of interesting (IMHO) frameworks that
      + 213807 [shortcutter ] I fully agree to what Ken and Rich have said.  Some more comments below.
      + 213824 [david vallne] Very few things are. If it gets support and ends up being Done Right -
        + 213856 [coder68 yaho] David, that whole response was simply fantastic and hit the nail on the
        + 213861 [pbattley gma] On a related topic, I'd be content if the java executable could
        + 213865 [snail objmed] <david@vallner.net> writes

^ [Fwd: Sun to Support Ruby]
213285 [shortcutter ] FYI

^ trac like application in Ruby available?
213291 [just-for-new] I wonder if something similiar to tracs is available using Ruby?
213293 [dbalmain.ml ] Check out http://collaboa.org/. I'm not sure if it's still being
213295 [just-for-new] Well the last post is now over 200 days ago, unlikely that one can
213301 [samuel.kvarn] The development of Collaboa has been dormant for a while, but Jason
213308 [just-for-new] Well I checked the logs shortly after my message and yes it is activly

^ mysql-ruby module errors
213296 [merrua yahoo] Im trying to install mysql-ruby on windows 2000.
213374 [merrua yahoo] I also should mention a window pops up after running the command
222792 [eliemedeiros] You probably figured this out by now, but for those that are having the
223268 [merrua yahoo] My fix was reinstalling a few times till I got everything working.

^ [ANN] Rubilicious 0.2.0 (The "about freakin time" Release)
213300 [pabs pablotr] Rubilicious 0.2.0 is out in the wild.  Rubilicious is a native Ruby

^ irb problem with swiss german keyboard layout on windows xp
213302 [maurice.faeh] I can't use string interpolation in irb,

^ Re: new genetic programming system for ruby
213303 [wccrawford g] They're keeping the meeting logs at http://rosl.iandb.net/ for those
213304 [wccrawford g] Oh...  If you go to http://drp.rubyforge.org/rdoc/index.html and click
213305 [wccrawford g] Sorry, third post in a row, hating myself...
213383 [polypus yaho] about the slides, did i understand right? theo did simon give them to

^ [ANN] Wirble 0.1.1: Irb Enhancements for the Masses
213306 [pabs pablotr] I just released version 0.1.1 of Wirble.  Wirble is a small collection
+ 213310 [benjohn fysh] That looks great! :) A feature request: Could you syntax highlight the
| 213396 [pabs pablotr] I looked into highlighting the input in Irb, too.  It's a lot more work,
| 213484 [hal9000 hype] You can use the lexer built into irb. I forget how it's
| 213494 [logancapaldo] You certainly can steal irb's lexer. Here's an example from some code
+ 213342 [johnwilger g] FYI, the gem file doesn't seem to exist. I tried both the URL abave
| + 213348 [fred lacave.] Nice little tool, BTW...  ;)
| | 213399 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
| + 213351 [nolivier alp] ...
| + 213377 [pabs pablotr] That's what I get for doing a release at 4am :).
|   213389 [ben bleythin] I think you mean...
+ 213490 [fugalh xmiss] Nice! I think you should do auto indent too.
  213493 [tdjordan gma] ruby 1.8.4 (2006-04-14) [i386-mswin32]

^ [OT] St. Paul, MN next week
213309 [shortcutter ] are there still some Ruby activists in Twin Cities?  All info I found on
213354 [nicksieger g] ...

^ OT: Windows equivalent of -ps
213311 [sambient gma] Sorry, but googling doesn't seem to be leading me anywhere.  I have a
+ 213313 [jan.svitok g] most probably pslist from sysinternals.com (NB: it's worth looking at
+ 213314 [oeaniz gmail] I always liked PsTools from sysinternals. I don't know the exact
+ 213315 [nospam nosit] There isn't one. Have you considered installing Linux? Commands like "ps"
| 213317 [sambient gma] I've considered it but not feasible right now.
+ 213328 [djberg96 gma] See sys-proctable, available on the RAA, which serves as a
+ 213349 [znmeb cesmai] I've seen some of the responses to this post, and I'm really curious.
| 213361 [sambient gma] Well off the top of my head right now -
| + 213387 [kenosis gmai] I don't have my win pc at hand but you can try CygWin - its a pretty
| + 213502 [znmeb cesmai] I don't have that one handy, but I'll look it up
+ 213408 [james.britt ] If you are on WinXP (maybe also Win2k), try tasklist

^ Matrix modifying and coercion question?
213312 [efuzzyone ne] I was wondering why Ruby Matrix class doesn't creates objects which are
213704 [efuzzyone ne] I know it is bad posting on one's own email, but I didn't get any answer. I

^ Server maintenance
213316 [shugo ruby-l] Services except mailinglists will be down for a server maintenance on

^ [ANN] call_stack 0.1.0: ruby-breakpoint/breakpointer working in 1.8.5, backtraces
213319 [ mfp acm.org] Source code and additional information at

^ Re: Wirble 0.1.1: Irb Enhancements for the Masses
213324 [wccrawford g] Like, in real time, like an IDE?  That'd be awesome.
213388 [wccrawford g] Hmm...  Maybe it's not just the 4am thing ;)  Maybe you have a mental
213398 [pabs pablotr] I pretty much just have a mental block.  I don't think it's constrained

^ Non blocking keypress reading?
213325 [sardaukary y] On Windows XP is there a way to test that a certain key has been pressed
+ 213326 [wccrawford g] From my quick search, I didn't find a way.  Maybe this will help though?
+ 213330 [jan.svitok g] search the archive for kbhit
+ 213817 [m.fellinger ] require 'timeout'

^ Re : [ANN] Wirble 0.1.1: Irb Enhancements for the Masses
213327 [etorreborre ] ...
+ 213370 [efuzzyone ne] I don't have rubilicious
| + 213385 [pabs pablotr] Now that is bug is both hilarious and stupid.
| + 213417 [pabs pablotr] I've fixed this bug and packaged up an 0.1.2.
|   + 213483 [gthiesfeld g] I got colors to work on my XP box by installing win32_console.
|   | 213491 [tdjordan gma] or even better
|   + 213523 [benjohn fysh] Am I doing this wrong? ...
+ 213415 [pabs pablotr] Any problems on Windows are a direct result of sloth and incompetence on

^ Re: Re : Wirble 0.1.1: Irb Enhancements for the Masses
213333 [wccrawford g] Those are ANSI codes.  You'll need to use a console that deals with
213411 [pabs pablotr] iscellaneous/CommandInterpreterAnsiSupport.html
213431 [gavin.kistne] FWIW, that page doesn't explicitly mention that while command.com

^ Problem with chronic
213337 [evilgeenius ] I've followed the install instructions perfectly.  I can only require
213394 [tom helmetst] There is a bug with the loading code that seems to pop up on Linux

^ Re: Chronic-0.1.0
213338 [evilgeenius ] I've followed the install instructions perfectly.  I can only require

^ Puzzling bug with yielded array
213339 [asbradbury t] I have a Node class, children are stored in a hash with the node's name as the
+ 213345 [wccrawford g] I can't find anything about the 'each_level' method, so I'm guessing
| + 213347 [wccrawford g] Wow, totally missed that each_level was yours.  -sigh-  I really need to
| + 213350 [asbradbury t] Thanks for taking a look. I'm the author of Ariel and I'm working on the next
+ 213352 [ara.t.howard] def yields_shared_then_munged_list
| 213360 [asbradbury t] I really appreciate your detailed reply, the problem is very clear now and
| 213456 [rick.denatal] Tree traversal usually lends itself well to a recursive
| 213477 [eero.saynatk] That is a semi-depth-first traversal, though. Apparently
| 213532 [asbradbury t] Indeed, I am implementing a breadth-first or level-by-level traversal. I don't
| 213708 [rick.denatal] def each_level(include_self=false, levels=[[]], depth=0)
+ 213353 [michael.ulm ] results << level.dup

^ 8 Ruby on Rails contract positions in VA
213344 [Djakmassaro ] Please send resumes to Daniel_Massaro@oxfordcorp.com

^ Problems with extensions, RHEL4, $LOAD_PATH
213355 [Daniel.Berge] Ruby 1.8.5
213357 [ara.t.howard] which -a irb
213358 [Daniel.Berge] /usr/local/bin/irb
213359 [ara.t.howard] oh well.  i was hoping you were picking up an old one ;-)
213393 [Daniel.Berge] GAH! Stupid sudo umask settings!

^ Mrelation does not exist
213366 [wcarpin auto] Okay I originally posted the following in the rails forum, which was the
+ 213403 [wcarpin auto] I should also note that it's a Postgres-based database that I'm
+ 213413 [wccrawford g] And of course, the table 'sql_languages' DOES exist, right?
  213436 [wcarpin auto] Yes, the table 'sql_languages' does exist.  You don't have to try to be
  213437 [wccrawford g] I'm not being a smart aleck about it.  You'd be amazed how often it's
  213442 [wcarpin auto] Oh, okay.  Sorry about that, i misjudged your tone!
  213449 [wccrawford g] Hm, yeah, that's not very helpful.  It doesn't seem to provide a way to

^ Re: what is the best non-rails web/ruby development environm
213368 [coder68 yaho] I believe that you may be interested in http://www.nitroproject.org/
213564 [james.britt ] Also look for IOWA and Cerise.

^ Re: [ruby.mn] Re: [OT] St. Paul, MN next week
213372 [headius head] Ahh too bad I'm going to be out of town, I'd love to meet up at the
213427 [shortcutter ] I can't seem to get to ruby.mn...

^ BEST alias_method Re: [CHALLENGE] better alias_method
213375 [jason adapt.] The best alias_method methods would be one that didn't exist.
213379 [ara.t.howard] the primary reason to use aliases is not to simply have another handle on
+ 213392 [kbloom gmail] The solution to this problem will actually let alias_method fall into
| 213577 [rick.denatal] But the point is that although you can 'hide' alias_method behind a
+ 213574 [rick.denatal] Here's a sketch which generalizes this a little and adds a module

^ Re: using rcov in already running program - undocumented stuff
213397 [skurapat ucs] I can't find Rcov::CodeCoverageAnalyzer#dump_coverage_info,
213669 [ mfp acm.org] Yes, I originally didn't want them to be used externally because I didn't want

^ Rake: Looking for shortcut to file targets list from within a rakefile
213400 [mikshir gmai] I have several projects that are growing and I'm using rake to manage

^ ERRORLEVEL not set correctly on exception
213402 [brian.kejser] If I run the following code, then the DOS ERRORLEVEL is set to 1 as expected.
213689 [nobu ruby-la] Nobu Nakada

^ RMagick .psd to .jpg cannot load in browsers
213406 [icvu.mba gma] I have been working on a project that requires me to convert images
213440 [mike rubywiz] It's a good indication that either HTML headers are not set up

^ state machine in ruby
213410 [snacktime gm] So I'm refactoring a very ugly piece of client code that needs to
+ 213426 [shortcutter ] It seems you have answered it in the subject already, don't you?  One other
+ 213429 [garbagecat10] For clues to a possible approach, look at the HTTP client implementation
| 213445 [snacktime gm] Some quick examples of what I'm dealing with.  There are about 10error scenarios in all, this is just a couple.
| + 213448 [ara.t.howard] sorry not to include orig message - the text was totally fubar and hosed my
| | + 213453 [garbagecat10] Reading this, I kept trying to figure out how this is different from
| | | + 213457 [ara.t.howard] reprocessing 30 satellite years of data from a tape archive...  there are
| | | + 213465 [snacktime gm] Ya I hesitated to post that as it was pretty hard to read.  You can
| | + 213557 [garbagecat10] ...
| |   213560 [ara.t.howard] yes.  it's  state machine __system__: the machine and the system to process it
| |   + 213562 [garbagecat10] ...
| |   | 213623 [ara.t.howard] k.  go easy on me.  it's version 0.0.0 ;-)
| |   + 213565 [sean.ohalpin] Possibly Advanced Message Queuing Protocol - see
| + 213544 [garbagecat10] ...
|   213629 [snacktime gm] The difficult part is the error correction, at least for me not having
+ 213441 [vidar edgeio] A state machine is fundamentally a set of states with associated
+ 213528 [martindemell] Give smc.sourceforge.net a look
+ 213753 [john.carter ] First off I would just like to note a small mathematical congruence....
  + 213758 [garbagecat10] Eliminating threads is part of the point here. They make certain
  + 213785 [nospam nosit] Let me add my 2c. Every program is a state machine. The difference between
    213945 [john.carter ] Correct.
    213973 [garbagecat10] Been there, done that. It's a well-studied (and often very effective)

^ wxruby + scripts -> single executable ??
213412 [sja world.st] Is there some way to bundle wxruby and associated application scripts
213418 [vjoel path.b] Have you tried rubyscript2exe?

^ Re: better alias_method
213414 [transfire gm] Not at all becasue inclusion adds to the inheritance chain, it doesn't
+ 213447 [kbloom gmail] see http://www.erikveen.dds.nl/monitorfunctions/index.html#implementation
| 213467 [transfire gm] All of these can be found in Facets (facets.rubyforge.org) except Matz'
+ 213460 [sylvain.joye] I don't see how you write "recursive methods which call super".
  213463 [transfire gm] Like is Haskell you'd have to explictily state it's recursive. So for
  + 213464 [evanwebb gma] I encountered this same problem a while ago and also began to come up
  + 213481 [logancapaldo] I'm pretty sure this would be impossible (also you are thinking of

^ Re: [CHALLENGE] better alias_method (a solution too!)
213420 [ara.t.howard] i thought so.  still, i'm unclear whether or not it'll make the task any

^ safe domain specific language implementation
213421 [jfmiller28 y] Greeting All,

^ Test and exceptions
213423 [brian.kejser] In the file testcase.rb that is part of the Test module why are only the
213439 [jan.svitok g] This was discussed on ruby-core, topic "test/unit doesn't rescue a

^ Ruby on Windows.
213424 [hsavr yahoo.] 1. When I double-click on a file with .rb extention a DOS-like window
+ 213428 [jfmiller28 y] 'puts "Hello"'
+ 213433 [sander.land ] You need to open a command prompt and run it from there. Try
+ 213434 [cory.chambli] @echo off
| 213475 [ryan NOSPAMe] Hey, that's a good idea. I didn't ask the question, but thanks!
+ 213435 [jan.svitok g] Start your program from the shell (cmd/DOS window). Then the window
+ 213438 [mental gmail] In explorer, if you go to folder options, and click advanced for the