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^ Which is the best Ruby Wiki system like implemented so far?
212555 [enogrob hotm] I starting a Knowlege Manament project and would like to have as
212563 [assaph gmail] Define best :-)

^ [Mac OS X] Setting font path ? for Ruby and/or Ruby/Graphviz ???
212560 [pere.noel la] i've used rdoc with the option -d, i get the graphviz output images
212562 [hramrach cen] If I read the ls output correctly the font file is empty. Such fontcan be hardly useful for embedding text into images.I think that Arial is normally not found on OS X but there are similarsans-serif fonts that are no worse than Arial.
212596 [yvonthoraval] ...
212606 [logancapaldo] -rw-rw-r--   1 root  admin         0 Mar 20  2005 Arial
+ 212610 [yvonthoraval] ...
+ 212613 [paul plsys.c] MacOS X follows legacy Macintosh glitches to its detriment,
  212702 [yvonthoraval] ...
  212720 [paul plsys.c] Because it isn't a directory, it's a forked file.  A file can have
  213136 [pere.noel la] OK, but why Graphiz isn't aware of that ?
  213183 [hramrach cen] Perhaps make a copy of the resource fork somewhere?
  213268 [yvonthoraval] ...

^ Compiling Regexp only once
212564 [tomsingsang ] Dear all,
+ 212566 [jan.svitok g] <non-authoritative answer follows ;-) >
+ 212567 [shortcutter ] You don't need a class variable for that.  A simple class instance
| 212655 [rick.denatal] Robert,
| + 212663 [drbrain segm] Those aren't the same regular expression.  I expect that your
| | 212677 [rick.denatal] Oops, right you are.
| | 212691 [rick.denatal] So, I've corrected the benchmark.  I've also added another method
| | 212706 [khaines enig] Those numbers seem funny, like there is a lot of background noise
| + 213284 [shortcutter ] ...
+ 212650 [drbrain segm] You should benchmark, I expect you will find you made matching slower.
+ 212727 [hramrach cen] I tried to write something like that once.

^ RSA Java/Ruby
212568 [jean.verger ] I've been reading in this list about crypting with RSA but I don't get
212698 [jan.svitok g] 1. your code seems to work fine (if you fix the file name, add require
212713 [jean.verger ] thanks for your advices,
212722 [jan.svitok g] try PKey::RSA.generate(512)
212730 [jean.verger ] no problem ... I truly understand what you mean by reading more.
212731 [jan.svitok g] Sorry, I misunderstood. This is how it *could* be done. I've just read

^ Column sort (Noobie question)
212570 [pablo tejada] I am write a program to sort pictures, I can read in the directory and
212574 [u.alberton g] You could probably use an array of arrays, and the sort_by method.

^ problem with reading from socket
212583 [inxs.hemant ] ...
212585 [garbagecat10] ...

^ [ANN] Ruby for Symbian Preview Release
212586 [jeffdh u.was] I'm pleased to announce the first preview release of Ruby for Symbian!

^ Net::HTTP.post_form got 200 but no INSERT INTO. How come? How to fix this?
212587 [ariekusumaat] I'm playing around with net/http and open-uri Ruby Libraries.. I'm
+ 212661 [drbrain segm] This list is for Ruby questions, not Rails questions.
+ 212662 [jeremy bitsw] ...

^ times is a method?
212588 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
+ 212593 [chiology gma] First, the times method is actually the asterisk... So, 5.*(8) would
| 212594 [tdenkinger g] ...
| 212612 [rasputnik gm] I think you understood him right, and you're correct according to ri,
| + 212615 [rimantas gma] Try Integer.instance_methods.include? 'times' or
| + 212616 [logancapaldo] % irb --prompt simple
| + 212618 [ben bleythin] Because it's an instance method, and you're asking for class methods.
| + 212619 [dblack wobbl] methods returns the methods that the object (in this case, the class
|   212630 [rasputnik gm] Thanks all - finally got the difference between
|   + 212703 [chiology gma] Sorry for the confusion on my part. Got carried away! :D :(
|   + 212704 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
|     212752 [twifkak comc] Ah. Well, you can touch Fixnum, but there's not much you can do with 5.
|     212754 [logancapaldo] There are some auxiliary tables that store ivars for things like
+ 212595 [eero.saynatk] 5.methods.grep 'times'

^ How to store/load persistent data?
212600 [jw raven.ink] In my previous life (in perl-world) I was used to store persistent data
212644 [logancapaldo] Well the general purpose of initialize is to set up some state /
212838 [jw raven.ink] [ ... ]
+ 212842 [logancapaldo] That just means that there is still a reference to those objects.
| 212984 [jw raven.ink] Exactly.  The Tk library holds the references.  To get rid of them, I
+ 212845 [TimHunter nc] There is a well-known Ruby idiom for coding block-scoped resources.
  212989 [jw raven.ink] I am aware of this idiom.  This idiom works very well if you have a strictly

^ The real difference between Mutex and Sync
212607 [khaines enig] As I've mentioned before, Sync and Mutex are very similar, and Mutex
212617 [ksruby gmail] Good findings.
+ 212620 [ksruby gmail] I meant that rb_ary_shift never modifies the size of allocated memory.
| 212622 [ksruby gmail] This patch will make Mutex a bit slower, but much better in terms of
| 212708 [khaines enig] While I am not benchmarking with performance in mind, that change doesn't
| 212740 [hutch recurs] I've attached a trivial script that demonstrates on OS X and likely
| 212757 [jan.svitok g] This is 'windows' version, using pslist[1]
+ 212623 [logancapaldo] Would this help?

^ Rails AJAX help
212614 [danielks gma] I have an input, and I want to, when the user types a number on that
212627 [nospam nosit] Had you considered the idea of using the user's entered number as an index
212628 [danielks gma] But my problem is not how to find the value, but the AJAX
212631 [nospam nosit] It would be very helpful if you were to post your code and ask specific
212633 [james.britt ] do an HttpXmlRequest call to the server, see if it gets a usable

^ run only one test case?
212632 [phlipcpp yah] ...
+ 212635 [nospam nosit] Is this what you mean?
| + 212640 [wccrawford g] Combine that with
| + 212641 [phlipcpp yah] ...
|   + 212642 [phlipcpp yah] ...
|   + 212652 [phlipcpp yah] ...
|     212657 [dblack wobbl] Please don't attack and denounce people like this on this list.  If
+ 212648 [phlipcpp yah] ...
+ 212654 [logancapaldo] if ARGV[0]
+ 212871 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Do any of these answer your question?
  212926 [phlipcpp yah] ...
  + 212929 [jan.svitok g] AutoRunner uses at_exit. So think whether your at_exit should be
  + 212930 [phlipcpp yah] ...

^ [ANN] RuPy 2007 - Python & Ruby Conference
212646 [jakub.piotr.] RuPy 2007

^ How do I create an instance of a class in another rb file
212653 [brian.kejser] I have two rb files in the same folder.
+ 212656 [logancapaldo] require 'one'
| 212665 [brian.kejser] Thanks.
| + 212670 [mguterl gmai] ...
| + 212684 [logancapaldo] Well it only loads files from paths that are in $: (aka $LOAD_PATH).
+ 212660 [mguterl gmai] ...
  212664 [brian.kejser] What happens if there is more than one class in 'one.rb'?
  212668 [mguterl gmai] ...

^ [OT] similar resources for Lisp/Scheme
212658 [perrin apoth] I know this is terribly off-topic, but . . .
+ 212672 [znmeb cesmai] CMUCL, Clisp, GCL and SBCL. Google will get you the rest of the way. All
| 212673 [perrin apoth] I was looking at CMUCL with interest before you sent this, but . . .
| 212695 [znmeb cesmai] I'm not sure about compatibility. CMUCL is Carnegie-Mellon University
| 212705 [perrin apoth] I was not aware of that connection for the name of SBCL.  Wow, that's
| 212710 [perrin apoth] I misremembered.  It wasn't that it ran on a computer with 16MB (or
| 212777 [znmeb cesmai] At one time, SoftWarehouse, creators of Derive and now part of Texas
| + 212823 [rick.denatal] Back in the days of, say, lisp 1.5, there weren't many computers that
| + 212831 [perrin apoth] Was that a standards-complete ANSI Common Lisp implementation?  If so,
|   212852 [znmeb cesmai] Not that I recall ... it was Lisp 1.5. I just dug out the manual -- the
+ 212674 [bulliver bad] ...
  212675 [perrin apoth] That's good to know.  I usually try to avoid public IRC channels unless

^ Kernel.=== in case statements, even though I never called it
212666 [wierdbro gma] amount of time used was Kernel.=== . I was surprised, not only since I
212667 [tomasz.wegrz] case uses === (pattern match) not ==.

^ Re: Kernel.=== in case statements, even though I never calle
212669 [wierdbro gma] Oh, I'm quite aware of that. Oh... its calling the objects inherited
212679 [tomasz.wegrz] Kernel#=== calls == method, not aliases it. So you have 2 method calls,

^ Apache 2.2 and dispatch.cgi woes
212676 [golo65 msn.c] I have a RAIL/Activerecord/Postgres application working with webRick. I

^ run only one test case?
212680 [phlipcpp yah] ...
+ 212683 [logancapaldo] Now I see your problem.
| 212687 [jan.svitok g] 1. You don't need to create the suite and/or the runner yourself, if
+ 212701 [phlipcpp yah] ...
  212738 [logancapaldo] Noted ;)

^ Encapsulation and good practices
212681 [fred lacave.] I'm working on a small project of mine (a system to collect and easily

^ Silly question about irb initialization file
212685 [canyonrat ma] I'm reading along in the Pickaxe book and on page 193 it seems to

^ Trying to work with Threads
212688 [mksm.sama gm] I was doing a quick test with Threads in my Win32 box and something
212699 [phasis gmail] This is a well-known win32 bug.

^ [ANN] FlexMock 0.4.0 Released
212689 [jim weirichh] = FlexMock 0.4.0 Released

^ Binary Search Using Lambda
212690 [runner berke] Greetings,
+ 212692 [logancapaldo] You don't need one.
| 212694 [runner berke] Cool, thanks Logan.
| 212743 [jason.merril] As an aside, I would be warry of building functions that return array
+ 213109 [chneukirchen] Y = lambda { |f|
  213111 [logancapaldo] Sweet! Y-Combinator in ruby. You do realize, now that you've done the
  213163 [chneukirchen] -rw-rw-r--  1 chris chris 222 Oct 25  2003 /Users/chris/projects/ruby/y.rb

^ Benchmarking (Was: Re: Compiling Regexp only once)
212707 [drbrain segm] Putting the code here involves an extra method call.  While they are
+ 212747 [rick.denatal] [ Eric's benchmark code]
+ 212755 [twifkak comc] Interesting. Note that this is different from your benchmark in
  213048 [ryand-ruby z] Vastly different. He's calling scan/split instead of s =~ //. s =~ //
  213077 [twifkak comc] Hurh?

^ highlight (ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper)
212709 [flornet gmai] I'm using that helper function with a search form to highlight the
212786 [drbrain segm] You want to ask this question on the Rails mailing list.  This list

^ sitedir is not included in $LOAD_PATH (Ruby 1.8.5 on NetBSD)
212711 [vsatayamas g] sitedir is not included in $LOAD_PATH (Ruby 1.8.5 on NetBSD)

^ Conditional test : going crazy
212714 [user domain.] response = @http.get(url, headers)
+ 212716 [user domain.] '200'     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ 212717 [alex blackke] ... if response.code != "200"
  212733 [devlists-rub] might as well do this while you are at it...

^ Enum
212715 [lutzky gmail] I want an enum of sorts in my Rails application.
+ 212734 [hungrylist g] adding some informations to your hash may help, something like..
| 212744 [lutzky gmail] Paolo, so beautiful it makes me weep. Thanks a bunch :)
| 212745 [lutzky gmail] Hmm, which reminds me. Why don't we get one of these with ruby?
| 212750 [logancapaldo] require 'enumerator'
+ 212741 [logancapaldo] class A
+ 217197 [shugotenshi ] Use Struct.

^ Dynamic diagram
212718 [PeterMeier a] I want to show a measurement value in a diagram.
+ 212751 [phlipcpp yah] ...
| 212774 [gavin refine] Since SVG using progressive rendering and the "painters model", you can
| 212782 [phlipcpp yah] ...
+ 213790 [skurapat ucs] Try the gnuplot extension for Ruby. You can add new values to the

^ sitedir is not included in $LOAD_PATH
212721 [veetai yahoo] sitedir is not included in $LOAD_PATH (Ruby 1.8.5 on
212729 [nobu ruby-la] It has been reported by Gotoken at [ruby-dev:29358], and looks
212901 [veetai yahoo] Thank you so much for the solution.

^ [ANN] RuPy 2007 - Python & Ruby Conference
212725 [fname.sname.] ...

^ calling method defined in ruby script from external world
212735 [saumzyster g] ...
212761 [rick.denatal] There's some discussion of this on pp 302-303 of the 2nd ed. of the Pickaxe.
212920 [saumzyster g] ...
212999 [rick.denatal] I beleive that this will work, none of this actually tested.
213281 [saumzyster g] ...

^ Superclass mismatch
212742 [gareth.adams] I'm getting a "superclass mismatch for class TooManyAnswersError" with the
+ 212746 [pbattley gma] Since that code appears to be fine on its own, you might need to tell
+ 212775 [wccrawford g] class QuestionnaireAnswerError < ArgumentError

^ Gateway Trouble (was Re: run only one test case?)
212748 [james graypr] The Gateway is struggling a bit.  I'm looking into it...

^ Best way to do helpers for a constructor
212749 [jason.merril] What is the best practice for creating helper methods for a
212821 [rick.denatal] But unlike Java, Ruby doesn't have constructors, instead it has class

^ how do i get a url's domain
212753 [gustav rails] Hey!
+ 212758 [logancapaldo] require 'uri'
| 212766 [gustav rails] Makes perfect sense,
+ 212759 [jan.svitok g] Look at URI it it does something for you. Anyway, the question is more
  212763 [logancapaldo] Well, no it couldn't ;)

^ Re: [QUIZ SOLUTION] Happy Numbers (#93)
212764 [email55555 g] Modified my first solution to make it thread safe.
212805 [heron jpl.na] #! /usr/bin/env ruby

^ Howto ? :: multi notes for same product in rails
212767 [henrik.ekenb] ...
212812 [drbrain segm] You want to ask this question on the Rails mailing list.  This list

^ Ultimate programmer's reference - Quickref.org launches
212768 [robby.walker] QuickRef.org : AJAX-powered site searches for documentation on Ruby,
+ 212772 [wccrawford g] That site has some issues.
| 212937 [wccrawford g] Another issue.
+ 212785 [james.britt ] Please, spare me Digg, and spare me  having to click through another
+ 212789 [acangiano gm] the documentation for Ruby 1.6 won't be very useful nowdays.
| 212832 [robby.walker] My apologies - I'll admit I'm no Ruby expert.  Can you tell me where
| + 212841 [drbrain segm] Import ri, its all in handy yaml files.  Or ruby-doc.org.
| + 212935 [acangiano gm] no worries :-)
+ 212817 [drbrain segm] I get a better experience from the Ruby QuickRef[1] and ri.  For
+ 213323 [frdrch web.d] Have a look at http://www.gotapi.com/. It supports the documentation of
+ 213363 [netghost gma] Hey after a couple quick tests, I think this looks pretty neat.

^ ARGV is set to nil in ruby 1.8.5 when using test/unit
212770 [gunnarga eur] Could anyone please explain what is going on here? Our test/unit scripts
212931 [hramrach cen] You should put -- in front of your args. The args before the -- go to

^ ruby-talk, comp.lang.ruby, ruby-talk-google
212773 [gavin refine] Where does the third fit into the equation?
+ 212778 [wccrawford g] I think this is the answer, here.  Someone wanted easy access via a
+ 212788 [transfire gm] I set this up the last time the gateway went down. At that time it
+ 212824 [rick.denatal] Hmmmm.  I wasn't aware of the connection between ruby-talk and comp.lang.ruby
  213005 [halostatue g] Yup.

^ Calling VB DLL from ruby code
212776 [medha_19 yah] I am facing a problem while calling a VB DLL (for which I do not have a
212787 [abergeron gm] [disclaimer] I am not an expert on the Win32 API [/disclaimer]

^ C socket to Ruby socket
212780 [andre digira] What is the correct way to convert a C socket (int) to a Ruby Socket
+ 212781 [garbagecat10] does it need to be a Socket? class IO can be initialized with a file descriptor.
| 212791 [andre digira] You mean rb_io_initialize()?
+ 212784 [ksruby gmail] ...
  212895 [garbagecat10] char buf[100];
  212897 [nobu ruby-la] rb_const_get(rb_cObject, rb_intern("TCPSocket"));
  212933 [andre digira] That worked, thanks!
  212975 [nobu ruby-la] It isn't the point.  Dynamically loaded symbols may not visible
  213012 [vjoel path.b] Socket is a pretty popular library. Maybe rb_cSocket could be declared
  213070 [nobu ruby-la] It would be popular indeed, but is an extension library, which may or
  213072 [garbagecat10] Nobu, thanks for clearing that up. Now I understand why the more