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^ What's the best book
21212 [ jmp noos.fr] ...
+ 21213 [Stephan.Kaem] The 'pick axe book' also known as
| 21219 [markb1 sympa] It's online at http://www.rubycentral.com/book/index.html
| 21220 [mrchameleon ] .... but buy a hard copy anyway; it's excellent and the authors deserve our support.
+ 21229 [ryan ryanfly] ...

^ Call for discussion for a french speaking ruby group
21215 [Erwan.David ] A call for discussion has just been posted for the creation of

21216 [bobh hslda.o] Any problems getting Ruby to compile on MacOS X? Did you have to add
21230 [lcb134 psu.e] Check out the package at www.entropy.ch/software.  Its a very elegant
22390 [K.Hodges fte] ...
22394 [johann physi] If anyone's interested, I have packaged Ruby into an OS X framework,
22400 [rich infoeth] I am interested...where is it?
22470 [johann physi] I'm sorry, I tried to get it ready yesterday and failed.

^ ANN: ns_ruby-0.2.1
21217 [toddg linux1] ...

^ Ruby objects <-> XML: anyone working on this?
21218 [senderista h] Are there any Ruby analogs of these two Python modules (xml_pickle,
+ 21255 [maki open-ne] How about XMarshal?
| + 21264 [green green.] Hey, that's a very cool extension!  For what it's worth, I took a shot at
| + 21275 [senderista h] Very cool!  I'll have to check this out.  I wonder about the second
+ 21277 [kentda stud.] I've never been too keen on the format provided by xml_pickle and
  21281 [neumann s-di] Try SOAP or XML-RPC for marshalling Ruby objects in a language-independent
  21287 [kentda stud.] I looked at these some months ago, but I had a new look now on SOAP.
  + 21297 [senderista h] You're saying that SOAP doesn't properly serialize arbitrary graphs of
  | 21319 [kentda stud.] I'm saying I don't know to do it :-)
  + 21299 [nahi keynaut] # MN: Thank you for introducing SOAP4R, too.
  | + 21301 [paulp Active] We are discussion how to use SOAP and especially WSDL from various
  | + 21304 [nahi keynaut] I'm very sorry for misunderstanding.
  | + 21320 [kentda stud.] The result when I serialize an object to file/string/IO.
  + 21308 [neumann s-di] Yes, the object will be stored twice.

^ Call Proc in different context
21223 [anders ignit] Object.instance_eval is useful for evaluation 'raw' source and blocks in
21222 [rtarpine hot] I just asked the same basic question within the past week or so, actually.

^ Redefining constants
21224 [johann physi] How do you redefine constants, such as class objects, at the top
21228 [decoux moulo] Well, you're trying to change the class hierarchy. See [ruby-talk:20766]
21243 [johann physi] Thanks for the reference.  So the answer is that I can't?  This is
+ 21244 [avi beta4.co] If you change
| + 21249 [elderburn mi] ...
| + 21285 [pbrannan atd] Except that if you will still get a warning about "already initialized
+ 21258 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Class of caller
21225 [rtarpine hot] Is there a way to get the class of the object that called a certain method?
21226 [decoux moulo] There is a RCR to add #call_stack, perhaps it will do what you want. See

^ Tutorials
21227 [dempsejn geo] I've read through some manuals and references, and come from a

^ Ruby/GTK maintainer?
21234 [nconway klam] I mentioned on the list a couple days ago that the Ruby/GTK maintainer
+ 21240 [bombadil wan] have been not able of contacting him more.
+ 21256 [maki open-ne] Did you send a mail to him?  He may not read ruby-talk ML.
| 21267 [nconway klam] Yeah -- I emailed him 2 patches a while ago and he never responded.
+ 21283 [michal crfbo] ...
| + 21295 [nconway klam] Yep, definately (not the 'fork the project' part -- but bindings for the
| | 21462 [erik bagfors] Who has this code?  Can I get my hands on it??  It would really help me
| | 21467 [nconway klam] The prototype is @
| + 21463 [erik bagfors] I started yesterday to make a defs-parser for ruby (in ruby).
+ 21537 [iga ruby-lan] Sorry for my absence for a long time.

^ Broken link  in RAA
21235 [hal9000 hype] The *very first* link in the RAA (MindRuby)
21278 [matz ruby-la] If you guys want to remove RAA entry, mail me.
21310 [neumann s-di] Could you remove my entries
21373 [matz ruby-la] Done.  Thank you.

^ alternate Download-Site of IOWA?
21236 [horibo gmx.d] I tried to download iowa several times within the last couple of days.
21237 [avi beta4.co] That's strange - beta4.com is up for me (I would have a hard time writing
21238 [mps discomsy] You  know, this might be due to communications problems associated with
21239 [toddg mail.m] I have had DNS troubles from time to time connecting to beta4.com.  That
21262 [horibo gmx.d] It was no DNS-problem. The connection timed out. But now it's back
21268 [jfitzell hom] Yeah, it would wouldn't it?  :)
21269 [toddg mail.m] I used to carefully design sites.  Now I just throw out whatever I have on
21270 [hal9000 hype] Now *there's* a design philosophy. Reminds me of the "worse is better"
21272 [toddg mail.m] It works, too.  Keeps one on the straight and narrow path of user

^ Creating a module hierarchy - advice needed.
21242 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 21260 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 21273 [theschof cs.] ...

^ Embedding Q's
21245 [johann physi] Is there a good primer anywhere for embedding Ruby?  The only document
+ 21246 [toddg mail.m] No primer, sorry.  I recommend looking at other embedded projects to get
| 21254 [johann physi] First off, thanks for the example.  That at least gives me something
+ 21252 [ned bike-nom] You might like to look at the Vim code for embedding Ruby. Actually, looking

^ Instance variables of an objecta
21247 [jweirich one] Given an object, is there a way of getting a list of the instance
21248 [green FreeBS] irb(main):002:0> o = Object.new
21253 [jweirich one] Thanks.  For some reason I couldn't find it.

^ request for help
21250 [theschof cs.] ...

^ Ruby Blend File
21251 [theschof cs.] ...

^ Peer-to-peer
21257 [hal9000 hype] Networking question for you.
21259 [bdelmee adva] ...
+ 21271 [hal9000 hype] THanks for replying. Comments below.  HF
+ 21280 [m_seki mva.b] ## gossip.rb

^ Exceptions and Ruby
21263 [alv priv.one] Ruby 1.6.4
+ 21265 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 21266 [r2d2 acc.umu] [Alva]
  + 21279 [alv priv.one] Ugh, you got me. What does the operator ||= do?
  + 21286 [pbrannan atd] Don't do this.  It is very likely to break something.

^ tree class library?
21274 [DELETEmitche] Aside from Yoki Toshinori's binary tree lib, does anyone have native ruby code for trees? Specifically, I need rooted,
21290 [vjoel path.b] ...

^ Anyone else working with ruby on OS X (or GnuStep?)?
21276 [johann physi] Like I said, is anyone out there?  Has any progress been made?

^ extensions libraries
21282 [michal crfbo] ...
21284 [decoux moulo] ...

^ SV:  Re: Exceptions and Ruby
21288 [hamselv dams] A much better alternative is to make a new class. ie.

^ CFV Pointer: comp.software.patterns
21289 [dave technop] ...

^ Image libraries
21291 [jjthrash pob] Is anybody working on Ruby bindings for libpng or libgif?
21309 [neumann s-di] Some days ago I wrapped the image load functions of Imlib2 (www.enlightment.org/pages/imlib2.html)
21311 [jjthrash pob] Does loading images mean having an array of some sort in memory that
+ 21313 [neumann s-di] load textures for OpenGL.
+ 21327 [nconway klam] I looked at doing libpng + libjpeg a little while ago but I got confused
  21432 [jjthrash pob] Well, I have an initial PNG wrapper that can 1) tell you if a file is
  21471 [neumann s-di] Maybe a general Ruby/Imaging project (could evolve to something like Python's image library)
  21490 [jjthrash pob] Sounds good to me.  Shall I open a project?  "Ruby/Imaging"?
  21524 [neumann s-di] Yes, would be nice.
  21526 [aleksei.guze] Please, spend some time on developing the imaging library INTERFACE, not
  21544 [tobiasreif p] SVG is cool too.

^ PC Magazine
21292 [rtarpine hot] In the October issue of PC Magazine, in his Inside Track column John C.
+ 21293 [toddg mail.m] Is 'publicating' a word?
| 21294 [rtarpine hot] Aha, caught my little slip there.  I meant 'self-generating,' of course.
+ 21314 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 21326 [ruby jamesbr] Well, Oscar Wilde said that the only thing worse then having people

^ nested require files need path internally
21296 [bobgus mcs.c] I had a piece of a program involving date manipulation. This piece started with
21298 [dblack candl] 'require' will look in the order specified in the $: global variable
21302 [bobgus mcs.c] Thanks much - at least there is some logic.
21303 [matz ruby-la] Too much priority for current directory in the load path sometimes
21306 [larsch cs.au] Should be this way, but I think it would be nice to have a way, similar of
21307 [matz ruby-la] The big difference is C++ search done in compile time, Ruby search
21331 [pbrannan atd] The problem with doing this is that if I have a directory structure like
+ 21337 [Dave Pragmat] That's because you're giving it a different name each time. The first
+ 21340 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure what is your point.  If you really want to read from the
  21353 [pbrannan atd] The idea is that I want to split a project between multiple files.
  21366 [matz ruby-la] I think we are talking different issues.  You're talking about a
  21368 [julian-ml be] But, I think what he is looking for is the ability to require a file from the same directory as the file that does the require, not from the current directory.  I have experienced this problem too...
  + 21369 [rich infoeth] This seems like a good argument.  In Java, package (namespace) names directly align with directories.  This is not the case with Ruby namespaces (modules/classes).  In Java, a Class does not need to import another Class in the same package (directory).  In Ruby...every additional file you want to use must be loaded/required.  I do understand the extreme difference between the two, but the ability to "require" a ruby file in the same directory as the requesting file seems very good from a library perspective (and I also agree that you need to protect the namespace from the CWD).
  + 21376 [matz ruby-la] Your statement is understandable.  I think it's trade off between
    + 21401 [kevinbsmith ] That's ok, if we can come up with a simple pattern to allow
    | 21402 [decoux moulo] ...
    + 21406 [pbrannan atd] I definitely prefer simplicity.
      + 21426 [matz ruby-la] Every developer who works on multi file program has to decide where to
      | + 21433 [pbrannan atd] Why is this bad?  It's extraordinarily useful to keep files in the same
      | | 21436 [matz ruby-la] Because it's against UNIX tradition.  Directories such as /usr/bin are
      | | 21440 [rich infoeth] ...
      | + 21477 [kevinbsmith ] Now I understand. In the Windows world (where I've lived
      | + 21493 [charleshixsn] This seems to me to be the most preferable choice for a user
      + 21427 [julian-ml be] I was playing with this method too... definitely seems the best way but I was also unhappy with the fact that it requires parsing text that is destined for humans to read...  I'm planning on implementing this and overriding require (maybe with an old_require alias) in my own projects if nothing else turns up

^ MetaRuby 0.7
21300 [matju sympat] MetaRuby 0.7

^ eruby -M on Win98
21305 [hal9000 hype] I've been playing with eruby and I've found

^ Name clashes
21312 [alv priv.one] I'm writing a small game using the RUNIT framework. I use

^ Suggestions for new CGI lib
21315 [anders johan] From the comp.lang.ruby thread "Minor cgi.rb question" (2001-09-03), I
+ 21323 [larsch cs.au] I think this looks good. Writing short CGI scripts will become a bit more
+ 21324 [matz ruby-la] I think they are great.  Here's some questions from me.
| + 21325 [kh.wild wico] imho it should be possible to select the values in the shown way.
| | + 21334 [toddg mail.m] IMHO, this is dumb b/c a request can only be instantiated with either POST
| | | + 21342 [niklas kagi.] While it is true that the request method in HTTP is either POST or
| | | | 21343 [toddg mail.m] Then that violates the spec.
| | | | 21345 [niklas kagi.] [Niklas Frykholm]
| | | + 21382 [anders johan] POST /script.cgi?user_var=value HTTP/1.1
| | | + 21407 [kh.wild wico] sounds usefull.
| | |   21409 [toddg mail.m] I'm not conflating cookies with form variables.  They are distinctly
| | + 21335 [matz ruby-la] Could you explain "for security and to be more flexible" bit more?
| |   + 21379 [chrris mail.] In <1000828193.406862.793.nullmailer@ev.netlab.jp>, Yukihiro Matsumoto
| |   | 21380 [matz ruby-la] I think I understand what you meant.  You want them for special cases,
| |   + 21408 [kh.wild wico] we prog a web and accept users only if the submit a validation form.
| + 21381 [anders johan] cgi.request.var is merged from post, get, cookie and env.
|   21383 [matz ruby-la] GET /script.cgi?user_var=foo&user_var=bar HTTP/1.1
|   21385 [maki inac.co] * "bar"           (PHP4)
|   21396 [fgp phlo.org] You can also do
|   21400 [eldeerburn m] ...
+ 21341 [domingo dad-] I think that's a good idea have the request joining the cookies, get
+ 21375 [matz ruby-la] I encourage you to check out http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?NextGenerationCGI

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-09-01)
21316 [schneiker ju] ...

^ PC Magazine
21317 [rtarpine hot] In the October issue of PC Magazine, in his Inside Track column John C.
21365 [dblack candl] Hmmmm.... I don't think I'd heard the C++ part before.  Whatever.

^ SWIG & Ruby
21318 [michal crfbo] ...
21888 [Craig_Files ] The swig tar ball comes with several examples of using ruby and swig.

^ iowa and win98
21321 [horibo gmx.d] I'm trying to build a running development environment on my
21322 [avi beta4.co] Instead of the module, you might just use the iowa.cgi script instead - it
21346 [pit capitain] I recently tried to compile mod_iowa on Win 98, too, using VC++
21347 [avi beta4.co] See http://www.rubytalk.com/17990 for an alternate method (that should
+ 21349 [pit capitain] Thanks for the link, I'll have a look at it.
+ 21350 [eli.green co] But this won't quite work without the URL-parsing patch that Michael Neumann

^ const-correctness
21328 [pbrannan atd] X = 'this is a test'         # this is a const reference to an object
+ 21329 [   xm w3d.ru] Maybe, but 2) seems more reasonable
+ 21330 [Dave Pragmat] All you have to do is
  21333 [pbrannan atd] char * const x;

^ if before or if after?
21332 [pbrannan atd] x = '' if not defined?(x)
+ 21336 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 21338 [Dave Pragmat] Just seeing the assignment to 'x' defines it. In
+ 21339 [matz ruby-la] As a general rule, a local variable start to exist when an assignemt
+ 21367 [yashi yashi.] Gang of Three(?) has already posted good explanation but if you wanna

^ I really get wet when I blow a hot guy.  2858
21344 [ejumxw mail.] ...

^ Newsgroup strangeness
21359 [harryo zip.c] I'm just posting this because, on this end, nothing new seems to have been
21358 [harryo zip.c] Aha!  By re-sorting by name of sender to find my post, I discovered that it

^ [Ann] JRuby - Ruby interpreter in Java
21362 [japetersen w] JRuby is the effort to recreate the Ruby interpreter in Java.
21371 [kevinbsmith ] Java.
+ 21372 [chadfowler y] Great stuff!  I've been looking through the code.  I
| 21391 [japetersen w] That would be very helpful.
+ 21393 [japetersen w] Also the design of JRuby (no static fields) make it possible to run more
+ 21582 [benoit.cerri] ...

^ worm blocker
21363 [joe vpop.net] tail -f $server_root/logs/error_log | blockworm.rb

^ How to tell if port is in use...
21377 [hal9000 hype] How do I tell whether another server already
+ 21386 [csawtell par] netstat -a
+ 21390 [decoux moulo] ...
| 21399 [hal9000 hype] 3333);TCPServer.new("localhost", 3333)'
| 21405 [jonathan.ent] I tried it on mine (win2k, 1.6.4 cygwin), and didn't get an error
| 21476 [wsobel Barra] ...
| 21481 [decoux moulo] ...
| 21638 [wsobel Barra] ...
| 21639 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 21464 [erik bagfors] #!/usr/bin/ruby

^ Path walking on windows
21378 [edsin swes.s] I've created a little script that recurses through directories and yields
+ 21398 [stephen.hill] I have a very similar function, but I was wondering if this recursive
+ 21429 [edsin swes.s] ...
  21485 [niklas kagi.] [Ed Sinjiashvili]

^ ruby 1.6.5
21384 [matz ruby-la] md5sum is