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^ [ANN] open4-0.6.0
211784 [ara.t.howard] URIS
211788 [Daniel.Berge] I tried to download the .tgz file from the RubyForge page, but I get a
211798 [ara.t.howard] hmm.  the same script uploaded the gem, which is fine, as the tgz so i'm not
211818 [Daniel.Berge] alib
211821 [ara.t.howard] ah. didn't know you could do that!  in any case i've been doing for a looong
211827 [Daniel.Berge] Yes, when you put out a release (using the web form) you'll see an

^ Spawning daemon processes
211786 [thiago.arrai] I am trying to start and stop a daemon process from inside my Ruby
+ 211793 [khaines enig] You need win32-process (which needs windows-pr) out of there, and then you
| 212130 [thiago.arrai] Kirk,
+ 211880 [drosihn gmai] For unix, you might want to check out the rubygem called 'daemons'.
+ 211909 [znmeb cesmai] Be careful ... we don't want to have Ruby known as "daemon spawn", do we?

^ Re: Hal Fulton Interview
211790 [wccrawford g] Not to nitpick, but...
211792 [pat.eyler gm] Thanks, and do look for his book.  The first edition was great, and I'm
+ 211794 [perrin apoth] I've never read the first (and, in fact, still haven't laid eyes on it
+ 211796 [james graypr] I agree.  It was out-of-date when I found it and still a dang good

^ gem question
211805 [sigzero gmai] When I go to install sqlite3-ruby on Windows XP, I am faced with a list
+ 211806 [acangiano gm] Select option 1: sqlite3-ruby 1.1.0 (mswin32)
+ 211808 [johnatl mac.] You can think of that as mswin32=Windows, ruby=Everything but Windows. The
  212001 [sigzero gmai] Thanks guys!

^ [OT] good article on threads
211826 [ara.t.howard] given some of the recent discussions on threads i thought some of you might
+ 212057 [david vallne] Mildly interesting. I think the popularity of using threads comes from
| 212080 [garbagecat10] People know how strongly I feel about this, so I risk the
+ 212095 [hramrach cen] "To offer another analogy, a folk definition of insanity is to do the
  + 212358 [rick.denatal] So I should STOP playing golf???
  + 212456 [david vallne] As Rick DeNatale pointed out, the folk analogy is nonsense. The real
    + 212482 [znmeb cesmai] 1. As Dijkstra pointed out decades ago, as soon as you have I/O
    + 212636 [rick.denatal] Well, as far as we can tell, but it's a topic of debate.  Einstein
      + 212643 [hal9000 hype] Exactly.
      + 213038 [david vallne] Einstein also didn't know about quantum. Past the uncertainty boundary,
        213047 [rick.denatal] Actually he did.  He just was uncomfortable with the idea.

^ problems with rubyforge?
211829 [ara.t.howard] everyfile i've released today, eiher manually or automatically cannot be
211989 [chris.hulan ] I seem to recall that it takes a while for the mirrors that provide the

^ Insecure word writable dir?
211831 [joevandyk gm] Here's /tmp
+ 211832 [ara.t.howard] it's very annoying.
+ 211878 [matz ruby-la] That means you have world writable directory in your load path ($PATH)
  + 211922 [drbrain segm] ===================================================================
  | 211948 [matz ruby-la] It's better, but this warning can be caused by both $PATH and
  | 212252 [nobu ruby-la] I guess fpath_check() to be check for LOAD_PATH but not for
  + 213010 [ryand-ruby z] ugh). That said, on my mac mini, where all user directories are on a
    213016 [ara.t.howard] i second that.  it's the only reason i don't use $VERBOSE too.
    213041 [matz ruby-la] We've changed the condition.  World writable parent directories would
    213074 [nobu ruby-la] The check is disabled on Windows.
    213092 [matz ruby-la] Please commit.

^ Ruby program installed via RPM
211837 [joevandyk gm] bin/start_program.rb
211839 [halostatue g] Why not use a gem?
211843 [joevandyk gm] RubyGems is not authorized for use.
211851 [halostatue g] And ... what's the reasoning for this? I'm genuinely curious.
211854 [joevandyk gm] Our company has rather strict policies on software.  One of the
211867 [transfire gm] I've been _slowly_ working on one. Currently the system can generate a

^ Reading font metrics
211842 [ray thecarra] that I can generate a list of installed fonts by name in a Ruby script.
+ 211844 [halostatue g] I haven't implemented it yet, but there's definite information you can
+ 212859 [2006 howell.] Hmm. First, you should figure out if your operating system offers a way
+ 212914 [rubyforum co] I have just started a rubyforge project ('fontlib') that should be able

^ Re: Unable to gem install rdoc.  Can somebody suggest someth
211846 [shodson gmai] I'm having the same problem on Ubuntu 6.06.  I never "make" anything, I
211892 [rick.denatal] While in general, I LOVE ubuntu and debian, but I've pretty much given
211965 [wccrawford g] Make sure you use Adept/Aptitude/whatever to install not only rdoc, but

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission (92)
211847 [james graypr] ...

^ [C ext 2 Ruby] questions about rb_iv_set/get
211850 [pere.noel la] i do have some questions about rb_iv_set/get in order to know if i must
+ 211852 [pat.eyler gm] I'm afraid I can't help you with your question, but I can help you get
| 211933 [pere.noel la] what are those exactly ? the "[C ext 2 Ruby]" : for my point of view it
+ 211853 [TimHunter nc] Assuming you're using one of the rb_str_new family of functions to
  211932 [pere.noel la] ok, fine, thanks, for this precise answer !

^ [ANN] mem_inspect and png
211858 [drbrain segm] I'm pleased to announce to new libraries written by members of the
+ 211861 [james graypr] I'm lovin' that.  Too cool!
+ 212410 [hhausman gma] File.open on windows needs to be explicitly told to be binary. Adding
  212413 [drbrain segm] Yes, I've fixed this in the source repository.

^ TkDialogBox missing?
211860 [jw raven.ink] I am pretty new to ruby, but I have used perl/Tk in my previous life ;-)
211895 [nagai ai.kyu] That is NOT a standard widget of Tcl/Tk.
211931 [jw raven.ink] Thanks for your quick reply! (BTW: is Hidetishi your first name?)
212432 [jw raven.ink] I can't figure out how to use this widget properly.  I have two major
+ 212494 [m_goldberg a] The iwidget widget set is Ruby support for [incr Widgets]. You can
| 212599 [jw raven.ink] Thanks for your reply, Morton!
| 212700 [m_goldberg a] Did you try clicking on any of the widget names in the sidebar? When
| + 212723 [nagai ai.kyu] Do you have any requests for Iwidgets support of Ruby/Tk?
| | 212728 [m_goldberg a] Not at this stage of my explorations. So far what little I've tried
| + 212792 [jw raven.ink] Yes, but for me, this looks more like a man page than a tutorial. ;-)
|   212813 [m_goldberg a] A man page with sample code and a picture of the result? That's
|   212857 [vagabond cat] Hey all,
|   212884 [nagai ai.kyu] Great! Please post here or send to me.
|   213003 [vagabond cat] what I ended up changing... if you have any questions, please ask...
|   213975 [nagai ai.kyu] Thank you for your patch. I have some questions.
|   214127 [vagabond cat] ).7.6, which seems to be the latest.
|   214501 [vagabond cat] irb(main):007:0> tabs.itemconfigure(0, :compound=>:text)
|   214544 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm sorry for the belated reply to your old mail.
+ 212697 [nagai ai.kyu] Please run '<ruby-src>/ext/tk/sample/tkextlib/bwidget/demo.rb',
  212797 [jw raven.ink] Now with your example, it is pretty clear how it works.  Thank you very
  212878 [nagai ai.kyu] It doesn't verify whether your Ruby/Tk can load Iwidgets extension or not.
  212981 [jw raven.ink] $ ruby /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/tkextlib/pkg_checker.rb
  213974 [nagai ai.kyu] I think so.

^ Fwd: [Q] How would you do method extensions (sometimes called class extensions) in Ruby?
211862 [gaelli emerg] ...

^ Fwd: [Q] How would you do method extensions (sometimes called class extensions) in Ruby?
211863 [gaelli emerg] ...

^ Fwd: [Q] How would you do method extensions (sometimes called class extensions) in Ruby?
211864 [gaelli emerg] ...

^ Fwd: Footnote to Re: [Q] How would you do method extensions (sometimes called class extensions) in Ruby? (was: Fwd: Thoughts from an outsider)
211865 [gaelli emerg] ...

^ Fun with XEXPR
211869 [gavin refine] Just sharing some fun code. I think I cranked this out in 30 minutes.

^ Testing Threads with connections
211872 [davieira gma] I've been trying to make a stress test generator in ruby for a New IO
211946 [shortcutter ] Insert this at the top of your script to see whether there are

^ TK help
211875 [name.goes.he] Okay so I set up a greeting AI for my sceince projet, (cool right?) but
211887 [m_goldberg a] I don't know why you say you can't unpack your button -- it's

^ namespace pollution in ruby
211876 [inxs.hemant ] ...
211879 [logancapaldo] [snip code]
211882 [inxs.hemant ] ...
211883 [logancapaldo] class RailsPrefixActiveRecord
+ 211886 [inxs.hemant ] ...
+ 212855 [2006 howell.] <raise hand> Um, I don't. Since he said "prefixes IN the
  212860 [logancapaldo] I said prefix every method. Every Cocoa/NextSTEP method is not

^ Rails newbie: why is my partial template not rendering?
211889 [dan.caughert] I wanted to be a good Rails programmer, and use a shared partial
+ 211891 [james.britt ] You may get better, faster answers asking rails questions on the rails
| + 211907 [gdonald gmai] Greg Donald
| | + 211927 [chiology gma] Both Logan's and Max's answers are right on the money. That should set
| | + 211934 [james.britt ] Ah.  Thanks.
| + 211983 [halostatue g] The rails list, I think, has changed to using a Google Group.
|   211993 [dan.caughert] Thank you everyone for showing me the error of my ways
+ 211903 [logancapaldo] No they aren't ;)
| 211926 [drbrain segm] If you're going to answer a Rails question send the answer to the
+ 211906 [ruby muerman] Ah, I've done this many many times... You're missing a "="

^ Rescuing a 'require'
211890 [drosihn gmai] I wanted to use Socket.gethostname to get the current hostname
+ 211899 [logancapaldo] begin
+ 211900 [eero.saynatk] rescue LoadError
+ 211901 [rick.denatal] irb(main):006:0> begin
  211904 [rick.denatal] Ah, answers in three-part harmony.
  212359 [drosihn gmai] Ah.  Very good.  I figured it was something simple that I was missing.

^ Using [incr Widgets] in Ruby/Tk on OS X
211893 [m_goldberg a] I'm using Ruby 1.8.2 on Mac OS X 10.4.7. I discovered the Ruby
211896 [nagai ai.kyu] Please use "require 'tkextlib/iwidgets'".
+ 211918 [m_goldberg a] Thanks very much. That's what I needed to know. I don't know why I
+ 211938 [pere.noel la] i wanted to experiment that too, reading "SUPPORT_STATUS" gave me this
  211939 [pere.noel la] une b?vue
  211959 [nagai ai.kyu] Thank you for your report. I'll fix it later.

^ Q: How to use non-builtin class as hash key?
211898 [very.funny.j] ...
211902 [vjoel path.b] You need to define #eql? in your class, since that is how Hash compares
211912 [very.funny.j] ...
+ 211917 [vjoel path.b] I'm not sure what you are asking, but you can define #== and #eql?
+ 211981 [rick.denatal] $ri Object#hash
+ 212004 [martin snowp] I assume you are asking why defining .eql? is necessary.  (You seem to

^ Off topic: What is "top posting" ??
211908 [brad_peek ya] What is "top posting" and why is it considered bad form?
+ 211910 [cdc cyphers.] This is top posting.
+ 211911 [vjoel path.b] This is, and it is so considered because many people find it confusing
+ 211914 [jmg3000 gmai] Is it because is it considered bad form that you came to this mailing list?
| + 211919 [brad_peek ya] Not sure I understand your question.  I had read a post in this forum
| | 211921 [hal9000 hype] The question is obviously fine, and I don't grasp
| | + 211924 [chiology gma] I don't grasp it either.
| | + 211928 [jmg3000 gmai] Doh. I'm sorry to waste your time guys. I shouldn't have been so
| |   211929 [hal9000 hype] [snip snip]
| + 211960 [drnicwilliam] He asked a meta-forum question in a forum for a language that supports
+ 211915 [logancapaldo] Responding Like This.
| 211936 [perrin apoth] A. It reverses the normal flow of conversation.
| 211966 [wccrawford g] You know, the problem I have with this answer is that in a forum, the
| 211973 [floyd apaflo] This is not a "forum", it is Usenet.  There are *many* different
| + 211979 [leslieviljoe] People should also realize that Outlook makes proper bottom posting so
| | + 212047 [david vallne] I can usually force myself to follow the conventions the other person
| | | 212066 [mikewoodhous] IIRC, there is an option lurking somewhere to make this
| | | 212086 [david vallne] Happened to me. Frequently around end-of-semester time for added
| | + 212118 [hal9000 hype] Very true! Sometimes it's not just painful, but *impossible* to
| | + 212122 [reid.thompso] will remedy Outlooks crud...
| + 211988 [wccrawford g] Forum or usenet (or mailing list), first is first.  Any decent usenet
| | + 212134 [perrin apoth] Speak for yourself.  I assume that people should be accomodated in the
| | | + 212139 [chiology gma] One of the reasons I prefer GMail for reading Mailing Lists is because
| | | | + 212153 [perrin apoth] I prefer mutt (the mail user agent I use) over Gmail.  I do have a Gmail
| | | | + 212659 [rick.denatal] I love gmail for the same reasons, but it's not perfect.
| | | + 212141 [znmeb cesmai] It's interesting that you should mention blind correspondents, because
| | | | + 212144 [Jamal.Mazrui] As a blind person, I realize that I represent a small minority
| | | | | + 212188 [david vallne] Messages with long quotes are "bad form" (even there are differing
| | | | | + 212251 [jmg3000 gmai] Jamal,
| | | | |   + 212565 [vidar edgeio] Emacs combined with Emacspeak already does this if you use GNUS (Emacs
| | | | |   + 212573 [robert.dober] ...
| | | | + 212151 [perrin apoth] That's fine . . . until you get a discussion that is complex enough to
| | | + 212155 [wccrawford g] As Jamal noted, That's not entirely true.
| | |   + 212161 [perrin apoth] For him.  He's the first blind person I've run across with that opinion.
| | |   + 212165 [james.britt ] I've had this discussion with other people on other lists.  I've been
| | |     212172 [perrin apoth] That's an interesting point.  With rare exception, the amount of anger
| | + 212208 [ihatespam ro] ...
| | + 212209 [ihatespam ro] ...
| | + 212210 [ihatespam ro] ...
| | | 212215 [wccrawford g] You managed to misquote me here.  You have completed destroyed the
| | | + 212219 [perrin apoth] Ignore for a moment the individual errors made, and think about the
| | | + 212241 [ihatespam ro] ...
| | |   212244 [ihatespam ro] ...
| | |   212272 [wccrawford g] I have accepted and acknowledged that this list requires bottom-posting
| | |   + 212279 [floyd apaflo] It is, however, virtually always inherently inappropriate because
| | |   + 212312 [perrin apoth] Actually, at least three people haven't just assumed everyone else was
| | |   + 212338 [ihatespam ro] ...
| | |     212382 [perrin apoth] It varies from list to list (having been on many).  In general, in
| | + 212243 [ihatespam ro] ...
| + 212082 [halostatue g] No, in fact, it isn't. What you're actually reading is the result of a
|   + 212093 [headius head] ...
|   | + 212099 [david vallne] No. This requires flipping between messages. This is slow to do and
|   | | + 212138 [perrin apoth] I don't have problems doing so, but I have a problem with people forcing
|   | | + 212284 [floyd apaflo] Perhaps his time is not worth much to him either.  He says he is
|   | + 212148 [perrin apoth] So does mine, but I still don't like having to switch back and forth
|   |   212169 [headius head] ...
|   |   212176 [perrin apoth] I can have multiple emails open.  I like to use my screen real estate to
|   |   212183 [headius head] ...
|   |   212190 [perrin apoth] Note the lower-case m following a period.  Am I supposed to read minds
|   + 212135 [perrin apoth] Whoops.  I thought usenet was primary, and said something to that effect
|   | 212162 [hal9000 hype] I'm not sure you can view either as "primary." The mailing
|   + 212281 [floyd apaflo] Once you gateway it to Usenet, that *is* prime.  There are
|     + 212286 [wccrawford g] You do realize there are many, many, many more people that know how to
|     | + 212292 [floyd apaflo] Whats with the "unknown" attribute?  Are you afraid to associate
|     | | 212295 [wccrawford g] The forum doesn't say your name.  I assume that's because you are on
|     | | 212299 [floyd apaflo] This is typical of your entire article.  Nothing was out of
|     | | 212302 [wccrawford g] If you seperate a portion of a statement from the rest of it, you have
|     | | 212305 [floyd apaflo] That is a dishonest statement.
|     | + 212349 [bulliver bad] ...
|     |   + 212353 [dblack wobbl] I don't mean to pounce on you, Darren -- I just want to ask everyone
|     |   | 212388 [perrin apoth] Er, whoops, I posted replies to other subthreads before I saw this.  Mea
|     |   + 212387 [perrin apoth] RFC 1855
|     |     212454 [jp jeffpritc] ... or
|     |     212500 [perrin apoth] I think pretty much everybody is annoyed by overly long quotes, no
|     + 212315 [perrin apoth] I . . . don't agree.  The mailing list, too, is archived -- and there
+ 211972 [floyd apaflo] What an interesting set of "answers" you are getting, eh?
  212011 [transfire gm] I always wondered if an xml-like notation might catch on for this
  + 212017 [ara.t.howard] not at all.  i use pine and/or mutt.  vim is my editor for both.  i can take
  | 212051 [jp jeffpritc] Isn't the root of the disagreement the fact that some of us only use the
  | + 212078 [wccrawford g] Worse, there's also the newsgroup comp.lang.ruby.  So there's not only 3
  | | 212092 [david vallne] Still, it's proper form to think of people that feel uncomfortable
  | + 212158 [perrin apoth] Even if I liked the web interface more (which I don't), I still wouldn't
  | + 212289 [floyd apaflo] It isn't the difference between web and email, it is a different
  |   + 212293 [shevegen lin] Top posting is less logical than bottom posting.
  |   + 212318 [perrin apoth] Actually, I've been thinking about this . . . and based on my own
  + 212050 [david vallne] If it ain't broke...
    212163 [perrin apoth] In addition, I actually use plaintext-only mail reading as a "security"