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^ help with ruby in chicago area
211325 [jalotta eart] I want to sit down with someone in chicago area and help me get going

^ Singleton classes and methods (was Re: Reformat Ruby source code in vim?)
211328 [rick.denatal] Singleton classes are a slippery concept, and singleton methods even
211332 [dblack wobbl] It's always struck me as an anomaly.  It's redeemed somewhat by the
+ 211368 [rick.denatal] So was there a change in 1.8.3 which got backed out in 1.8.5?
| 211379 [dblack wobbl] It's only changed in 1.9, I think (hence "> 1.8.5").  In 1.8.2 you get
+ 211373 [james graypr] I totally agree, and I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact

^ Testing a string's value is a positive integer
211330 [jamesdeuchar] I'm trying to find an nice way of verifying that the value of a String
+ 211334 [farrel.lifso] Check if num.to_f - num.to_i == 0, if that's true you're dealing with
| 211335 [wccrawford g] num.to_f == num.to_i
| 211337 [tfwright tho] irb(main):005:0> 1.5.integer?
| 211343 [farrel.lifso] Or you could just use that. Three cheers for the principle of least suprise!
| 211348 [jamesdeuchar] Yep - would be great! However I'm dealing with a params key-value pair
+ 211345 [james graypr] str =~ /\A\+?0*[1-9]\d*\Z/
| 211350 [jamesdeuchar] Thanks James - it does indeed
| 211360 [shortcutter ] How about
+ 211386 [logancapaldo] Isn't this a job for validates_numericality_of ?

^ Mandatory options with optparse
211331 [imobachgs gm] I was playing with optparse (great stuff ;)) and I didn't see how to check if
211673 [nobu ruby-la] There is no suck way.  I had thought about the idea like it

^ ruby gem quirk on Windoze
211340 [donn cmscms.] "gem build gothicinnovation.gemspec" executes perfectly.

^ GemSpecification format detail where ???
211341 [pere.noel la] i'm looking for GemSpecification format detail the page
211365 [robin nibor.] You're looking for book 4, the GemSpec reference.
+ 211439 [pere.noel la] fine thanxs !
+ 211725 [jim weirichh] In fact, the wiki mentioned above is extremely out of date and has been
  211730 [pere.noel la] ok thanks, i did arrange myself using an example from a Jabbaer extion

^ [OT] An early farewell to optical media
211346 [transfire gm] media if anyone's interested: http://weblands.blogspot.com/. Anyway, no
+ 211354 [rdm cfcl.com] Cool!  I recall going to the first CD-ROM conference, put on
+ 211358 [perrin apoth] Excellent!  That's a great write-up of the state of evolving technology

^ (none)
211351 [delucks gmai] Does anyone know how to install ruby on Cygwin?

^ Re:
211352 [david.riccit] If you want to install Ruby (and Rails?) on Windows, check this http://ziodave.vox.com/library/post/ruby-on-rails-my-install-environment.html
211357 [delucks gmai] Thank you David!
211361 [halostatue g] Yes. Use the packages they provide or build from source.
211416 [david vallne] Nothing wrong with Cygwin. Unless you want decent performance, or

^ [ANN] Euruko Location
211353 [schween snaf] I just booked the conference room and added the location to the EuRuKo
212343 [chneukirchen] Great location.  :-)

^ error compiling rubygems 0.9.0
211356 [marko.srepfl] Segmentation fault

^ Re: (no subject)
211359 [wccrawford g] Just choose 'install' for it in Cygwin's installer.

^ Fwd: Submission DayRange #92
211366 [james graypr] ...

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
211367 [james graypr] I tried to send this before, but it didn't seem to go through.

^ Re: An early farewell to optical media
211369 [transfire gm] That sentence was a bit off in a couple of ways. But all better now.
211370 [perrin apoth] Yeah, I was going to send a second email indicating the other two

^ Fwd: Please Forward-Ruby Quiz Submission #92
211371 [james graypr] ...

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 7.0.0
211374 [skurapat ucs] Version 7.0.0 (2006-08-29)

^ Evading the limit of a pipe's standard input
211375 [work ashleym] I'm trying to write a tool that generates a really long SQL script
+ 211376 [Gennady.Byst] Make sure the command you spawn in IO.popen is actually reading out
| + 211397 [snacktime gm] It's not, psql is commonly used to restore whole databases by feeding
| + 211450 [work ashleym] I was not very clear in my e-mail, I didn't think psql was limited in the size
|   211452 [work ashleym] Actually I lied... I need a "sleep 2" at the end of the IO.popen block for
|   211484 [kbloom gmail] Since you're throwing away the output, instead of using a thread, why try
|   211516 [work ashleym] Thanks Ken the last one was what I was looking for.  I forgot to say
+ 211410 [kbloom gmail] Rewriting to DBI is not very difficult, so unless you have a reason other

^ process based locks for files
211380 [radus smartp] I have two programs accessing the same file. Both programs open and
+ 211381 [rforum gmail] There's File#flock, but keep in mind that flock is only an advisory lock
| 211383 [khaines enig] I don't see a mention of your platform.  However, you might consider Ara
+ 211394 [nospam nosit] If both programs are willing to cooperate with each other, why not use a
  211395 [ara.t.howard] plus, it fails horriblly on nfs.  this does all that and much, much more -
  211405 [radus smartp] I'm looking into this, it seems to be what I am looking for.

^ Test::Unit::TestCase not resolving correctly
211382 [dkmd_nielsen] I have test case that is failing.
+ 211384 [dblack wobbl] s/class variable/instance variable/
+ 211385 [logancapaldo] obj.meth = x always returns x, regardless of what the method would

^ $SAFE =4 safe enough?
211387 [farrel.lifso] I'm implementing a system where users will be able to execute short
211391 [drbrain segm] 999999**99999
211446 [farrel.lifso] Would  undef'ing Thread#criticial= before calling instance_eval help
211449 [snacktime gm] There really isn't anything you can do to make this safe.  Even $SAFE
+ 211582 [kbloom gmail] ...
| 211597 [snacktime gm] Ya you are correct, it won't let you change the safe level.  I wonder
| 211662 [drbrain segm] $ cat desafe.rb
+ 211660 [drbrain segm] $SAFE can only be increased.

^ ]RubyConf 2006 ticket for sale
211393 [deanholdren ] I won't be able to make it to RubyConf, so I've got a ticket available.

^ Comparing Dates
211398 [ghotrapa yah] This might be simple question for some you so.
+ 211399 [curi curi.us] Your code compares a date and a string. Try comparing two dates. If
+ 211400 [khaines enig] require 'date'

^ Re: How to spy on the Japanese Rubists
211401 [drnicwilliam] Different cultures there Max. They love the bean jam. Talk about it
211455 [drnicwilliam] I think language translation is up there with AI in terms of complexity.
211474 [wccrawford g] Their language is based more upon sounds than most.  Each character
+ 211479 [drnicwilliam] Back to technology - now I need a RSS feed proxy that auto-translates
| 211480 [drnicwilliam] Looks like it ignores the feed as bad input and merely redirects you
+ 211552 [rick.denatal] Well, Japanese does have very regular pronounciation, there are
| 211669 [nobu ruby-la] Japanese say it romaji, without 'n'.
| 211729 [rick.denatal] Domo-arrigato Nobu-sensei.
| 211761 [nobu ruby-la] From "an'noka".  "An" is same as "anko".
+ 211732 [dido.sevilla] Frankly, I think this is absurd. I'm studying Japanese myself, and
  211733 [drnicwilliam] But the bookmarklet idea is fun though :)
  211740 [drnicwilliam] I never knew that Eskimos was a derogatory term. The things you learn on
  + 211745 [sastph sas.c] That's 10,000,000 pedantic points for me. Do I win?
  + 211825 [floyd apaflo] It would help a great deal if what you learned were true though,
    211841 [halostatue g] However, Eskimo *is* a derogatory term applied by other natives first.
    211868 [floyd apaflo] There are two claimed etymologies that have a claim to being

^ Hash#inject argument syntax
211402 [briankbuckle] The code below works but I do not understand the  "(key, value)"
211409 [eero.saynatk] Hash#each, as you may know, actually produces an Array
211456 [shortcutter ] The mechanism at work here is a more general pattern matching which also

^ Re: JRuby's Ruby interpreter only
211403 [headius head] There's not really any way to use JRuby without Java support, because
211697 [roybh2002 ya] Trimming out things looked like a long process so in that case, I wanted
211698 [jan.svitok g] Try downloading source of the one-click installer [1], follow the docs.
211705 [roybh2002 ya] I already installed Ruby on my PC and happily played with it.
+ 211706 [roybh2002 ya] I posted a new question: "Building Ruby 1.8.4 interpreter for Windows"
| 211720 [halostatue g] For which most people would recommend against at this point because of
+ 211816 [ml.chibbs gm] If you want to build it yourself, just make sure you are using MSVC

^ Latest Ruby on older RedHat Linux
211407 [alvin321 tel] Nuby here - another ex Java stooge;-)
211408 [logancapaldo] I find that building from source, as a general rule makes my ruby

^ Rubyists of Second Life Meeting | 08/31/2006 and 09/07/2006
211417 [mdi iveyandb] The virtual user group Rubyists of Second Life will meet this Thursday,
+ 211438 [james.britt ] PST?  The Pacific coast is on daylight saving time right now, I believe
| 211625 [rmarkstout g] ...
| 211810 [tbray textua] That's a horrible time, BTW, for those of us who have a life(tm).
| + 211822 [rmarkstout g] ...
| + 211833 [drjflam gmai] Great for those of us with a life on Eastern time :)
+ 211703 [aglarond gma] ...

^ simple counting problem (inside rOrails controller)
211420 [jonathan.ott] I want to count, perhaps with session variables, to ensure that the
211487 [chris.hulan ] session[:countcomment] = 0.to_i if session[:countcomment].nil?

^ DBI and MS SQL server 2000 problems
211423 [timuckun gma] There is something seriously wrong with DBI support for SQL server. I

^ encryption library
211424 [joevandyk gm] I could've sworn that I saw some Ruby library for encrypting stuff
+ 211435 [interfecus g] OpenSSL?
| 211473 [wccrawford g] I think he actually means for -storing- credit cards.  I highly
| 211514 [aleks0 gmail] OpenSSL can be used as a general-purpose crypto lib.  Theres a good
| 211578 [cdc cyphers.] This example clearly shows why in the other thread the question was
| 211585 [snacktime gm] IMO, if you are going to use encryption for sensitive data then you
| + 211589 [cdc cyphers.] What do you do in the situation where the key is in a store protected by
| | 211598 [jan.svitok g] - what are your target criteria for security
| + 211592 [jan.svitok g] Right. Cryptography is a tricky thing, and if your effort should bring
|   211667 [srinivas.j s] I have done some search but could not find a place where I could get the
|   211671 [robothor gma] ...
|   211672 [srinivas.j s] Great!
+ 211637 [snacktime gm] Here is an example of one way to use public key (asymmetric)

^ Madness this way lies...
211428 [john.carter ] Ah me. In a fit of over user friendliness I did a couple of
+ 211437 [hal9000 hype] But aren't you glad you *can* do these things... ;)
| 211441 [vjoel path.b] But then there is the punishment...
| 211442 [znmeb cesmai] But ... but ... but ... you *redefined* "puts"
+ 211445 [robert.dober] ...
| 211509 [rick.denatal] This reminds me of the cartoons which are sprinked throughout
| 211591 [m_goldberg a] You're probably right about it being out of print, but you can
| 211713 [johnatl mac.] Cool! Thanks. Used on Amazon start at US$41.66!
| 211754 [perrin apoth] Scooby?
| 212074 [david vallne] Can anyone recommend a good neurone peeling brand? I need a brainscrub.
| 212084 [robert.dober] ...
+ 211791 [drbrain segm] Actually, I love to do this for tests, especially when I use open-uri.

^ Re: CygWin
211431 [znmeb cesmai] I just updated CygWin this afternoon and it is now carrying Ruby 1.8.5.

^ Using define_method to create a method that takes arguments
211434 [weyus att.ne] How does one use define_method to create a method that can take
+ 211436 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):003:0> class << self; define_method :foo do |x, *y| p x, y;
+ 211440 [nospam nosit] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w

^ openssl PKCS7 and signed-enveloped data
211443 [snacktime gm] I'm looking at the tests for openssl and inspecting the PKCS7 classes

^ gem spec and C Ruby extension
211444 [pere.noel la] Gemspec Reference <http://docs.rubygems.org/read/chapter/20#toc> and

^ ENV values
211448 [nospam lunox] I'm working on an ssh script where I'd like to read out console
+ 211453 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 211458 [thomas.becke] If you dont mind depending on ncurses then will something like this work?
  211465 [nospam lunox] thanks for your hints. :)
  211674 [m.fellinger ] or, to make it a little bit more readable (no offend, but yours looks like

^ Re: [QUIZ] DayRange (#92) Test::Unit gotcha
211460 [m_goldberg a] After looking through some of the other solutions to this quiz, I
211468 [timkuntz gma] ...
211541 [m_goldberg a] I can't see how setup and teardown would help in this case. They are
211550 [james graypr] class TestDayRange < Test::Unit::TestCase
211584 [m_goldberg a] Thanks for trying to help, but if I understand how setup functions,
211590 [james graypr] My opinion is that this is a very good thing.  Tests should work in
211604 [m_goldberg a] I appreciate the point you are making here. My concept, and I admit
211610 [james graypr] You know, I've read a couple of books on the subject now and still
+ 211641 [rick.denatal] Well, I understand that test/unit is patterned after JUnit, which in
+ 211668 [m_goldberg a] Just to make sure I looked at the implementation. It does call sort
  211728 [rick.denatal] Well, for one thing, I don't believe that  it KNOWS the order in which

^ facets
211461 [steveng pop.] I just tried installing facets-1.7.30.
211471 [transfire gm] My apologies for any inconvenience. enumerable/each_slice is being
211515 [james graypr] $ ruby_yarv -ve '(1..10).each_slice(3) { |trio| p trio }'
211814 [transfire gm] Righ on. Thanks.
211913 [steveng pop.] Thanks.

^ Pairs tournament algorithm
211462 [eduardo.yane] algorithm to get tournament pairs like
+ 211467 [wccrawford g] You say 'an algorithm' like it's calculating something...  I think you
| 211475 [eduardo.yane] No, I mean 'something' that make pairs of teams to make a tournament
| + 211482 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmm ... sounds like a Ruby Quiz to me. :)
| | 211490 [eduardo.yane] Yes, it's a good candidate to Ruby Quiz. You have to make pairs of
| | 211495 [znmeb cesmai] You can make the requirements general enough for this sort of thing that
| + 211624 [2006 howell.] Somebody else was looking for something like this a month or three ago,
|   211693 [eduardo.yane] Thanks Dave, I'm going to search it....
+ 211499 [sander.land ] Does this help?
| + 211528 [janchrister.] This is a system, mainly used by chess players, called Monrad.
| | 211689 [ben iagu.net] They use this kind of this in Bridge tournaments as well, but call it a
| | 211692 [martindemell] Scrabble too, where it's known variously as "Australian Draw" and
| + 211699 [eduardo.yane] Yes!
|   211700 [eduardo.yane] Umh... well, not enough really, I'll have to make some changes to the results, but it's a
+ 211543 [james graypr] It wasn't a popular quiz, but there does seem to be some interest in
  211710 [eduardo.yane] How should I do that? Writting general ideas is enough?, Should I write a complete story like
  211739 [james graypr] Quizzes are 99% more likely to run if they are all thought out when

^ Does Ruby have support for serial connections - RS232??
211463 [christopher.] I would love to stick to Ruby with this problem - but is it possible in
211466 [thomas.becke] Tom
211815 [igor.sarzisa] I have tried ruby-serialport for my win32 project  without success.
211877 [rubyprogramm] It was easy to get this working.

^ Regular Expressions
211464 [PeterMeier a] is there any way to reuse a group in a regular expression in ruby?
211472 [shortcutter ] Ruby's current regexp engine does not support named groups.  You can
212109 [david vallne] For the sake of providing complete information, Ruby's next regexp

^ Calling method defined in ruby script
211469 [somc motorol] Can I call a method defined in ruby script from a

^ [MacOS X][ANN] RAliasFile Initial Release
211470 [pere.noel la] RAliasFile is aimed to resolve alias file on Mac OS X using a C
211493 [luc honk-hon] 1. The RUBY_PLATFORM test in your extconf.rb file is broken. It will
211513 [pere.noel la] ok, i've corrected that to /powerpc-darwin8\.\d\.\d/
211594 [halostatue g] That won't work on my Mac, will it? (Checking.) Nope. My platform is
+ 211609 [pere.noel la] fine thanks for this point, i can change it quickly.
+ 211930 [yvonthoraval] ...
  212041 [luc honk-hon] Ok now let's push this a bit further: why are you limiting the
  212067 [pere.noel la] i just want a user of not Mac OS X to be advice this prog works only on
  212107 [luc honk-hon] Ah, good point.
  212116 [yvonthoraval] ...

^ problem using pstore with multi-users
211476 [noam_abda ya] Permission denied - ../comments.dat.new
211483 [khaines enig] pstore doesn't itself do any locking of any sort.
+ 211505 [noam_abda ya] thanks Kirk,
| 211586 [vjoel path.b] Noam Noam, you might find this useful, if you have multiple threads in
+ 211517 [james graypr] I don't think that's accurate.  Here's part of the transaction()
  + 211532 [khaines enig] Well now, that's really interesting, because I never had anything but
  | 211583 [vjoel path.b] In the case of threads you might have had misery because PStore doesn't
  | 211620 [ara.t.howard] it is - just not on nfs.  i use it this way quite a bit with zero issues.
  + 211696 [noam_abda ya] so, if i understand correctly, because in pstore.rb there is a lock to
    212072 [david vallne] Seems so. s/pstore/sqlite/ maybe? A single-table, string -> blob
    212423 [noam_abda ya] after more examination of the fails,
    212445 [david vallne] I think you can't delete a file in use. (unlink == delete)