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^ mysql ruby settup
211112 [merrua yahoo] To use mysql with a ruby application
211126 [merrua yahoo] Ok I thought for a bit I might need both modules, but I
211137 [david vallne] You only need one.
+ 211141 [merrua yahoo] Thanks. The C binding will work better then.
| 211143 [david vallne] I'm afraid I have precious little idea how rubyscript2exe works. I'm
| 211145 [merrua yahoo] thanks. will do.
+ 211163 [jmg3000 gmai] This seems a bit unusual to me that the two projects have such similar
  212584 [merrua yahoo] Not sure about the rest but the answer to these two is yes I think

^ AgileMaryland Codefest Schedule for August/September
211115 [jeffwaltzer ] Us AgileMaryland folks are still coding away at our podcast feed reader

^ [Quiz][Solution] DayRange (#92)
211120 [rretzbach go] this is my little solution. I created a second one, that's faster than

^ error compiling with rubyinline
211135 [oliver.march] Dear Rubyists,
211159 [dbatml gmx.d] Which platform are you on?
211306 [oliver.march] That value was set to ld -shared in my case, which does not compile. I

^ rubyem [WAS rubyinline]
211151 [transfire gm] OKay, I think I'll call it RubyEmbedded with the shell command named
211294 [drbrain segm] Did you typo rubygems?
211412 [transfire gm] Okay. I'll take that as a 'no'.
+ 211451 [aglarond gma] How about 'rubyiunit' or 'rubyitest'?  To reflect both the fact that the
+ 211527 [rick.denatal] For some reason rubyem made me think of Dorothy, Tinmen, and Scarecrows.
| 211533 [transfire gm] LOL. :D That's funny.
+ 211607 [logancapaldo] Ok I realize the ruby community has this penchant for clever names,
| 211675 [transfire gm] Yet, in this case, becasue of it's specific application, it might
+ 211687 [drbrain segm] I don't know, but it is a small typo away.  Names are hard.

^ instance_eval, yield, C extensions
211165 [Daniel.Berge] How do I write the code below within a C extension?  I've seen a few threads
211190 [tilman code-] I never worked with blocks in a C extension like you do, but I noticed a
211197 [Daniel.Berge] Ok, fixing that I get "can't convert Proc into String (TypeError)".
+ 211200 [Daniel.Berge] static VALUE kernel_foo(VALUE self){
| 211321 [decoux moulo] You are giving the proc to the block, you have writing something like thid
+ 211201 [eero.saynatk] Right now that code is equivalent to

^ Environmental variables in Ruby 1.8.5
211167 [canyonrat ma] irb(main):001:0> ENV.keys.size
211172 [ksruby gmail] $ env | wc -l
+ 211175 [robert.dober] It is *your* environment ruby is seeing
+ 211180 [canyonrat ma] Thanks Kent,
+ 211193 [robert.dober] Ah I see Kent, that was a very clever and concise way to show your point.

^ Re: [ANN] PatchServer 0.2a
211168 [zoso foton.e] Hey!

^ Fwd: Please Forward-Ruby Quiz Submission #92
211176 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;

^ rdoc problem
211179 [hsavr yahoo.] Playing with rdoc, I found, that it works ONLY for =begin/=end rdoc
+ 211187 [david vallne] Couldn't reproduce the problem.
| 211390 [2006 howell.] Comment blocks can be written fairly naturally, either using '#' on
| 211392 [drbrain segm] Lies.
+ 211188 [david vallne] Also...
| 211214 [rick.denatal] Actually it's supposed to process the first comment block before each
| 211414 [david vallne] Note the "file-specific". The file itself being the documented element.
| 212356 [hsavr yahoo.] Thanks for trying to help
| 212470 [rick.denatal] You normally put rdoc commentary BEFORE the thing you want to document
+ 211295 [drbrain segm] Without a class or module you should get no documentation at all.

^ unsubcribe
211184 [bhoang veran] unsubcribe

^ Partial append_features?
211191 [ola.bini ki.] I'm looking for a way to copy methods from a Module, or specify more
+ 211194 [noah.easterl] Hmmmm... maybe you could do some of this with Forwardable [1], at least
+ 211195 [eero.saynatk] I think the 'proper' solution is to chop your module into
+ 211208 [musical.matt] The closest I have seen to this is generating a module on the fly
+ 211213 [logancapaldo] % cat Projects/Ruby Experiments/append_from.rb
| + 211229 [robert.dober] unfortunately that approach undefines eralier defined methods in the
| | 211230 [eero.saynatk] new_mod = Module.new     # Only this anonymous is affected
| | + 211303 [robert.dober] unfortunately that approach undefines eralier defined methods in the
| | + 211304 [ mfp acm.org] RUBY_VERSION                                       # => "1.8.5"
| + 211292 [ola.bini ki.] Thank you for writing it up for me. This was more or less what I had in
|   211308 [ mfp acm.org] The above code effectively removes inherited methods too (as well as those
|   211309 [robert.dober] Brilliant, the is_a? relation should not hold anyway after a partial
|   211313 [ mfp acm.org] Right, since is_a? doesn't hold anymore, you cannot add methods to the module
|   211372 [logancapaldo] Yeah I knew it would clobber the old methods, but I couldn't think of
+ 211260 [nobu ruby-la] require 'aliasing'
+ 211287 [transfire gm] # Using integrate is just like using include except the

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
211205 [james graypr] ...

^ [ANN] Ruby Reports 0.5.0
211206 [gregory.t.br] = Ruport 0.5.0 Release, the "One Year Anniversery" edition =

^ ActiveRecord, has_many and _count ...
211207 [eric.duminil] ###########################
+ 211224 [ruby muerman] I think you want the Rails mailing list...
+ 211261 [zdennis mkte] This is one way of doing it. Although if you have the id of the Country
  211262 [zdennis mkte] should be companies_counter. ;)

^ FasterCSV problem
211210 [mvette13 gma] Is there any way to make the faster CSV library parse this line?
+ 211217 [ara.t.howard] it that's indeed the case why not simply do it yourself?
+ 211218 [james graypr] Well, if quotes aren't quoted it's not CVS and all the parser you
  211225 [mvette13 gma] I did end up cleaning the row myself. I just wondered if I was missing the
  211226 [james graypr] I guess I'm dense today...
  211227 [mvette13 gma] Technically, yes.
  211228 [james graypr] Well, it's more that I don't see what I can give you that split()

^ [OT] Mailing list archive
211215 [bulliver bad] charset="iso-8859-6"
+ 211241 [lyle.johnson] Someone smarter than me will have to fill in the blanks, but I'm
| 211265 [bulliver bad] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 211267 [bulliver bad] Sorry to reply to self.
| 211419 [david vallne] Nope. But they are encoded in iso-8859-6, which I haven't covered in
| 211447 [bulliver bad] "This list is checked for every outgoing message from the top to the bottom
+ 211329 [calamitates ] Apparently, Kmail sends messages encoded (inappropriately, it seems)

^ nil can have instance variables assigned.
211216 [stephanwehne] We traced a bug in some Ruby code back to it being possible to add
+ 211222 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think the uniformity of the Ruby object model is it's strength.  No
+ 211223 [transfire gm] Well you certainly have to take into account that NilClass is

^ [ANN] pathname2 1.5.1
211221 [Daniel.Berge] I'm happy to announce the release of pathname2 1.5.1.

^ So you want to make Ruby leak memory?  Here's a simple way....
211233 [khaines enig] h = {'a' => 1, 'b' => 2, 'c' => 3}
+ 211236 [ksruby gmail] Interesting. Does this patch fixes it?
| + 211237 [khaines enig] It does indeed.  Yay.
| | 211259 [ihatespam ro] Nice!
| + 211239 [garbagecat10] Bravo, Kent. Props.
| + 211278 [nobu ruby-la] Yes, and modified it slightly.
|   + 211279 [ksruby gmail] Sure thing. The table initialization in this case is redundant.
|   + 211300 [matz ruby-la] OK, can you commit?
+ 211245 [rsanheim gma] Wow...that seems to be a pretty major leak to have made it this long
  211247 [khaines enig] It's a small enough leak that it takes a lot of iterations to start to add
  211291 [    s xss.de] ... but no memory leak is small enough to evade you forever, Kirk :-)
  211307 [robert.dober] it will also appear only shortly after a new release though

^ A newbie question about case and ===
211242 [sonny.chee g] Hey Guys,
211244 [eero.saynatk] case actually evaluates the other way.
+ 211256 [ihatespam ro] That is hilarious!
+ 211270 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think the problem is that the visual representation (===)
+ 211283 [sonny.chee g] Thanks Eero!

^ Should Array.new(n, obj) be deprecated?
211243 [jason.merril] It seems well known that the Array constructor form
+ 211250 [dblack wobbl] I think everyone does this once or twice.  It's one of the nuby rites
| 211257 [jason.merril] I agree with this statement completely, and I think you're right that
+ 211255 [ihatespam ro] From what I've been told, there are performance trade-offs.  The former
| 211258 [transfire gm] What wrong with
| + 211269 [jason.merril] bm(12) do |test|
| | 211271 [jason.merril] Pretty *unlikely* that I'll make the newbie mistake again, I mean.
| + 211272 [emarkp soda.] It has the same behavior as in the first post.  Try it with a hash.
|   211284 [transfire gm] That's my point. It does the same thing is a much more commonluy used
|   211285 [transfire gm] Array.new( obj0, obj1, obj2, ... )
+ 212075 [david vallne] If them silly functional languages are to be trusted, constants, and

^ Dr. Dobb's dumps on RedCloth
211263 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Welcome to the 1980s. Want to make text bold? You'll
+ 211268 [james.britt ] The browser address bar is the DOS prompt.  Welcome the the 21st C.
| 211277 [znmeb cesmai] Well now ... I agree with Dr. Dobbs in this case. Give me WYSIWYG or
| + 211280 [ruby philip.] Didn't you mean to say "don't make me learn a <b>third</b> language to
| | 211281 [znmeb cesmai] Uh ... yeah. Dang VT100 muscle memory. :)
| | + 211418 [david vallne] PWNED! *cough*
| | | + 211421 [james.britt ] It seems more like a  "We're offering an option for people who prefer
| | | | + 211422 [david vallne] Hmm. My phrasing of that was wrong. And probably what I was saying in
| | | | + 211500 [doug00 gmail] He stated a valid opinion, which you disagreed with and couldn't handle
| | | |   + 211535 [james.britt ] No, it was an ill-informed opinion.
| | | |   | 211549 [doug00 gmail] "He stated a valid opinion, which you disagreed with and couldn't
| | | |   | 211601 [halostatue g] You said that, but that doesn't make it correct. The reviewer's
| | | |   | 211629 [doug00 gmail] Which is why I cited the article in which Britt said that quote.  I can
| | | |   | 211642 [halostatue g] Your statement that James "couldn't handle" a "valid opinion" is
| | | |   + 211608 [w_a_x_man ya] If "WYSIWYG is so '90s" is fud,
| | | |     + 211633 [doug00 gmail] Look it up.  When you argue for one software/api/language whatever by
| | | |     | 211646 [perrin apoth] I think you're missing a point intended in the statement about the '90s.
| | | |     + 211663 [ruby-talk wh] "Can you comprehend that?" is fud just like "Yes, I can comprehend that!" is fud.
| | | |       211664 [perrin apoth] Why?
| | | |       211777 [netghost gma] How can you argue with that? :)
| | | + 211478 [Bil.Kleb NAS] FYI, RedCloth 3.x does (some) Markdown too,
| | |   211496 [jmg3000 gmai] I've tried RedCloth, but IIRC it wouldn't let me tell it only process
| | + 212090 [steven lumos] But that's just the point of Markdown and Textile! They are trying to
| + 211282 [joeat303 yah] Bleh, give me something BETTER than HTML, which is RedCloth.
+ 211613 [johnatl mac.] As always, Different Strokes for Different Folks.
+ 211775 [netghost gma] Whoa whoa whoa there.  We're on comp.lang.ruby, so we must use
  211781 [johnatl mac.] -> Matz is Redcloth ?
  211785 [perrin apoth] No . . . but Redcloth is Matz!
  211801 [ruby-talk wh] Dr. Dobbs is a Doctor -> Doctors fix Matz -> When he's Broken -> RedCloth is
  211828 [james.britt ] I fear the uncertainty of doubt!
  211950 [david vallne] Badoom-tisch!

^ Meta.proposal.prepend_with(Ruby Syntax)
211286 [thoran thora] Dear Rubytalkers,
+ 211288 [martindemell] [etc]
+ 211289 [eero.saynatk] Thing is, it will take far less time to just read a line
+ 211347 [james.britt ] <snip />
+ 211587 [halostatue g] You think wrong. The previous suggestion was deemed troublesome

^ rubyforge hosted mailing lists
211290 [snacktime gm] Anyone else had issues the last couple of weeks with mailing lists

^ Ruby alias problem
211296 [rysenko gmai] class Control
+ 211298 [drbrain segm] alias [] getChild
+ 211299 [nospam nosit] / ...

^ ruby 1.8.5: cannot use rdoc/usage from a gem executable
211297 [skurapat ucs] In Ruby 1.8.5, RDoc::usage_no_exit parses usage information from the

^ Including a class.
211301 [ola.bini ki.] As an extension on my earlier question of partial includes; I just
211311 [ mfp acm.org] ========================
211312 [ola.bini ki.] See, that's my problem. I have no control over them. Let me explain. I'm
211316 [eero.saynatk] Will simple composition and delegation work?

^ Extending class from other module
211315 [rysenko gmai] 1st question: If I got it right, modules in Ruby can be used as
+ 211317 [eero.saynatk] That is the way to do it.
+ 211319 [noah.easterl] module Mod1
+ 211320 [jan.svitok g] Exactly. Look for example at test/unit[1], or rails[2] as they contain

^ Re: [ANN] How to spy on the Japanese Rubists
211318 [wccrawford g] Yeah, that works great.  Thanks for sharing!
+ 211344 [drnicwilliam] What is the FF extension?
| 211362 [wccrawford g] I use gTranslate.  https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/918/
| 211378 [tdjordan gma] I like FoxLingo
| 211396 [ruby muerman] Q. there is no article of the ~~ in the [ru] [bi] [ma] why?
| 211454 [paul iconopl] That's such a great name for a Ruby blog...
| + 211627 [hal9000 hype] Heh heh heh... :)
| | 211650 [rick.denatal] There'a a famous story about an early attempt on machine translation.
| + 211734 [hramrach cen] Heh, it's not so.
|   211738 [paul iconopl] Only romance languages - French is particularly easy if you're
|   + 211782 [halostatue g] And it was the other first nation tribes that called the Innu
|   + 211834 [rick.denatal] Well French is, of course one of the main mother languages of English,
|   + 211916 [znmeb cesmai] Back in the good old days, people were predicting that "artificial
|   + 212282 [hramrach cen] I hereby apologize to any Inuits frequenting this list. To my defence
|     212291 [floyd apaflo] Your usage was entirely correct.  You did not specify which
|     212425 [paul iconopl] See, now I feel bad.
+ 234091 [rubyprogramm] I am wondering how many people are genuinely interested in what is
  234096 [slamboy gmai] I am, if only so that I can have another source of ruby info.
  234113 [rubyprogramm] I speak Japanese and I can translate from Japanese to English but I
  + 234119 [ng johnwlong] Wow. I'm not sure about the mailing list, but I would love to see
  | 234289 [rubyprogramm] One person interested in the list and one person interested in Matz's
  | + 234290 [martindemell] You could translate the subject lines and then only the posts people
  | + 234298 [rubyzbibd ub] There is not all that much traffic on the ruby-list so it may not take
  |   + 234335 [rubyprogramm] Thanks for the input.
  |   + 234378 [rhkramer gma] (Sorry, I misplaced Harry's post, is the one to which I should have replied.)
  |     + 234384 [zimbatm oree] /me is interested in Matz's blog
  |     + 234559 [ruby.hardwar] I don't know about other translators but I prefer Japanese text to English text.
  |       234688 [twifkak comc] Harry,
  |       234936 [ruby.hardwar] Thanks for the information. That's what I was looking for.
  + 234364 [spoooq gmail] Could we get Eskimo and Inuit translations as well please?
    234440 [rubyprogramm] Uhhhh......No :)

^ Fwd: [SOLUTION] [QUIZ] DayRange (#92)
211323 [bdondo gmail] I thought I should post my original solution that got

^ [ANN] One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows 1.8.5-21 released
211324 [ml.chibbs gm] This release upgrades Ruby to the recently
+ 211349 [jes luretank] Just wanted to say that your work is highly appreciated. A stable and
+ 211377 [billk cts.co] Curt,
| 211406 [ml.chibbs gm] A lot of the components of the installer are acquired as prebuilt
| 211426 [billk cts.co] Awesome,
+ 211413 [znmeb cesmai] Speaking of which, I just installed Visual C++ Express on the gizmo that
| + 211430 [halostatue g] Most would be bad. I'm finally getting to the point where I can write
| + 211432 [ml.chibbs gm] The compiler situation on windows is currently an incompatible mess.
|   211497 [Daniel.Berge] What about doing something along the lines of Strawberry Perl, i.e.
|   + 211511 [the.mindstor] Do you think you are allowed to distribute MS compiler (and the other
|   | 211605 [ml.chibbs gm] No, you can't redistribute MS tools. This would only be a possibility
|   | 211612 [the.mindstor] I remember I've started a long discussion about this in the past, but
|   | 211614 [halostatue g] Do you want to have a 64-bit Ruby on Windows eventually?
|   | + 211617 [Daniel.Berge] You can if you get permission.  MS is becoming a little more accepting
|   | + 211618 [the.mindstor] I don't have such machine so for the moment my answer would be no. But
|   | | 211638 [halostatue g] Not a clue. I don't actually use MinGW; I considered the whole project
|   | + 211670 [nobu ruby-la] 64-bit ruby is binary incompatible with 32-bit ruby.
|   + 211525 [ml.chibbs gm] That's a very interesting idea. It would really provide a standard
|     + 211558 [drjflam gmai] I just sent out a mail to some friends at MSFT to see if this is even
|     | + 211566 [the.mindstor] Hmmm... you are an optimistic person :-]. Is there a list of the
|     | | 211572 [drjflam gmai] I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to come up with a list if we get the go-ahead.
|     | + 211606 [ml.chibbs gm] I wouldn't even have thought it to be possible, but it can't hurt to ask.
|     + 211681 [znmeb cesmai] Can gcc 4.1.1 and supporting goodies run on Windows? From what I hear,
|       + 211690 [the.mindstor] I think there are/there have been attempts to do this (cygwin,
|       + 211718 [halostatue g] Sure they will. But the tools have to be ported to the mingw
+ 211415 [botp delmont] #   http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=167
+ 211510 [nobu ruby-la] Did you decide not to use [ruby-core:07922]?
| 211526 [ml.chibbs gm] This release was just a real quick update (no bug fixes or added features).
+ 212344 [chneukirchen] Partly OT, but I'll ask anyway: Does anybody out there have NArray
| 212394 [djberg96 gma] Regards,
| 212443 [chneukirchen] Thanks a lot!
+ 212477 [jwkenne attg] Either One-click 1.8.5-21 or the IFMapper 1.0 gem is seriously busted.