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^ rubyinline
210711 [transfire gm] I managed to generalize my 'rubytest' this afternoon into a nice
+ 210713 [pat.eyler gm] Trans,
| 210723 [transfire gm] Ah, the one that allows C to be run in Ruby. Okay. I'll have to think
+ 210856 [transfire gm] Wow. No one has any ideas on this? Hmm.. maybe a more specific
| 210864 [llasram gmai] You could #eval the code in the subprocess.  That seems like an easy (if
| 210948 [transfire gm] Nice! I'll try that!
| 210954 [eero.saynatk] Marshall's solution should be just fine--however,
| 210959 [transfire gm] Understood. I just haven't found a new name I like yet. It was called
| 210975 [chiology gma] ActiveTest
| 210981 [rsanheim gma] There is a Rails plugin called ActiveTest, so that ones taken too =).
| 211048 [chiology gma] Whoops!
+ 211074 [ryand-ruby z] Me too! the name... RubyInline is alive and well-used so please don't
  211083 [transfire gm] Okay (for the third time).

^ Memory Leak Solved With Sync (no way)
210738 [zedshaw zeds] 1) That's just how the OS accounts for memory (wrong since the processes

^ Off topic Linux memory management rant (was Re: Can Anyone Explain This Memory Leak?)
210742 [znmeb cesmai] As a performance engineer who works with managers and capacity planners

^ [ANN] Mongrel Pre-Release -- Ruby's LEAK Fixed (Death To Mutex!)
210743 [zedshaw zeds] Howdy Folks,
210755 [ara.t.howard] if you are really serious about fixing your leak i suggest you re-work your
+ 210773 [zedshaw zeds] Ara, this is uncool.  Seriously man, don't e-mail me personally and then
| 210790 [ara.t.howard] suspect it has something to do with all the recipients and the fact that it
| + 210795 [znmeb cesmai] [snip snip snip]
| | + 210809 [ara.t.howard] fortytwo :~ > cat /etc/redhat-release; uname -srm; cat /proc/cpuinfo; cat /proc/meminfo
| | + 210881 [zedshaw zeds] Good question Ed, from what I know it was tested all over by most people
| + 210804 [khaines enig] I have been playing with this all morning.
|   210943 [ara.t.howard] me too ;-)  i took a few pages from your book and included some of the other
|   210988 [ara.t.howard] after a few hours i've finally seen the sync code cycle down after growing
+ 210779 [hutch recurs] I ran your test on OS/X looking at VSZ and RSS. And, like you,
| 210787 [hutch recurs] Well I tried your test on OS X. The Sync had no problem, the mutex
| 210823 [znmeb cesmai] Finally someone with some platform details!! <vbg>
| + 210863 [phurley gmai] OS Name	Microsoft Windows XP Professional
| + 210882 [zedshaw zeds] This is exactly the problem I'm complaining about.  It's not that Ruby's
| | 210892 [znmeb cesmai] And when a lazy garbage collector meets a lazy OS memory manager, all
| + 210926 [hutch recurs] Indeed.
| | 210928 [hutch recurs] Zed, this might be really bad or no problem at all. Is there a safe
| + 210927 [hutch recurs] Well I certainly hope it is superstition. But it is kind of like
+ 210889 [martin snowp] There's a problem with how this script measures its memory usage - it
  + 210893 [znmeb cesmai] You're assuming here that the OS is accurately counting RSS and that the
  | 210920 [martin snowp] You're telling me I shouldn't be using %MEM.  I already knew that, and
  + 210930 [ara.t.howard] good catch!  i'm tweaking my script now....

^ Fun with setter functions
210744 [devlists-rub] I have a setter function in a class that I would like to pass additional
210782 [jan.svitok g] Try
211079 [shortcutter ] Both approaches won't work as Ruby does allow only exactly one argument

^ [JOB] RoR Developers (4), Orlando, FL | 50-85k | Relo OK
210745 [beau open-so] RoR Developers (4), Orlando, FL | 50-85k | Relo OK

^ map and join or inject?
210749 [akonsu gmail] given an array of strings A, i need to map a given function F to each
+ 210750 [erikveen gma] $ vi test.rb ; cat test.rb
| 210825 [akonsu gmail] thanks, i did not know that one can count objects using ObjectSpace.
| + 210883 [brent.rowlan] It's true that map appears to create fewer objects, which may have some
| + 210904 [robert.dober] No ObjectSpace counts them for you
| + 210947 [james graypr] It has to do with the block you gave inject() and the definition of
+ 210752 [robert.dober] Hmm I cannot really give you an exact answer but it seems that map/join is
  210762 [robert.dober] I just went through some  tests with monitoring from Linux.

^ Ruby == how does it works?
210751 [efuzzyone ne] Does the Ruby '==' operator compares the 'object_ids' of the element before
210754 [jtregunna bl] Depends on how the object receiving it implements it.
+ 210824 [efuzzyone ne] And how does hashes, and arrays implement it?
| 210846 [phurley gmai] ri Hash#==
+ 210831 [phurley gmai] More exactly == is a method ->

^ Why Ruby does not nead an ide
210756 [atbusbook ao] 1: ruby is an efisiont clean languige that is digsined to minamize
+ 210759 [wccrawford g] That's what's wonderful about Ruby, but that doesn't mean it doesn't
| + 210764 [work ashleym] I think it's fair to say that Ruby removes the *need* for an IDE but
| + 210765 [huw DELTHISB] OK, let me say up front that (for, perhaps, obvious reasons) I have very
|   210768 [perrin apoth] You don't say . . . !
|   210792 [znmeb cesmai] The same is true for Forth -- tersely expressed, an IDE built in from
|   + 210821 [chneukirchen] A Smalltalk core likely would be bigger, since it has to do more.
|   | 210838 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah ... for some reason, I'm the kind of hard-core geek that's supposed
|   | 210855 [perrin apoth] Hardly.  EMACS is more than ten times the installed size of Vim.  I've
|   | 210906 [david vallne] Dear lord in heavens, for the love of all that's good and holy, not this
|   | + 210923 [alex blackke] Actually, I get bitten by this at least every week, but the other way
|   | + 210961 [znmeb cesmai] I do it all the time with Windows "GVim". It's faster for me to
|   | | 210968 [znmeb cesmai] Just as a side note, I don't currently have Eclipse installed on my
|   | | + 210989 [headius head] It's not really a fair comparison. If you built an Emacs with all the
|   | | | 211016 [znmeb cesmai] Uh yeah ... Eclipse is a Java IDE. As I noted elsewhere, "xemacs-sumo"
|   | | | 211020 [headius head] You missed my point entirely. And it's great you're able to use vi or ed or
|   | | | 211025 [perrin apoth] Screw that.  Real programmers use echo, cat, and redirects.
|   | | + 210994 [david vallne] So, having done the empirical measurement of starting the bittorrent
|   | |   211010 [znmeb cesmai] I only used the download size as an indicator of package size. I usually
|   | |   211033 [david vallne] I'd scream very loudly and castrate anyone that would try and take
|   | + 210967 [perrin apoth] Yeah, 'cause things never add up.
|   |   210990 [david vallne] 160 GB of hard drive space cost as much as a month of a 1 pack / day
|   |   211002 [perrin apoth] I don't own any 160GB hard drives.  I have no use for them.  My largest
|   + 210834 [david vallne] Amen. All the arguments about code being equally easy to manipulate if
|     210866 [znmeb cesmai] Ah, but in my younger days I *could* completely rewrite a few thousand
|     210873 [headius head] And guarantee they both produced all the same results, no doubt. You must be
|     210886 [znmeb cesmai] I cheated ... I knew what the user wanted it to do. :)
+ 210835 [squeamz hotm] One would wonder why he enumerated random unrelated points...
+ 210874 [julesjacobs ] grep?
| + 210875 [headius head] AMEN. I'm glad I'm not the only one tired of hearing Emacs users belittle
| | + 210885 [znmeb cesmai] I don't know about Emacs, but xemacs-sumo was bigger than OpenOffice.org
| | | 210895 [efuzzyone ne] Why do you need the sumo, if you only want to program? The sumo contains,
| | | 210971 [perrin apoth] That would be me.
| | + 210907 [david vallne] Now this is one phenomenon I never understood. Why is that a good thing?!
| |   210914 [jeremy chaos] Some people feel more secure if they're closer to the foundations.
| |   + 210955 [znmeb cesmai] 1. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without
| |   + 210973 [perrin apoth] It's especially fun when someone using Esc+Meta+Alt+Ctrl+Shift makes fun
| |     210976 [znmeb cesmai] Uh ... cake || eat? That's an *inclusive* or, isn't it? :)
| |     + 210977 [perrin apoth] Good point.
| |     | + 210987 [znmeb cesmai] If you bought a new PC with Windows ME installed, or if you wiped a
| |     | + 210995 [david vallne] I know people who still use and adore that OS.
| |     + 210978 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, yeah... but it short-circuits, so if the first is true you
| |       + 210980 [perrin apoth] I take it you missed the earlier discussion re: static typing, in which
| |       | 210982 [hal9000 hype] I had a hard time filling in the last part, so I
| |       | + 210983 [perrin apoth] How 'bout just GWBASIC?
| |       | + 210996 [david vallne] College freshman assembly? Hey, you could squeeze tens of CPU clock
| |       | + 211030 [roerd arcor.] Could "spaghetti code" be called a paradigm?
| |       |   211040 [znmeb cesmai] Yes, indeed it could. And to add to my challenge, I asked for something
| |       |   + 211042 [TimHunter nc] SCO
| |       |   | 211049 [znmeb cesmai] SCO is certainly a strong contender, but I'll have to veto RIAA. :)
| |       |   | 211066 [perrin apoth] Really?  You think the RIAA doesn't suck?
| |       |   + 211100 [martin snowp] Could I ask you to elaborate on this?  In what manner does spaghetti
| |       |     211162 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Later,
| |       + 210997 [david vallne] Hey, no touching *very* successful home gaming platforms - IIRC, the DOS
| |         + 211005 [perrin apoth] This is true, but . . . I let the MSDOS comment slide because of other,
| |         + 211024 [billk cts.co] Apologies in advance for contributing to the [OT]ness...
| |           211036 [david vallne] Meh. The thread started with a rant, it was destined to sidetrack
| + 210876 [perrin apoth] It's even more than an IDE.  It's an operating system.
| | 210884 [znmeb cesmai] Ah ... but Forth is an assembler, language, interpreter, compiler, IDE
| + 210896 [efuzzyone ne] It can be done, check out slime (mode for lisp).
+ 210878 [tbray textua] I don't know, as a recent arrival from Java I sure miss my IDE.
  210908 [david vallne] Komodo somehow managed the last time I tried with Python. It would offer
  210921 [wccrawford g] I just checked again, and their page say 'full support' for several

^ Cerberus 0.2.2 released
210760 [anatol.pomoz] I am glad to announce 0.2.2 version of Cerberus

^ Re: Why atbusbook@aol.com does need a spellchecker
210769 [murdoc_0 hot] Nothing really to say, just thought I'd make the subject a bit more appropriate.
210836 [david vallne] <troll>
+ 210887 [chiology gma] Please be kind.
| 211085 [robert.dober] Agree, silent is an alternative though ;)
| 211093 [chiology gma] ;D
+ 211084 [murdoc_0 hot] What's with the troll tags?

^ [ANN] Euruko 06
210770 [    s xss.de] Euruko06, the European Ruby Conference,
+ 210774 [chneukirchen] Whee! I'll be there.
+ 211211 [kero chello.] How could I possibly NOT come :)
  212341 [chneukirchen] And you don't even need to camp this year... ;-)  (But I bet you do it anyway?)
  212550 [kero chello.] I can't!
  212798 [chneukirchen] Well, you gotta stay on a bench in the Englischer Garten, then. :-P

^ Re: Mongrel Pre-Release -- Ruby's LEAK Fixed (Death
210775 [wccrawford g] Maybe he simply cc'd you on the reply to the list?  I doubt it was a

^ hiding salt with C
210784 [cdc cyphers.] Does anybody know of an existing C extension that interfaces with ruby
+ 210803 [phurley gmai] I would suggest just compressing your salt and using zlib to
+ 210832 [interfecus g] The salt doesn't need to be secret. The whole point of modern

^ Re: Duck typing alows true polymorfisim [Hoff Topic]
210788 [david vallne] Wooer. Troll fight over Ruby? (Spot the book reference and win...

^ (none)
210796 [hr7376 gmail] unsubscribe

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 0.9.2
210798 [skurapat ucs] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. It lets you create

^ Deep Integration of Ruby with Web Ontology Language
210802 [paulseni uni] I've read a paper about an early prototype implementation of the deep
210938 [lyle.johnson] I try to keep up with this as well, and as far as I know, ActiveRDF is

^ Drb through NAT/firewall problem
210810 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"

^ Re: My book is out -- Ruby on Rails: Up and Running
210811 [jp jeffpritc] Elliot, why do some people get annoyed by "top post's"?  Seems perfectly
+ 210816 [wccrawford g] I think http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/T/top-post.html sums it up
| 210848 [amrmalik gma] Thanks for the links, although I'd have to disagree with your line of
+ 212532 [reply-in-gro] ...

^ Referencing an object through it's id string.
210813 [alexandre.hu] through foo.object_id for instance?
+ 210819 [ezmobius gma] ObjectSpace._id2ref(object_id) -> an_object
+ 210830 [david vallne] Considering that object ids are only valid throughout one interpreter
| + 210868 [kbloom gmail] Have a look at how weakref.rb is implemented. It keeps track of the
| | 210912 [david vallne] I figured as much, but that was the only behaviour I could think of that
| + 210919 [alexandre.hu] Thanks for the information!
|   210922 [david vallne] Is this a web application? (Rails maybe? Seeing as the words template
+ 210854 [eero.saynatk] obj = ObjectSpace.id2ref object_id

^ [Nitro] LoadError occured when requiring 'part/admin'
210820 [munouzin gma] I've upgrade Nitro and it's family gems to the newest ( Nitro 0.31.0
210837 [james.britt ] James Britt

^ Matz' Wild Ideas: Annotations
210828 [transfire gm] I was looking at Matz' Wild and Weird ideas [1]. He talks about
+ 210891 [chiology gma] module Annotate
| + 210898 [transfire gm] To be annotations though, they really need to be accessible and
| + 210905 [david vallne] To add some more confusion, I would have thought first-class annotations
+ 210939 [garbagecat10] Matz' example doesn't show it, but one of the really nice reasons to have
| 210970 [chiology gma] class X
| + 210979 [garbagecat10] I think the annotation style opens up a more "vertical" way of injecting
| + 211531 [transfire gm] FYI. I'm working on this for next version of Facets' Annotations
+ 210986 [pgquiles elp] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Nuby with instance_eval question
210829 [geofflbarnes] 1 class Klass
210952 [eero.saynatk] You are creating a closure here and, since 'chum' exists in
210966 [geofflbarnes] Blocks passed to instance_eval are still bound to where ever they were

^ [ANN] Piston 1.1.0
210833 [francois.bea] Piston is a utility that enables merge tracking of remoterepositories. This is similar to svn:externals, except you have alocal copy of the files, which you can modify at will. As long as thechanges are mergeable, you should have no problems.

^ Casting string to IO?
210839 [adam usa.net] I'm reading log file settings from a YAML file. Since Logger.new can
+ 210849 [eero.saynatk] The problem is that you are not casting, you are dealing with
+ 210860 [llasram gmai] require 'logger'
| 210888 [adam usa.net] Very nice! Thanks!
+ 210913 [david vallne] <pedant>

^ logging a backtrace
210840 [snacktime gm] If I catch an exception, is there a way to produce a backtrace that I
210861 [ezmobius gma] rescue Exception => e
210869 [snacktime gm] Thanks, that's just what I was looking for.

^ [OT] Re: Why Ruby does not nead an ide
210842 [david vallne] Pathological incoherence. Just check his other threads.

^ Re: ruby-lang down?
210851 [djberg96 gma] I can't get to it either.  Also, it appears the gateway is having
210877 [djberg96 gma] Seems both are back up.

^ Ruby IP to Location
210857 [payscroll gm] Hey folks
210862 [jtregunna bl] There's hostip, but it's only really accurate on the country level.

^ What am I doing wrong? -Chat server code-
210859 [curtis.zimme] I am running ruby 1.8.6 on WinXP.
+ 210871 [nospam nosit] / ... snipped code listing
| 210880 [curtis.zimme] First of all, thanks for helping me out. I had a problem that I
| 210894 [nospam nosit] I wanted to know whether the IBM site contained code with an error in it, or
+ 210946 [alex blackke] Really?  What does ruby -v say?

^ [ANN]: Pandora 0.4.4 Release
210872 [julian.kamil] I am pleased to announce that Pandora 0.4.4 is now available to the

^ Best practice? own libs
210897 [rubyforum co] I'd like to ask you for your recommendations. I
+ 210900 [transfire gm] Depends on your needs. But #1 and #3 aren't portable. #2 is the right
| 211017 [jes luretank] Go for RubyGems. They're simple to generate and even simpler to use. I am
+ 211232 [drbrain segm] ruby -I in your rake/make testing rule.
  211477 [rubyforum co] thanks all for your suggestions. I think that I go for changing $: for

^ Ruby threads and the system call
210901 [vincent.four] I've recently had quite a fair bit of trouble with Ruby threads (on a
+ 210918 [nospam nosit] / ...
| 210972 [vincent.four] Great thanks, I had completely forgotten to call join for the
+ 210932 [garbagecat10] Both fork and the system call have the effect of creating a subprocess which

^ Ruby ID3 script
210909 [joao.michiga] I am curious whether anybody has a script to write or beautify MP3 ID3 tags. There are a great many solutions out there I know, but they are all a bloated mess. I am searching something Ruby -- professional and utterly minimalistic -- to process large quantities of MP3 files. I'm still in the midst of learning Ruby, I am not yet able to do this thing myself. I was hoping for a few pointers here perhaps, or even an examplary script. Alright, so let's say you have several terabytes of MP3 files and run one of the most popular internet radio stations out there. You have had it with your tags displaying all messy to your listeners, for instance with all lowercase or uppercase, excess whitespace, weird characters, offensive comments etc. You want a neat little script that displays interactively and shows you the common tags for each album, as well as the differing tags for each individual file. Each album is organized into its own directory, with an NFO, MD5 and M3u file

^ Ruby Cookbook vs Programming Ruby
210915 [joao.michiga] Just wondering if anybody could help me choose between O'Reilly's Ruby Cookbook and The Pragmatic Programmer's Programming Ruby (2nd edition). I'm having a real hard time figuring which one to spend my savings on.
+ 210916 [sambient gma] Your not comparing apples to apples here.  Both serve seperate
+ 210929 [m_goldberg a] Both are worth having, but if you can really only afford one, I