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Problems compiling Ruby/Tk
210531 [ron.reidy@gm] I am having problems getting Ruby/Tk to work.  Below are the results of
+ 211114 [merrua@ya oo] do you have the line
| 211136 [ron.reidy@gm] ...
| 211139 [merrua@ya oo] Know the feeling. Im new to this ruby/tk myself but I got my windows
| 211144 [david@va ln ] That shouldn't do a thing to Tk, and especially not on Windows (Cygwin
| 211147 [merrua@ya oo] Ok. Wasnt sure of its purpose.
+ 211248 [nagai@ai ky ] Please check the followings.
  211275 [ron.reidy@gm] ...

EINVAL and C calls (Was: Why is my http call failing?)
210540 [none@no e. o] require 'socket'

No sleep till cocoa! (works)
210541 [d.mccaffery@] can anyone help?
210546 [pbattley@gm ] def load(file, *extras)
+ 210548 [d.mccaffery@] Cheers for that everything is working fantastic!
+ 210772 [chneukirchen] RubyCocoa probably should use (a kind of?) BlankSlate, then?
  210793 [pbattley@gm ] class BlankSlate
  210815 [chneukirchen] You need to load blank slate after active_support...
  210899 [pbattley@gm ] D'oh! Of course.

(again) Rescue clauses on do/end blocks?
210553 [schapht@gm i] Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I still have a question on the
210639 [rick.denatal] For one thing, it's syntactically incorrect,  rescue can only appear
210718 [hal9000@hy e] Yes, but he's proposing a change in the syntax.
210890 [schapht@gm i] Well re-proposing it anyway.  I'm mostly curious if there's some
211057 [halostatue@g] IIRC, Matz thinks it's ugly (I can't say I disagree, even though I
211086 [robert.dober] ...

[QUIZ] DayRange (#92)
210555 [james@gr yp ] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 210710 [m_goldberg@a] Request for clarification.
| + 210730 [james@gr yp ] The quiz asks for a class, yes.
| | 210741 [m_goldberg@a] Thanks for the clarification. Rereading the OP more carefully, I see
| + 210785 [rretzbach@go] Thanks I was about to ask too.
|   + 210801 [james@gr yp ] There's no right or wrong answers here.  I see you introduces a
|   + 210806 [m_goldberg@a] It certainly looks good to me. I believe the quiz master has
+ 210850 [_mwryder@wo ] What about the handling of day ranges that wrap, such as 1, 5, 6, and 7?
| 210942 [james@gr yp ] That's a great question.  You decide what is best an implement that.
+ 210951 [sander.land@] Here is my solution. It took me a few tries to find an elegant
| 210953 [robert.dober] ...
+ 210992 [adam.shelly@] Here's my short solution.
+ 211004 [robin@ni or ] Here's my solution (tests included). It's a little long, but I wanted it
+ 211665 [mitchell@ko ] Here's my solution.  It's pretty short.

A webhosting script?
210557 [kyrreny@br a] Does anybody run a webhosting business, where they've written

Help Needed with soap/wsdlDriver
210559 [tad.bochan@b] Perhaps someone can tell me where I can get some help with the

Help needed with soap/wsdlDriver
210563 [tad.bochan@b] Perhaps someone can tell me where I can get some help

ruby-lang.org down?
210564 [minkoo.seo@g] ...
210590 [ng@jo nw on ] John Long
+ 210598 [none@no e. o] I thought it was slashdotted.
| 210612 [ng@jo nw on ] Not that I'm aware of.
+ 210688 [ng@jo nw on ] It's finally passed of the front page of Digg so it looks like things

ActiveRecord through Drb: problem with ids
210565 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
+ 210585 [ara.t.howard] certain methods are treated specially by drb.  it was a mistake for rails to
| 210937 [listbox@ju i] Consdering that Object#id is marked deprecated - I think it was a
| 212639 [ruby-forum@b] I just found this thread because I had a similar problem. I don't think
+ 210586 [gwtmp01@ma .] This is a total guess but it seems like DRB is not proxying
  210614 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
  210633 [ezmobius@gm ] Hey Philip-
  210685 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
  210715 [ezmobius@gm ] Hey Philip-

Looking for GDSII ruby library
210566 [vincent.arno] (http://rubyforge.org/projects/gdsii/) to ask him some questions about
+ 210577 [wccrawford@g] On that page, in the upper left, under developers, click on 'view
+ 210858 [jimfreeze@gm] ...
  211089 [vincent.arno] Yes, I sent an e-mail to Dan White who replied very quickly and was very

.NET dll in Ruby
210567 [patrick@pk p] I have a "COM enabled" C# .NET .dll. I need to instanciate it in some
+ 210574 [brabuhr@gm i] Have you looked at RubyCLR (http://www.rubyclr.com)?
| 210582 [wccrawford@g] As someone who has programmed in C#, this appeals to me.  Too bad
| 210602 [brabuhr@gm i] ...
| 210607 [wccrawford@g] The second one at least has an example, but the first one...  There's 1
| 210638 [brabuhr@gm i] (looks like the tag isn't very useful, better to search for RubyCLR)
+ 210588 [ssmoot@gm il] I've used WIN32OLE with .NET COM wrappers just fine...
| 210609 [patrick@pk p] Ok, I've got that working, well, sort of... The class has several public
+ 210690 [david@va ln ] irb(main):001:0> require 'win32ole'
+ 210731 [drjflam@gm i] a) download RubyCLR - it runs on both 1.8.2 and 1.8.4

[ANN] My book is out -- Ruby on Rails: Up and Running
210569 [ml.chibbs@gm] The book that Bruce Tate and I co-authored was released yesterday by
+ 210622 [sambient@gm ] Congrats Curt.  Question though, why is a quick start guide selling for $30 ?
| + 210623 [curi@cu i. s] Please don't top post.
| + 210624 [gdonald@gm i] $20 does seem pretty high for a book with less than 200 pages.
| | 210747 [rsanheim@gm ] More pages doesn't necessarily mean more value.  Some books are meant
| | 210800 [lyle.johnson] Exactly. While it's well known that one can, for example, measure the
| | 210865 [slitt@tr ub ] I'm not even sure you can measure a programmer by lines of code per night.
| + 210625 [ml.chibbs@gm] I can't answer you on the pricing -- I had nothing to do with that,
| | 210631 [bmoelk@br in] Is there a way to purchase both the book and pdf in a discounted bundle
| + 210636 [slitt@tr ub ] I can answer that.
| + 210789 [robert@el st] It's a bit niave to think that the pricing wouldn't be opportunism
|   + 210791 [fxn@ha hr f.] Companies do whatever pricing the consider to do, they have the right
|   + 210797 [jmg3000@gm i] Well, I just ordered my hardcopy for $30, and since O'reilly gave me
+ 210696 [jmg3000@gm i] Interesting. When I first checked the page, there was a pdf available
| + 210700 [james.britt@] Ah, well, the PDF version sold out.
| + 210735 [ml.chibbs@gm] I'll bet the PDF isn't ready yet (or they never intended to have it
|   + 210737 [ml.chibbs@gm] I just got an answer back. The PDF will be available by Monday.
|   + 210739 [cobyr@in er ] I bought the rough cut PDF version on Safari, and am able to read the book
+ 210727 [ed.howland@g] From your StLouis.rb friends, congrats.
| 210736 [ml.chibbs@gm] Sorry, but I have no idea.
+ 210799 [znmeb@ce ma ] Congratulations!! Looks like I have to head back down to Powell's. :)

unless =~ vs. ! =~
210578 [marco.lazzer] Could someone please help me understanding why the next two lines of
+ 210583 [marco.lazzer] I found out: it's a operators precedence problem.
| + 210595 [shortcutter@] next if line !~ /=/
| + 210596 [perrin@ap th] Have you considered this alternative?
+ 210584 [wccrawford@g] I suspect !line =~ /=/ is not the same as !(line =~ /=/).  Do you have
+ 210589 [ara.t.howard] require 'yaml'

SQL Generator library
210591 [kbloom@gm il] I'm writing a library for generating fairly complicated SQL statements in
210597 [shortcutter@] - Spend more whitespace, especially blank lines, to mare the code more
210643 [kbloom@gm il] The main goal of this library is to be able to construct an SQL statement
+ 210660 [ezmobius@gm ] ...
+ 210706 [shortcutter@] So you are basically constructing a complex filter condition or even a
  210867 [kbloom@gm il] I'm not sure what you mean by an object graph.
  210902 [shortcutter@] A structure of objects in memory that refer to each other one way or

Re: Rifling Through Smalltalk's Drawers
210594 [pat.eyler@gm] I agree. Could we please trim the subject to something reasonable?

What's in the one step installer.
210599 [none@no e. o] Can someone tell me exactly what is in the one step installer?
210604 [jan.svitok@g] ruby-mswin32        ruby-1.8.4-20060414

How are the object_ids generated/assigned to objects?
210603 [smerk@fi mu ] assume some multithreaded application, thread1 starts and finishes, then
+ 210608 [alex@bl ck e] If the first thread has stopped and been garbage collected, its
+ 210610 [ara.t.howard] interesting question!
+ 210847 [interfecus@g] Treat it as undefined. No two objects live at the same time will have

Rebuilding Ruby, keeping the libs?
210605 [listbox@ju i] Maybe that has been asked already, but is it possible to rebuild Ruby
210681 [david@va ln ] Gems should be very much exempt from any other package management. Gems

210616 [kyrreny@br a] Will this thing eventually replace LaTeX?
+ 210683 [farrel.lifso] I do believe the 95 page PDF::Writer manual available on it's homepage
+ 210693 [halostatue@g] No. I hope to make it far more usable than it is (and it's pretty
+ 210717 [hal9000@hy e] That would be cool, wouldn't it? Not that I know LaTeX...

No speedup...!
210626 [oliver@fi st] ====================================
+ 210632 [jan.svitok@g] iterates over LINES of files passes on commandline, not files.
+ 210641 [doodpants@ma] The problem is that you've got two loops here. ARGF.each calls
| 210705 [shortcutter@] I think, Oliver wanted to iterate all lines in the files whose names
+ 210668 [w_a_x_man@ya] while text = gets( nil )
+ 210766 [w_a_x_man@ya] puts ARGV.map{|f|IO.readlines(f).find{|s|s=~/^begin/}}
  210767 [dblack@wo bl] puts ARGF.find {|s| /^begin/.match(s) }
  + 210826 [oliver@fi st] Theese both things looks like if they would look for *all*
  | + 210843 [w_a_x_man@ya] No, this only finds one instance.  Mine finds the first
  | | 210910 [dblack@wo bl] Whoops; so it does.
  | + 210911 [dblack@wo bl] Well, if you know how Enumerable#find works, then they look like they
  + 211060 [drbrain@se m] No, don't use match, it is slow: [ruby-talk:204747]
    211425 [john.carter@] Snipped & adapted for

James Edward Gray II <james@grayproductions.net>
210628 [rdm@cf l. om] Technical editing and writing, programming, and web development

and and or priority
210635 [smerk@fi mu ] OMG!
+ 210649 [collinsj@se ] To keep you on your toes...okay, I don't actually know.
+ 210667 [alex@bl ck e] Good question.
| 210672 [curi@cu i. s] irb(main):008:0> true or true and false
| 210680 [alex@bl ck e] Good counter-example :-)  Now I understand.  It seems to be evaluated in
+ 210687 [david@va ln ] <rant>
| + 210691 [curi@cu i. s] STDOUT.puts "i disagree"
| + 210753 [smerk@fi mu ] More parentheses, less readability. E.g. the natural language is quite
|   210786 [david@va ln ] And for Christmas, I want a pony or a doggy and rollerskates and a bike
|   + 210794 [curi@cu i. s] && binds before ||
|   | 210808 [logancapaldo] ...
|   + 210805 [M.B.Smillie@] Is that actually a mathematical rule, though?  I don't remember as
|     210814 [znmeb@ce ma ] My rather dim recollection is that computer jocks forced "and" to bind
|     210827 [david@va ln ] Hmm. If I recall my freshman discrete maths, logical conjunction (and)
|     210870 [jwkenne@at g] Your memory is correct; Boolean + is OR, and Boolean * is AND. (You can
+ 210812 [nightphotos@] "Because english words "and" and "or" does not have precedence order.
| 210941 [smerk@fi mu ] Hmmm. Roma locuta, causa finita, and, I'm afraid, my quiet disagreement
+ 211234 [_mwryder@wo ] Smalltalk evaluates and and or operators the same way.  Most evaluation
  211519 [strobel@se u] ns?
  211560 [rick.denatal] Smalltalk only prioritizes between
  211935 [strobel@se u] That's not a complete example, as no precedence rules come into play

Can't get ActiveRecord to work with Ruby and Postgres
210640 [slitt@tr ub ] I'm experimenting with ActiveRecord with Ruby -- no Rails. I installed both
210652 [cutter38@gm ] ...
210669 [slitt@tr ub ] Yep! That fixed it. I still have some sort of permission problem, but I can

Ruby syslog extension not working
210642 [hauserns@gm ] Should the syslog extenstion be automatically installed if you use the
210647 [ksruby@gm il] I'd love to have syslog facility available on Windows, but Microsoft
210656 [Daniel.Berge] There is no syslog on Windows.  There is the EventLog, for which you can

Hpricot Help
210650 [chao@cs st n] I'm playing around with Hpricot was am wondering if I'm using it

What does *var mean?
210654 [chao@cs st n] I know an asterisk can precede a parameter in the argument list of a
+ 210657 [bulliver@ba ] charset="iso-8859-1"
| + 210659 [bulliver@ba ] charset="iso-8859-6"
| + 210702 [dblack@wo bl] When you say "will"... do you mean in the future?  Is that documented
|   210708 [bulliver@ba ] charset="iso-8859-1"
|   210719 [hal9000@hy e] Haha... I don't think he was poking fun at you. He really
|   210725 [bulliver@ba ] charset="iso-8859-1"
|   210726 [ezmobius@gm ] Darren-
|   + 210728 [bulliver@ba ] charset="iso-8859-1"
|   + 210729 [hal9000@hy e] Hmm, is it a 1.9 thing? Or just planned? I remember
|     210733 [dblack@wo bl] Shhhhh!  Maybe he's forgotten :-)
+ 210676 [nick@ab ca o] def sum(*args)
+ 210686 [david@va ln ] As far as I know, this, used in parallel assignments, is one of the

Duck typing alows true polymorfisim
210658 [atbusbook@ao] lets say you want a generic numerical algorithom like sum
+ 210662 [rogue_pedro@] What's your question?  (Or, if no question, point?) :-)
| + 210757 [martin@sn wp] This is atbusbook.  He doesn't *have* a point - he does bizarre stuff
| + 211568 ["Jeroen Went] Reads like the weekly "Ruby is better than Java because XXXXX" post.
|   + 211579 [toalett@gm i] On 8/30/06, athornetdotdemondotnl"@ruby-lang.org Jeroen Wenting
|   | 211581 [rakrok@gm il] ...
|   | 211616 [chiology@gm ] Thanks for this interesting email. Unfortunately, I don't see how
|   + 211611 [ewill@si iu ] In comp.lang.java.advocacy, Jeroen Wenting
|     + 211647 [rick.denatal] [ Al lot of stuff about different languages]
|     | 211679 [jtregunna@bl] Make it so. =]
|     + 211762 [jadedgamer@h] He does not date any of the updates, so it's unclear how recently it
|     | 211840 [ewill@si iu ] In comp.lang.java.advocacy, Tor Iver Wilhelmsen
|     | 212056 [igouy@ya oo ] The comments "Woe unto you if that big binary file gets corrupted" are
|     + 211870 [fizbin@gm il] Since no one has pointed this out, I should mention the oft-neglected
|     + 212081 [david@va ln ] They're basically "method pointers" bound to an instance. With some
+ 210663 [john@ca tl a] Hmmm, I thought you were going to announce that you were the first born
+ 210665 [ells.david@g] Any more to add? Your question is not exactly clear. Are you asking how
| 210666 [atbusbook@ao] What was i thinkinng repace * with + i was'nt thinking i origanaly
| 210677 [rogue_pedro@] But again, what's your question?
+ 210684 [david@va ln ] It is, confusingly enough, Number. And this is a silly example for Java,
+ 210701 [ewill@si iu ] In comp.lang.java.advocacy, atbusbook@aol.com
+ 210776 [eric.mahurin] ...
+ 210783 [danieljohnso] [snip- int only example]

Can you temporarily turn off STDERR ??
210664 [bradjpeek@gm] 1)  redirect STDERR to /dev/null
+ 210670 [ara.t.howard] the warning is from ruby.
| 210674 [bradjpeek@gm] You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.   Worked like a charm.
+ 210671 [kbloom@gm il] system("tar xf mytar.tar 2>/dev/null")
| 210675 [ara.t.howard] it's ruby that prints the message, not the command
| 210679 [Daniel.Berge] This comes up often enough that I wonder if allowing IO#reopen to take a
| + 210682 [aredridel@nb] Can't handle threading sanely, for one.
| + 210695 [srveit@gm il] How about this?
|   210697 [Daniel.Berge] Awesome.  Now, can we break this with threads?  Aredridel?
|   210734 [aredridel@nb] Well, it's thread-safe, but it's process-global. It'd get turned off for
+ 210698 [jtregunna@bl] $stderr_backup = $stderr.dup