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Checking if a field is read-only
210080 [ ni@ar bs ro] Can you help me please and tell how can i check if a field is read only
210081 [farrel.lifso] You could check to see if the object responds to "field=".
210091 [M.B.Smillie@] That's the standard way this works, and is probably sufficient for

Re: Ruby and ClearCase...
210087 [Gemma.Camero] OK so no one has used ruby to drive clearcase... might have to be a pet project to create a gem for this; gem's gem. heh
210101 [halostatue@g] This isn't all that surprising -- ClearCase is hella expensive and the

Embedded ruby question
210098 [__photon__@y] I am developing an application in which Ruby is embedded in a C++

Email errors
210099 [sambient@gm ] I'm working on this recipie from the Ruby Cookbook, but receiving
210100 [sambient@gm ] I think I had an error in the address , now that's it's corrected I
210104 [decoux@mo lo] mechamnism is given
210106 [sambient@gm ] I thought typos were one of the syntactic sugars of Ruby.
210124 [garbagecat10] More like syntactic chili powder ;-)

Call functions of superclass
210128 [bart.braem@g] I'd like to be able to do
+ 210129 [farrel.lifso] class Parent
| 210291 [bart.braem@g] That's what I was looking for, altough it's a strange use of the super
+ 210130 [james@gr yp ] class Child < Parent
  210131 [listbox@ju i] class Parent
  + 210135 [wccrawford@g] super # call _another_ instance method BUT of the
  | 210137 [nsmith5@um c] I think he's wanting to know if it's possible to call a different method
  | + 210145 [doug@ds if r] $ irb
  | | + 210146 [wccrawford@g] He has redefined the 'another' method in the child class.  But for some
  | | | 210220 [listbox@ju i] I am not saying I _need_ to do that, I was curious if it's at all
  | | + 210151 [jan.svitok@g] The OP defined method zoo in Child as well, and wanted to call the
  | | + 210188 [nsmith5@um c] class Child < Parent
  | |   210190 [dblack@wo bl] But the Parent class has no hoo instance method, so calling super from
  | |   210198 [nsmith5@um c] Exactly! That's the point I was getting at. It'd be nice if this would
  | |   210211 [dblack@wo bl] It depends what you mean by "should" :-)  I think the current behavior
  | |   210219 [nsmith5@um c] If I'm thinking correctly, self.class.superclass will point to the
  | |   210222 [dblack@wo bl] No; it will point to the superclass of the class of self :-)
  | |   210327 [nsmith5@um c] class A
  | |   + 210328 [decoux@mo lo] no, not really. self.class.superclass make reference to the superclass of
  | |   | 210331 [nsmith5@um c] It refers to the metaclass of the superclass of B -- see Programming Ruby
  | |   | 210333 [decoux@mo lo] re read your example
  | |   | 210336 [nsmith5@um c] the metaclass of the class.
  | |   | 210337 [decoux@mo lo] Well, it's well known : metaclass exist in Smalltalk, singleton class in
  | |   | + 210339 [nsmith5@um c] That's great. Thanks for the info ;-) I'm referring to metaclass as stated
  | |   | | + 210341 [decoux@mo lo] Re read carefully "Programming Ruby", it was written by someone which know
  | |   | | | 210342 [nsmith5@um c] Rather than making rash statements such as that, it'd be nice of you to
  | |   | | | 210459 [hal9000@hy e] Be careful... ;)  Guy is one of the very smartest people
  | |   | | + 210457 [hal9000@hy e] Does the 2nd edition say that??
  | |   | |   + 210532 [decoux@mo lo] Well the 2nd edition speak about the metaclass and there is a paragraph in
  | |   | |   + 210611 [NSMITH5@UM C] Yes AFAIK I was referring to the 2nd edition (don't have the book in
  | |   | + 210502 [rick.denatal] The difference's between Ruby and Smalltalk here are subtle, and
  | |   |   210523 [decoux@mo lo] It depend how you see it. A class is an instance of the Metaclass
  | |   + 210348 [dblack@wo bl] Yes, because B.new.class.superclass is A, and A responds to "hi".  The
  | |     210349 [nsmith5@um c] I concede your point -- I was using singleton as the object-specific
  | |     + 210382 [nsmith5@um c] In any case, my original "want" stands, in that super be treated as an
  | |     + 210389 [dblack@wo bl] It doesn't sound like I clarified it.... :-)  The singleton class *is*
  | |       210400 [nsmith5@um c] Der. OK, I take back my concedation. Let's drop this thing. Requiring way
  | + 210150 [james@gr yp ] def send_super(meth, *args, &blk)
  |   210162 [ mfp@ac .o g] wow, that's way too much work (plus thread-unsafe).
  |   + 210194 [dblack@wo bl] This only works for superclasses, I think, whereas super just looks
  |   + 210746 [listbox@ju i] Don't know if my response went through but I wanted to say that this
  + 210143 [m_goldberg@a] To satisfy your curiosity,
  | 210147 [decoux@mo lo] No, not really
  | 210197 [m_goldberg@a] You're right. I forgot to take into account that every Ruby method
  | + 210292 [decoux@mo lo] yes, super can be seen as a method call.
  | + 210362 [jim@we ri hh] Ruby follows Eiffel's lead in this regard.
  + 210149 [isak.hansen@] Don't have too much exposure to Ruby myself, but spent some time on

Ruby/sdl errors
210136 [stuart@se ve] When trying to run anything that uses graphics like ruby/sdl I get the

[ANNOUNCE] Central Virginia Ruby User's Group
210140 [jim@ji va fl] I am writing to announce that I've located enough interested parties in

How do I strip off the extra double quote or white space in the string when using assert_equal method
210141 [bhoang@ve an] ...
210152 [ben@bl yt in] 1) If your external file is truly CSV (comma-separated values) use a CSV
210170 [bhoang@ve an] ...
210203 [bhoang@ve an] Thanks for your help, Ben!
210345 [ben@bl yt in] Notice that that call to assert_equal is wrapped inside a method.  So
210360 [bhoang@ve an] ...
210372 [bhoang@ve an] ...

Can methods be part of a array
210142 [somc@mo or l] I am a newbie to this mailing list.
210148 [jan.svitok@g] you can do ['aaa'.method(:size), 10.method("+")]
210156 [rick.denatal] Another approach would be to use Procs in the array instead of
210281 [somc@mo or l] Thanks

210153 [jon.hadley@g] Is there a tag for referring to files that can be downloaded from a
210157 [gregory.t.br] You were looking for the rails list, I think.

Seeking for a ruby spider robot example
210155 [yuesefa@gm i] but have no idea how to start it. is there any example or something like that?
+ 210160 [collinsj@se ] It may give you a place to start, but there are very good libraries for
+ 210238 [aaron_patter] There is also an example spider that comes along with Mechanize, just
  210539 [chris.lowis@] There's some good code examples on the site too.

Forum software in Ruby, besides RForum?
210163 [rick.denatal] This might be a rails question, but then again maybe theres something
+ 210164 [andre@di ir ] I found Beast (http://beast.caboo.se/) last week, and it looks
+ 210165 [greg.carbon8] ...
+ 210169 [bauer.mail@g] In fact, I think the demo does just that ;)

regexp or not
210173 [josselin@wa ] I am not yet a big friend of reegxp.. and I don't actually know if I
+ 210176 [david@va ln ] first, last = person.split(/\s+/)
| + 210183 [james@gr yp ] Be warned, parsing names correctly is a non-trivial task...
| | + 210199 [david@va ln ] Silly Merkin people with yer middle names. Why, in my day, we only had
| | + 210276 [robert.dober] ...
| | + 210491 [_mwryder@wo ] Working for a collection agency in the SW I found this a very big
| + 210210 [shortcutter@] Fully agree.  And take care to use the correct number of equal signs in
|   210215 [david@va ln ] Pwnt. *sigh*
+ 210178 [collinsj@se ] I'd use String#split.
+ 210179 [ruby@th rs e] ["id"=20
+ 210189 [dblack@wo bl] I'm wondering whether your data structure is what you want.  Right now
  210257 [josselin@wa ] Your are right..

Re: A question about rio and frames
210177 [Nuralanur@ao] ...
210263 [dido.sevilla] Basically, what you need to do is parse the HTML and the frameset tags

"Do you want to close this Window?" Popup woes...
210186 [vanight@gm i] I am new at this and using a co-worker app to record test scripts in
+ 210193 [jan.svitok@g] this is AutoIT3 script that I use  to get rid of those "New Hardware
+ 210315 [miken700@ya ] This is a security thing in JavaScript. JavaScript is not allowed to

210187 [pbailey@bn .] I have spreadsheet-like data, a table of data really, that I need to be
210196 [jan.svitok@g] - YAML is able to express (almost?) any kind of data structure that
210300 [pbailey@bn .] Thanks, Jan. My data originally came from a mainframe ASCII export, so,
+ 210303 [cribbsj@oa w] If you don't mind installing an additional library, take a look at
| 210304 [pbailey@bn .] Thanks, Jamey. Yes, I've seen the KirbyBase web site before, just in
+ 210334 [jan.svitok@g] right.
  + 210350 [pbailey@bn .] Cool. That's perfect. Thanks !
  + 210398 [nicolas.desp] filename1: [ data11, data12, data13 ]
    210404 [pbailey@bn .] So, all of the "data" entries in your "filename" arrays are simply
    210414 [nicolas.desp] - foo
    210433 [pbailey@bn .] OK. Sorry. I didn't realize you were discussing YAML there. Thanks!
    210467 [nicolas.desp] I hope this help you.

Support for singleton_class() (was Re: Call functions of superclass)
210201 [james@gr yp ] I have never before given my opinion on this issue, so I think I'll
210202 [ara.t.howard] much better, imho, and used all over my own code is
+ 210208 [jgbailey@gm ] +100 - please give us singleton_class!
| + 210533 [chneukirchen] While we are at adding methods, who else would like ot have a method
| | + 210542 [halostatue@g] Um. Me. That would totally rock.
| | | 210543 [decoux@mo lo] moulon% cat b.rb
| | | + 210545 [halostatue@g] Cool. I didn't know that.
| | | + 210576 [chneukirchen] Whoa! Thanks!
| | + 210551 [ mfp@ac .o g] Like Proc.new ?
| |   210580 [ara.t.howard] i use
| + 210570 [transfire@gm] At the very least, 'singleton_class' is too long. Just 'singleton'
|   + 210587 [ara.t.howard] i too would like a shorter namer, but singleton_class is in the source and has
|   | 210777 [transfire@gm] So what wrong with just #singleton? That would be more reasible for
|   + 210740 [rick.denatal] It's probably my Smalltalk background, but metaclass bothers me as a
|     210761 [dblack@wo bl] But it's very characteristic of Ruby.  There are rather few special
+ 210536 [dblack@wo bl] I'd rather not see module_eval wrapped/hidden in singleton_class.  I
  210575 [ara.t.howard] you could say exactly the same thing about Class.new, Module.new, etc.  i
  210763 [dblack@wo bl] Yes, but you *can't* say the same thing about #class, which is a more

[ANN] - ptools 1.1.1
210204 [Daniel.Berge] This is just a quick announcement to let y'all know that I've released ptools
210255 [botp@de mo t] # Power tools for the File class.  Additional methods include
+ 210256 [djberg96@gm ] All of the ptools methods are cross-platform so yes, File.binary? will
+ 210267 [nospam@no it] Yep. In a *nix file read/write context, specifying binary does nothing,
  210268 [botp@de mo t] # A variation on "binary?" might read a file to see if it
  210270 [hal9000@hy e] That depends on what you mean by a pure text file. :)
  210288 [fxn@ha hr f.] What is the heuristic used by Subversion for instance?
  210289 [fxn@ha hr f.] ...

Integer(nil) versus Float(nil) versus String(nil)
210205 [christoffer.] Dear Rubyists,
+ 210216 [shortcutter@] Is this better?
| 210218 [rick.denatal] Well, I'd say that it confirms that the original case is an inconsistency.
+ 210446 [david@va ln ] Probably.
  211196 [christoffer.] That's definitely a valid point, but slightly irrelevant.
  211202 [robert.dober] ...
  212332 [christoffer.] Yes, I agree. (But the inconsistency is still there.) :)

[ANN] arrayfields-3.6.0
210227 [ara.t.howard] - http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/arrayfields/

OrderedHash - How to get it to work
210228 [prcorcoran@c] First a bit of a rant. I CAN'T BELIEVE RUBY HASN'T IMPLEMENTED THIS!!!
+ 210234 [transfire@gm] ...
| 210239 [transfire@gm] I should add that Dictionary is a slightly modified version of Jan
| 210262 [prcorcoran@c] Thanks Trans - great extensions! I will definitely scan through these
+ 210236 [ mfp@ac .o g] Ideally, it's Rails which should be renaming its class.
  + 210259 [prcorcoran@c] You are absolutely correct. Someone needed to override Hash with just a
  | 210271 [ara.t.howard] require 'yaml'
  + 210278 [jeremy@bi sw] ...
    210330 [ mfp@ac .o g] That's good.
    210340 [ara.t.howard] and this makes it about two orders of magnitude faster ;-)
    210390 [ mfp@ac .o g] (it only changed the constant, not the asymptotic complexity)
    210426 [robert.dober] ...

writing objects to files
210229 [radus@sm rt ] Is it possible to write a ruby object (like a hash for example) to a
+ 210231 [collinsj@se ] Yes, please see Marshal[1] and YAML[2].
+ 210233 [TimHunter@nc] You can either use Marshal or yaml.
  210251 [shevegen@li ] When to use Marshal, when to use yaml?
  + 210253 [james@gr yp ] Marshal is C pretty fast, but it writes binary files that are not
  | 210282 [fred@la av .] And Marshal is not guaranteed to produce files compatible between
  | + 210445 [david@va ln ] -And- the YAML format is actually an open specification, so you get the
  | + 210535 [chneukirchen] Ironically, history says a different thing. :-)
  |   210538 [wccrawford@g] Just because something has always been compatible doesn't mean it always
  |   210560 [chneukirchen] I was refering to a Ruby version that generated YAML not readable in
  + 210254 [hal9000@hy e] YAML is human readable/editable.

Moving files with ruby...
210237 [bulliver@ba ] charset="us-ascii"
210241 [nospam@no it] No, it is because you are trying to use "rename" to physically move a file,
210242 [bulliver@ba ] charset="iso-8859-1"
210250 [shevegen@li ] well
+ 210258 [cdc@cy he s.] But not generic for cross-platform re-use.
+ 210266 [bulliver@ba ] charset="utf-8"

Re: Progress Reports?
210243 [ilmari.heikk] GlimR (OpenGL GUI toolkit in Ruby) dev chiming in.

Ruby Shipping gem question
210275 [joevandyk@gm] Anyone use the Shipping gem to communicate with fedex?  How do I get a

Observing changes in object state
210277 [ruby@mu rm n] I was playing around with the observer library and thought I'd
210411 [vjoel@pa h. ] Here's a somewhat different approach, but it might be interesting to
210449 [ruby@mu rm n] Yes, this is probably the most widely useful approach. I have found
210456 [vjoel@pa h. ] That's a good point, though I think I would handle it with a #dirty
210486 [ruby@mu rm n] Am aware of that - sorry for the sloppy language.

Reopening a module vs. Module.include
210283 [mvette13@gm ] ...
210295 [pit@ca it in] Mark, this is a known limitation of the current Ruby implementation. It

Call for crystalization --was:A use case for an ordered hash
210294 [software617r] Yes, I think this is useful
+ 210296 [pit@ca it in] In order to replace the standard Hash with a "better" Hash, there should
| + 210297 [benjohn@fy h] *snip*
| | 210455 [hal9000@hy e] Yes. The only catch is that a full implementation (with literals)
| + 210332 [ara.t.howard] require 'rubygems'
| | 210365 [martindemell] That depends on what you see yourself as inserting, though. If you
| | 210368 [ara.t.howard] i'd say :one was updated or replaced, not inserted - sorry i wasn't clear.
| + 210454 [hal9000@hy e] An excellent point, and there are other similar questions
+ 210301 [martindemell] For the record, I am 100% against this. Even if the semantics of
  210317 [thoran@th ra] Benjohn and all,
  + 210386 [transfire@gm] I say just call it Dict or Dictionary, since hashes are also known by
  + 210497 [rick.denatal] There's nothing wrong with that statement. Hashes are indexed

How can we make C routine call a "method" defined in a ruby script
210298 [somc@mo or l] I have few more problems
210505 [somc@mo or l] How can we make C routine call a "method" defined in a ruby script

META: Ruby Talk Noise/Signal
210302 [thoran@th ra] Dear Fellow Ruby Talkers,
+ 210305 [thoran@th ra] An Addendum
| 210319 [james.britt@] That's even more work.
+ 210307 [chiology@gm ] I like the []s, like [OT] and [ANN]. Perhaps we can use more of these,
+ 210309 [peter@se an ] The problem is that a thread can move in and out of several of those
+ 210310 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] This is the reason that I read ruby-talk via the
| 210371 [perrin@ap th] This is one of a dozen or so reasons I use mutt as my mail user agent.
+ 210311 [ruby@an hr p] } Dear Fellow Ruby Talkers,
| 210397 [halostatue@g] And ruby-talk's third problem with something like this: it's gatewayed
+ 210318 [james.britt@] Looks like work.
| 210346 [robert.dober] ...
+ 210320 [nobu@ru y- a] Move to ruby-core.
+ 210379 [perrin@ap th] It's pretty low already.  I think what you mean is "Is there any means
| 210383 [collinsj@se ] I have it sorted out to a different folder based on the to: field, which
| 210384 [perrin@ap th] Even assuming for the moment that you said "directory", which is what my
| 210388 [collinsj@se ] ...
| + 210396 [perrin@ap th] I do appreciate the effort.  I know that the option you describe simply
| + 210424 [robert.dober] ...
|   210430 [collinsj@se ] I suppose you could consider those to be icons...
|   210436 [robert.dober] ...
+ 210534 [chneukirchen] YAGNI.