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Compiled Ruby/LDAP for Windows 2000/XP ?
209842 [slainer68@gm] Where can I find a precompiled version of Ruby/LDAP for Windows 2000/XP
209843 [slainer68@gm] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
209846 [garbagecat10] As an alternative, try Net::LDAP, which doesn't require a compiler.
209880 [slainer68@gm] Yes, I've found your library just a couple of minutes after and I have
209886 [garbagecat10] Thanks for giving it a try. Let me know if you have feature requests.

How to create local users and groups on Windows using Ruby?
209848 [jatinder.sau] ...

gem pessimistic versioning - bug?
209876 [ara.t.howard] can anyone provide a good reason why both of these should not work?
209932 [jim@we ri hh] ~> 0.1 implies that versions 0.x are appropriate choices.  0.2.0 matches
209943 [ara.t.howard] but why should
209952 [jim@we ri hh] Heh, I saw Ara's email to me before I saw the responce here.  Here's my

PBI - mashing up RGL and method_missing
209878 [rdm@cf l. om] Ruby Graph Language (RGL) allows graphical structures
209955 [ptkwt@ar cn ] count_neighbors(:have_cats?)
209963 [rdm@cf l. om] Why do I believe this? :-)
210019 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Yes, it definitely can be difficult to debug programs which make heavy use

How to search Ruby files in Windows
209904 [canyonrat@ma] Sometimes you want to find some particular code snippet and all you
+ 209917 [gavin@re in ] Wow, that's sort of sexy. Hadn't seen that before.
| + 209926 [james@gr yp ] Can you give us the non-RubyURL link, since the service seems to be
| | 209927 [billk@ct .c ] Although the rubyurl link worked for me just now, here's
| | 209929 [Daniel.Berge] God, I miss BeOS.
| + 209933 [canyonrat@ma] Thanks Phrogz, I'll pass it on right now.
| + 209939 [jim@we ri hh] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
| | 210005 [canyonrat@ma] That's pretty cool too.
| + 210431 [david@va ln ] Actually, I think Windowsen have a document indexing service hidden
|   210498 [halostatue@g] Not a good one. Use Google Desktop, or Yahoo Desktop, or MSN Desktop.
+ 209994 [reid.thompso] ( mod to your liking, or make different versions for different needs)

[BUG] RubyGem Not Respecting Proxy Argument?
209905 [owlmanatt@gm] ...

What is the typical latency on this list?
209908 [rdm@cf l. om] I ask because I posted a message at 8:20
209909 [rdm@cf l. om] Never mind - I appear to have missed it, somehow.
209910 [jan.svitok@g] I've received soon after you'ver sent it (~17:20 CEST = 15:20 GMT)
209916 [Daniel.Berge] Actually, I'm noticing latency today.  My messages seem to be taking
209937 [bulliver@ba ] charset="iso-8859-1"

Microtime / Milliseconds?
209911 [bjohnson@me ] How do I get more precision that seconds in ruby? If I wanted to know 1
+ 209914 [james@gr yp ] => -16.744711
+ 209915 [ara.t.howard] a = Time.now.to_f

[ANN] Ruby Units
209912 [devlists-rub] Announcing......

Re: Ruby Units
209918 [gavin@re in ] ...
209924 [devlists-rub] The concept isn't new, but I think this approach has the fewest
210053 [transfire@gm] Nice work. Though, you may be interested in Facets' units.rb, written
+ 210093 [calamitates@] If someone plans to work on units.rb, it might be interesting to know
+ 210107 [devlists-rub] Hey, amazing all the interesting stuff that pops up when you know where
  210126 [calamitates@] I have no problem adding these. However, personally, I don't like
  + 210127 [ara.t.howard] can anyone comment on units vs
  + 210138 [devlists-rub] My only suggestion is to name the binary prefixes correctly, and allow
  + 210139 [nospam@no it] / ...
  | + 210144 [devlists-rub] Yeah, I'm considering a variation on this approach.  It's a little
  | + 210167 [calamitates@] We have considered this option too, but because I started by saying
  |   + 210181 [ara.t.howard] regards.
  |   + 210184 [devlists-rub] After thinking about this a bit, here are a few things that might be handy.
  |     210235 [nospam@no it] In physics, degrees of temperature really are units, in the same way that
  + 210248 [calamitates@] I've sent my code to Trans. If your interested, please contact him.
    210264 [nospam@no it] If you only have Kelvin and no other temperature units, no conversions can
    + 210269 [hal9000@hy e] Since he says "in the machinery," I think he means internally it would
    | 210272 [devlists-rub] Yes, you need to do a lot of conversion to base units to make things
    + 210299 [calamitates@] I think that you may indeed have misunderstood. What I meant is that

How do I get the row number off of a Excel Row object?
209920 [wlaver@gm il] I have the following code
209956 [noonknight@g] try "row.Address". hope that helps.

Re: RubyGem Not Respecting Proxy Argument?
209922 [jim@we ri hh] The best place to put this is on the RubyGems dev mailing list,

[ANN] Clusterer - 0.1.0 first release
209925 [efuzzyone@ne] I am pleased to announce the availability of the Ruby library 'clusterer'
+ 209931 [lyle.johnson] I've installed the gem but am not getting very good results with my
| 210110 [efuzzyone@ne] The examples were just to show how to use the algorithms.
+ 210085 [asbradbury@t] This looks very interesting, great work.

Ruby on Windows questions
209930 [joevandyk@gm] Gotta port some software to Windows... :-(  I'm a Windows newbie.
209934 [joevandyk@gm] Also, is there a Ruby idiom for how to properly do platform-specific stuff?
209942 [Daniel.Berge] Either use sys-cpu (on the RAA) or use your own custom script using a

[ANN][SoC] Ariel 0.1.0 released
209945 [asbradbury@t] = Ariel release 0.1.0
+ 210002 [jgbailey@gm ] Very impressive library! I remember when you posted about this at the
| 210025 [asbradbury@t] Thank you so much for taking the time for writing this detailed email.
| 210217 [peter@no no ] If I look at the queries that can be performed now they look somewhat
| 210230 [asbradbury@t] I hadn't got round to XML export yet, but this seems like an excellent reason
+ 210213 [kashia.buch@] _WAY_ cool!

How can I get you to use mkrf?
209950 [kevin.clark@] Google's Summer of Code has officially come to a close but I in no way
+ 209953 [farrel.lifso] Is it a replacement for a tool like rake? If not how easy would it be
| 209971 [kevin.clark@] Farrel,
+ 209960 [robin@ni or ] I tried it, but it doesn't work with my C++ extension. Though I can
| 209970 [kevin.clark@] Robin,
+ 209964 [TimHunter@nc] Were you able to add the features I described in my RubyForge forum post?
| 209968 [kevin.clark@] Thought it'd be hacky, you can add to vars using the new
| 209972 [TimHunter@nc] Thanks for responding, Kevin. How about creating a "config.h" file for
| 209974 [kevin.clark@] Something like that may work. An optional .h file would fix your
+ 209975 [jmg3000@gm i] Great. :)
| + 209984 [kevin.clark@] John,
| + 210031 [kevin.clark@] The mailing list is up. Let's continue this there.
+ 210014 [mortench@gm ] My MKRF requirements can be translated into the following issue: Can
| + 210021 [kevin.clark@] Morten,
| + 210067 [nobu@ru y- a] mkmf support static libraries, of course,
+ 210054 [transfire@gm] I would love to support it in my new build/task system to be release in
  210061 [kevin.clark@] Trans,

[Solution] QAPrototype (#91)
209957 [erikveen@gm ] module QAPrototype

Ruby <-> digital camera
209961 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Can someone point me to some search terms for finding
+ 209978 [shortcutter@] HTH
| 210052 [halostatue@g] That sort of thing will mostly help getting metadata out of pictures,
| 210115 [shortcutter@] Well, strictly speaking you are correct.  IMHO "getting files from a
+ 210092 [jan.svitok@g] 1. This thread may of interest to you. Although it seems it went

file compare and remove lines
209962 [matt@bi ar b] I have two files - call them big.txt and small.txt.  My goal is to have
+ 209966 [james@gr yp ] Which part are you hung up on?  We'll help get you unstuck.
| 209969 [matt@bi ar b] Actually the entire thing - I am currently using VEDIT to work through
| + 209973 [james@gr yp ] So you are asking us to write it for you?  How is that you deciding
| | 209979 [matt@bi ar b] Currently reading "Learn to Program" C.Pine
| | + 209986 [james@gr yp ] 1.  Read the small file into an Array
| | + 209987 [nospam@no it] Okay, here's some guidance.
| |   209989 [matt@bi ar b] Again, thank you for the lecture.  No need to respond! poumpous ass!
| |   209992 [nospam@no it] You've just gone over to the dark side, and you have yet to meaningfully
| |   209993 [perrin@ap th] Frankly, I wonder if maybe you both couldn't use some advice on mailing
| + 209982 [nospam@no it] Give what a shot? When you go on a bear hunt, do you tell someone else to go
|   209985 [matt@bi ar b] As stated in my last post - I was looking for guidance.  My sincere
|   + 209991 [nospam@no it] Oh, but it was. Now you know that you need to show your sincerity by posting
|   + 210028 [matt@bi ar b] My sincere apologies to all.
|     210112 [angus@qu va ] Where to can we redirect newbies asking for help, before people start to
|     + 210122 [nospam@no it] AFAIK there is only this one Ruby NG, and I agree it might be better if
|     + 210554 [slitt@tr ub ] I know of no Ruby-Newbie mailing lists or newsgroups, but there are many Ruby
+ 209977 [ruby@mu rm n] bad = []
  210503 [jonathan-han] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w

(RE)XML question
209980 [rubyhacker@g] Question for you all. I want to treat HTML like XML
+ 209996 [ruby-talk@wh] doc = Hpricot("<html>...</html>")
| 210026 [hal9000@hy e] Hmm, the right thing to do and a tasty way to do it.
+ 210185 [coder68@ya o] This is what XSLT was designed for and it may provide another option for
| 210209 [rubyhacker@g] That makes sense. I've never used XSLT, but I'm sure that's
| 210313 [coder68@ya o] Yes, both techniques could handle nested elements, I don't know what XML
+ 210206 [gavin@re in ] input = <<ENDHTML
+ 210212 [w_a_x_man@ya] require 'xml-split.rb'

How can't i modify the to_s method in Integer Class?
209997 [grabmail@gm ] class Integer
+ 209998 [ksruby@gm il] You shoud use Fixnum class instead of Integer.
+ 210000 [vjoel@pa h. ] class Fixnum
+ 210013 [david@va ln ] There's also the gotcha of redefining core methods - other core methods

Test coverage checking when test driver is separate from the tested program.
210004 [tomasz.wegrz] I have a program compiler.rb, that compiles something.
210097 [ mfp@ac .o g] You can use the --aggregate option, which was added in 0.7.0.
210119 [ mfp@ac .o g] Sorry, I misread the first paragraph and answered somewhat aside of the

[ANN] mkrf gets a mailing list
210030 [kevin.clark@] If you're interested in mkrf's development or usage, please sign up.

Ruby within Ruby
210032 [zuwiki@gm il] The following is a description of my situation. You may not need to read
+ 210035 [lyndon.samso] ...
+ 210040 [collinsj@se ] (I skipped most, but sounds neat)
+ 210094 [jan.svitok@g] Once there was an online game of this kind, hackthisbox IIRC, and the
| 210161 [rick.denatal] The protypical example of this kind of game was probably Darwin which
| 210244 [zuwiki@gm il] Well, I've looked into safe levels, undef, and why's sandbox, but none
| + 210246 [2006@ho el .] Is it possible, once Ruby's launched, for it to redefine (or undefine)
| | 210261 [zuwiki@gm il] I think that would work perfectly! Thanks for the idea! I will look into
| | 210285 [2006@ho el .] And wouldn't work. "Recognized my code, eh? Fine! I'll just change
| + 210286 [jan.svitok@g] <sarcasm>
|   210344 [zuwiki@gm il] Hahaha...
|   210358 [wccrawford@g] Well, you've made up your mind, and I doubt I can change it, but I'd
|   210841 [zuwiki@gm il] Actually, what I'm going to try to do is make it pretty much a Ruby
+ 210265 [phurley@gm i] I love Ruby -- but if you distribute a Ruby program as part of your

using Comparable in C
210039 [teeler@gm il] Is there a way i can use the functions defined in compar.c (der, like
210068 [dbalmain.ml@] You can just use rb_funcall;
210133 [teeler@gm il] I figured thats what I'd have to do - i was trying to save myself the

[SoC] Progress Reports?
210042 [kevin.clark@] I was curious how the other GSoC projects worked out. I've seen
+ 210063 [gregory.t.br] I too would be interested in seeing links or summaries of how the
+ 211041 [surrender_it] Sorry for late reply, I did not have an internet connection for a while.

Protecting class "helper methods"?
210047 [ news@ja .f ] class C

cURL in ruby? Faster than Net::HTTP?
210050 [bjohnson@me ] I've found a couple of packages that claim to integrate the curl library
+ 210058 [ml@sy th ti ] I can't speak to the speed of any curl library, but I can cite my
+ 210059 [ezmobius@gm ] Hey Ben-
+ 210062 [ruby-talk@wh] The cURL library is indeed very fast, but it also suffers from a problem that
  + 210064 [bjohnson@me ] What do you mean by the DNY lookup is asynchronous and will block my
  | + 210065 [snacktime@gm] From my understanding dns lookups block in ruby, as in they stop the
  | | 210070 [bjohnson@me ] In my program each curl request would be in its own thread. I also think
  | + 210066 [ml@sy th ti ] No Kernel.`` doesn't fork a new process. It blocks your current
  + 210089 [garbagecat10] ...
  + 210284 [daniel.haxx@] libcurl offers an asynchronous API that does the name resolving
    210406 [ruby-talk@wh] Does it use the native getaddrinfo()?  The problem I've had on FreeBSD
    + 210415 [bjohnson@me ] Thanks for your response.
    | 210417 [ara.t.howard] search for http reverse dns.
    | 210420 [bjohnson@me ] Can you be a little more specific? Also, what if I was to connect to the
    + 210451 [garbagecat10] Does it matter whether it blocks or not? Ruby can't schedule its green
      210525 [daniel.haxx@] You _could_ read up on the libcurl details in the libcurl docs, but
      + 210547 [garbagecat10] You may have misunderstood me. Even if libcurl or anything else
      + 210552 [garbagecat10] own protocol handler for DNS lookups. They fit it into their

Ruby C/C++ Interface
210073 [kandlinger@g] object/dynamic link library for some functions. Currently I am
+ 210075 [dido.sevilla] Actually, it's incredibly easy to write C extensions for Ruby,
| + 210076 [kandlinger@g] 1. It is c++ code
| | 210079 [dido.sevilla] It doesn't matter. C++ code can be used within a Ruby extension.
| | 210082 [leslieviljoe] It's easy to use C++ code in Ruby extensions, but you still need to
| + 210083 [jan.svitok@g] You may also try SWIG, that will generate the extension for you from
| | + 210117 [robin@ni or ] For an example of this, you can take a look at my id3lib-ruby project
| | + 210118 [znmeb@ce ma ] I'm just now getting to learn SWIG in general and the Ruby interface in
| + 210103 [ryan.raaum@g] Also, it is important to ask if you are on windows or linux/bsd/mac os
|   210123 [phurley@gm i] Not really. It is significantly harder to build libraries designed for
|   210172 [ryan.raaum@g] Because ruby is unix focussed.  All the core ruby developers are unix
|   + 210175 [ryan.raaum@g] Qualifying my own post.  Using mingw - slightly longer than on unix
|   | 210200 [jan.svitok@g] For us works compiling with VC7 (2003) and even with VC8 (2005),
|   | + 210214 [leslieviljoe] In passing: VC6 is quite old now, can Microsoft not be persuaded to
|   | + 210274 [nobu@ru y- a] Recent versions of ruby in CVS embed manifests into DLLs.
|   + 210240 [phurley@gm i] I won't argue that building Ruby on Windows is somewhat difficult
|     210245 [ryan.raaum@g] The key here is that you have a tool (VC6) which is not generally
|     + 210252 [shevegen@li ] What also is helpful is if more and more people write
|     + 210260 [phurley@gm i] Sorry for being thick headed -- I can see where this would be a
|       210316 [kandlinger@g] Is it possible to develop a ruby application and use a c++ shared
+ 210090 [garbagecat10] ...
+ 210182 [headius@he d] ...

210074 [tad.bochan@b] I have been making a foray into the world of SOAP/WSDL etc and having

Cartesian and polar coordinates library
210077 [bart.braem@g] For a personal project I had to create a library of cartesian and polar
210086 [piers@om ka ] =2E.. so, if I were you I'd just do it :-).
210095 [wccrawford@g] Indeed, this is so true.  In this case, the usefulness can't necessarily
+ 210111 [bart.braem@g] You are probably right there. I'll throw it on rubyforge when I have
+ 210121 [ara.t.howard] i could use it today!
  210171 [kenosis@gm i] And if you don't want to go to the trouble of a rubyforge, just post it

210078 [tad@bo ha .e] I have been making a foray into the world of SOAP/WSDL etc and having
+ 211388 [giacecco@gi ] I tried myself, but had to stop at the very beginning. These three lines
| 211457 [tad.bochan@b] Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to lose hope.
| 211459 [giacecco@gi ] I agree with you, and the work Hiroshi is doing is incredible. About the
| 211548 [giacecco@gi ] Trying with the official (no development) Ruby 1.8.5 and the situation
| 211628 [giacecco@gi ] Worked for the great part of the evening on this. My feeling is that the
| + 211701 [tad.bochan@b] Have you updated the soap module ?
| | 212240 [nakahiro@sa ] OK.  I'll prepare .zip file from the next release.
| | 212458 [tad@bo ha .e] Yes! event["id"] worked just great.
| + 212237 [nakahiro@sa ] You are using ruby-1.8.5 + no extra soap4r install, right?
+ 211429 [nakahiro@sa ] Sorry for late reply.