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^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML)         You are added automatically
20979 [eugine_kosen] # help

^ put my vote down for ruby-chan!
20987 [ct CLEMSON.E] i'd like to see ruby chan as the `offical mascot`
20990 [dblack candl] I guess I'd lulled myself into thinking this possibility had gone away.
+ 21085 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 21094 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 21135 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 21136 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 21137 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 21138 [schneiker ju] ...

^ Net::HTTP win 98 vs win 2000 proff
20989 [w3gat bellso] The Net:HTTP class works properly on one of my computers running Win 98 but

^ [ruby-talk] corba
20992 [bciceron rsn] can you point me to a doc i can use to get started on ruby with Corba,
21026 [MAP2303 mapl] # ouch...my notice my last mail seems not to be sent and lost...

^ RSS feed for RAA?
20993 [ruby jamesbr] Is there an RSS version of the RAA? I've looked around, but haven't seem anything to suggest there is.
+ 20995 [neumann s-di] I know little about RSS, but there is a read-only SOAP and XML-RPC
+ 20997 [chadfowler y] Aleksi used to have one on rubymine.org, but it
  21030 [aleksi.nieme] The server building the pages for RubyMine has been suffering severe

^ Bug in latest snapshot, regarding Float#to_s
20994 [   xm w3d.ru] Recently I installed the latest snapshot (ruby 1.7.1 (2001-09-03)
+ 20996 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 20998 [matz ruby-la] diff -u -1 -r1.30 numeric.c

21010 [tobiasreif p] anyone working/worked with rbXPCOM
21019 [kom mail1.ac] Yes, I am working on it (if you count the original developer).
21022 [tobiasreif p] thank you very much for your answer.
21023 [kom mail1.ac] You are welcom.

^ Poll results
21011 [Dave Pragmat] A beautiful looking distribution, peaking around the 30's somewhere. I

^ length of Ruby array from C?
21013 [nconway klam] I've been experimenting with writing some Ruby extensions in C. In order
21014 [dblack candl] For example, `RSTRING(size)->len' is the way to get the size of the
21015 [nconway klam] Woops, sorry about that. I had been using the Pickaxe book, which
+ 21016 [dblack candl] Well, *changing* them is a bad idea :-)  But just reading them is
+ 21018 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Method parameter
21020 [carloshh21 y] Excuse me for the newbie question, but this I couldn't
21021 [decoux moulo] ...
21024 [carloshh21 y] Thank you very much for your answer!

^ A parsing bug in 1.7.1?
21025 [aleksi.nieme] I encountered a possible parsing bug in latest nightly snapshot Ruby
+ 21027 [dblack candl] Just to add to the picture: there are two (I believe contradictory)
| 21164 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  I forgot to remove a line when I revised the code.
+ 21165 [matz ruby-la] As a general rule, don't put spaces between method names and

^ How to insert methods from one module to another?
21028 [   xm w3d.ru] I have a small question for gurus on this list ;))
21029 [decoux moulo] ...
21031 [   xm w3d.ru] Nah ... I need an isolated module (Wrapper), in which I evaluate different

^ My $0.02 on a mascot
21032 [avdi mycroft] I know, I know, it's been talked to death already.
+ 21041 [hal9000 hype] the
+ 21044 [ljz asfast.c] You mean we aren't all like that?  :)
+ 21102 [toddg linux1] ...

^ ANN: Ruby/Mock 1.1
21033 [nat.pryce b1] Announcing version 1.1 of Ruby/Mock, a package that makes it easy to use the

^ Tk popup. Cannot get notification of selection
21034 [alwagner uar] I can find no way to be notified when a popup menu entry is
21035 [kero d4050.u] That one's in my tutorial already :)
21036 [alwagner uar] Bad news...

^ ANN: Fluid variables
21037 [marick testi] Class Fluid provides dynamically scoped ("fluid") variables modeled

^ finalizer question
21038 [joe vpop.net] The following code does not print out "doing the final write".
+ 21040 [nat.pryce b1] The answer was discussed recently on this list.  That discussion has been
+ 21108 [jkaurin home] ...

^ CRLF problems with net/http on FreeBSD
21039 [ghartley big] I trying to play around with net/http on my Win2K (+cygwin) machine,

^ NG <-> ML gateway (partly) broken?
21042 [schneiker ju] Hmm. The CC to the ML seems to have been omitted or lost in transit,
21043 [hal9000 hype] 1. This is Dave Thomas's jurisdiction now (author
+ 21045 [schneiker ju] versa.
+ 21063 [Dave Pragmat] Out of town, but that's to a wonderful set of Sunrays here at the

^ Mascots - Just say NO to voting! :-)
21046 [schneiker ju] [Resending to ML with subject change.]

^ @aHash{A..Z} = (0..25);
21047 [thucdat hotm] ...
+ 21048 [joe vpop.net] aHash = Hash.new
+ 21053 [dblack candl] class Hash
+ 21100 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| 21140 [ rc duria.de] class Array
| 21173 [thucdat hotm] ...
+ 21139 [ryan ryanfly] ...

^ Re: CORBA Ruby mapping
21049 [MAP2303 mapl] # This mail seems not to be delivered...I resend.

^ Re: Mascots_-_Just_say_NO_to_voting!_:-)
21050 [chadfowler y] Knowing full well that I'm just adding to the problem,

^ How To Display GUI in Linux shell ?
21051 [chchar mcms.] ...
21057 [r2d2 acc.umu] [chchar]

^ unsubscribe
21052 [KoguleR nets] unsubscribe

^ Question about RAA listings
21054 [james jamesb] I'm putting together a web site devoted to Ruby and XML, and plan to include
+ 21055 [rich infoeth] Are you going to write a book on Ruby and XML ;-)
| + 21056 [james jamesb] Wouldn't be a bad idea ... ;)
| | 21058 [Pierre-Charl] Microsoft had defined OSD (Open Software Description) to do something
| + 21061 [tobiasreif p] please; I would buy it :)
+ 21060 [neumann s-di] You can access full informations of all RAA entries through XML-RPC or SOAP.
+ 21062 [maki inac.co] There is a RDF format to describe RPM package. This format can

^ Great Article on Scripting Languages (Ruby mentioned!)
21059 [waisun.chia ] Wai-Sun "Squidster" Chia

^ Char Class
21066 [jebrann clem] ...
21141 [pbrannan atd] Here I think Ruby is showing some of its C roots?  All string elements in

^ [ANN] DataVision v0.0.2
21068 [ jimm io.com] DataVision is a database reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports, written

^ Using ruby in gui's
21069 [filter arabi] button1.caption = "look at the stars"

^ build minimal Ruby interpreter
21070 [max malva.co] ...
+ 21084 [max malva.co] ...
| + 21128 [hdstich hdst] ...
| + 21195 [matz ruby-la] Yes, it's the only difference.
|   21221 [max malva.co] ...
+ 21145 [ned bike-nom] That's not a particularly small Linux system. The moderate size of the Ruby
  21231 [toddg linux1] ...
  + 21232 [ned bike-nom] My impression was that there is widespread use of select and async IO in Ruby
  + 21233 [green FreeBS] Sure.  Enable non-blocking IO and use asynchronous IO checking.  It wasn't

^ CGI.rb (was Re: Minor cgi.rb question)
21071 [pc000 passth] I would concur with the above and also add to the list -

^ Is this a problem with puts?
21078 [ptkwt shell1] ...
21075 [rtarpine hot] I actually found your expected behavior, where it printed "Range".  I
21142 [pbrannan atd] What happens if you run the interpreter with the -w option?  In 1.6.4, a

^ html-parser fails at images with given height
21080 [stramm still] using the HTMLParser from
21129 [kentda stud.] Looks like it doesn't expect the wrapparound quotes... Shouldn't be too
21132 [kentda stud.] While that may solve your specific problem, I just realized that its

^ Do literals invoke new?
21086 [jason jvoege] Do literals (e.g. array literals, string literals, etc.) invoke the
21093 [decoux moulo] a = [1, 2]

^ nested method definition!!!
21087 [markb1 sympa] I keep getting a "nested method definition" error. Although I have
+ 21107 [markb1 sympa] class Example
| 21116 [phasis hanan] ...
| 21105 [markb1 sympa] Thank you! My code works fine now.
+ 21113 [jeremy chaos] ...
  21115 [markb1 sympa] I just added an example. Take a peek.

^ Hashes
21088 [eugine_kosen] I post the message soon.

^ new ruby web environment
21089 [toddg linux1] ...
+ 21092 [rich infoeth] This is incredibly good news...AOLServer is extremely small (500k for
+ 21356 [web2ed yahoo] Fantastic Idea!!
  21357 [toddg mail.m] I have a project space on sourceforge.net, as 'nsruby'.  For some reason

^ Proc context
21090 [rtarpine hot] How does one get a proc to evaluate in the context of the function it is
21121 [decoux moulo] #instance_eval
21124 [rtarpine hot] I assumed it would be as simple as such, but didn't know where to start  ;)

^ Any Journal References on Ruby?
21097 [ljohnson res] ...
+ 21074 [schneiker ju] ...
+ 21208 [Dave Pragmat] There's a Ruby tutorial at OOPSLA this year, but I suspect that doesn't count :)

^ Ruby-GTK / Ruby-glade problems
21104 [Craig_Files ] We are very interested in using Ruby/LibGlade for a project, but in
21150 [nconway klam] Most of GTK has been wrapped in Ruby (check the ToDo file for a list of
+ 21155 [nconway klam] ...
+ 21156 [ljohnson res] ...
  21157 [nconway klam] Lyle,

^ (Pure) virtual methods
21106 [eugine_kosen] class Foo
+ 21096 [decoux moulo] Use an instance variable
+ 21134 [r2d2 acc.umu] [Eugine Kosenko]

^ Inspecting of hashes
21110 [eugine_kosen] I have developed several minor features of Ruby hashes, which may be
21127 [decoux moulo] Probably it's best if you subscribe to ruby-talk, see

^ NG <-> ML gateway (partly) broken?
21119 [schneiker ju] ...
21091 [schneiker ju] ...
21130 [schneiker ju] ...

^ Odd behaviour
21122 [jglueck vol.] It's me again.. After getting almost everything to work with embedding
21109 [ljohnson res] ...

^ Any Ruby .Net activity?
21123 [schneiker ju] ...
21101 [toddg linux1] ...

^ now animal on oreilly book - no snail anymore
21125 [mjais gmx-ag] I am not sure if you already know.
21111 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ Problem using udp in WinNT
21126 [chrisf norte] So, the following program, copied almost verbatim from the "Programming Ruby"

^ Robocode (RubyBot - perhaps a way to introduce people to Ruby?)
21131 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 21117 [ryan ryanfly] ...
+ 21143 [pbrannan atd] I've always thought that RealTimeBattle (see
+ 21146 [hal9000 hype] people to Ruby?)
+ 21153 [ruby-lists w] Yes, a very nice idea. You/We/Whoever could also use gnurobots as a
  21411 [ruby-lists w] As I didn't hear anything: Is anyone trying to write RubyBot?

^ My expressions of condolence to all US members of this list
21147 [   xm w3d.ru] I just want to say that I'm very sorry about latest events in US. I'm
+ 21149 [hal9000 hype] this list
+ 21159 [joe vpop.net] Thanks Aristarkh,

^ Examples?
21148 [list chromat] I would like to develop a text (console) interface class.  The aim is

^ Test message (was: Re: NG <-> ML gateway (partly) broken?)
21151 [schneiker ju] Thanks much for checking.

^ Test message (was: Re: NG <-> ML gateway (partly) broken?)
21152 [schneiker ju] ...

^ Pink P.U.S.S.Y!! Join our F~R~E~E pre-teen site of pu55y!!
21154 [fPjKvdXLljOV] ...

^ spam sucks
21161 [thegrandbrie] how did that happen... is there filters on this ML (should there be?) Or
21162 [mps discomsy] Chris,

^ Ruby/Gtk question
21166 [szegedy or.u] I am currently playing with Ruby 1.6.4/Gkt 0.25/1.2 under Suse Linux 7.2

^ The Parrot lives!
21168 [stephen.hill] Slashdot is reporting that Parrot 0.01 has been released. Oh joy ;-)
21352 [web2ed yahoo] What is Parrot?  I went there and got tired of looking for what it is.
+ 21361 [ser germane-] Parrot was originally an April Fools joke which is turning into a real
| + 21392 [YuriLeikind ] First of all Parrot is Perl6 runtime (or interpreter, or Perl6 VM) that
| | + 21412 [peterhi shak] ...
| | + 21418 [yurleik tut.] ...
| |   21439 [pate network] Maybe we can make it a little bit less boring.  Last night, I started
| + 21397 [aero6dof yah] I think the Parrot has actually become a bytecode driven VM that both
| + 21712 [benoit.cerri] ...
+ 21410 [buggs-clr sp] You can find an introduction to Parrot assembly here

^ GUI toolkits for windows
21169 [alv priv.one] become my favourite language (replacing Python). Great work
+ 21170 [neumann s-di] * FXRuby        fxruby.sourceforge.net
| + 21181 [renaud.heber] []
| + 21185 [alv priv.one] <snip toolkits>
|   21189 [alwagner tca] I understand.  I used wxPython for awhile before swapping to Ruby.
+ 21171 [alwagner uar] I have recently been involved in learning the available GUIs.

^ Compiling Ruby for Windows/NT
21172 [ned bike-nom] I got the 1.6.4 sources, and followed the instructions in the win32
21175 [gp familieha] ruby tk needs some X11 headers, if you haven't installed Xfree86

^ Ruby 1.4.5 vs. 1.6
21174 [DDouthitt cu] home =~ /\/([^/]+)$/

^ OpenGL under windows
21176 [acagle subim] I need to get the OpenGL module from the RAA working in a MS-Windows
+ 21177 [ljohnson res] ...
+ 21179 [horie smail.] I am using it with mswin32 version of Ruby. (rbogl-0.32a.tgz package)
  21198 [acagle subim] OpenGL under windows
  21199 [billk cts.co] ruby 1.6.2.  (It compiled really easily for me.)
  21202 [acagle subim] I have finally managed to get Ruby OpenGL interface working on Windows ME

^ Tk:  how to unset 'insert' cursor
21178 [alwagner tca] There exists a TkText#set_insert(index) but no TkText#unset_insert.  Does
21180 [nagai ai.kyu] You cannot remove 'insert' mark.
21183 [alwagner uar] Thank you.  That's exactly what I needed. It works fine.

^ ANNOUNCE: RIGS 0.1.0 - Ruby Interface to GNUstep
21182 [Laurent.Jull] What is RIGS ?
21190 [avdi mycroft] Anyone here want to talk about experiences programming in the
21192 [Laurent.Jull] Let me tell you about my own experience.
21194 [nat.pryce b1] Sounds like a perfect fit with Ruby.

^ Ruby-gtk segfault on W2K
21184 [ntalbott rol] I finally got ruby-gtk to compile on 2000 (after hacking around a bit),

^ variables in reg exp repetition
21186 [rubel crhc.u] I've been working on some code lately and have come upon some strange
+ 21187 [cbroult sapi] ...
+ 21188 [gc mandrakes] This deals with substitution of variables...

^ emacs / debugger
21191 [ms iastate.e] Some kind soul here want to give me a 100 words or less overview of how
+ 21193 [pcs3 njit.ed] in the standard distro you should find ruby-mode.el and inf-ruby.el, the
+ 21197 [chadfowler y] Mark,  are you wanting to know how to *enable* emacs
  21207 [ms iastate.e] Chad,

^ strange warnings from the parser?
21200 [pbrannan atd] class Foo
+ 21201 [r2d2 acc.umu] [Paul Brannan]
+ 21203 [matz ruby-la] Because Ruby suppose [] should return value (without any side-effect),
  21205 [csawtell par] Is 1.7.1 ready for us "Ordinary Folk"?
  21261 [matz ruby-la] Oh, I should have mentioned 1.6.5 soon to be released does not report

^ Ruby Conference -- how many?
21204 [hal9000 hype] Wondering how many are expected to be
21206 [chadfowler y] Hal,

^ using my own objects as hash keys - a question
21209 [YuriLeikind ] Could someone explain to me why the following
+ 21210 [ljohnson res] ...
| 21211 [YuriLeikind ] I got it. Thank you.
+ 21214 [decoux moulo] Yes, when you want to re-define #hash you must also redefine #eql?