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^ [ANN] Ruby Accessibility Analysis Kit (RAAKT) 0.4
209617 [peter.krantz] Raakt is a toolkit to find accessibility issues in HTML documents.
209629 [hramrach cen] color but not text nor link color. Since it is not defined what the

^ Re: DateBocks 2.0.1 - Bugfix Edition
209622 [wccrawford g] Most excellent!  Both my friend and I were very excited to use this and

^ Seeing the XML if for and XMLRPC server.call
209646 [aknott mac.c] Is there any way to see the XML generated by an XMLRPC server.call

^ Which Frontend Technology for an Online Game of Risk? SVG Maps?
209647 [mariano.kamp] I am currently *thinking* about implementing a Risk, the boardgame,
+ 209676 [lymans gmail] Look into the Flex 2 sdk. It's free, and with Apollo scheduled for
+ 210105 [grrr toto.ma] SVG is a very good choice with Ruby, since Ruby has a very nice SVG class
  210287 [mariano.kamp] Well, yes, I forgot to state another constraint ... I don't know flash
  + 210322 [richard.conr] A colleague pointed me to a real nice open-source vector graphics
  | 210526 [mariano.kamp] Well, actually the huge svg maps I was looking at seem to have been
  + 210329 [gavin refine] If you have Adobe Illustrator and can find free maps in any vector
  + 210409 [david vallne] If you look past the bad rap and the reputedly Notte Very Neat API,
    210494 [lymans gmail] Just to clarify - don't use Flash - use Flex. Yes, they both produce

^ XMLRPC serialization bug?
209650 [aknott mac.c] serializes the name / value parts of a struct in the wrong order?
209664 [ksruby gmail] You probably know that Ruby's Hash is unordered.

^ working around "single-pass" constraint
209651 [rdm cfcl.com] Initial comment header
+ 209653 [shortcutter ] As I don't belong to that group I don't have any insight there. :-)
+ 209655 [ara.t.howard] require statements, etc.
  + 209791 [danielbaird ] I agree, but the OP wants to see the main algorithm at the top of the
  + 209796 [rdm cfcl.com] Assuming that my code contains generally useful functions,
  + 209825 [rubytalk eac] Dont name then Main, name them somethign useful, then it won't matter how

^ Re: Dir.bitbucket?
209652 [Daniel.Berge] That's interesting, though personally I'd rather just have something in
209686 [rick.denatal] And, since we're effectively looking for a write-only file, it seems
209811 [nobu ruby-la] It doesn't work with child processes, which would be expected
209815 [djberg96 gma] Dir.bitbucket
+ 209816 [ara.t.howard] why 'Dir' though?  why not File?
| 209821 [arrogantpara] Agreed. File would be a better location for the it.
| 209823 [hal9000 hype] Or even IO perhaps?
| 209862 [nobu ruby-la] IO isn't always associated with a certain path.
| 209874 [Daniel.Berge] That's fine with me.  If we're going to keep it pure Ruby, perhaps we
| 209898 [nobu ruby-la] In pure Ruby, Pathname might be the best.
| 209903 [Daniel.Berge] That doesn't strike me as immediately intuitive.  Also, I wouldn't
| 210051 [nobu ruby-la] Agreed.
| 210069 [djberg96 gma] Maybe it's best to keep it 3rd party then.  I'm going to add File.null
+ 209921 [johnatl mac.] oblivion = File.open(nil, 'w')
  + 209967 [logancapaldo] For what definition of intuitive? nil is not a path, it's not even a
  | 210045 [johnatl mac.] Exactly.
  | 210046 [logancapaldo] You get an exception when you write to a nil file in ruby.
  | 210180 [transfire gm] Yea, I'm thinking a good name would be "bitchbucket" ;-)
  + 210057 [nobu ruby-la] It is easy in 1.9.
    210159 [rick.denatal] The same thing works in 1.8.4

^ ZipFile Replace/Add on demand.
209657 [donn cmscms.] I would like to add new files or replace existing entries as I'm

^ [ANN] traits-0.9.2 - better living through metaprogramming
209659 [ara.t.howard] URLS
209663 [garbagecat10] This looks beautiful, Ara. I'll definitely check it out.

^ Ruby 1.9, Ruby 2.0, Yarv and so on
209660 [wgrosso wgro] This is just a note to clarify things in my mind and then ask a
209662 [vshepelev im] William Grosso (wgrosso@wgrosso.com)
209668 [wgrosso wgro] Oops. Sorry. Meant to type
209688 [rick.denatal] Doesn't Ruby version numbering follow the same general scheme as the
+ 209691 [james graypr] In general yes, although it seems Matz is considering a production
| 209696 [rick.denatal] I thought that he was joking when he said that the version after 1.9.9
| 209872 [gene.tani gm] i think minor and teeny won't go over "9"
+ 209694 [gdonald gmai] Linux 2.6 has always had 4 version parts.  Linux 2.4 recently gained a
| 209697 [rick.denatal] I realized that, but decided to simplify, I never did specify a
+ 209809 [nobu ruby-la] It had followed, but changed.  Teeny of 0 means development

^ installing gems with rake
209666 [robertj prag] is that possible.
209805 [mi-rubyforum] Robert- I'm handling it with a new task and a yml config.

^ building ruby with source rpms on ppc
209671 [syedamjad_a ] folks

^ Advice for Net::HTTP class
209672 [lists mihela] I am loosing myself with Net:HTTP class, following
209818 [lists mihela] headers['content-type'] =  'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' if method

^ Does anyone care about ri color scheme?
209673 [canyonrat ma] Don't laugh. I like a little color in my terminal windows. Well, OK.
+ 209752 [drbrain segm] There isn't a way to set a colorscheme.  I think most people don't
| 209792 [canyonrat ma] Thanks Eric.
+ 210010 [david vallne] Personally, I'd just avoid hacking arbitrary programs to support colour
  210049 [canyonrat ma] My original understanding was that this could not, in general, be
  + 210088 [hramrach cen] That's my impression as well. And since some terminals come with light
  + 210166 [david vallne] Probably less so than me. It was just an idea that sprang to mind -
    210247 [canyonrat ma] I'm mystified, David.
    210249 [shevegen lin] I am using colours happily to let my ruby scripts output different

^ RubyMate (TextMate) issue
209674 [hfashina hot] gets.chomp
209684 [james graypr] This was a bug in the dialog.rb support library used by RubyMate in
209865 [hfashina hot] Thanks,  they must have removed the latest version.  I had 1.5.3 and now

^ generating wsdl in ruby
209685 [juraj.labaj ] does anybody know how to generate wsdl file when you create a soap
209806 [gaurav.v.bag] find_product_by_id

^ [ANN] Zurich, Switzerland Ruby/Rails User Group forming
209705 [jcfischer.li] Seeing that there is no Zurich (or Swiss for that matter) Ruby or

^ A question about rio and frames
209712 [Nuralanur ao] Dear all,
209726 [wccrawford g] rio('http://www.math-jobs.com/com/center.html') > rio('test.html')

^ http.post 1.8.4 bug?
209720 [reglopke cab] I'm having a problem with http.post for ruby 1.8.4.  Specifically, the
+ 209722 [snacktime gm] You forgot to set the content-length header.
| 209727 [reglopke cab] Thanks, I tried it but I'm still getting the error.  The code works fine
| 209730 [snacktime gm] Aren't dashes supposed to be escaped?  You might try escaping the post
| 209742 [reglopke cab] Tried it just for grins and still get the same issue.  Odd thing, It
| 209769 [reglopke cab] Just an FYI for anyone else who comes uppon this, I figured out what my
+ 209778 [lists mihela] I have similiar problem trying to proxy PHP application. Did you found
  209782 [reglopke cab] Looks like I snuck in the answer before your question.  :-)  Setting the
  209817 [lists mihela] Thanks Mike,

^ [ANN] Zerenity 1.1
209732 [farrel.lifso] Zerenity is an almost clone of
209749 [collinsj sea] Thanks! Works great. I'm really enjoying this library.

^ Noob question: How to do number formatting?
209739 [bjohnson med] I searched the documentation and everything and can't find a simple
+ 209743 [TimHunter nc] Use ri to look up printf, sprintf, and String#%
+ 209745 [canyonrat ma] Do you know how C formatting works? The Ruby printf methods work the
+ 209747 [ruby thorste] Something like this?

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML)         You are added automatically
209740 [bhoang veran] #help
209744 [TimHunter nc] ...

^ [BUG] thwait
209772 [ara.t.howard] i'm unsure if this should be expected to cause deadlock or not?
209774 [collinsj sea] Seems like it would. You create a bunch of threads, tell them not to
209777 [ara.t.howard] it seems like it should just hang then.  otherwise this program wouldn't be
209789 [collinsj sea] It _does_ run. Try putting in an output statement in the loop. However,
209790 [collinsj sea] Uh, I didn't mean Ruby is detecting these incorrectly - it is correct.

^ Re: thwait
209781 [eero.saynatk] Ruby has a pretty happy-go-lucky thread introspection

^ Setting namespace in loaded files
209783 [luke madstop] I'm dynamically loading some ruby files, and those files need to call
+ 209785 [khaines enig] If you read the file, and then eval it in the desired scope, it has the
| + 209786 [eero.saynatk] There is some complexity/problem with this but
| | 209788 [eero.saynatk] Note to self, Enter does not do the same thing
| + 209936 [luke madstop] Hmmm.  That complicates things a little, since I need to iterate
|   + 209940 [khaines enig] It can be made to work.  I do a lot of this sort of dynamic loading with
|   + 209944 [ara.t.howard] check out my dynaload lib for a way to accomplish the same without eval.  it
+ 209787 [ara.t.howard] def context_load path, &context
  209938 [luke madstop] Yeah, if I decide to go this route (rather than just taking the easy,
  209949 [ara.t.howard] class C

^ [ANN] Melbourne ruby meetup: 29th August
209784 [matchbo gmai] Here are the details of this month's meetup, the venue is kindly

^ How to find Windows computers on Windows Network?
209794 [h.trammel in] I want to use Ruby to scan a Windows network for a set of files and
+ 209891 [Daniel.Berge] Regards,
| 210055 [h.trammel in] Appears to be just what I needed.  Thanks.
+ 209894 [johnatl mac.] You might look into Bonjour, which would give you a little more

^ Re: Melbourne ruby meetup: 29th August
209804 [mjosborne1 g] Anyone know of a similarly inclined group closer to Brisbane?
210048 [matchbo gmai] check out the Brisbane Ruby Brigade: http://ruby.meetup.com/74/

^ unzipping a gzipped string
209814 [aaron_patter] I'm trying to unzip a string I have in memory, but unfortunately I keep
+ 209822 [erikveen gma] You might have to use binary files.
| 209885 [aaron_patter] I'm on OS X.  I tried it with 'rb', but still get the same error.
| 209888 [mvette13 gma] require 'stringio'
+ 209907 [emarkp soda.] A Gzip file has a header which includes the original filename.  A

^ Very Silly One Liner....
209819 [john.carter ] Here is my very very silly one liner for the day....
209832 [martindemell] Took me a good minute to figure out what you were doing there :) Cute,

^ [ANN] open4-0.5.1
209820 [ara.t.howard] URIS

^ Time default format: How to override
209824 [jesperrr gma] I'm working on a Rails plugin that localizes default Time/Date formats.
209827 [one.three gm] require 'date'
209835 [jesperrr gma] Thanks Martins.
209837 [one.three gm] I see. Then you should look at your OS locale settings, because

^ so called "duck typing" vs. FP    (Re: Strategy pattern / interface design arrangement)
209826 [oliver first] This kind of texts has a lot of words but it makes the things not really
209836 [eric.mahurin] Strangely enough, C++ has something just like duck-typing.  They call a
209850 [musical.matt] There is a lot of power in identifying a cohesive set of type

^ [SOLUTION][QUIZ] QA Prototype (#91)
209828 [Stephen.Lock] My attempt - surprisingly short. Really annoying to test because every
209847 [james graypr] Is that a typo?  Should be "end" I assume.
209855 [Stephen.Lock] Yep, a typo - or more accurately Outlook trying to be 'helpful' and
210125 [Thomas.Mark ] Tools->Options->Spelling->[AutoCorrect Options...],

^ tempfile should be binary by default, or at least a flag
209829 [rogojin gmai] Shouldn't tempfile open it's file in binary mode by default?
209871 [Daniel.Berge] This and IO.readlines both. :)

^ Ruby and ClearCase...
209830 [Gemma.Camero] Has anyone used Ruby (or Rake) to interface with cleartool or Rational ClearCase? I googled the problem and found the following project at rubyforge which looks promising... or at least would be if there were any released files (or am I missing reference to a gem somewhere?)

^ Yet another caching mechanism. The one without the cache.
209834 [erikveen gma] I had a list of points. Many points. Too many points. It had to
209856 [transfire gm] That's a nice solution. Thanks! If you don't mind I'd like to add it to
+ 209858 [transfire gm] Funny! I didn't even realize that this is essentially the same as the
| 209863 [benjohn fysh] It seemed to be an easy way to recover the original objects - ie, pull
| 209882 [transfire gm] Oh right, so you can use the same var name, eg. points. I see. the use
+ 209868 [erikveen gma] That's OK.

^ parse.y (was Ripper and 1.8)
209838 [nochoice xs4] I've been poking around Ripper for the last couple a days and during
+ 209839 [decoux moulo] Look at the file
+ 209840 [robin nibor.] It's a construct needed for Ripper.

^ Static typing ain't so bad, after all...
209841 [ihatespam ro] I was debugging someone else's code the other day (it was htmltools,
+ 209844 [farrel.lifso] On 22/08/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
| 209873 [ihatespam ro] ...but this is often not enough.  What if the parameter is called
| + 209877 [leslieviljoe] On 8/22/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
| + 209884 [ara.t.howard] i think that's a silly thing to say.  straight away, tell me what role this
| | + 209923 [igouy yahoo.] Yes type inference is wonderful, and for completeness let's note that
| | + 209946 [ihatespam ro] You're right.  I did make a blanket statement about statically typed
| |   + 209954 [ara.t.howard] fair enough.  i don't disagree here that explicit typing might __help__ here,
| |   | 209965 [ihatespam ro] Personally, I don't see these small "time savings" as a big advantage.
| |   | + 209976 [ara.t.howard] ah.  just to clarify i meant that the reduction in total lines of code is a
| |   | + 209981 [igouy yahoo.] -snip-
| |   | | 209995 [david vallne] Type information being part of the method signatures usually helps
| |   | | 210036 [igouy yahoo.] Of course the point in mentioning the most basic Smalltalk IDE
| |   | + 210072 [james.britt ] I've used Mechanize for a few things.  When I've had undesired behavior,
| |   |   210174 [david vallne] Hrm. Mechanize or htmltools optionally passing HTML input through tidy
| |   |   210279 [alex blackke] Minimal, in my experience.  There are some very, very broken pages out
| |   + 210001 [david vallne] You don't do this. Heck, you shouldn't even reuse a variable for the
| |     + 210008 [garbagecat10] That was a perceptive comment. The fact that there are so few true cases of
| |     | 210009 [perrin apoth] I think much of the reason for difficulty enumerating common-case
| |     + 210016 [ihatespam ro] I don't think we disagree here.  This is one thing that dynamic typing
| |       210029 [david vallne] Yes. In the object-message interpretation of OO, it means an object only
| + 209941 [perrin apoth] That doesn't even address the exhortation to name your functions
|   209947 [ihatespam ro] You know, it looks like you trimmed off the context and then responded
|   + 209958 [perrin apoth] I just didn't want to swim through code -- which is sorta the point of
|   + 209959 [leslieviljoe] On 8/22/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
|     209990 [collinsj sea] But it kinda sounds like a fun project...hmmmmmm....
+ 209845 [lyle.johnson] On 8/22/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
| 209852 [garbagecat10] At the risk of sounding flip, I would give two answers. First, don't
+ 209851 [dblack wobbl] I think a good first step is to read "Programming Ruby" by Dave Thomas
| + 209869 [ihatespam ro] I don't think this semantic argument has much to do with my problem...
| | 209870 [dblack wobbl] ruby-talk is this mailing list.  It's mirrored to comp.lang.ruby.
| + 209879 [gene.tani gm] McConnell's Code Complete, too, for basic engineering practices
| + 209999 [david vallne] Here, take a "PWNT3HN00BS!" T-shirt. Brought to you by the Grumpy Jaded
|   210003 [perrin apoth] On that note . . .
+ 209859 [transfire gm] Zen.
+ 209860 [wccrawford g] For preventing the problem, my answer is the same as everyone else's...
| + 209875 [ihatespam ro] Yeah, I'm sorry about the spam filter.  I've been using this name for
| | 209887 [wccrawford g] I use http://www.ruby-forum.com actually.  It's their spam filter that
| + 209983 [jeremy chaos] Word!  I still remember the time I found a bug in my code simply by
| + 209988 [jeremy chaos] You'll come round!  I did, and I was a hard-core ML/Haskell lover.
| + 210006 [david vallne] Static typing has limitations where dynamic typing doesn't have them,
+ 209890 [canyonrat ma] On Aug 22, 2006, at 5:30 AM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
| 209896 [ihatespam ro] That's a good question...
| + 209900 [canyonrat ma] On Aug 22, 2006, at 9:10 AM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
| + 209902 [ksruby gmail] On 8/22/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality <
|   209906 [canyonrat ma] Kewl,
+ 210084 [robert.dober] On 8/22/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality <
+ 210096 [garbagecat10] On 8/22/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality <

^ Compiled Ruby/LDAP for Windows 2000/XP ?
209842 [slainer68 gm] Where can I find a precompiled version of Ruby/LDAP for Windows 2000/XP
209843 [slainer68 gm] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
209846 [garbagecat10] As an alternative, try Net::LDAP, which doesn't require a compiler.
209880 [slainer68 gm] Yes, I've found your library just a couple of minutes after and I have
209886 [garbagecat10] Thanks for giving it a try. Let me know if you have feature requests.