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^ [ann] double_metaphone.rb
208978 [twoggle gmai] Adapted from the PHP version. There's at least one person looking for
209023 [daniel.schie] Very cool! Maybe cook up a gem?
209026 [daniel.schie] I do have one comment though: perhaps have the key be a symbol instead

^ RDoc generates active content? IE question
208983 [Daniel.Berge] Windows XP Pro

^ [QUIZ] Solution to #90
209002 [john.baylor ] The week is nearly up but here is my solution.  My program solved it for 5

^ Simple Questions on Ruby
209003 [dreamn11 com] I am Win32 Programmer looking for answers on Ruby
+ 209007 [Gemma.Camero] You don't (I think). You run "ruby file.rb" from the command line.
| 209049 [perrin apoth] Err, that's what one does to run an entire Ruby program from the command
+ 209009 [jan.svitok g] 1. require 'whatever.rb' -or- load 'whatever.rb'
+ 209012 [toalett gmai] If you want to include it once (a library, perhaps), use require, as in
+ 209070 [punkracy gma] Ruby
  + 209075 [huw DELTHISB] Um - you forgot www.sapphiresteel.com - Ruby In Steel ;-)
  + 209096 [ryan NOSPAMe] If you'd like a personal recommendation to narrow down this list, I like

^ SOAP4R basic auth
209014 [ rsm home.se] I'm trying to get SOAP4R running under ruby-1.8.5-preview3 +
212483 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for late reply.

^ [ADV] The Rails Edge
209022 [mike clarkwa] Apologies in advance for the blatant advertisement.  Hope I marked it

^ Microsoft Timestamp (Active Directory)
209037 [devlists-rub] Active Directory users contain an attribute called lastlogontimestamp...
209045 [Daniel.Berge] spx
+ 209056 [devlists-rub] Amazing...
| 233614 [charlesleeds] How did you get the lastlogontimestamp attribute into integer format?
| 233663 [charlesleeds] For just documentation purposes - here is some dirty sample code on how
| 233890 [ben ritcey.c] I found the following code a bit clearer, but YMMV;  this was running
+ 209205 [no spam.plea] What could possibly be *less* convoluted than keeping time as a
| + 209206 [Daniel.Berge] I guess I don't understand why you would need that level of granularity
| + 209222 [garbagecat10] Check the NTP protocol. This sounds like the format used by NTP servers.
|   209225 [Daniel.Berge] Leave it to me not to do any research before mouthing off. :-P
|   209232 [garbagecat10] Heh. If it does turn out to be NTP, then the only reason I recognized
|   209324 [hal9000 hype] I can see some value to it. A high-res time is a good idea
|   210293 [no spam.plea] I use an unsigned 64-bit count of 10-ns intervals
+ 209269 [martin snowp] At least their time 0 is close to the beginning of a century, the
  209328 [hal9000 hype] Actually it's *at* the beginning of a century.

^ remove non binary characters from string
209043 [junkone1 gma] When i run this sql, i get error
209083 [david vallne] [snip probably unimportant SQL spam]

^ reading website
209064 [fabbyfabs gm] Hey!
+ 209068 [james graypr] You are looking for the open-uri library.  See if these docs are
+ 209069 [phurley gmai] Just
+ 209072 [chris.hulan ] Have a look at http://ruby-doc.org/docs/ProgrammingRuby/, the section
| + 209074 [fabbyfabs gm] Thanks!
| | 209095 [david vallne] Weird. Wasn't there anything in 'file' before this script started? You set
| | 209106 [fabbyfabs gm] Aha! Yes it was something old.
| | 209110 [david vallne] Does VB index strings starting with 1?
| | 209115 [fabbyfabs gm] Ok!
| | 209119 [david vallne] Use String#index, or String#=~. The former works with strings and regular
| + 209081 [fabbyfabs gm] Thanks!
+ 209138 [schapht gmai] I'm a little late to this party, and it might be a little advanced

^ [ANN] RubyPhone 0.1.8 released.
209066 [greg.kujawa ] An version update is now available for the RubyPhone project (see

^ Coming from Perl question
209080 [bwhicks aep.] I'm looking to switch from perl to something more object oriented. I'm
+ 209082 [robert.dober] Good decision then ;)
| + 209087 [khaines enig] Search the archives.  This is indeed a recurring topic.
| | 209089 [robert.dober] 54 times in 6 months, whatever you say.
| | 209215 [bwhicks aep.] I was mostly just looking for the most up to date anyway, so both
| | 209218 [wccrawford g] I'm new to Ruby, too, but I've already come across this question on my
| | 209246 [bwhicks aep.] Man, I was hoping it wouldn't come to that, since you'd have to download
| + 209277 [halostatue g] Not recently, especially since the introduction of RubyGems and
+ 209100 [snacktime gm] I found ruby fairly intuitive coming from a mostly perl background.

^ [ANN] [SOC] mkrf 0.1.1 released
209088 [kevin.clark ] Today I tagged mkrf's 0.1.1 release. It fixes several of the

^ Percentage of time spent in method dispatch?
209090 [drjflam gmai] I was wondering if anyone had taken a look at what % of time that ruby
+ 209109 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm not an internals expert, but I think the difficulty in optimizing
+ 209118 [ mfp acm.org] The current implementation has a method cache whose hit rate is above 95% or
| + 209135 [drjflam gmai] I'd be interested in doing some experiments with DynamicMethods in the
| + 209136 [znmeb cesmai] I'm about to re-post my profiling of Ruby on a moderate-sized "Matrix"
| | 209154 [znmeb cesmai] All done and uploaded ... the link is
| | 209633 [znmeb cesmai] Updated over the weekend. YARV is about four times as fast as Ruby
| + 209631 [ko1 atdot.ne] YARV already has inline method cache (see vm.c).
+ 209148 [dbatml gmx.d] max = 2000

^ Perl Junkie: Bad form?
209094 [newsbot cox.] Ok where do I start? :-)  A little background...
+ 209098 [eero.saynatk] The problem is you might be tromping all over the library
| 209108 [newsbot cox.] So are you advocating this (by your last statement especially)?
| + 209112 [david vallne] If I understood right, he advocates adding into ruby a construct that
| + 209157 [logancapaldo] Yes, this is SOP. The only other thing I would suggest is for modules
+ 209114 [sander.land ] If you're going to put the include statement in the file itself you
+ 209153 [phrogz gmail] You understand the namespace issue, but you know what you want. I'd say
+ 209493 [jake.mcarthu] This is your code. You can do whatever you want. It doesn't seem too

^ JRuby goes Camping
209116 [headius head] This is too cool to keep quiet. We've been working on Camping support in

^ Re: Ruby is exploding onto the scene as Java did at the end
209129 [garbagecat10] Charles, I'm going to let you have the last word but before I do, I'd
209134 [drjflam gmai] Regarding Google: I spent some time talking to Alex Martelli of Google
209151 [garbagecat10] Google
209155 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmm ... I can see the headlines now ... an Oracle hostile takeover of

^ Secure telnet and ftp?
209132 [hal9000 hype] I'm rather ignorant of SSL and ssh... but I'm wishing
+ 209140 [schapht gmai] I have no experience on this either way.  But it seems like you could
| 209194 [cdc cyphers.] Why bother?  ssh, sftp, scp are no harder to use than telnet, ftp.  What
| 209331 [hal9000 hype] I don't follow what you're saying. Are there Ruby libraries
+ 209150 [garbagecat10] I've done exactly what you're talking about in C before but not in Ruby.
+ 209202 [robert.dober] Hmm I am afraid there is no ideal solution for your problem
  209322 [hal9000 hype] I've been avoiding that because of the learning curve, but I
  209323 [garbagecat10] You still haven't given a clear statement of the exact problem you're
  209330 [hal9000 hype] Probably not. That's because there are probably multiple problems
  + 209332 [garbagecat10] Thanks, Hal. I just asked by way of thinking about if there is an easy way
  + 209334 [james graypr] I converted all the Ruby Quiz software from FTP to SFTP about six
    209335 [hal9000 hype] That's very interesting, thanks. That's the first sftp code
    209351 [james graypr] Hmm, I do have my keys set correctly with that server, but I wouldn't
    209472 [robert.dober] ssh setup in general.

^ require and the site_ruby directory...
209133 [ihatespam ro] I placed a Ruby script in the site_ruby directory, expecting to find it
209137 [ihatespam ro] Okay, it's failling specifically for mechanize.  If I make another ruby
209141 [ihatespam ro] ...and "require 'rubygems'" doesn't help...
209142 [ihatespam ro] ...and I'm using Ruby 1.8.4...
209144 [ihatespam ro] Okay, so if I go into mechanize.rb and make this change to a line of
209158 [ihatespam ro] Okay, after _way_ too many code modifications, I got it to almost
209159 [collinsj sea] <snip a bunch>
209164 [ihatespam ro] I appreciate that it's hard to tell.
209165 [hal9000 hype] It may be broken.
209175 [ihatespam ro] Well, if you follow the link, you can see for yourself!

^ Learning to talk to Windows with Ruby.
209143 [john.carter ] Ok, it's like this...
209146 [james.britt ] Ruby perspective? You may have to settle for a VBscript/Jscript

^ pdf-writer Postscript Type 1 font handling problems
209152 [ray thecarra] Folks/Admin, apologies for this cross post. I posted to the wrong group
209238 [halostatue g] Is this a default installed font for the Mac? If so, I can test it as
209313 [ray thecarra] fonts all to no avail.

^ Syntax checker wtf?
209160 [rubyforum we] I'm new to Ruby and RoR; I was messing around with it today and had
+ 209161 [sitharus sit] No, it's just that Ruby is so flexible that your incorrect syntax
| 209162 [rubyforum we] It's not a bug, it's a feature! Geeze, django is looking better already.
+ 209163 [shortcutter ] I *think* this is at least partly due to Ruby's convenient and very
| + 209168 [gk cutcopy.c] As "Firstname Surname" said, the error messages from the ruby
| | 209177 [rubyforum we] I think the syntax checker could be a little more verbose, and I don't
| | + 209186 [david vallne] That's what a lint style program would do, not the compiler. Compilers are
| | | + 209188 [ihatespam ro] That's sufficiently harsh that it's rather unfair.
| | | | + 209189 [pbattley gma] On 18/08/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
| | | | + 209190 [david vallne] ...
| | | | + 209319 [hal9000 hype] "Everyone"? I don't. And besides, anyone who thinks that ANYTHING is the
| | | + 209192 [notpublic no] That raises an interesting question (at least for a noob like me). Is
| | |   209197 [halostatue g] No. Most people who want to write one tend to lose interest quickly as
| | + 209187 [ihatespam ro] There's a standard response to comments like this.  The code is open
| | | 209276 [bulliver bad] charset="iso-8859-6"
| | + 209195 [halostatue g] It'd take more work than you think. See, you've actually got several
| | | 209204 [znmeb cesmai] I think what's most troubling to the original poster is something that I
| | | + 209226 [schapht gmai] But then you open up the reverse problem with an example like
| | | | 209348 [znmeb cesmai] I guess the *real* answer is that every multi-lingual programmer evolves
| | | | 209356 [shortcutter ] Proper modularization helps readability and understanding in *every*
| | | | 209407 [znmeb cesmai] Exactly! Which is why Ruby can "get away with" a loose syntax, duck
| | | | 209415 [david vallne] The introductory textbooks are supposed to teach someone to code ruby,
| | | + 209273 [halostatue g] Um. I'd accept your statement, except that lines *aren't* statements
| | + 209338 [lthiryidontw] Lionel Thiry
| + 209200 [martin snowp] I'll note that perl has a similarly flexible syntax, yet I don't hear
|   + 209231 [shortcutter ] I don't think so.  For example, you must terminate statements with a ";"
|   | + 209261 [james graypr] $ perl -we 'print("Hello world!\n")'
|   | | 209357 [shortcutter ] There you can see how long it is that I've used Perl.  :-) But the
|   | | 209388 [james graypr] Yes, Perl requires most lines to end with a semi-colon.
|   | + 209300 [rubyforum we] Yeah, that guys sounds like a lot of fun at parties.
|   |   + 209304 [rubyforum we] btw - using textmate indent catches missing ], ), but not extra .
|   |   + 209307 [M.B.Smillie ] Actually yes.  Error identification and recovery in parsing is a
|   |     209333 [rubyforum we] The compiler throws away the line # of the start of the expression it is
|   |     209336 [billk cts.co] I wonder...
|   |     209337 [hal9000 hype] This is sort of an interesting idea, discussed before. I wonder what
|   |     + 209350 [botp delmont] # > I wonder...
|   |     + 209423 [billk cts.co] That was, indeed, the very nub of my gist.     :D
|   |       209454 [hal9000 hype] Hal
|   + 209272 [halostatue g] Perl also has a separate compile step. (It may not seem like it, but
+ 209167 [ihatespam ro] While I'm a newbie myself, I'm willing to guess that there's little you
+ 209216 [johnatl mac.] I get messages like this occasionally. I've found that a good editor is
+ 209401 [mike cargal.] Ever wonder why so many languages have explicit statement termination
  209413 [david vallne] Ruby has a statement terminator, it's just optional. If this is an issue
  209487 [mike cargal.] good point.  I forgot about them being optional.  Of course, the example
  209512 [david vallne] That they do, but one of the appeals of Ruby at least to me is that the
  209517 [shortcutter ] +1
  209624 [mike cargal.] My point was not to say that it was a problem for Ruby to not have
  209683 [rick.denatal] Just about every language and compiler I've run across in 30+ years

^ CheckBox
209170 [DFelix19 gma] I have a checkbox, when I check it some action(disabling a
209173 [farrel.lifso] What toolkit? GTK? Fox? Qt?
209174 [DFelix19 gma] Its a html control
209176 [SawPad gmail] Use javascript...

^ Re: double_metaphone.rb
209178 [twoggle gmai] Not sure it's worth a gem, as it's quite easy just to drop in.
+ 209180 [daniel.schie] The string gets GC'ed, though. If you're going to store lots of keys, it
| 209185 [twoggle gmai] Not sure whether you're referring to the function or the memoization -
| 209203 [daniel.schie] Both.
+ 209191 [pbattley gma] Oh, that's one of mine. Perhaps we should package Metaphone, Double

^ Method for writing log file( in Eclipse environment)
209179 [bodom abv.bg] I use ruby for writing methods for automated testing in Eclipse .

^ [ANN] DateBocks v2.0.0 Released
209183 [nshb inimit.] Excert from http://www.nshb.net/datebocks-2-0-0-released
+ 209193 [robert.dober] It is a beauty :)
| 209196 [sambient gma] is it correct to install you script/plugin install engines
| 209240 [nshb inimit.] Almost..
| 209274 [tdjordan gma] Entering a short year date didn't do what I expected.
| 209286 [nshb inimit.] Interesting.
+ 209207 [james.britt ] announcement.    None of these change log items give me much of a clue
+ 209217 [ara.t.howard] i'm checking out
| + 209228 [aglarond gma] Firefox/ on Slackware
| + 209233 [robert.dober] It does on my Firefox
+ 209244 [khaines enig] I ask because I have an application (Ruby based) that uses an earlier
| 209266 [nshb inimit.] Hey Kirk,
+ 209321 [hal9000 hype] Sounds cool, but doesn't work for me (Firefox 1.0

^ Re: DateBocks v2.0.0 Released
209201 [wccrawford g] I agree!
209219 [wccrawford g] Firefox 1.5 on Kubuntu here.  Clicking on the little calendar icon, or
+ 209221 [gk cutcopy.c] Here Firefox 1.5 on Win 2k (whitelistet this page in adblock, javascript
| 209235 [bill mangrov] No joy on XP with Opera either.
| + 209241 [nshb inimit.] Thanks for all the great feedback, other than the strange bugs going
| + 209243 [ara.t.howard] nor linux/konqueror
+ 209229 [ara.t.howard] nope.  it's quite strange.  i actually have some other similar widgets running

^ hpricot
209208 [fabbyfabs gm] Hey.. I just installed hpricot but it acts strange..
209223 [canyonrat ma] Maybe you better show us your actual code. There are several examples
209227 [fabbyfabs gm] Im getting the same error with the code you pasted..
209239 [canyonrat ma] Weird,
209265 [fabbyfabs gm] I'ts really strange.. It works in irb but not when im pasting in in a
209271 [canyonrat ma] Maybe. It seems to me that if it weren't installed correctly it
209275 [fabbyfabs gm] Yeah.. re-installed it but i still get the same error..
+ 209280 [collinsj sea] Why is it saying parse error on line 1 if "require 'open-uri'" is on
| 209283 [canyonrat ma] I think maybe Justin is on to something here. Could your editor be
+ 209301 [phrogz gmail] Smells like you've got a line-endings problem.
  209318 [fabbyfabs gm] Aah!

^ [QUIZ] QAPrototype (#91)
209209 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 209262 [martin snowp] Yeah, I was thinking about that as I read this quiz - the core of the
+ 209491 [sander.land ] Here is my solution, it focuses on being able to use the methods you
| 209499 [chiology gma] Actually, you can declare an attr in the module and it will work as an
| + 209511 [timhollingsw] My solution intercepts the missing method, generates the method
| + 209546 [bulliver bad] charset="utf-8"
+ 209524 [rick.denatal] I've been away from e-mail for a few days.  I haven't looked at anyone
+ 209528 [bpf media.mi] Not as nice as Tim Hollingsworth's use of the method signature, but