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^ RES: Start an external application - How?
207544 [rfonseca fpf] From my C time, it seems like the famous fork+exec+wait. I don't know if it's possible in ruby or in all platforms. May you can start a thread and run the system there.

^ Embedded Ruby Question
207554 [becampbel ho] I want to embed Ruby in my C++ program.  My question relates to thread

^ [SUMMARY] Proper Case (#89)
207563 [james graypr] I'm sad no one but the quiz creator himself gave this problem a shot.  This is a
207578 [rick.denatal] Oh well, I was working on this, and got a fair ways, but got

^ [BTS] Dr Nic's Magic Models - Class creation
207565 [drnicwilliam] [Cross post on Ruby on Rails list]

^ Ruby and Oracle 10g
207567 [aidy.rutter ] Is it possible to use Ruby to connect to an oracle 10g db? The latest
207568 [ola.bini ki.] Yup, the OCI8 works fairly well with 10g. I haven't had any issues yet.

^ Is it a better way to build?
207570 [transfire gm] Yesterday, as I beat myself with my old
207582 [chneukirchen] I don't think so.  Rakefiles work fine, create less files flying

^ Adding MonitorMixin causes compile failure when initialize takes a parameter
207571 [scott.h.snyd] based programs.
+ 207574 [decoux moulo] Write it like this
+ 207575 [ara.t.howard] this implies super(*anyargs, &anyblock)

^ [SOC][ANN] Ruport 0.4.23 / RuportDay2006 Details
207584 [gregory.t.br] == RuportDay 2006 ==
210421 [zedshaw zeds] This is awesome stuff Greg.  I may start playing with it very soon.
210447 [gregory.t.br] ...

^ rBATIS - alternative ORM for Ruby / Rails (via Martin Fowler)
207586 [vasudevram g] Regarding this -

^ webrick, ssl and non-ssl on the same port
207587 [smerk fi.mun] I have sslized webrick server, but I'd like to have some parts of server
+ 207594 [shortcutter ] You could search the web for SSL protocl.  I believe after connection
+ 207631 [garbagecat10] what I think you're proposing is not usually done for web sites. Do
  208619 [hramrach cen] The page is either available through http or https - these are two

^ using YAML?
207588 [pbailey bna.] I have a spreadsheet with 3 columns in it, and 174 rows. I need to
207612 [eero.saynatk] Well, YAML is a serialisation format so it is really not
+ 207614 [eero.saynatk] (...and forgot to add some information)
+ 207622 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, Eero.
  207626 [eero.saynatk] Right, OK. Then you want a Hash of file_prefix => service_code
  207752 [pbailey bna.] Yes, I've been reading up more on hashes in my "pickax" book. I was

^ good writing in Ruby...
207595 [josselin wan] I know I can write it the 'ugly common way' (loop)
+ 207597 [shortcutter ] Do you actually want to modify the array or do you just want to work
| 207727 [josselin wan] thanks I'll look over it .. I'll check how it works with string values
+ 207598 [ruby philip.] Maybe...
| 207726 [josselin wan] I'll test it, values in array are strings  :  'god', 'administrator',
| 207843 [collinsj sea] It's a monotheistic system then? ;)
| 207844 [dblack wobbl] But the customer is always right :-)
+ 207599 [james graypr] ?>   attr_accessor :role
+ 207601 [hungrylist g] Some more infos about what are the relations among the User class and
| 207724 [josselin wan] in this particular case, 'roles' array is built from the table 'roles',
+ 207623 [daniel.schie] I'm not quite sure I understand your problem. Is this what you're
+ 207650 [perrin apoth] Do the "roles" have to be those letters, or did you just use them to
  + 207657 [daniel.schie] Actually,
  | + 207719 [perrin apoth] Silly me, I forgot Ruby did that.
  | + 207721 [josselin wan] no, it was just for illustration....  roles are full string names...
  + 207722 [josselin wan] yeah see my answer to Daniel... I believe adding an integer priority
    207723 [martindemell] You could make a Role class, define a <=> operator and mix in Comparable.
    207959 [josselin wan] thanks Martin, that's what I finally did...  writing my own Role class

^ strange (to me) dbi access statements
207613 [jfabiani yol] I'm using unixODBC with ruby.  When I pass a sql select statment like

^ A simple Hpricot text setter
207625 [canyonrat ma] If anyone is trying to use Hpricot to clean up the actual content of
207930 [ruby-talk wh] You can also use Elements#inner_html= and Element#inner_html= for this.
207946 [canyonrat ma] Thanks for responding, why: and thanks very much for Hpricot.
208359 [ruby-talk wh] gem install hpricot --source code.whytheluckystiff.net
208743 [canyonrat ma] You seem to be making great progress with Hpricot, committing changes
208837 [ruby-talk wh] Okay, I get it.  I guess I need to get //div[contains(text(), '...')]
208855 [canyonrat ma] Works for me!

^ instance_eval vs. class_eval context
207630 [gibson_andre] Is it the same context when a class is the receiver of instance_eval or
207796 [abergeron gm] No.  In case of instance_eval you will be in the class, and in the
207801 [decoux moulo] no, not really. ruby use self and internally ruby_class which give it
207807 [james graypr] I've always had trouble understanding this and for some reason this

^ [ANN] Rails 1.1.6: Stronger fix, backports, and full disclosure
207635 [david.heinem] The cat is out of the bag, so here's the full disclosure edition of
+ 207641 [ed.howland g] David, what are the steps 3rd party engines need to do to fix their code?
| 207659 [james.adam g] Expect an engines fix in the next few hours.
| 207668 [ed.howland g] James,
+ 207651 [surrender_it] it is nice to see this kind of quick feedback and bugfix, but I wonder
+ 207660 [leslieviljoe] Thanks a lot, especially for this virtually instant interim fix.
+ 207692 [botp delmont] # Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 3:05 AM
  207784 [ed.howland g] I got that as well, but it didn't seem to break anything. Maybe my

^ embedding html in an rdoc file
207637 [polypus yaho] how can i embed images, or canvases, or any other html in an rdoc file?
207647 [canyonrat ma] You can certainly reference images and external pages. See page 192
209065 [polypus yaho] thanks for that

^ Array Building idiom
207640 [jpshack gmai] a=[]; 10.times{a<<callme() }
207646 [martindemell] Illegal on what basis? Also, Array.new takes a block while

^ gem rdoc failing.
207653 [gabe websavi] Previously upon installing gems with `gem install -d` rdocs would be

^ Odd Net::FTP behavior
207654 [rubyhacker g] Here's my (simple) code. This has worked fine in the past;
207655 [ara.t.howard] @ftp.passive = true  ??
207656 [rubyhacker g] Quite right, thank you.
+ 207658 [ara.t.howard] it's kinda confusing - i stumble on it from time to time - probably better to
+ 207661 [garbagecat10] Someone may have tightened up the firewalls that previously were allowing

^ Confused by Bignum#remainder
207664 [Daniel.Berge] irb(main):013:0> -1234567890987654321.remainder(13731)
+ 207669 [rick.denatal] Well perhaps the c code isn't the best place to understand ruby
| 207671 [Daniel.Berge] Ah, hah! I get it now.
+ 207673 [canyonrat ma] A couple of years ago I took a discrete math course and was very
| 207741 [michael.ulm ] You do not understand the difference between a theorem and a definition.
| 207758 [canyonrat ma] Actually,  i do. I was just trying to state the so called "division
| 207782 [michael.ulm ] OK. I understand now. What I took to be an attack on mathematics as it was
| 207813 [canyonrat ma] I'm afraid I was a little arch and i confused you. I apologize. Let
| 207888 [rick.denatal] Hey, when *I* was a kid, we thought that negative numbers didn't have
+ 214390 [reply_in_gro] Well, one difference seems to be how they handle negative numbers (and

^ FSF Award. Guido / Larry won it, why not matz?
207665 [gregory.t.br] I'm sending my nomination in for him, I think we should all :)
207675 [canyonrat ma] Ditto
+ 207875 [wrecklass1 g] Done!
+ 208606 [hramrach cen] I think it is not the number of nominations but the qualies of the

^ magic/xml vs XML/Query
207676 [tomasz.wegrz] Some of you may be interested in it.

^ Overriding String#[]
207681 [wookie2 o2.p] The generic question would be "does anyone know a decent and complete
+ 207682 [eero.saynatk] def [](key)
+ 207685 [rick.denatal] class String
| 207708 [mrpinto gmai] irb(main):001:0> str = "abc"[1].chr
+ 207686 [chiology gma] def [] index

^ [ANN] Radiant CMS 0.5.2 - Raildust
207688 [ng johnwlong] This is primarily a security update. A critical security vulnerability

^ Referring to an instance method using a variable
207693 [jos catnook.] As part of a larger program I am trying to convert the following Perl code to
207696 [gwtmp01 mac.] Is there supposed to be a semantic difference between the '=' and '=='
207712 [jos catnook.] The latter. It's just an example. They are operators in a templating language

^ code block confusion
207694 [carljenkins ] I am sifting through the Ruby bible "Pickaxe" and I am not sure how you
207697 [carljenkins ] sorry I did overlook it.

^ [ANN] 1337 Speak For Ruby and an ActiveRecord 1337 Speak Extension - 0.0.1
207703 [zdennis mkte] ActiveRecord Extension 1337 - 0.0.1 is released!
207704 [collinsj sea] W00t!

^ Simple question regarding hashes
207705 [caldridge gm] Is something like this possible?
+ 207718 [shortcutter ] Do you want to use the calculation only once, i.e. on insertion?  Then
+ 207725 [botp delmont] # can you define the value of a hash based on an iteration, or an if
  207949 [caldridge gm] Yep.. Thanks alot. This some pretty neat stuff. :-)
  207962 [shortcutter ] This code looks completely useless to me.  You end up with the same hash
  + 208024 [rick.denatal] I'm in agreement!
  | 208027 [perrin apoth] Something I've been wondering for a while, now . . .
  | + 208029 [james graypr] I'm a big fan of %w[ .. ].  I love how it looks similar to [ .. ],
  | + 208071 [rick.denatal] Cause the bible done told us.  Or at least because that's what Dave,
  | + 208080 [hal9000 hype] I assume it's individual preference. I use (square) brackets myself
  |   208092 [chiology gma] I like %w|foo bar| but also use %w{}. Maybe I should use %w[], though,
  |   208093 [chiology gma] Oh, and as a way to keep typing simple, any of these work... trippy!
  |   208129 [hal9000 hype] %w<foo bar baz>
  |   208148 [chiology gma] As much as I like working in HTML....
  + 208096 [caldridge gm] Is something like this possible?
    208099 [chiology gma] Yes, you can do that.

^ Getting a files mime-type
207706 [dgreig magia] Can anyone tell me if there is a simple way to get the mime-type of a
+ 207728 [khaines enig] Using a file extension is fast.  It's what MIME::Types does.  It obviously
| 207982 [halostatue g] The Calgary Ruby Users's Society (CRUSERS) is working on this in hack
+ 207729 [dgreig magia] oops, content_type/mime_type is available when a file is transfered via
+ 207831 [eero.saynatk] On *x systems, you can use the 'file' utility.

^ Defining Eigenclass
207711 [chiology gma] So, what is an eigenclass? I googled it, and couldn't find anything
+ 207713 [transfire gm] Google Singleton class. That'll surely help ;-)
| 207791 [rick.denatal] The 'official' ruby docs talk about singleton classes, but eigenclass
| + 207804 [decoux moulo] Never look at the ruby source, or you'll have a surprise
| | 207814 [tom helmetst] Indeed the source code tells us what it calls the thing (singleton
| | 207815 [decoux moulo] It's ambiguous only for you :-)
| | 207818 [tom helmetst] If that were true, we wouldn't be having this discussion. =)
| | 207821 [decoux moulo] This is the same thread, made by someone which has always had problems
| | 207839 [perrin apoth] Funny . . . I've seen several people suggesting other names for it,
| | 207848 [dblack wobbl] The history of it, as I recall it, is that Matz doesn't want to
| | 207851 [perrin apoth] Works for me.  Let's call it that.
| | 207907 [hal9000 hype] Great! But put underscores in there for the RCR.
| | + 207910 [perrin apoth] Oh, of course.
| | + 208006 [chneukirchen] We could add some magic that every method matching /_class/ returns
| |   208033 [transfire gm] Hehe. That's fitting. Well, we could drop all pretenses
| |   + 208111 [chiology gma] Ummmm... class object? Like, not the instance of the class, but the
| |   + 208119 [logancapaldo] Creepy. Earlier today I was thinking we could just call it _class in
| + 207953 [znmeb cesmai] Hmpf ... I just realized that the typical definition of an eigenvector is
|   207955 [perrin apoth] I think it was named for the "eigen" in both.
+ 207717 [hal9000 hype] I'll try. (I call it "singleton class" since that is what I learned.)
  207761 [chiology gma] Yeah, that was very clear. Thanks for the explanation. I just didn't

^ [ANN] Getting Really Started with Rails - Tutorial styled Slides Available
207716 [nshb inimit.] For those that missed out joining the amazing turnout of ~70 people here in
207774 [pollak gmail] Dude... this rocks!
208026 [nshb inimit.] Thanks David for the feedback :)

^ Codegolf - Pascals Triangle
207731 [michael.ulm ] My take on the latest problem from http://www.codegolf.com
+ 207738 [benjohn fysh] like box kernel (summing adjacent array entries) - I wouldn't have
| 207743 [foamdino gma] how about
| + 207744 [hhausman gma] Unfortunately, the p method puts things in "" on stdout, which would
| + 207745 [michael.ulm ] This does not produce the same output on my system;
|   207746 [sander.land ] You can make it even shorter by using *' ' over .join(' '),  Array#*
+ 207747 [chneukirchen] a=[]
| + 207751 [angus quovad] Let's reuse a not needed array and save 4 bytes :) (doesn't work if you
| | 207808 [ben bleythin] from (irb):1:in `+'
| | + 207817 [Thomas.Mark ] Now at 45 chars it ties the current leader.
| | + 207819 [angus quovad] See caveat about environment variables, above.
| + 207779 [benjohn fysh] a=[]
+ 207781 [martin snowp] I think this may be very close to minimal - no approaches I tried got
  207795 [devlists-rub] a=[]

^ problem on enpanding array?
207732 [matthias kl-] expanding args on a method-call.
207787 [kbloom gmail] $threads=[]

^ binary extension compatibility on OS X
207742 [alex deletem] I'm looking at creating some binary gems for OS X.
208617 [hramrach cen] I guess that on OS X the platform numbers are just parsed from uname

^ Cryptographic Signatures: Ruby versus OpenSSL
207753 [ruth_andy fa] I am having problems matching up a signature created with openssl on
+ 207759 [shortcutter ] Could it be that in your Ruby script you're missing out the equivalent
| + 207771 [garbagecat10] that in your Ruby script you're missing out the equivalent
| + 207777 [jan.svitok g] It seems it's not neccessary, sign will do that.
+ 207775 [garbagecat10] I got it. Use RSA::private_encrypt rather than RSA::sign to replicate what
+ 207778 [garbagecat10] #--------------------------------------------------
  207820 [ruth_andy fa] Francis,
  207824 [garbagecat10] RSA#sign is basically a wrapper over EVP_SignInit, EVP_SignUpdate and
  207836 [ruth_andy fa] - a signature specifying RSA on top of SHA-1
  207867 [garbagecat10] The protocol for digital signatures (oversimplifying) is to encrypt

^ Question on setting up a class and searching on objects
207763 [sambient gma] I'm working from Ruby for Rails book but want to try and just
207776 [james graypr] If you want to make a method to search the the individual composers,
207783 [sambient gma] James,

^ Need to understand code
207765 [junkone1 gma] This is an extract from
+ 207766 [jan.svitok g] is the same as ['ssn', 'name', 'position'], i.e. %w is a syntactic shortcut.
+ 207767 [farrel.lifso] %w(ssn name position) is the same as ["ssn", "name", position"]
+ 207769 [daniel.schie] %w{a b c d}  #=> ["a", "b", "c", "d"]

^ [QUIZ] Pen and Paper (#90)
207768 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 207847 [james graypr] $ time ruby grid_fill.rb -s 6
| + 207860 [schapht gmai] Do you by any chance have a background in artificial intelligence?
| | 207864 [james graypr] I bet you are going to be very surprised when I post my pathetic
| | + 207868 [schapht gmai] $ gem install pen_and_paper --remote
| | + 207873 [curi curi.us] I've done a similar problem before, years ago called a Knight's Tour.
| + 207878 [skurapat ucs] [timings for 6x6 square snipped]
| | 207887 [curi curi.us] <timings snipped>
| | 207911 [curi curi.us] ok i came up with a new approach. it doesn't have failed runs
| | 207914 [collinsj sea] Hmm, I was going to post some new times, but those blow mine away. I'm
| | 207938 [curi curi.us] cg5:~/cs/rb/ruby quizzes >time ruby 90cheat.rb 4000
| + 208032 [m_goldberg a] It took a while for the penny to drop. My question is: how did you
|   208037 [james graypr] 'Bout 10 seconds (James time, not computer time).  Did you read the
|   208061 [m_goldberg a] You mean your first solution was cut and paste from the quiz posting?
|   208067 [james graypr] You're cracking me up.  ;)
|   208598 [james graypr] $ time ruby grid_fill.rb -s 19
+ 208127 [robert.evans] Is it acceptable to roll over the edges to the other side?
| 208145 [eric.duminil] Please do! You might come up to interesting results by mapping the square on a
+ 208295 [martin snowp] Here's my solution.  It's pretty similar in terms of fundamental
| 208395 [rick.denatal] Here's my solution for the nonce <G>.
+ 208663 [mitchell koc] Here's my solution.  It starts in the middle of the board and hops to