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^ Modules -> do I have is straight?
207347 [theopensourc] First off, thanks for letting me be a Ruby noob. I've read most of the
+ 207362 [abergeron gm] module Example
| + 207384 [theopensourc] Hmm.. they sound like they do the same thing as Static Methods in Java
| + 207619 [rick.denatal] True as a first approximation.  To be more correct as to ruby.  A
+ 207379 [collinsj sea] As Arnaud mentioned, they can 'do' stuff on their own if you create
  207398 [simonharriso] A related question: is this why many libraries nest classes inside a
  + 207534 [u.alberton g] The one I can think of is to prevent "namespace collisions". So, if
  + 207672 [eero.saynatk] This is apart from modules' normal usage as mixins.
    + 207679 [rick.denatal] Or maybe
    + 207788 [shevegen lin] "Are their any good explanations of designing programs using this
      + 207842 [simonharriso] thanks for the clarification. sorry for hijacking your thread jean!
      + 207980 [carljenkins ] I was hoping I could expand on the thread a little bit...
        + 207985 [shortcutter ] class Base
        | 208049 [rick.denatal] of course in Java it's common practice to use the root levels of the
        + 207989 [canyonrat ma] Both modules and classes can become the ancestors of a class. The
        + 208050 [shevegen lin] Yes, Single inheritance in Ruby. You'll specialize the parent class
        + 208186 [eero.saynatk] Modules should really not be used like superclasses--although
          208193 [shortcutter ] Note that in Java this is in no way enforced either - just the

^ Emacs Semantic for Ruby?
207349 [llasram gmai] I was wondering if anyone here happened to be working on a Ruby parser
207495 [ryand-ruby z] That'd be nice, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, ruby's grammar is fairly

^ Tutorial on writing extensions for C++
207373 [riteshtijori] I am trying to find a tutorial for writing extensions for C++ libraries.
+ 207415 [garbagecat10] README.EXT in the Ruby source.
+ 207458 [horacio.sans] This post allowed me to better understand what is in the README.EXT.

^ access built-in shell commands like 'history' or 'fc'
207381 [jtprince gma] How do I access built-in shell commands (like 'history' or 'fc') with a
+ 207382 [collinsj sea] Could it be that Ruby is using a different shell than you are used to?
| 207390 [jtprince gma] Perhaps that is part of it.  However, on this suggestion, I entered the
| + 207395 [collinsj sea] Yeah, that's probably not it. Sorry.
| + 207512 [shortcutter ] There is really no point in accessing the history of the shell because
|   207689 [caldridge gm] # if HISTFILE is in rbconfig
+ 207385 [ara.t.howard] system 'sh -c history'
+ 207447 [m_goldberg a] Why not access them by reading the file ~/.bash-history?
| 207448 [ara.t.howard] that's because each call starts a __new__ shell so you won't have any history!
+ 207785 [kbloom gmail] I think under certain circumstances either ruby doesn't call the shell
  207786 [matthias kl-] that's it.

^ Installing narray on Windows
207388 [andrew.foers] And when I unzipped it I gather that it hasn't been precompiled.  Okay.
207393 [ara.t.howard] it __is__ precompiled.  just run 'ruby install.rb'

^ application design advice
207414 [snacktime gm] I'm using the Eventmachine framework and being fairly new to ruby am
+ 207417 [snacktime gm] Oops, that should be..
| + 207418 [ara.t.howard] ProtocolHandler.setcallback {|*args| c.Process(*args)}
| | 207422 [snacktime gm] Of course it would be that easy...  Thanks!
| + 207420 [collinsj sea] ProtocolHandler.setcallback {|*args| c.Process(*args)}
+ 207507 [daniel.schie] Just a question: why is #Process capitalized?

^ Re: Satan and the evil
207416 [jeremy chaos] On 2006-08-09, researchtwo@lorenzocrescini.it
207434 [sambient gma] isnt CPAN another name of el diablo ?
+ 207435 [perrin apoth] CPAN, in direct translation from ancient Enochian, means "Legion".
+ 207455 [steverummel ] One of the few advantages to having ones' favorite newsgroup spammed by

^ Question about "No such file to load -- rexml/encodings/ISO-8859-1.rb"
207419 [guy ece.osu.] I am new to Ruby, so forgave me if this question has been asked before.
+ 207423 [jan.svitok g] your script has been converted to exe with rubyscript2exe
| 207424 [jan.svitok g] set RUBYOPTS=%RUBYOPTS% -Ipath/to/lib dir
| + 207430 [guy ece.osu.] Thanks for the quick reply! Well, this didn't solve my problem. I guess
| + 207443 [guy ece.osu.] I have tried unpack the exe file, then add the reference of ICONV.rb and
+ 207504 [erikveen gma] require "rubyscript2exe.rb"

^ Newbie: Symbol as array index error
207427 [forum josh.c] I'm terrible sorry for this newbie question, but I really can't figure
207429 [M.B.Smillie ] It's the splat operator in the method definition, which tells Ruby
207551 [forum josh.c] Thanks a lot, I got it now. :-)

^ Entering data into Excel, in specific iterated rows/columns
207436 [reed.adam gm] I have a script that spiders a page looking for elements.  In this
+ 207437 [reed.adam gm] Shoot, pardon the "ef" (def) and the excel.close in there, those are
| 207438 [ssmoot gmail] I'd probably recommend FasterCSV instead. You can use Excel through
| 207479 [reed.adam gm] Thanks Sam, I appreciate the reply.  That tutorial is what I have been
| 207632 [ssmoot gmail] The "csv << [ 'first part', 'second part' ]"
| 207684 [caldridge gm] can you not use the worksheet.Range method?
| 207715 [ssmoot gmail] That works too. I just appreciate a good 1 to ~3 liner. :-) FasterCSV
+ 207503 [rgo aspgems.] Try with Spreadsheet::Excel

^ fedora core 5 and tcltklib
207440 [redman acces] I have fedora Core 5 running on two machines (both pentium 4 dual boot

^ Convert HEX to RGB
207446 [bruno garage] How i can convert hex to rgb?
+ 207449 [perrin apoth] Hex is RGB.
+ 207450 [ben bleythin] The first two characters of the hex color code are the red value, the
| 207451 [halostatue g] Better yet, use color-tools (gem i color-tools). This is currently
+ 207494 [martindemell] hex = 0xffeedd

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 0.9.1
207454 [skurapat ucs] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. It lets you create

^ Fortran 77
207461 [canyonrat ma] I just happened upon the the footnote on page 187 of the Pickaxe book
+ 207464 [dave pragpro] charset=US-ASCII;
| 207465 [znmeb cesmai] NASA still uses FORTRAN *77*? Man, *that's* frightening ... does their
| 207468 [ara.t.howard] so do we - TONS.  the thing with g77 compiled code, however, is that the abi
+ 207735 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Actually my officemate and I hacked that crude Fortran/90/ parser
  207750 [canyonrat ma] Thanks for the explanation. It does make sense now.

^ Ruby and GUI
207476 [satish.talim] I am new to Ruby and wanted to explore ways to create a GUI (on
+ 207478 [jmg3000 gmai] You'll want to search the mailing list archives for "Ruby GUI" -- you
| 207513 [vasudevram g] I saw somewhere on the Net recently that wxRuby development is slow or
| 207590 [lyle.johnson] wxRuby development is slow (at times), but definitely not stopped.
+ 207572 [drjflam gmai] It depends on whether you want cross-platform or not. If you don't
+ 207702 [meinrad.rech] fxruby is quite good. has been the best gui binding for ruby for a

^ [ANN] Radiant CMS 0.5.1 - Gemdust
207480 [ng johnwlong] This is primarily a security update. A critical security vulnerability

^ Unit test approach for Ruby extension
207484 [yue_nicholas] I am writing a Ruby extension in C++.
207620 [drbrain segm] I would test it from ruby because it is easier to write ruby code
207740 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Concur.

^ [YAML] allocator undefined for Bignum
207488 [pere.noel la] in a yaml file i do have "Time.new.to_i" and get the following error for

^ hash key to var name of value hash key value
207489 [pere.noel la] IN_NEWS=@h['IN_NEWS']
+ 207493 [alex blackke] Thinking out loud...
| 207496 [martindemell] hash.each_pair {|k,v|
| 207520 [pere.noel la] fine thanxs to both of them !!!
+ 207556 [ara.t.howard] define_method('key_name'){ @h['key_name' }
  207592 [pere.noel la] ok fine, may it's the best ?

^ Why can't I alias_method :remove_method ?
207490 [devlists-rub] irb(main):001:0> class Foo
207502 [nobu ruby-la] You can call a singleton method named remove_method which is

^ O'REILLY radar Q206
207498 [simon.kroege] * C# book sales continues to gain on Java, with a 49% unit
207553 [pollak gmail] David Pollak's Ruby Playground

^ starting
207500 [casagiuseppe] For start Ruby Programming what I do?
+ 207508 [vasudevram g] - Ruby in a Nutshell
+ 207509 [robert.dober] This is a great mailing list but maybe we need a FAQ. And yes I am willing
  207589 [rick.denatal] And quoting the Fab Four, "I must admit it's getting better, better

^ irb Rake::Application#help messes up readline
207501 [julien.thewy] irb(main):001:0> help "help"

^ net/telnet
207510 [pedro.baldan] raise TimeoutError, "timed out while waiting for more
+ 207517 [nobu ruby-la] In common, the prompt of superuser differs from ordinary users.
+ 207518 [john-rubytal] Telnet uses a regex to match the shell prompt, so that it knows that the
  207547 [znmeb cesmai] IIRC there's a "standard" regex one uses that will match most common
  207550 [nobu ruby-la] "#" is for super user.  "$" and "%" are for ordinary users, and

^ Method arguments.
207521 [sardaukary y] Is there a way  to refer to the arguments passed to a function, so I can
+ 207522 [farrel.lifso] Is there a reason you can't put it in a varialbe beforehand?
+ 207523 [pbattley gma] "this is a test"[4..-1]
| 207527 [ben iagu.net] But one general method of avoiding assignment or restatement is
+ 207543 [jim weirichh] puts "this is a test"[4..-1]
  207627 [sardaukary y] Ah yes, -1 is the most obvious way of to get the end reference.
  + 207633 [mguterl gmai] Are you looking for something like this?
  + 207638 [eero.saynatk] No, unless you create one. You could conceivably do this

^ Re: Entering data into Excel, in specific iterated rows/colu
207524 [david.mullet] xl = WIN32OLE.new("Excel.Application")
207549 [reed.adam gm] Wow David, that's dedication -- coding before tea?  Were you at least

^ extending String call with a #copy!(n)
207529 [pere.noel la] class String
207530 [alex blackke] Use << (or concat).
207531 [alex blackke] or sub!.
207532 [dan-ml dan42] class String
+ 207533 [alex blackke] Oh yes.  So it would :-)
| 207537 [pere.noel la] thanxs to all !
+ 207536 [pere.noel la] with is the reason for this line ???
  207548 [alex blackke] Your copy method produces identical results to the String#* method.  For
  207591 [pere.noel la] OK, fine, thanxs, i even didn't notice the ruby facility upon String

^ Pretty-printing Ruby code to HTML
207535 [tomasz.wegrz] I need to pretty print some Ruby code into HTML.
+ 207540 [martindemell] Load it up in vim and export as html (:TOhtml)
+ 207541 [farrel.lifso] vim can do it quite nicely. Not sure how, but I know it can.
+ 207552 [aglarond gma] If you're looking for a code highlighter, try Syntax[1] or Coderay[2].
| 207667 [tomasz.wegrz] Thanks a lot, coderay is great.
+ 207561 [ara.t.howard] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 213671 [tesla.nicoli] I usually use Jedit and the code2html plugin.

^ nonce
207538 [transfire gm] T.
207628 [tim.pease gm] Should we ask Matz to rename the singleton to the "nonce"?  How about
+ 207670 [transfire gm] We'll, I think it's enough to point out that this term is there. It's a
| 207756 [paul plsys.c] Unfortunately, nonce has considerable negative baggage in both
+ 207674 [dblack wobbl] The problem with it for singleton class is that it is really a time
  207677 [transfire gm] An occassion need not be limited to an instantaneous moment. Could I
  207678 [hal9000 hype] I've never perceived a problem there. "Singleton" is used in different
  207695 [transfire gm] Honestly. Have you ever even used the work _nonce_ in your entire life?
  + 207698 [transfire gm] s/work/word/
  | 207699 [ara.t.howard] more than i use 'singleton' or 'meta' ;-)
  + 207700 [hal9000 hype] I have used it many times over the last twenty years, mostly in
  | + 207701 [hal9000 hype] Also in the contexts of cryptography, mathematics, and Lojban.
  | | + 207707 [tdjordan gma] Instead of a singleton class how about using it to denote code that is executed
  | | | 207833 [transfire gm] How might that be implemented? (s/nounce/nonce/ btw)
  | | + 207714 [transfire gm] Okay, well I stand corrected then. I have never heard the word used in
  | + 207709 [martindemell] Same here. Also "nonce word". And I agree, it carries the wrong
  |   + 207710 [matt technor] Hmmm, I wonder if there would be anything that would qualify as an
  |   | 207734 [pbattley gma] Are you aware of its meaning, though?
  |   | + 207736 [botp delmont] fr Paul
  |   | | 207739 [pbattley gma] I just wanted to bring attention to the British slang meaning beforeanyone had the bright idea of naming anything in Ruby a 'nonce'!
  |   | | 207963 [botp delmont] # > fr Paul
  |   | | + 208047 [rick.denatal] <parental_guidance_warning>
  |   | | | 208108 [chiology gma] I was definitely inspired by this little conversation to make some
  |   | | | 208156 [transfire gm] I want one that says pro-singleton on the front and anti-singleton on
  |   | | | 208228 [chiology gma] Clever!
  |   | | | 208309 [dblack wobbl] OK, I'll bite :-)  What does it mean?
  |   | | | 208311 [transfire gm] The Matzonian dilemma!
  |   | | + 208504 [hramrach cen] Then that "ruby is sexy" shirt reflects the slang quite well althoughit is not so much appreciated for ruby the language by everybody :-)
  |   | + 207935 [matt technor] I was thinking more of Terry Pratchett...
  |   + 207755 [dblack wobbl] My main problem with "eigenclass" is that it's in German, whereas
  |     + 207760 [pbattley gma] 'Eigen' is indeed German, but I've always seen the word as patterned
  |     | + 207762 [dblack wobbl] I'd rather pattern it after the rest of Ruby :-)
  |     | | 207829 [toalett gmai] We really should have a Japanese name for it. What's Japanese for
  |     | | + 207838 [headius head] See my earlier email...I kinda like "ichiclass". It's like "itchy class",
  |     | | + 207940 [nobu ruby-la] Tokui (singular, peculiar, unique) Kurasu (class).
  |     | |   207945 [transfire gm] Tokui. Hmm... kind reminds me of Token.
  |     | + 207902 [hal9000 hype] I was thinking eigenvalue, but same principle.
  |     |   + 207951 [znmeb cesmai] Speaking of German, there's an apocryphal tale about an American
  |     |   | 207986 [logancapaldo] Groooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooan
  |     |   + 208386 [codeblogger ] Just for the record: It's 'Vektor' in German.
  |     |     208468 [chiology gma] Hah, sorry David: did it again.
  |     |     208507 [dblack wobbl] It's still a little obscure to me but I imagine that's meant to be
  |     |     208530 [transfire gm] Well, I suppose to be exact the inside of the shirt should say
  |     |     + 208546 [znmeb cesmai] I think we're all bosons on this bus.
  |     |     + 208547 [decoux moulo] This is because you don't want to see it
  |     |       208569 [transfire gm] Yes, you're right. But it has been a slow "turning the shirt inside
  |     + 207764 [guslist free] Maybe, but eigenvalues and eigenvectors are now common terminology in
  |     + 207772 [znmeb cesmai] 1. The term "eigenvector" has only become a de facto standard in English
  |     | 207904 [hal9000 hype] Holy Wronskian, Batman. I haven't heard those terms since I was 20.
  |     | 207922 [transfire gm] All the cool kids have one.
  |     + 207810 [gwtmp01 mac.] Hmm.  What about 'lambda'?
  |     | 207830 [perrin apoth] I was about to complain about the overlap with other, more common uses
  |     + 207826 [billk cts.co] Gesundheit.
  |       + 207827 [Daniel.Berge] Heh, well put Bill.  I have no problem with a non-english word (or even
  |       | + 207832 [perrin apoth] Maybe "zen class", then.
  |       | + 207936 [halostatue g] grok-class?
  |       |   207941 [perrin apoth] Grok milk?
  |       + 207837 [dblack wobbl] I'm suggesting that "eigenclass" sounds affected and a little silly to
  |         207849 [chneukirchen] ×Ćerclass!
  |         207854 [james.britt ] Well, with a little effort, we can have Ry, and then Eigenklasse  may
  |         207871 [transfire gm] Ry == Ruby 2.0 ;-)
  |         207880 [headius head] ay
  |         207881 [headius head] Actually I'm thinking of the umlauted o; the umlauted u sounds more like
  |         208384 [collinsj sea] Too late...
  + 207720 [perrin apoth] I used it on Tuesday, actually, in the phrase "for the nonce".
  + 207737 [michael.ulm ] Aaargh!
  + 207754 [halostatue g] Yes.
  | 207757 [garbagecat10] "Nonces" are used in authentication protocols to  inhibit replay attacks,
  + 207802 [logancapaldo] I have several times. I say "for the nonce" all the time.
    207806 [transfire gm] It really amazes me. I wonder in what region you reside. I have lived
    + 207811 [ara.t.howard] just nonce.
    + 207812 [james.britt ] Gee.
    | + 207816 [headius head] I prefer the idea of making up a word (a-la eigenclass) to reusing a common
    | | 207825 [logancapaldo] [snip some names]
    | + 207822 [transfire gm] lol.
    + 207834 [perrin apoth] I've lived in Minnesota, Montana, California, Hawaii, Florida, Colorado,
      207841 [transfire gm] Fascinating. So you were actaully born with a priori knowledge of the
      + 207845 [transfire gm] Oops. That's with a ;-)
      + 207850 [perrin apoth] Of course not.  The first time I ran across it was in print.  I think I