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^ threads and system calls
206573 [snacktime gm] I'm curious how ruby threads would do for a threaded network server.
206576 [garbagecat10] Look at EventMachine (Rubyforge) for a ruby implementation of something
206579 [snacktime gm] I had actually been keeping an eye on EventMachine, just hadn't taken
206580 [snacktime gm] Ok I grabbed the source from the svn repo and am looking through it.
206596 [garbagecat10] Sounds like you figured it out. You get the defertothread-like behavior
206700 [snacktime gm] Am I correct that version_0 in the repository is the current branch
206707 [garbagecat10] Version_0 is the current release branch. The other ones are

^ Qt/Ruby bindings for Qt 4?
206588 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
206607 [caleb aei-te] ...
206608 [larrywright ] Any chance that Windows bindings will be available anytime soon?
206668 [caleb aei-te] Ruby is that the latest version of the Qt4 bindings works on Windows

206589 [michael_perl] I am a bit confused about the installation for DBI/DBD.
206592 [djberg96 gma] It's not not part of the stdlib.  It's bundled with the one-click
+ 206595 [tesla.nicoli] Checkout this tutorial. It should have everything you need to know to get
| 206656 [jmg3000 gmai] Thanks for the link!
+ 206606 [michael_perl] Thank you. Understood.

^ RUBY For The Rest Of Us Conference  2006   ROUC
206597 [gsc omegadog] charset=US-ASCII;
206618 [james graypr] Two people have asked you nicely to spell Ruby correctly when hosting
+ 206649 [gsc omegadog] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 206650 [robert.evans] I think it is great that someone is going to all this effort to
  + 206651 [james graypr] I can't tell honestly.  Sounds more like a mountain getaway that a
  + 206652 [james.britt ] No.  I believe the intention is to prevent nubies from looking dopey
    + 206654 [robert.evans] Well put!
    + 206684 [jim freeze.o] In a sentence, that may hold, but in a title or a banner it is common to

^ Defining array constant
206599 [yue_nicholas] I need to define two constant of array type, what is the recommended
206603 [logancapaldo] Look at README.EXT. Specifically rb_ary_new and friends.

^ reloading required modules in irb
206600 [heikki.kupia] I use irb to evaluate my code while programming.
+ 206604 [logancapaldo] load "myclass.rb"
+ 206672 [erikveen gma] #".delete("my_class")

^ rubymanual.org and railmanual.com ??
206601 [tesla.nicoli] Who runs these sites and why are thye never mentioned on any of the other
+ 206602 [ola.bini ki.] I didn't know about those sites. It seems like good places for
+ 206605 [logancapaldo] Speaking of these, does anyone know what happened to outertrack.com?
  206612 [asbradbury t] I'd also like to know this.
  206941 [nshb inimit.] Hey Tesla,
  206944 [nshb inimit.] Kind regards,

^ How to react on nil or wrong object-type as parameter
206609 [yoche2001 de] I was just wondering: how do I react on a method-invocation with a
+ 206613 [daniel.schie] class SomeClass
| + 206615 [yoche2001 de] this might work in this very simple expample, but what if
| | + 206619 [daniel.schie] class ComplicatedObject
| | | 206624 [yoche2001 de] I see, but if it is a long method I might end up with
| | | + 206631 [listbox juli] basically it's easy (and common) to raise in such a case, but there
| | | + 206641 [daniel.schie] Yes, that's true. But then again, all objects that respond to those
| | + 206689 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think Meyers' Design by Contract (DBC) ideas are helpful in talking
| + 206883 [drbrain segm] Don't call to_str, call to_s.
|   206886 [daniel.schie] I favor using #to_str when I want to treat an object like a string.
|   206908 [drbrain segm] #to_str is not for type conversion.  It exists for classes that duck
|   206971 [daniel.schie] Exactly my point. I think we're misunderstanding each other here; if you
|   207075 [drbrain segm] A Name is not a String.  You don't #each it, you don't #chop it, its
|   207082 [daniel.schie] That's why you use the return value of #to_str. If only String had
|   207123 [drbrain segm] You don't call #to_str, String calls #to_str when it needs to.
|   207134 [daniel.schie] So the implementation of e.g. String#+ is wrong? Or is it okay for a
|   207172 [drbrain segm] I suggest you read through the archives to discover when to use
|   207247 [shortcutter ] I sort of agree to both of you and I think despite this thread you maybe
|   207340 [drbrain segm] In 1.9, Exception no longer implements #to_str, leaving only String
|   207576 [rick.denatal] Some of the folks here might want to take a look at an article I just
+ 206616 [robert.dober] Well what a nice occasion. I have to reply fast because I will be
+ 206721 [shortcutter ] No, duck typing means you just use those methods needed and if the type
  206768 [mgreenly gma] Exactly.  Your tossing one of the primary advantages of a language like
  206857 [yoche2001 de] So if I do understand you all correctly, in Ruby you put the responsible
  + 206873 [mgreenly gma] Is it by design that you intend to call handle_client with objects that
  | 206877 [yoche2001 de] Sorry Michael, that I didnt make myself clearer. Yes, it is not intendet
  | + 206890 [comp.lang.ru] _ If you really think this kind of checking is important, then
  | + 206892 [gwtmp01 mac.] There is no way to magically prevent incorrect code from being written.
  + 206876 [m_goldberg a] IMHO handle_client_well is simply bad code that needs to be fixed. It
  + 206901 [halostatue g] Where type may not be related to the Object's class or inheritance tree.

^ question about RAGI and Rails
206628 [nephish gmai] i just got started with ruby. i got the pickaxe book from amazon

^ Ruby Newbie: Simple C Wrappers?
206632 [cooper coope] My apologies if this has already been discussed in detail on the list
206642 [SimonKroeger] What are you trying to achieve?
206679 [cooper coope] Thanks, Simon. I'm working on this now!

^ Singleton methods with method_missing
206637 [devlists-rub] I don't have any practical use for this, but I was experimenting a bit.
+ 206639 [ezmobius gma] def self.method_missing(m)
+ 206644 [dblack wobbl] module Kernel
+ 206648 [sander.land ] It is close :)
  206702 [devlists-rub] Okay yeah, that works great.  Why do you use class_eval there?  fwiw, I

^ need a pointer with RAGI and asterisk
206640 [nephish gmai] i just got started with ruby. i got the pickaxe book from amazon

^ Problem with Ruby Installation
206657 [michael webl] I'm running Ubuntu Breezy. Because of some problems with the version of
+ 206671 [erikveen gma] RubyGems is the de facto way to distribute Ruby
| 206676 [michael webl] ...and I'll admit to being new enough that I have *NO IDEA* where to
| 206690 [erikveen gma] $ find `ruby -r rbconfig -e 'puts Config::CONFIG["archdir"]'` | grep
| 206699 [michael webl] I think you've put your finger on the problem. The above command has no
| 206814 [akulbe gmail] You may have done some of this already, so disregard the parts that already
| 206831 [michael webl] Aaron,
| 206833 [michael webl] sudo gem install mysql
| 206849 [erikveen gma] Well, uh, what does mkmf.log tell you?... ;]
| 206852 [cdc cyphers.] When you install Ruby from source it would be better to include
+ 206674 [rick.denatal] rails package, but if not, I'd recommend doing that as well and

^ Method behaviour
206658 [sardaukary y] Some methods like
+ 206660 [farrel.lifso] In the second example you are changing the reference to where 'word'
+ 206662 [dblack wobbl] It's because there's a distinction between (a) sending a message to an
  206695 [m_goldberg a] Your assessment is correct but you got one detail wrong. The message
  206701 [dblack wobbl] Whoops, right: two arguments.

^ Irc+vpn+smth
206661 [innu urgas.n] I haven't never programming anything with gui. Just have doing 2 years

^ [ANN] RubyScript2Exe 0.5.1
206667 [erikveen gma] I've just released RubyScript2Exe 0.5.1.
206691 [jim freeze.o] Does it make an application.app folder for the Mac?

^ Superclass mismatches
206678 [listrecv gma] I'm sometimes seeing an error "superclass mismatch".  I have no idea
206680 [ mfp acm.org] X = Class.new
206731 [listrecv gma] Thanks for the explanation.  I'm still stumped - it seems like I have
206742 [ mfp acm.org] module Taxonomy; Category = Class.new { ... } end

^ Profiling Ruby Matrix operations
206681 [znmeb cesmai] A while back, I wondered if anyone had ever profiled the Ruby
206858 [chneukirchen] Tried NArray?
206932 [znmeb cesmai] Not yet ... right now I'm chasing something I think is much better.
+ 206934 [ara.t.howard] fyi - narray can go back and forth between gsl::matrix - combined with ruby's
+ 206954 [jan.svitok g] Ruby support in SWIG is not as complete as Python's, mainly regarding
  + 206960 [Nuralanur ao] There are some theoretical considerations about exact arithmetic,  made
  + 207021 [znmeb cesmai] I've downloaded their code and I'm looking at it now. I'm rather
    207032 [jan.svitok g] std_common.i
    207035 [ara.t.howard] the problem with that being that math and science should repeatable and
    + 207040 [znmeb cesmai] I'm actually of the opinion that SWIG may not be necessary to interface
    | 207046 [ara.t.howard] you directly in GiNaC - or directly as in using ruby/dl sans glue code?
    + 207048 [jan.svitok g] I'm not telling there's any math or science involved *in my case*. In
      207054 [ara.t.howard] don't get me wrong - i love swig.  i'm just pointing out that, to really

206683 [tom degrunt.] Though a lot has already been asked about GUI's and Ruby here another question.
+ 206705 [hhausman gma] You might want to look into Gtk2, Gnome2, and Glade.  I've been having
| 206719 [skillet3232 ] Harold, i'm working on a pretty simple app that that needs to get 4 or
| + 206720 [hhausman gma] Hey, maybe Erik (author of RubyScript2Exe) will chime in here but I
| + 206796 [david.mullet] I've used wxRuby (0.6) and Rubyscript2exe for a number of recent Windows
+ 206723 [alex blackke] It uses the browser as a renderer.  I haven't had a reason to use it
  206735 [tom degrunt.] All,

^ Issue with regex
206694 [junkone1 gma] I have a string
206703 [dblack wobbl] When you use parenthetical captures, String#scan returns successive

^ [ANN] RubyPhone project updated
206706 [greg.kujawa ] The RubyPhone project hosted on RubyForge

^ Not a joke  RUBY For The Rest Of Us Conference 2006 ROUC
206708 [gsc omegadog] To all Ruby afficianados
+ 206911 [hal9000 hype] If RUBY isn't Ruby, what does it refer to? And why are you posting
+ 206915 [gregory.t.br] ...
+ 206920 [halostatue g] Gus, I understand what you're wanting to do. The way that you've

^ method_missing to define_method
206709 [chiology gma] Given the circumstance that you don't want to explicitly predefine
+ 206745 [erikveen gma] This is not going to work... Well, it is going to work, but it
+ 206986 [asbradbury t] Have you seen OpenStruct in the standard library?
+ 206999 [drnicwilliam] Have a look in the ActiveRecord gem - it does a similar thing.
  207006 [chiology gma] I'll definitely check out the OpenStruct. I think I definitely missed

^ Slightly OT: Wanted -- the most rubyish way to do this...
206715 [Meino.Cramer] sorry for being -- may be -- a little offtopic.
206775 [james graypr] The whole point of wrapping something like this is in an object is

^ Re: Language chatter
206725 [perrin apoth] Err . . . not exactly.  It's more like in Lisp you create a
207017 [znmeb cesmai] I did something similar a long time ago in macro assembler, which I
+ 207027 [garbagecat10] I've always been fascinated by one specific aspect of functional
| + 207038 [znmeb cesmai] You are bringing back memories and dreams I had in graduate school. :)
| | 207047 [garbagecat10] I'm glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane ;-). I gave up on
| | + 207053 [ara.t.howard] can you elaborate?  i'm very interested in your personal opinion without
| | + 207055 [znmeb cesmai] Ah, but you can *buy* or download for free really good compilers for
| |   + 207061 [garbagecat10] I'm awfully impressed by the recent quality of the compilers for
| |   | 207218 [znmeb cesmai] Well, the "big deal" these days is Robin Milner's "Pi Calculus", which
| |   + 207083 [perrin apoth] It's not restriction that does this for you -- it's well-designed
| |     + 207089 [garbagecat10] That's all perfectly fine. Every language gives you a set of metaphors
| |     | + 207091 [perrin apoth] I think object-oriented programming is just a very limited form of what
| |     | + 207306 [martin snowp] I believe that there are certainly programming constructs that can be
| |     + 207228 [znmeb cesmai] At one point, I pretty much knew "all of Lisp 1.5". When I had an
| |       207230 [perrin apoth] I'm no expert in the subject (haven't been so well-blessed as to be
| + 207081 [steven lumos] Turing machines derive from a model of a human working with pencil and
| | + 207084 [garbagecat10] So then you would argue that imperative languages are fundamentally more
| | | + 207092 [perrin apoth] Turing machines and Lisp machines are equivalently fundamental.  After
| | | | 207119 [garbagecat10] You may be right, but my guess is that Steve was trying to say something
| | | | 207212 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... actually I think the "new math" experiment aka disaster showed
| | | + 207666 [steven lumos] I guess I'm probably to late to stop the flamewar, but I was merely
| | |   207680 [garbagecat10] Ok, so how about this for a hypothesis?
| | |   208242 [znmeb cesmai] 1. Hmmm ... can/should the "top-level" part of this be done in Ruby as well?
| | |   208249 [perrin apoth] Actually, that's one of my "tests" for whether or not I'm likely to like
| | |   208297 [martindemell] Likewise - the ability to abstract control structures easily and
| | |   208303 [perrin apoth] In particular, that entire essay is basically a demonstration of lexical
| | + 207221 [znmeb cesmai] First of all, while a Turing machine is a great "experimental animal",
| |   207242 [garbagecat10] Ed, I'll certainly defer to the memory of a guy who was there ;-). I
| |   + 207253 [david.a.boyd] Avast ye landlubbers, it is not early, it is too late!  We are caught in
| |   + 207259 [toalett gmai] If the "natural" way of modeling computation is that of moving around
| |     207268 [garbagecat10] bits in memory and doing trivial operations on them, we wouldn't be
| |     + 207283 [toalett gmai] Understanding why something works and how it works and how we might
| |     | 207295 [garbagecat10] This comment is extremely interesting. It is actually *not* the case
| |     | + 207298 [ara.t.howard] interesting.  but then you have ocaml, which is a bastard of oop/fp and
| |     | + 207308 [toalett gmai] Yes, in the post you quoted I said that Ruby functions are not true
| |     | + 207355 [perrin apoth] 1. A functional "style" is not the same as a functional "language".
| |     |   + 207463 [znmeb cesmai] The Semicolon Wars
| |     |   + 207497 [garbagecat10] This thread has probably gone on long enough ;-) but as I read it, what
| |     |     + 207525 [toalett gmai] Probably.
| |     |     | 207557 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... I've sort of stood back the past day, except for spotting some
| |     |     | 207564 [garbagecat10] Ed, the biggest problem with abstruse conversations like this is when
| |     |     | 207643 [perrin apoth] For that, you pretty much have to choose the language that is least
| |     |     + 207639 [perrin apoth] Yeah, that one's usually difficult to argue.  Since the first time I
| |     + 207352 [perrin apoth] A closure, in essence, *is an object* by definition (definition of
| + 207103 [surrender_it] notice that to proof some properties of a program you don't necessarily
|   + 207111 [garbagecat10] necessarily
|   + 207225 [znmeb cesmai] IIRC the *original* exercise in proving a program correct was in fact
+ 207090 [perrin apoth] That's true, but the advantage to Lisp, it seems to me, isn't merely a
  207227 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... I think I disagree with this, having written some moderately
  + 207232 [tom infoethe] Definitely worth picking up if you can find a copy somewhere...
  + 207645 [perrin apoth] I'm not really sure how to address this in a manner that gets my

^ inject does not inject last value
206727 [botp delmont] inject is a powerful method in ruby. but the ff gives me surprise..
+ 206728 [rubytalk eac] Its not a bug, its because thats what sum/prod are on the last iteration.
| 206732 [botp delmont] # sum = [1,2,3,4,5].inject{|sum,e| sum+e } ?
| + 206733 [gk cutcopy.c] aha, i didnt get the message of fr joey here.
| + 206734 [gk cutcopy.c] Hm...
| + 206736 [rimantas gma] To me sum = [1,2,3,4,5].inject{|sum,e| sum+e }  is more DRY
| + 206746 [shortcutter ] No, just the fact that you name a variable "sum" doesn't imply
|   206748 [botp delmont] # No, just the fact that you name a variable "sum" doesn't imply
+ 206729 [gk cutcopy.c] irb(main):001:0> sum = [1,2,3,4,5].inject{|sum,e| sum+e}
| 206730 [gk cutcopy.c] First you see the Return Value (15), but bevor assign the return value
+ 206740 [ryand-ruby z] % echo "sum=0; [1,2,3,4,5].inject{|sum,e| sum+e }" | parse_tree_show -f
  206743 [botp delmont] [snipped cool samples]

^ Ruby/Tk : How to show tooltips (please correct my ugly implementation)
206744 [ronaldf eml.] Could someone please help me with the following?
206747 [nagai ai.kyu] Please see "tkballoonhelp.rb" in "ext/tk/sample" directory
206752 [ronaldf eml.] Arigatou Hidetoshi-san.
206820 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmm... Then you have to give attention the position of the
206946 [ronaldf eml.] I see the flicker, because as soon as the toplevel widget
206965 [nagai ai.kyu] Yes. You are right. :-)