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What's happening here? A strange regexp problem wth posix :alpha: character class
206386 [rick.denatal] I just ran across this, and can't figure out what's happening.  the
206388 [rubytalk@br ] Hey Rick,
206396 [w_a_x_man@ya] It's not just Ruby that requires the extra brackets.
206408 [rubytalk@br ] Yeah, I figured it was probably pretty standard, it really makes
206420 [rick.denatal] Thanks all, that makes sense.

[ANN] RFuzz 0.7 -- Win32, Bug Fix, Browser Begins
206402 [zedshaw@ze s] DESCRIPTION
+ 206406 [james.britt@] I just ran 'gem install rfuzz' on my WinXP box, and was given the choice
| 206447 [ mfp@ac .o g] It takes quite a long time before the packages get propagated to the mirrors
+ 206449 [alex@bl ck e] Yay!
  206496 [zedshaw@ze s] Yeah it should be faster just by virtue of having very little to it and
  206578 [alex@bl ck e] alex@pandora:~/Desktop/Noodling/ruby$ cat rfuzz_test.rb; ruby rfuzz_test.rb
  206582 [alex@bl ck e] Ok, having actually stopped and thought about it for a second, I can see

Survey: Enterprise Architecture and Software Development
206418 [james@ar hi ] Several prominent researchers are conducting a survey and looking for
206446 [buppcpp@ya o] This survey is bias towards Open Source and against Windows.
+ 206450 [alex@bl ck e] Why?
+ 206503 [rick.denatal] Hmmm, I can't see the bias.  Of course when I try to access the web

magic/xml library for easy XML processing
206421 [tomasz.wegrz] Some of you may be interested in a new library for XML processing.
+ 206486 [adam@th re l] This looks really promising.  You almost lost me though.  I suspected
| 206501 [tomasz.wegrz] Handling huge XML files is just a bonus. The main reason the library exists
+ 206504 [chneukirchen] You probably want to investigate xmlparser (Expat-based), or one of
+ 206562 [zedshaw@ze s] (doc/:entry/:link).each do {|c|
  + 206564 [transfire@gm] T.
  + 206590 [tomasz.wegrz] * return attribute :foo

206427 [barjunk@at g] I'm trying to figure out how to use Mechanize to get the data out of a
+ 206431 [gregory.t.br] Not a reference, but here is some code from my freshmeat automation
| 206451 [barjunk@at g] what do add_release[release_focus_name] and the add_release etc...stand
| 206512 [aaron_patter] The variable "s" is a SelectList class which represents a "select" html
| 206536 [barjunk@at g] Aaron, this helps tremendously!  It would be awesome if these kind of
| 206539 [aaron_patter] Agreed.  This is not very intuitive, which is something I believe I've
| + 206577 [barjunk@at g] This was helpful also, thanks.  I hadn't thought of reading the NOTES
| + 206909 [barjunk@at g] page = agent.get('http://' + server + '/admin/users.html?Add')
+ 206432 [w_a_x_man@ya] Can you just parse the html?

something for ods spreadsheets?
206428 [daniel@fl in] Does anyone know if there's a ruby package out there for CRUDing open document

Problem with RDoc
206430 [canyonrat@ma] I have discovered an issue with RDoc that may or may not be old news,
206481 [dave@pr gp o] RDoc documents the files you give it--it doesn't execute the code to
206490 [canyonrat@ma] Exactly.
206553 [dave@pr gp o] You can use --exclude to ignore those files that are in development.
206611 [canyonrat@ma] Great suggestion. I don't know how i missed that.

Simple Reading, Deleting and Writing to Files
206433 [skillet3232@] i have done some research, but can't see anything that explains simple
206436 [james.britt@] File.open( some_file_name, 'w'){|f| f.puts(the_data)}
206440 [skillet3232@] thanks for the tip.  at first glance, though, i'm thinking i want to
206448 [w_a_x_man@ya] Load the whole file that you want to change into an array.
206456 [shortcutter@] Here's another alternative: use "ruby -i.bak" to change the file in

writing from 3 sources to 1 file
206435 [pere.noel@la] i've an app with 2 daemons, i'd like to write all the log messages to
+ 206457 [shortcutter@] There is some locking support but watch out for NFS.  There is Ara's
| 206461 [pere.noel@la] ok thanx, in fact two of the tree sources are allready daemons ))
+ 206476 [ara.t.howard] file.flock (locking_constant ) =>  0 or false
| 206499 [pere.noel@la] thanx for your long a vlear answer !
+ 206478 [logancapaldo] If you are just writing on a line by line basis, OS buffering should
  206500 [pere.noel@la] i don't want interleave, i have 2 different daemons and one app as

[ANN] Ruby-VPI 0.8.1
206438 [skurapat@uc ] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. It lets you create

Re: Proper Case (#89)
206441 [w_a_x_man@ya] What sort of perversion would make anyone want to shake
+ 206444 [w_a_x_man@ya] Two spaces are needed even when the posts are seen in
+ 206465 [M.B.Smillie@] I would consider it a vast personal favour if we didn't have to re-
  206850 [robert.dober] ...

the perens in lisp dilects is there for a reson... macros.
206443 [atbusbook@ao] macros are sort of like c macros but more powerful. they are the
+ 206445 [perrin@ap th] The parentheses are not strictly necessary for macros.  They're just the
| 206485 [wneumann@gm ] There's a discussion related to this going on over at Lambda the
| 206724 [perrin@ap th] While I know a fair bit about Lisp dialects such as CLisp and Scheme, I
+ 206548 [martin@sn wp] This appears to be the continuation of some conversation / flamewar
  206566 [rick.denatal] I've only recently subscribed to this list, after just sampling it for
  + 206622 [znmeb@ce ma ] Whatever you opinions about any programming language are, Ruby is
  | 206692 [kristof@vl e] No.  It looks more like trolling in an incoherent way, than a discussion with
  | 206751 [martin@sn wp] Looking up other posts by atbusbook@aol.com on google groups is
  + 206625 [znmeb@ce ma ] Especially the denizens of the main Ruby mailing list, which includes
  | 206626 [dblack@wo bl] I think Ruby is slightly older than Java, isn't it? :-)
  | 206629 [znmeb@ce ma ] Maybe ... Java is 1.5 and Ruby is 1.8.5, so by that measure, yes. I
  | + 206635 [dblack@wo bl] No, I meant older as in... older :-)  Ruby's birthday is traditionally
  | | + 206636 [znmeb@ce ma ] Where can one find "a brief history of Ruby?" I'm too lazy to ask
  | | | + 206638 [ola.bini@ki ] Google comes from the name of the number 10^100 which is called a
  | | | + 206646 [dblack@wo bl] Whoops, I was wrong; it was 1993.  See
  | | |   206685 [znmeb@ce ma ] Thanks!! In February of 1993, I was just starting on the project that
  | | |   206688 [dblack@wo bl] can find.
  | | |   206778 [matz@ru y- a] I lost most of the old copies when I moved jobs (and due to disk
  | | |   + 206860 [chneukirchen] It's very interesting to compare the sample/ directories of 0.49 and
  | | |   | 206931 [znmeb@ce ma ] I found the source for 1.0. Sadly, gcc 3.4.6 refuses to compile it --
  | | |   + 206933 [znmeb@ce ma ] What "recent" versions of GCC will compile it? :) 3.4.6 won't handle
  | | |     206935 [matz@ru y- a] As far as I know, 2.95.4 has <varargs.h>.
  | | + 206776 [matz@ru y- a] It was 1993-02-24 for the record.
  | |   206937 [garbagecat10] ...
  | |   206942 [jtregunna@bl] Does it *really* matter which came first?
  | |   + 207022 [znmeb@ce ma ] Yes.
  | |   + 207025 [dblack@wo bl] ...
  | + 206643 [kristof@vl e] Lisp is definitely not a core language.  The standard is about 1100 pages,
  | | 206647 [ola.bini@ki ] You seem to confuse the language Common Lisp with the mathematical
  | | + 206686 [znmeb@ce ma ] Yes ... I wish I could remember who made that distinction and when. In
  | | + 206687 [kristof@vl e] No, I don't.  The post I replied to was mentioning practical programming
  | + 209531 [jwkenne@at g] The 1620 was still a state-of-the-art product in 1964, and was IBM's
  |   + 209543 [znmeb@ce ma ] Actually, I was off by two years. We replaced the 1620 with an 1130
  |   + 209636 [rick.denatal] Actually, the 1620 was the first computer I programmed, and that was
  + 206627 [znmeb@ce ma ] There's a bit more to it than that. Ironically, Lisp originated as an

Re: Help for reader for NETGEAR DG834GT[[NEWBIE]
206452 [rateo.mensil] can anybody give an hand?
206467 [canyonrat@ma] We don't know what you want. Almost everything can be configured by

Document translations
206454 [jtaylor@th t] ...

why can't I catch this exception?
206458 [rsanheim@gm ] (this is in the context of Rails, buts its primarily a Ruby question
206493 [johnwilger@g] If it _is_ raising the exception, you won't reach that rescue --
206521 [rsanheim@gm ] John,
206529 [johnwilger@g] Ah, OK. I misunderstood and simply thought that you had a test that
206531 [rsanheim@gm ] Thanks for confirming that I'm not going crazy =).  I understand that

Log4r gem install : Unrecognized directive 'nodoc'
206462 [pere.noel@la] Log4r seems to be installed however at rdoc level i get a bunch of

Challenge with FasterCSV
206468 [junkone@ro e] How can i define the header to be in the 3row of the the array loaded
206495 [james@gr yp ] I'm sorry, but I don't think I understand the question well enough to
206551 [junkone@ro e] A sample data is in this link
206614 [james@gr yp ] require "faster_csv"

Re: Help for reader for NETGEAR DG834GT
206475 [rateo.mensil] first of all thanks for the answer

Start an external application - How?
206480 [bttman@bi tr] I don't need details, just a push in the right direction.
+ 206483 [logancapaldo] See the docs for the Kernel#system method.
+ 206487 [david.jones@] system("yourwebcamapp.exe")
| 207539 [bttman@bi tr] system seems to want the external process to complete before continuing.
| + 207546 [cdc@cy he s.] Start up each process in a thread and when your at a port that you need
| + 207644 [sardaukary@y] This code works for me.  If you start the process in a seperate thread
|   208168 [bttman@bi tr] Thanks!
+ 207683 [ilsemanetor@] Basically, you will either want to use Threads or multiple processes.I
  207730 [jan.svitok@g] if the first parameter has quotes, it's the title of the window. That
  207790 [khaines@en g] If it helps, I use the following bit of code when I need to

[OT (Sorta)] ICFP and OOPSLA in Portland, Oregon
206489 [znmeb@ce ma ] For those of you who didn't get in to RubyConf or who didn't attend

Re: Ruby Cookbook - follow on, book-related question
206492 [steverummel@] 37signals produce a book called "Getting Real" for download, watermarked
+ 206494 [znmeb@ce ma ] I started out with Pragmatic buying the combo packs, but I've migrated
+ 206505 [chneukirchen] Watermarks are mostly an cosmetic feature---I've seen originally
| 206555 [dave@pr gp o] Yeah, but pure FO just doesn't hack the book stuff (and indexing is a
| + 206675 [chneukirchen] I consider FO an output format here, of course you need a toolchain to
| | 206698 [dave@pr gp o] Oh
| + 206756 [keith@or il ] I'll strongly disagree with this. Pure FO is more than ready to handle
|   206863 [chneukirchen] Do you know which FO formatter they use?
|   206881 [keith@or il ] We use AntennaHouse. It's commerical, but all of the others don't
|   207231 [tom@in oe he] I've been using Altsoft's Xml2PDF.  The price is reasonable, it's fast,
+ 206554 [dave@pr gp o] We've experimented with most of the XML -> PDF direct generation

Iterating over an array n element at a time
206506 [kimersen@on ] Is there an elegant way to iterate over an array n elements at a time?
+ 206507 [ara.t.howard] ["1", "2"]
+ 206508 [rubytalk@ea ] ...
+ 206516 [transfire@gm] enumerator is probably better since it is built-in, but...
  + 206520 [logancapaldo] ( ) already have meaning in block arguments though
  | 206537 [transfire@gm] Right, but it seems to be similar in nature. Could it not be used for
  + 206522 [znmeb@ce ma ] I think I'd recast the array as a matrix and then iterate over rows (or
  + 206538 [martindemell] require 'enumerator'
  | 206563 [rick.denatal] Nice!  As it turns out that  *i in the block.call invocation isn't
  | 206665 [martindemell] Huh - you're right, block.call(i) works nicely without the splat. I
  + 206584 [shortcutter@] Note though that your code does something different than each_cons which
    206591 [transfire@gm] Right. But wasn't that what was originally asked for?  In any case, I
    + 206594 [nobu@ru y- a] Longer a little, but it's possible with enumerator.
    + 206655 [rick.denatal] I might be wrong, but I can't see how these parameter markers can be
      + 206659 [malvim@gm il] Sorry about the real newbie interrupting the high level thread, but...
      | + 206663 [robert.dober] ...
      | | 206666 [malvim@gm il] Oh, I see! Thanks for the pointer.
      | | 206669 [martindemell] Array does mix Enumerable in. However, the core Enumerable module
      | | 206670 [robert.dober] ...
      | + 206664 [martindemell] You need to require 'enumerator', which adds additional methods like
      + 206696 [transfire@gm] Yes, I agree. I had forgotten about that.

Smoking hash-ish: Letter mapping...
206509 [Meino.Cramer] for a *very* simplistic encryption program I want to build a
206511 [rubytalk@ea ] ...
+ 206513 [Meino.Cramer] Looks good! May be I am too newbie here, but...
+ 206514 [Meino.Cramer] With encmap=Hash[*('A'..'Z').to_a.sort{rand(2)}] I only will get 13
  206517 [logancapaldo] Actually its generally considered better to do sort_by{rand} that sort

Inheritance with class-variables
206510 [yoche2001@de] I am quite new into ruby and stumbled over some strange (at least to me)
+ 206518 [transfire@gm] I think this behavior has changed for 1.9.
| 206568 [rick.denatal] Has the behavior (i.e. class variables are shared between classes and
| 206610 [yoche2001@de] Hey folks,
+ 206524 [lopx@ga et .] class Animal
  206546 [yoche2001@de] indeed, it worked! Thanx for your hint. But still I cant see how Ruby's
  206565 [rick.denatal] Pickaxe 2nd edition p 332

How to execute an external program - Ruby equivalents to PHP?
206515 [tesla.nicoli] ...
206519 [logancapaldo] result = `echo Hello World!`
206523 [tesla.nicoli] ...
206532 [chiology@gm ] There are a few others, like #system (I believe). Check out the
206533 [martindemell] check popen3 out as well

uploading local file into text_field using watir
206528 [csamigroup@g] Could anybody help with the code below in Ruby / watir??
206530 [chiology@gm ] Well, what you're doing is just taking the contents of the variable
206544 [csamigroup@g] Matt..
+ 206560 [chiology@gm ] If you mean looping through them all, then you could just wrap it all
| 207066 [csamigroup@g] Matt..
+ 207269 [patrick@pk p] #-- assuming all files you want to find start with "email" and have
  + 207278 [csamigroup@g] first of all, thank you for the suggestion..
  + 207279 [csamigroup@g] first of all, thank you for the suggestion..

No rdoc for RubyInline?
206540 [lists@ka am ] % gem -v

How to redirect a string to stdin within code?
206541 [Christian.Se] from stdin (ie. the user enters his name when starting the class). I would
206545 [logancapaldo] require 'stringio'
206575 [alex@bl ck e] alex@pandora:~$ irb
+ 206581 [robert.dober] ...
| 206583 [alex@bl ck e] Yes...  I can see why it's not allowed in IRB (if you get rid of stdin,
| 206677 [chneukirchen] Just a guess: the readline extensions directly accesses $stdin without
| 206682 [ryand-ruby@z] % ruby -v -rstringio -e 'log = StringIO.new("blah"); $stdin = log;
+ 206704 [martin@sn wp] Well, that particular line of the irb source is calling the method

How do you create MySQL5 stored procedures?
206543 [tesla.nicoli] ...
206558 [robby.lists@] Just taking a wild guess... but you'd likely call the same SQL that
206593 [tesla.nicoli] ...

Pandora 0.4.3 Release
206549 [julian.kamil] I am pleased to announce that Pandora 0.4.3 is now available to the
206550 [chiology@gm ] Forgive me, I read through the introduction on the Pandora page, but I
206552 [julian.kamil] Matt, simply said, Pandora is a wiki engine in Ruby.
206556 [chiology@gm ] Thanks Julian,

Resubmitting legacy RCR 161
206561 [znmeb@ce ma ] Some time back, RCR 161 was submitted to add a []= method to the Matrix
206571 [dave@bu t. d] The problem with this RCR, if I recall correctly, is that Matrix objects
206621 [znmeb@ce ma ] I guess I need to define my own "Matrix" class then. Making a copy of a
206739 [dave@bu t. d] It's immutable so you can treat it like Numeric objects.
206774 [znmeb@ce ma ] I am looking *at* narray, and I am looking *for* code that does matrix

Whitespace matters in instance_eval? I'm confused
206567 [hhausman@gm ] irb(main):001:0> foo = Object.new
206570 [rick.denatal] I think that it pretty much falls out of the way Ruby handles lines in
206572 [hhausman@gm ] Makes good sense, thank you kindly.

Why Thread.pass is so slow?
206569 [hgu005@ec au] thread.pass takes a very long time compare to sched_yield in C.  Does
+ 206633 [dido.sevilla] Remember that at this time Ruby uses green threads, not OS threads.
+ 206645 [SimonKroeger] The last time i checked Thread#pass was implemented more like a sleep