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^ Recc'd reading for regex work
205898 [Eric.Armstro] This site does a masterful job of explaining

^ Another word game
205905 [znmeb cesmai] A while back, we had "Ruby is to Rails as ______ is to ______?" How
+ 205906 [dblack wobbl] ... duck.
+ 205908 [logancapaldo] When the only tool you have is Ruby, everything looks like a DSL.
| 205910 [chiology gma] When the only tool you have is Ruby, everything looks like a happy ending.
+ 205912 [angus quovad] ..."piece of cake"?
+ 205920 [martindemell] (n) opportunity
+ 205921 [wgrosso wgro] Of course, that may be influenced by the fact that I just watched Austin
+ 205952 [captnjameski] proc.
+ 206063 [rick.denatal] Two answers.

^ Interfacing with local ports
205913 [jason.lally ] I have a very broad question to ask here.  I'll start with the

^ Module/file-scoped "global" variables?
205923 [smerk fi.mun] I have a file with some functions which share some common variables. I
205979 [logancapaldo] module A

^ [ANN] JRuby Extras - making Ruby apps spectacular in the Java world
205928 [headius head] I'm happy to announce the JRuby Extras project, on RubyForge as
205930 [zedshaw zeds] The tst is going away.  0.4 won't have it so you're better off doing an
+ 205933 [ola.bini ki.] Well, the TST took only 1 hour to port, so I believe it's OK to waste
| 205935 [zedshaw zeds] That's cool, but the problem isn't how easy it is to write, the problem
| 205936 [headius head] Absolutely...I think the jruby-extras devs involved in the mongrel effort
+ 205934 [headius head] Ola already replied, but we're definitely better of as you say using a

^ Subversion Bindings
205942 [matthew.eich] Does anyone know where there is documentation for the Subversion
205969 [chrisjroos g] Not sure how much help these are, but I posted this recently to the

^ Array#size empties the Array??
205944 [software617r] I've encountered the following strang behaviour of Array#size.
205945 [software617r] 1. rks is a local variable!
+ 205947 [robert.dober] Sven
| 205962 [software617r] Dear Robert,
| + 205966 [alex blackke] This may be irrelevant, but what's rks.class.ancestors?
| | 205976 [software617r] [Array,
| | 206149 [dan-ml dan42] (class << rks;self;end).ancestors
| | 206197 [alex blackke] Ooh, good catch.
| + 205967 [software617r] when called as the first method after the object is obtained.
| + 205982 [rsanheim gma] I think you should post (or send a link to) the full test case in
| | 205984 [software617r] Well, it's so big...
| + 206076 [pit capitain] p rks.method(:size)
| + 206080 [robert.dober] I got 15 minutes (and used 2 to be honest).
+ 206000 [matz ruby-la] This is not enough.  Could you show us a whole script to reproduce the
| 206029 [software617r] Yes I know it would be useful, but it's hard to find and extract the
| 206030 [logancapaldo] AR does all sorts of magic. It has been my experience that whenever
| 206034 [software617r] rks is in a "quantum state" - As soon as you try to observe it,
+ 206171 [pete notahat] So vt is an ActiveRecord object, and vt.rks refers to an ActiveRecord
  206198 [software617r] Thank you a lot for your help!

^ What's wrong with this recursive function??
205953 [knutert gmai] I've just started learning Ruby, and for a first project, I decided to
+ 205955 [knutert gmai] Here's an input file of a simple puzzle, btw...
+ 205956 [decoux moulo] very quickly look
+ 205978 [simon.kroege] Welcome!
+ 205986 [simon.kroege] def solve(i,j,grid)
  206217 [knutert gmai] Wow, thanks a lot for the help!

^ best way to assign args ???
205957 [pere.noel la] ["DEBUGG=true", "auto=true", "dummy=empty",
205985 [m_goldberg a] INP = ["DEBUGG=true", "auto=true", "dummy=empty",
205989 [pere.noel la] fanstatic !

^ [ANN] langhelp-0.9.7
205959 [rubikitch ru] == Abstract

^ Refactoring IDE for Ruby ?
205960 [wallenberg g] I need to do some refactoring of my Ryby code.
+ 205981 [pollak gmail] No refactoring IDEs for Ruby that I know of.
| 205987 [schapht gmai] RadRails also (by virtue of Eclipse) has really amazing version
| 206005 [znmeb cesmai] Speaking of vim ... vim 7.0 introduced a "feature" where something,
| 206010 [logancapaldo] I'm running vim 7, I do not see this extra information in the
| 206015 [znmeb cesmai] '>def my-first-ruby-program
| 206021 [logancapaldo] It _almost_ looks like fold indicators
| 206064 [perrin apoth] Ditto -- I'm using 7, and I don't see anything like that.
| 206174 [znmeb cesmai] Gentoo Linux and CygWin are both doing it. I haven't tried the Windows
| + 206181 [martindemell] Try creating a new user with a minimal vimrc and see if it goes away?
| | 206228 [markonlinux ] I think it may be 'signs'?
| | 206263 [znmeb cesmai] Yep ... it is/was signs. SInce I don't have a .vimrc, the Vim list folks
| + 206196 [perrin apoth] How did you install it?  Did you use emerge on Gentoo?  Did you compile
+ 206249 [frdrch web.d] Emacs with Ruby Refactoring Browser
  206319 [mailinglists] Unfortunately the Ruby Refactoring Brower is not worth the time trying

^ how to create classes automatically
205961 [markusjais g] let's say I have a string with a class name as a value.
+ 205964 [chrisjroos g] Object.const_get("Array").new
| 205970 [markusjais g] thank you very much.
+ 205965 [sander.land ] str = "Array"

^ Re: Composite Primary Keys support for Associations
205968 [drnicwilliam] My initial aim was to get it working for legacy dbs - ppl who already

^ [SNIPPET] Ruby example to OS X clipboard (was Re: spread your best code-snippets)
205983 [logancapaldo] This is an idea I like. So in honor of the fact that I stole the

^ How to keep proceeding if one command fails (in Rake)????
205991 [lootchino ho] Could you tell me how I could do to have rake to run all the tasks no
206003 [chiology gma] Have you looked into using the begin...rescue...end syntax? It's
206199 [skurapat ucs] "Do or do not... there is no try" - Yoda

^ Rake: How to keep proceeding if one command fails????
205992 [lootchino ho] Could you tell me how I could do to have rake to run all the tasks no
206502 [wrecklass1 g] Make systems generally don't do this. Make, ant and the rest are

^ How to tell when IO::popen is finished?
205993 [has.sox gmai] I've just installed and had some success with the gnuplot library.
+ 206001 [ara.t.howard] can you show the code?  that pipe will be automatically closed once the yield
| 206008 [has.sox gmai] def Gnuplot.open( persist=true )
| 206014 [ara.t.howard] require 'rubygems'
| 206139 [has.sox gmai] I'm on windows :)  I don't need root.  Ohhh gives me goosebumps ;)
| + 206148 [perrin apoth] Well . . . technically, you're already root (or its equivalent).
| + 206155 [ara.t.howard] ??  it's set to the first command line parameter
| | 206158 [has.sox gmai] Sorry Ara, I must be really thick at this because I don't understand, except
| | 206182 [has.sox gmai] I'm really trying to grok how this works.
| + 206477 [hutch recurs] It is possible that the OS is simply not yet finished writing the
|   206598 [has.sox gmai] Thanx very much for the information.  I think I've got some homework to do
+ 206004 [cbrown atbas] If the IO::popen is creating a child process, how about calling
  206009 [has.sox gmai] How would I get the pid that the child process is on?
  206011 [logancapaldo] You could just use Process.waitall (Or Process.wait() if you're

^ define_method vs eval "def ..."
205997 [tomasz.wegrz] eval "def #{tag}(*args, &blk) xml(:#{tag}, *args, &blk) end"
+ 205998 [logancapaldo] Ruby 1.9 lets blocks take blocks like define_method(:meth) { |*args,
+ 205999 [nobu ruby-la] Using 1.9.
  206122 [robert.dober] and it seems to make it into Ruby2 since June
  206141 [freese acm.o] I am suprised that the blocks will work in such a way.
  206161 [rick.denatal] That first example is a change from 1.8

^ [SUMMARY] Chip-8 (#88)
206007 [james graypr] As some of you may know, the annual ICFP contest was just two weekends ago and

^ Insertion problems with Opera
206019 [schdewwn gma] as I couldn't figure out how to post to the Ruby Spinoffs forum

^ PDF::Writer Table of Contents problem
206025 [lepage gmail] I am having some problems with the PDF::Writer gem. I cannot get the
206028 [halostatue g] I'm pretty sure that I replied and I indicated that I was on vacation
206031 [lepage gmail] Hey Austin,
206033 [halostatue g] If you can send me the code (off-list), I will try to figure it out

^ Creating Classes at runtime
206032 [stodavid stu] this is my first post and allready a nifty question ;-)
+ 206037 [gboyer gmail] module ClassGenerator
| 206038 [gboyer gmail] ClassGenerator.generate_new_class(:MyInt, Fixnum)
+ 206039 [logancapaldo] Object.const_set("MyInt", Class.new(Fixnum))
+ 206040 [pollak gmail] David,
  206045 [stodavid stu] Thank you David ;-)
  206051 [stodavid stu] it works like this (just copy and paste)
  206053 [ara.t.howard] <snip positive impl>
  206091 [robert.dober] Hmm but that still leaves the OP's  question unanswered, how can I  create
  206104 [ara.t.howard] i think we've come full circle, but you can do
  206116 [robert.dober] Thx I scr**** up on this one, thaught I had tested it. Defenitly nicer than

^ Re: For performance, fix the Java program
206036 [igouy yahoo.] 1) Over the past 3 or 4 days, people have said what's wrong with the
+ 206041 [peter semant] So far the only language that has come close to running as fast as the C
| + 206047 [igouy yahoo.] So you don't know enough Java?
| + 206061 [headius head] My original two emails about the Java version described *in detail* what
| | 206062 [headius head] That didn't come through right...too-smart copying and pasting on Firefox's
| + 206150 [kristof vlee] Why would you want to store all this data?  If you want to store the 7x7
| + 206377 [igouy yahoo.] -snip-
|   206395 [jon ffconsul] Only if by "vanilla" you mean optimised Java.
|   + 206409 [enebo acm.or] Did you look at Isaac's implementation?  It is almost exactly the same it
|   | + 206423 [jon ffconsul] Yes.
|   | | 206426 [igouy yahoo.] -snip-
|   | | 206434 [jon ffconsul] Sure, the naive implementations in other languages are doing silly things as
|   | | 206442 [igouy yahoo.] afaict none of the OCaml implementations work with the data created by
|   | | 206488 [jon ffconsul] The authors couldn't be bothered because it is easier to generate that data
|   | + 206439 [perrin apoth] Not to get embroiled in a nascent flamewar, or anything, but . . .
|   | | 206976 [jon ffconsul] Precisely.
|   | | 207397 [rick.denatal] It reminds me of Mark Twain's observation about how stupid the French
|   | + 206738 [peter semant] [peterhickman]$ javac -version
|   + 206410 [igouy yahoo.] What things in that program do you consider optimizations?
+ 206147 [jon ffconsul] Post your code here.
  206152 [igouy yahoo.] No.
  206159 [jon ffconsul] Curiously the two Java implementations on Peter's site perform the same on
  + 206164 [igouy yahoo.] You're probably doing something wrong.
  | 206170 [jon ffconsul] Other people have posted not entirely dissimilar timings for Java and I'm
  | 206172 [igouy yahoo.] Peter Hickman's measurements were displayed on his website before you
  + 206178 [headius head] Java is not slow.

^ remote require
206042 [transfire gm] I know there are other solutions to this out there. Just wanted to
206046 [schapht gmai] I think this would make a really nice gem.  I love the idea!  Maybe a
206587 [transfire gm] instead of md5 for greater security -- good idea. I'm not sure how to
206634 [sgentle gmai] I'd imagine your best bet here would be to use RSA or something
206759 [transfire gm] I'm not as sure, albeit I'm not experienced enough to to certain. Could
206772 [sgentle gmai] Well, essentially the way it works is the author of a module would

^ DRb on Windows Wants to Be Touched
206043 [keith oreill] Hey,
206048 [ara.t.howard] the program run requires stdin.  reopen 'stdin' to 'nul' (or whatever it is in

^ *** POSSIBLE ISSUE with Ruby 1-click Installer for Windows 1.84-20**
206052 [dominique.pl] I wanted to move from Ruby 1.8.2 to Ruby 1.8.4 on this windows machine.
206058 [chris.hulan ] There is a bug

^ Im having a hard time learning ruby.
206054 [breakingsoft] For starters, just do you know where Im coming from: I have little to
+ 206055 [chiology gma] Do you have the Pick-Axe (Programming Ruby from the Pragmatic
+ 206071 [perrin apoth] That seems to be a common problem for languages I like: discoverability
+ 206082 [Paul.vanDels] Oh man, you have just described my recent experiences to a T. Although it's not
+ 206088 [billk cts.co] irb --noreadline
  206096 [chiology gma] But, really, with all of this frustration... it's better than the
  206113 [perrin apoth] Yes.  For my purposes, irb is a lot more convenient -- but it sure is a

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=
206057 [yesmar speak] Just read this: http://www.rubycentral.com/book/
206059 [sambient gma] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=
206074 [m_goldberg a] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=
206075 [leslieviljoe] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=
206085 [schapht gmai] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=
206103 [schapht gmai] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=
206106 [2006 howell.] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=
+ 206111 [2006 howell.] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=
+ 206491 [gwtmp01 mac.] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=

^ [ANN] RuportDay2006: A day of fun, prizes, and reporting software!
206060 [gregory.t.br] This is one of those ideas that I can't decide if it's crazy or

^ Re: New Ruby Culture T-Shirts!
206077 [w_a_x_man ya] I see
206079 [rick.denatal] On the other hand collect is an old friend to old Smalltalker's like me.
206090 [chiology gma] Thanks for the suggestion. I'll make sure to add the #map version as
206145 [chiology gma] There you go! Now you have some (1..10).map action going on! The
206165 [phurley gmai] While I can appreciate the method to proc oddness, I think expressions
206167 [rick.denatal] Better to change those to
206464 [hawkman.gelo] i would like to see a "Real men use Ruby"
208103 [Eric.Armstro] That got me thinking of "R" expressions. Maybe
208109 [chiology gma] Ruby Is Righteous
208155 [transfire gm] I thought it was a racoon.
208226 [chiology gma] Well, I did go back and make a new design that had a Tanuki (Japanese
208705 [Eric.Armstro] Good move, that. And the Tanuki really looks good.

^ Re: I'm having a hard time learning ruby.
206086 [sethrasmusse] Don't forget ri!
+ 206089 [breakingsoft] Cool; thanks for all the feedback--excellent info.
| + 206095 [Thomas.Mark ] And as for method completion, I believe Komodo will do that
| + 206099 [phurley gmai] Also as you come from a Win32 background, rdoc (the tool used to
| + 206101 [leslieviljoe] Something else that helps with that is Google Desktop. It can index
|   206102 [ihatespam ro] This is, perhaps, your biggest hurdle, in my opinion.  As much as I love
|   + 206110 [perrin apoth] It is if you wget it and can use grep fairly well.  If you're on
|   + 206112 [leslieviljoe] On 8/3/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
+ 206093 [harish.tmh g] hope some of these help
+ 206100 [Paul.vanDels] /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/rdoc/ri/ri_formatter.rb:46: warning: (...) interpreted as grouped

^ Re: =?windows-1252?Q?I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning?= =?windows-1252?Q?_ruby=2E?=
206094 [james.britt ] I'm always glad to hear when someone finds the site helpful.  But I do
206121 [TimHunter nc] I think the 2nd Edition of Hal Fulton's _The Ruby Way_ is going to help
206212 [shortcutter ] Here's what I do frequently: enter the text in the editor and then paste

^ large gnome::canvas problem
206105 [hagi00 gmail] I have a little problem with displaying items in 'big' canvas, test

^ Non-greediness in a regex - need some help verifying syntax
206107 [weyus att.ne] All,
206109 [robert.dober] Hmmm I fail to reproduce the problem is there  nothing missing between

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Re:_I=92m_having_a_hard_time_learning_ruby.?=
206108 [rsanheim gma] [ snip ]

^ Re: Non-greediness in a regex - need some help verifying syn
206117 [weyus att.ne] I realized I made an error when I did the original post.
+ 206123 [m_goldberg a] I'm not exactly an expert on regexs, to say the least, but I
| 206126 [collinsj sea] No, that's not true. .*? It will match whatever it needs to get to the
+ 206277 [martin snowp] Almost.
  206290 [weyus att.ne] Daniel,