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^ cgi::session
204882 [tallison tac] how are you supposed to delete the session data from the server?
239839 [danhale us.i] I had exactly the same problem.  All the docs show clearing individual

^ to_i vs. to_int
204890 [usenet zevv.] ...
204898 [surrender_it] short names (to_x) are for common programmer use.
204901 [dblack wobbl] What's a use case for to_int?  I was thinking of this classic to_str
+ 204902 [decoux moulo] ...
| 204903 [dblack wobbl] Interesting.  What's the rationale for not doing the conversion for +
| 204930 [surrender_it] => #<Object:0x2c103a0>
| 204977 [aleks0 gmail] We actually gabbed on this topic a bit recently.  See the second half
| 204979 [surrender_it] Oh, I missed this, thank you
+ 204904 [m_goldberg a] However,
  204907 [dblack wobbl] True, but it works the same with to_i, as opposed to the string one

^ many many warnings...
204896 [tallison tac] /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/cgi/session.rb:312: warning: instance variable
204941 [nobu ruby-la] Does this make it gentle?
205003 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, can you check in?

^ Loop Timing and Constant Input
204906 [picklegnome ] How can I make a loop that runs at, say, 8Hz? That is, every 1/8 of a
+ 204916 [w_a_x_man ya] span = 1.0 / 8
+ 205341 [Eric.Armstro] For a platform independent operation, I recently
  + 205354 [m_goldberg a] I, too, have been looking into Curses. And I agree with what you say
  + 205431 [james graypr] Would the standard io/wait library work for this?  It adds a ready?()
  | 205582 [Eric.Armstro] ooohhhh. Dude! You're giving me chills!
  | + 205584 [ara.t.howard] $stdin.eof? == maybe
  | + 205588 [james graypr] That's the one, yes.
  + 205878 [_mwryder wor] O'Reilly published "Programming with curses" in 1991 if you can find a

^ Does WideStudio require a special ruby build?
204912 [seannakasone] I installed the latest version of Ruby and WideStudio (Ruby 1.8.4 and
204943 [nobu ruby-la] What's your platform and how did you installed them?
205067 [seannakasone] Windows XP.
205126 [nobu ruby-la] What's the platform of WideStudio version ruby?
205325 [seannakasone] ruby 1.8.0 (2003-10-06) [i386-mingw32]
205343 [seannakasone] Ok, I think I figured it out.  Building WideStudio/Ruby apps requires
205427 [nobu ruby-la] Congraturation.
205485 [seannakasone] ok thanks for your help.

^ Miscellanous Language Ranting (was Re: For performance, write it in C - Part 2, comparing C, Ruby and Java)
204915 [znmeb cesmai] I don't think I've ever needed lexical closures. The structure of most
+ 204921 [perrin apoth] That's kind of a specious argument.  Similarly, one never really needs
| 204950 [znmeb cesmai] I can't remember the last time I used a case statement. It was probably
| 204954 [perrin apoth] Why?  Why not just remember that it's a separate language?  I've
| + 204956 [znmeb cesmai] I learn for two reasons ... either because I need to or because I want
| | + 204959 [perrin apoth] What does that have to do with "unlearning" Perl?
| | + 205062 [igouy yahoo.] -snip-
| + 204957 [pat.eyler gm] etc., etc., etc.
+ 205049 [perrin apoth] 1. Sorry to hear you have to make your money primarily by writing PHP

^ [ANN] RubyScript2Exe 0.5.0
204918 [erikveen gma] I just released RubyScript2Exe 0.5.0.
204933 [leslieviljoe] Thanks for your work! These scripts are extremely useful!

^ gems install - sans docs?
204939 [tallison tac] Something can't be right....
204942 [drbrain segm] Use gemri unless you have 1.8.5p1 or newer installed.
204994 [tallison tac] That was very helpful.  Thank you.
205017 [chadfowler g] require 'rubygems'

^ not sure what is wrong. seems to look right to me
204951 [junkone roge] class ReportBuilder
204953 [ben benatkin] ...
204955 [hal9000 hype] Basically right.

^ How to Create a New File
204960 [skillet3232 ] let's say I want to create a new file named new_file.txt.  how do i do
+ 204961 [hhausman gma] File.open( 'new_file.txt', 'w' ) {|file| file.write( 'yo' )}
| 204968 [skillet3232 ] thanks, everyone.
+ 204962 [wrecklass1 g] f = File.open("new_file.txt","w")
+ 204966 [m_goldberg a] This is just golfing, and I should be ashamed of myself, but
| 204969 [perrin apoth] Whee, CLI obfu.  Well, something potentially useful for it, anyway.
+ 204970 [skillet3232 ] i know why my initial attempt was mucked up...
  204972 [hal9000 hype] Um, no... that's not a nono. :)

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 0.8
204967 [skurapat ucs] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. It lets you create

^ TCPSocket and RFC 821
204975 [satish.talim] I wanted to send an email from my desktop using a simple Ruby program.
+ 204997 [garbagecat10] t.puts "\r\n.\r\n"
| 204998 [garbagecat10] ...
+ 205044 [ysantoso-rub] t.puts "test email from ruby\r\n"
+ 205066 [garbagecat10] Ok, so obviously you're not sending a normal RFC-822 header here. Is it
  205111 [satish.talim] ...
  + 205122 [ysantoso-rub] /tmp $ ruby try.rb
  | 205133 [satish.talim] ...
  | 205232 [ysantoso-rub] Could it be that the SMTP server (relay or not), does a running
  | 205318 [satish.talim] ...
  + 205135 [garbagecat10] What happens if you simply telnet to the SMTP server and enter all of
    205141 [satish.talim] ...
    205149 [garbagecat10] What does "got stuck" mean? Did it give an error message? Did it close
    205152 [satish.talim] ...
    205168 [garbagecat10] DATA
    205170 [satish.talim] ...
    205176 [garbagecat10] Use EHLO instead of HELO.

^ [ANN] Composite Keys 0.3.3
204984 [drnicwilliam] Composite Primary Keys for ActiveRecords

^ (none)
204987 [KMichek sezn] How should I call eval from member function that binds to global context?

^ eval bind
204988 [KMichek sezn] How should I call eval from member function that binds to global context?
+ 204989 [jan.svitok g] There is the TOPLEVEL_BINDING, although I don't if it will help you.
| 204991 [KMichek sezn] That works great. Thanks
+ 204990 [ mfp acm.org] When the "var" String is eval()ed, var="" has already been parsed. Ruby

^ keystroke logger
204992 [derek_haskin] I wanted to look at writing a key logger type

^ Win32 API Callbacks
204999 [okesly hotma] I want to write a Windows network audio program in pure Ruby. However,
+ 205013 [logancapaldo] You might be able to get away with using RubyInline to create the
+ 205129 [nobu ruby-la] DL might help you.
  205512 [okesly hotma] Thanks very much, i'll give them both ago.

^ mimic File.open pattern
205000 [uval rz.uni-] open is singleton method of File and can be used in two ways
+ 205007 [shortcutter ] You're missing the cleanup part when called with a block.  The crucial
+ 205008 [daniel.schie] First off, you can make it more efficient if your use `yield' instead of
  205065 [TimHunter nc] There's no need to golf this. There's a well-known idiom for coding
  205072 [daniel.schie] I don't think the original post mentioned that the resource needed to be

^ what is the scope of this object
205006 [uval rz.uni-] irb(main):001:0>
205010 [shortcutter ] It's a local variable that goes out of scope when the class body is
+ 205015 [flori nixe.p] First I thought the same. But running the following (even without IRB)
| 205018 [decoux moulo] ...
| 205019 [flori nixe.p] Ah, I see. If this happens in a required file, it's garbage collected
+ 205096 [uval rz.uni-] ok, I understand. They are used in the same way as any local variable.
  + 205103 [flori nixe.p] Q.instance_variable_get :@x # => 1
  + 205105 [dblack wobbl] ...
    205247 [uval rz.uni-] thx, that make sense :)

^ rubygems configuration
205011 [dhaskew eart] I used darwin ports to install ruby, rubygems, and apparently a few
205016 [chadfowler g] RubyGems install.  You might want to remove and reinstall that.  If
205025 [dhaskew eart] ./
205029 [dhaskew eart] ...
205031 [dhaskew eart] perhaps the gem was installed in the wrong place somehow?
205034 [dhaskew eart] sources-0.0.1.gem

^ Pune Ruby web site / blog / wiki and Pune Rails Hackathon
205012 [vasudevram g] News - http://jugad.livejournal.com/2006/07/28/ - about the Pune Ruby
205014 [vasudevram g] Forgot to mention: The Pune Ruby group also has a Ruby meet each month,

^ saving objects to files
205027 [turtlethief ] Is there a way to save an object (say, a hash map) to a file, and then
+ 205033 [farrel.lifso] ...
+ 205035 [shortcutter ] Marshal and YAML are the easiest.  Depending on your need you might want

^ Proof if a File exsists
205032 [Jonathan.Hei] I want to proof if a File exsist. I just realize this by
+ 205036 [shortcutter ] robert
+ 205119 [dido.sevilla] Actually it's File.exist?(file). There's a whole slew of these file

^ [QUIZ SOLUTION] #88 Chip-8
205041 [its.sec gmx.] ...
+ 205093 [its.sec gmx.] Well, I just read my code again, and noticed that I did screw up. An instruction is
+ 205186 [james graypr] puts() will add a newline character, if it's not already at the end
| 205278 [its.sec gmx.] What bugs me a little bit is that the jmp-code isn't quite right. If i
+ 205285 [james graypr] There have been much better solutions, but for the sake of

^ [Solution] [QUIZ] Chip-8 (#88)
205045 [boris.prinz ] I initialize the registers with zeroes, because it simplifies unit-
205050 [alexandru gl] [Solution] [QUIZ] Chip-8 (#88)

^ [SoC][ANN] Ruby Reports 0.4.19 Released
205051 [gregory.t.br] = Ruby Reports 0.4.19 : The "Robber Baron" Edition =
205242 [skurapat ucs] a.as_text   would be easier to read and type
+ 205244 [ben benatkin] ...
+ 205259 [gregory.t.br] On the DataSet class, we have things like to_csv, and to_html
  205265 [skurapat ucs] Agreed. method_missing is certainly the best approach.
  205279 [gregory.t.br] This implementation is fine, I just have a slightly different design in mind.
  205280 [gregory.t.br] Found a bug in yours and a redundancy in mine.  When using

^ RubyConf*MI 2006!
205052 [zdennis mkte] Announcing RubyConf*MI!

^ Fwd: CHIP-8 Solution
205055 [james graypr] ...

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
205056 [james graypr] ...
205165 [martin snowp] Well who knew they'd have easily accessible wireless within spitting

^ strange difference between irb and ruby
205057 [naPOLeon.Pol] I'm a just beginner to ruby and impressed by the possibility to test
+ 205087 [w_a_x_man ya] w is already a string.
| 205173 [naPOLeon.Pol] Thanks William and Stefan,
+ 205089 [langstefan g] "gets" might not do exactly what you think it does...

^ Ruby Executable Issues
205058 [skillet3232 ] i'm creating a program and i'd like it to run as a standalone
+ 205091 [nahteecirp g] ...
+ 205161 [erikveen gma] If the author of RubyScript2Exe says that it can be used to

^ Re: Chip-8 (#88)
205059 [Doug.Fort gm] require 'logger'

^ Ruby/Rails User Groups in Southern California
205061 [shodson gmai] If you live in Orange County, California, USA, please come join us at

^ Help for reader for NETGEAR DG834GT
205071 [rateo.mensil] I don't find the error
205226 [rateo.mensil] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Howto Delete 3 Leftmost Characters
205075 [skillet3232 ] i'm sure this is easy, but i've gone through Pickaxe's string methods,
+ 205077 [w_a_x_man ya] irb(main):001:0> s="#ip"
| + 205078 [Nuralanur ao] ...
| + 205084 [skillet3232 ] William, thanks.  when i follow your approach, i get your result via
|   205086 [dblack wobbl] f.to_s.slice! ...
+ 205080 [shortcutter ] ip = nil
+ 205082 [zoso foton.e] But you're probably better off using regular expressions instead of fixed
| + 205088 [perrin apoth] Actually, the best text I've ever had the pleasure to read for learning
| + 205090 [skillet3232 ] Esteban, and all - thank you.
| | + 205092 [skillet3232 ] actually, this isn't true so i  still have to use the strip method.
| | | + 205094 [Nuralanur ao] ...
| | | + 205205 [zoso foton.e] ...
| | + 205095 [w_a_x_man ya] file_name = 'current_ip.txt'
| + 205106 [jp jeffpritc] Reading this explanation of the regexp that was provided reminded me
| | 205108 [TimHunter nc] Sounds like a Ruby Quiz to me!
| + 205128 [martindemell] A prettier looking form, in this case, is
|   205156 [perrin apoth] s = "#ip"
+ 205098 [uval rz.uni-] irb(main):022:0> "abcdeg".sub(/.../, "")
  205101 [skillet3232 ] thanks everyone - this whole discussion has been enlightening for this

^ Setting precision in Ruby-GSL calculations ?
205076 [Nuralanur ao] ...
+ 205081 [znmeb cesmai] If m = u*s*v.transposed, what does m.transposed equal? Isn't it
| 205085 [Nuralanur ao] ...
| 205097 [znmeb cesmai] [,1] [,2]
| 205100 [znmeb cesmai] Oh ... I see what's up now. m is 3x2. Thus its rank must be 2 or less.
+ 205099 [yoshiki9 mac] Which library do you use? There are two extensions,
  205104 [znmeb cesmai] R and Ruby/GSL agree ... that's a good sign they're both right. :)

^ Re: For performance, write it in C
205079 [YKloubakov f] Is not it simple and obvious that for the complete picture you need

^ Re: Heredocs and white space
205083 [fprimus uxb.] It works then because "HEREDOC" is equal to "HEREDOC", when the space at

^ Array#permutate
205102 [uval rz.uni-] this is my handmade Array#permutate function
205164 [martin snowp] Well, aside from using a better algorithm (e.g. Djikstra's), we can
+ 205312 [Rob AgileCon] ...
+ 205314 [Rob AgileCon] You could look at http://permutation.rubyforge.org/

^ Regexp::English (was: Re: Howto Delete 3 Leftmost Characters)
205109 [dblack wobbl] Yes, Florian Gross has, though I don't know how complete it is (this

^ almost there
205110 [dhaskew eart] So, after a little sweat and hair pulling, I almost have a functional
205114 [pbooth marke] I installed in the following order and had no problems, and did no
205115 [dhaskew eart] where is "rubyopt=gems definition" defined?

^ Unable to install Gems with RubyGems on Intel OSX with DarwinPorts
205112 [bianster gma] ...
205113 [dharple gene] There was a very recent thread on this topic [1]. I suggest
205177 [bianster gma] ...

^ Question regarding postings in comp.lang.ruby
205116 [_mwryder wor] Why do I sometimes see replies to posts in this group but not the
205193 [james graypr] This could be an issue with the gateway script between mailing list
+ 205238 [surrender_it] I just noticed this too, for example I can read ruby-talk:204879 (
| 205282 [james graypr] I'm on the mailing list and as you can see from the links above it
+ 205267 [_mwryder wor] If you look at the Challenge thread in the newsgroup it appears the
  + 205281 [_mwryder wor] Part of the reason I asked this question is that I see posts that I
  + 205283 [james graypr] You're telling me that you are missing these two messages, right?
    + 205284 [james graypr] Sorry for the confusion.
    | 205303 [fred lacave.] And
    | 205305 [james graypr] Excellent catch Fred!
    | + 205380 [fred lacave.] Heh.  I had to do it for a small project of mine [1] and I used the
    | + 205410 [chneukirchen] No, just make the ruby-talk list reject HTML messages as soon as possible.
    |   205417 [bitdoger2 ya] ...i know this is a little off topic...but i went to ruby-forum.com to
    |   205423 [asbradbury t] The best way to search the list archives is either through searching
    |   205435 [rsanheim gma] Or use Gmane, which has a decent web interface.  The interface at
    |   + 205439 [james graypr] Wow, I don't think I have ever seen the words "Gmane" and "decent" in
    |   | 205446 [rsanheim gma] Compared to one at http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/, its definitely "decent". =)
    |   + 205475 [collinsj sea] Hovering over them tells you what they do ;)
    |     205495 [rsanheim gma] Yeah, I know - but a good UI is one where you don't have to hover and
    |     205537 [perrin apoth] . . . to say nothing of the fact that not everyone in the world uses
    + 205288 [james graypr] I looked into this but lacked the log information I needed to track
      205293 [_mwryder wor] It seems to be a problem with the postings with certain users.  If one