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^ The Ruby/ERB way to do this?
204285 [pbooth marke] the following? It's probably a Ruby basics question.
204299 [jeff.barczew] Not sure if I totally understand your question, but I'll try to help.
204304 [pbooth marke] Thanks for taking the time to reply. Using a variable of require is a good
204327 [jeff.barczew] Well a couple of ideas there.

^ String#chop slow?  REALLY slow?
204292 [schapht gmai] I just did a quick benchmark to prove something to myself.  But I'd
+ 204295 [ara.t.howard] Rehearsal --------------------------------------------
| 204300 [schapht gmai] Now that's interesting.  I wonder why the rehearsal and the real run
+ 204301 [chris.hulan ] Rehearsal --------------------------------------------
+ 204302 [lists v2stud] RubyMate r4106 running Ruby v1.8.4 (/usr/local/bin/ruby)
| 204306 [lists v2stud] RubyMate r4106 running Ruby v1.8.4 (/usr/local/bin/ruby)
| 204323 [lists v2stud] Speaking of catching typos, I apparently went too happy with my de-
+ 204303 [Daniel.Berge] As someone else pointed out, you'll probably want to use String#chop! for
+ 204308 [jake.mcarthu] String#chomp would probably be a better idea for this, but that's OT
| 204870 [chneukirchen] And that's the reason why it's slower... it always dups the string, while
+ 204310 [sean.ohalpin] Rehearsal --------------------------------------------
| 205840 [steven lumos] Indexing allocates a new string.  It has to since (1) Ruby strings are
+ 204316 [vikkous gmai] bigstring[0..-2]
  204318 [schapht gmai] You're totally right!  [0..-1] is the same string.  Thanks for the

^ Learn to Program - Solutions?
204296 [pixelnate gm] Is there some place that I can solutions to the exercises in the Learn
+ 204298 [james graypr] Refresh my memory on what that exercise is and I'm happy to give a
| 204309 [pixelnate gm] Refresh my memory on what that exercise is and I'm happy to give a
| + 204333 [sambient gma] Nate,
| + 204349 [w_a_x_man ya] toc = ['Table of Contents', 'Chapter 1', 'Getting Started',
| | 204353 [pixelnate gm] Thank you. I think you have some things in there that hadn't yet been
| | 204357 [sambient gma] Nate, my version does not.  I followed the book along.
| | 204367 [pixelnate gm] I am afraid I don't follow you.
| + 204370 [james graypr] I see you are already getting some hints, but here's another.  You
|   204371 [pixelnate gm] Yes, it does. I could have sworn I had seen that, but I couldn't find
+ 205881 [pablo tejada] I just finished chapter 9 and here is my version of the program.
  205888 [pixelnate gm] Thanks, Pablo. I think what was throwing me off is that all of the

^ Slow regular expressions :(
204307 [roman.hausne] I am disappointed to learn that Ruby obviously implements yet another
+ 204313 [lists v2stud] Ruby 1.9 uses a different regex engine, oniguruma. Not sure if it
+ 204320 [kmgaughan ei] Ah, now while I'm not saying that Ruby's regex engine is slow--it
+ 204321 [vikkous gmai] If you take out the first \s* (or move it outside the parens), the
| + 204331 [Daniel.Berge] It would take too long and I'm tired.  Jeffrey Friedl's "Mastering Regular
| | 204388 [gene.tani gm] ...
| | 204390 [gene.tani gm] (give credt where credit due)  this blog pointed to Ilya Z explanation
| + 204372 [roman.hausne] No. I am not looking for help on regular expressions here and I know
|   204387 [w_a_x_man ya] I.e., "No, I won't take out the first \s* (or move it outside the
|   204404 [ihatespam ro] This attitude is noted, below...
|   204419 [billk cts.co] Is it worth noting that the article at
|   + 204434 [ihatespam ro] It is not clear cut to me, either, and yes, it is worth noting that
|   | + 204440 [perrin apoth] Just a quick pseudo-cultural note . . .
|   | + 204442 [alexandru gl] No offence, but who stops you from using Perl :) ?!?
|   | | + 204449 [roman.hausne] How often do you want to repeat embarrassing yourself here by showing
|   | | + 204457 [ihatespam ro] Your claim of not wanting to offend is questionable; see below...
|   | | | 204468 [foamdino gma] If regexp stuff matter so much in the course of your programming for
|   | | + 204473 [_mwryder wor] What's wrong with people wanting to improve a language?  Fortran
|   | |   204491 [alexandru gl] Nothing. In this case however we are not talking about improving,
|   | |   + 204514 [pedro pedroc] I don't talk to my programming language nearly as much, though perhaps
|   | |   + 204551 [roman.hausne] First, you are misunderstanding the extend of the problem if you think
|   | |   | 204571 [kristof vlee] If you really need to create such complicated regexps, then maybe regexps
|   | |   + 204647 [_mwryder wor] So you are saying that Ruby should only be used by those who can craft a
|   | |   | 204650 [perrin apoth] Well, that's not exactly fair to languages in which you can write the
|   | |   + 204658 [ihatespam ro] So, you're against "defensive programming?"  Routines that check their
|   | + 204680 [Eric.Armstro] That's a comment worth highlighting, and keeping.
|   + 204438 [roman.hausne] The important point is that the performance penalty is linear: those
+ 204341 [w_a_x_man ya] Here's the way to do it.
+ 204359 [martin snowp] Just a note that there are some patterns where I found (in my tests,

^ How would I store data to a server?
204334 [gwazy zigg.u] What would be the best way to store data to a remote database like
204340 [khaines enig] You absolutely do not have to use Rails to do this.
204342 [gwazy zigg.u] Ok what I am attempting to figure out is; I want to have a gtk windows,
+ 204347 [khaines enig] I'm sure people can suggest many ways to get you there.  A quick and easy
+ 204350 [jan.svitok g] 1. for mysql, there is a c binding and pure ruby binding AFAIK. for

^ PDF::Writer memory error
204336 [john.sikorsk] I'm trying to use PDF::Writer to generate a PDF version of a phone list
204374 [halostatue g] I don't have any suggestions right now, but you may want to check the
204787 [john.sikorsk] In case anyone is interested, I found a work around for this problem.

^ How to use rdoc parsers outside of rdoc?
204343 [Paul.vanDels] I want to parse some source code using the parsers that come with rdoc. E.g. use

^ Prevent class instantiation from the initialize method?
204344 [dmihalik toa] Can some show me how to implement this java program using Ruby?
+ 204346 [jake.mcarthu] This seems like a bad idea. I can think of no good reason to do this.
| 204382 [dmihalik toa] I am trying to handle any errors that may occur in the initialize
+ 204348 [lopx gazeta.] class Testclass
+ 204351 [M.B.Smillie ] Because it's always going to execute that inner begin...end block.  I
  204361 [dmihalik toa] I am trying to determine how my program should handle errors in the
  204380 [alex blackke] <snip pseudocode>

^ FeedTools
204354 [ray.c.chen g] Can someone verify for me that feedtools is incorrectly parsing
204377 [michael.moen] Ray- it seems to be working for me, though if you picked up a new
204398 [ray.c.chen g] Thanks a lot you guys.  It seems that that specific problem was solved
+ 204405 [vacindak gma] There isn't one.  You need Python for that.
+ 204441 [dev-random a] irb(main):001:0> require 'rubygems'
  204450 [ray.c.chen g] I'm not sure exactly how to use auto-discovery since I use my own
  204523 [vacindak gma] If FeedTools fails to parse it checks the mime-type of the thing it

^ Newbie question: Working with iso-8859-1 files in Ruby
204364 [peter.krantz] I am trying to load and parse text files with various encodings. Some
204452 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Peter,

^ converting some autogenerated ruby code to C
204365 [eric.mahurin] One of the next things I want to do in my grammar package is to give
+ 204368 [Daniel.Berge] Couldn't you start with Ruby, see how it performs, and add C support
| 204548 [eric.mahurin] I've already have a pure ruby solution.  There are a couple reasons I
| 204552 [ara.t.howard] why not just use ruby-inline?  it's probably the easiest way to generate c
| 204592 [pat.eyler gm] well, Ruby2C generates C from Ruby .. RubyInline lets you put some C
+ 204803 [drbrain segm] Well, we don't have any examples yet.  We're still driving features
| 205117 [eric.mahurin] Thanks Eric.  This pointed me in the right direction.
| + 205253 [drbrain segm] This is how we've defined our subset.  C doesn't have bignums or blocks.
| + 205274 [dbatml gmx.d] You could try Ruby2CExtension (http://ruby2cext.rubyforge.org/), it is
|   205287 [eric.mahurin] Thanks Dominik,
|   205295 [dbatml gmx.d] Yes, rb_funcall seems to be slow. That's exactly what the public builtin
|   205304 [eric.mahurin] Cool.  I have not tried any of your stuff yet.  I'm not at my ruby
|   205574 [dbatml gmx.d] That's what I thought and I meant that you should generate the code at
+ 208269 [philtomson g] Does this mean that new versions of Grammar will be released in the
  208299 [eric.mahurin] Yep.  I haven't done a checkin to CVS in a while though.  I've been fairly

^ GDK#create_cairo_context not found
204369 [farrel.lifso] What version of rcairo, and ruby-gnome2 do I need to have
204500 [anne wjh.har] do you get the same error in irb when you type
204508 [farrel.lifso] Nope cairo loads fine. It just seems that the GDK::Drawable object
204580 [mutoh highwa] Your sample works on my machine.
+ 204706 [farrel.lifso] I solved the problem I had to re-install the ruby/gtk2 bindings after
| 204718 [anne wjh.har] So it is an install problem.
| 204731 [farrel.lifso] It helped me that I built ruby/gtk2 after I had installed rcairo.
+ 204707 [anne wjh.har] With a little help, I managed to compile cairo on my OS X such that irb
  204805 [mutoh highwa] It seems no problem from your mkmf.log.
  204873 [anne wjh.har] that is correct
  204876 [mutoh highwa] You must have "gtk2.so" anywhere. Find it and remove all of "gtk2.so".
  204926 [anne wjh.har] from what I read .so is an extension for a shared library.
  205022 [anne wjh.har] Victory!!!!

^ OT: Wish I were coding in Ruby...
204373 [greg.kujawa ] instead of wearing my other hat. As network admin I am forced to
+ 204375 [ben benatkin] Greg,
+ 204376 [brianm apach] Ruby talks COM really nicely...
| 204378 [greg.kujawa ] True. I also have thrown together some things that perform tasks such
| 204408 [wrecklass1 g] Yea, huh, that does sound boring. Fortunately I have a pretty
+ 204411 [ara.t.howard] i'm preparing to migrate 30 satellite years of data from one archive to
  204488 [greg.kujawa ] That does sound like quite an operation. Everyone has their cross to
  204493 [robert.dober] Both of you you have all my sympathie, but just an idea for the future, if

^ RSS Guid Field
204379 [james graypr] Can anyone give me a hint on the syntax for adding a guid field while
204983 [kou cozmixng] In <6791A787-6B59-4BB5-A009-6E575475D443@grayproductions.net>
205233 [james graypr] Setting the guid only works in RSS 2.0?  Does that mean it's not
205315 [kou cozmixng] Yes.
205337 [james graypr] You helped me fix my script.  Thank you very much.

^ Help with beginner code
204383 [markbaltes g] searching I've decided to learn while using Ruby. I'm using the Chris
204384 [w_a_x_man ya] daysalive = myage.to_i * daysinyear
204386 [markbaltes g] Thank you so much! I learned a lot from that.

^ [ANN] Polite Strings
204385 [pollak gmail] Do you have ActiveRecord classes that contain strings?

^ What to use binding for?
204389 [has.sox gmai] There was a post a couple of days ago that included a call to binding
204427 [gene.tani gm] ...
204651 [tom helmetst] Looking at Jim Weirich's article on writing a local variable swap method
204785 [has.sox gmai] a = Object.new     #=> #<Object:0x2c64540>

^ Equivalent of perl's \Q in regexps?
204391 [simon.baird ] marker = '***'
+ 204392 [danielbaird ] regex = %r{^\s*[a-z]}
| 204402 [danielbaird ] No no, silly me that won't help.. you'd still have to escape the
+ 204400 [logancapaldo] Just guessing but I believe you want
  204415 [simon.baird ] Cool. It works. Thanks

^ Re: Mongoose 0.2.5 - The "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" release
204393 [GFunk913 gma] Got another question for you, if you don't mind sparing a couple
+ 204399 [logancapaldo] It's a (semi-)relation db. Store the array as a set of rows.
+ 204401 [jcribbs netp] Logan already gave you one way to do this, and, probably from a purely
  204406 [GFunk913 gma] Yup, I understand i could relational-ize the array, it was a bad
  + 204407 [GFunk913 gma] Specifies that the attribute by the name of attr_name should be
  + 204425 [GFunk913 gma] FYI, from what I can tell, at least for the array (1..9).to_a, writing
    204487 [cribbsj oakw] I'll take a look at this over the weekend and see if I can get it working.
    204526 [GENIE prodig] That would be awesome.  I didn't mean to be "demanding" anything, you're
    204530 [cribbsj oakw] Hey, no problem.  I appreciate you taking the time to try out Mongoose
    204545 [GENIE prodig] I noticed that, actually did a search for "flatten," but I don't think
    204566 [logancapaldo] I'm pretty sure this is a case of Jamey being lazy (no offense Jamey
    204590 [cribbsj oakw] Oops!  Guilty as charged.  Ever since I switched to Ubuntu, the only
    204604 [Daniel.Berge] I wonder if we need to revisit the issue of making binmode the default.  I
    204615 [GENIE prodig] Yup, when you add the b flag, it works (mostly)
    204620 [cribbsj oakw] Did you get the email I sent to you directly?  I attached a test version
    204630 [GENIE prodig] I'll check out your e-mail, per our conversation off-list.

^ I try to use Exerb,but my exe failed to start..
204396 [nx2zdk gmail] and the output is watch1.exe

^ [ANN] August Phoenix Ruby Users Group Meeting
204410 [james.britt ] The Phoenix Ruby Users Group will hold its August meeting on Monday,
204414 [james.britt ] I lied.  That's Monday, August 14, 6:15pm.

^ About last night ...
204412 [znmeb cesmai] Now that I have your attention :) ... last night was FOSCON II -- Ruby
+ 204416 [headius head] I for one have been very disappointed with the limtations put on RubyConf
| + 204418 [znmeb cesmai] Clearly there *are* limitations ... it costs money to host a conference,
| + 204502 [dblack wobbl] Submissions started on June 1 and ended on June 30.  That's 29 days.
|   + 204506 [znmeb cesmai] Plus, at one point you almost had to beg for proposals. :)
|   + 204559 [headius head] It's certainly my fault if I only saw the "ten day warning email", but I've
+ 204417 [james.britt ] Yes, I know.  :(
| 204426 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... the 16 presenters will be there, and the conference organizers
| 204817 [rangerrick g] Well speaking as a recent convert (who finally subscribed to this list
| + 204821 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah ... that's the Lisp model. Fifty years old, IIRC, Lisp is. Lisp was
| + 204822 [billk cts.co] Welcome !
+ 204422 [pat.eyler gm] Wow, I'm not sure how I missed you.   Bummer.
| + 204429 [johnl johnla] As one of the FOSCON organizers, I'll chime in here.
| | 204433 [pat.eyler gm] Let me also point out that Rubyists in Michigan have already scheduled
| + 204431 [znmeb cesmai] I was (deliberately) being quiet and unobtrusive for the most part. If
|   204435 [pat.eyler gm] Ahh, ok.
|   204436 [james.britt ] Very much so.  And we can pay the writers now. :)
+ 204509 [dblack wobbl] Ya think? :-)
| + 204593 [tbray textua] Look at Java by way of comparison.  There are a ton of very good
| + 204814 [gsc omegadog] charset=US-ASCII;
| | + 204824 [james graypr] The language is just Ruby.  Or even ruby, if you are talking about
| | | 204867 [gsc omegadog] charset=US-ASCII;
| | + 204829 [headius head] Heck, I'm in, assuming I can't do the RubyConf thing. I'm not afraid of fire
| |   + 204830 [perrin apoth] Ditto -- barring life interfering, that's something I'd like to do.
| |   + 204895 [znmeb cesmai] I'd say at a mountain retreat near Denver in late October/early
| + 204842 [matchbo gmai] It is an interesting argument, that the Ruby community has grown, from
|   204897 [james.britt ] This may be a hold-over from  a pre-Internet world.
+ 204656 [garbagecat10] Regarding presentations: Selecting papers for a conference is basically
  + 204661 [chiology gma] I'm hoping we'll have a conference down here in the south-east for all
  + 204826 [james.britt ] Ruby Code & Style would be extremely interested in articles developed

^ Re: Polite Strings
204413 [abcdef1337 y] Do you like to ask rhetorical questions?

^ Howto ? :: Person is a customer
204428 [wallenberg g] Beginner question probably but I do not know how to do it correctly.
+ 204439 [jake.mcarthu] How about making Person#to_employee and Person#to_customer methods?
+ 204443 [james.britt ] "Type"?  What exactly do you mean by 'type'?
  204612 [ben iagu.net] If you mean class, you can do this (untested in irb)

^ locate
204437 [jeanclaude.h] I am a beginner in ruby.
+ 204446 [w_a_x_man ya] Use Win32::Console.
+ 204451 [nobu ruby-la] It very depends on the platform.  See examples in
  204464 [jeanclaude.h] Thank you, I am in Linux I'll try your suggestion.

^ Posting remote forms / Getting content off the web
204447 [at ap0s7le.c] I learned of Rails, and then Ruby and thought I'd much rather work with
204453 [mcobrien gma] Hey!
204454 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Casey,
204648 [at ap0s7le.c] Awesome, thank you Axel :)
204659 [Nuralanur ao] Casey,