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^ Gem install of rails fails - please help if you can
203964 [petethebloke] Can anyone tell me what's wrong here please?
204003 [schapht gmai] I'm not sure why it's throwing the error, but it looks like
204008 [petethebloke] Thanks Mat. I had tried that and it spat it out!

^ something strange about assignement
203966 [pere.noel la] valid_path=valid_string and (/^\/.*$/ === s)
203968 [vincent.four] and has got a much lower priority than anything else (including the
204015 [pere.noel la] i didn't know that point ))

^ gsub
203974 [tomas_fische] I have a string s= XXaaXX, in which i want to replace the last substring
+ 203976 [vincent.four] Would
| + 203981 [shugotenshi ] Alternatively you can reverse, sub, reverse, but I like Vince's way.
| | 203991 [robert.dober] [SNIP]
| + 203986 [james graypr] If that's for a single line string, drop the g and just use sub().
+ 203994 [tomas_fische] thanks for your solutions. But I've forgotten to mention, that r can
| 203997 [robert.dober] Well Thomas if your pattern is really at the end of the string you can use
+ 204037 [gusxedge gma] lookaheads built into your regular expression.
  204096 [robert.dober] Well that is nice ;)
  204135 [robert.dober] Sorry about yet another post, but  I think this  is noteworthy...
  204224 [robert.dober] and yet another

^ require_gem question
203988 [gibson_andre] Does require_gem also load all of the listed dependencies in the gem
204799 [drbrain segm] require_gem is only useful for picking a particular version of a

^ Driving Oracle sqlplus with open3
203989 [Daniel.Berge] Is it possible to drive Oracle's sqlplus (command line utility) with open3?
+ 204080 [Daniel.Berge] Some more digging reveals that I'm actually getting this back from the
| 204083 [ara.t.howard] drive it via session or under sh - that way your environment will be picked
| 204109 [Daniel.Berge] # sessiontest.rb
| 204117 [ara.t.howard] try something like
| 204130 [Daniel.Berge] Excellent!  That worked, thanks.  The only think I noticed was that I had to
| 204132 [ara.t.howard] ok.  if that worked, and it's all you really need to do, something like this
+ 204240 [pit capitain] Dan, I've seen you already solved your problem. I'm driving SQL*Plus via

^ eRuby: A tutorial on using Ruby on the web
203993 [tesla.nicoli] A group (three) of us wanted to learn Ruby but we decided that Rails  was no
+ 204010 [schapht gmai] Nice work!  I'm always happy to see more tutorials covering this
| + 204025 [tesla.nicoli] Yes, I saw mentions of this Apache::Erubyrun in the lists but I did not find
| | 204171 [schapht gmai] require 'cgi'
| + 204058 [anne wjh.har] I would love to see a tutorial on using Ruby on the web, rails free.
|   204068 [tesla.nicoli] The CGI class seemed to have everything needed to build but someone
+ 204029 [gdonald gmai] How so?  Ruby runs everywhere so Rails pretty much can too.
  + 204055 [tesla.nicoli] All there of us have had Programmming Ruby, Agile Ruby on Rails books for a
  | + 204069 [gdonald gmai] That's why there are different environment files in
  | + 204143 [rimantas gma] Swichtower was renamed to Capistrano.
  | + 204192 [botp delmont] # Exactly our point.  Since the  end result should be a  Ruby  teaching
  + 204137 [schapht gmai] But isn't is also possible that someone doesn't want to learn a

^ Truncate an array
204009 [aleks0 gmail] Is there a generally preferred way to truncate an array?  I've used
204011 [Daniel.Berge] SOME_ARRAY = []
204013 [aleks0 gmail] I'd thought about that too.  This is bad for two reasons.
204014 [Daniel.Berge] If it's not constant, don't make it a constant.
204046 [aleks0 gmail] ah, thats the one.

^ InstantRails and RMagick tutorial
204028 [thunderclees] Does anyone know of a tutorial covering RMagick for InstantRails on an

^ Ruby TUI
204054 [ryan.edwards] I'm creating a program with a TUI to then later implement a GUI using TK
204066 [jgbailey gma] Check out the 'highline' gem - its designed to help build  "high level
204188 [ryan.edwards] Thanks,

^ open - uri question
204057 [akanksha.bai] I am using open-uri for the first time. I need to visit a bunch of urls
204061 [chris.hulan ] Maybe the service was down?
204071 [akanksha.bai] The service was not down. Both urls open in a browser.
+ 204073 [jgbailey gma] Use something like Ethereal to capture the packets sent between your browser
+ 204075 [ara.t.howard] you need to set user-agent to a 'real' browser. something like 'Mozilla/4.0'
  204082 [akanksha.bai] yes that works and so does mechanize ....thanks!!!

^ Best way of storing attachements/images
204059 [antony icap.] I'm building a webshop and i'm stuck with a specific task. I'm using
204074 [jan.svitok g] I'm not sure if Iunderstood you correctly... anyway if what's you're

^ multiple output parameters in SOAP
204063 [jmaine blurb] Apologies for the cross-posting to the Rails mailing list - I looked deeper
206717 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for late reply.  I don't know AWS so you may need to investigate

^ Question about Session [was: Driving Oracle sqlplus with open3]
204087 [Daniel.Berge] Session looks interesting Ara, but how do I pass input to, say, an interactive
204097 [ara.t.howard] # system 'gem install session'

^ oracle stored procs
204089 [newsamd amc.] Has anyone managed to get calls to oracle stored procs to work yet?
+ 204093 [Daniel.Berge] dbh = DBI.connect(dsn, user, pass)
| 204111 [newsamd amc.] sweet cheers!
+ 204095 [jason.sweat ] Works fine for me out of the box.  Here are some extentions I made to

^ Segfault for Embedded socket.so
204104 [laserwhit gm] int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])

^ drb-ssl question
204105 [mcgoverp lab] I want to have a drb server that uses the drb-ssl library automatically
+ 204197 [dido.sevilla] Why not store your private key (which is what I assume the password is
+ 204801 [drbrain segm] You want to use a passwordless SSL key.

^ Embedded socket error
204107 [laserwhit gm] int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
204234 [decoux moulo] it's normal.
204293 [laserwhit gm] So I installed 1.8.4 and couldn't compile until I changed the
204311 [decoux moulo] You give a C array to wrap_run() and then inside wrap_run() you interpret

^ OO Paradigm and Ruby Exercises for a Beginner
204108 [picklegnome ] I am at a loss for where to begin here, so I'll jump in.
+ 204113 [kevin.clark ] gnome,
| 204125 [picklegnome ] One of the Ruby Quizzes that prompted my post was the "Space Merchant" quiz
+ 204115 [wrecklass1 g] Don't worry, one of the challenges of learning OO is 'getting it.' I
+ 204126 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, I could refer you to chapter 1 of _The Ruby Way_ (soon to be in
| + 204163 [perrin apoth] I've seen references to this book a number of times, and heard good
| | 204172 [hal9000 hype] Well, the first chapter is different: It's an overview of OOP in general
| | + 204176 [perrin apoth] Excellent!
| | + 204195 [gene.tani gm] Rough cut today (i think)
| |   204203 [hal9000 hype] So it would seem. Take what you see there
| + 204180 [james.britt ] I liked Rebecca Wirfs-Brock's Designing Object-Oriented Software.  It
| + 204225 [allergic-to-] I was going to recommend Meyer's book, OOSC, but Hal beat me to it.
+ 204199 [meadori gmai] Picklegnome,
  + 204286 [james.britt ] Quite true.   Here's a related suggestion:  Modify working code to make
  + 204305 [vasudevram g] Since you're new to OOP, you might want to try writing small (OOP)
    204355 [picklegnome ] Thanks to everyone who has responded; I'm very happy to know that so many

^ ruby-mp3info
204118 [sergio villa] i have checked around on the net, but have not found anything.. i also
204119 [collinsj sea] Use require 'rubygems' first.
+ 204127 [namtahc gmai] It didn't find the package. It worked after I add the path of mp3info to $:,
+ 204128 [sergio villa] got it! thanks!

^ Embedded Ruby and OpenGL
204142 [bugsby.carli] This is my first post on the Ruby forum/mailing list, so I apologize if
204148 [brendan.spee] THis is basically fundamentally impossible.   OpenGL, Direct3d, etc. all
204154 [Fdavis usban] There's only one way I can see this working: Develop a plugin for
+ 204159 [bugsby.carli] Flash is equal parts wonderful and stupid. I've never seen this "Canvas"
| 204164 [Fdavis usban] You're right about installing stuff. I've had to un-install some pretty
+ 204193 [skurapat ucs] If you want an example of embedding a Ruby interpreter within a C

^ Generate a tone using ruby?
204149 [apatheticagn] Hey everyone, I'm looking for a simple way to generate a tone in ruby .
204157 [w_a_x_man ya] print "\a"
204165 [apatheticagn] Well, yeah sure. What I'd like to be able to do is generate a tone of a
+ 204184 [w_a_x_man ya] require "Win32API"
+ 204185 [fugalh xmiss] I presume you want to play it out the speaker? I'm not sure if there's a
  204190 [apatheticagn] Thanks William and Hans. William, if I was on windows that probably
  204223 [usenet zevv.] Samplerate = 8000
  204226 [Nuralanur ao] Maybe snd (_http://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/snd/snd/snd.html_

^ HOWTO: "catching" a segfault in a ruby/dl C library
204151 [kbloom gmail] For my research, I've written bindings for the link-grammar[1] library

^ help me make this prettier and more ruby-ish
204153 [rsanheim gma] I know this can be done much cleaner and with prettier code...but I
204158 [tom helmetst] infobar_sites = [     ["usmarket", "The Market"],
204162 [rsanheim gma] Hm, I think that will work, I'll just have to change the infobar_link

^ how to get an IO object for the response from an HTTP get?
204155 [tolsen718 gm] I'd like to get an IO object instead of a string for the response of
204208 [sgentle gmai] It's possible to pass a block to HTTPResponse#get, which will yield a
204289 [tolsen718 gm] irb(main):001:0> require 'net/http'
204291 [tolsen718 gm] I think I figured it out.  I can use HTTPResponse#read_body

^ Issue extending a delegated class
204181 [rakrok gmail] class A
204186 [dblack wobbl] You're not overriding anything in B here; rather, you're adding an
204213 [rakrok gmail] (Woops, yes i meant "foo")
204214 [dblack wobbl] class << b.__getobj__
204215 [rakrok gmail] Awesome, I didn't know about __getobj__, thanks a lot.

^ rand(-10..10)
204183 [uval rz.uni-] wouldn't it make sense to allow
204187 [uval rz.uni-] one solution could be
+ 204217 [m_goldberg a] I had similar thoughts a while back. I decided that extending Kernel
+ 204270 [drnicwilliam] *Sniff* God I love Ruby.
  204275 [shevegen lin] I think it looks ugly. :-)
  204288 [daniel.schie] module Enumerable
  204297 [chris.hulan ] module Enumerable
  204322 [daniel.schie] I think sorting the entire enumerable may be slight overkill, although
  204332 [martin snowp] There's also this, which is possibly more memory-efficient (if the
  204345 [flori nixe.p] I think you shouldn't name this method rand. It shadows Kernel.rand in
  204744 [uval rz.uni-] yes, this was exactly my point

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML) You are added automatically
204206 [email tykinn] ...
204207 [email tykinn] ...

^ [ANN] Net::LDAP 0.0.3 released, adds TLS encryption
204218 [garbagecat10] We're pleased to announce version 0.0.3 of Net::LDAP, the first
204262 [andre digira] Thanks for that, Francis.
204269 [garbagecat10] Thanks Andre, still haven't thought that all the way through. Is that
204324 [andre digira] That's all I need here. I guess the LDAP RFC doesn't make any
204328 [garbagecat10] IIRC, I had to write a recursive-descent parser to handle those
204335 [andre digira] Thanks. In fact the regex I posted breaks it because of the parenthesis.

^ ||= in an expression
204229 [rejoc FREEfr] I new to Ruby and curious about this language I do use (yeet).
+ 204230 [jake.mcarthu] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 204231 [farrel.lifso] In Ruby
| 204236 [rejoc FREEfr] Thanks a lot.
+ 204232 [jtregunna bl] it will return the value for a[:i] if a value exists, if not, it will
+ 204233 [robert.dober] It is very useful as

^ Positive lookahead in multiline strings (was gsub)
204235 [robert.dober] I was just rolling my own little thread about gsub  ;]
204254 [pit capitain] Robert, that's \z. See for example
204255 [robert.dober] Thanks I *should* have found it, but of course now reverse.sub.reverse is

^ Blocks question
204237 [turnip turni] I have written a script which sets up a new website on a server.
204239 [M.B.Smillie ] I can't reproduce this on my machine, but it sounds very much like
204249 [turnip turni] Thanks, that works a treat. Now, another related question. Part of the
204257 [jan.svitok g] If you don't need to capture the svn output, try Kernel#system. Svn
204462 [turnip turni] I went with the Kernel#system option which worked well. Thanks.

^ How to solve Windows PATH in Ruby??
204238 [nx2zdk gmail] require 'pathname'
204242 [jan.svitok g] just escape your backlashes, or use forward slashes (/).
204409 [wrecklass1 g] I think this also depends on what ruby you are using. If you are using
+ 204448 [one.three gm] Why bothrer and remember which slash to use ? Ruby does it for you.
+ 204865 [ml.chibbs gm] If you're going to use blackslashes in a literal string you need to

^ getElementById on a SVG object
204244 [guillaumeros] (in fact an image in a vector format that needs aa Adobe plugin to be
+ 204250 [drnicwilliam] You might get some answers on a Javascript or SVG forum.
+ 204315 [james.britt ] Look at the API for REXML, the XML parser that comes with Ruby.

^ Ruby and Visual Basic
204247 [rxv hotmail.] I was informed by Microsoft that it was modelled after an earlier
+ 204248 [decoux moulo] no, see
+ 204265 [leslieviljoe] ARRGGHHH! You must be kidding!
| 204271 [rxv hotmail.] I don't like it either -- but SYNTACTICALLY there are many
| + 204274 [leslieviljoe] My ears are burning, my ears are burning!
| | 204485 [rxv hotmail.] In particular, the control structure syntax and lack of semicolons (and,
| | 204524 [leslieviljoe] Well everything should be converted to Ruby, but perhaps you should
| + 204277 [danielbaird ] Uh.. not as many curly brackets as C?  " if " statements?
|   + 204280 [sonoflilit g] Those are FAR too general... I can count hundreds of languages with less
|   | 204290 [b.hutchison ] To be clear, its not ENDIF in VB, its End If (and just End in Ruby of
|   | 204869 [chneukirchen] And in the very old times, "end if" worked in Ruby too.
|   + 204430 [perrin apoth] That might work.
+ 204337 [greg.kujawa ] Hmm. Not so much. Perhaps dotted notation separating elements? Even

^ Symbols are your friends
204253 [daniel.schie] Yes, it's time for another Symbol trick!
204312 [vikkous gmai] This idea has been discussed on this list before; I can't find the
204326 [daniel.schie] Yes, that's true -- I only ever intended it to be a trick.
204338 [vikkous gmai] I see where you're coming from, but I guess I just don't see that
204363 [daniel.schie] Because I only think the #to_x methods are directly related to types.
204579 [aleks0 gmail] In the spirit of making sure I understand, and perhaps explaining this
+ 204581 [ara.t.howard] - it might be faster to actually have an int
| 204584 [aleks0 gmail] That makes sense.  Thanks.
+ 204625 [daniel.schie] That very nicely sums it up!

^ Ruby GUI and VisualBasic
204256 [victor.reyes] Is there a Ruby GUI environment like the one with VisualBasic, where one can
+ 204272 [leslieviljoe] Not really. There are GUI toolkits where you can specify form layouts
+ 204273 [shevegen lin] Dont think so.
+ 204278 [farrel.lifso] You can design a GUI using Glade (for  GTK/Gnome2 apps) and then use
+ 204279 [znmeb cesmai] It depends on which GUI toolkit you use. If you use the QTRuby package,
  204325 [victor.reyes] Thanks to everyone for your quick replies.
  206466 [leslieviljoe] There IS actually a GUI builder for Fox! I had started my own, gotten

^ Named backreferences with Oniguruma
204263 [Daniel.Berge] Ruby 1.8.4
+ 204264 [decoux moulo] moulon% cat b.rb
+ 204266 [nobu ruby-la] Not 1.9?  That combination isn't supported officially.
  204267 [Daniel.Berge] Oh, I didn't know that.
  204276 [nobu ruby-la] To which?  Oniguruma doesn't contain the patch for 1.8?
  204281 [Daniel.Berge] To 1.8.x.  I guess I'm a little confused.  If I've installed Oniguruma
  204284 [nobu ruby-la] No, Oniguruma contains the patch for ruby 1.8.4, but it's only

^ Wrapped method causing infinite recursion in rcov
204283 [pedro pedroc] # Wrap around get to check the markup on :success requests.
204314 [vikkous gmai] At a guess, (something is) rcov is also wrapping #get and using the
+ 204317 [pedro pedroc] I tried a different name and it didn't work so I don't know what's
| 204329 [vikkous gmai] That's odd, considering that the define_method trick seems to be
+ 204352 [ mfp acm.org] rcov doesn't redefine anything, it just uses a trace_func (or the C equivalent
| + 204366 [ mfp acm.org] ========================================
| + 204476 [pedro pedroc] I can send you the code if you want but you've pretty much seen it
|   206828 [ mfp acm.org] Could you try to reproduce it with rcov 0.7.0, running the unit, functional &
+ 204362 [erikveen gma] I don't like advertising my own work, but...