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^ SQL Parser in Ruby
203543 [drnicwilliam] Has anyone taken the time to bang together an SQL parser for Ruby?
203586 [shugotenshi ] I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult, but what good would an SQL92 parser be?
203699 [drnicwilliam] I wanted it for the subset of grammar for create/update/delete
203724 [buzdin gmail] I believe that there is a feature in Ruby on Rails, which belongs to
203726 [drnicwilliam] It certainly should do something like that,shouldn't it - given it

^ Export Data from Microsoft Access database
203546 [jatinder.sau] How could I leverage Ruby to export mdb tables definations, data, forms,
+ 203560 [znmeb cesmai] that has part of the functionality of the real thing. If you have an
| 203564 [leslieviljoe] Les
| 203578 [jatinder.sau] Leslie,
+ 203582 [snacktime gm] Not ruby, but there is a collection of great little command line tools
  203612 [jatinder.sau] Can I use mdbtools on Windows platform?  the reason I am asking this is bcos
  203669 [znmeb cesmai] If they're open source, they might be compilable/executable in CygWin.
  203696 [alex blackke] There is.  I've used Ruby-ODBC for extracting from Access to MySQL

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Autoloading_objects_=97_Ruby_equivalent_for?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?_PHP5_"=5F=5Fautoload?=
203547 [schapht gmai] const_missing is a little more like PHP's __autoload function.

^ [ANN] List of RubyConf 2006 presentations
203557 [dblack wobbl] The (unordered :-) list of RubyConf 2006 presentations is now

^ Ruby settings, path/env/lib etc.
203570 [nbnntp1 ml1.] I just downloaded the ruby one click installer. I am on a windows
203572 [one.three gm] I don't think that Desktop\bin is the best place to install something

^ RubyGems or packages or both?
203575 [roman.hausne] I am puzzled as to what the recommended way to install packages (from
203580 [ruby ml.icem] I'm using rubygems on ubuntu, which works fine.
+ 203634 [runlevel7 gm] I've had good success making a .deb package of rubygems using the
+ 203852 [kbloom gmail] You're misrepresenting Debian and Ubuntu's reason. Debian and Ubuntu

^ Store function output to string?
203576 [reed.adam gm] I am looking for a way to store a function's output to a string.
+ 203577 [has.sox gmai] Since it's returning a string in irb is it safe to assume
+ 203581 [reed.adam gm] Nevermind, got it.

^ Dumb question about assigments
203579 [genooma gmai] answer anywere.
+ 203593 [tim.pease gm] Ruby only allows a single value to be assigned using the = operator.
| 203598 [genooma gmai] Yep, that certainly helped, I should smack the programmer in the head
+ 203600 [phurley gmai] b = BlahBlah.new
+ 203601 [flori nixe.p] blah =  BlahBlah.new
| 203659 [fred lacave.] Mind you, in some languages (well, at least - don't shoot ! - Visual
| 203700 [nobu ruby-la] It's tough for ruby parser.
| 203886 [fred lacave.] Sure, ruby already has plenty of constructs for this purpose.  I was
+ 203603 [m_goldberg a] That is very strange code you've posted. I wonder what the original
  203604 [genooma gmai] Now that I know this is not common (I don't have much real life

^ Re: Autoloading objects ¡½ Ruby equivalent for?
203587 [naum azplace] That's seems to be the ticket.

^ File::Separator on win32
203594 [info siebert] on my win32 machine, File::Separator returns / instead of a \.
+ 203595 [Daniel.Berge] Use File::ALT_SEPARATOR instead.
| 203597 [info siebert] is ALT_SEPARATOR / on *nixes? according to the docs, its \, too. i need a
| 203602 [Daniel.Berge] Which docs?  Anyway, it's nil on *nix platforms.  I'm not sure about VMS, though.
+ 203596 [alex blackke] It shouldn't be a problem - Windows uses / and \ pretty much
  203599 [info siebert] with /'es

^ CGI session and namespaces
203605 [listrecv gma] Are there any issues in storing objects defined within namespaces (eg

^ htmltools incorrectly parsing HTML containing server-side tags
203609 [dsutch gmail] I'm using HTML Tools 1.09 to parse HTML that contains tags that are to
+ 203635 [w_a_x_man ya] ...
| 203665 [dsutch gmail] Thank you for this information.  I did a bit more research and now
| 203680 [w_a_x_man ya] Perhaps this will work.
+ 203661 [danielbaird ] I'm not familiar with HTML Tools but it's probably not reasonable to expect

^ How do I scan for keypresses in console ruby?
203613 [myrddin gmai] I'm writing some text apps that need keyboard scanning... the only
203617 [martin snowp] Check out cbreak.rb that is shipped with ruby as a sample program.

^ exiftool / reading WMV meta information
203620 [ekolve gmail] I found a really nice package on CPAN called Image::ExifTool and I was
204064 [bulliver bad] charset="utf-8"

^ Slow regular expressions
203621 [stein duvel.] I am trying to write a simple script to parse
+ 203623 [collinsj sea] I'm not a regex expert, so I can't help you with optimizing yours, but
+ 203631 [w_a_x_man ya] Your regular expression does not match your string.
+ 203636 [kmgaughan ei] No. The point behind regular expressions is to provide a succinct
+ 203640 [kmgaughan ei] 1. What's with the all the '\s+'? All you need to do is match a space,
+ 204747 [drbrain segm] In addition to the other advice you've received, don't use String#match.
  204836 [jeremy chaos] Yow!  Calling String#match is 2-3 times as slow!  Why is that?  The
  204874 [vikkous gmai] I was curious about this too.
  204937 [drbrain segm] Yes, it is the work of constructing the MatchData object.

^ Apache + fastcgi timeouts ?
203622 [user domain.] be the -idle-timeout parameter of the FastCgiServer in httpd.conf ?

^ Object to which a meta class belongs?
203633 [erikveen gma] If a singleton class belongs to an object, it should be
203651 [sean.ohalpin] How about this?
203694 [erikveen gma] It does work work, but...
203735 [sean.ohalpin] Whoops! Knew I should have benchmarked it. :)

^ RubyJavaBridge (rjb)
203637 [tim pluggd.c] Does anyone know where I can find the binaries to RubyJavaBridge? I

^ RubyJavaBridge (rjb) - let's try again
203638 [tim pluggd.c] Does anyone know where I can find the binaries for this? The config

^ Mongrel XMLRPC?
203642 [alex blackke] Has anyone looked at wrapping the stdlib's XMLRPC server in Mongrel?  I
203654 [zedshaw zeds] I haven't.  Probably wouldn't be hard depending on how much of WEBrick

^ unsubscribe
203646 [chuck.day me] Please unsubscribe me.
203648 [agorilla gma] List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org?body=unsubscribe>
203687 [tanushree.bh] Please unsubscribe me.
203743 [schapht gmai] ...

^ Test::Unit and logging
203650 [listrecv gma] Is there a simple way to have Test::Unit use Log4r (or Logger) to add a
203740 [schapht gmai] I'm no expert here, but since your question still doesn't have a

^ [ANN] Ruby Central's Regional Conference Grant Program
203652 [dblack wobbl] We are very pleased to announce the launching of the Ruby Central
203667 [james.britt ] Will this information also be available as an HTML page?

^ Still looking for a Ruby MUD client?
203656 [sy1234 gmail] Look no further!
203698 [eirik atlas.] I tried too write my mud client but I gave up because
203712 [sy1234 gmail] In muby, the keypad seems to be working correctly, because there are
205311 [sy1234 gmail] muby has been completely overhauled and is working amazingly well now.

^ Had Ruby interview, considering J2ME as well ...
203660 [surfunbear y] I had sent a contractor the following message (below). They are going
203668 [greg.kujawa ] What is your primary motivation for choosing a language? Is it
203704 [surfunbear y] There is not just one reason. I do need a job however. I have a ruby
203730 [greg.kujawa ] I can empathize with you. There was a mobile app I was trying to deploy

^ bit-struct and constructing ARP messages.
203663 [ooberyoozer ] I have been trying to write a ARP packet injector script for Ruby
203683 [nohmad gmail] You can achieve the goal using Array#pack / String#unpack by
203843 [ooberyoozer ] Array#pack / Array#unpack is useful for packaging the datagram yes, what
204201 [nohmad gmail] Sorry for misreading you post.

^ confused by different REXML/xmllint parsing errors
203666 [ammon.christ] Here's the XML
203686 [ammon.christ] I thought the times character was an asterisk.  It must be that

^ fcgi
203670 [tallison tac] I am a little familiar with running FCGI applications and have done some work in
203688 [ara.t.howard] ??

^ question on instance variable access
203671 [surfunbear y] I came accross a problem which made me wonder. Sort of about dotting
+ 203672 [sitharus sit] Yes. In Ruby all instance variables are private.
+ 203675 [pollak gmail] myobj.instance_variable_get(:@friend).instance_variable_get(:@num)

^ Most Compelling Ruby + 2D Web Graphics Combination
203673 [dworden gmai] An admitted Ruby novice that has just been looking at Ruby off/on for a
203677 [james.britt ] James Britt
+ 203690 [hal9000 hype] Umm. That's just cool.
+ 203746 [dworden gmai] That was a very nice suggestion and I will definitely look into this. Much

^ Escaping international characters
203689 [Alexander.J.] charset=ISO-8859-1;
+ 203692 [hal9000 hype] My fear is that escapeHTML simply isn't that smart.
+ 203697 [pbattley gma] HTMLEntities.encode_entities("Ă©cole", :basic, :named)# => "&eacute;cole"
  203703 [Alexander.J.] charset=ISO-8859-1;

^ Finding files in a directory and regexp
203691 [Alexander.J.] charset=ISO-8859-1;
203693 [hal9000 hype] I don't usually use Find... Dir is fairly powerful.
204222 [Christopher.] One could use Rio (rio.rubyforge.org)

^ druby - How to close connection from client?
203702 [boesemar gmx] I need to disconnect explicitly from a druby client.
+ 203750 [tim.pease gm] DRb.stop_service
+ 203790 [michael.moen] Martin- I'm doing something similar but using Rinda as a middle man.
+ 203800 [ezmobius gma] He Martin-
  203812 [boesemar gmx] That's great! I will for sure look into this plugin..

^ Proving Ruby's effectiveness
203705 [benjohn fysh] Our company (2500 employees) has a development conference in a few
+ 203707 [hal9000 hype] This is probably only tangential to what you need, but if it is of
| 203723 [benjohn fysh] Thanks Hal, I've seen that before, and it's a good piece of evangalism.
| 203785 [jeff.barczew] You didn't mention whether you would be doing any web development with your
+ 203801 [garbagecat10] Your company is very small, so perhaps the following comments don't
+ 204243 [marcus.bagul] I have recently written a white paper that you may interest you....

^ FCGI:  How do you use it?
203710 [tallison tac] I'm kind of perplexed here so I'll ask the stupid questions.
203767 [ara.t.howard] fcgi loads the cgi module for you.  when you write
203805 [tallison tac] this is "key".  I now have some direction in which to go play.  Thank
203807 [ara.t.howard] exactly.

^ Defining a method with an argument with a default value
203711 [pedro pedroc] define_method(:initialize){|value| @value = value}
+ 203714 [daniel.schie] First of all, you don't need the `if value' part -- when Ruby sees
| + 203715 [drnicwilliam] Foo.class_eval do
| | 203719 [pedro pedroc] Yep, this works great, thanks. It's an eval but it's the one with a
| | 203722 [drnicwilliam] If you're feeling really lazy or just want to test something in IRB
| | 203725 [drnicwilliam] def bar(tar=0)
| + 203718 [pedro pedroc] Yes, I knew that.
| + 203766 [dan-ml dan42] Sorry for being pedantic but this is not quite true (although in this
|   203844 [daniel.schie] I know, but I was trying to simplify the problem :)
+ 203728 [nobu ruby-la] define_method(:initialize) {|*values|
  203732 [drnicwilliam] [Warning: Anal retentive refactoring ahead]
  203871 [patrick user] As long as we're throwing around options...

^ Re: Ruby Central's Regional Conference Grant Program
203742 [stark.dreamd] in the footer there is "ww.rubycentral.org" instead of
203748 [dblack wobbl] Thanks.  I thought I had typed four w's, and backspaced over the extra

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Autoloading_objects_=97_Ruby_equivalent_for?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?_PHP5_"=5F=5Fautoload?=
203745 [schapht gmai] you need

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Autoloading_objects_=97_Ruby_?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?equivalent_for_PHP5_"=5F=5Fautoload?=
203747 [shugotenshi ] I do hope you know that there's a lot of things in Ruby that makes a

^ How to verify cgi.params values?
203751 [tesla.nicoli] The porblem I am having is that if nothing is entered in the form the use of
203771 [tesla.nicoli] Figured it out by trial and error. I was trying to strip an object so I
+ 203819 [collinsj sea] username = cgi['username'].strip
+ 203820 [collinsj sea] username = cgi['username'].strip

^ Hash order bug?
203752 [jvalencia lo] def foo
+ 203753 [dblack wobbl] Hashes are unordered.  If you need an ordered collection, you'll need
| 203755 [jvalencia lo] Oh my god, i didn't know it, sorry. Is that a missing feature?
| + 203756 [rubytalk eac] No, its just not a feature. You can check
| + 203757 [dblack wobbl] Debate rages on this point :-)  It's mostly a speed issue, I think.
| | + 203760 [Daniel.Berge] No, it's just the way hashes behave.  Note that there are ordered hash
| | | 203905 [hal9000 hype] In case anyone tries to refer me to these, I'll point out that
| | + 203780 [kero chello.] I guess there won't be many ppl using algorithms that use the *un*sorted
| | | 203849 [alex blackke] It's not that it's unordered, it's that it's anordered.  The concept
| | + 203796 [pbattley gma] I think that would depend on whether {:a => 1, :b => 2} == {:b => 2,
| | | + 203797 [Daniel.Berge] Oh, yeah, that brings up the whole Comparable bugbear.  I didn't think
| | | + 203910 [hal9000 hype] In previous discussions, Matz said these would still be equal.
| | + 203904 [hal9000 hype] I don't know if it really rages. ;)
| + 203825 [w_a_x_man ya] No.  What language has ordered hashes?
| | + 203842 [kmgaughan ei] Java, in the form of the TreeMap collection. The usefulness of them is
| | | 203846 [headius head] And even in the TreeMap case, you sacrifice performance for features. An
| | | 203887 [kmgaughan ei] Very true. While a peek at the source code will reveal that the
| | + 203860 [sitharus sit] PHP (*shudder*). Since PHP only has a single array type that supports
| | | 203889 [kmgaughan ei] That's not really fair on either Ruby or PHP. You're taking a
| | | 203890 [sitharus sit] I believe it's fair. It's one of my reasons for liking Ruby (and
| | + 203915 [hal9000 hype] Your point is well taken. David Alan Black also argues eloquently
| |   203931 [w_a_x_man ya] In awk, such hash literals don't exisit; so when using that language,
| + 203847 [ruby-talk.cl] Javier,
+ 203754 [nicolas.desp] by definition a hash table is not ordered.
| + 203764 [jvalencia lo] Well, i don't mind ordering alphabetically, just to maintain their
| + 203892 [allergic-to-] I'm  not sure I like the idea (discussed elsewhere in this thread) that the
+ 204908 [w_a_x_man ya] True.
+ 204920 [perrin apoth] Oddly enough, I never made that assumption -- but I think that's because
| 205046 [perrin apoth] That would explain why I thought .sort didn't work with hashes.
| 205054 [logancapaldo] hash.sort_by{ |k,v| k.to_s }
+ 204945 [ihatespam ro] Why doesn't someone write a red-black tree for Ruby?  I mean, it would
  204946 [hal9000 hype] Not sure, but I think it's been done.
  204947 [djberg96 gma] I think there are others, too.

^ Ruby, CSV and PDF / Porting xtopdf to Ruby with PDF::Writer
203758 [vasudevram g] Hey,

^ rmagick w/o -I
203759 [ammon.christ] When I installed rmagick (on Debian Linux using the -dev imagemagick
+ 203762 [farrel.lifso] Does explicitly requiring rubygems (ruby -rubygems -rRmagick) help?
+ 203765 [dharple gene] You must require "rubygems" (note -rrubygems -rRMagick won't work
  203772 [ammon.christ] That was the trick!  Much appreciated!!!

^ there has got to be a better way...
203773 [barinek gmai] i'm looking to simplify the below...
+ 203774 [shugotenshi ] @tournament.rounds = Array.new(4) { Round.new }
+ 203775 [phelan tttec] for i in 0..3
+ 203777 [has.sox gmai] a = [8,4,2,1]
+ 203779 [meadori gmai] @t.rounds = Array.new(4) { Round.new }
+ 203782 [farrel.lifso] @tournament.rounds.each_with_index do |round,roundNumber|
+ 203784 [ara.t.howard] this may work for your needs
+ 203861 [m_goldberg a] A small  variant on answers already posted -- use reverse! to avoid
+ 203944 [2006 howell.] I'm not a big proponent of trying to do everything in one line, because

^ ParseDate in local format...
203776 [josselin wan] when a user choose a date from my datepicker calendar, an european
203794 [lists mihela] require ('parsedate')
203941 [josselin wan] thanks a lot...

^ [ANN] Mongoose 0.2.5   -   The "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" release
203778 [jcribbs netp] You can download it from:  http://rubyforge.org/projects/mongoose/

^ what the hell is happening with 'facets'
203781 [simonharriso] and have a look at facets. version 1.4.0 is about 355kb, version 1.4.1
+ 203787 [transfire gm] I was rather suprised when I noticed it too! ;)
+ 203789 [transfire gm] It's just the RDocs.
  203863 [simonharriso] That explains that Trans. Cheers.

^ WxRuby: Opening and Displaying PNG images on a window
203795 [kpeng1 gmail] I am still pretty new to wxwidgets and I am trying to learn as fast as
203810 [alex deletem] A good place to start is among the samples that come with wxruby and wxruby2. These give short illustrations of how to use a lot of the classes.

^ Ruby and *NIX environment variables
203802 [transhumanis] 'allo,
203804 [logancapaldo] The second one, fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be. .
203806 [ara.t.howard] i do something like this
+ 203811 [transhumanis] Thanks very much - I shall probably use that :D
+ 203817 [logancapaldo] after = YAML.load stdout
| 203827 [ara.t.howard] and a good change too!
+ 203822 [transhumanis] Erm, *puts on his newbie shirt* I don't seem to have the "session"
  203867 [ara.t.howard] gem install -r session
  204106 [transhumanis] Well, I've bullied them into giving me access to a box, and got Ruby,