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^ New to Ruby from CF
203012 [comprug gmai] I'm new to Ruby and Rails from Coldfusion, and I am already finding how
203016 [sitharus sit] if a.include? b
203017 [collinsj sea] Also works for strings, if that's what you meant. (Don't know Coldfusion).
203019 [comprug gmai] Thanks, sorry for the stupid question, but hopefully I'll get the hang

^ Ruby's Postulate
203027 [transfire gm] Not our Ruby but interesting nonetheless...

^ How to truncate strings in Ruby?
203029 [marston mars] So I'd think this is a very simple question, I've searched around the
+ 203030 [sitharus sit] Slice it, just remember it's 0 indexed.
+ 203031 [logancapaldo] @text[0...20]

^ Ruby and XFDF
203039 [listrecv gma] I need to fill out PDF forms with XFDF files in Ruby.  I can't find any

^ ROR / Apache2 / FastCGI - Missing Stylesheets
203041 [blazer perso] Folks ...

^ Re: What's the purpose of the helper cache and is there a way to just turn off helper cache-ing?
203043 [zikkai.no sp] improved performance?

^ Quirky Curses behavior??
203048 [Eric.Armstro] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
203049 [logancapaldo] ruby -w <script>
203054 [m_goldberg a] For those reading this thread who don't want to take the time to

^ (none)
203052 [matthew.heid] chaddr matthew.heidemann@gmail.com rubytalk.matthew.heidemann@gmail.com

^ International Obfuscated Ruby Coding Contest  2006!
203056 [pnomolos gma] I noticed that there was an IORCC 2005, but that the site had lanquised
203057 [pnomolos gma] Oh yes, and before I forget... irc://freenode/#iorcc for all those who

^ RubyGems post-install hook
203058 [alexg kuicr.] I'm trying to package a Ruby library using Gems but have run into the

^ problems with escaped characters in file::stat
203060 [minkonto gma] Hey.
+ 203066 [minkonto gma] ps. the ? is acutally a in the real world...but unix pukes on it..
+ 203096 [logancapaldo] string_to_pass_to_stat = filename_string.gsub(/\\(\d{3})/){ $1.to_i

^ to get ENV['QUERY_STRING'] instead of cgi, fcgi.. any ideas?
203061 [ariekusumaat] I need to get ENV['QUERY_STRING'].

^ Routes.rb
203062 [nimishapm gm] Can we configure an external URL through routes.rb in ruby on rails.
203068 [rubytalk eac] No. The easiest way would be to create a new controller that redirects.

^ io.write with buffer size?
203070 [axel.friedri] is there a way to do an io.write  _with a certain buffer size_ ?
203072 [robert.dober] Not as such I am afraid.

^ Ruby-doc.org down?
203071 [alex blackke] I'm getting failed connections to ruby-doc.org...  Anyone know why?
203117 [alex blackke] Just me, then?
+ 203122 [rod.gaither ] It is working okay for me.
+ 203123 [james graypr] I do seem to be able to reach it.  Perhaps you have a proxy issue or
+ 203130 [james.britt ] No, Apache died for reasons still unknown.    It's back up now.

^ Looking a a RESTfull Ruby application example
203073 [user domain.] having problems do understand clearly what's going on.
203176 [anne wjh.har] did you see this one?

^ opacity of magic enumerator (was: Re: Using .each with constructors)
203074 [dblack wobbl] Interesting....  That reveals that one of the problems with this magic
203076 [martindemell] If you think about it, though, the underlying problem is that 3.times
203080 [dblack wobbl] I'm not getting the "naturally" part :-)  I mean, of course it's all
+ 203082 [robert.dober] I completely agree, we could easily monkeypatch  Fixnum to deliver
| 203088 [dblack wobbl] I'd rather not "monkeypatch" anything, but you could certainly extend
| 203099 [transfire gm] But why does #times return the receiver in the first place? That can;t
| 203119 [lukfugl gmai] The primary reason I can see is that Fixnum#times is frequently used
| 203134 [transfire gm] Ouch. Good point. I like enumerators! ;-)
| 203137 [ara.t.howard] i put in an RCR for Fixnum#of long ago
| 203140 [transfire gm] Cool. I like that. I'll put in Facets.
+ 203087 [martindemell] The way I see it, the notion underlying a "magic enumerator" is that
  203090 [dblack wobbl] It's really "times_with_index", in a sense, but it's just called

^ GC in C extension....
203081 [jared.r.rich] I'm working on a database driver for the Ingres database and I'm nearly
203093 [jared.r.rich] I think I've solved this... I assumed because the upper level arrays
203225 [snail objmed] "jared.r.richardson@gmail.com" <jared.r.richardson@gmail.com> writes
203559 [jared.r.rich] Here's a follow-on then.. my program is now running great but leaking
+ 203563 [simon.kroege] Not that I know of, but use a global array or hash and put everything
| 203567 [jared.r.rich] In my C code I have a VALUE result_set that I set = ary_ary_new with
| + 203569 [simon.kroege] I declare a global Hash (just because it's faster than an array) like
| | 203592 [jared.r.rich] Gotcha... thank you Simon. It seems to be working perfectly. :)
| + 203737 [kubo jiubao.] How about "volatile VALUE result_set;"?
+ 203645 [lemb0029 mor] You can use rb_gc_register_address() and rb_gc_unregister_address(). I'm

^ Re: irb and readline
203086 [torben.wolm ] I tried
+ 203098 [one.three gm] That bug is still there. But when I use the old command.com it's allgood. Thanks Dave for this tip !
+ 203196 [listrecv gma] Yes, it does - thanks.
  203246 [botp delmont] # Yes, it does - thanks.

^ setting image resolution with Rmagick
203092 [rails levels] Has anyone had success with setting image resolution with Rmagick.

^ What's wrong with this code?
203095 [rheath ircwv] I'm trying to interface with the flickr API to pull my photos into my
203167 [drbrain segm] I don't know if this gives you every photo or not.  I think the path

^ [ANN] Cache Decorator
203097 [jake.mcarthu] This isn't really anything that hasn't been done before, but I have
203109 [GENIE prodig] What do you feel are the pros and cons vs. memoize?
203146 [jake.mcarthu] I haven't really done a benchmark to compare them directly, but
203170 [rubytalk eac] I have been working on my own Cache called Memoize, see it here

^ Rubyists in Europe
203100 [pat.eyler gm] my family and I are taking a quick sprint through Europe from Aug 3-11.  I'd be

^ class_extension and module_extension
203101 [transfire gm] Just a quick comment about class_extension. In using I've come across
203154 [transfire gm] This is actually pretty interesting. I'm in the midst of deep meta code

^ An open letter to Rubyists - Naming things
203114 [jp jeffpritc] Is it just me, or do other Rubyists find it difficult to remember what a
+ 203127 [james.britt ] cache invalidation and naming things."
+ 203132 [tom.armitage] Jeff -
+ 203144 [lukfugl gmai] * Curses is an ages old C library.
+ 203145 [curi curi.us] Aside from what others have said, some names are copied from pre-
+ 203188 [allergic-to-] I agree with the other posters that such naming of software packages is
  203248 [jp jeffpritc] Apparently it is just me.  Carry on and name things in the most
  203249 [hal9000 hype] I see your point. But that is why we have metadata and search engines
  203258 [zimba.tm gma] One way to find a library that wasn't cited here is to ask (nicely) on
  203366 [rsanheim gma] Or a simple google search usually leads to the right places...

^ Meta-Meta-Programming, revisited
203124 [erikveen gma] Do you remember the discussion about monitor-functions and
+ 203213 [ehames gmail] I just read your paper and it seems very interesting. Please, see my
| 203264 [erikveen gma] I'm still fighting the method-is-defined-in-module situation...
+ 203267 [transfire gm] Nice write-up. A couple of thoughts...
| 203278 [erikveen gma] Module is not the receiver! The argument Module is just an
| + 203281 [transfire gm] Sorry, I misprepresnted what I meant. Use "aModule" instead of
| | 203284 [erikveen gma] Wrong!... ;] The receiver of wrap_method is *always* a
| | 203288 [transfire gm] Well, that's the thing. I'd rather do
| | 203306 [erikveen gma] I agree. I added it to my (not-yet-published) version.
| | 203349 [transfire gm] I'm not sure the Array abuse is needed if you limit the arguement to
| | 203405 [erikveen gma] True. I did that before. But receiving |*args| in blocks is so
| | 203416 [transfire gm] I see. But |*args| does work just so long as you don't want to _change
| | 203420 [erikveen gma] It's possible (not tested) to change the members of *args, but
| | 203674 [transfire gm] More flexible and less "special". Seems like a good idea. Like the
| | 203706 [erikveen gma] What about |obj, method_name, args, block|? That one must be
| | 203744 [transfire gm] Very nice.
| | 203783 [erikveen gma] post_condition (like pre_condition) receives *method_names. So,
| | 203888 [erikveen gma] Changed. [1]
| + 203418 [erikveen gma] I've added the diagram [1]... ;]
|   203419 [rimantas gma] let it be this way: http://www.erikveen.dds.nl/monitorfunctions/index.html#5.1.0
|   203422 [erikveen gma] ;]
+ 203404 [erikveen gma] I've updated the code. Better readable. Added metaclass.

^ Re: One-Click Installer: MinGW? or VC2005? (fwd)
203133 [ara.t.howard] cross-posting this for completeness...

^ Doubts about an example in Poignant Guide
203149 [dfl_maradent] I'm reading "Why's guide to ruby" and I have two doubts about the
203243 [schapht gmai] _why may have something to say here, but I'm not sure why you're
203882 [dfl_maradent] Yes, I guess you are completely right :) I was trying to give life to

^ [ANN] Mongoose 0.2.0
203151 [jcribbs netp] You can download it from:  http://rubyforge.org/projects/mongoose/
+ 203156 [logancapaldo] I'm just too slow with sending in my patches. ;)
+ 203184 [ng johnwlong] James, could you elaborate on how this is done? I would assume that the
  + 203187 [rubytalk eac] country in ['USA','Great Britian']
  | 203190 [cribbsj oakw] I will add it to the feature requests list.
  + 203192 [cribbsj oakw] Actually, I like the second way better, because you don't have to
    203241 [ng johnwlong] The problem with this approach is that you loose access to instance
    + 203289 [jcribbs netp] Hmm, I see your point.  I've been playing around with this all morning,
    + 203291 [logancapaldo] I can think of how to do and operations with a parameter passing
    + 203429 [hutch recurs] class Object
      203467 [jcribbs netp] class Employee
      203571 [hutch recurs] Hmm. Right.
      203583 [cribbsj oakw] Thanks!  I will study this and try to figure out what you are doing.
      203589 [hutch recurs] I think that must be it :-)

^ Replacing ' with \' using gsub
203157 [janisoila gm] I tried to replace "'" characters with "\'" strings using gsub. What
+ 203161 [jan.svitok g] Seems to me like a bug in the regex code.
| 203162 [gavin refine] But it isn't. You need more backslashes.
+ 203163 [m_goldberg a] irb(main):001:0> s = "a'b'"
+ 203165 [decoux moulo] "\\'" is the same than $', i.e. MatchData#post_match. For example
  + 203168 [logancapaldo] What he said.
  + 203185 [jan.svitok g] Now that makes more sense... I didn't know that. After looking in the

^ YAML object to oracle blob
203160 [bww00amdahl ] We would like to save a YAML object in an oracle blob and then read it
203181 [chris.hulan ] YAML is just text, so should be easy to save as a CLOB.

^ Re: Ruby and XFDF
203166 [Fdavis usban] I'm doing the same thing in a C# application. The technique I use should
203199 [listrecv gma] Yes, that's exactly why I'd like to work with them.   Very easy to do
203232 [Fdavis usban] This is just a guess, but the first place I'd look would be what

^ Re: Mongoose 0.2.0
203169 [simonharriso] Jamey, just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to write
203180 [cribbsj oakw] I probably started working on it the middle of last week and have been
203183 [logancapaldo] Jamey, while we are on the topic of Mongoose, since the query
203189 [cribbsj oakw] That would be great.  That's one of the things I am really excited about

^ Newbie Question: delete all non alphanumeric characters
203171 [theallnighte] how can i delete all non alphanumeric characters in a string ? thanks
+ 203173 [logancapaldo] string.gsub(/[0-9a-z]+/i, '')
| 203174 [tom helmetst] string.gsub(/[^0-9a-z]/i, '')
| + 203179 [logancapaldo] Doh! I'm obviously not awake yet this ---err-- afternoon.
| + 203197 [dominique.pl] for fun, I started irb, then typed
|   + 203201 [tom helmetst] The carat goes inside the brackets (it inverses the character class)
|   | 203207 [jtregunna bl] "567576hgjhgjh&**)".sub(/[^0-9a-zA-Z]+/i, '')
|   | 203210 [tom helmetst] #sub only does one replacement; adding a + will replace one chunk of
|   | 203224 [jtregunna bl] typo, sorry.
|   | 203303 [logancapaldo] Speaking of typos, say either a-zA-Z or a-z/i, you don't need both <g>
|   + 203202 [rimantas gma] No wonder. There was only one character at the begining of the string....
+ 203191 [allergic-to-] I've also just started to learn Ruby, so thought I'd reply for the practice -
| + 203193 [logancapaldo] Well the only "problem" with that is
| | 203195 [allergic-to-] Woah!  Thanks for pointing that out.  It looks like
| | 203204 [allergic-to-] Oops - the above has a bug (although it still "works").  Here's a fixed
| + 203194 [jaever gmail] I think \W is non-perl-word, so underscores won't be stripped. If you want
+ 203348 [joekarma gma] username.delete('^A-Za-z0-9')

^ where to get required/recommended dll's on win32
203172 [simonharriso] Does anyone know of a list of needed/recommended dll's and other odds
203178 [ml.chibbs gm] That depends on what compiler you are using to build Ruby. If you are using
203208 [simonharriso] thanks for reply Curt. I'm not wanting to compile ruby at the moment,
203211 [jan.svitok g] I would tell that these .so files on windows are just renamed ordinary
203215 [simonharriso] Yes Jan, the files do start MZ and some of the content is human
203222 [ml.chibbs gm] *.so files are, in fact, DLLs. "so" is the extension that Ruby looks for

^ contine after exception
203203 [junkone roge] How do i continue a loop after a exception? It actually captures the
+ 203209 [ruby.brian g] Try with
+ 203228 [csaba mail-t] Do you think of something like this?
  203234 [m_goldberg a] I think I understand most of what you are doing here, and I think
  203247 [csaba mail-t] Yeah, it's irrelevant as far as the actual problem is considered.
  203256 [m_goldberg a] Thanks, I think I understand now. And I agree that having access to
  203259 [csaba mail-t] Well, you don't have to write err.binding.binding, because a proc
  203282 [m_goldberg a] I didn't know that (obviously :), but now that I've looked it up in

^ splitting a string separated by CRLF into array
203205 [dominique.pl] How can I get the array
+ 203206 [dblack wobbl] str.split("\r\n")
| 203219 [dominique.pl] Thanks!  (I like your book BTW - I like how it touches on main, Kernel
| 203221 [tom helmetst] You need to use a double quoted string in order for those escaped
+ 203220 [w_a_x_man ya] irb(main):001:0> "hello\r\nworld\r\n123".split

^ ri busted for some core classes
203214 [gavin refine] After upgrading to 1.8.4 using one-click, ri isn't working for some
203217 [gavin refine] ...and then I searched some more and found the answer.[1] Thanks to
+ 203223 [ml.chibbs gm] Thanks,
+ 203229 [drbrain segm] This was already fixed in CVS.
  203231 [ml.chibbs gm] Thanks

^ XML2RB - Executing XML
203216 [erikveen gma] ENGLISH VERSION
+ 203226 [the.mindstor] It looks interesting, but I am more interested to what do you want to achieve?
| 203263 [erikveen gma] What I want to achieve? Well, uh, nothing... That's one of the
| + 203265 [the.mindstor] Than sorry for disturbing :-). I agree with you about looking outside
| | 203266 [erikveen gma] Since I would rather say "Ant makes simple things complex and
| | + 203318 [chneukirchen] ...but that's still better than building it on top of Java.  :-P
| | + 203331 [the.mindstor] I will not. But, I have no means to proove it that I can do almost all
| + 203337 [robert.dober] I guess you have a proof  for such a harsh statement ;)
+ 203426 [hutch recurs] I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve. Is there a goal or are
  203427 [erikveen gma] "What I want to achieve? Well, uh, nothing... That's one of the
  203431 [hutch recurs] I read those, but they don't *quite* answer the question :-)

^ Ruby on Handhelds (was: Re: One-Click Installer: MinGW? or VC2005?)
203238 [znmeb cesmai] I don't really like this idea. I find "live handheld programming" a
+ 203240 [hal9000 hype] I see your point. (I had the 200LX, by the way. What a sweet machine.)
| 203242 [znmeb cesmai] I have to assume Ruby will run on the Zaurus, since gcc can build for
| 203270 [greg.kujawa ] app that used Ruby and Qt/Embedded bindings. It was a nice result.
| 203327 [znmeb cesmai] Sharp hasn't *abandoned* the Zaurus in the western world. They've simply
| 203332 [greg.kujawa ] True. There is a wince subdirectory in the Ruby source going back
| 203347 [Nuralanur ao] Dear all,
+ 203244 [schapht gmai] Geek factor
  + 203245 [znmeb cesmai] *young* geek factor. Us elderly geeks need large print PDAs and
  + 203253 [guido sohne.] Fine. Then use something like Lua instead. Am doing that exactly now.

^ rmagick: animated gif resize returns corrupted
203260 [isengoi gmai] Hopefully this is the the right place to ask. I'm sorry if not.

^ Please help install DBI on a Windows systems...
203261 [ihatespam ro] I'm very frustrated because I've just spent the past few hours in the
+ 204294 [patrick pksp] There”Ēs a good tutorial, including installation instructions located
| 204618 [tesla.nicoli] I can't help you with DBI. I tried it got it installed and got nothing
| 205004 [tesla.nicoli] Okay, now there is a tutorial covering DBI and specifically Patricks problem
| 205005 [djberg96 gma] Regards,
+ 205009 [ml.chibbs gm] On 7/22/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality