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^ String Matching in an Array
202746 [ryan.edwards] I have an array set up that I want to match the user input to a property
202747 [ryan.edwards] Forgot to mention I'm trying to match an 8 digit number, but I pretty
202758 [tom helmetst] irb(main):001:0> val = gets
202775 [ryan.edwards] Most excellent thank you, it's working now, it's always something small
+ 202782 [chris.hulan ] system('cls')
+ 202783 [mvette13 gma] system 'clear'
  202786 [ryan.edwards] Thanks Mark and Chris duely noted.

^ STR2CSTR? Malloc or not?
202755 [jared.r.rich] I've seen code examples for STR2CSTR that have mallocs and (mostly)
202787 [TimHunter nc] In 1.8.4, STR2CSTR is marked "obsolete" in ruby.h. The preferred API is

^ Markaby/Xmlbuilder error - XmlMarkup cannot mix a text argument with a block
202760 [farrel.lifso] I'm not sure if I'm grokking how to use Markaby correctly. I'm trying
+ 202764 [hanklords gm] mab = Markaby::Builder.new
| 202770 [farrel.lifso] That produces the same error (In digging around in the code it
+ 202769 [ruby-talk wh] The error is in the template.
  202773 [farrel.lifso] Gah! Thanks why! I knew it was something stupid...

^ rubynodes extension failed compilation
202762 [the.mindstor] For the first time I am trying to install a Ruby package that has C
202774 [the.mindstor] I got past this problem... it looks like the rubynode distro includes
+ 202791 [the.mindstor] Just to make the story short... I gave up (hey, don't blame me... my
| 202795 [SimonKroeger] At least this one is easy, you have an environment variable
+ 202812 [dbatml gmx.d] The problem seems to be that the 1.8.4 One Click Installer uses Ruby 1.8.4
  + 202822 [the.mindstor] Many thanks for your additional infos.
  | 202833 [drbrain segm] You may be interested in ParseTree instead.
  + 202863 [ptkwt aracne] I seem to have had a similar problem, but on Linux.  For some reason the
  + 202904 [ml.chibbs gm] Sorry to come in n this late. Dominik is correct about the version of Ruby

^ connecting to an oracle database on an hp server
202772 [jctown nb.sy] Well I'm at my wits end...
202777 [chris.hulan ] Found this Rails wiki

^ Parsing-Newbie question
202785 [ricardo.oroz] Ruby is my first prgramming lenguage.  I know it's a simple question so
+ 202788 [schapht gmai] I find that each_line is nicer to work with than .gets for these
+ 202805 [w_a_x_man ya] table = {}
  202825 [ricardo.oroz] Thanks for the help William,
  + 202830 [dblack wobbl] The /x modifier on the end of William's regex means that literal
  + 202872 [w_a_x_man ya] Removing the x is like removing the lead from your

^ passing nil to WSDL function
202793 [raja ece.gat] Consider the following script: I want to pass nil to 'eventId' instead of 0.
202836 [nakahiro sar] Can I see the WSDL and the error message you get?  How it's going when

^ Passing the name of an argument and then its value
202798 [anne wjh.har] I have a soap4r created fx to search amazon which has too many
+ 202806 [logancapaldo] I would use a hash, a splat and an array. My solution follows, it
| + 202829 [anne wjh.har] I don't really want to write the names out! and I want it to be general
| + 202834 [anne wjh.har] I don't really want to write the names out! and I want it to be general
|   202837 [anne wjh.har] oups, sorry about the repeat
+ 202813 [anne wjh.har] Sorry, I was not clear enough, the soap4r fx  is generated by a ruby fx
  203262 [nakahiro sar] I don't know what 'fx' means but...

^ Object#extend inner workings
202817 [tom helmetst] I've got a question regarding the inner workings of extend. Consider the
+ 202818 [collinsj sea] As I understand it, Ruby adds another "transparent" superclass each time
| 202824 [tom helmetst] But the behavior of the modules is that of a subclass (being able to
| 202827 [collinsj sea] Oh, right, nevermind.
+ 202826 [dblack wobbl] No, it's just inserting the modules along the method lookup chain.
  202828 [tom helmetst] Ah! Have I said I love Ruby today?

^ [ANN] XMPP4R 0.3 released
202819 [stephan spac] XMPP4R is a Ruby library for the Jabber/XMPP instant messaging protocol.

^ IRb History
202832 [james graypr] Watching the other IRb thread, I'm getting the hint that it has a
202848 [logancapaldo] I thought it always had history...you just need to hack it to have

^ [RoR] problems using own class
202843 [Jonathan.Hei] I just build my own class that looks like this
+ 202861 [drbrain segm] Rails questions go on the Rails mailing list.
+ 202922 [Jonathan.Hei] I solved this problem with the help of a german RoR forum.
  202928 [frdrch web.d] www.rubyforen.de is a german Ruby forum not (only) a RoR forum! ;)
  203028 [Jonathan.Hei] a little bit foolish but ...

^ RCR 331
202851 [transfire gm] It's the little things that waste my time the most. Another reason to
202916 [leslieviljoe] That's where a little bit of ignorance saved me: I didn't know there was

^ Looking for a Ruby library to untar a file.
202855 [shalofin gma] Does anyone know of a library to untar a file?  I use Zlib to gunzip,
+ 202858 [tjackiw gmai] Wayne,
| 202893 [shalofin gma] Thiago,
+ 202884 [erikveen gma] Have a look at tarrubyscript.rb in tar2rubyscript.tar.gz [1].
| 202896 [shalofin gma] Erik,
+ 202898 [ mfp acm.org] Get it from http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=84 or

^ how to split an array in sub arrays of the same length
202866 [paolo.bacchi] Is there a way to split an array in sub arrays of the same length, that
+ 202869 [eban os.rim.] % irb --prompt simple
+ 202870 [botp delmont] # Is there a way to split an array in sub arrays of the same
+ 202880 [m_goldberg a] Although you could use Enumerator::each_slice as others have
+ 202907 [paolo.bacchi] thanks to all for responding.
+ 202991 [w_a_x_man ya] Always remember that a program without inject is a
+ 202992 [gavin refine] class Array
| 203040 [logancapaldo] This is in enumerator, enumerator comes with ruby. Do we really need
| 204802 [renard nc.rr] I believe the OP asked how to split an array in "x" sub arrays of equal
| 204808 [renard nc.rr] Sorry, but I pressed the Post message button too soon.
| 204837 [w_a_x_man ya] class Array
| + 204911 [w_a_x_man ya] class Array
| + 204917 [renard nc.rr] Yes! it is a much better way !!!
+ 204913 [drnicwilliam] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ What's the difference between these two block passing strategies?
202877 [ihatespam ro] A common complaint I hear about Ruby is (I think, I may quoting
202886 [erikveen gma] They are not equivalent. Version A has to convert a block into

^ Newbie - Q: working with files
202881 [demallien ma] I have a function with the following code
+ 202912 [schapht gmai] I would wonder if something's happening in handle_command.  Or maybe
+ 202946 [taitbp yahoo] Maybe something is going wrong in your handle_command call that makes

^ return statement where it is usefull ?
202882 [pere.noel la] i've the habit (from java ;-)) to put a return statement in a method
+ 202885 [rubyforum co] I think that both cases are usefull: return indicates that you intention
| + 202891 [rubytalk eac] return stops execution of a method.
| | 202894 [yvonthoraval] charset=ISO-8859-1;
| | 202899 [alex blackke] It's the return value of the p method, which happens to be nil in this
| + 202895 [yvonthoraval] charset=WINDOWS-1252;
+ 202900 [listbox juli] Ruby implicitly returns from the last expression in the method, but
| + 202903 [yvonthoraval] charset=ISO-8859-1;
| | 202911 [M.B.Smillie ] Well, as long as we're talking about Rubyish, then -1 is probably not
| | 202920 [yvonthoraval] charset=ISO-8859-1;
| + 202906 [dblack wobbl] Definitely (and even "self." can be eliminated) -- also, I would guess
|   202919 [yvonthoraval] charset=ISO-8859-1;
+ 202901 [dave.baldwin] As a documentation aid.
+ 202902 [fred lacave.] Emmm, in this precise case, it is - if you don't put your -1 in a else
  + 202905 [yvonthoraval] charset=ISO-8859-1;
  + 202908 [simon.kroege] This starts to be off topic, but

^ Re: Rdoc with hyperlinks
202889 [groups grand] (I assume you mean the actual generated documentation, not the template

^ acts_as_tree
202892 [        AN S] I'm trying to create categories that have their own subcategories, and
+ 202913 [schapht gmai] [snip: ruby on rails problem]
+ 202921 [james.britt ] Please ask rails questions on the rails mailing list.

^ Accessing the html objects,if html contains iframes inwatir.
202917 [msrinivasred] I am working with WATIR, My html page contains iframes,

^ [ANN] simplelog-0.1.2
202923 [jes luretank] Simplelog is the simplest of loggers, built to log when your needs are

^ [ANN] expanded_date-0.2.0
202925 [jes luretank] Adds extra functionality to the regular Date class.

^ Weird error when installing yarv on OS X
202937 [ollivier.rob] Am I the only to get this rather weird error when trying to run "make install"
202938 [decoux moulo] no,

^ recursive method and references
202939 [sci000 physi] I just wanted to realize a small heuristic search algorithm, but it
202975 [hulachr hotm] Your pos array contains references to other arrays,
203069 [sci000 physi] Thank you for the answer, I didn°«t know that the subarrays in Ruby are

^ DRb and xinetd / inetd
202944 [evans.jon gm] I've written a simple DRb service and I'd like to run it under xinetd

^ [SUMMARY] Negative Sleep (#87)
202945 [james graypr] These invent-your-own definition problems are always funny.  Some of you have

^ "insecure world writable" fix ?
202947 [sharre trans] I have come up with a fix/workaround which turns off the "insecure world
+ 203005 [Eric.Armstro] *Heck* of a workaround. Thanks. I look forward to
+ 203059 [decoux moulo] When ruby find some special characters (like \n;[]{} ...) in the string, it
  203152 [sharre trans] Ok, I understand the reason this works the way it does - Ruby wants the
  203158 [decoux moulo] Yes, correct the problem (i.e. change the permission for the directory)

^ *.rb not running on Windows any more
202952 [gavin refine] At work, I installed 1.8.2 from the one-click.
202977 [transhumanis] I'm guessing a bit here, but the problem might lie in the Path or
202983 [gavin refine] PATHEXT it was, thanks!

^ Using .each with constructors
202955 [transhumanis] Is there a nice elegant way of creating several named objects of the
+ 202957 [phurley gmai] I am sure some of the real Ruby hackers will have a better solution,
+ 202959 [james graypr] => ["0", "1", "2", "3"]
+ 202968 [GENIE prodig] The parallel assignment/array expansion approach suggested by patrick
| + 202969 [dblack wobbl] That won't work.  The variables will be local to the eval, and not
| + 202971 [transhumanis] I notice the first two can be combined to
| | + 202979 [james graypr] I was just using the i to produce different Strings so you could see
| | + 202986 [SimonKroeger] The array holds references to the new objects, but the objects don't know
| |   202989 [transhumanis] Now that's elegant. Why would you only use it for immutable types?
| |   202995 [SimonKroeger] No, that's ok for normal objects, but
| + 203009 [GENIE prodig] You're right, it works if you do the a=b=c=d=0 line first to init scope
+ 202976 [transfire gm] require 'facet/enumerable/every
+ 203002 [robert.dober] I prefer to write
  203021 [transfire gm] Hmm...It's too bad that #times below returns 3. It be pretty neat if it
  + 203022 [GENIE prodig] The solution i use to this is (1..3).map { Object.new }.  It's
  | 203024 [transfire gm] Sure. But it does have the additional overhead of creating a Range
  + 203023 [vikkous gmai] class Proc
  | 203025 [transfire gm] Nice. I'll use that.
  + 203033 [logancapaldo] irb(main):001:0> RUBY_VERSION

^ "" vs ''
202958 [bjohnson con] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 202960 [Daniel.Berge] I think this is more or less along the lines of personal preference.
+ 202962 [marcel verni] Aesthetics aside, Ruby optomizes double quoted strings that don't have any
+ 202963 [collinsj sea] I like to think it makes a difference, but...
+ 202964 [james graypr] '...' goes through processing too, just less.  \' and \\ are special
+ 202997 [jmg3000 gmai] I usually use double quotes since my strings often have apostrophes in 'em.
+ 203091 [dbatml gmx.d] There is no difference at all after parsing, both get turned into a
+ 216316 [dave.m email] - It makes the code more aestethic.
  + 216320 [rdm cfcl.com] -  It's less work for the interpreter.
  | 216332 [james graypr] What makes you say this?
  | + 216335 [gavin.kistne] And, FWIW, I did the same thing using a really long string with lots of
  | + 216346 [rdm cfcl.com] If the interpreter sees a single-quoted string, it knows
  | | + 216348 [vjoel path.b] True, but syntax hiliting can help spot the #{...}.
  | | + 217144 [drbrain segm] Incorrect.  For identical string contents the interpreter does the
  | |   217238 [rdm cfcl.com] I was speaking of the entire ruby executable as the
  | + 216358 [chneukirchen] You really should compare the parse-trees of these before even trying
  | | + 216376 [rick.denatal] Du hast ist recht!
  | | | 216516 [chneukirchen] Drop the "ist".
  | | + 216399 [logancapaldo] % cat strings.rb
  | + 216420 [nobu ruby-la] It knows that it does need to scan the string always for the
  + 216441 [pbattley gma] I often end up typing ' simply because it's an unmodified key on my

^ Trouble setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH for FastCGI script
202961 [cgansen gmai] I'm trying to exec a ruby script via FastCGI (on Apache 2.0), and cannot
202981 [cminear secu] I set this in Apache's httpd.conf file, in the <VirtualHost>
202990 [cgansen gmai] Unfortunately, I'm in a very restrictive environment, for multiple reasons.

^ [ANN] Mongoose 0.1.1
202965 [jcribbs netp] You can download it from:  http://rubyforge.org/projects/mongoose/
202967 [Daniel.Berge] What does Mongoose mean in terms of the future of KirbyBase?  Is
202970 [jcribbs netp] I will continue to support and maintain KirbyBase.  It is pretty mature
+ 202978 [james graypr] Does ę…at mean Mongoose will gain a plain text output, maybe using
| 202985 [cribbsj oakw] 1).  I will soon add #import and #export methods to the Table class, so
| 202988 [james graypr] Ooo, I really like this option actually.  This way you keep all the
+ 203065 [aglarond gma] One of the great features of KirbyBase is that the tables are
  203089 [logancapaldo] See, I think that if you need to store an array you should transform it into
  203530 [aglarond gma] Ah, good point.  Hadn't thought of it that way.

^ recursion in scripts -- global variables required?
202966 [Eric.Armstro] Is it me, or is it pretty much impossible
202973 [M.B.Smillie ] Well, in this case, if you're using global variables, there's not
203007 [Eric.Armstro] There is no inefficency here. Recursion isn't
+ 203013 [Eric.Armstro] Doh! "while true" makes a lot more sense than
+ 203015 [collinsj sea] It doesn't, sadly. Soon, hopefully.
| 203276 [Eric.Armstro] Good to know. Thanks for the info.
+ 203026 [sean.ohalpin] It doesn't - you'd quickly run out of stack space.
  203032 [Eric.Armstro] I must be going out of my mind. I can't
  203050 [gwtmp01 mac.] Be careful here.  The top-level scope in Ruby is not the same thing
  203277 [Eric.Armstro] That's IT. That's precisely what confuses me. The same

^ Can't debug with Ruby in Steel...
202984 [ihatespam ro] Two points...
+ 202996 [huw DELTHISB] Breakpoints are available for Ruby programs (not for Rails). You simply
| 203047 [ihatespam ro] I tried that but those functions are disabled.  All I can do is press
| + 203055 [leslieviljoe] On 7/21/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
| + 203064 [huw DELTHISB] It sounds as though you haven't installed the file projectaggregator2.msi.
+ 215138 [george_m6002] I had the same problem and after some hard hours i realized where was

^ [ANN] QtRuby 1.4.6
202993 [richard.j.da] URIS
202998 [SimonKroeger] Is this for real ?? yes, yes? yes?

^ Re: Mongoose 0.1.1
202994 [simonharriso] Brilliant! Great direction for you to go in my opinion. Will Mongoose be
203014 [jcribbs netp] Boy!  I could write a book about this question!  I don't mean to be
+ 203018 [ezmobius gma] Hey Jamey-
+ 203042 [daniels pron] You've aroused my curiosity. Had a little bit of trouble figuring out
  + 203044 [logancapaldo] There's example code distributed with Mongoose. (It's actually the
  | 203046 [daniels pron] Bah - I see now. That would have made it easier... I was looking for
  + 203103 [cribbsj oakw] Thanks, Daniel.  This is cool.  I already implemented

^ Re: QtRuby 1.4.6
203000 [richard.j.da] Well yes it should build on Windows (the previous 1.4.5 release did),

^ Problem when 'loading' a file containing a class derived from a struct
203003 [chrisjroos g] I actually spotted this in a rails app but traced it back to ruby.  Is
+ 203004 [dblack wobbl] It's because you're trying to give Person a new superclass: Struct.new
+ 203006 [ mfp acm.org] Struct.new(:a,:b)                    # => #<Class:0xa7dd12f4>
+ 203038 [logancapaldo] Hence to use this with rails which will reload stuff like it's going
  203067 [chrisjroos g] Ahhh I see.  Thanks for the explanation guys.