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^ Embarrassing question -
202522 [crose1 agere] Aren't people a little embarrassed that the search facility of these
+ 202525 [a2800276 gma] Aren't people embarassed when they realize this isn't a forum but a
| 202531 [BreadWithSpa] And gatewayed into a usenet newsgroup.  Which Google gives one
+ 202526 [collinsj sea] The person to contact is Andreas Schwarz - ruby-forum@andreas-s.net.

^ super's not so super today
202535 [transfire gm] Can anyone help me get around this?
202538 [lukfugl gmai] Looking at this, I don't think there's anything wrong with you're
202540 [transfire gm] Ah! Of course, Thank you. Unfortuantely NOW I need class local methods!

^ irb and fxri
202536 [listrecv gma] Is there anyway to enable tab completion in fxri's irb?

^ Article: Ruby for the Java world
202543 [Jamal.Mazrui] Just passing along an article reference that was brought to my
202547 [pat.eyler gm] If you're interested in Ruby and Jave, I'll risk a bit of self promotion
202549 [headius head] And as long as we're plugging articles, Obie posted an article on the our
202553 [tom infoethe] Speaking of which, I bet they'd be interested in interviewing somebody
202567 [headius head] I think that's the first time I've heard my name said in a podcast...creepy.

^ Ruby SOAP Client Question
202548 [greg.kujawa ] I am attempting to write a small SOAP client script using Ruby 1.8.2
+ 202551 [christopher.] See
| 202554 [greg.kujawa ] Thanks for submitting this. What you have posted appears to deal with a
| 202556 [kenosis gmai] Would SOAP::HTTPConfigLoader::set_basic_auth(...) be of any help with
+ 202603 [nakahiro sar] Unfortunately current soap4r (including development version) does not
  202610 [ksruby gmail] I haven't done this personally, but I think that would be very nice

^ Re: [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Negative Sleep (#87)
202555 [jake.mcarthu] charset=US-ASCII;

^ IO.popen question...
202557 [barinek gmai] I posted this on the Rails forum but is really just a ruby question...
202581 [collinsj sea] It would help if you mentioned what isn't working for you. Are you
202628 [barinek gmai] i need help with the logic and block...

^ local methods and local instance variables [was super's not so super today]
202564 [transfire gm] Well, this leads me to ask again about these state of affairs for a
+ 202568 [adam.shelly ] You get the same error even if you don't override method_added first.
| 202570 [transfire gm] I see. Okay, at least that makes sense. I agree though, I seem more
+ 202606 [sean.ohalpin] Is it a bug? You are undef'ing it after all. remove_method would seem
| 202614 [transfire gm] Weel, yea sort of. B/c look at what happended to me. I defined my own
| 202625 [sean.ohalpin] Having thought about it a bit more, I'm inclined to agree. There's no
+ 202613 [sean.ohalpin] If we ever get local methods, this seems like a reasonable notation to me.

^ Calling DLL from Ruby
202569 [Chintakrindi] charset=iso-8859-1
202597 [sean.ohalpin] On 7/18/06, Chintakrindi Meghanath

^ Best way to kill a thread started from a TkButton push
202572 [jaytahaney y] Looking for the best way to kill a thread started from
202767 [johnatl mac.] I can't help with your problem exactly, but this sounds like it is to do
202953 [jtlist patme] Thanks, you got me thinking about the scope and it ended up being just

^ How to preserve $~ when extending Regexp#match
202576 [ruby-forum b] Consider the following Regexp/MatchData extension, which pops a copy of
+ 202596 [drbrain segm] I played around with this for MetaRuby and couldn't find a way to
+ 202600 [ mfp acm.org] hmm the only general way I'm aware of does use Binding.of_caller (and
  202711 [ruby-forum b] Mauricio --
  + 202728 [pit capitain] Brendan, can you tell us why you're not allowed to use set_trace_func?
  + 202737 [dbatml gmx.d] Are C extension okay?

^ Jruby, JDBC
202578 [justin.crawf] Howdy-
202586 [enebo acm.or] Mixing -classpath and -jar is not allowed in Java.  I recommend

^ yaml and Bignum
202590 [pere.noel la] mappings_file_mtime: !ruby/object:Bignum 1151152397
202642 [yvonthoraval] charset=ISO-8859-1;

^ Match doesn't match
202605 [vcivelek yah] arg1 = "(1)a"
+ 202607 [the.mindstor] arg2 should be escaped as () has a meaning in regexps.
| 202645 [benjohn fysh] Possibly, Volkan Civelek, you simply wanted to see if the two string
+ 202608 [mike stok.ca] That's because parentheses are special in a pattern, and that's what
+ 202609 [m_goldberg a] Try it with

^ how to use variable in a regular expression
202611 [junkone roge] For ex i want to check for pattern  variable in watir - Ruby and search
202624 [jp jeffpritc] use #{variable_name} inside the regexp

^ Integer encoding challenge
202617 [dbalmain.ml ] Hey all,
202623 [ysantoso-rub] def encode_integer(num)
202626 [dbalmain.ml ] Nice idea :P
202627 [ysantoso-rub] Same technique, but put them in different namespace.
202639 [dbalmain.ml ] I need to be able to compare positive integers with negative so I

^ Rails: option_groups_from_collection_for_select sort order
202619 [swartz inbox] I am a newbie to Rails (and Ruby) so go easy on me.
202636 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://blog.segment7.net

^ Ruby as an Entry-level language
202629 [satish.talim] I am trying to introduce Ruby as an entry-level language at the University
+ 202670 [satish.talim] I searched google and I found a link. However, it's not complete yet.
+ 202694 [schapht gmai] There was a discussion on this list no long ago.  A search on

^ Finding methods of instance itself
202631 [listrecv gma] I use IRB to explore.  Very often I type a.methods.sort, to see what an
+ 202635 [transfire gm] object.methods(false)
| + 202637 [listrecv gma] Thanks!
| + 202644 [pit capitain] Me too.
+ 202648 [pbattley gma] This isn't exactly the answer to your question, but I've defined a

^ Objects within objects... ??
202640 [metrix1978 g] I have a thought in my head, but I don't know how to implement it, or
202641 [wesley yomed] For your example, is the following what you were thinking about?
202695 [metrix1978 g] Yes it is! but I would like to be able to add and delete objects on the
+ 202702 [bitdoger2 ya] ...brandon...while i'm still a newbie at this....a perfect example is
+ 202704 [wesley yomed] I think that the easiest way to achieve something like this is to use a
  202840 [metrix1978 g] Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! that REALLY helped
  202949 [wesley yomed] My pleasure.

^ Pagination question
202649 [lists nabble] I can't seem to find the information I need about pagination.
202650 [pbattley gma] Presumably you're talking about Ruby on Rails. Have you seen this?
202651 [lists nabble] Ah, thanks so much. That I am, sorry about that.

^ Rails: Saving an object into DB
202654 [eduardo.yane] I asked this in the Rails mailing list but nobody answered me, I think it is a newbie (I am a newbie) error but
+ 202660 [foamdino gma] try @player.save
| + 202662 [eduardo.yane] def Player.create_player(team_id)
| + 202663 [sitharus sit] Why do you think that would work? @player isn't defined.
|   + 202672 [eduardo.yane] After some changes, same error. I don't understand anything, I have a model class Player, a table players and the only
|   | + 202780 [sitharus sit] Think of ActiveRecord as magic. It constructs the class and all
|   | + 202839 [foamdino gma] just try
|   + 202682 [pertl gmx.or] class Team < ActiveRecord::Base
+ 202803 [interfecus g] This won't work. Try "self.team_id = team_id" if you want to do this.
+ 202897 [eduardo.yane] Thanks to all for the answers, finally I've got it working fine

^ Ruby + oracle last row
202667 [stardust99_f] I am new to ruby so any help will be greatly appreciated.
+ 202713 [chris.hulan ] 1) first execute a count(*) cursor to get the number of records,
+ 202857 [dan-ml dan42] nextrow = cursor.fetch
  202883 [stardust99_f] a count method. Thanks Daniel for your answer, i will try to implement

^ [RubyAEOSA] RuntimeError: (-1753) OSACompileExecute
202674 [pere.noel la] method compile_execute
+ 202697 [yvonthoraval] charset=ISO-8859-1;
+ 202794 [logancapaldo] Use system("osascript #{file}") instead?
  202865 [yvonthoraval] charset=ISO-8859-1;

^ Net/HTTP is flaky?
202683 [ihatespam ro] http = Net::HTTP.new("somesite.com")
202693 [logancapaldo] On Jul 19, 2006, at 7:50 AM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
202778 [ihatespam ro] Ah, thanks...
202792 [drbrain segm] On Jul 19, 2006, at 1:20 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
202800 [ihatespam ro] Okay, so the site doesn't exist where I think it does and I get
+ 202808 [joevandyk gm] On 7/19/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
| 202816 [adam.shelly ] Ok, so Net:HTTP doesn't fail, it just returns pretty low-level
| 202859 [logancapaldo] ...
+ 202811 [drbrain segm] On Jul 19, 2006, at 2:55 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
  202831 [ihatespam ro] You know, it would be easier to follow the redirect if I knew that it
  + 202835 [drbrain segm] On Jul 19, 2006, at 4:55 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
  | 202974 [collinsj sea] <big snip>
  + 202987 [joevandyk gm] On 7/19/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality

^ Time.parse has never visited Singapore?
202684 [hhausman gma] I suspect that Time.parse is just not understanding the "Malay
+ 202689 [pbattley gma] That's odd. I get
+ 202690 [robert.dober] Deux choses sont infinies : l'univers et la b=EAtise humaine ; en ce qui
| 202692 [hhausman gma] I actually am here from the future.
| 202696 [robert.dober] Deux choses sont infinies : l'univers et la b=EAtise humaine ; en ce qui
+ 202721 [shuying gmai] So it's to do with the fact that you've got spaces in your timezone.
| 202844 [adam.shelly ] Not exactly - it's even more picky than that.  It looks like with
| + 202878 [hhausman gma] fwiw, I've swtiched to using Time.new.to_yaml and all my problems have
| + 202926 [ysantoso-rub] My local time is EDT (-4:00)
|   202929 [akr fsij.org] 1ALPHA means an ALPHA.  So, Z is a zone but 1Z is not.
+ 202790 [chneukirchen] Windows?

^ do loops and braces
202686 [aidy.rutter ] Is there anyway I can envelop this in braces and not have a loop 'end'?
202688 [m.fellinger ] just do it :)
202708 [nsmith5 umbc] I find that slightly annoying as well. When I use brackets, text editors

^ Upgrade from Ruby 1.8.2 to 1.8.3 in Windows
202698 [tuka yorn.ne] Unfortunately search is not available - so I have the following
202699 [technel gmai] Hey there.
202700 [technel gmai] Sorry, one more thing. Ruby-forums actually is just a front-end for
202743 [tuka yorn.ne] Thanks for the heads up. That saved me another install.

^ Where to place local version of gem file for win32 install?
202701 [tuka yorn.ne] I have downloaded a version of mongrel gem files and I would like to
+ 202821 [collinsj sea] Try running gem install mongrel in the directory where you saved the gem.
+ 202823 [the.mindstor] gem install <path_to_local_gem> should do it.

^ unsubscribe me
202703 [sujeetkr gma] ...
202705 [schapht gmai] You'll have to unsubscribe yourself using the link above.  You can
202709 [benjohn fysh] Hey, that's handy. I imagine that most mail reader will, as mine has,

^ [ANN] Mocha - new stubbing and mocking library released
202706 [jamesmead44 ] Mocha is a Ruby mocking library with a syntax like that of JMock and

^ Newbie question
202710 [ricardo.oroz] text editor.  I need to write a class that parses a file but I don't
202744 [schapht gmai] If you write your test as a unit test (Test::Unit::TestCase) you can

^ [ANN] Mongoose 0.1.0
202717 [jcribbs netp] Mongoose is a database management system written in Ruby.  It has an
+ 202719 [ezmobius gma] Jamey-
| 202838 [jcribbs netp] Thank *you* for ez_where!  I have to admit that, even though I looked at
+ 202727 [james graypr] This really interesting stuff Jamey.  Thanks for sharing!
+ 202738 [blaumag gmai] Great job!

^ FastCGI, shebang line options, and library path question
202718 [cgansen gmai] I'm trying to configure a simple script to test a ruby/apache/FastCGI setup
202724 [aredridel nb] $:.unshift("/path/to/library")

^ Ideas needed & help needed!
202720 [gwazy zigg.u] Ok im attempting to make a ruby fan/help/disscussion website.
202768 [jmg3000 gmai] What are your goals for the site? What do you want it to be like when
202776 [gwazy zigg.u] I picked a name - rFusion.us .

^ [ANN] sandbox 0.0.11 -- taking the i out of eval
202723 [ruby-talk wh] Oh rapture!  Oh, delicious zesty snacks!  Oh, steamed uncles in a cabbage
+ 202725 [Daniel.Berge] Very cool.  By any chance have you ever looked at Perl's Safe.pm?  I'm
| 202753 [ruby-talk wh] I'm not saavy enough with Perl's opcodes and its scope rules to say.  It looks
+ 202740 [jgbailey gma] This could be the basis of a great "live" class browser, which I think is
| 202756 [ruby-talk wh] I'll have binaries for Hpricot and Sandbox both out in August.  They still lack
| 202804 [ mfp acm.org] Could you have a look at http://eigenclass.org/misc/hpricot-0.3.0-mswin32.gem ?
| 202820 [ruby-talk wh] Oh blam!  That was really unexpected, thankyou, how sweet of you, Mauricio!
| 202847 [logancapaldo] This is completely off topic, but I just figured out who _why reminds
| 202909 [ruby anthrop] }
+ 202757 [matthew.moss] This is pretty freaking cool.
+ 202864 [matz ruby-la] I'd like to have it in the standard distribution once it become
  202936 [ruby-talk wh] To be stable, I might need to enhance Thread.  For now is there a way to prevent
  202940 [joshua rever] I don't want to diss your work, since it is obviously a significant
  + 202941 [ mfp acm.org] This is exactly what was done in Sydney.  I know know of any plan to bring
  | 202943 [ mfp acm.org] After a quick glance at the code, it seems to be using a global VM lock
  + 202954 [ruby-talk wh] You are welcome to diss it, I would encourage it and I hope to (fingers crossed)

^ Beyond threads? Better concurrency methods?
202731 [anmus anmus.] The recent IEEE Computer society magazine 'Computer' May 2006 has a
+ 202852 [matz ruby-la] Interesting.  But I don't have IEEE Computer magazine at hand.  Could
| + 202854 [znmeb cesmai] It's on line ... try the IEEE "Computer" web site. I saw a link go by on
| | 202856 [dan-ml dan42] It sounds really interesting and I'd love to read it, but there's no way I'm
| | 202860 [znmeb cesmai] Ah ... maybe it was free only when first published. :(
| + 202868 [pit capitain] Matz, you can find it online from
| | 202871 [matz ruby-la] Thank you, unfortunately I have to buy the article for $19.00, which
| | + 202873 [srinivas.j s] Could you try this URL --
| | | 202874 [matz ruby-la] Good, good.  Thank you.  I will examine the article later.
| | + 202875 [pit capitain] Wierd. I didn't have to pay for it. I've seen that Srinivas has already
| |   202888 [dan-ml dan42] Yeah it's really weird. If you go to the main page, the article is there
| + 203139 [anmus anmus.] Coordination models and languages
+ 202853 [znmeb cesmai] I read the article and somewhat vaguely remember what the author
  + 202862 [rubyfan gmai] I've got an SMP kernel.
  + 202879 [Alex.Dalitz ] I spent some great years programming the Transputer in OCCAM commercially.
  | + 202887 [phelan tttec] Perhapps have a look at Fortress from Sun Micro
  | + 202918 [znmeb cesmai] And I spent four terrible years at a company called Floating Point
  |   202950 [rmeenaks olf] You should take a look at Occam-PI
  |   + 202956 [bobgus rcn.c] I'm glad you mentioned Occam. I was going to suggest a look at the link;
  |   + 203034 [znmeb cesmai] Yes, I should take a look at that. Although ... CSP (Occam/Hoare) and
  + 202942 [martin snowp] Well, the Scala language is hosted on the JVM, so has as its
  | + 202972 [rm_rails che] A couple other notable projects built with Erlang are
  | | 202982 [igouy yahoo.] -snip-
  | + 203010 [csaba MailTo] I read somewhere about Erlang that the next release of the VM will
  |   + 203020 [igouy yahoo.] -snip-
  |   + 203115 [csaba mail-t] * As I heard, you are not prohibited to play dirty tricks with the
  + 203155 [dido.sevilla] There's the Limbo programming language, invented by Rob Pike, Phil
    203159 [ara.t.howard] fortytwo :~ > cat a.rb
    203227 [csaba mail-t] AFAICS slave.rb's operation is based on fork(2).
    203250 [ara.t.howard] true all.  nevetheless it's an alternative to threads.

^ maybe I don't understand the .to_a method...
202732 [john.fink gm] Hey folks,
+ 202736 [ruby philip.] test2 = test.split(/[\n\r]+/)
| 202745 [john.fink gm] Aha, split.  I've now tried split on arbitrary lines in irb, and it works on
| + 202748 [tanner.burso] Try doing  test2 = test.body.split (given the sample code you listed above)
| | 202749 [john.fink gm] That did it!!!  Thanks much, Phillip and Tanner.
| + 202751 [adam.shelly ] Http requests return a two-element array with the response and the data.
|   202754 [john.fink gm] Aha, so that's why the cryptic stuff at the beginning of the output... thank
+ 202850 [dan-ml dan42] You are not mistaken; String#to_a returns an array of lines. But you didn't

^ [RAILS] collection_select
202733 [josselin wan] I am using some 'collection_select' combo boxes (w Ajax calls) , it's
202734 [drbrain segm] Please ask rails questions on the rails mailing list.