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^ Net::HTTP client side sessions?
202267 [jbresnik gma] Been looking through Net::HTTP for a way to manage a session [i.e.
202271 [aaron_patter] Have you tried looking at WWW::Mechanize?  It will maintain your cookies
202352 [jbresnik gma] Perfect - thanks Aaron

^ [ANN][SoC] Ruby Reports 0.4.17
202274 [gregory.t.br] == Ruport 0.4.17 ==

^ [ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.7.0
202276 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.7.0 is now available.

^ n00b Q: Obfuscation and locking the source
202280 [dh.evolution] I have been doing some Ruby on and off this year, so I am still a n00b.
+ 202282 [james.herdma] I suppose, depending on your platform, script2exe might do the trick for
| 202289 [rubytalk eac] You could use ZenObfuscator, by Ryan D, www.zenspider.com (its someewhere on
+ 202304 [james.britt ] This was discussed on this mailing list not too long ago (and on
  202328 [dh.evolution] I did, all I found were jokes about how ruby is already obfuscated, and
  + 202330 [james graypr] It's important to remember how easily the determined person will get
  | 202334 [dh.evolution] I'll agree with that.  Thanks.
  + 202366 [billk cts.co] Had you seen the ZenObfuscate post?
  | + 202383 [dbatml gmx.d] Have you seen Ruby2CExtension (http://ruby2cext.rubyforge.org/) ?
  | | + 202386 [billk cts.co] Nice !!!
  | | + 202560 [ryand-ruby z] So can ZenObfuscate.
  | + 202927 [u.alberton g] Have you already taken a look at the Street Performer Protocol[1]?
  + 202373 [james.britt ] Weird; seems the word "obfuscate" didn't really figure into the
    202385 [kenosis gmai] Here's the link to a thread I started on this topic a couple of years

^ Rdoc with hyperlinks
202281 [listrecv gma] More often than not, I find when browsing rdoc, that I need to see the
+ 202476 [kbloom gmail] In general, you should not rely on knowledge of the source code to
| 202489 [listrecv gma] Ken - I certainly agree in theory.  However, in practice, that is often
+ 202496 [gavin refine] which has a link to its own source file, and thus is self-documenting
  202602 [groups grand] In general, you should not rely on knowledge of the source code to
  + 202730 [listrecv gma] Thanks, greatly appreciated!
  + 202948 [drbrain segm] Can you turn this into a patch?
    203008 [2006 howell.] Short answer: "no".
    203035 [logancapaldo] diff -u your_version_with_changes.rb original_version.rb > your.patch
    + 203036 [logancapaldo] Ack!!! I lied. I always mix that up.
    | 203102 [jmg3000 gmai] diff -ur foo_original foo_modified > foo_mychanges.patch
    + 203153 [drbrain segm] Make your changes, test them, then run cvs diff -u and send the
      203200 [listrecv gma] I think we should have options for linking to the actual file (in the

^ Re: Groovy Book
202283 [kalim1998 ya] Looks like there's a Groovy book coming...Groovy is the scripting
202284 [headius head] Hopefully the JRuby book won't arrive too late ;)

^ Globalize-rails plugin
202291 [olontsev gma] I've just downloaded it and installed.

^ Net::HTTP Performance....
202292 [bjohnson con] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 202293 [ola.bini ki.] Yes, and yes. The fix is basically to go into your
| 202295 [flori nixe.p] Ruby being Ruby, you can also just reopen the class and redefine the
+ 202297 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://blog.segment7.net

^ Printing Barcodes from Ruby
202294 [listrecv gma] I'd like to be able to generate barcodes from Ruby (to a PDF document).
+ 202298 [oliver.march] - install GNU barcode from
| 202323 [csaba phony_] You might as well try to use GrailTeX (
| 202339 [chneukirchen] Awesome stuff, thanks a lot!
+ 202337 [lists mihela] I think you can embed some font (I am not sure what is name of font) to
| 202349 [listrecv gma] That would certainly be the easiest - easier than converting from
| + 202377 [lists mihela] I see there are plenty of barcode Code 39 true type fonts available and
| + 202401 [rgkaufman gm] Right now we're using the method described here ->
|   202447 [listrecv gma] Rob,
|   202559 [rgkaufman gm] I agree with you that the create_fdf method is kind of a "magic" hack,
+ 202999 [guido sohne.] (DataMatrix) generation thingy in JavaScript.
+ 203143 [halostatue g] I hope to be able to add this to PDF::Writer in the future. Don't hold
  203198 [listrecv gma] Great, I really appreciate that.
  236689 [plex27 alice] i'm italian and I must generate a barcode into a PDF file.

^ Catch ^c/signals? blocks?
202301 [eliteforce e] I'm kinda new to ruby and have a few questions.
202302 [ola.bini ki.] I would recommend that you lookup either the method Kernel#trap, the
202306 [eliteforce e] does ctrl-c also send a signal to the process? (i guess so)
202307 [ola.bini ki.] Yes, C-c generates a SIGINT in most common operating systems.
202308 [eliteforce e] Okay, thank you very much!
202311 [pedrocr gmai] I think there's no difference in behaviour. There is a difference in

^ Re: [BUG/PATCH] http-access2
202303 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for very late reply.
202305 [transfire gm] I would like to encourage you to drop the "2" from the package name. Is
202322 [nakahiro sar] There was "http-access" package by Maehashi-san.  Unfortunately the
202468 [transfire gm] I see. Thanks.
203254 [nakahiro sar] Users seem to use http-access2 for (1)soap4r or (2)HTTP-Cookies
203268 [transfire gm] Huh. Like I said I'm no expert. I didn't realize you could use it like

^ Re: http-access2 help
202309 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for late reply again.  It needed half a year to fix.

^ How can I parse binary files?
202310 [fabio sferac] How can I accomplish this in Ruby?
+ 202312 [farrel.lifso] String#unpack.
+ 202317 [martin snowp] In addition to parsing this yourself using ruby's String#unpack
  202338 [fabio sferac] I've found bit-struct very intresting, anyway I cannot figure how to
  + 202341 [ara.t.howard] without even looking at the docs i'd guess you could do
  | 202389 [SimonKroeger] This looks like a nice way.
  + 202392 [martin snowp] First off, the other message's advice about your field sizes should be
    202398 [martin snowp] I forgot to open the file in binary mode, and forgot an inspect call.
    202448 [fabio sferac] require 'bit-struct'
    202449 [fabio sferac] - Filename (23 bytes including terminating NUL character)
    + 202493 [martin snowp] Okay, first off I apologize but I lead you astray.  Apparently it's
    | + 202499 [fabio sferac] Martin Thank you very much: you solved my problem like a charm!
    | + 204883 [vjoel path.b] Just one comment below on Daniel's solution...
    + 202495 [chris.hulan ] Looks like you need to investigate #unpack.
      202521 [martin snowp] That's fine if you want to pull out each field in succession yourself,
      + 202532 [chris.hulan ] My ref to BinaryReader wasn't a slight against BitStruct, I haven't
      | + 203568 [fabio sferac] This time I'm trying to write a binary file.
      | | + 203590 [martin snowp] I'm not sure.  It appears to be a bug in bit-struct.  Here's a
      | | + 203591 [jan.svitok g] Q2: have look at Time.parse or ParseDate in stdlib. Keep in mind that
      | | | 203619 [fabio sferac] Thank you all!
      | | + 204884 [vjoel path.b] The problem is, unfortunately, not something that can easily be fixed in
      | + 204887 [vjoel path.b] Good point about setting the default endianness for all fields in a
      + 204892 [vjoel path.b] 1. Padding.
        204936 [martin snowp] Well, the main issue is that I thought it was a bit clumsy to have to

^ Re: Web Services Issue
202313 [nakahiro sar] Thanks.  I tried to download WSDL at

^ Strangeness with ruby-web and sqlite3
202315 [hhausman gma] I'm getting everything up and running on win32 with ruby-web and
202319 [simon.kroege] just a guess: is your html-server account allowed to write
202320 [hhausman gma] Man, good guess.

^ First ruby code, need hint on iterator
202316 [gerald frobb] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 202326 [leslieviljoe] I think it's ok to duplicate a single line. If you are worried about
+ 202327 [wrecklass1 g] Keep a count of total characters processed, and output if that is the
+ 202359 [sander.land ] If you want to do things with 16 bytes at a time, you might as well
  202379 [gerald frobb] Delightful ! It's hard to think outside the box if you mainly have been

^ Re: SOAP4r
202321 [nakahiro sar] Sorry for late reply.

^ Ruby Gems and the Mysterious 403 Error
202325 [derek.perrau] 403 Forbidden
202331 [yvonthoraval] charset=ISO-8859-1;
202365 [derek.perrau] Hmm... no such luck.  Thank you for the suggestion, though.

^ [ANN] Northern Virginia Ruby user's group meeting 7/19/06
202329 [tom infoethe] For those in the northern Virginia/DC area, there's a Ruby user's group

^ Re: Negative Sleep (#87)
202332 [miken700 yah] This is what negative sleep basically meant for me: if we are negative

^ [ANN] ruby-debug 0.2
202346 [ksruby gmail] ruby-debug 0.2 is now available.

^ [ANN] RubySSPI 0.0.2 - Enabling Windows NTLM/Negotiate proxy authentication
202350 [jgbailey gma] = What's New

^ mystery regexp
202351 [nntp.m.ttwel] I found this regexp in the docs for the OptionParser class, and I don't
+ 202353 [greg.kujawa ] Check out http://www.zenspider.com/Languages/Ruby/QuickRef.html#11 for
| 202358 [nntp.m.ttwel] There ya go.  Thanks.
+ 202355 [jason.sweat ] \A    start of subject (independent of multiline mode)
+ 202357 [james graypr] That's a look-ahead assertion, ensuring there is at least one

^ irb and readline
202354 [listrecv gma] I'm getting funny behavior when using irb (readline) on Windows.  When
+ 202364 [jgbailey gma] I see this myself, though I don't know if I have 'readline' enabled.  It's
+ 202378 [gavin refine] Since you asked, yes, I experience this too. You're not alone.
| 202408 [listrecv gma] What is the correct place to submit this as a bug report, then?
+ 202423 [botp delmont] # I'm getting funny behavior when using irb (readline) on Windows.  When
| 202490 [listrecv gma] I'm running exact same ruby/irb vers, and still get this.  Not always -
+ 202669 [dave burt.id] irb --noreadline. As an added bonus, that means I can paste text with
  + 202735 [listrecv gma] Good tip.  The only problem is that this breaks tab completion also,
  | + 202763 [sean.ohalpin] Enables or disables command line editing on DOS system
  | | 202799 [listrecv gma] I believe that there is still a cmd.exe running in the background,
  | | 202809 [sean.ohalpin] Nope. It's spawned directly. Make sure you don't have cmd.exe running,
  | | 202845 [listrecv gma] Got it.  So, is there anyway to shut off history from the windows
  | | 202846 [listrecv gma] I was able to lower buffer size and number of buffers to 1, but it
  | + 202931 [dave burt.id] You can use the old command.com shell (Windows XP still includes it)
  + 202771 [gavin refine] Nice, that solves it for me, too.
    + 202781 [jgbailey gma] @echo off
    + 202933 [dave burt.id] You can either add the --noreadline parameter to the ruby calls at the

^ [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Negative Sleep (#87)
202356 [boris.prinz ] I tried to keep it simple. The code blocks in an Insomnia object are

^ displaying all errors
202360 [turtlethief ] When running a program from the command-line, I get the following
+ 202425 [logancapaldo] That's one error and a stack trace for said error. Whatever it was it
+ 202432 [daniels pron] If you explicitely catch the error, you can get to it through the

^ How to call system having trap("CHLD", "IGNORE")?
202361 [smerk fi.mun] doing some forks I want to ignore SIGCHLD. But
+ 202381 [ara.t.howard] it looks like a bug.
+ 202444 [matz ruby-la] system() tried to pick up the exit status of forked sub-process.
  202463 [robert.dober] Hmm I conclude from your reply (and tested)
  202464 [matz ruby-la] No they don't.  The former ignores SIGCHLD.  The latter handles

^ [Fwd: Re: Preferred monkeypatching technique]
202367 [johnatl mac.] You could use a factory for that, and allow the plugin to override the

^ Interactive mode
202368 [expiation de] Is there some sort of 'python -i' equivalent for ruby or irb? I can't
202371 [nseckar gmai] If you just want to load some code before irb starts, you can use -r
202376 [phurley gmai] As mentioned you can use breakpoint (excellect tool) and irb -r, also
202393 [expiation de] Thanks guys
202399 [dingsi mistb] try eval(File.read('blah.rb'))
202412 [sean.ohalpin] eval() won't create local variables - it will update one if it already
202414 [collinsj sea] $ cat test.rb
202415 [sean.ohalpin] You're right - another one of those little quirks of irb ;)
202571 [logancapaldo] It's not _really_ a little quirk of irb, it's the same quirk you
202584 [sean.ohalpin] It's even quirkier than that even :)
202652 [expiation de] Hey!

^ end of file
202370 [ghotrapa yah] Can somebody body give me an idea on how to detect end of file in excel

^ [Fwd: Re: How to speed up ruby and make it as fast as possible]
202374 [johnatl mac.] If you're using a UNIX like server, you might try running the process at a
202390 [kenosis gmai] This topic has been addressed many, many times in this group. Do try

^ [Fwd: Re: Mac OSX Ruby Configuration Question]
202375 [johnatl mac.] You can change path info in /etc/profile to make it system-wide.
202471 [schapht gmai] It's in our blood.  Programmers like to categorize things.  The
202481 [jmg3000 gmai] * /bin -- commands needed for minimal system operability

^ Ruby code to control Russound CAV6.6
202382 [gavin refine] I'm (finally) starting to set up my home for automated electronics. The
202397 [skurapat ucs] Last time I checked, there wasn't any (usable) serial-port extension
202419 [gavin refine] Well, the Russound API has specific packet formats it uses. In addition

^ Initializing a DateTime object the best way
202400 [weyus att.ne] Wow - dates and times sure are all over the place in Ruby.
202403 [weyus att.ne] Then I tried
+ 202404 [khaines enig] DateTime is the class to use if you need to represent a wide range of
+ 202405 [weyus att.ne] This seems to get me pretty close.
  202416 [wrecklass1 g] This is an interesting conversation. Can you tell me where this
  202421 [groups grand] require 'date'

^ Sound like OS level Stuff wanted Re: How to speed up ruby and make  itas fast as possible
202402 [john.carter ] Wow! You seem to hit some grumpy folks in the chatter spot. Even after

^ uninstalling/upgrading Ruby
202411 [bonefry gmai] I have Ruby 1.8.2 installed on a RHEL 3 server from the tarball, install
+ 202420 [jmg3000 gmai] Unfortunately, there's probably no customary "make uninstall". Where
+ 202454 [erikveen gma] # ls -ld /usr/local/*/{ruby,irb,erb,testrb,rdoc,ri}
+ 202470 [schapht gmai] Chances are good that you can just install 1.8.4.  It'll likely
  202513 [collinsj sea] whereis ruby

^ Re: Mac OSX Ruby Configuration Question
202417 [groups grand] I would not modify anything in /usr/bin directly.  Apple assumes that
202500 [devlists-rub] 6 months isn't all that long :)
202761 [johnatl mac.] That's an understatement!
202876 [groups grand] 3) Two days ago, I once again had a Ruby program fail because it's
+ 202910 [schapht gmai] The developer link provided previously seems like you just have to
| 203011 [2006 howell.] [sheepishly takes the time to RTFM] I just assumed that "configuring"
| 203218 [devlists-rub] Pain, frustration, aggravation, more frustration, and more pain.  I have
| 203233 [2006 howell.] Too bad it didn't actually work.
| 203236 [devlists-rub] You're going about it backwards.  If you have PATH in your
| 203478 [2006 howell.] Well, the ultimate source for that user. What I want is for it to
+ 202914 [devlists-rub] processes launched by a specific user.

^ [newbie]  in place file editing and ! meaning
202424 [xhanin yahoo] I'm brand new to ruby, and I'm looking for a way to open a file, read
+ 202427 [logancapaldo] The ! (pronounced bang usually) means that a method is a "dangerous"
+ 202428 [m_goldberg a] FOLDER = "#{ENV['HOME']}/Desktop/" # or whatever folder you want
+ 202434 [doug mcnaugh] In general, you need to read in the file (usually line by line) and
  202455 [dblack wobbl] In this case that's true, but in general, ! means a "dangerous" method
  202457 [curi curi.us] What are some examples of method names with ! used to indicate some
  202459 [ mfp acm.org] Kernel#exit!

^ process xml in a page
202426 [walkerhunter] I would like to process the xml in the url below, but I am unsure how.
202430 [james.britt ] Use open-uri to fetch the XML, then load it into a REXML::Document object.
202589 [walkerhunter] Thank you, James.  I got a step further, but still need help.
202591 [james.britt ] require 'open-uri'
202595 [walkerhunter] I get the error below after a successful XML output to the debug window.
202598 [walkerhunter] A guy in the comments on the page below had the same problem.  Someone

^ Re: in place file editing and ! meaning
202429 [xhanin yahoo] OK, thanks for the information and the pronounciation tip.
+ 202431 [curi curi.us] do you want something like this?
+ 202435 [logancapaldo] To do in place editing, basically you just do it. The problem is
| 202445 [xhanin yahoo] Many thanks all of you! What an incredibly active community ruby has,
+ 202437 [m_goldberg a] How big is huge? Nowadays, I think the "read all, manipulate, write