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^ [ANN - Resend] Ruby Win32 SSPI 0.0.1 - Enabling NTLM/Negotiate proxy authentication
202040 [jgbailey gma] * fingers slipped and I sent previous announcement early - oops! *

^ Mac OSX Ruby Configuration Question
202042 [steverummel ] I recently installed Ruby 1.8.4 on my iMac, running OSX 10.4. Ruby,
+ 202043 [drbrain segm] mv /usr/bin/ruby /usr/bin/ruby182-orig
| + 202044 [curi curi.us] won't that mess up anything that tries to use the system version?
| | 202047 [steverummel ] Thank you for the help -
| | + 202049 [curi curi.us] oh oops.
| | + 202065 [nobu ruby-la] /usr/local/bin is after /usr/bin.  The order is significant.
| |   202138 [steverummel ] Thank you for your reply - I updated my .bash_profile and it worked great.
| |   + 202142 [Rob AgileCon] ...
| |   + 202145 [curi curi.us] I believe if you have a .bash_profile, then .profile isn't run unless
| + 202045 [steverummel ] Thanks for the fast reply - if I read this correctly, I am literally
+ 202057 [devlists-rub] As Elliot suggests, re-order your path.  The system looks for programs
  202079 [schapht gmai] Just to speak on this point, I've been safely using the replacement
  202108 [devlists-rub] Sometimes modifying /usr/bin is the only option left - but sooner or

^ Alternate initializers or alternate class?
202050 [transfire gm] Jan Molic recently contacted me about a slighlty modified version of
+ 202069 [sean.ohalpin] I generally find it easier to remember what general kind of thing I
+ 202073 [logancapaldo] The second implemented in terms of the first?
| 202078 [transfire gm] Hmmm... I like the "taste" of that ;-)
| 202097 [sean.ohalpin] +1 - having cake and eating it is a thing devoutly to be wished for ;)
| 202228 [transfire gm] Well, it seemed all well and good but now I find myself having to
| 202279 [sean.ohalpin] You don't have to write the code yourself! :)
+ 202093 [daniel.schie] I actually favor a third approach; keyword argument options.
  202098 [sean.ohalpin] I'm a big proponent of keyword arguments (which we implement in the
  202100 [daniel.schie] Who said anything about multiple classes?
  202130 [sean.ohalpin] Fair enough - I was thinking about the original implementation and

^ Configuring eruby with apache
202052 [eric.duminil] Sorry if this not the right place to post, please tell me where I
202054 [collinsj sea] Have you set up your httpd2.conf file?
+ 202080 [schapht gmai] Also, if you get that running, I really like that you can plunk this
+ 202094 [eric.duminil] Thanks a lot for your reply Justin!
  202099 [eric.duminil] Ok!
  202143 [collinsj sea] Glad you got it working, I'm not an expert on it or anything :)

^ Re: Mac OSX Ruby Configuration Question - solved
202056 [steverummel ] I learned something new today. Your solution worked.

^ Hash.new(obj) of any signifficant value?
202060 [transfire gm] Is this form of Hash initialization really very useful?
+ 202063 [ryand-ruby z] I use Hash.new(0) constantly...
| 202074 [transfire gm] Okay, I can see that.
+ 202085 [m_goldberg a] I found the following useful

^ Some questions about Ruby and it's environment...
202067 [ihatespam ro] I have two issues in Ruby which are bugging me.
202070 [drbrain segm] On Jul 14, 2006, at 6:55 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
+ 202083 [collinsj sea] Well, it does look in the directory from which the script is run, which
| 202157 [ihatespam ro] I'm pretty sure the "#!" line is meaningless on Windows and the shell
| + 202166 [jwkenne attg] The shell doesn't. (However, Apache, when running under Windows, does,
| | 202170 [james.britt ] But it's configurable if you want Apache to use the Windows-associated
| + 202171 [wrecklass1 g] However, the .rb file extension is associated with Rocket eBook Reader.
| + 202173 [logancapaldo] On Jul 15, 2006, at 5:10 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
+ 202084 [ihatespam ro] Thanks, I went with the environment variable.  It's what I was looking
  202090 [drbrain segm] On Jul 14, 2006, at 10:41 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
  202154 [ihatespam ro] Ah, indeed, system didn't work.  Windows does know how to execute PERL

^ possible DIR["**"] anomaly
202068 [mdurham peop] If you see DEFINITION of DIR["**"] and DIR["*"] below it suggests there
202072 [transfire gm] Try Dir['**/*'], it only applies this way.
+ 202077 [mdurham peop] Thanks a lot.
+ 202086 [ara.t.howard] i've settled on
| 202165 [langstefan g] I use Dir['**/*'].
+ 202175 [mdurham peop] using "**/*" doesn't seem to get all dirs, it misses the hidden ones
  + 202214 [Pierre.Barbi] The convention in file globbing is always to ignore the hidden files,
  | + 202215 [nobu ruby-la] Dir.glob("**/lib/**/*.rb")
  | + 202216 [alex blackke] Like this?
  |   202230 [Pierre.Barbi] Indeed ^^
  |   202233 [transfire gm] +1
  + 202222 [langstefan g] Dir.glob("**/*", File::FNM_DOTMATCH)

^ Any ideas for candidates for HOPL-III?
202088 [james.britt ] "In 1978, the first History of Programming Language Conference (HOPL)
202110 [studlee2 gma] James,
202112 [james.britt ] Further proof of the value of literacy.
202115 [studlee2 gma] I'll be in a retirment home by then -- not really I'm 23 -- but that is

^ net/http performance
202091 [luke burton.] (notes: I posted this to comp.lang.ruby, figuring it would filter
202107 [gwtmp01 mac.] Why don't you swap out WEBrick for Mongrel and run the same tests?
202139 [zedshaw zeds] Better yet, don't use a Ruby web server at all, and use another tool you
202182 [luke burton.] I neglected to mention in my post that I have already double checked
202187 [flori nixe.p] I think you're right. In the GET case (for both open-uri and net/http) I
202223 [akr fsij.org] I guess the timeout() is slow.
202224 [flori nixe.p] The main problem seems to be, that the read* methods of BufferedIO all
202269 [ mfp acm.org] RUBY_VERSION                         # => "1.8.5"
202277 [luke burton.] Thanks to the many thoughtful suggestions here, I have implemented an
+ 202278 [luke burton.] An addendum: testing with ruby 1.8.4 from a Locomotive bundle I had
+ 202296 [garbagecat10] It would be really interesting to get a record of the actual data sizes
| 202299 [garbagecat10] a = @socket.sysread(65536)
+ 202324 [martin snowp] Does this improve noticeably if you use the read_nonblock suggestion
  202406 [luke burton.] I tested this earlier ... but my version of Ruby doesn't have
  202440 [akr fsij.org] This should work with 1.8.2.

^ Re: SOAP (NDFD weather web service) question
202106 [nakahiro sar] Why don't you try NDFD sample client in soap4r distribution?  It seems

^ Who likes Sudoku?
202109 [studlee2 gma] Here is the smallest Ruby Sudoku solver I could come up with.  I've
+ 202113 [dblack wobbl] Has GOLF become a "backronym"?  I thought it was just "golf", but I
| 202116 [studlee2 gma] I'm not really sure about the whole "GOLF" vs. "golf".  We'll say
| 202125 [studlee2 gma] This is a little smaller.
| + 202127 [rubytalk eac] $p = $*[0].split //
| + 202128 [studlee2 gma] $p = ARGV.shift.split(//)
|   + 202129 [rubyfan gmai] change  h=Hash.new() to h={}
|   + 202132 [rubytalk eac] $p=$*[0].split //;def s;h={};(a=0..80).map{|j|next if
|   | 202133 [rubytalk eac] Sorry, mine doesnt work. would you mind giving us an input and an output to
|   | 202150 [adam.shelly ] Yes, before we golf this further, does it even work?
|   | + 202159 [ihatespam ro] Well, I've seen someone else on this newsgroup (or the mailing list)
|   | + 202163 [adam.shelly ] oops, my mistake.  I was giving it a filename containing a puzzle on
|   |   + 202172 [rubytalk eac] def s;h={};81.times{|j|next if$p[j]>0;80.times{|k|h[
|   |   + 202176 [daniel.schie] There's no need for the `return' keyword, nor for the semicolon.
|   |     + 202193 [studlee2 gma] Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions.
|   |     + 202207 [rubytalk eac] There *is* a need for the return, as it breaks execution.
|   + 202144 [lopx gazeta.] ARGV to $*
|     202158 [daniel.schie] Personally, I'd much rather have more do..end and more lines. Terseness
|     202168 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
|     202174 [devlists-rub] _Kevin
+ 202126 [daniel.schie] 1.upto(10){|i| ... }

^ how to acces a MySQL table with ActiveRecord
202134 [jsnit jsnit.] # require AR
202242 [jsnit jsnit.] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Devious or what? : hacking super : should this work?
202140 [jeremy chaos] I've discovered that an unadorned call to "super" need *not* call the
202147 [dblack wobbl] I assume it's a feature.  super should be pretty transparent; for
202160 [jeremy chaos] True, but that's not what surprised me.  Given "def foo(*args) ..." I
202177 [dbatml gmx.d] This definitely is the case for Ruby 1.8 and I can't reproduce your
202219 [jeremy chaos] I am running 1.8.5-preview1 .  If I downgrade to 1.8.4 I get the

^ Displaying the load the server is under?
202148 [bjohnson con] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 202151 [jtregunna bl] Not really... If you limit CPU usage to a certain percentage,
| 202162 [bjohnson con] charset=US-ASCII;
| 202519 [robert.dober] Well if top information is all you want ruby can certainly call top  as a
+ 202633 [djberg96 gma] See sys-proctable and/or sys-cpu, available on the RAA.

^ using a \ in gsub
202152 [metrix1978 g] "te/st".gsub('/','\')
+ 202153 [halostatue g] File.expand_path($0).gsub(%r{/}) { "\\" }
| 202155 [metrix1978 g] that would give me two c:\\ruby\\ whatever and if I remove a \ it still
| 202164 [langstefan g] Are you testing this in irb? You should know
+ 202750 [Rob AgileCon] ...

^ [ANN][SoC] GlimR 0.1.0
202169 [ilmari.heikk] == GlimR 0.1.0 - Ruby OpenGL GUI Widget Kit ==
202254 [netghost gma] This seems pretty neat, I snagged the gem and ran the little sample
202270 [ilmari.heikk] Thanks for trying it out :)

^ salt = [Array.new(6){rand(256).chr}.join].pack("m").chomp
202178 [alexandre.hu] This is a line taken from the "authentification" recipe in the 'Rails
202179 [the.mindstor] To my understanding: creates
202181 [mike stok.ca] Close - the pack('m') always pads its result with = if necessary (to
202212 [the.mindstor] I was quite close... thanks for details Mike :-).

^ Error Message: NameError: uninitialized constant Task
202180 [jsnit jsnit.] I am trying to write a samll program in ruby that access a table caled
202241 [jsnit jsnit.] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Ruby for office database application
202183 [pedx78 lycos] I have volunteered at my local charity to develop a database
+ 202189 [znmeb cesmai] If you have Windows machines, I'd recommend using "Instant Rails". It
| + 202244 [robert.dober] Completely agree for the ease.
| + 202362 [studlee2 gma] I agree about the Instant Rails Development comment for Windows users.
+ 202226 [danielbaird ] I'd strongly recommend a web interface, like Rails.  Easier to make it work
  202227 [has.sox gmai] +1 for a web interface.

^ Module#private_filter: critique of dynamic method visibility
202185 [transfire gm] The following fancy function does some pretty delicate handling of

^ system() on windows
202186 [rtilley vt.e] I want to capture the string that system("hostname") produces on windows
202188 [logancapaldo] hostname = `hostname`.chomp
202201 [anatol.pomoz] If you want to catch all output including both STDOUT and STDERR you
202204 [wrecklass1 g] Except that the OP said he is on Windows, and unless he is using cygwin
202206 [anatol.pomoz] Did you really try my recipe on Windows???
202211 [wrecklass1 g] I stand corrected. I did try it, but got it twisted up. Yet more

^ Re: SOAP only returns part of a response
202190 [nakahiro sar] I have no clue about that behavior.  Can I access the actual SOAP server?

^ Re: mod_ruby + WSDL = security error
202191 [nakahiro sar] Yes.  Host/port definition scraped from WSDL are tainted.

^ Save me from the method_missing
202195 [transfire gm] I'm find the the whole method_missing, privative clashing methods,
202197 [rubyfan gmai] So what is it exactly that you're trying to do?  Are you creating a
202218 [transfire gm] Basically, albiet a lower-level sort of one. It all goes back to
202245 [ara.t.howard] i use method_missing too but, in this case, you'd have to provide an extremely
202260 [transfire gm] good food for thought. thanks ara. ...
202335 [ara.t.howard] yes, a bit.  very doable though...
202342 [transfire gm] Yes, I do constrain the config keys to single word case insensitive
202347 [ara.t.howard] require 'yaml'

^ Re: Grails
202196 [hawat.thufir] Which is fine :)
202198 [hawat.thufir] Clarify.  Is it that language, java, or the code monkey's themselves to

^ strange "NoMethodError" ???
202199 [pere.noel la] /path/to/MacSOUPSwitcherTK.rb:91:in `prefs_setup': undefined method

^ [ANN] Cerberus Continuous Integration tool released
202202 [anatol.pomoz] Cerberus is a Continuous Integration (CI) software. Cerberus could be
202456 [arjen watsji] Dear Anatol,
202544 [anatol.pomoz] RubyGems help in simplification of installation a lot. Let's say 'thank

^ Finding the size of a file on web server?
202209 [CBlair1986 g] I'm writing a little script to help automate downloading videos off of
202221 [martin snowp] Well, this depends on what you want to do - do you want to ask for the
202256 [CBlair1986 g] Well, the first method doesn't work, and the second method isn't

^ Newbie question on an I/O loop
202210 [jkdaniels ro] I got a question that's puzzling me. Am new to Ruby but programming for
+ 202217 [robert.dober] Welcome to the red world
+ 202232 [steverummel ] I tested this on a file that was 29,184 bytes - it worked fine.
+ 202237 [decoux moulo] moulon% /usr/bin/ruby -e 'p "%c" % 0x1A'
  202286 [jkdaniels ro] Thank you Guy, Steven, and Robert for solving the problem. I appreciate

^ [Ann] Greenbar 1.0.1
202225 [dcorbin mach] Greenbar is an open source project intended to aid in the writing of

^ Re: salt = .pack("m").chomp
202229 [alexandre.hu] Much thanks to you two :)

^ Work with FTP
202234 [akeem ukr.ne] Such problem (itself with Ruby has arisen is familiar with recent time

^ Win32, open3 and fork
202239 [Nuralanur ao] Dear all,
202634 [djberg96 gma] The open3 library that's included as part of Ruby's standard library

^ Re: Why Ruby over Python? --> How about a Ruby Success Stories site?
202246 [vasudevram g] I guess Disney qualifies as a reasonably-large company.
+ 202247 [dblack wobbl] David
| 202251 [vasudevram g] Thanks! That's a fair-sized and interesting list.
| 202285 [josselin wan] btw  'Ajax is seen'...  [quoted]  Ajax cannot be compared to Python,
| 202314 [vasudevram g] Just FYI - that bit (about Ajax) was not stated by me but by the person
+ 202252 [garbagecat10] I won't argue with your point, with which I basically agree, but I would

^ additional requirements for a Ruby env
202250 [the.mindstor] I know there are Ruby libs outthere that are coming with C extensions.
+ 202253 [garbagecat10] I maintain several libraries that require extensions, and it's a complete
| 202418 [TimHunter nc] This sounds like a suggestion for a Ruby extension compile farm. That's
| 202422 [garbagecat10] That's exactly what I had in mind. If the farm had at least one of every
+ 202333 [the.mindstor] Guys any hints for this? Sorry for pushing it to the top, but I am
| 202340 [alex blackke] - Rely on the kindness of others to provide Win32 builds of C extensions
| + 202344 [ mfp acm.org] You can also use extensions compiled using mingw with mswin32 (VC6) binaries,
| | 202345 [alex blackke] I know that's the theory, but aren't there a few libs that fail under
| + 202348 [the.mindstor] By following the thread and considering the fact that my system relies
| | 202380 [halostatue g] Binary incompatibilities from Microsoft.
| | + 202388 [ara.t.howard] (applause from audience!)
| | | 202391 [the.mindstor] Sorry but I still don't get it.... why do I need to compile Ruby
| | | 202396 [SimonKroeger] Because your extension is (statically) linked against (if you use the
| | + 202395 [SimonKroeger] yes, but as far as i know the problem isn't with the resulting dll's (not
| + 202407 [ml.chibbs gm] No doubt, the compiler situation on Windows is a mess. There is some new
|   202410 [ara.t.howard] why is that though?  a VC2005 will still result in a broken ruby that will be
|   + 202413 [the.mindstor] Man I haven't thought that my initial question (for which I was a
|   + 202487 [ml.chibbs gm] Ara, you make some very good points here. The One-Click Installer is at a
|   + 202707 [halostatue g] No, it won't allow. But that's because Ruby needs to provide that
+ 202343 [yakumo9275 g] the problem is that the ruby setup.rb method assumes ruby is running on

^ Re: rlogview, chainsaw, and log4r
202258 [listrecv gma] Is there anyway to save those receivers in chainsaw, so that when I
203436 [scott.deboy ] Yes...see the 'view example receiver configuration' button on the

^ Alternative to open-uri?
202261 [CBlair1986 g] I'm using open-uri to open a very large web file. This is all fine and
+ 202262 [garbagecat10] What are you planning to do with the file? Store it to disk slice-by-slice
+ 202264 [akr fsij.org] open-uri use Tempfile for large file.  (> 10k)

^ yahoo-ruby ImageSearch can't get Thumbnail
202265 [moore.joseph] I'm attempting to use yahoo-ruby to access the yahoo api and get