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^ [ANN] Ruby Net::LDAP version 0.0.2
201485 [garbagecat10] We're pleased to announce version 0.0.2 of Net::LDAP, the first
201640 [botp delmont] # Subject: [ANN] Ruby Net::LDAP version 0.0.2

^ Re: Ruby Net::LDAP version 0.0.2
201486 [garbagecat10] gem i ruby-net-ldap

^ Ruby Weekly News 3rd - 9th July 2006
201488 [timsuth ihug] Use the link above for a nicer version of this newsletter that's formatted

^ String#scan puzzlement
201489 [martindemell] I'm trying to match sequences of capitalised words - can someone
201491 [angus quovad] Because when you group, scan returns arrays with [$1, $2, $3...], etc.,
201492 [martindemell] ah! that makes things a lot clearer, thanks.

^ Ruby Haiku (was Re: Why Ruby over Python?)
201494 [schapht gmai] Looks like 6 syllables in the last line to me.  You forgot to throw

^ how to structure ruby libraries ?
201496 [markusjais g] we are building a new ruby library which will probably consist of several
+ 201499 [transfire gm] T.
+ 201590 [gmurray clou] Most of the installed libraries have used (for example)

^ unsubscribe
201497 [jctheriot ya] Admin -
201501 [jmg3000 gmai] If you have a question, send e-mail with the body

^ Help with a regexp
201503 [daniel.schie] I'm trying to write a regular expression that matches bencoded strings,
+ 201512 [Nuralanur ao] Daniel,
+ 201544 [pit capitain] Daniel, I'm pretty sure you can't do it with a single regexp test. Why
+ 201553 [studlee2 gma] Daniel,
| 201569 [daniel.schie] Thank you for your reply.
| + 201571 [dblack wobbl] 2:ab23:cat
| | + 201576 [logancapaldo] I don't believe you do. OTOH I'm not sure if you should care. If
| | | 201580 [dblack wobbl] OK, but how do you know whether or not this is valid?
| | | 201586 [ara.t.howard] it is valid.
| | | 201598 [dblack wobbl] I guess what I mean is: how do you know whether it's valid by
| | | 201600 [ara.t.howard] the same way ruby knows that this
| | | 201604 [dblack wobbl] I think what I'm groping toward (or not) is a case where backtracking
| | + 201583 [ara.t.howard] the second.  it's invalid here
| |   201595 [dblack wobbl] How do you know?  The first one could be wrong and the second one
| |   201599 [ara.t.howard] - read '2:'
| + 201575 [lopx gazeta.] "3:foo6:monkey5:sheep".scan(/(\d+)\:([^\d]+)/){|(num,str)|
| + 201578 [tom helmetst] require 'strscan'
| + 201582 [gavin refine] require 'strscan'
|   201596 [gavin refine] require 'strscan'
|   + 201614 [daniel.schie] Thanks for the help!
|   | 201620 [gavin refine] One comment: you seem to have intermixed the places for decoding
|   | 201659 [daniel.schie] Actually, I'm imitating the behavior of YAML. I think it's very
|   + 201725 [chris No-Spa] I've been experimenting with Ruby since Tuesday, and I'd like to thank
|     201733 [chris No-Spa] I never even noticed! talk about showing your age :-)
+ 201555 [logancapaldo] I believe that this is not in the set of languages a Regexp can
+ 201701 [sethrasmusse] I think you can do what you want there, but if you're using captures
| 201702 [dblack wobbl] It does, but the issue would be getting it to interpolate and be
+ 201714 [martin snowp] I don't think that what you want to do is possible with a mere regular
  + 201981 [daniel.schie] Thank you all for your responses!
  | 201983 [daniel.schie] That last line should of course read
  + 201984 [dblack wobbl] Is ??{ code } in Perl different from #{...} in Ruby?  (Not that I was
    201991 [logancapaldo] According to _Programming Perl_ yes indeedy it is. ??{ } is "Match
    202103 [martin snowp] <snip - it is, and it's evil>
    + 202117 [dblack wobbl] Ruby does let you jump back, though, with #{...}.  But it looks like
    | 202161 [martin snowp] Ruby lets you do string interpolation with an easy syntax, and lets
    | 202167 [dblack wobbl] Right, I see what you mean.  I think with "extra level of compilation"
    + 202136 [Rob AgileCon] ...

^ (none)
201505 [jamesmead44 ] # get 201451,201454,201457,201460,201460,201483

^ qt4 qtruby on windows
201506 [mirosul gmai] Where can I download and how can I install qt4 qtruby on windows?
201528 [greg.kujawa ] Check out
201678 [mirosul gmai] I have Qt4.1.4 installed, MinGW as a C++ compiler, ruby 1.8.4 and
+ 201680 [pgquiles elp] I'm developing some QtRuby/Korundum applications on Linux using Qt 3.3.6.
+ 201694 [greg.kujawa ] Not sure if the Windows version of Ruby Qt 4 bindings has been released
  + 201712 [mirosul gmai] Thank you for the complex answer.
  + 201996 [dave.m email] There are not QT3-ruby for Windows.
    202001 [greg.kujawa ] You are correct! How quickly I forget that non-commercial Qt for
    202027 [caleb aei-te] My company sponsored Richard to work on the Qt4 bindings, but not
    202092 [dave.m email] A very good idea. It should be a major project, if possible more

^ Ruby on Rails job in Dallas (Plano), TX
201510 [bauer.mail g] Data Delivery Services, an IT company in Plano, TX, is looking for a
201526 [headius head] A JRuby requirement? That's new!

^ prototype design pattern
201511 [ara.t.howard] anyone know of a good impl for ruby?
+ 201515 [Daniel.Berge] Hm, it's not at
| 201522 [ara.t.howard] savings is only keystrokes.  but it can very elegant looking and, these days,
| 201651 [transfire gm] Why no go the extra step?
| + 201715 [ara.t.howard] def does &b
| + 201767 [chneukirchen] connect { 'do something' }
|   + 201773 [ara.t.howard] sold.
|   + 201839 [transfire gm] Sweet and fine! My, oh my, it's looking like a paradigm.
+ 201518 [transfire gm] What criteria for "good"? I'm not aware of any lib that preports
+ 201597 [pertl gmx.or] Can't imagine how it could be simpler...
  201633 [ara.t.howard] mostly succinctness, but also semantics.  cloning a prototype should not copy
  201648 [sean.ohalpin] Gosh! Blink and I miss the fun. Ironically, I've been using traits +
  201706 [ara.t.howard] yeah - i've been doing the same with traits.  this one uses attributes.rb,

^ Appending to a CSV file
201513 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Just got a call from a telecommuting colleague
+ 201514 [Daniel.Berge] File.open(file, 'a+') ???
+ 201557 [chris.hulan ] Wouldn't it just be a matter of opening the file in append mode?
| + 201572 [hulachr hotm] Ok, note to self "read docs before commenting"
| | 201579 [james graypr] Interestingly, this design choice in FasterCSV has been questioned in
| | 201591 [hulachr hotm] It does seem a bit odd that CSV limits the modes.
| | 201844 [renard nc.rr] I realize that I am jumping late into this thread. I do not understand
| | 201847 [greg.kujawa ] I can't speak for the OP, but I am assuming that they were using the
| | 202184 [renard nc.rr] As I said I am a newby to Ruby but not to programming in general.
| + 201588 [Bil.Kleb NAS] It would, but unfortunately CSV doesn't support 'a'
|   + 201650 [hal9000 hype] Well, darn.
|   + 201697 [sethrasmusse] Sorry about my last post sort of skipping over the whole matter of the
|   + 201698 [sethrasmusse] I'm not very familiar with the CSV lib, but if the heart of the matter
|   + 201705 [greg.kujawa ] I haven't used the CSV module before either, but looking into it this
+ 201629 [nakahiro sar] Please use CSV::Writer.  An instance of CSV is not an IO in contrast to
+ 201724 [chris.hulan ] Not sure if you read ruby-forum (http://www.ruby-forum.com/)

^ Generating a random floating point number
201517 [jamie annfor] I'm a Ruby newbie and I'm wondering if there's a simple way to generate
+ 201529 [penryu saiyi] Calling Kernel.rand with no argument yields a random floating point
| 201540 [jamie annfor] Thanks! That seems to be just what I need!
+ 201531 [dan-ml dan42] rand*(2+rand*1.6)
+ 201534 [khaines enig] def fp_rand(limit)
  201566 [ mfp acm.org] <nitpicking>
  201577 [khaines enig] Thanks, Mauricio.  It's always good to have one's nits picked on

^ shopping cart
201520 [vinayjohar g] we are looking for one shopping cart in ROR (ruby on ralis)
+ 201530 [greg.kujawa ] HTH
+ 201762 [drbrain segm] Please ask Rails questions on the Rails mailing list.

^ require
201523 [pversteegen ] I am using require in two different ways and they both don't work.
+ 201537 [wrecklass1 g] Are you defining the code_words variable as a local or instance
+ 201541 [chris.hulan ] Be easier to answer if you provided some code.

^ Ruby problems calling VB COM using win32ole
201524 [andrew.wroe ] I'm experiencing some unusual behaviour trying to use VB COM through

^ How to pack/unpack nested structures?
201532 [jgbailey gma] I am accessing the Win32 API from Ruby, and am having trouble dealing with
201934 [nobu ruby-la] I guess this buffer is the answer, unless the function returns
201949 [jgbailey gma] Would you mind demonstrating how I can use DL to do it? I'd love to use that

^ [ANN] prototype-0.0.0
201535 [ara.t.howard] NAME
201601 [pit capitain] Great idea, and a nice syntax, Ara. Here's another implementation that isn't as
201603 [ara.t.howard] <snip - hey no fair stealing my 0.1.0 release!>
201606 [pit capitain] So sorry ;-)

^ [ANN] ruby-debug 0.1.3
201539 [ksruby gmail] I'm pleasant to announce the release of ruby-debug 0.1.3.
201645 [botp delmont] # Also you can check out my little tutorial at
201646 [ksruby gmail] Pe,

^ Class Help, undifined local var or meth
201542 [ryan.edwards] I was using this class before and it was fine until I tried to put it
201545 [robert.dober] uantity}\n"
201549 [ryan.edwards] undefined local variable or method `aPOlist' for main:Object (NameError)
201551 [ryan.edwards] Oooo, I see, at least I think, is it because I haven't Initialized
201552 [ryan.edwards] Well that did't work...
+ 201562 [collinsj sea] aPOlist = Array.new
+ 201568 [hulachr hotm] aPOlist = POList.new
  + 201570 [collinsj sea] Oh, right. Ignore my message.
  + 201574 [ryan.edwards] THAT'S RIGHT! Thanks a bunch

^ [SOLUTION][QUIZ] Pangrams (#86)
201548 [john.baylor ] I let it run overnight in two irb sessions (with two different starter

^ Determining a class's ancestor easily without instances
201554 [weyus att.ne] Given two classes A and B, I know that I can loop through the
201556 [vjoel path.b] if A < B
201560 [weyus att.ne] So is "<" the "superclass" assignment operator?  Is it a method?
201564 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):012:0> string_lt = String.method("<")
201565 [weyus att.ne] I looked all over the Pickaxe reference to find it but I couldn't it.
+ 201567 [rmagick gmai] Look in the Pickaxe 1st Ed., in the documentation for the Module class,
+ 201573 [pit capitain] Wes, you have to know that "Class" is a subclass of "Module", and so it

^ Learning newb: regaring methods and class methods
201558 [dominicson g] a '::' method class attached to another constant or variable will tell
201559 [dblack wobbl] class A

^ Ruby Versions and other languages performane comparison
201563 [stephanwehne] I ran this simple ruby script
201642 [dbatml gmx.d] Here are the results with Ruby2CExtension (HEAD revision, not 0.1.0) on a

^ Newb: an explaination for this if statement..
201581 [dominicson g] def add_product(product)
+ 201584 [dblack wobbl] return existing_product
| + 201589 [dominicson g] Hey Mr David. I really appriciate you helping me.
| | 201593 [dominicson g] I would've thanked you too Justin! we posted literally at the same time!
| + 201594 [Pierre.Barbi] Well, I don't know how other feels, but I'd put it in another way: In
+ 201587 [collinsj sea] In Ruby, methods return the value of the last expression if there is no
+ 201592 [cohen.jeff g] In Ruby, the last expression executed becomes the return value of the
  202122 [renard nc.rr] So why not just use "return existing_product"

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
201585 [james graypr] ...

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission (Part 1)
201602 [james graypr] I believe this message was rejected for length when I sent it the

^ HDF5 interface?
201605 [john.h.jenki] I've done a good bit of googling, searching this and other Ruby forums,

^ Listbox with Watir
201607 [chris.defeli] Is there a class or method for controlling listboxes in Watir? I tried
201637 [david.mullet] The API docs indicate that select_list object's select() and

^ Re: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission (Part 1)
201609 [james graypr] Sorry, I obviously didn't wait long enough.  :(

^ SOAP WSDL Question (ignored element)
201612 [James ruby-l] I'm writing a tool in Ruby that need to talk to an ASP.NET SOAP web service.
201684 [nakahiro sar] Those messages are dumped with 'warn' method.  You can change $VERBOSE

^ multiple level hash assignment equivalence to perl
201615 [don.mcclean ] Is there a succinct way in ruby to do a multiple level hash assignement?
201618 [vjoel path.b] There's an autovivification trick, using the default proc of a hash (see
+ 201619 [don.mcclean ] Thanks! Thats just what I needed.
+ 201623 [ara.t.howard] nice!  my approach is slightly more verbose.

^ Problem with Instiki update after OCI update
201622 [sigma.kappa ] I updated the One-Click-Installer to the brand new Ruby 1.8.4. After
202105 [assaph gmail] I think that was due to some version mismatch between

^ Simple socketing
201624 [knutmathiese] simple irc bot, but I am having some slight problems though.

^ Simple socketing
201625 [knutmathiese] simple irc bot, but I am having some slight problems though.
201628 [sitharus sit] You've got gets and puts the wrong way around. Read them as Get String

^ Re: [solution][QUIZ] Panagrams (#86)
201630 [bulliver bad] charset="iso-8859-6"

^ rescue and warning
201631 [r.fulton auc] I have an app that gets regexpr from a config file.  I check these

^ rdoc and constructs like DL::Import's extern
201632 [kbloom gmail] I'm wrapping a C library (link-grammar, to be specific) in an
201634 [logancapaldo] e.g. In some file parseoptions_doc.rb (that doesn't ever even get
201751 [kbloom gmail] Then I still have to write all of the stubs. Although I suppose I

^ [ANN] Ruby Accessibility Analysis Kit (RAAKT gem) 0.3
201635 [peter.krantz] NAME

^ [ANN] prototype-0.1.0
201636 [ara.t.howard] NAME
201654 [logancapaldo] If I may offer a "patch" to your synopsis, IMO a prototype based
201717 [ara.t.howard] hmmm.  the thing is that prottotyping, in ruby, is not an object model but a

^ Re: [Rails] [ANN] ruby-debug 0.1.3
201643 [ksruby gmail] Blair,

^ Setting up Ruby libraries
201644 [joevandyk gm] /libraries
201742 [joevandyk gm] Ruby is installed in /foo.  I want to install a Ruby library to /goo,
201749 [transfire gm] sudo ruby setup.rb install --prefix="foo"

^ irb command history problems under Ruby-1.8.4 and Mandriva 2006
201647 [rich_apodaca] A few months ago problems were reported with irb's
201707 [schapht gmai] If the problem is similar to the above link, you likely have a bad

^ Re: prototype-0.1.0
201652 [transfire gm] Very nice!
+ 201658 [jtregunna bl] That is the name of the model. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
| 201673 [transfire gm] I'm not sure what your point is. I'm, aware of what it is called. But,
| 201792 [jtregunna bl] I've been working with, and assisting in development of the prototype
| + 201797 [ara.t.howard] i don't know too much about prototype based coding - but are you saying this
| | 201801 [jtregunna bl] No I'm not saying that at all.
| | 201807 [ara.t.howard] ok.  that's what i really wanted to know.  reading on wikipedia it's apparent
| + 201850 [transfire gm] I think maybe you took what I was saying for more than my intended
|   201863 [jtregunna bl] Ah, okay, sorry.
|   201891 [transfire gm] Why do they never choose "Thing"? ;-)
|   201892 [martindemell] mar
+ 201672 [pbattley gma] require 'prototype'
| 201718 [ara.t.howard] the latest release has both 'Prototype' and 'prototype' methods.  both
+ 201716 [ara.t.howard] yes.  i actually first coded up

^ re-define class method
201653 [david object] module ClassMethods
201655 [david object] Thing.class.send(:define_method, :other_method, lambda{ "other" })
201682 [david object] Well, I discovered the solution, thanks to our friend google, and got
201683 [dblack wobbl] Don't forget that you can do this much more concisely (unless you have
201687 [david object] Thanks David. I definitely appreciate the conciseness of this, and
+ 201688 [dblack wobbl] There's an intermediate version, which might be usable depending on
| 201691 [david object] Excellent! Much cleaner.
+ 201695 [sean.ohalpin] def redefine_method_for(klass)
  201709 [david object] Unfortunately (actually, rather fortunately ;) ), both the class and