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^ [ANN] July Phoenix Ruby Users Group on Monday, July 10
201012 [james.britt ] The July meeting of the Phoenix Ruby Users Group will be this Monday,

^ Adding Tasks to Rake
201023 [jimfreeze gm] charset=US-ASCII;

^ [ANN] RFuzz 0.4 -- Almost Works Usefully
201024 [zedshaw zeds] Another quick release of RFuzz for the people interested in playing with

^ Performance issues with net/http
201039 [luke.burton ] It seems that net/http's implementation is extremely inefficient when

^ Windows Mobile 5.0 support?
201041 [xyzyx ramble] Windows Mobile 5.0 support? Why don't work?
201139 [rubytalk bri] * No console, thus no STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR (but then, neither does
201262 [xyzyx ramble] But how about http://sourceforge.net/projects/pythonce ?
201352 [rubytalk bri] Hmm, I'm not really sure I see your point. As I said, none of those

^ Enumberable fails for class Subclass < Array; def enum...
201045 [lazax.com gm] Array includes Enumerable. But when a subclass of Array redefines
+ 201048 [nobu ruby-la] define_method(:collect, Enumerable.instance_method(:collect))
+ 201059 [daniel.schie] I've experienced problems myself when trying to redefine some of
| 201156 [lazax.com gm] re-including Enumerable does not help. I re-implemented the class by
+ 201095 [dan-ml dan42] Your confusion is understandable but you've got the problem backward: that

^ MySQL gem always updates
201049 [fxn hashref.] No matter how many times I compile the MySQL gem :-), gem update

^ Error Message "The procedure entry point mysql_stmt_row_tel"
201050 [shki_80 yaho] I have installed Ruby and MySQL. When I want to create table through

^ Re: How does ruby load a shared library
201052 [huiliang.wu ] I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH using export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/foo and it works.
201205 [strobel secu] ll?

^ static website generation
201054 [martindemell] Anyone have a static site generation tool to recommend? I'm looking at
201103 [jmg3000 gmai] I just write all my source in [Markdown][1] (processing it with
+ 201105 [jmg3000 gmai] Gah!
+ 201176 [martindemell] Thanks John; I did consider that sort of approach, but this is a
  201177 [vjoel path.b] Never used it but...
  201181 [martindemell] Thanks - will give it a spin too!

^ I am new to Ruby
201060 [shki_80 yaho] For creating web based application with Ruby and back end mysql what
+ 201061 [farrel.lifso] Ruby on Rails is your best bet. It has very good support for MySQL.
+ 201822 [wrecklass1 g] www.rubyononrails.org

^ Re: NArray (was: [SOLUTION][QUIZ] Panagrams (#86))
201062 [martin snowp] Unfortunately, I can't actually use NArray on my fast machine as I

^ Text encodings
201064 [rtokarev gma] is there any way, to detect text encoding?
+ 201069 [pbattley gma] You can't detect one-byte-per-character encodings easily (i.e. without
+ 201074 [tksano gmail] You can use the standard lib NKF's guess or guess2 (ruby 1.8.2 or
  201160 [tbray textua] In the general case, there's *no safe way* to do this, unless the
  201168 [harrisj schi] Nice pointer, Tim. I'll have to check that out. I did a quick web search

^ Where to get eRuby to work on apache web server
201067 [shki_80 yaho] Pls. anybody help me that from where I would be able to get eRuby
201155 [collinsj sea] I don't know where you would find a binary version of it, but the source

^ Ruby hanging
201072 [sambient gma] I have some code which seems to hang Ruby, I'm running on Windows and using
201077 [taitbp yahoo] If you are just double clicking on your programs to run them I would
201080 [sambient gma] I'm run my programs in Scite and have bumped into this before and have to
201083 [Nuralanur ao] Maybe it's due to an infinite loop, something like

^ Range as conditional expr
201090 [omirek10 poc] I am reading "Programming Ruby" [a.k.a. Pickaxe]
201138 [vsharris gma] In older versions of Ruby, bare ranges could be used as
201289 [omirek10 poc] Thanks Steve. I need to obtain 2nd edition indeed.

^ Re: Iconv and incompatible encodings
201092 [dan-ml dan42] Can anyone else get this to work? Instead of "caff`e" I just get "caff?"
201100 [pbattley gma] What's your platform?
201115 [dan-ml dan42] ubuntu breezy with ruby 1.8.4

^ Ruby In Steel 0.7 available - Now On Rails
201101 [huw DELTHISB] We've just put online the latest beta of the Steel IDE for programmming Ruby
201128 [transfire gm] Impressive. Visual Studio is a nice IDE. Too bad I sold my copy of VS

^ fastest way of looping through directories
201102 [thomas.coopm] I'm looking for the fastest way for looping through directories.
+ 201107 [ara.t.howard] it's because the underlying filesystem does agressive caching - i'm assuming
+ 201108 [mcgoverp lab] To do a deep listing i do a recursive algorithm with Dir.foreach.  Here
+ 201111 [ysantoso-rub] Find is about the fastest way. The bottleneck is in the I/O.
  201123 [thomas.coopm] Yes, I'm on linux!

^ two Date classes?
201112 [r.mark.volkm] It seems that there is a Date class in the core library and the
+ 201165 [tim.pease gm] Simple exercise on my machine ...
| 201223 [r.mark.volkm] I'm running
| 201224 [r.mark.volkm] Ignore my last reply. Logan answered my question. Thanks!
+ 201196 [logancapaldo] There aren't. If you have rubygems in your RUBYOPT (or similiar) it

^ New user question: libmysql-ruby on Ubuntu Dapper
201116 [thakadu gmai] I am just begining to play around with ruby and I ran into the

^ LDAP search and return
201118 [stuart serve] I am trying to connect to our LDAP server(Active Directory :(   )
201119 [garbagecat10] Which library are you using? Net::LDAP or one of the native ones?
201122 [stuart serve] I'm using ruby ldap, as in http://ruby-ldap.sourceforge.net/
201130 [stuart serve] Not to worry, I found a script that does what I want it to do anyway :)

^ wxRuby and getting the display size
201126 [tgaihdc hotm] display. According to the wxWindows documentation, there's a function
201159 [alex deletem] I'm pretty sure this functionality isn't available in 0.6.0.
201312 [tgaihdc hotm] Thanks for the help, Alex. I'm trying to get wxRuby2 built on my
+ 201325 [Jamal.Mazrui] Windows desktop area (screen not including taskbar) via a Windows API
+ 201345 [alex deletem] I'm sure it is - I have only built it on OS X & Linux where the tools (gcc, SWIG, Wx) are there or easily installed. The wxruby mailing list is a good place to get help on all platforms though.

^ Ruby Scripts Location
201132 [doug.bromley] I know this should be very simple but I can't for the life of me find
+ 201133 [vjoel path.b] $0 is probably what you want. Use File.expand_path on it to get the full
| 201299 [jimfreeze gm] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 201134 [Gennady.Byst] $0, or __FILE__ in the main script file.

^ While loops
201136 [dmatrix00d g] def index
+ 201144 [ysantoso-rub] When you close a page showing on the browser, the browser may or may
+ 201252 [lazax.com gm] I assume you are talking about a Rails app. index() should NOT run

^ Re: Ruby Weekly News 26th June - 2nd July 2006
201142 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Actually, the tests are written in Fortran with assertion
201487 [timsuth ihug] Thanks, I've updated the web version.

^ Re: XML in ruby
201143 [pedrocr gmai] I was able to use it for a while but it seems it suffers from race

^ 1.8.4 One-Click deletes my Rails gems!
201145 [cohen.jeff g] I noticed that Curt posted the 1.8.4 OCI to RubyForge over the weekend,
+ 201147 [codeblogger ] This happens during the uninstall of the old Ruby installation.
+ 201149 [james.britt ] This was discussed on ruby-talk a few times as Curt was released RC
  + 201150 [phurley gmai] Not perfect (at least not automated), but copying your
  + 201179 [cohen.jeff g] Sorry I missed it somehow.
    + 201188 [james.britt ] No.  Check the list archives for the discussion on the installer
    + 201220 [ml.chibbs gm] I'm sorry... I just now (in response to this) changed the installer script
      201260 [cohen.jeff g] Thanks a lot, Curt!

^ Fault Tolerant TupleSpace?
201148 [amillionhitp] Can a TupleSpace be mirrored to a secondary server in way that the
201238 [drbrain segm] This just creates a slave, you'd have to add the switching logic and
201265 [amillionhitp] Thanks Eric!  I'll have a look-see. Hopefully I'm not getting in over my

^ Scalablity question (Stand-alone server)
201151 [dejavue82 ya] I have lately heard a lot about the productivity gains that a
+ 201169 [none none.co] Scalability on one comp is all about caching.
| + 201170 [dejavue82 ya] Aemca,
| + 201172 [dejavue82 ya] btw, by 'code generation', did you mean the code generated by VS 2005?\
| | 201189 [none none.co] www.mygenerationsoftware.com
| + 201275 [buppcpp yaho] You also gain access to more databases that those that RoR considers
|   201329 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find
|   201335 [khaines enig] Are these generated automatically to any post that mentions Ruby on Rails?
|   201398 [steve waits.] Absolutely not.
|   201406 [khaines enig] That seems suspect to me.  Let me follow up on this at the end of the
|   201431 [steve waits.] I agree.  If there were such a regular monthly posting, I'd gladly take
+ 201248 [khaines enig] I can't speak to the specific pros or lack thereof regarding ASP.NET 2.0

^ YAML/Syck key pass to add type block?
201152 [transfire gm] I've had a couple occasions now where having the key of the map node

^ Real newbie question about methods
201158 [simonharriso] struggling over basic things that are obvious to you guys but don't
+ 201161 [phurley gmai] def check_age(age)
+ 201163 [pere.noel la] def check_age
| 201166 [simonharriso] Thanks Une bue
| + 201171 [curi curi.us] use regex. if they enter a number it will match /\d+/
| | 201173 [curi curi.us] umm better use anchors to be sure they *only* enter a number
| + 201175 [studlee2 gma] /-----------------------------------------------------------------/
| | + 201180 [studlee2 gma] One correction: make age a string (.to_s) if you want to use the regexp
| | + 201182 [pere.noel la] this woundn't help because of gets.chomp returns always strings and
| |   + 201185 [curi curi.us] so check the regex before the to_i
| |   + 201191 [studlee2 gma] Agreed that the regexp wouldn't work for your code.  I would have
| |     201195 [simonharriso] thanks Steve, I like that. a nested if that checks against a rexexp
| |     201198 [studlee2 gma] Go for it.  We're here to help >_<
| |     201201 [simonharriso] thanks for all the help everyone. things that were dark are now much
| + 201178 [pere.noel la] def check_age
+ 201164 [curi curi.us] you don't want recursion.

^ [Austin] July 13 monthly meeting in Austin
201186 [hal9000 hype] All are welcome. If you can make it to Austin

^ getting a thread id
201192 [dmatrix00d g] Is there a way to get the thread id of a thread without passing around
201193 [lukfugl gmai] You can get the current Thread object via Thread.current. You can then

^ [HAIKU] Re: Why Ruby over Python?
201199 [ara.t.howard] raise :the, :red_flag unless :weak
+ 201207 [tim.pease gm] Okay, that made me smile :)
+ 201214 [schapht gmai] That 'while' was the inspiration I needed.  I was also trying to play

^ Best way to synchronize access to a method?
201200 [weyus att.ne] All,
201202 [weyus att.ne] There is an admonition in the Pickaxe book that says "In both the class
+ 201210 [weyus att.ne] Yeah, I definitely want the synchronization at the class level - do I
+ 201211 [SimonKroeger] You have several problems in your code you may want to look at before thinking
  201212 [weyus att.ne] Simon,
  201216 [weyus att.ne] I also just realized that I really need to synchronize the select and

^ Reflection to get method name from within method?
201215 [ezmobius gma] Friends-
201218 [sean.ohalpin] def method_called
201222 [ezmobius gma] Ok thanks Sean, that will work for what I need to do.

^ Ruby in Paris?
201217 [joevandyk gm] The wife and I are going to be in Paris from December 16 to 23rd of
201255 [guslist free] You could always go to "Les Ruby Berges" and "Le Moulin Rouge". And
201298 [robert.dober] Mean of you....
201304 [guslist free] I wish I could, except that for the last 7 years I have been based out
201313 [robert.dober] Just what I said :(

^ problems with mixins
201225 [r.fulton auc] I'm have some problems with mixin from a module that I have
201231 [dblack wobbl] It should.  Try again :-)
201247 [r.fulton auc] Thanks David, I thought it  should...
201249 [dblack wobbl] The empty parens are definitely *not* part of the prgram's essentials
201251 [r.fulton auc] Thanks again David!

^ (none)
201226 [AWilliams wa] charset="US-ASCII"

^ Re:
201227 [sitharus sit] Firstly, you want the Rails list at
+ 201228 [AWilliams wa] Ok, so is http://lists.rubyonrails.org/mailman/listinfo/rails a
| + 201229 [sitharus sit] Yes, this list is for Ruby in general, the list I pointed you to is
| + 201230 [collinsj sea] Yes, this is the general Ruby list (all about the Ruby language). That
+ 201402 [chneukirchen] And specify a subject.

^ Think in Complete Transactions! Re: Best way to synchronize access  toa method?
201237 [john.carter ] Just a completely un-Ruby related but Threading in general related observation.

^ [ANN] Buzz Game data retrieval library v1.0
201239 [erlercw gmai] The Yahoo Tech Buzz Game (http://buzz.research.yahoo.com/) is a

^ Think in Complete Transactions! Re: Best way to synchronize
201240 [weyus att.ne] John,

^ include vs. extend
201243 [dan-ml dan42] I was under the impression that include and extend were basically module-level
+ 201244 [dblack wobbl] It's understood that if you extend an object, it's because you *want*
+ 201245 [ksruby gmail] In the first case, the proxy that refers to the Enumerable module is

^ Re: calling a method for an object in a .each block cont./ch
201256 [otherwill ya] Thanks for the code.  I will have to digest the syntax a bit to see
204982 [shortcutter ] (late reply due to holidays)

^ Looking for serial port support   AGSC
201257 [gsc omegadog] I know this is lame and has been asked 64 times before.
+ 201310 [tim.pease gm] This was the previous answer to your question.
| 201316 [caleb aei-te] You don't mention the platform, but on Linux I just open /dev/tts/X and
+ 201410 [johnatl mac.] Windows? Do you need CTS/RTS, DSR/DTR ?
  201546 [gsc omegadog] Windows is fine and I do not need CTS RTS DSR DTR

^ ruby.h missing rb_cMethod?
201259 [GGarramuno a] It seems to me ruby.h (1.8.4) is missing the exporting of rb_cMethod,
201283 [spamgrav web] Yes. Ruby has no first class methods therefore it doesn't exist a class
201285 [matz ruby-la] Pardon me?
201403 [chneukirchen] Ruby has first-class Method instances, but methods aren't first class, no?
+ 201429 [matz ruby-la] Hmm.  Does this behavior makes methods second-class?
| 201430 [dblack wobbl] 1.5'th class, anyway :-)
| 201432 [matz ruby-la] Then strings are 1.5'th class too.
| 201478 [dblack wobbl] But "" is a literal constructor; you're instantiating String twice.
| 201610 [vjoel path.b] There's a difference between the object itself and how you got the object.
| + 201611 [dblack wobbl] It's tricky -- the names per se are not really objects, i.e., there's
| | 201617 [vjoel path.b] Doesn't the same statement apply to methods? Instances of class Method
| + 201613 [Rob AgileCon] ...
+ 202058 [ryand-ruby z] I think it is fair to say that Methods are first class, but ruby has

^ Platform Independence Programming
201261 [minkoo.seo g] I'd like to ask a question on platform independent programming with Ruby.
+ 201263 [phurley gmai] puts "Hello"
| 201266 [minkoo.seo g] Thanks Patrick.
| + 201268 [phurley gmai] Ruby threads are pretty portable -- they are green and not OS, so they
| + 201269 [dido.sevilla] Current versions of Ruby work like what Java people call 'green'
|   201270 [minkoo.seo g] What about priority of a Thread? Number of priorities vary from OS to OS,
|   201271 [phurley gmai] Ruby's threads have nothing really to do with OS threads -- they are
+ 201318 [ysantoso-rub] Use "\n" and File::SEPARATOR (alternatively, if you care about unix

^ Re: Ruby - mysql - Error Authentication protocol not support
201267 [arjackson gm] - This is great if you can do makes.

^ Kernel#p and output record separator.
201272 [minkoo.seo g] p(obj, ...)    => nil
201273 [m.fellinger ] manveru@pi ~> irb
201453 [minkoo.seo g] I should have to mention this problem explicitly.
201459 [logancapaldo] Ack, top posting evil.
201476 [minkoo.seo g] Could anybody tell me where I have to file the bug report on the

^ Some questions about serious Ruby development...
201274 [ihatespam ro] I like Ruby.  I like it more than Python.  It's my PERL replacement.  I
+ 201278 [huw DELTHISB] You don't say if you have Visual Studio. If so, you can try out our Ruby In
+ 201291 [schapht gmai] On Jul 11, 2006, at 5:55 AM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
+ 201294 [phurley gmai] On 7/11/06, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
+ 201297 [just-for-new] ArachnoRuby dot.
+ 201332 [jcromartie g] <ruby>
| 201355 [daniel.schie] def describe code
| 201373 [daniel.schie] or perhaps even
| 201656 [logancapaldo] def describe code
+ 201443 [dave.burt gm] And the breakpoint library (ask Google where it is).
  201446 [james graypr] For those of you that use TextMate, this is now bundled with the

^ Is possible to return after exec cmd?
201276 [ollin email.] why doesn't work command 5.times{exec "pwd"} like this 5.times{puts
+ 201279 [sean.ohalpin] exec() starts a new process in place of the current one, i.e. the ruby
+ 201280 [markus.prinz] Because 'exec' overwrites the current Ruby process, so when 'pwd'
+ 201281 [robert.dober] Because exec (as in the shell BTW) replaces your process with the program
| 201286 [ollin email.] Thanks to all,
+ 201282 [botp delmont] # why doesn't work command 5.times{exec "pwd"} like this 5.times{puts
  201284 [botp delmont] # since that is exec's feature. exec replaces current process.
  201292 [schapht gmai] That's an impressively longwinded approach.  I applaud you, sir :)