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^ Re: excel addin #name error
200588 [ghalsey yaho] xlApp.AddIns("Analysis ToolPak").Installed = true
200833 [renard nc.rr] It appears that you first must uninstall and then re-install the
200858 [renard nc.rr] PS I tried this on an excel workbook saved as an htm file.  From what I

^ hyphens in variable names
200592 [paul hepwort] I am new to Ruby and have an issue with a xmlsimple object resulting
+ 200600 [shortcutter ] Either use method send or use another tool to work with XML or use
| + 200603 [lukfugl gmai] I agree with Robert that if the lib provides hash-style access, that's
| | 200607 [paul hepwort] Now that makes sense. I never tried it like this. Wow, what an insight.
| | 200614 [shortcutter ] Yeah, that's caused by Ruby parsing ":foo" "-" "bar". Sorry, I should
| | 200618 [paul hepwort] You guys are great. Thanks so much!
| + 200606 [paul hepwort] object.send('tree-list')
+ 200601 [lukfugl gmai] I'm not certain how xmlsimple works, but I assume it's dynamically

^ newbie Q why doesn't this NEXT work
200597 [bitdoger2 ya] the data: -17780 51697-62657 51697-62651 date: 2453507 << good data
+ 200602 [its.sec gmx.] Comparison is ==, not = in Ruby. Here you would assign nil.
+ 200651 [hulachr hotm] Looks like row[3] is nil.

^ Task list in Eclipse
200605 [bpettichord ] Eclipse automatically creates a task list when you write comments like
200615 [shortcutter ] Are you sure that it's not
200621 [jaever gmail] TODO's update for me on save. I'm using Eclipse 3.1.2 and RDT 0.7. Maybe
200668 [bpettichord ] Apparently this bug has been reported before to Eclipse, but their

^ ASN.1 for Ruby
200610 [garbagecat10] On another thread ("Grails"),  Tor Iver Wilhelmsen <jadedgamer@hotmail.com>
+ 200650 [ahodgkin row] OpenSSL comes with an awful lot of ASN.1 code, though I don't know how
| 200653 [garbagecat10] The SSL/TLS wire protocol is a binary format, but it's not based on ASN.1.
| 200660 [ahodgkin row] Yes, I was thinking of this ASN.1 code. The crypto library is highly
| 200670 [garbagecat10] Thanks for sending the library, Andrew,  but as it turns out I'm already
+ 200727 [srinivas.j s] use ASN.1 format. For backward compatibility, they also provide flat
  + 200772 [tbray textua] People who offer data like this usually regret it when they discover
  | 200907 [srinivas.j s] That is probably why NCBI, in this case, also provides a set of tools to
  + 200818 [garbagecat10] The thing about ASN.1 is that it's not a grammar. It's actually a
    201308 [martin snowp] There are a whole load of *.asn files (in ASN.1 format) inside

^ [ANN] RubySlim - Ruby SlimServer API
200623 [contact luke] This is an initial release of the Ruby SlimServer API - it uses the

^ Multi-dimensional arrays
200626 [gqs westnet.] I have just started programming with Ruby and have run into the following
+ 200633 [jake.mcarthu] Try http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/narray/
+ 200716 [logancapaldo] class Array

^ instance_exec
200627 [ara.t.howard] i seems to recall someone came up with an impl of instance_exec (instance_eval
+ 200628 [marcel verni] class Object
| + 200635 [ara.t.howard] class Object
| + 200640 [sean.ohalpin] This is not thread-safe - relying on time.usec may not work on
| + 200644 [transfire gm] stamp).
|   + 200703 [sean.ohalpin] Do - it's the best version for 1.8 so far (IMHO).
|   + 200921 [ara.t.howard] class Object
|     + 200929 [ mfp acm.org] [#instance_exec implementation]
|     | 201063 [erikveen gma] If instance_exec is called recursively, like in the example,
|     | 201065 [erikveen gma] Okay, criticizing somebody's work without providing a
|     | + 201071 [transfire gm] I think the idea was to save frm creting a singleton class, but at the
|     | | + 201078 [erikveen gma] (You're version _does_ work with immediate versions.)
|     | | | 201087 [transfire gm] It should delete it when done, so it's a temporary pollution. But I
|     | | + 201088 [ara.t.howard] -a
|     | | + 201109 [ mfp acm.org] * it allows instance_exec to work on frozen objects and immediate values
|     | + 201121 [ mfp acm.org] nah, what matters is *improving* the code (and focusing on it)
|     + 200937 [transfire gm] Thanks Ara.
+ 200629 [sean.ohalpin] You did indeed! And so did I. However, Mauricio Fernandez came up with
+ 201097 [transfire gm] Duh! I'm sitting here screwing with this and the answer's sitting one
  201120 [ mfp acm.org] (Florian)
  + 201127 [transfire gm] Right. I expected as much. But can you apply yuor fixes to
  | 201129 [transfire gm] Actually, it seems to pass the frozen test.
  + 201140 [transfire gm] require 'thread'
    201157 [ mfp acm.org] * you're using a klass => name hash as the key (instead of [klass, name],
    + 201197 [erikveen gma] symbols1 = Symbol.all_symbols
    + 201206 [transfire gm] Okay, I took your draft and worked on it some more and came up with the
      201209 [erikveen gma] You can't remove a method if it isn't defined. If it's the

^ ri-emacs problem
200632 [exceedhl gma] I'm a user of your ri-emacs. I knew it's very cool but unfortunately I

^ Variable Trace Library -- request for comments
200657 [quidorg gmai] variables (other than globals of course). So I've written some code to

^ script to visit a page
200662 [akanksha.bai] I am pretty new to scripting in general and ruby and rails in
+ 200664 [halostatue g] There are examples of how to do this in the pickaxe. Google for
+ 200665 [kenosis gmai] Search this group: there have been several treatments of this question.

^ Gen. Row objects from tab-delim text lines
200669 [ruby gmail.c] This is nothing ground-breaking, but I thought I'd share it anyway.  It

^ Pickaxe
200673 [sambient gma] I've been reading the pickaxe book the last few days.  As a newbie to
+ 200676 [shortcutter ] Yeah, your intuition is probably right. It's not exactly an
| 200680 [sambient gma] Weren't you a contributor ?
| 200736 [bob.news gmx] Yes, I proofread the multithreading section and I think I also provided
+ 200807 [james.herdma] There's a good book by the same company, and available online, called "Learn
  200855 [sambient gma] Thanks James, I have Learn to Program and have been using it but
  201066 [chris pine.f] Thanks!
  201070 [sambient gma] not *too* hard would be a relative phrase.  I refer to some of your

^ What's up w/this group now that the gateway is back?
200674 [kenosis gmai] We keep getting answers to posts but not the original post.  Is there
+ 200675 [collinsj sea] I'm guessing they are from older threads?
+ 200681 [lukfugl gmai] As Justin said, they're from older posts. The restoration of the
  200683 [james graypr] I considered going back in time a little to play catch-up, but I
  200687 [lukfugl gmai] Exactly. I'm one of them. :) Well, I wouldn't have sent you hate mail,
  200688 [kenosis gmai] That makes sense and I agree that what were seeing now is better than

^ Re: text to speech?
200686 [Jamal.Mazrui] Thanks for the kind words.  Yes, the main, editor-specific source code is in (default installation)
201076 [arunlists gm] ...

^ make this code more Rubyish
200691 [jason.sweat ] I have the following code I pounded out today.  It works, but it feels
+ 200694 [dblack wobbl] I think there's a logic flaw there.  If you have two directories with
| 200701 [jason.sweat ] Yes, I actually noticed that as I was running it on some other
+ 200721 [w_a_x_man ya] dev = <<EOM
  200797 [dblack wobbl] He's done it in Perl already -- he said more Rubyish :-)
  200800 [dblack wobbl] Whoops, my witty repartee was factually inaccurate.
  200819 [work ashleym] I actually thought you were being metaphorical with that.. that code

^ Trouble with mod_eval
200693 [gusmayo gmai] I have installed Ruby upon OS X recently and I am working on a small
200697 [sean.ohalpin] This is a clue. See below.

^ Re: Protecting Ruby Code as Intellectual Property
200695 [james.britt ] This has been discussed various times, some quite recently, on this

^ libhxml Node#remove! kills each loop and extension to #<<
200699 [transfire gm] While using #each to loop thru the children of a Node, if I remove a
+ 200737 [M.B.Smillie ] I'm not aware (and couldn't find) any libhxml - if you meant ruby-
| 200777 [transfire gm] Thanks matthew. Very enlightening. I decdided to write a xml wrapper
+ 200738 [shortcutter ] It's usually a problem to change a container while iterating through
  200740 [shortcutter ] iterate and delete those elements you want to get rid of.

^ Re: libxml Node#remove! kills each loop and extension to #<<
200702 [transfire gm] s/super/append(node)/

^ [ANN] ruby-debug 0.1
200707 [ksruby gmail] I've been watching a 'debugging proposal' thread and eventually

^ libxml Node#find gives 'wrong argument type nil (expected Data)'
200709 [transfire gm] Sigh,

^ Newbie Qs on Filename convention
200710 [satish.talim] Coming from a Java background, we are used to give filenames the same name
201114 [tim.pease gm] Download the ruby source code
201131 [satish.talim] Thanks Tim, that did help.

^ newbie Q - calling a method for an object in an .each block?
200714 [otherwill ya] (and pickax) and not been able to solve it.
+ 200719 [hal9000 hype] Don't fear, your instincts are good. I doubt you're
+ 200720 [logancapaldo] It's working but #each returns the array and your #show method

^ storing and using references to variables
200718 [r.fulton auc] I want to store a reference to a scalar variable (in perl parlance)
+ 200728 [sitharus sit] In Ruby all variables are references to an object, there is no way to
| 200732 [shortcutter ] I'd really like to know what problem Russel is trying to solve.  I
| 200853 [r.fulton auc] the suggestions by other posters will work fine.  Defining a container
| + 200860 [doug mcnaugh] <first delurk>
| + 200861 [shortcutter ] Still it might not be a good solution.  There are already reference
| | 200865 [r.fulton auc] Absolutely and I'm very open to any suggestions :)  I've just posted a
| + 200889 [botp delmont] # ..it will handle real time and periodic scanning as
+ 200759 [ara.t.howard] why wouldn't use simply use an object?
+ 200773 [renard nc.rr] In Ruby, all variables (except for number objects) are references and
  202101 [halostatue g] Actually, this isn't *quite* true. I'm on vacation right now, but

^ Re: newbie Q - calling a method for an object in an .each bl
200725 [otherwill ya] Ah!  These work.  Thank You!
200735 [shortcutter ] IRB uses method #inspect of any object for display.
200742 [daniel.schie] I'd much rather stick with a single class, and use some of Ruby's

^ [ANN] Equipment (for Camping) v0.1.0
200731 [zimba.tm gma] I'm happy to release my first library in the ruby world !

^ One-Click Ruby Installer 184-19 Final is available!
200734 [curt.hibbs g] The final 1.8.4 release of the One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows is
200871 [djberg96 gma] Very minor bug - it shows it as 184-17 in the start menu, though you can
200883 [ml.chibbs gm] Strange, the menu shows 184-19 for me. Is this happening to anyone else?
200884 [djberg96 gma] I wonder if it was caused by the uninstall of the previous version I was

^ for loop decrementing ?
200744 [pere.noel la] for i in 0..100
200745 [jogloran gma] 100.downto(0) { |i|
200757 [pere.noel la] thanks a lot !!!
200763 [rubytalk eac] Plug! http://code.eachmapinject.com/for_.rb

^ OT: Regexp buddy
200751 [sambient gma] Curious too know if anyone uses or has used the product Regex Buddy ?
200753 [pertl gmx.or] it's a great tool, I _love_ it...
200755 [sambient gma] Should have asked this in my original post, but just thought of it.
+ 200756 [shortcutter ] There's also RegexpCoach
| 201106 [snowzone5 ho] ROVING SWARM: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/roving_swarm/
+ 200778 [cjkim jcnow.] I can't say that I support RegexBuddy 100%. At a glance, it's a very

^ rexml: replace several text nodes by a single one
200752 [pertl gmx.or] this sounds simple but I just don't get it...
200765 [transfire gm] OMG, I was just about to ask the same thing. I was trying to  delete
200776 [transfire gm] I got something to work at least. This should give you an idea of how I

^ Why Ruby over Python?
200758 [howachen gma] Besides ROR, can you give me a reason why perfer ruby instead of
+ 200760 [lyle.johnson] ...
+ 200766 [vasudevram g] I'm sticking my neck out here a bit, since I'm relatively new to Ruby,
| 200791 [znmeb cesmai] Not so much flames as challenges ...
| + 200796 [znmeb cesmai] M. Edward (Ed) Borasky
| + 200803 [robert.dober] *much* shorter answers ;)
| + 200930 [rm_rails che] I find this not to be true when the languages each are used for the
| + 200942 [martin snowp] I'm just curious; where does Haskell fit in this?  I think in this
| | 200946 [garbagecat10] Haskell is a strict, lazy functional language (and pretty close to the
| | + 200992 [znmeb cesmai] Well, I rather suspect .NET has reached the point that it's
| | | 200993 [Nuralanur ao] They haven't died out - they're all in the programming business now,  so
| | + 201000 [vjoel path.b] Google? (Python and AJAX)
| | | + 201002 [james.britt ] Microsoft has been using AJAX since 1998 or so.
| | | + 201006 [garbagecat10] GOOG isn't a big company ;-).
| | + 201005 [chneukirchen] Except just about all Lisps are dynamically-typed, not lazy and not
| | | 201007 [garbagecat10] Christian Neukirchen  <chneukirchen@gmail.com>  http://chneukirchen.org
| | | + 201047 [martindemell] From what little I've seen of Smalltalk it looks pretty lispy to me -
| | | | 201208 [chneukirchen] Because of the environment?
| | | + 201204 [chneukirchen] I didn't write a compiler worth that name yet, but I read a fair lot
| | + 201043 [joevandyk gm] Boeing's recognized that Python has significant advantages over Java
| |   201081 [schapht gmai] Comcast is laying some serious AJAX groundwork these days.  We still
| |   201093 [znmeb cesmai] I know of several organizations that have thrown Java out because of
| |   201099 [garbagecat10] That's really interesting. Are these big companies that have given up on
| |   201258 [znmeb cesmai] The one instance I'm most familiar with was a Linux/Apache/PHP project
| + 200996 [vasudevram g] I might not have made my above point ("it is quite possible to ...")
+ 200770 [dblack wobbl] I can give you the answer in my case: love.  I fell in love with the
| 200911 [richardun gm] class Integer
| + 200915 [curi curi.us] I don't know if that's possible in Python, but apparently I can't
| | 200917 [curi curi.us] File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
| + 201084 [barberomarce] return (self % 2) == 0
+ 200774 [khaines enig] RoR is irrelevant to it.
| + 200793 [znmeb cesmai] Uh ... love ... bondage ... uh ... never mind
| + 200950 [chneukirchen] Vanilla!
+ 200779 [james.britt ] The Ruby community is better-looking.
| 200781 [jcribbs netp] And more modest.
| 200784 [robin nibor.] And more funny. :)
| 200785 [Meino.Cramer] And has shorter answers. ;)))
+ 200790 [tdenkinger g] As a longtime Perler, I dislike Python's significant whitespace.  That's why
| 200792 [dblack wobbl] Let's be clear about this, though: people *are* allowed to like and
| + 200798 [fxn hashref.] Indeed, I am a dynamic languages enthusiast. Perl specialist by
| | 200836 [studlee2 gma] I got into Ruby because of Rails.  I like Ruby because of the
| + 200825 [james.britt ] Don't be a party pooper.
|   200831 [znmeb cesmai] Wait a minute ... there's *another* OS? This changes *everything*!
+ 200794 [doug00 gmail] Go ask this same question over on comp.lang.python and you'll see why
| + 201321 [jmdeschamps ] Jean-Marc
| | 201411 [langstefan g] Interesting. Someone there said that Python is more like Java
| | + 201415 [r.mark.volkm] I haven't done much with Rake yet, but fortunately I knew that => is
| | | + 201471 [wrecklass1 g] since = "Ruby is king"
| | | + 201627 [langstefan g] You have to learn *any* syntax/API. Important is that it's
| | |   201777 [chneukirchen] <heretic>
| | + 201791 [lopx gazeta.] Ultimate object orientation, continuations and blocks/closures - the
| + 201982 [greg.kujawa ] QOTD +1!!!!
+ 200867 [matt technor] Did you see the lovely young ladies (I hope you know who you are) at the
| 200880 [znmeb cesmai] And ... which would *you* give a lovely young lady -- a ruby or a
| + 200888 [tdenkinger g] I got yer snake right heah, baby!
| + 201004 [ben.armston ] I have a friendly pet snake I'm often trying to give to lovely young
+ 200894 [greg.kujawa ] As someone who has used both languages for various projects I would say
+ 200899 [mgreenly gma] They are both excellent so you will not be unhappy with either.
| 200901 [james.britt ] There are differences in development philosophy among the two
| + 200913 [logancapaldo] Significant whitespace in ruby? Perhaps you mean "\n" as a statement
| | + 200914 [billk cts.co] # ruby -we "puts ('hi')"
| | + 200936 [lopx gazeta.] which gives syntax error, not undefined +@ for String runtime error ;)
| + 201254 [mgreenly gma] Next you're going to correct me for calling plum... purple?
+ 200909 [ceesaxp gmai] Actually, one of the reasons why I am looking at Ruby is because it
+ 200928 [minkoo.seo g] Okay, I've attracted to Ruby because of RoR. But, I've learned that Ruby
+ 201030 [barberomarce] What about GUI programming?
| + 201034 [znmeb cesmai] A Pythonista will immediately counter with, "What about Python/TkInter?" :)
| + 201053 [lopx gazeta.] lopex
|   + 201056 [doug.bromley] You may find it interesting. :)
|   + 201079 [barberomarce] Oh, yes, I saw that page, but for what I saw, most of them are in early
|     + 201085 [greg.kujawa ] You can use Wx, Qt, Fox, and a variety of other standard GUI toolkits
|     | 201089 [barberomarce] What I wanted to know with my previous post was what are rubyist using
|     | 201098 [jes luretank] FXRuby - actively maintained by Lyle Johnsen and well enough documented.
|     + 201091 [lopx gazeta.] degree using it. It was quite complex application using opengl and swig
|     | + 201094 [znmeb cesmai] And if having a well-written tutorial matters, check out the Pragmatic
|     | + 201113 [barberomarce] I would LOVE wxRuby when it is done.
|     |   + 201117 [greg.kujawa ] Have you actually read the feature list of both Wx projects to
|     |   | 201125 [barberomarce] especially section: Classes missing in both TODO for wxruby2
|     |   | 201137 [greg.kujawa ] After reviewing both sites in terms of their documentation it does
|     |   | + 201141 [pbattley gma] Although it only works on OS X, RubyCocoa is pretty nice (possibly due
|     |   | + 201154 [barberomarce] Very good summary. I'll take a look on Fx and Qt. Thanks.
|     |   + 201153 [jmg3000 gmai] wxRuby2 development was really cooking in May and early June. Work on
|     |   + 201233 [lopx gazeta.] The last message at wxruby site is from June 12, 2006 and says that
|     + 201110 [lyle.johnson] Then you've gotten some bad information. FXRuby is a little over five
+ 201184 [tim.pease gm] 1) Ruby groks better than Python ... at least for me.
| 201187 [jmg3000 gmai] Well, we've got rdoc. What specific python doc feature do you miss?
| 201190 [tim.pease gm] "I wish documentation were 'built in' like Python".  Rdoc is great,
| 201194 [schapht gmai] You really caught me with that Ruby Haiku concept.  I started working
+ 201234 [penryu saiyi] Aside from the obvious argument that making filesep '\' in DOS was the
| 201246 [greg.kujawa ] For me it's not so much the shelling out as it is invoking some Ruby
+ 201495 [rtilley vt.e] This may be a trivial reason to most people, but it makes a huge
| 201508 [david.mullet] I absolutely agree! Erik Veenstra's done a fantastic job developing,
| 201516 [Jamal.Mazrui] it
+ 201543 [bitdoger2 ya] newbie asks: is it true that python does NOT support containers simply
  + 201561 [greg.kujawa ] Python indeed doesn't have an #each method to iterate over a container
  + 201621 [barberomarce] a = []