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^ text to speech?
200393 [arunlists gm] people how to program in New Delhi, and it saddens me that they all use
+ 200418 [Jamal.Mazrui] I happen to be blind, myself (challenges of both the speech interface
| 201096 [hramrach cen] A live Linux distribution with support for text to speech can be
+ 200420 [dale.martens] Sorry I am not familar with Text-to-Speech on Linux. On Windows, you can
+ 200422 [jmg3000 gmai] Arun,
  200431 [Nuralanur ao] ...
  200502 [botp delmont] # Programming is practical, however, with a text editor like TextPad or

^ Question: formatting strings from array for text files
200398 [sambient gma] I'm not sure who to have an array format correctly when written to a text file.
200400 [shortcutter ] What does "correctly" mean?
200406 [sambient gma] I must have not explained myself well.
200409 [collinsj sea] Try using 'doc.puts' instead of 'doc.write'. 'puts' will automatically
200414 [sambient gma] It has the 3 hypens as the first line and a hyphen before every file
200421 [sambient gma] I'd think there has to be a way.
+ 200424 [collinsj sea] How are you building the array? What you are seeing as output must be
+ 200425 [sambient gma] Okay, I made some changes to my code.  I was using .to_yaml, without
  200427 [collinsj sea] You are comparing a string to an array. File.read returns a string. Try

^ [OT] Telling the time (was: [ANN] Ruby Reports Roundtable on Freenode (2006.07.08))
200408 [dave burt.id] And for a slightly more confusing and less accurate solution, there's my

^ The Gateway Showing Signs of Life...
200411 [james graypr] I'm sure all you mailing list regulars noticed the threads coming
+ 200412 [ara.t.howard] have you tried news.boulder.noaa.gov?
| 200416 [james graypr] Exception caught: #<NNTP::NNTPError: 502 You have no permission to
+ 200463 [steve waits.] Subscriptions to Usenet services can be found from $5 to $15/month.
  200467 [james graypr] We have generously been donated an account.  The Gateway needs an
  200518 [rubyfan gmai] James,

^ pop3s
200423 [alexandru gl] Does anybody have any ideea how can I use POP3 with ssl

^ Achieving Equality
200429 [transfire gm] # Read from one and write to another.
200432 [hulachr hotm] I get a == rwd #=> true ?
+ 200434 [lukfugl gmai] $ cat test.rb
+ 200435 [transfire gm] Ah, it's simplified example of what I'm actually doing. So in this case
  200439 [hulachr hotm] def ==( other )
  200448 [transfire gm] class RWDelegator
  200505 [srinivas.j s] The above approach would not scale seamlessly should you have another
  200510 [transfire gm] Any suggestions to fix?

^ dependency framework for RSpec
200436 [skurapat ucs] I've been having difficulty sharing verification code between

^ Downloading ruby-talk as mbox.
200440 [notmyprivate] ...
200446 [vjoel path.b] Plaese send commands in the mail body not subject to the address

^ Something wrong with rubygarden?
200449 [daniel flyin] I hope this is the right place to post this message- I'm trying to search
200543 [shortcutter ] It's a form with method POST - GET parameters seem to be ignored.

^ ruby-termios
200450 [ruby thorste] ...
200547 [kjana dm4lab] Since YOU clear ECHO and ICANON.  Note both oldterm and term are

^ Converting Directory Names to Strings
200451 [nathan.olber] I'm having a little trouble understanding something. Save the following
+ 200452 [collinsj sea] 1)
+ 200453 [sitharus sit] Happens a lot
  200454 [nathan.olber] Okay. Is there a good reason for this? If you really want the character
  200455 [sitharus sit] Ruby doesn't provide a character data type, so without this you'd be
  200459 [nathan.olber] What I meant to say is, why not free up x[0] (seems more logical, at
  + 200462 [collinsj sea] ...
  | 200464 [nathan.olber] I don't mind that it's quirky, just so long as I'm not the only one who
  | 200468 [ezmobius gma] IIRC this is going to be changed in ruby 1.9 or 2.0 or whatever to
  + 200568 [halostatue g] This will be offered in a future Ruby. Look at the long and

^ Easy Pathname
200456 [transfire gm] I find myself always using File.join, and never utilizing Pathname b/c
+ 200500 [logancapaldo] It's neat but I've always thought that this should be the definition
| 200509 [vjoel path.b] Yeah, why isn't it?
+ 200512 [vjoel path.b] What about
| + 200513 [martindemell] path = Pathname['/usr/local/src']
| | 200616 [akr fsij.org] I added Pathname() few weeks ago.
| | 200704 [sean.ohalpin] I don't want to hijack this thread but I do think it would be nice if
| | + 200729 [jeremy chaos] ...
| | | 200743 [sean.ohalpin] You left out the qualification I made - "(apart from Array(), String()
| | | 200811 [jeremy chaos] ...
| | | 200845 [transfire gm] Not so. Just becaue they would default to Klass.new does not mean they
| | | 200989 [jeremy chaos] ...
| | | 201032 [sean.ohalpin] There's no need to introduce complicated rules for this. Just have
| | + 200741 [transfire gm] I think its an elegant practice. I know others have argured that it is
| | + 200748 [dan-ml dan42] Right now those functions are used as casting/conversion operators, and I think
| + 200514 [transfire gm] Except, what about paths not starting with root?
+ 200549 [djberg96 gma] Think about MS Windows.  Then think about UNC paths.
  200578 [transfire gm] What's problem there?
  200585 [halostatue g] They work differently than most people expect. Remember, on most
  200593 [transfire gm] Okay, I realize that. But how is this not taking that into account

^ [OT]Re: RedLetter Ruby Journal
200465 [collinsj sea] Hmm, Flywheel you say?

^ Redefining core classes
200470 [dfl_maradent] I am reading the ???Why???s (poignant) guide to Ruby???. I???ve reached to the
+ 200471 [farrel.lifso] It remains changed for as long as that particular instance of the ruby
+ 200472 [phurley gmai] It is changed until you unchange it, or the interpreter stops -- not
  + 200698 [harrisj schi] Yeah, it could be dangerous. But it's also incredibly useful at
  + 200706 [dblack wobbl] ...
  | 201203 [phurley gmai] I take it to mean you should think twice before doing it -- especially
  + 200815 [dfl_maradent] I'm quite new to Ruby, so... I open the Irb, I change a core class
    200891 [danielbaird ] ...
    200904 [jp jeffpritc] What if I'm running two rails apps on the same (apache) server?
    201037 [ezmobius gma] Jeff-
    201082 [schapht gmai] Ezra might know more than I do on this subject, but I remember
    201183 [ezmobius gma] Yeah mod_ruby is a different story altogether. I don't knoiw anyone

^ URI.escape() broken or misdocumented in Ruby 1.8.4?
200473 [ahodgkin row] I posted this in the Ruby On Rails forum a moment ago because of other
200576 [halostatue g] I don't have a clear answer to your question, below, but a couple of
200584 [ysantoso-rub] This seems like a documentation bug. The second argument is used as-is

^ Accessing strings
200479 [sambient gma] If I something like word = "ruby"
200480 [collinsj sea] Also check the documentation.
200482 [drbrain segm] $ ri String#[]
200484 [sambient gma] Ahh...so those numbers are the character codes ?
200496 [drbrain segm] $ ri String#[]

^ quick metaprogramming question: collecting arguments across calls
200485 [wmorgan-ruby] Quick question: is there a better way to write Foo.contains below?
+ 200488 [transfire gm] class Foo
+ 200489 [rubyfan gmai] class Foo
| 200490 [rubyfan gmai] def contents
| 200499 [sean.ohalpin] class Foo
+ 200504 [ara.t.howard] module Container
+ 200552 [shortcutter ] Any reason why you cannot simply use a normal attribute accessor?
+ 200581 [wmorgan-ruby] Thanks for all the replies. A case of overlooking the obvious solution.

^ Marshal Problem
200491 [robert.evans] I've got a serialized object that I am trying to read back in with
200497 [drbrain segm] What are the ruby versions?  Do you have the same classes loaded on
200656 [robert.evans] The Mac OS X version, which works is 1.8.4 (2005-12-24). The windows
200762 [matz ruby-la] Can you show us how to reproduce the problem?
+ 200963 [robert.evans] The objects involved were fairly complex, so I will try to create a
+ 203657 [robert.evans] Following up. I finally got back to this issue, and now everything

^ How to create directory in file system...
200494 [jeff_lamarch] This seems like it should be an easy thing to figure out, but I've been
200495 [danielbaird ] ...
200498 [caldridge gm] Dir.mkdir("c:/asdf")

^ Danish Characters in Ruby Uri
200506 [sjc2000_uk y] There would appear to be a deficiency in the common.rb
+ 200507 [hal9000 hype] Hmm... what is your $KCODE set to, and are you
| 200508 [sjc2000_uk y] Thanks for your swift reply, don't feel $KCODE is the
| 200511 [sjc2000_uk y] I have a workaround now (which will be doing for the
+ 200515 [angus quovad] Just apply URI.encode first. That will change the URI to
  200520 [sjc2000_uk y] ah cool, thanks very much, that looks a much sweeter
  200525 [pbattley gma] 'Thus, only alphanumerics, the special characters "$-_.+!*'(),", andreserved characters used for their reserved purposes may be usedunencoded within a URL.'
  + 200527 [M.B.Smillie ] While this doesn't quite apply to the original question, does Ruby
  | 200530 [pbattley gma] A couple of relevant libraries already exist, so it should be a
  + 200531 [sjc2000_uk y] They may not necessarily be 'legal' nevertheless they

^ [ANN] ruby-opengl
200517 [jmg3000 gmai] I've tinkered a bit with Yoshi's original ruby-opengl. My changes are
+ 200522 [jmg3000 gmai] Whoops. Forgot the smiley.
+ 200611 [billk cts.co] I think it's great that ruby-opengl has an active maintainer
  200624 [jmg3000 gmai] Hm.
  200639 [billk cts.co] Rats.  Because I really liked the web site.  :)
  + 200645 [jmg3000 gmai] Hey, thanks. :) I don't think it's gone for good, I just don't want to
  + 200900 [jmg3000 gmai] I reverted my changes to the method names, so it's back to being
    200916 [billk cts.co] Awesome!  Much appreciated...  It's a weight off my mind to
    + 201264 [jmg3000 gmai] It seems to work! Thanks! I just added it (Ilmari had also offered a
    | 201782 [benjohn fysh] I think you're aware of this, but it seems to build and run fine on
    + 201277 [ilmari.heikk] ...
      + 201320 [jmg3000 gmai] I get about the same results on my system too. Nearly the same with
      | 201338 [billk cts.co] I think I would have done it like Ilmari did it, had I
      | 201660 [jmg3000 gmai] Thanks again Ilmari. :)
      + 201334 [billk cts.co] Sweet.  I learned about three new tricks from that.  :D

^ [ANN] RFuzz HTTP Destroyer 0.2 -- Ragel HTTP Client
200526 [zedshaw zeds] In my constant quest to turn evil activities into useful tools I have
200528 [zimba.tm gma] this looks really great !
201025 [zedshaw zeds] If by "streaming" you mean HTTP pipelining where one TCP connection is
201057 [zimba.tm gma] I don't think it's the same but my knowledge of the HTTP protocol is

^ Regexp
200532 [outrelouxhe ] I'm new to Ruby and I'm fighting with regexp.
+ 200533 [botp delmont] #
| + 200538 [dblack wobbl] ...
| | 200540 [botp delmont] # Interesting -- it actually works only *because* of the newline :-)
| | + 200541 [shortcutter ] That's how regexps are defined "*" and "+" are always greedy and back
| | + 200548 [tdenkinger g] ...
| + 200539 [M.B.Smillie ] I thought this might warrant some explanation in light of the later
|   200551 [outrelouxhe ] Yes ! The "+?" was what I needed !
+ 200534 [dblack wobbl] As I suspect seven or eight people will tell you, you need to make
+ 200535 [martindemell] You need to replace .+ with .+? - the former is 'greedy'; i.e. it
+ 200536 [pbattley gma] a = 'a b <x>c</x> d <x>e</x> f g'

^ Question : Pickaxe example
200542 [sambient gma] I'm reading through part 1, blocks and iterators section.  Lots to
200545 [M.B.Smillie ] What it does is call the #title method on myarray[i], but in your
200671 [sambient gma] Thank you , that helps!  The part that was throwing me was the 'Ruby

^ Re: ruby-opengl
200544 [anne wjh.har] 1. Did you look at Yoshi's install? I was not able to install 0.32g on
200619 [jmg3000 gmai] Well, I had a look through extconf.rb if that's what you mean. :)
200638 [anne wjh.har] It would be great to have people to keep opengl going, people who

^ Problem with http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/1
200555 [sean.ohalpin] There seems to be a problem with the web interface to ruby-talk at
200598 [lukfugl gmai] Forgive the link to an ugly, ad-heavy site, but it was the only source
200622 [sean.ohalpin] Thanks for the info. It would indeed be a shame if they were lost.

^ Re: Enumerable#split, any advice on this implementation ?
200560 [shortcutter ] no.
200667 [transfire gm] Ah right. I see. How about #divide_on, or something like that?
200724 [transfire gm] Now I recall. It's more akin to to Facets' String#shatter.

^ Re: Ruby Gateway Needs NNTP Host
200561 [null null.fr] aioe.cjb.net

^ Re: [FXRuby] - background color problem for FXCombobox
200562 [Nuralanur ao] ...
200564 [lyle.johnson] It's working for me here, so I need for you to file a bug report that

^ Ruby Compiler(s) and
200566 [forrie gmail] This topic has been discussed before on this list, however the replies
200580 [halostatue g] Do a google search for YARV.

^ Gateway Restored
200573 [james graypr] Welcome back friends from the other side!
+ 200574 [ara.t.howard] james-
+ 200575 [shortcutter ] Applause! And many thanks!
+ 200613 [martindemell] great work!! ironically, i finally gave in and joined the mailing list
| 200647 [transfire gm] I'm sorry I just have to piont how when I originally suggested that the
| + 200648 [Daniel.Berge] I think there were only a handful of people who felt that way.  Most of
| + 200659 [james graypr] I'm harder to deter.  *I* wanted the gateway back, so I put it back.
| + 200678 [lukfugl gmai] As far as I remember, this sentiment only ever came up with regards to
+ 200690 [surrender_it] hooray!
+ 200869 [fugalh xmiss] Many many many thanks! It's so good to be back. And next time the
+ 200926 [minkoo.seo g] ...

^ [QUIZ] Panagrams (#86)
200579 [james graypr] ...
+ 200583 [matthew.moss] So is it "pangram" or "panagram"?
| + 200587 [matthew.moss] Nevermind, answered my own question with the dictionary:  pangram.
| + 200589 [james graypr] Good catch, I didn't even notice the name discrepancy.  Pangram does
| + 200590 [warrenbrown ] The word is "pangram".  Some people misspell it as "panagram",
|   200991 [ jupp gmx.de] Plese note that this message uses ISO 8859-7 and contains greek
+ 200631 [brian.matter] Is it a spoiler if we post a resulting pangram (no code)?
| + 200637 [brian.matter] Actually, I lied. Almost correct, but at least one number is off...
| + 200642 [james graypr] Not at all.  Please do.
|   + 200649 [brian.matter] rephorm@boru ~/code/ruby/quiz/pangram $ time ruby pangram.rb > p
|   | 200652 [brian.matter] ... and a good bit of luck rolling the rand() dice :)
|   | 200654 [martindemell] And here's to you, Mr. Robinson....
|   + 200679 [SimonKroeger] This is the pangram from simon, there are four a's, one b, one c, one d,
|     + 200682 [schapht gmai] Just for the sake of nitpicking, seems like the following ending
|     | 200684 [SimonKroeger] more like this?
|     | + 200685 [SimonKroeger] This is a pangram from simon, it contains six a's, one b, two c's, two
|     | + 200713 [schapht gmai] I think the method by which you get there plays a big part too.  I
|     | + 201241 [p.capriotti ] Not all sentences can be completed to a pangram. Try a sentence
|     |   201242 [p.capriotti ] err... 2000 contains _one_ l in italian.
|     + 200689 [lerno dragon] This is really crazy.
|       + 200712 [ma3oxuct gma] Have you tried with different sentances?
|       + 200722 [brian.matter] I ran mine again and after 10 minutes it hadn't found anything. I did a
|       + 200730 [SimonKroeger] Well, what's an iteration in your code?
|       + 200739 [martin snowp] I agree that Simon must be using a different, better algorithm.  I
|         200750 [martin snowp] Oops.  I accidentally sent this just to Simon; it was supposed to go
|         200802 [martin snowp] $ time ruby /cygdrive/c/Temp/sallowsgram2.rb
|         200863 [SimonKroeger] but of course it looks much better than hours.
+ 200920 [schapht gmai] This terribly inefficient pangram contains five a's, two b's, three
+ 201015 [timhollingsw] ...
| 201019 [its.sec gmx.] Not quite. 1e23 is a float, that's why you run into precision
| 201020 [timhollingsw] aha right you are!  I was using to_i in my code, and there lies my
+ 201028 [martin snowp] #!ruby