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^ Ruby/Gtk: caveats/help on use of rbbr.rb
19994 [alwagner tca] I am re-evaluating Ruby/Gtk.  I assume that the gtk-brows, talked of in the
+ 19996 [ned bike-nom] gtkwidget.c is part of the GTK source distribution, not part of the Ruby gtk
| 19997 [alwagner tca] Thanks, Ned.  I'll give this a try.
+ 21160 [nconway klam] Albert,

^ DBI remote access question
19995 [anderson ber] I want to give my Ruby programs on a Red Hat Linux box the ability to
+ 20009 [neumann s-di] Syntax of DBD::ODBC
+ 20032 [erik bagfors] I have used the perl dbi against DB2 on a remote box alot.  That has

^ Net::SMTP::start times out on Windows 98 Ruby 1.6.4
19999 [carlyoungblo] require 'net/smtp'
20006 [aamine mx.ed] You must give server address to #new, not #start.
20007 [aamine mx.ed] sorry, its typo.

^ OT: Need tcl code to read jpg image
20001 [jim freeze.o] I don't know tk but I know Ruby and I have a simple gui based
20003 [armin approx] I'm far off from knowing anything about tk, but does TkPhotoImage
20004 [jim freeze.o] Thanks for the suggestions.
20011 [armin approx] Sorry, I'm not sure I understand.

^ RFD: comp.software.patterns
20002 [panu fcc.net] An RFD for the creation of  newsgroup for the discussion of Software

^ Re: Need tcl code to read jpg image
20005 [jkaurin home] See chain starting at [ruby-talk:15604].

^ Object hashing trouble
20010 [mrchameleon ] How do I refer to my objects' keys in a Hash? The following snippet
+ 20014 [chadfowler y] What are you trying to accomplish with the "hash"
+ 20015 [neumann s-di] @name.hash
+ 20016 [nat.pryce b1] Hash should return a fixnum.  Also, a class that defines hash should also
+ 20017 [decoux moulo] @name.hash
  20041 [mrchameleon ] Thank you both.

^ Anyone know how to send a BCC e-mail in Ruby?
20018 [carlyoungblo] require 'net/smtp'
+ 20019 [hipster xs4a] shouldn't that read 'Bcc'?
+ 20020 [decoux moulo] put the address in #ready()
  20025 [roberto REMO] Yes it is, it is supposed to be stripped off by the MTA after adding the

^ Module#include and module/class methods
20021 [mike lepton.] Why aren't module methods availiable as class methods when a module is
20022 [decoux moulo] module Intern

^ Mailing list for Wiki changes?
20026 [marick visib] I like Wikis, but I always forget to go and check the RecentChanges page.
20030 [markus.lado ] YES

^ Ruby Article
20033 [jd.nospam co] I am the author of the Programming in ruby on IBM Developworks. I have been
+ 20034 [erik bagfors] [CUT]
| 20035 [green FreeBS] Here's my bit of clean-up on the first one, which I will be happy to
+ 20036 [Dave Pragmat] def prompt_and_read(prompt)
| 20039 [joe vpop.net] I like Dave's answer the best.  It's a nice technique.
| + 20040 [nat.pryce b1] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
| + 20050 [spwhite char] Next round... :)
+ 20037 [joe vpop.net] You would probably want to use an Object for your fields to do error
+ 20038 [neumann s-di] I'd use "File.open" instead of "open". I think the multitude of Ruby
+ 20044 [schneiker ju] 0) Ruby should be capitalized in text, just as Perl and Python.
+ 20045 [spwhite char] asking for help. :)

^ breaking out of nested loops
20042 [tromp daisy.] I wonder what's the proper way to break out of nested loops,
+ 20043 [decoux moulo] Well, you have a problem here : it will print nothing, and if you replace
| 20066 [marick visib] I was in a "chess puzzle" mood, so I extended this to let you resume a loop
| 20109 [pit capitain] does your continuation example really work for you?
| 20132 [marick visib] It did, but now I see it shouldn't have. When I return_resumably, I'm
| 20164 [marick visib] While probably the right way to do this is to use a block...
+ 20048 [buter CWTS.L] There is no 'proper way' ;) but I do the following, learned from

^ [patch] block memory allocation scheme - bmalloc
20046 [larsch cs.au] Investigating how Ruby allocates memory, I found that it calls malloc() to
+ 20060 [matz ruby-la] Let me investigate your patch.  Pretty interesting.
+ 20062 [joe vpop.net] Very nice.  I wonder how it would interact with the hash presizing
+ 20077 [mikkelj-anti] I have also successfully used an allocator called smartnew which was
  20099 [renaud.heber] []
  + 20100 [fritz.heinri] ocaml is compiled bytecode or machine code. The one with speed > C is
  + 20110 [rtarpine hot] I am new to both OCaml and Ruby, so correct me if I'm wrong, but as far far
    20171 [mikkelj-anti] As has been mentioned, OCaml is not interpreted - but it does have a small

^ The Ruby Way [was: Ruby Article]
20047 [jweirich one] I think Joshua just made the first entry into the Code Amelioration
+ 20049 [Dave Pragmat] Jim - A great list. I hope you don't mind, but I've copied it onto the
| + 20051 [jweirich one] That's the perfect place for it.  Thanks.
| + 20071 [john.carter ] Some things that I think are particularly Rubyish in the sense of things
+ 20052 [W.L.Kleb LaR] I thought part of the "Ruby Way" was test-first programming/design
| + 20054 [armin approx] I'd say that is extreme programming (XP) and can be applied to any language.
| + 20055 [Stephan.Kaem] In case program/desing testing is a topic of this thread, I'd like to add
+ 20053 [Stephan.Kaem] Thanks for the suggestions! Let's hope that this turns out to become a
| 20095 [furufuru ccs] I'm afraid I disagree.  Usually, it's better to make exits from a loop
| 20119 [spwhite char] Next iteration through this little loop... :)
+ 20057 [matz ruby-la] I think I know the Ruby Way, but I don't identify it.
| 20068 [hal9000 hype] Hmm. Well, it is not my place to disagree with Matz.  :)
| + 20069 [ned bike-nom] Let's say we have A objects, and B objects that need to be made from the A
| + 20112 [matz ruby-la] Ah, I meant String() and to_s have slightly different role, so that to_s
+ 20067 [hal9000 hype] Jim,
+ 20075 [db3l fitlinx] I'm curious, in the "better" case, does Ruby actually ensure that the
| + 20078 [mikkelj-anti] It works by injecting the custom
| | 20081 [crouton weat] See Init_IO(), rb_f_open() and rb_file_s_open() in io.c
| + 20079 [jweirich one] Yes.  The block version of open actually calls close from an ensure
+ 20076 [maki inac.co] It's not only the Ruby Way, but raises an invalid error.
| 20080 [jweirich one] I have been known to write ...
| 20155 [maki inac.co] ...It may be better than my sample because critical session
+ 20094 [renaud.heber] ORIGINAL

^ Regexp for japanese characters
20056 [arachis gmx.] This is kind of a newbie question, so it might have been asked/answered
20059 [matz ruby-la] Considering its origin, pretty suprisingly, the answer is no.
20065 [huber alum.w] like...
20070 [matz ruby-la] <Japanese code snipped>
20116 [arachis gmx.] Yesss! Thank you, everybody! It worked just perfectly!

^ Ruby/Tk: procs and callbacks
20058 [alwagner uar] How might I name a block and then use it the widget.bind and
20061 [kero d4050.u] widget.bind('Key-Up') { |e|
20063 [alwagner uar] You're right that widget.bind('Key-Up') {|e| aCallback(e)} is the

^ Ruby/Tk:FocusIn & FocusOut
20064 [alwagner uar] FocusIn and FocusOut methods work under Linux, but not under

^ Ruby Style Guide
20072 [harryo zip.c] I noticed this example in the Ruby Style Guide Wiki and think it may need
+ 20073 [alwagner tca] style.  Assuming it worked:  which is most efficient?  The second has
| 20074 [harryo zip.c] Looking back in the mailing list, it appears this entry in the style guide
+ 20097 [Stefan.Schol] Please tell us the URL.
  20098 [Stephan.Kaem] I'd guess...

^ "new" returning nil: how to report the failure of object creation
20083 [furufuru ccs] How do you report the failure of object creation, that is, if you find
+ 19756 [eli.green co] Why not raise an exception?
| + 19763 [furufuru ccs] Why not raise an exception?  Because "Whenever reasonable, one should
| + 20085 [furufuru ccs] Why not raise an exception?  Because "Whenever reasonable, one should
|   + 19767 [kom mail1.ac] I think the only problem with above code is that it breaks a
|   + 19785 [stephen.hill] surely an appropriate way to handle this problem would be using a
|     + 19863 [   ml sph.de] Also las ich bei Ron Jeffries [mailto:ronjeffries@acm.org]
|     + 19937 [furufuru ccs] Thank you all who gave me adive.  Yes, I remember I learned the
|       19938 [avi beta4.co] does this work?
|       19968 [furufuru ccs] It does, thank you!  Your explanation has made me understand the
+ 19757 [avi beta4.co] class SomeClass
+ 19769 [ronjeffries ] I suspect it's generally a bad idea to write code where new can fail,
+ 19770 [ jimm io.com] At least one framework I've used (BeOS) set a status variable. It was the
+ 20087 [ jimm io.com] At least one framework I've used (BeOS) set a status variable. It was the
  19773 [   xm w3d.ru] /skipped/

^ Floating-point ==
20084 [hal9000 hype] Forgive my ignorance, but given that we do,
20092 [ned bike-nom] Because any epsilon smaller than around 5e-17 is lost by the binary

^ TCPServer#accept bug?
20089 [michelv unit] Ruby 1.6.4
+ 19783 [decoux moulo] No, rb_sys_fail(mesg) call strerror(errno)
+ 20101 [hipster xs4a] Wow, I posted this on Aug 15, see headers...
  20137 [sean-ruby-ta] I'm pretty sure it's a mailer + dns issue.  Mailer wants reverse
  20140 [matz ruby-la] We know something wrong happen on our DNS.  netlab.co.jp and

^ Hash test performance issue
20093 [waisun.chia ] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
20096 [ r2d2 umu.se] Because == compares the values, not the references, i.e.,
20111 [matz ruby-la] Yes, but I should have done equality check first (no value check

^ File.stat not working?
20102 [rlipscombe r] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 20103 [rlipscombe r] the
| + 20105 [siigron sii.] Seems to work fine in FreeBSD
| + 20107 [hipster xs4a] Debian potato, libc6-2.2.3-5, ruby 1.6.4, kernel 2.4.9
+ 20104 [decoux moulo] What is your version of ruby ?
  + 20106 [decoux moulo] OK, I've understood
  + 20108 [rlipscombe r] Ah.  Embarrassingly old -- 1.4.3, versus the 1.6.1 version installed on

^ [ANN] Code Amelioration Contest "bad" code now available for ameliorating!
20113 [dblack sdf.l] You can now find the "bad" code examples for the Code Amelioration Contest

^ GC in extensions
20114 [pbrannan atd] (1) VALUE foo1, foo2;
20115 [decoux moulo] If foo1 and foo2 are on the stack, you'll don't have problems because ruby

^ Ruby/Tk: MenuButton can only be set once
20117 [alwagner uar] An instance of TkMenubutton can only be used once without an

^ writing to registry
20120 [ms iastate.e] Does anyone know how to create a Windows registry key from ruby?  Is
20131 [mike lepton.] There is no documentation, but I added a (very) few samples at the end

^ Maximum Surprise
20121 [bobgus mcs.c] This is a cut-down example of a problem I encountered recently with
+ 20123 [Dave Pragmat] You can associate a block with any method in Ruby, and there's no real
+ 20124 [kero d4050.u] you violate nothing, but lots.keys simply does not use the block you
+ 20125 [kentda stud.] Probably not.

^ Possible RCR - attr_extern for Mix-Ins
20126 [spwhite char] module Comparable
20142 [matz ruby-la] I think it's OK to remain this up to document (and dynamic check), but

^ Another Possible RCR - Wrappers via Mixins
20127 [spwhite char] The main difference between mix-ins and multiple inheritence is (to my understanding) that parent classes do not call child code, but mix-ins do.
+ 20128 [kero d4050.u] module MoreTest
| 20130 [spwhite char] more
| 20133 [avi beta4.co] Actually, "super" by itself implies "super *args".  You only need to
| 20134 [spwhite char] Yep. I was originally going to suggest that modules and classes could be
| 20196 [thegrandbrie] Well with behaviours (oops... Canadian here... behaviors) and inheritance
+ 20129 [avi beta4.co] You're suggesting that mix-ins be added below the class they're being
+ 20141 [matz ruby-la] Well, it's not the difference.  The difference between Multiple
  20143 [alwagner tca] Cool!  I could use that.
  20144 [avi beta4.co] Very cool indeed.  I hope we also have
  20148 [Dave Pragmat] Except... let's not call it 'super' as that's kind of misleading. How
  + 20150 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, neither of those seems intuitive to me... of course, I'm
  + 20153 [huber alum.w] sweet...this is starting to sound like elisp's defadvice, which is
  | 20161 [avi beta4.co] I haven't played with it for a long time, but you might want to check out
  + 20158 [spwhite char] There is a class, which has variables and methods. Calls to this class
  + 20160 [avi beta4.co] Fair enough - I was just going from the CLOS call-next-method, which
    20165 [Pierre-Charl] AspectJ calls this 'proceed'.

^ Bruce Eckel's criticism of Ruby
20135 [ned bike-nom] Python.org links to http://www.mindview.net/Etc/notes.html#Ruby , saying
+ 20136 [spwhite char] I think the FAQ entry Bruce pointed to says it all. I hadn't read it
| + 20139 [markus.lado ] ruby
| + 20168 [erik bagfors] I think the same goes for this mailinglist.  People talk about python,
|   + 20173 [siigron sii.] Erik, how COULD you forget vi(m) vs emacs?! ;)
|   | 20175 [erik bagfors] Well.. since that's something that's not even a question (the answer is
|   + 20726 [charleshixsn] Second!!
+ 20138 [alwagner tca] I think it was ugly and narrow-minded.  I used and liked Python, but half of
+ 20156 [matz ruby-la] Many people think Riding motorcycle isn't worth learning.  They feel
| + 20182 [irving_1 com] Anyway, Eckel tends to be deeply in love with whatever language he
| + 20214 [mikkelj-anti] Many people I know want to learn to ride a motorcycle. But they are afraid
+ 20157 [aleksei.guze] # Some quotes...
| + 20166 [brixi unicod] That the same for me except my coworkers - they still keep pyhon ;-)
| + 20169 [renaud.heber] Maybe you could elaborate on this?
| + 20170 [maki inac.co] You are not minority of Ruby users.
+ 20174 [mjones ipx.f] I think it's kind of sad that Python people are now going around making
| + 20179 [ r2d2 umu.se] I think that is kind of a natural development. When a language is small
| | + 20181 [thucdat hotm] <html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>
| | | 20188 [sascha meta-] Can you please switch the HTML Mails of?  My mail client isn't capable
| | + 20222 [nat.pryce b1] After a certain point it might be useful to divide Ruby discussions between
| + 20184 [ngps madcap.] Hold it! Some guy makes some remarks about Ruby you don't like and it
| + 20185 [matz ruby-la] I REALLY hope so too.  I love programming languages, all of them.
| | 20218 [john.carter ] And it shows. All the really lovable bits of Python, Perl, ... are in
| + 20216 [mikkelj-anti] Maybe those people moved on to another langauge in the meantime ;-)
+ 20199 [thegrandbrie] As a programmer I started on my first computer (Apple IIe) using Applesoft
| 20205 [DDouthitt cu] For me, the answer is simple: "YES!"  Then what can they say?  They just promised you all of them :-)
+ 21355 [web2ed yahoo] Ruby seems to be much easier to write extensions for and has a cleaner

^ unfair comparison
20145 [theschof cs.] [Note to Pythoners, I like Python (I prefer Ruby), but I do sometimes
+ 20149 [james jamesb] <snip type='big />
+ 20151 [Dave Pragmat] Perhaps we should just smile and sit this one out. Although the Eckel
  + 20163 [hipster xs4a] First they ignore you,
  + 20197 [bdelmee adva] your work:    http://www.bdelmee.easynet.be/ruby/

^ [q] question about ruby regex
20146 [cwyang arate] I've been trying to match C-style comment in ruby regex.
20152 [Dave Pragmat] when %r{/\*.*?\*/}m
20192 [pete narya.P] that will also grab non-comments, such as  printf("/* not a comment */\n");

^ Language wars
20147 [hal9000 hype] Here's a small perspective.
20159 [joe vpop.net] It is always nice to have a lot of wood (i.e. great classes/modules in

^ RubyVM, alt.ruby.impl
20154 [markus.lado ] Ruby implementers: have a look at

^ Is there a extension to use BTX (Datex-J)?
20162 [martin.kahle] I live in Germany and BTX is a common interface for bank accounts here.

^ DB
20167 [aleksei.guze] What about database support? I have seen the DB extension modules...
+ 20190 [ned bike-nom] There is little if any advantage to making non-primitive built-in types in
+ 20194 [toddg linux1] embedded SQL is primarily a response to working withing static

^ Recursively passing blocks...
20172 [rlipscombe r] I was attempting to implement a recursive directory walker (before someone
20176 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Hugh
20180 [barry_shultz] I think it's a typo on your part. It should work if you call

^ Ruby article example suggestion
20177 [YuriLeikind ] As soon as Joshua Drake is writing an article